Damon Bruce Show Hour 4

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, January 22nd

Damon reacts to the David Carr interview, discusses Belichick & Brady's legacy, is joined by Sam Amick (NBA insider for USA Today Sports), and wonders why the NFL collective bargaining agreement blocks Carr & Gruden from talking football. 


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Tell you in game adjustments or where coaches make their money and no one is headed next. Then Bill Belichick he really is the jaguars started great and kind of blew it kind of bush. If Jon Gruden is worth 400 million what's Nobel Jack course. Seriously. If Jon Gruden. Pleasant one loss to cushioning game in a really really long time is worth a hundred million dollars of what. Is Bill Belichick worse. Did billion dollar head coach. Mean how much would you pay for. Five Super Bowls it's the best. Insane. Insane the level of success that this guy he's had he's been able to maintain. Very interesting conversation we just had would David Carr David Carr basically just told us. That Derek Carr CA del Rio's bacon who sure public should have been gone a year ago. Why oh why it was marred Davis handing out for your contract extensions. Gotta figure whatever we talked to David Carr were getting mean more honest version. A dirt car than we would get if we actually talked to Derek Harkins Derek might protect some information and his brother David is willing to share in here is what. He had to say Alain if you would please. Jacqui although I love the guys I played against them in Jacksonville David brought in that would be good to coach let's just be uploaded in the deep and it didn't play at the Barcelona. A good surprise. That that it really that it let them alone they had access two years ago. So I think that really help but they're either been struggling for the last couple years and you've brought in to fix that they put Derek and looked up and did it by bought that Dell model got a little bit of time. Powell about Max. Now when Derek was asked today what it was like to have the long goodbye I would Jack Del Rio he said this. There's no real deal right after it happened yeah overhead allowed to ban it in now wouldn't it here. Can get in place but he loved do you help continue to rebuild a culture change in all those things that we talk about that I don't have yours yeah department. So and those good times and Obama did not get a little I think every big debate about trying to do it really good about. Everybody got involved. Well luggage Alabama and everyone under the. On to raiders had an identity. In the year they went to the playoffs. There identity. Was we half. High powered offense. A defense that might get off the field on third down. Those are playoff identity. We hide our offense. And a defense that need you know it's here today to win which is I guess OK but we do the defense supplier of the year. Not that much around them but this is so we are and you knew the raiders wore in the of course dirt car braces ankle. Things change. Things change quickly their high powered clear identity of offense banished. When ads start Connor go to a playoff game. Bad for ball. Eric said. This season. The same thing happened. Without the injury to their car. These words we could be because they all gathered yard basketball adult represents triggered by that August. Alternate good person do we need and their run and had met and moving the ball close. And I've got one game that we don't really go well I got elected I think we. Correct. And bigger out good entry into all of those labored underground lowered could do it could be ability in our beloved and well and good bat. It is sad season. Basically your five weeks into an NFL a year and you're struggling with your identity that's her identity. Of the problem. If you don't know who you are. That's who you war. I mean really the raiders couldn't figured out all that well arena via power run team would Marshawn Lynch now. Because we're gonna abandon the power run blocking scheme in order to go to the zone saying. Well I mean you just me Whitman and all around noon and have a wide review in 2000 yard wide receivers in durst can throw for forty touchdowns. Well no because this offensive line isn't quite what used to be and everybody got a case of the drops c.s for sixteen weeks in a row and no one was able to fix it. But coaching standpoint from a player standpoint nobody stepped up to the plate to fix the most obvious raider offensive problem all year long which was hey catch a cold what do you. I mean these guys couldn't catch a think. Very interesting man. Very very interest. Derek. David. Spilling the beans. Why things went sour we don't Rio at the end. Also spill the beans on his brother doing squat streak and so what it's the birthday party. Never skip leg day. Spoke skip that happy birthday for the miss says hey forget that should have another birthday next year. He's really having the same goal right here and now. Priorities. So lowly. Mean you never wanna miss your wife's birthday but if you do. Rod got another one coming next year the same time. It's like I'm here. Great to see the corner working out killings got a birthday coming up this weekend micro to celebrate this thing for real. Well of course to tell her I'm like dad to mid thirties birthday it's not in words seller since he had this is it's not significant why would this another dead since. Sunday seeds. Why aren't you never know what tomorrow holds Damon you cannot not celebrate. A birthday. Guess that you little big on the big ones. At least celebrate every earn your keep your totally kidding right you're not really. Not really to me they're a day in my life there have been three birthday is that it mattered. Okay which 118214616. Another now. It's dry and then to your sixteen I your driver's license. Bride but edges it was I mean it wasn't that dramatically did to me I didn't accomplish anything I just except sure I. Yeah but that was comment like at if if it's if it's applicable to every schmuck. If that's just the way it works like it's not special. Ain't it wonderful party that's applicable to everywhere and do. Right but those are the big days. My son's gonna turn four on Thursday. There were telephone there is no mail sweet sixteen. Yes sixteen and get a driver's license that's a big birthday for a kid I guess I'm a big deal. Who was in the end all be all of my child there really wasn't. But guys godlike demean the license was just like glued to write a passion of course community and driver's license when there was no. They've reached some huge milestone in my life are little more freedom. I mean a little bit I was excited to get mind is that I wanna get a ticket I drove without a license prior to sixteen Austin. Which I shouldn't have don't do that kids don't do that don't do that. But to get in my life those excited retro sixties who grew up uncontrollable. It's illegal now. And you. Could you are still crossing the border don't have T wanna get hammered with your girlfriend yeah I know the stories. There was a minute there. There was just a minute there. Test where you were a wild child okay we get to ASU transcript are very hearing cap. Eagles plus five and half against the patriots the totals 48. I asked Joseph fourteen ball last night he joins us on foreign boss Fridays and of course joins view each and every morning Monday through Friday here on 95 cent in the game ask Joseph what he really like what's the first thing that stood out when they started release in. Super Bowl odds before the vikings patriot but for the vikings eagle game was even over its fourth quarter involve thought it was put out its Super Bowl line. Joe's like. Like he over. And I went over. 48 feels like it could happen. The reason why I think this patriots team is eminently beatable now Super Bowl because they got no great. I think Tom Brady's good enough to take a great. Eagles' defense and render them. Another defense. We're knicks bulls. Only ask to go play against another defense not a great Patriots defense say got two quarterbacks. Who on the greeting curve of who they are and what they do should both be able to put up points. Based on the situation there in great defense Tom Brady spits on great defense this. Average defense nick pulls has got to be like. I just carved up the vikings and are a lot better defensively. And the patriots have been at any point finally you say things they're more evenly matched has a hole. I do I think when you look at the situation and you know styles make fights I don't think it's that lopsided all of those are going to be another hundred Super Bowl. I do know this and so patriots Super Bowl in terms of Brady and don't check back in one there in their eighth Super Bowl together now. All that is is twice as many as any head coach quarterback combo. Okay. But when it comes to. Who is the greatest singular head coach of all time it's a subjective debate then a lot of people would like to see different names thrown around and same thing can be said with quarterback who is the greatest quarterback of all time very subjective. Ask ten people you might get ten different answers. The old who was the greatest head coach quarterback combo of all time that was easy that was. Bill Walsh and Joseph Montana. Not anymore. Not anymore Bill Walsh and Joseph Montana are now these second. Greatest head coaching quarterbacking combination. Of all time Brady in bella check where the crown and they Wear it easily. Tom Brady's going to be the first forty year old quarterback to start a Super Bowl. Well first ever forty started Super Bowl. That's cool. Especially turn niner fan wanted Jimmy grapple with. What's crazy is that this is the second time Eagles fans have reached the Super Bowl only to find the patriots just wait form. Remember the Eagles have to play the patriots in the Super Bowl 2004. Was at a playoff win over the vikings and number of the falcons this year they beat the falcons and maybe the vikings. So it's a lot of deja Vu. Hopefully when the Eagles get to the Super Bowl this time knicks bulls isn't throwing up during a four minute drill on the fourth quarter. When he released be running a two minute drill and Andy Reid is calling lifer inside running back draws with the time just Ted Turner director Dirk. Amos sixteenth birthday won't matter to millennial they're too lazy to drive plus Hoover. Yeah that's true my stepson does not have a license and he's almost eighteen. It's our real it's signed yet doesn't like what I play for us. It was a big deal when I turned sixteen to zero legal you got your license same probably free you got your license we'd have volleys a distractions. We were excited that now peek at that the overt lifts. Whatever bus Bart it they have it's sold it's so different now. Is no he I mean no desire is a thug it's doing it much. Saves is on car insurance he dating yeah he's day eighty here. How do you Mac out within sober driver sit Mary you like a pull over behind the dugout on the C a far I didn't get. Could open deep debt of imminent. Since I don't access surge pricing. As surged rising but he can take a girl out its ticker up in an over our lives it's pretty easy. I mean a lot of his friends drive but a lot of them don't it's true. But how do you make that move at the end of the ninety got to move or driver I mean I'm I'm using to sell a bit like the signs held episode but. I stopped short. AP you pop out unlock your door you call another Hoover afterwards. Did take you home. I don't know how to car that I drove in high school was in 1985. Oldsmobile Coronado which is slightly bigger than most. Aircraft carrier Smith. Slightly bigger than most nuclear powered aircraft carriers just slightly longer could you can land at least four or five F fifteens on that thing. F sixteen. Are your first car yet I know my first car learn how to drive a bowl yeah. But the best thing was is the backseat that was like a couch. You know that's been my first car was a two seater and I was exactly my dad's thinking. Smart. Way to way to protect good he's got his leg he made a lot of people when your car especially boys. Yeah when your girlfriend to let you know eliminate opportunities and total Richard Toyota MR two. It's trick or I had to catch I can't believe I didn't have kids in the backseat of mind. 1985 Mosul well or not a lack I mean acting was spacious. They're going to be multiple people involved back there not that I was cool enough to pull that off at any stage in my life but you know I mean it's her. Damon kids these nights you just wanna Netflix and shell. So now I would have been down that that's that's cool to get. Sure there we should call it going in the movies when I was just. On Netflix until they need is nighter over. Well for your parents are home know hopefully they're not so. Good purse and air. Is the beauty of going to the movies because there was no parental supervision and then dart. No parental supervision in the backseat of the 85 or not though to have had a 888957957. L.'s you've ever been in the backseat of notional built or not we'd love to hear from you coming up. Sam came at 630 I don't know if you spend the backseat or not but we will certainly talk with him at 630 and we're going to be taking your calls when we come back on the Super Bowl on the fact that the giants found a center fielder today. And the warriors have found their way all the way home. The demons who. On 9570. That's an awful lot of tales being told on the tax line right now I think backseat high school conquests. We'll remind you didn't Xeon. DO. Not that there is any word in the English language this woman can handle but let's keep it friendly showing. But the third and. It's interesting. That's for sure there's there's a way to say it. 8889579570. Is the number your calls are certainly welcome we're gonna get into why eight. Jon Gruden. And Derek Carr can't get a studio apartment together over and Jack London square here in just a second it's ridiculous if you ask me is certainly ridiculous. If you ask his brother about it. We've got does CMA make it about nine minutes from right now talking about the latest from the warriors and going around the association. For tomorrow from Tim Roy. Albert who's out on highway too weighty what's gone on Albert here I 957 the game. First of all they've always loved this show you make my drive belt like right here. Well I very nice to say thank you. Yeah all want it but there isn't a big mistake made it off all the mono or that are part in that inning game you want to all the bet of the game. You know corporate all the oh. In the conflict tight end. Iran air. And the name Tom Brady had and it built below deck articulated on the diehard raider fan. And I hate dumb and made it that the popular thing. Thank you very much out or yeah I mean blood you might not like what they did to you but their place all time Brady and bill beat tanks are darn you. That's the best combo at. In someone here on the text line is always no matter when you wanna like. Giving a compliment. To the patriots. Gets people frost here than it should. Why are you so why do you have such a negative reaction. To success ask yourself that why are you. So. I don't mostly you have an allergic reaction to the concept of a team other than new rooting for Dendy report has success. Why. Ice says an awful lot about you if you. Can't wrap your mind. Around someone else's level of success I bitchy you're not gonna be very successfully yourself your bulletin to jealousy and I usually 'cause you're not living that life. It's all jealousy. And someone's like wo patriots Josh cheated that's how they won five Super Bowls. Okay didn't wanna you just cheat too then you idiots. If it's that easy. I and I insist. Chicago Bears start cheating to day if it's got out boy got to do is cheat a little then you automatically win Super Bowls over the course of twenty years of easy. And Jack Del Rio was stupid for not treating. And Chip Kelly got fired because he didn't cheat enough it was so easy be just cheated more. And you people some of the just. Don't understand how difficult it is to begin with and had absolutely no idea how to would knowledge success when it's happening. Because he didn't know how hard it was and the first place. On the an anti lock in their shoes but I play Madden winning the super balls easy you parts. 88957. 957 don't. Talk roll top scroll hey you can hate that tuck rule forever I do to garbage call. Garbage call against you. Doesn't stop me from saying correctly the patriots are better at this sport and anyone who's ever played it before. Tom Brady passed. Joseph Montana's yet like two years ago. Stop asking the same question every day. He's fourteen going to the Super Bowl again that's impressive never ever happen before a forty year old man has never started a quarterback. In a Super Bowl ever. This is the first. Save the third in San Francisco wants talk about the giants move today what's up. Hey did I do and that job I'm all you guys doing well tonight you saw a good good programming. Jolie are excited about the giant acquisition. I think it's much better to spend the money the way it is spending at the third quarter of a million very million dot org a million dollars. On the Jim Crow that. I'm I'm really clear about excited I won a get this season Kirby Gator so I can check out this you know took a big body art each act the others started the Bobby Bright sunny day. You have the aircraft carrier like it or not all that might I'd. I would have been intimidated I didn't blow for a went to Vietnam are bought a brand new. 69 at Riviera. In Oakland that Pereira peer group or whether the service deliberate and amp W met. That Coronado intimidated me you guys have a great. Thank you very much shots or not I was. Widest longest thing coming down the street it really was. Parallel park in tough audit let me tell you right now I mean and incredible. Parallel Parker. Because of that car. If you could parallel park in Ose mobile Coronado. You can parallel park anything you know back and cameras no lakes censors not that's impressive now there was. Backup cameras that's gonna say that's impressive my backup camera was called the rear view mirror for a that was my docket camera. You know your giant fan I think you do need to be a little bit excited about just how much better your team has become. Not in comparison to the rest of Major League Baseball but in comparison to. Who you were. Just last year Denard Span eleven million dollar a year bust. Gorky Hernandez. As bad a Major League outfielder as started a game last year in the major leagues but Pablo sand the ball or whatever idea they had at third base. Essentially didn't work all year long. Now all of a sudden. Evan Longoria. Andrew McCutcheon in Austin Jackson who if nothing else. About where they average against the rest of baseball look at how the average out against just. The average position players they're replacing. McCutcheon. Is so much more productive. And Gorky Hernandez. I know it's not left field for left field straight up pence is moving too but you get what I'm saying. Austin Jackson is gonna have to be. The most washed up dude in the world to not be better then Denard Span. Always just oh ho hum nothing to see here his entire giants career. And what happened at third base was how you knew the giants work. Close to not be taken seriously I'd get rid of that night it was we mocked it when it happened we never stopped mocking it the entire time it happened Pablo C and the ball. Was a desperate lever pull. By a desperate team. Who had nothing left to sell the memories. Giants got into the bloody bloody business they were in the business of winning World Series just a few years ago. Go back and that business. I'm not saying this is gonna be your understanding and you'd Austin Jackson is gonna be leaving office I've seen. Suggested. Orders went all sorts of guys at the top of this lineup. So another order or Brandon Belton second but let's just say it's this right now. Austin Jackson. Leading off playing center field and in second right field enter McCutcheon hitting third catcher Buster Posey hitting cleanup third baseman Evan Longoria hitting fifth first baseman Brandon belt hitting sixth left fielder Hunter Pence hitting seventh shortstop Brandon Crawford hitting eighth. Panic hitting ninth. Who's ever pitching that day. Damon did have curb finders know it didn't. I'm not tell me I never scratched couple white wall I did. But there's a learning process and takes full time by the time that car was mine no one cared anymore. No one. Lot of people say Damon. Their successes sure routed in cheating. Sure routed in cheating. It bent rules. Whatever you're sitting their gaunt. Energy energy energy energy energy energy energy energy entertainer. Like you're Cindy Brady. Selling out the rest of the Brady kids. Whenever you're trying to tell tale on the patriots whatever moral high ground. Whatever moral high ground you're trying to take. I'm sure the patriots will take the five Lombardi trophies is their consolation prize. We've got again this ridiculous NFL rule is preventing a coach who quarterback from getting together on the timetable that they would like right now. It's a long time since we said hello to our NBA insider from USA today Sam aim except it's been a among third two or three or something like that includes hagee on other shows grow he's grabbing it before we can get the chance to get the F. So it's good to catch our men our real. I'm doing great game and happy new years since it has been so long picture of me. Absolutely you know it was a very successful road trip four and one is in great road trip anyway you wanna shake a stick at it especially when you go back to the warriors having late season win titles word they won four road games like cooks for Enron under 25 game road he's really impressive but then Houston lost so I guess. Leaves a little concerned. Askew it's. The rockets are gonna be the warriors the question is can mess. And I think yes they can hit that's a team to keep Golden State on notice all yearlong. Yeah I think so I mean it continues to debate you know mute your credit on that point and they beat them. And then you know that if you're dead men would weigh in baton those in the two different discussions but did you can't they beat him I mean they showed. The other night. Some of the same elements and quality of bad. That held up on opening night when they beat Evans well obviously try to treat. And the one lawyers wind tunnel without James Harden so. Thriller you know from the white here's what fascinates me about. This kind of mess up you know growing rivalry if you will is that for the lawyers did not an economy that really Asian player does affect them. They still laid up on the weren't thinking that they can't take care of the rocket push for the rockets. You know it could make the better it emboldens them a confident that I spent a lot of time in their locker room. After that any other night and you know what your stand and some media members can chuckle all they want but belief is a powerful things go. You know that's what the rockets turned the other night and they get told until it until the playoffs I won't see how things look at that point let you know their physical. They defend better than they have before. Obviously Chris albeit on board gives you another future hall of fame playmaker they just they're used to better cheat and they were last year. Again San nobody can hang with the warriors for talent for talent stand point the best you can do is have a degree telling yourself and then try to match them stylistically. And if anything DN Tony's Montrose is two out stylized the warriors would this frenetic chase shoot fifty threes and I would ever take space. Not for sure that's what did you think if there's there are very different I mean they're neck and neck in terms of offense are draining you know they are the two most high powered offenses. In the NBA but they do it in very very different way below the water's up almost around patient numbers are true the rules. In other rockets still have a ton of isolation play. You know your turn by turn Takushoku negotiators over the war. But it's fun to watch it and no cattle during that says something at practice yesterday and they got my attention where I believe he would ask. If Chris Paul lose the reason that the rockets. We're somewhat better this year he pushed back against that a little bass should know I think they they play harder and in what I shot that. I think you know I probably contended the side just Chris Paul but it's guys like. Chris Paul PJ Tucker look mbah a moute command an older click capella you know a wider James Harden like. That's why they're playing harder and part of that I think is. Get my head greeted by the lawyers make 824 times. Don't intend this year you don't mean that ability and so I just think they're fabric is different this time around. Sam Aimee joining us from the pages of the USA today he's an NBA insider great journalists here on 957 the game big story today I guess is the firing of Jason Kidd in Milwaukee. I would assume when I read that story well the problems gotta be with young guys who must want him out because. You don't break up. A superstar who gets along. With their coach in a small non sexy market. So exact opposite apparently youngest was devastated Y eight. Did the box fired Jason did today. I mean you've got to you know everything's got layers to it right so you know you have the shout it's right there for everybody that she would see it in the standings and what this structure with this level of talent. There are definitely an underperforming team you know they were expected to be a top fourteen and east. They are not that they have been reasonably healthy they don't show an injury stuff but you know yeah auditions played at NBER NET level than they have not. Gotten the job done defensively. They are not very good and they have a a roster you know remember back when when they beat the lawyers are a long ago had part of the conversation became that. At the box would there. Long versatile roster look at the eastern Africa's answer. And the lawyers roster with a little bit of that same old look at people thought that deep actually they would be really good. And that has not happened until results is part of it personal relationships is a big part of that you know the ownership group for the buck. For one they are there are stars seekers if you will and then they went out and make it got Jason Kidd through the back to work. When they're the first time around if you remember it was a little bit. Unsavory how he came to town and they just they wanted the big name of and you know now. He kind of got sideways with ownership which I think you know didn't really know we've done ownership. Lucia on board lieutenant obviously we are wrong ERS saying I don't know what to make it a Damon because. I've seen the comments about him and they need a 100% devastated by this but we've heard some things. A little bit to the contrary that I mean I think that's where you it's tough to get behind the curtain and and know exactly what it showed. But obviously they're changing gears here. OK before you ask you about the cats fitness sputtering part of their season. The other news today that I use in order is his real poses serious we seem to have a little. Unstable. Spurs acrimony here cool coal why Leonard unhappy. With the elements of treatment rehab timetables returning from a quad injury apparently he's not happy with the way. It's and handled and that there is a negative aspects for the first time ever between cool why and the spurs as an organization. So what have you heard it. Is this the beginning of the end of the spurs being the model of professionalism. I'm stunned to see this story. Yeah all I have a good feel for co why. Can't these people then my first dark. It just physically you know he's very tightly knit family and you've got you know I don't go. Gentlemen in banishing run daughter is shot. And they just believe they are. A very tight knit group cannot put this but I tell you I wasn't shocked when I saw this story line because they. So they've got their perspective their mine sent on how absurd they should be done and and you know obviously right now it sounds like it's not completely encounter with out of the spurs wanna get it done. I don't know where that goes because like he showed the first typically. Mean for crying out loud they just. I had Tony Parker come to an end as they started regarded India I would no fanfare because they have an amazing way of a Jeep resolving potentially counts include plus yeah. Isla everything that that they Murray comes along and Tony equal to mix while on Accenture kid you can have a job sounds good. You know that's normally how this goes you know Dave Robinson makes way pretend I'm getting. Why Leonard not too long ago but you know what about the county is sending an extension. Maybe unaudited tread what I compliment calling shenanigans are pro life you know that was should mentality so a big shock Alonso to. He's frustration. That is natural to be built out of the injury itself because my goodness you go into a year thinking you're going to be MVP candidate. In this entire preceding. In miss a lot of red machine to come back. You know you blog nine games and a year on the shelf indefinitely. As very frustrating. But I'm not sure what direction this is going you know they they wash the LaMarcus Aldridge situation they got real odd Eddie's last summer so. And I can put a pass on to. So by the way to resolve this situation sooner rather than later but instead put drug watched. Sammy making USA today here on 957 the game. So the Cleveland Cavaliers have lost five or six they give couple 148 points Oklahoma City at home. It is not looking good right now when you talk about the east at the Boston Celtics seem to be the darling of the bunch everyone is picking them to end up. You know representing the Eastern Conference when he said and done I think Toronto might be heard from two before it's all wrapped up out east. But it seems like there is a changing of the guard. Happening Andy cavaliers aren't really in control. Of their own destiny anymore with the level of defense that they don't play. Right right yeah I don't I don't disagree without any musician right there are a lot but the part about them. Not being in control their own fate and our own future here including the major major different obviously is that. You guys had polished instead of carrier thing you know you've got. Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade players like that. Essentially guys noted that there are used to bring off the bench. And the last couple years if they had just rolled the ball on again with the same roster he had these kinds of struggles. I would have felt more much or comfortable saying listen in the context of the east. I think they're probably still figured out yet and the final. No not sure what to think anymore mainly because the defense you mentioned it is awful. I mean there's second collapse behind. The segment of the change in defense are raiding judge you're going to give you. Contacts I know they've struggled a lot in the last couple years defense of legal when they won the championship or they came back. All the lawyers from that 31 deficit they were the tenth best team in the NBA defense only nine years and so they don't just nice day from what they're doing right now. And history childish you gotta be a top ten team in the NBA. Defensively when it titles so they are they're absolutely push and that you know that have welcome and the worst kind of way you look terrible right now. It takes yadier comfort zone here. Eagles patriots studio lot. Sad aspect aspect as well on the Abu allowed such little ball these days but I did enjoy that. New England game the other day try got to go appealed dog out forty. Almost forty I'm on the road from four year old and it's incredible what those guys do but I mean Eagles then absolutely I couldn't believe how that country to buy case after. That bad dream when they have the regroup for so I'm giving credit to Belichick and Brady and say they had occurred our shelf. Beating tank that's the official pick of sand and make USA today spell on time and good to catch up thanks so much for your time. Editor I always love talking hoops was Sam. Good to have Mon we got one segment left Aysu got a couple callers on hold you stay right there are gonna come talk to you next. Aided 8957957. L our final segment will happen with a flourish. Or not if I said in the game. Fifteen. So earlier today Derek Karr had this to say about the limited contact he's allowed to have would Jon Gruden. Apparently limited contact with them even better get back together all those things didn't bother NFL rules are about all that stuff but I have I've come a little bit and almost fired up and still no work hard I'm eager to learn from an elevator. Yeah config under YE you'll wish you we can do. My question now B was like what rule what are the rules preventing him from going in working with his coach right now these are two professionals. Being paid top dollar one's got a hundred million dollar contract the other guy's got a 125. Million dollar contract I think it's safe to say that they're being compensated well for their time. Yes why are they not allowed to get well so here you go the rule appears in article 21 section two of the 2015 CBA agreement. Before the launch of the offseason programs players can't participate in clubs supervised workouts practices group or individual meetings with coaches. Group or individual. Film study with coaches or group or individual playbook study with coaches. The provision is the original a periodic comments made from coaches regarding their inability to communicate with players. In the off season and even goes on to say here and Mike Florio piece like. Regardless the rules football coaches who wanna talk to their players find a way to do so in the five years that the rules been in existence there's never been any punitive damage she handed out to a single team that. Broke his rule. This rule would not exist. In my NFL franchise. We would ignore this rule we would spit on this rule we would go around it underage above it through it. We would operate as it did did not exist. And I would apologize to no one I would pay whatever feed give whoever seventh round draft pick I'm not allowed to draft because of this. You're wondering why football stinks a little bit more than I used to even though the talent and coaching is better than ever. Because these guys don't get on the same page to work together nearly as often as they need to. All of these coaches and players they works car. And me a river. Become a neurologist operate on the human brain now tell me about hard work down. That is stupid. Absolutely ridiculous. They're two guys who have a combined income of 225 million dollars but. The NFL so concerned about players safety they have to protect their brains from thinking about football like I can understand collectively bargaining practice snaps contact in practice all season work out programs these are mental reps. These are mental reps I noted football. In your brain are not friends but you're allowed to think about full ball have a conversation about it sure. It's not stay it's stupid it's shortsighted. No wonder why the game. It's a losing. Patrons. Nick is in San Rosie wanted to talk about Austin Jackson. New giants center fielder. Nick he would make. We had a rare look I don't. Or good I wanna know why you guys don't center but given our contractual working. Because he comes further Tony three million dollars a year which is. The equivalent of Major League free. Well Majorly free only quake is something if you can produce for your team though is. Yards and had the worst production Gorky said the worst production. He is a massive upgrade over center field production of a year ago which ranked last in baseball so that's an upgrade. Is it the best signing I've ever seen is he Willie Mays part 20. But they had very little money left to spend to stand at a competitive balance tax. And they just signed a guy. For the price of whistle went. Seriously you wanna know. Wanna know much Austin Jackson cost the giants. That's how much. Debt. Six million dollars as a whistle through the ballpark. For a Major League team. Six million dollars is what you spend on athletic tape in spring training. Six million dollars is your in season meal program. Let me add debt six trillion dollars. This often. They just got a legit center fielder to play center field doesn't. See the best to never seems gonna go to the all star game don't know. What does he does know what pain and three million dollars is that not the best deal in the world. It's not happen but you don't mean the aids. We couldn't. But this Austin Jackson. Sounds a lot better in center field then. Court he's old you know what yourself. No doubt. Upgrade. It's an upgrade. Comes up upgrade for a price. Not a good price for free. It's for free. As was this program. Thanks so much to Tim Roye. David Carr Sam aim nick for joining us is always Gionta. Thank you go home vick's home Elaine and shrouded in a little line and gold around her any news that fancy new jacket timer fancy new underpin what he got there I guess is what certain that he. I don't know what it is 86 Mike Lowell she's got a golden. Helena sleeves or golden it's like. Simmons hear of Rennie now it's a running jacket. It does look space age you'll going to guide the warrior game give sun taken off gold jacket after a whole jet after gold jacket. During a timeout. It's like what every as a battle would dancing grandma that's the best time out in sports are really is. LB great stuff great crap fantastic cashed hard pressed so hard really good stuff thank you very very much and now we need to highlight a young man. I normally say. We hear an intern in 957 to gain the chances of me actually learning your name within the first month are slim to none and stood stops. We a lot of things going on here. However. It's Obama a man mash. Nash is a brand new. Unpaid intern here at 957 the game and on day one day one that this is day one day want. We had a little chat out all way up in the little areas where am I you and he actually. Properly answered eight I just threw it out out loud question I mean you look down like you're hired. Job that's rates yeah. While some guy named Cole. Should probably be fired immediately if not reconsidered entirely. A guy named Cole. Was also a new here he saw a neck you know get paid them and all mortal and non cash Nash stayed the full four hour show. Little bit too much I contacted the host a novel idea just how much I don't that's but I do appreciate. And staying because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Nash. Bonus points. Intern ship has been fulfilled. Your path to a miserable career in radio has begun congratulations. To you and everyone in your family hey thanks so much for tuning in tonight this is an awful lot of fun you know invite you to stick around wrecked little. Coming up next here on 957 the game in the meantime remember sports don't build character. They reveal. Sorry mister Jackson. That is both free.