Damon Bruce Show Hour 4

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, January 11th

Damon is joined by Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr and Takes it 2 the Tweets in today's last hour of the show!


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It is our fourth and final hours this Thursday. We're going to be in tomorrow for just a little bit get you ready for a little warriors Milwaukee. Beginning at five game road trip which by the way goes from Milwaukee. To Toronto. Right now Toronto's putting it on Cleveland. 6540. Is this board very comfortable lead for Toronto playing at home by the way to wrap. This is the best home record. In the NBA. Fourteen and to the wallet. Thank you very much yeah it is Drake in the mix whenever there is the raptors for shirt. The Milwaukee Bucks or fourteen and seven at home that's where this road trip begins and they go to beat. Not very well built but actually playing better than before Chicago Bulls don't go. To Cleveland. Then to Chicago then to Houston. So it is going to be a very interesting road trip this is the first road trip. And I'm not doubt the warriors but I'm just look at the circumstances. This is the first road trip. Or if you told me they came back under 500. I believe via. I could see them losing in Milwaukee. If one of the big four is not ready to go. They then got a back to back in Toronto. Hardest place to win in the NBA for visitor this year. Cleveland's gonna have a set of brass knuckles foray out on Martin Luther King Jr. Monday. The bulls that's the easiest game but again they're streaking right now is. Harden gonna be backed by the time they get to Houston that is a tough road trip and for the warriors. Will be talking with Steve Kerr here in just a little bit we also want to remind Jim of that if you wanted to get in. Or did you something we haven't done and a really long time Gionta we're gonna take it to the tweets spend like a month so I'm that I know it's been a while I don't know why but we haven't taken into the tweets and a really long time not everyone has time to call an insane you move. But everyone has time to send a tweet. You can go ahead Matt Damon Bruce at Jian underscore Franco at 957 the game that he is using that hash tag. Numeral. Two. Who did hash tag to the tweets. And any topic asks absolutely anything I mean there's certain things are just cannot address on the air obviously but. Any thing goes we're gonna take you to the tweets around 630 tonight for the first time in a long time I think it's going to be an awful lot of fun I really do. Is Kevin Durant ever going to be able to pass. Surpassed. Sidled up to. LeBron James. I guess it's gonna depend on who you west and what you use. As your metrics to determine who is the best of all time is it individual accolades is it team's success is it championships one. Is it. Well I tell you what will. Worry about what that. Mystical formula. May be at another time because right now we've run into a formula. We like to call. Our weekly conversation with the war your head coach Steve Kirk brought you by Mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy mattress and today Steve Kerr shot is brought to you by the bay club make this year. More at the bay club more boxing more pick up game some more laps in the pool. Visit bay club more dot com for a three day pass to get started. Coach thanks very much for joining us any travel woes today or is everything smooth and Milwaukee. All of them the the mood of well the group given me the results of last night. And now everything was fine we headed we'll play it went straight to practice some bad now back at hotel. By the way. Let's talk about last night and believe it or not I'm not gonna skin you alive on this one I still like the warriors to win the NBA title by a rather comfortable margin people last night hasn't thrown me off that game coach but. It was a game that obviously was thrown out of rhythm by staff Curry's ankle injury in the decision to rest Klay Thompson and then stay in that decision. Tell us what you can about step how's he feeling today housing moving. Well you could have practiced today you know you want to do everything they looked five looked a 100% but we really have to wait and see how it feels in the morning and he'll do issue drowned in the morning we would all of the traditional shooter on the field goal shooting and all part of our training staff about porn vote. You know I that it didn't seem like it's it's minor but we obviously have to be very careful as we move forward with. Of course and look the word regrets is way too strong not awards here's Steve there is. Still way too much season school points many goals to be accomplished for anyone in the gold say worst avenue regrets right now but have you had second thoughts about keeping clay. On his scheduled rest last night given the outcome of that game. No I don't know I don't because we talked to out power to play the day before the game bullpen the training staff Chelsea. Told me that he really needed today that and he was pretty warm down and and then he was series you only got a few lesson mister game and don't tend little banged out and so we we we did the day off. You know the day before became permanent probably we told them we're gonna get today off and obviously we talked staff was perfectly healthy. And so once you give a guy bailout he wakes up that morning knowing you can block a play. And he's got things planned and he's just gonna. Being able to get away from that is that if you called connect it to. There you go all impaired should provide you gotta go play tonight if it defeats the entire purpose of what we're trying to accomplish. Big picture wise which is keep our guys fresh mentally physically. The whole thing as the season goes so. I thought it was unfortunate timing. But I was not about to call on them you know we say now I've changed my mind knows who got to let the right way to do it. When he learned of Curry's injury did claim volunteer. I'm pretty sure Clinton would know about steps in your control like 730 years. And exactly turn on the radio to find out news about the warriors so the fact that you would actually gone by the time. About a plan to step guidance well bagel injuries so. I won't even really consideration that I called Bob Myers immediately after it happened and we we kind of hashed it out we both agreed. You know what we're trying to do well. Over the course of the years it is much more important than any one game and to end up and so work or find you know talk clause put we move problems. Okay who is the bigger warrior killer. Dion Waiters or Lou Williams. Well I do little waiters get in the game winner last year because. But I don't remember too much else it would be on us. I can't. Then I don't know Lou I mean maybe you see he's got that capability of I've gone out and any time but that was probably the best individual performance. But I've seen against us and and by three years and that maybe they do you do you don't throw applauded that makes just because every one of his performances seem special but. Anybody other than LeBron I don't remember anybody blame it on a flight out. And obviously you don't wanna see that happen against your team in game that's being played an officially being scored towards the record. What is there a party was a coach that looks at Lou Williams knows where his pecking order is in the NBA sees that kind of career game happening you just go. Oh man good for you. For you Lou Williams like I can't be mad at Lou Williams and they play is. This off last night. Indeed he was unbelievable and and I do admire guys when they're at the top of their game and and you see. The work they've put big east the how crafty they are who. Saw that yeah there was part of me that loose just to be admired his work but there was also partner that was angry that we were doing a better job of volume down and some that was our scheme and some of that was just feel overall intensity of our effort and all all just a lousy night for us put they have pretty pretty good night for LuPone. Two more years head coach Steve Kerr ultimately a pretty good night for Kevin Doran in his career to a clip singing the 20000 point mark not too shabby. Yeah I mean and he did it and been crippled Cole is. Katie fashioned religious and he was so efficient than forty points and eighteen shots who's kind of ridiculous for that doesn't happen that. But that had about how he played he loves being efficient he doesn't wanna waste to field goal attempts you don't want to selfish. And so it was fitting room. You know that he had that well put that statistical line both but unfortunately it didn't happen but you know what and where we could have celebrated in the locker room afterward didn't give them the game ball all that stuff itself. Close what. Kind of a bittersweet night Trimble's. Steve Kerr he's spending his night Milwaukee tonight where they begin a six. Against the bucks tomorrow night it's Milwaukee Toronto Cleveland Chicago and Houston. That's a tough road trip coach. Probably our toughest opponent of the year. When you look at the cause of equality of the competition in about. He got multiple playoff teams you've got. The championship contenders. When you've got an up and coming. All came with the that is completely different from what we saw a month ago in Oakland so. Yeah all five games you're gonna be real tough and I think it's good for us well you know there's the few that are of interest toward Taiwan group head of clothes and head down. Which is what we expected. Given what we are a lot of them are that are and aren't. Grand plan as a team uniform try to get back to the finals I knew there'd be some. So that's been closed but. A schedule like terrorists will will definitely wake you up and that we need to be woken up our defense has been really bad the last 67 games. Coach Sharon those trips back to Chicago for you personally do you get all the seals when you walk in the United Center. There are I've always fun they're all very. I walked down the hallway. That I that I make for five years of mob. Not bad team and lot of history three championships so I would love going back to Chicago inform my favorite stops. I know you got a very busy night will let you get under way soon it's always a pleasure to have you on Steve I've got to finish would this. You had Dr. Dre and Jimmy I've been talking your guys after practice have you ever. Had post practice guests that commanded more attention easier than those two. Now we've had some good ones but this would probably be the course. You know there's there's only that in terms of the reaction of our guys didn't end up just how relevant. Those you guys aren't you know players. World and in their lives and and then the connection was made just came I'm talking about. Their careers and their business and it was really fascinating and so that was also up by Johnny western director of player programs and he did a great job within them. I was a fun day it was really special. Very cool auto loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation I'm sure there were some great questions and back and forth. Steve we thank you as always we always a very busy day for you travel day for you when we really appreciate you joining us before this. Very daunting road trip we wish you the best to block best to health tier players as well thanks is always. Call good based payment. Take care. Thank you all good with Steve Kerr it's always all good with the Golden State Warriors except for last night when it's one of those you know. Fifty point performance settle Lou Williams put an asterisk on that one either curry nor clay were back there very interest thing. And the thing that I took most away from that. Is when a guy gets a day off that's just not a day off for your body today off for your mind he wants to be able to detach. From. The business of basketball. Mentally. And I don't think about that enough. You know there is a psychological level of warfare that happens would players and coaches and rest now that I. I'm going to be honest with the I don't think I'm sophisticated enough to really get into. Because to me rest is always rest on your body rest on your mind. Your mental faculties that centrist think we're gonna have a little bit more of that and again remind you know that we are going to take it to the tweets here in about fifteen minutes it is on Twitter. Hash tag to the tweaks here on 957 game thanks as always to Steve Kirk. It demons through. On 9570. Be completely honest. Hot stove was sucked this year. I mean baseball. We'll. There is you're all season. Pitchers and catchers report like thirty days. Right around the corner. Johnson hardly made a peak in the days and basically done nothing except for this. Chris Davis in the Hayes agreed to a one year ten and a half million dollar contract extension that doubles Davis salary after he beat them. In arbitration last one or number one. Good for Chris Davis that guy deserves to be paid. He hits home runs. Pearl did you sleep those guys usually get paid come back no the is lord admiral way around it but guys are in a lot of home runs usually get paid. And Chris Davis is coming off a career best 43 home runs he connected on the season's final day to surpass the season Heidi set the previous year for Oakland. The thirty year old is the only a's player aside from Jimmy fox with consecutive forty home runs seasons. And here's the deal. And a half mil. To song. And a half million even for. The Oakland days. Isn't a lot of money. It's not. I'm too old woman woman just can get you do you he'll give me a little compare and contrast. Giancarlo Stanton. Over the past two years guiana sit 86 home runs and what kind of money to see make this a couple. He's getting a third of a billion U and his contract a third of a billion basically. Torn 95 million dollars that is he's. Saint. NE is it 86 home runs over. Of course in his last two years. Chris Davis zit 85. One home run less behind Stanton. Stanton makes. To order another five million dollars. Chris Davies now making an ass. Should pay Amylin more than seems a big difference isn't that knots and it's crazy that is that's crazy so Chris. Number one. You're a nice guy you're likable guy you're easy to root for I'd root for Chris Davis. Congratulations on your new deal he's still getting screwed body. Maybe 1520 million a year would then got to do some dire right now this season that I come out Gionta. This season that I get out here and I hit 43 home runs for the 957 game. Paid man did you get real expensive. He come on. 43 home runs a big number kids. We got NFL playoffs this weekend I love it we're down. To our final four games eighteen remaining. I'm excited. Intel inside Larry told my wife foes like I do not want you to plan a whole lot this weekend. I got pulled all the watched. I love this time a year. Saturday we got falcons at the Eagles the titans are at the pats on Sunday. It's jags at the Steelers saints at the vikings who am I an interest in all of it there's not one like I could skip that one. The one or I honestly because I think I know the outcome. Titans patriots. They still can't skip it because I wanna see it happen and and by the way the bagel bit biggest possible. Storyline to come out of this weekend. Would be the patriots actually lost. If the patriots actually lose this weekend it is going to be. You've got to think it's gonna happen I like the patriots to beat Tennessee comfortably and I think we're gonna have to cross our fingers and pulpit Pittsburg. Beats Jacksonville. And we get a Pittsburgh New England AFC title game in two weeks from now because I think Pittsburgh is the only team that's got enough offense and defense going to Foxboro. And went. Like I know that the jags got the defense to go to Foxboro. And win but I don't think they got an offensively corals will depend upon. So give me the Steelers. As the team with the best shot to take out the patriots. But what if and crazier things. Have happened. What do the patriots lose. You talk about a soon nominee. Hitting the New England Patriots as an organization for the very very first time. The New England Patriots should they lose this weekend we'll have gone from a one seed with a home field advantage. To. Internal Barack below stress. To ESPN printed an article. Who you are out of the playoff. Offs. Ali conversation about the turmoil between Belichick and craft and Brady could show us in this just after the fire and think about it. All the seat at the patriots have ever faced in May face an eight patriots have really faced some media heat in spy gate and deflate gate. PR issues. All that was all the the patriots against everybody else right it was just like they could circle the wagons that. None of that patriot none none none none of deflation Gator spy gate turned in the losing. No none of that turned into defeat. If this team goes down this weekend everybody's gonna be pointing. Act that ESPN article insane but there it is that word all started on apart we know that's the moment we now have the proof. For the very first time defeat being the end. Of the patriot season because of its pumping the mud gone wrong we haven't seen that before we see them get raked over the coals. From a PR standpoint it's not affected the product. I don't think Tennessee can do it out in Jacksonville can do it Pittsburg. I figured the only team and beat them and you gotta when your own game and get to the New England game. Just to make that happen. What are you trying to say is. Patriots probably don't faxes Super Bowl. Nothing seems to throw them off their game. Carmen policy who was a guest would Joseph for Limbaugh earlier today in a fascinating interview with the morning show crew Carmen policy had this to say about that ESPN. Dot com story. About the patriots internal struggles. Can you imagine craft. Having gone through no championships whatsoever to all of a sudden becoming one of the premier sports franchises in all of the world. And all of a position good looking charismatic. Some let birdie written quarterback all Brady and you got ballot Jack in his sweatshirt saying well maybe we don't want to get critical rubble Mabel how Akira gradient here are so. So you got that power struggle that's happening and then when it all comes to great teams coming apart from the inside out. Policy was like yeah looks familiar. Ali like either big potential true restore it to a degree we lived at 21 we were at that critical point would Joseph Montana I had. Eddie DeBartolo. George Seifert Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon all working within the framework of this drama. And the truth of the matter is they would they kept Joseph Montana if you were in the wheelchair. I mean if you were so tied to what Joseph had done for the team and to their. Relationship. And he was constantly parking let me find a way to keep from both just a way you have for the sheer. So. Carmen policy talking about. How they look at Joseph around in a wheelchair if it'd been up to Eddie. This is why you can't have a romance. Involved an NFL decisions. I mean loyalties great dedication to a player letting that player. BA career or whatever you Lar sounds like great thing man that's definitely how the Disney story hands. Think there's no I had England cut ties this same Disney man. This is not about lifetime relationships. That's not what the NFL is don't get married to anybody you're only just dating some relationships. Last longer than others but you should be looking for your next trophy wife at all times what is unacceptable. In normal society. Is acceptable in the NFL. You've got to cut. Instantly be sipping your cocktail while you look over shoulder. Honey. You don't want her to come out and precision. But you've got to be looking for that 22 year old just walking into the kind of pencil she have. And that is wrong if you're doing it in your home life. Not right if they're doing and in the NFL. And that's a militant was willing to do tech Mark Davis says that he was making globalizing Jon Gruden no matter who's coaching the raiders. When I'm my father passed away. Vision at that time was Jon Gruden to coach this football team and Reggie McKenzie bringing the talent they took me six years of chasing John you know. I think cheers and continually tried to convince him that he's wasting his time teaching everybody else here I'm. They do with football team in the National Football League and he's gonna do you should do what the raiders. You stay in my life right now to have him here around this organization be the leader disorganization on the field is going to be phenomena. Amazing to think that no matter what was happening. During twelve and four and everything looking good. That would Bennett for Del Rio had gruden said I'm ready to return. The I didn't think about it if you mark don't you look it O'Neal looking gruden a little bit and got like you know it couldn't have told me that before I signed the extension. With Dario post Sharon but useful information you think you might know led on just to mean pro ride did leave that you were closer to coming back as I was inching towards the re upping Jack still real negotiation point. Powell body. Back when you think you could help. There. Maybe that was his time line maybe that's what he sort of let on samarra god this is one I'll be back so you keep Jack Del Rio around for this managed I don't know. And that return at that point but now that they're lean mean Oakland heading to Vegas. Things might change things got a little accelerated. Things get a little accelerated. By the way we're gonna remind you one more time that we're gonna take it to the tweets how this we're gonna start it for our final segment we'll give everyone one last chance to get that tweet inning Casey didn't have a chance to already everyone has time to send a tweet use the hash tag no moral to the tweets that doesn't mean. Roman numeral number ten dead doesn't mean. But the true you'd put on the end of airplane to. Like to capitalize. You know I know now it's the number two is and one who three. The numeral two in the tweets hash tag to the tweets. Very simple very easy to use at home. One of the questions that I got here on the Penske auto sales are contacts on which technically is treating the included tweets segment but I'll take it because I think people are interested. Any way. They gave him. Why is it the jolt for pause hopping on the air with a good sometimes thanks awful lot from San Jose. Well the reason this. We brought joy to talk about gambling segment bottom boy in my mid month and a half ago six weeks eight weeks ago Jenna got. Little while month. I wanted to do a segment about gambling becoming legalized and I figured it well our morning show host is a little bit of an expert on this topic. I'm gonna have Joseph pop on in for one segment about gambling and that's all we did discuss that was the plan. Joseph came in one segment turned into two hours and when it was done. Jian and I basically look at each other and said. It was fun we just had some fun not to we don't normally have fun but that was fun. We should have Joseph back sometime seo Joseph started coming on and on Fridays. Just a pal around just have a little fun. No grand plan here no design no nonsense in the morning shows not gotten broken up when I'm going that's nothing dramatic just about to happen. We're just really enjoying just hanging out it's fun so since it's fun and people are responding to a people like I let afford it bought Friday. Or Thursday or in this case in week four ball Friday with a 100% more Thursday and it it was to do we just keep on deported. I gotta tell you Joseph. Cool guy man he really is I like exact I like Joseph you would like Joseph you'd like to go have a beer at dinner or John I mean he's just a good easy to get along when duke. An easel love I appreciate you that he's okay which I think and I think kittens the helmet cricket. Doesn't have much money I'm not gonna wise I can act on whatever that. To many blueberries here's what I do like about Joseph he had Carmen policy on today and went asking him about the Jimmy garrote blow negotiation. Got the quote of the year at a Carmen policy. If I work. Representing the team I think what I would do is enter the room and I would bring a large. Jar of factually. And I would say. Do the agent on the other side I'm an Irish guys I really wanted to do the right thing. Please be gentle. It's unbelievable. I just bring a large jar of gasoline and say how bad it would treat me gently. If you're rob Lowe's agent Don he got a sound pretty good deal when you gotta be thinking that's exactly what would like to do we would like. Big sum of money. That is generational. Leaked all terrain for the garrote below family. We'd like to security that comes would be for a five year deal which is really always tied to guaranteed money and you shouldn't be. Hesitant to do that number one this whole. I'm gonna franchise this guy no matter what the franchise Monica frenzy if you got late beyond bella the Steelers saying if you franchise mean again I might retire I'm done with it. You've also got to Kirk cousins thing going on Washington DC which is like a manual. It tells you this isn't the right way to do it look at the acrimony they've gotten DC where did the franchise tag get the Redskins and cousins play else. Now I'm not in it this year. Go ahead and get it done. Get that kid big money even though it's only been all small handful of games. And forget about what Damon Bruce thanks forget about what sports talk radio call things or niners season ticket holders think. Niner hall of fame works think they see it when it comes to Jimmy garrote blow your Carmen policy. Trade embargo call mission let's get together so he flew up twice came over Joseph Montana. Jerry Rice Roger Craig Harris Barton and of course jedi myself play and I think Ronnie shock camp and we had dislodged it went for about three hours it was wonderful. A good part of the discussion ours what do each of these opera superstars. Of their time Shaquille. But think about Jimmy brothel every one of them said this kid really seems to have what it's all about. When be totally honest about great players. Great players. Don't hand out compliments. Freely. In order to impress a hall of Famer you got to be impressive. These are not a group of guys looking to curry up save her. To Jed York and company like Joseph Montana the need jet York at all. Ronnie Lott the need Jerry York at all they don't need to stand in the basking niners light. To fill a room anytime they were don't know card showed signs something you know these are bonafide. Mount Rushmore 49ers. Kind of expert. Sort of the and it's real simple numbers lead to optimism they really do. Couple of facts about the 49ers offense at the end of the year they were averaging 27 point 25 points per game over their last four weeks you do that over the course of the season. You gotta top five offense. 49 years led the NFL in scoring for games number thirteen 1415 and sixteen this season. They were third in point margin over that span behind the vikings in the chiefs and just ahead of the patriots in the Steelers. All for those teams were playoff teams plow. I mean this isn't just. You know bird in hand wishing on a star optimism with drop below it might be a small sample size. You also have to admit it was a wildly impressive sample size. Small yes. Still impressive. How I've been saying that my whole life. Small yet still effective. Job done and done well ask anyone who was there or talk about the power of course we are. Do you see this real quick before we take up. A little break and then come back and take it to between SuSE hash tag to the tweets on the twitters at Damon Bruce at Gionta Franco using cash and due to tweets Ricky Williams Super Bowl party LB we need tickets. TMZ. Says that according. Two was the newsmakers the X running back is inviting folks. To come and get high and enjoy the biggest game of the aired. Even flipped the bring your own bottle to bring your own weed it's a BYEOW. Apartment. Come get lifted with Ricky. As of now the party will be somewhere in Hollywood location to be announced oak creek park Erica Grayson not that Ricky. Ricky Williams. I do love that Rickie too though my favorite joke I ever heard about Ricky Williams who's a comedian and I was listening to one day on the comedy channel. On when I was in my buddy's car needs serious sentiment chairman brutalized but he said. Anyone wants to tell you that drugs stopped Ricky Williams from being successful. Is lying. It was drug testing. The effects of ten that stock Ricky Williams from being successful the flyers for this party is amazing by the way. It's so worth looking at eat drink smoke and watch the game with freaky and his friends. To know world we're living in and spent a long time in this new world certainly we haven't done it once this year and I don't think we did it. I know we've done and in between Thanksgiving and right now it's been a long time since we decided to take to the tweaks. And that is exactly. What we're gonna do next wrap up tonight show here in 95 cents. The game. Not everyone has time doing. It sounds. Always time baby. We don't have much time. But we got time to take it to the tweets tee on. You ready I am ready here we go this comes from wrong but here on the twitters he says Dana your GM of the night here's what potential free agents would you. Haven't the top of your list. So I really think this needs to be a total meat and potatoes draft for the 49ers. Stop protecting Jimmie are getting off the field on third down. When he came to free agency there's only one. Named I'm really interest and I think in terms of splashy free agent addition giving wide receiver Jarvis slandering. Jarvis Landry 25 years old. Just merely had a thousand yard season he finished a 987 yards and nine touchdowns I would love to see that guy. Brought out to San Francisco Jarvis Landry is my answer for Iran. This is from Andrea are crazy sports astrologers. Damon how do you think fellow Ares raider quarterback Derek Karr will do next season would Jon Gruden. Oh I see improvement changes. Our challenges persist play militarily. Need to manage expectations. Well on an Aries myself and all I can tell he's into bed non us bed big. We get it done. Were real ruled by Mars the god of war. Would you want any other god ruling your quarterback outside a scorpio tree on though is would control Jimmy does a great. China Ares truly decent lead you into the fight on and Ares. Chick gets is self Ares. Well they have won the CI a goes. I think it's I think we're gonna see a big change in their car for short -- gonna be a good age it's going to be a good thing for him. I just one and I just don't I think people in manage expectations are not expected to happen overnight we'd give it a little time. I think that it really it Andrea our sports astrology or we need to manage expectations. And we need to just say this Andrea you've already won a huge victory defect that I know Jimmy's a scorpio. Ericsson Ares. And gruden is a Leo. It is all duty you. And that's amazing and there's your victory lap right there I think better does scorpio two was better to scorpio but I don't I doubt he had nearly as many moons rising. In dizziness. This is from Samuel Damon. What bar spot do you miss most from the Richmond neighborhood. Good sandwich spot call lose cafe on Gary in nineteen that I really really like I miss that team. Mom. And I also miss being in walking distance of Mandalay which is overrun California in six months when my favorite restaurants. And I will always have love for the hearts is the only dive bar in San Francisco it's as depressing. As Schenectady the town I grew up. Perfect they're really you walk in there and you immediately feel like a word no we're special we're not a cosmopolitan area and all were among the sad at least of us that's her reunion endorsement until a full I love you are still never change don't ever go changing for me. The parties to open at 5 AM for Muni bus drivers getting off their owl shift how it's very nice it's hard Coke. OK we go win. March mark says Damon at the warriors make it traded the deadline who goes in what position I'm in need of heard it. That JaVale might be the guiding go what position are they need there is a really in a need of may be another attribute and that's just getting greedy like to say that the warriors need another shooter. I can't even say that to you into a microphone out loud and and and believe it like to me I don't think they need another shooter. They just need Nick Young to knock down some shots. It's not about another person it's the person majority brought in just doing his job I have LaDainian they got what they need. From dodge Hodge. Damon. Vegas is a what's new what's hot town what do you think the reason you're gonna do to fill seats after the first two years. I think they're gonna offer travel packages in other NFL cities which combine a flight and hotel stayed in Vegas. At a cheaper rates to get the out of towners come in and I look I think the biggest. Community will embrace the raiders to a point but that is the ultimate broad down broad classic weekend of sports travel there is. That's boozing gambling strippers football. And if people listen they don't senate time and time on the strip no one that lives and they discuss this trip for almost anything right so I mean it's actually gonna be a very transient. People out people in Vegas love avoiding traffic nightmares and believe me that's strip becomes a traffic nightmare real fast does. Whenever there's anything like all and all star game all an airport rush or all of convention rush to tell us gridlock. And it's gonna be like that. For raider games. This from Sinatra boss he says Damon I really can't think of anything clobbered back so what are you guys been watching these days. I'm actually haven't been watching. Hiatus are you not just a there's a couple of other things that I just can't sing my teeth into right now the Weiss about to travel he can't starch binge when you're married. You can't start bins watching something. Without your spouse. It's unfair dear all the puck and now quirky. It hasn't even made for almost ten years. Well I saw eyes are watching the marvelous mrs. made soul because they won a ton of Golden Globes and our mountain. AD if the bird at record. Different in her suggested it so. It's really good you need to watch it. I do wanna check it out death tiny I was there when Danny was singing its praises. I will check it out for sure I tournaments next. I really do before we move on anything my wife is never seen the wire and I feel like in order for us to survive this marriage she has to see the wire. I've never seen the acquire all of I'd. Audience Pete I don't really OK I think you should think she's gonna survived it's not over rated LB go home early tonight here on your mind. Amid the Pentagon NASA yet because it but I tell you it's going to be tells me is it did Al me. Goes to more exotic locales in travels and lives a better life than the tool was combined says it's like that it's not. Married no kids. Stick to my feet out live on last good time still to be duality good to be you. This is from Nasser he says they Damon gruden winning one Super Bowl in ten years will that be worth the contract. Yes I don't yet he won the Super Bowl there's no stink on him I thought I mean the goal yeah. What a Super Bowl seems like that is the bare minimum. To fill this contract so. Very very interest say geez I wish we had a little bit more time of course now there were at the end of the show we had a whole bunch of new questions pouring and where were you and we needed yacht. We've reached our end. And that we just gotta say thank you very much thank you Jian as always we'll see you next week we got such an abbreviated show tomorrow you're not even come in and so hopefully next week semen and fantastic. Boot home vick's home CC bore many feet as always thank you very much Al Lee thank you great stuff all weeklong great production now do you great sound daddy you Greg guests booking do you you don't enjoy your vacation you come back alt and sexy for us thanks so much the Mike silver jolt for boss Steve Kerr everyone waiting to do tweets. Lot of fun stuff today USF basketball's coming up next here on 957 game in the meantime will be here tomorrow at 3 o'clock to go over half an hour of the ol' what's her before we start getting ready with a little. Warriors warmup warriors embarks tomorrow USF basketball is next. Sports don't build character they reveal. Dog or cat and dog FaceBook or Twitter Twitter and due to.