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Thanks to an email we just found out that Bruce Jenkins who's supposed to join us at 630 might not be able to because he lives in north bay and they don't have any phone service right now land line cell line it's down and if you can't call us. Can be tough to do the interview so. Maybe we get Bruce maybe we don't at 630. Started right here and we'll all find out together right. A lot of people say and Damon tonight he had the address of you were co workers so I can send a personal check what I really appreciate you wanted to get involved. Go ahead make that donation make that check out to the American Red Cross bring into a safe way. Really appreciate that we got an awful lot of people here in the building will be collecting four co workers family we've got a lot of people making. Good on and on helping them out here how about everyone outs. Really appreciate your generosity though thank you so very much. Thank you thank you thank you. Ayman what is the name of that song you keep on playing today. And I mean hello by Lionel Richie. He believed in me that play out on the track and look for someone to believe in me so I was without the opportunity ended on portability but didn't work out. We spent years. There's a natural thrower who's in fearless and I let the rest those guys who can now. Processing and so fasten the continent America. Anybody else. Kids to have six more months of under the I think. Kirk cousins. Brian Hoyer. Are being looked down by one Kyle Shanahan. He's got a big first round mound of clay in front and. He starts going to. What do you think he's gonna do. And Boston will he skull. Sculptor does write his skull. Does this do to sculptor does there's scoping. If the police found the mistake Jack. Her. Kyle Shanahan sitting on his. So are sitting on his garage tonight doing a full body bust. Kirk cousins millions class smoothing out the rough edges. Jimmer go on a date with someone and you find yourself looking over that someone's shoulder it's someone new. Is that what this 49 a redskin game is going to dig it. By the second quarter would have by told you. That's Shanahan was coaching the 49ers from the back of the end zone because you slowly leaned slowly making his way over to Kirk cousins. Which is blaming the I don't know why it's good to Kyle Shanahan is now calling plays from around the field goal post. These other coaches are split hairs conduit. And then you notice. They still wearing niner colors head to toe but all the logos have been replaced at Redskins logos. But the fourth quarter. The only place he's sending into Boyer is called. You like yeah. I think we got another one. The play just gets Brian Hoyer sacked over and over again it's a five step drop to zero reads you eat the ball left your five cent drop. There. To watch what you can. Now maybe again Kirk cousins is offseason but I will ask you is there a single team in the NFL. Is there a single team no legal final details ticket is there a single team in the NFL yeah. That has what they think. There's a franchise quarterback and doesn't sign that I'm. What isn't so Washington Redskins hesitation now designed Kirk cousins too long. Deal that either way they can get. These are not guaranteed contract isn't there hesitation designed Kirk cousins to a long term deal enough to give you. Pause. But China I'm Scott I think. Slumping stock. Kirk cousins is allowed to throw sequence of undefended hail marys all night long. Tell sailor call off the dogs in the second quarter. It could be love again at first sight. You don't you gotta do you gotta read quarterback's eyes I'm. Absolutely. Many Kirk cousins is sitting there thinking. I know Jay gruden is watching me. I know these fans care. But I wonder if Kyle season. Because I'm on a franchise tag maybe I'd get out here at the end of the year. What do you do have the number one number two overall pick in the draft would you rather have Kirk cousins gone mallet 28 million a year in sick Lombard cleared. Josh Rosen. And you just turn the page from Carlos side maybe mad breed is going to be like. I'm your future running back. Maybe just maybe. Damon you're talking about the team getting. Albert pains were the truckload of money. For no reason. Can't trust their judgment blog. That's. That's a fair argument but. Deep tackles. And quarterbacks are two totally different things two totally different positions different values. I mean do you even know how much a franchise quarterback is worth how. I wake up and saw the coffee. I. And out of love with Kirk cousins I don't think you should be either I don't think Kyle Shanahan should be either. I really mean it. Don't worry about it. Torre about my smile. I'm not what I I'd just don't see Kirk cousins being the answer to all your problems I think it Kirk cousins showed up. He might play okay. Congratulations. You're now a six or seven win team again and that's gonna turn into a pullout isn't good enough for us at any time. What do you think her cousins window of excellence is here for. Another tour three. Seasons for five seasons 67 seasons ten years ago and the fifteen yearlong run at the top here. I would much rather start with someone who. The only system he knows is the Kyle Shanahan system. Because you're the only guy Scotia the professional level Josh Rosen to me looks like. A guy could help save this franchise. They did or you on the one hour long Oreo love would Tim Tebow there for his second one. Home I. So could you for just a minute there that guy looked awesome let's be honest. And he's got more playoff wins and Brian order to die that. I I just. I think I know would've franchise quarterback looks like I think I know what a total stud looks like I think I understand. How much money wanna spend on that amount quarterback and that is way too much money to spend on that amount a quarterback I just don't feel like Kirk cousins is some great. Long term answer would things get better than Hoyer instantly sure. Are you now ready to be a playoff team again. I don't think so I just thought I'd I don't know aid down and Thomas would every wanna call me I really don't care as long as you call me. No way we can talk. By the way if you do make the buzzed aided 89579570. We will be taking your calls we will begin by saying her. So you're more than welcome to weigh in on any of this. Got big shoes to fill. Well the guy that replaces Brian Hoyer is not an ad very big shoes to fill out. But a woman named Terrence Burke who officially. Has some big shoes to feel. Oh shoot three usually like designer heels. The new ros gold on wood and her name is Karen Burk NBC sports Bay Area has hired her as the new sideline reporter for the Golden State Warriors. Gotta check out the buzz what's the buzz with the industry know what we're working here from people. A lot of people say real good things about it. She spent time in New York City she knows East Coast sports she's. You know she's she's like a real old. No joke sports fan. And I don't think she's got the playing background that I thought draws brought to the table and a really unique way. But she's very good at what she does and I hope she can shake off what some people are gonna hold an answer which he'll simply be you're not rock. It's. It's it's it's always tough to replace someone who is so loved to settle an toll that just lover for her to let hurting her yet it you know moment then it's really tough to do not only is it tough third. It to be the next person. After someone's blood to but the someone whose blood is still kind of hanging around after the show to take part of that stuff yeah. But she's like yeah a lot of experience this and doing a lot of basketball Simon prefer basketball in. College and so forth so. We had we had Mike PM on earlier today and he's worked with her in the past to pac twelve network and he said that when. They found out that Roz was leaving. He texted his powers that be like our Terence Burke check her out so he's very excited that she got the higher. And guns I saw my friend Jay Scott very happy about it she knows she knows her from tackle nowadays is well I'm sure. All you do is wish you good luck and I am I'm guessing we are going to be saying you turf or. Yeah we're going to be saying that to her coming up in the very near future she's gonna be on without us. Waiting for time or she can come on then yeah in person said. Since in person. We said goodbye to rise in what's really we're about the whole thing is on Tuesday where you over there and as well we're gonna see resin daylight. Because of course shall be there shall be there didn't I said it's tough to it's it's easy or play someone when they're out of sight out of mind when they're still there it's tough. It's stuff. I I wish the best luck and that is say it that you eight. A look at it this way. It's an enviable. Position well it was very sought after I had no idea what they're gonna pay carrots Burke but I can tell you the job's worth more than whatever they're paying her in the amount of exposure you're about to get covering the Golden State Warriors can compel you to. Big things just ask rods. I'm sure there were hundreds of people vying for that position I can't even imagine Rosa. Should throw your hands around. Yes it would be very fun and I loved is that I love doing Simon a parting tight. Little demanding and all the travel and everything you'd miss us I what I love lessons from this is my passion I mean if you could work with a Golden State Warriors closely. Or Damon Bruce. Where you don't. Stay right here day. We did is a lot of travel and even rise to mention that there's even here at a candlelight rally with a team it's demanding a full NBA schedule it is like. You're on the team on the team playing around and guarantee you're you're eaten dinner with the team UT team hours are read all the time in a couple of years of my little guys were older. Toss an awful lot to give it hurts when forced copies all going to be in a burden of little adorable burden. By the way were talking about this just a little bit yesterday I couldn't believe could not believe. That anyone. Would pay anybody. Twenty million dollars a year just advertise tiny little patch or bad is the warriors are calling it. Why did rack it and do that well now we understand thanks this article that came out late yesterday and the ESPN who snuck it in the end of the show let me go and stick it in right here. The NBA and racquets and have announced a marketing partnership that makes the Japanese online giant the exclusive. Online distributor. In Japan are not warriors basketball. All life NBA games all of them. And I guarantee you that ponying up to be a partner with the warriors got them to the front and the wind just getting more. A lot of money that's a ton of money and I tell you what to sixty million that they paid is what they're paid to that and I mean I can't imagine what that put down to BD. Lot aids exclusive distributor of NBA basketball. Than the entire nation of Japan. Wasn't like night tendered and fifteen hidden how would that number. It was an insane amount of reach they were gonna get out of this yeah I don't have that actual number here in the snow I do excuse me yeah the NBA. Given access to league contents. We'll provide this now no more than 900. Million users. Brackets and how is the other people. I hear set date. Damon can I be honest review this hello bit was funny and and they got annoying. And then they kept on going. Which was a bold enough move to work just funny again. It's kind of like when Family Guy does the bird is the word think. The accords like when they do the did chicken fight. The chicken fight like they are in my watching into enemy MI wasn't an anime character fire two of full grown chicken for ten minutes is now I just spent the last ten minutes in my life. You're like how. Hi I need to get out more yet dead. You know where you go to do war war war. What you used to see such a fight you gotta you gotta use your eyes. This is true. I mean I can keep going with us all night you might wanna say goodbye but I can tell you I can't sub sank her. I haven't heard the whole block courage yellow sucked a very long time. Still today. I am. It really is among the creepy is videos. The you know he it's like when it happened in real time everyone's like all that's adorable he's falling in love with a sight impaired woman then and you know there's there's. I'm an arm of the city it was hard to that outlined a Richie. Basically tell. Looked at walks around the college campus stalking a woman. Who's blind off and then peace gulps her. And then. Like I don't say physically assaults or anything but I think you like. Meet her at the end of the video on the start making out or something plummeted some of them maybe. I gotta collect the (%expletive) are you do it's it's it's it's really weird it's really weird. Complete with. It's LA when there's a big national story that your wife caught you in bed with another woman and beat you up it's tough to come back from we haven't heard much from Lionel since that happened. Now we haven't. By the way I hear much from anyone that crosses Rosen a gallon I know this is totally off the rails here. Have you seen what rose gallons been doing online apparently she is like one of the whispers about this big Harvey Weinstein thank what. This is the Sudan I don't think there's been a scandal like this and Hollywood. Then I can remember. Where it's just people are crude Bruce of fine this guy who absolutely. Deserves it. Did you hear the audio I heard DR I don't really talk and this'll yet Ed but it's Harvey Weinstein might asking this. This woman with a fake accent this model select. Sit on his lap he used to he used to have handlers. He is bad handlers who go around to models and up and coming actress is invite them to a hotel room. Under the guise of it's a Miramax party. The girl would get their NB Harvey Weinstein in half open world. And he's like. He had no problem. Now he doesn't introduce introducing you to a little Harvey. And I really inappropriate time. So resonant sound like calling out all the other like Hollywood celebrities or big wigs that sort of knew about all this yeah. Oh girl. Oh wait it I think I got the wanna Richie thing wrong I'd been thing about it and I may and so Santas she sculpt him he's gulps her they're both sculpting each other either way it's a sculpted a Lionel Richie that sort of looks like the woman that he is person it's just a weird video man does not age well. Like Harvey Weinstein if it either worked in the eightieth. Little bit a look at it this way planted a seed and I sort of remember. Bush is more than I can say for many eighties music videos. Believe Brian Hoyer threw the ball 46 times last week you surprising keep on losing close games. Heading investor Brian Hoyer dropping back 46 times what you can't be an offensive genius and keep on doing that. Shine. You can't. Brian Hoyer throws the ball 26 times in Hawaii and breed though. Did putting more carries. What about a carry on third lawn. Probably better than the mud skipper that employers can unleash strain of the dark. I. The amount of people trying to clear out. He timeline of the one Richie video right now my parents get out of cells die contents line even lower and it looked even though we're in a divided country CNET. You know we live among divided the country in the divided time I do Lionel Richie solo video might be the key to bring us all back together. Damon. The blind Sheikh. It's all did him. While she was admiring her. And it came full circle it finds out that she felt the same way in the end. Had been scalp they need him to and doesn't that doesn't is gold should they end up when you're looking at a picture of right now sort of looks like the predator. It looks that. That's not final Reggie. It to the commercial pretty to watch the full video I think did. I undid series I think that Arnold Schwarzenegger. And some fighting that thing at the end predator. You like how old. How how did he find the predator which has the ability don't like go Tamil and blend in well he used his eyes and. Gotta look carefully though. At that they make an expression you know artists are. And creditors like what did you find me then you say creditor. Mean you. Just Tina's still shots of the video pinnacle a creepy. To look at a ritzy it's literally stop DC he's he's. It's creepy he looks like. He's ready to pounce. Still shots are not helping me a video thrilling night. We got a little love baseball up decor clover is now out of the game Andrew Miller and yankees still on top. Did you her glorious is like how. Two home runs tonight. Or not and yankees. There's a mixture of this is the worst radio never heard and this is the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life going on on the tax on right now on whenever he'd learned that. Much on one side or the other I think it's working I don't see anywhere is radio and it. But can you hear it how. 888957957. No look I don't know Bruce Jenkins phone is working let's find out if yours is too were gonna take your calls you wanna get and you wanna talk about cousins you wanna talk about Shanahan. You wanna talk about Jack del Rio's sand if the doctors today. Derek Carr can go then how. We have to make sound decisions from the quarterback. All of our players were there in this particular case welcome change with the doctors didn't realize he's prepared to play well protect himself and he's gonna go. Derek should lead everybody in suspense and then five minutes before take off come out full dress pads everything and be like. Mean you. Okay I'll stop this. Before we get to the end of the hour at 7 o'clock tonight I've got a story about a stripper. Would date a guy who does Coke who used to work for the Miami golf this is ensures stain to come also got a story. About a dawn. It'll make sense. No not down one. Another another. Million K this way. In Akron anyone country. Doesn't plays well in another top. Understand that I guess now I'm on board does everyone understand alleges not. And violate anything and FCC was never okay and got. From the Pentagon doesn't start until it's on a day and seriously how stunned you get before ratios. And it was very Stoner friend. I'm glad it's easy for UD is invited to perceived as friendly for you. On the use guns gonna tell you that mine might. Basically just the residue from my junior colleges from missiles rattling around me somewhere so often thought yeah knocked out. This. Still to this day my favorite immigration was to him increases back hurting so they back are really bad at all when I was on. We had taken milligrams piano from a west and I'm glad I'm glad you're gonna come in all sold out. By the way someone takes on like take on EnergySolutions. All you have the Internet to highlight and I'm impressed. What do I told you the guy who changes the way we looked at the NFL one. A Nobel Prize. And happened. Not for the way that he changed the way people look at the NFL but you gotta be a Smart guy you're gonna do that guy named Richard Taylor. Change the way we think about the NFL draft and he is now won a Nobel prize in economics. From pro football talk dot com Richard Taylor. With Romania professor at the university Chicago was awarded the prize for his contributions to behavioral economics. But it's one particular aspect of his contributions to behavioral economics. Studying how NFL teams behavior around the draft that we're our interest sedan. So back in 2005. I'm trying to think. I am true trying. Trying to think. Back to when we really started taking the draft. More seriously. Than we ever did. And I remembered their being a shift in draft interest. Really. Happening when I was in college went to draft or something you read about the next day. Until it became something that you watched live as it was happening and that change we never watched the draft when I was in high school. We watched a draft all the time in college that's when we started like watching. Names being read for nine hours at a time. And I need to do to chalk it up to though we did that junior college many just staple meat on the couch and that's watch but it's when people got more intrastate and I think it was really whiz. You know my my college experience. What do goes hand in hand where it is the Genesis of the Internet access and so we had. More information to share. More places to talk about the information we thought we now mastered. More places to get more information see it got more information on the personal things that they've got to manage information tonight can get an a real. Big debate. And that's when this whole thing grew into what it is now. And in 2005. Which lets face it after this after I agree I graduated college in December of 1997. But then. What I thought was just the thing that me and my friends were kind of understand me in my circle word for sedan diehard sports fans type of and all of a sudden the NFL draft was being discussed is commonly. Totally what what problem. When it an actress crosses over to music ring or porn star crosses over to legitimate work and it's like. This is something they used to only be talked about in hush circles in the core parties now everybody's talking about it. And I was like in the early two thousands and I think that is when this guy. Came up wins what is now. A paper that is called the losers curse. Overconfidence. Vs market efficiency. In a National Football League draft basically this is when guys were bonus babies and you would be drafted and you would be paid. In insane amount of money just based on the fact you were first round draft pick. It wasn't slotted it wasn't preprogrammed art if you're draft if he. You can drafted fifteenth well guy who's. Picked fifteenth overall has a price sat. Right there a pact and so on and so forth up and down the chain. So basically. With huge bonuses being handed out. He was looking for that sweet spot in the draft that economists are always looking for you know the perfect time to buy the perfect time to sell to get the most. Value bang for your buck. This guy. Determined that. A really good first round pick. A really high first round pick. Didn't produce. What you would wanna spend on player X. As often as in mid second round pick did you still got great NFL value. Wall. Getting away from the bonus baby structure that existed at the time so basically he determined that a you know picking fits in the second round it was more valuable. Than taking. Third in the first round. Who would've ever thought that yeah no doubt interesting but you know the screen caps sport the money that you spend on this guy deposition the ball goes into this do the best equals certain amount of money. So this guy basically changed the way. That Smart GM slipped the draft. You still have GM's trading up to pursue those dreams of getting the perfect guy here but you started be really Smart teams really Smart players really Smart GM's. They're they're they're trading down they're trading backwards this is when. We'll go check trading backwards became. Lou innovators are training backwards all the why are they doing it and then they coupon can all these guys and who proved to be great value they fit their cap structure and it according Super Bowls and what is going on. That's when treating back became super fashionable. So payers research began under the old collective bargaining agreement again when Todd picks made enormous amount of salaries but there's some talk. That his research helped put NFL minds. That high draft picks are overpriced and and you just wanna move backwards and the guy really changed the way the NFL GMs think. Taylor's body of work goes far beyond football the things that he's calculated. Determined where the value spots that's what won and beat the Nobel Prize not exist. What it's pretty darn amazing. And the best teams in the NFL now follow his formula. And it's probably even better than ever now that you're really not overreaching. With what you spend because prices are captain controlled at certain graphics. Well makes sense. My. Wife and I had to eat terrible habit. We watched the PBS cooking show America's test kitchen I am right there with different. Who wouldn't like more pop it in like 10 PM on a Friday night like it would there's no wrong time for a little ATK. We set up the DVR to take this joke. You got that far that's it's ridiculous it's like or already in our seventies. Telephone that I am a member of the website and a pain member we've scenery on TV we got the Wii got the cookbook she admits great. So. Well my favorite parts of the shell be honest with news on the breakaway into the signs that really explain something in the bring up like these molecules not a bond and creates gluten which means is going to be a very chewy. Beat until crust and I did go into the science of what is happening in your kitchen and I think that that's kind of why I like to show because it does one thing I know is I'm way too stupid dubious scientists. But I'm just curious enough to wanna know what the science behind that is. And this guy basically invented the science behind the drafting. So pardon me if you didn't find any that interest thing I really did think it was interest. It was really cool. Call it's like. Good Will Hunting to do invented the language that we're now using them and matched its its. If everything goes back to Matt it's the universal language while much dissidents. What makes you understand a little bit of the decisions that teens making enemy man sitting back as a Santa he why did they pick that guy. But when you read articles like that guerrillas and right and he's a bang for your buck obviously that makes sense to me. It's genius if you think about you your mind has to be wired differently. Like a mathematician. Like an economist. Teams are thinking like that I mean it's just so audio where would you rather pick. First second third or somewhere in the forties. And your entire life till I don't get me a first second or third. By the way even though I just lauded this man's thinking. I still want and I understand the first pick because Josh Rosen is the guy wanna see coming here and daylight I can help I can be your future how. That's what I'd like to say. I'm disappointed that we were unable to catch up would Bruce Jenkins but I totally understand why communications in the north they were Bruce lives. Are hard to find these days cellular landline anything he emailed us saying that he. Was even driving blocks away to find that'll set better cellphone service and just couldn't. So let me use this opportunity again to remind you. You can go to was Safeway. To help the American Red Cross support wildfire relief efforts to Red Cross is announced that they have enough volunteers at this time. They will need some more in coming days the right now they need goods they need cash they need things to help. Safeway stores in northern California are currently accepting donations and check stands to support the American Red Cross wildfire relief fund the Safeway foundation is matching donations up to half million dollars and also they are donating in kind products to help evacuation shelters. Through Sonoma and Napa counties people ask how can I help. That's a duet that's how you help. So go ahead and extend yourself if you can it would be good thing. Since we don't have Bruce Jenkins ear to class of this hour so we just take it in the total opposite direction now and we are gonna wrap up would detail about how a stripper on cocaine and Dong energy actually have nothing to do with the. Other on the day membership. Dad today demon through shell out on 95 point seven. I would think even someone who didn't like the DN led the charge show would admit that he conducts interest things interviews it was left to send our guests and boy did he have one on today. We all know the crying for help right there on FaceBook. Miami Dolphins offensive line coach resigned in disgrace on Monday after posting the cocaine video or having it released by. A woman named cool wanna nine. Yes she shared it she's the one who shared it by the way she is a stripper. And came model. The Vegas model here what are not hustle whatever. She is not only a stripper. It was fun. Cocaine times and does apparently sound. The reason why he was may be doing cocaine and Sam and I wish we still do this together is because she shouldn't be doing and right now she's carrying his child. It's a big big big mess that most people would say we should stay away from that what I'm pretty sure that celeb it's hard works for. Dalton's flagship. And can you imagine that this happened. Which is an assistant coach on the warriors and we called up to interviewed a stripper who was a Coke dealer who was. Opened up over her doctor told Dan Levin tarred it just doesn't care. And so today. Tractor down had a Iran. And we pulled a little audio I can only tell you that I don't recommend you listened to. Other radio shows an awful lot but if you will officially wanna hear a wild interview when you get home tonight glisten and Dan lead guitar and talking to the cocaine stripper girlfriend. Feel comprehend or pay may eject one hit on it basically mom. You do this step up at that access. I excuse me do his stuff fossils. Am I interpreting mean I mean that's what I think it just yeah a guy that's minds off behind you got it let's get back there. Luke conference and heard him say he's had one hit on it basically com. You didn't step up at that thinks that by some people like you could grow or heard. I heard a life she led ladders that that makes you think says by people like to do gloated that between. Areas such as that if we get by Jack. Okay yes your drift has been got a whole is so good that call is making that call is made and it unless it's it's just a request I'm requesting someone I do not know I want to do cocaine off of this person's body. He didn't say that but that green but he did mention that you wanted to party. As so that's how they met. The first let me just clearly there was more than one of interaction if cashiers something William. Okay this is out join and I met. It's a and she wanted to party in so the stripper agency sent me over and she did Coke off me all night on dirt so what did he was the other way around it is so lucky you're married to her. Yes she's so lucky. Can you imagine you show up for one of those hey we gotta naked girl were eaten sushi off of moments but it's not a naked girl it's me. What hey how you doing realists in 95 point seven today on Damon Bruce feel free to try to new gear it's the list. Yeah I'm sure wasn't me you're looking for but here I am. I watched those chopsticks buster. It. You don't you don't wanna know or your fortune go Diaz. God Scientology at large I never ever ever ever ever ever ever understood these were eating sushi off of a naked woman thank. Will I mean hey I really appreciate sushi and I really appreciate naked women I never said how we put these two together. I want to start clean pole day he writes writes I want anything. Any dinner and I'm gonna clean blade edges it people have their thing this guy obviously has a thing. Technicians how about the fact you went and fell in love. Would be escorted the U had sent to your room to do stripper did you Coke off of like that. That's trying way too hard. Assists while another reportedly going to have a baby is so different are complicated. I'm I'm I'm just let guys mess that is amounts. And why did she share the video we know. She then pay that'd. To like a really. Portion of the anti protest like I don't know I. To me look at it this way I a buddy of mine. As a very good sank. Never followed we anyone who takes her clothes off for a living room. Because I heard putting its video out she directly affected his livelihood which then would support her because she's having this baby. Yet that it's not hey now now it's it's it's an odd way to cut off. The food supply very. And removed from that story. This. An acronym is a funny thing. An acronym. Can sometimes be like hey I makes a lot of sense and that's really clever when it's all said and done you know I. How likely do you do there by the way for those you don't know what acronyms are fun and be any stands for National Basketball Association. So there was a Danish energy company. That was making its way into the United States. Starting to plant seeds to grow their own company stateside. And it's an energy companies that are out there they're competing. You know wins the East Coast version of PGA mean they're competing with general again that would wanna get in the game and so bad home. They had a simple easy to say name that rolled off the tongue and stood for the Danish oil and natural gas company. DO. And G. I welcome the Massachusetts. You want some Dong energy. Oh now it wasn't a word and how unknown the Danish company had no idea why people were laughing. And calling to requests all sorts of things that really didn't have anything to do wave energy provision of a the company is now jettisoning its name alongside the vestiges of its legacy of the oil and gas business soon. Dawn will be called or stead which is a reference to a gentleman named cons Christian or stead. Always Denmark's Thomas Edison to OK all that's probably a better choice or stead works better in the United States then Dong a lesson course. You're watching sixteen candles. Taste Donna needs food. I love a movie. You know here's this thing knows it's it's a little. It's one of those movies that doesn't age well into the politically correct culture of 2017. What a lot of those movies don't yeah. Speaking not aging well. Giambi said that her favorite show we'd ever done is when I was having some serious back nerve issues and I'm not one to sit out and dance I am not one to take a show off. So yeah our common loopy all milligram dot I told you this is like a 2300 milligrams showed should be interest thing. And apparently this is that showed that Jian was referenced saying button Dixon always rolling always looking to bounce and the moon. I. Dude is. Can't get Iran gonna give you also have. You don't your own age and still you know don't agree yeah our state government it is improved car trouble and gonna lose again and Brent is why this car and kids and fans are. Timing we tape yeah we grew it could lead but. And he's called yeah. I don't know indignation of banana cream. Yeah yeah. Dow's 400 on grand show. There's no doubt about that I know for the listeners some ties because you don't get to see some of that. Tell them that the air it's probably gain it's probably good. Did they don't see any avid and just listen. Tomorrow we're gonna invite you to just listen to what should be a great show Steve Kerr is gonna join me at 4 o'clock and Jason lock and four at 430. We talked to a niner player of the week this week it's going to be a great one the forest Buckner is gonna join us Charley casserly is gonna join us. Derrick Smith who's my buddy from down in San Diego yes we're still gonna talk to and even though the charges left them we are going to have that for you tomorrow coming up next Italian herbs. Take it away fellas I opens a great show thank you a very very much as always everyone who joined us today. Warrior rookie Jordan bell our third rent a whiskey in his incredible story I recommend you go back and listen at 3:30 to 4 o'clock. It was pretty inspirational. Mike cam thanks to him. And died even though he wasn't able to make it we know we certainly intended to will say thank you Bruce Jenkins anyways thank you Gionta. Thank you very much to 400 milligrams of budget and back in the day and I want to thank our good friends at dawn energy I want to thank. All strippers were available could be up global platters or Coke dishes. I wanna say thank you very much the boot to home that's all I want to say thank you Al being Al b.s by the way is like if there's little extra money can I sign up to be a sushi platter till. How these pretty scary to have it all these now weird twist now Aaron has a steamy hour. Nash now thank you we've already said way too much remember. Cause that Eric. Pick your. I'm Greek and a much better. Sports don't those characters reveal. Are you yeah yeah.