Damon Bruce Show Hour 4

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Tuesday, April 11th
Damon discusses hypocrisy in the NFL regarding gambling, shares some news from a source on Marshawn Lynch, is joined by Marcus Thompson, and we say farewell to BASHOF contest winner extraordinnaire, Loretta!

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Should just flying by today we are already in our fourth and final hour. We've got the very realistic chance suggests a margin throws in an Arizona Diamondbacks coming up tonight and I think he should you do not hit Buster Posey in the head. I don't care that they buzz Kuralt yesterday. All of a sudden the up but he Diamondbacks need to be put back in place and I would like to see some margin of who again used to hit people playing football. Dirt physical wide receiver. He might do that I wouldn't deny him doing that Buster Posey seven day disabled list just erring on the side of caution after he got cracked. In the helmet by a pitch from. Taiwan walker last night it is an off day for the gays in every way possible is in the tarps are coming off the upper deck. Dave Campbell strikes again wildly. Wildly impressed with the beginning of what will now call the Dave Pavel era. The fourteen game winning streak era. At the Golden State Warriors are enjoying came to an end last night Klay Thompson wasn't playing in the Utah Jazz is scrubbing means ended up beating the Golden State Warriors. Screenings. At the very end not that we're calling anyone screenings. But it is ridiculous how we talk about lineups is it. Step critically Thompson. Kevin Durant. Remind green any two of those 33 and 344. Whatever combination you're done a sick basketball team. It's just you know it last night was it the very end it was the what was it Livingston and Clark. Zaza. Mac could do. JaVale lineup. I couldn't help treat like oh what an interesting lineup from Steve Kirk can't wait to see them get a lot of planets stretch run home. Here's here's here's a line at that matters. But they're they're all so interchangeable and replaceable like as long as you got. You get to with a four out on the court. It really doesn't matter if that's like and where does he did west fit in. Win win any one of all of them. Never ending school. How did Shaun Livingston incorporate his scheme into the just easily you cautious guy and just their fine it's cool what you don't. Patrick com then just retest. Blacks that don't were it is believed the policies and ain't gonna come down Patrick call. Our topic this is stuck at the strength in numbers there it is is about four guys go to the hall of fame. That's it shut up. I love your analytical hot take if your story doesn't end with. They're the best by a wide margin and probably should win this thing almost easily your body mind and always watched. So we got all they had to talk about. We talked about quite a bit of it so far we'll have plenty of opportunity to preview blazers warriors threw out the week. We gotta talk a little NFL. Because they've missed the last hour right now in a story by Andrew Brandt is something that I wanna share what you know I'm sure you've already seen this. It's about how. Are good friends over the NFL made a choice. And now they need the Lynnwood that choice. The reality of football in Las Vegas is officially now taking grip and NFL players. Are you tell me NFL player. Cannot hold an event in Las Vegas but a franchise can relocate there OK explain. That one to me. Eggs. Show me the logical bouncing ball and how it bounces across that sentence in any way that makes cents. So you tell me we can't do business in Las Vegas but you're now officially doing business in Las Vegas is are you telling me. It's can you be gans is would look at this if I were one of the players involved in this arm wrestling tournament in Las Vegas. That Andrew Brandt was writing about on Monday Morning Quarterback get a fills embrace of Las Vegas is one of the markets and I predict will be coming showcase marketplace since Brett. Has put the league and increasingly awkward and hypocritical positions regarding its evil thing anti gambling position. The NFL. The web at the NFL. Is weaving. Has been complicated even further this week the pro football arm wrestling championship which was held last week in MGM grand in Vegas. Featured more than thirty active and retired NFL players including host James Harrison Marshawn Lynch and Bart Scott. The league which shut down players such as Tony Romo for appearing in a fantasy football convention less than two years ago. Because the location it was just in a casino was in a casinos ballroom and facts I was too much was too much. Remember gambling. Was the boogie man. Gambling was the one. Thing that was going to make Las Vegas. A non starter. In terms of the NFL ever going to do you remember that they used to be the reality that we all lifted 750 million dollars later. Reality changes and it changed quickly and now the NFL needs to start changing its. Vegas attitude quickly again how can you do multiple billion dollars worth of business there but these players can have a charity events. Explain that one to me. As it goes even further. It goes even further. In the run up to the launch of 20/20. There's going to be an increasing numbers of these situations that shine a light on the NFL's mixed message here. And Brandt just has a couple of ideas and scenarios majority Tanya you talking out of both sides your mouth here. Virtually every single team has a sponsorship deal with the daily fancy company. Daily fantasy football. Is just a clever way of saying. Gambling on football. That's a panacea as its gamble. That's it that's what it is it's not. While it's not really. Because it's notes Campbell went gambling on football period and distortion Iraq. But it's cool. League kind of loves it. Nothing keeps an audience more than a fantasy week of football. This game. Is all but over but my running back in its 21 downs waste put me in the first place. I'm watching to the end. Fantasy football has Ben the single best friend an NFL rating ever had. No Tennessee's garlic and in the league and if you don't believe me Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones guys who own teams are huge early investors in draft angst. Again Tony wrote well you can't go to a fantasy convention and casino. But. A guy who owns the team you played four. Can be an owner of fantasy football he can. Alone essentially a piece of the casino that you're not allowed to go this is metaphorically erratic. Did you know that one of the packers' lead sponsor is the Oneida nation casino right outside agreeing that. I'd you'd have gambling entity. Endorsing. And sponsoring a football team. Oh by the way couldn't help but notice that some of these training camp Jersey's got old state lottery patches on them that is just a fancy way saying gambling. Teams continue to hold training camp at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia you know it's at the Greenbrier resort and casino. And now the NFL plays one of its name brand franchises. In what is nothing short of the gambling Mecca of the United States. Before this month the NFL could claim a moral high ground in the name of you're ready. You know. Integrity. You know we got around here. We need hasn't. Integrity. When it comes to gambling and we are integrys. Is that even word can be good to pressure an idea to get a ruling what's what's. Can we get a ruling on that. Negativity Damon thank you very much for 4000 dollars to get to pick all words today here on the show. Before this month the NFL could claim it's in two. You. You might as well be lined up next to the same gambler from. To Maxiell who is there with his overweight wife wherein. It'd been and it's three shirts you got a plastic yardage beer tied around your neck. And you're wondering if that person's gonna be leaving that penny slots and because you know what. You know what that is. Dead machines about it and I'm gonna go make a fortune off of penny slot. That's what you are now and so you are in the penny slot crowd. Barbie and Al from Temecula. In their Winnebago. That's you know. It's not classy. Which can make a lot of money flowed. Our game now there Winnebago. Remember it's not the whales. That build casinos it's the penny slots it's a quarter slots. That's word Vegas makes its money no risk. A whale can actually purchase for a night a week a month yeah. Of the NFL. Say did this arm wrestling controversy. Is now its biggest problem and you're gonna find guys for doing this coming if I were the guys who do this I would. Hire a you gotta be freaking kidding me lawyer to have lawyers specializing you gotta be freaking kidding me. Is that would go hire one of those guys. You gotta be freaking kidding me Esquire is so I would be hiring. If you find me for doing business in Las Vegas which by the way you do is picked as your future home of massive business. Damon stopped gambler shaming. Are good job Penske auto sales dot com fax line. It's just crazy. It's hypocritical. In talking out of both sides amounted to double standard. Center talking about the NFL can give you one piece of information and thank us now that totally forgot to tell you about this and it's weird because I was talking on the for the show started to call me this morning. Kirk Morse. A member Kirk Kirk is a great guest here on the show he does San Diego State. Football color commentary detects heat does fox sports he is it radio host he was a former linebacker. For the Oakland Raiders he is any spade got really good guy we've become kind of pals. And he texted me this morning a little something in the mini column in the afternoon is honored to say are you sure I can put your name on this and he's a jazz only is go ahead. And share a view what Kirk Morrison who kind of knows football and players and how things work in where guys train and all this stuff. Very very well he is a connected guy. Heard text me this morning. He's getting ready. Beast mode. Preparing. I wrote back and appreciate him and did you talk with them. He then sends me a video. Of Marshawn Lynch working out with a medicine ball and he's not there are so he looks good at the beach he is. Working out like he's about to go play some football like he's preparing Marshawn Lynch is not working out Lipton gave the not trying to. But Kevin's bases famous line in American Beauty I just ought to look better naked. Marshawn Lynch is working out like he's getting ready to go play football strap on the old tools of ignorance in on science. I wrote back my old boy. And watch the raiders mess it up and signed with the patriots this. I have any rights back hey hey hey hey don't worry about that needs said. You know I even asked my said so when it comes to this. Can I put your name on anger would you like to be known as sources. Swords and would you like to be a sources in the story Kirk Kirk can I attach a name to a decent you gonna put my name. I Marshawn Lynch is going to play for the raiders in less the raiders screw it up it looks like he wants to play. Don't know not officially reporting were breaking no news here. But there's no way Kirk Morse and goes out of his way to share that with me in was he had a really good inkling. This might happen. So it's kind of exciting and it's another little wrinkle to that. There was a story about how relationships really matter in the NFL and John Schneider who was to GM of the Seahawks. He worked in the packer front office with the Reggie McKenzie who we all know is the raiders GM. And Reggie is deliberate and patient presents totally like contrasts with Schneider's exuberance but the two of them. Like oil and water. Mix very well and what else or I didn't know. At a at a very well as oil water. Can we get a ruling and Colorado oil and water mixer denied next tournament. Oil and vinegar. Management haven't spent too much. And I tell you that. Red is getting her own show. Zack rye you're out Loretta. Now here on. Marshawn Lynch currently under control of the Seahawks he's on their reserve retired list if he does wanna play for his hometown team that. Brandt suggests. That the current. Great relationship. Between. Reggie McKenzie and John Schneider will make this easy to get done. Mutual respect. Good relationship. Every business is a people business it is that's for sure. I did a blog this week. Knighted by seven games you're won the 95 cents to get back down. Blog this week is about how you wanna gamble. Ample. Like I'm talking about in game batting. Not not in game betting like I can bet on the game that is playing in game betting I mean I can bet on the game after game in game betting for real. I should be able to since we're don't when this Las Vegas I should be able to bet this next pass complete during complete in her out. Yes or now. This next series comedy first downs. The over under is one and a half you think you got 21 downs take the over puts money on the block at halftime. I wanna go look for beer ought to look for halftime line Google window and make a play Animal Planet to be at a casino did do it. I wanna do it. The damn stadium. At the stadium. In Las Vegas. You know. The gambling capital of the continental United States. Let that happen. Embrace it. Beat who you Lar. There's no way to pretend that you shouldn't gamble earlier. This. What Vegas says it's what bolt pounded. Gays. I'm not trying to think like other cities. It connected would certain cultural aspects. I reject the notion. You can even pretend. Gambling is some sort of fights were taboo. As you are moving there. Get out now. Let's go to Tony in Oakland Tony you're not 57 game dot com I don't. Excellent thank you very much. I'm thank you. Well it looked. Great quarters. Or the I ran up. Are. There. I'm dubbed it was sixteen and four that your post season route tell you what for a loss is is all I really wanna allow me in the post season do. I beds I wanna. I want to sweep the trailblazers. I did deal loss against you talk after that we morning predict who might be there we all know who might be there we'll see what happens but. I want this team to maybe lose one or two games at most and then I want them to beat the cavs in five and that be that. I want and eat eat better attic and they laugh out in the end is where. You. It. Just. Cut. If if Klay Thompson is the NBA MVP finals. I would be zero surprise. Zero I would be I I I totally believe it totally believe it. Missed him last night. There is no way. We're watching the Utah Jazz get off those threes Klay Thompson is on the court last night. The poster. Was not the missing ingredient the toaster existed last night clay didn't play. And that was a big part of the reason why they lost. You know we talk about stories here that we think are huge stories big stories we're drowning in them oh my god look at all the attention look at the Twitter echo chamber that the stories taking place and no my god were breathless we are I just beside ourselves were outraged and all this stuff can you even imagine. For a millisecond. If the story over today in Germany. Was a story about sports here in the United States this afternoon. A German soccer teams boss was bombed today. Bruce. Bro CN Dortmund. That is the name of the team. I'm sure I slaughtered there but I'm so sorry oversee a Dortmund the Austria doesn't neighborhood. They're defender mark. Rapture. He was injured following explosions near the team bus as it was driving to its home stadium for today's championship league game against. EC Monaco. That game was postponed until tomorrow wonders were windows were shattered. In three explosions. Near the team bus he had to be taken to the hospital. Dortmund originally said in a week that an incident occurred while the buses departing. For the stadium and confirmed that an explosion had occurred. It is not yet possible to say exactly what the explosion was or exactly where something exploded. The CEO of the team said that the team's location. Is actually. Being kept private for security reasons. Good mold down. Now before we go jumping to conclusions. And on the record. That were not sure what the explosives were. We're not sure how they originated. No one's taken any responsibility. For this is this terrorism. Is this hooliganism. Which is a big soccer cultural thing. A rabid criminal thing am I don't know maybe a transformer under the street exploded right we don't have that was intended for right I. I had no idea bought all I can tell you is that it's more. Eighteen in the United States. Plus was involved in aid. Yeah. How can I would do it we would be incapable of talking about anything else. For a full week that would be it would be a huge huge story. It would be so. Unique. It would be the first. Not to be filed under unique or the first is yet another shooting. In San Bernardino. Crazy crackpot husband wants to off his wife decides to go to the elementary school took a kid Wear them. Yes at two kids one and make it that is just. Beyond hey that's a story that like five years ago we probably pause and talk about we spend a week worrying about I don't even think it and it didn't even last a full hour in the news cycle. That is the jaded sad world were living in and there is your societal commentary. For the program. Loretta what do you think of the societal program commentary should I stay in my line. I think it sounded like sports and thank you very much that's why we're gonna have you produce a program from now on I'll be. Relieved of duties to. While reticence your charge now. I really hope you have markets Thompson's phone number 'cause we need him on the phone for work to talk to him next we're gonna get into the warriors the playoff chances his book some of the excerpts that are coming out pretty funny stories. News and holy water to get Seth Curry's ankle better yet Mark Jackson. He did it he tried anyways all of that is coming up when our pal Marcus Thompson next here on 9570 game. Our body markets Thompson's got a book out called golden about stepped curry in some of the stories and some of the excerpts that are being published around the web have been pretty pretty good the story about. Mark Jackson. Taking steps curry to his church. Having his wife slash assistant preacher. Anoint his ankle with holy water and then wanted to do laps around the church it just it that I was laughing is I was reading that I am looking forward to seeing the book which by the way he was nice enough to send us an advance copy of Marcus Thompson. Bay Area news group. These are good excerpts that your leaking out I think it's getting people really interest in some of these. Off the record only rumored stories we've heard about curry. A bunt right. To bet that the beauty of the book like. You kind of get to dump the cute deacon there are so used to write. About our common. The I get over it and you know that spec. You know really at stake there right though we doubt on. Do we have any follow ups from the at Drake. Sitting on steps couch eating eggs instead Graham video. That captivated the world. Captivated the world right I'm like. Tibet right now is wicked step but the look like Alice in Toronto. A kind of drop the ball in the league you'd. In helpers competent it's weird to where friendship day they'd they'd see that light after that it's in arm. But somehow they really they really use it off then it's pretty genuine outlook after that it that the pilots are. At the BMW. After the game like chill until like 11 o'clock though. People don't like to markets but the been. Well all I can tell you is that every time the warriors hang out woods Drake they lose the next game. What that guy's got to stay away come the playoffs it happened when they lost the lakers on staff had that oh for ten night. And it happened with me lose to Utah after they hang out Drake. I think that's just directing them rightly everybody loses one streak it's connected. I bet but the thing Serena had a three to slam and to make sure that the Wimbledon. Where Australian openers and see who. The raptors. The World Series and Rachel that. Well courts. This is just like you'd think he'd known for. Well you know Matt Cullen people's success story. Right I mean Nikki men not just pretty much done so as of right now Kentucky hasn't let down that. Meet real guy and make Mallory Don you're right about this but it. PA it's is it what's the opposite the Midas touch the out call and touch is basically what he's O Cory Mac. Marcus Thompson from the Bay Area news group. It's warriors it's blazers first thing that comes your mind what's a rorschach test on that. It's the bullet can play any heated that I don't think they they get and the people well 13. I. Type games. The epic the blazes will give one and like huge scored effort for Damien others CJ McCollum. And they might do they gain. But a big benefit even if even if do you sit Newark is just plan. Like pace it'll play in the beat that that you know he might Luke. They give him Harvick and Martin look at our bet is he doing their play at a happy that that the left over its spirit. And then they get balance. And it's just I don't know Robert Kennedy did and Oakley deal opposite so this should be a pretty here. The whole point I think is I don't know how anyone does not mean I really don't know who's got the team. Decking cover those three guys on the court when the other two dudes might be you know oil load dream on green about to be defense player of the year. And whether it's. Adolor it to be Zaza it to be Zarko like it doesn't even matter. It could be you. David did you cure. Hoosiers now also on. The. I would I would I tell you what I would like to come out of the tunnel once Lawrence in candy striped show everyone what real warm up looks like. True Richard and I. So hopefully you're not like San Antonio in the rural collide later on. And it can be kind of among accurate student out flat oak AKB. Carried the team and you all these other players activated. We haven't really been collide today and a couple of years though. That that's probably one in LeBron probably had the same ability but he Ian like who guards Kevin Durant really. If if if things go as planned then it's really going to be about he Kevin Durant take advantage. Of the space and opportunity. From team China typically that the that you get out of new Maliki acted. And engaged in in prison you got to try to speculate that. Marcus Thompson Bay Area news group I don't know how much of a secret weapon and value biz but I think. There is a level of disguise JaVale McGee Alley oops that are gonna come at us this playoff season that we have been seen I love. When he is either involved. Or off the ball seems disinterested. He's like hanging out by the hash mark. Any so long. He is two strides away from early in the red. And they love that you they're alarmed by that game. Could light out by the warriors it's just ruled that over at daylight plane now. I got to look at it like me off it's my values and Heather Graham and build a good at all. Why is it's kind of funny creepy about it because for every one that led beautiful and perfect it like the re worried like it up the shot clock right. Like big east don't like Google apparently. It didn't build the reasoning and so much is because. The alternative is not up to the and for every time he'd like he's given alive hopefully he blows it you can't take out the leg may give meet daily package of the Luna. You don't. The thing about curry in his pregame warm ups which consists of him like. Throwing the ball like a footballer punting the ball like it's a football or something like daddy's got all these weird. What he does a little bowling sometimes and obviously that's not a plate but all that's still did little razzle dazzle stuff the elect that's it wastes the time that's useless. Like I sort of got I've seen him make that Hoch shot three in warmup and when you turn it and how. You started Alley oop like there's always a little method to his madness started to think. I blew Marcus Thompson away with that point so much that he dropped his phone. In his in the stunned silence. I understand it's not the first time I've done that to someone it happened it does happen. You dear gloat you. There are drama followed an optional Brett I'm glad I'm glad the players. Here's the reentry. What if they have done their in the game to justify. Doing that before the year. Would insert the cart before the horse yes you can leave them alone about the or. They might be a parent there on that you know what speaking of blown minds. Now I'm gonna go silent for ten seconds. That is very multiple. That was really good man thank you very may gloomy you made me think I'd think. That was by the way those on like four seconds of dead air that's how rough that isn't radio Martin stop some. It's good to have you here no drain Mon no it would dollar tomorrow night Luke Walton is so desperate to lose this game doodle looked. Could happen to their lottery pick. That I wouldn't be surprised if Luke. Dresses in plays in tries to run point tomorrow this is going to be a sort of interesting game to watch the flawless because I can promise you. The warriors don't even wanna play and the lakers don't even wanna like. I. At different like an epic pink jab right at the lakers are defying the lakers. Game winner in Jeanie buss and like I have an adult there. It's unbelievable like he can't even keep bringing it out of the game means that it's still like the good players perhaps are. And they still want to even though wouldn't you do it right. Can any tampering that he'd be there. Could be dues are like gonna win the game got the lakers are gonna win tomorrow which stroke like JP. Grows and the word won't let oil India and Laura wood and I don't lose the latter day that was gonna happen book it. Feels like it feels like let's let De'Angelo hit another one but make this once concordia. When that area. Your editor and your. What are you I'm gonna take our I am I I I like to think that sports are always on the up and but I can promise you there is no way. The NBA is gonna let the lakers die on the vine for the next ten years and that's what missing the next two drafts of time to do to them there's no way. They're gonna let that happen I'm not I'm not done and they're gonna freeze an envelope in giving the Patrick Ewing treatment but I just I'm gonna be stunned. If the NBA let's ping pong ball till the Los Angeles Lakers. All I mean let you gotta every now. Out the hour. But it elected he would that they like you know. We've been on I'm like 25. Can you get it get it out not to Mark Jackson still chatter XE now Mark Jackson still Jackson still trying to put a triangle. There's a problem right there they're as are. Men it is always good to talk to you will see you tomorrow night. Good luck with the book will continue to plug it clear atop the New York Times best seller list. Deputy you know outlaw Knight who my name is currently at. But I'm reminder. Put that. Market stops how out what is the reason it's not rest it's just relaxation correct. On the knuckles. On the call it you know about. Write about and cramps and do notebook I'm. Without a doubt. I like that it did you guys that grow a grade two. Pinky ring. Sprained. Got to miss again thank you bridges are probably lower dollar off that Paul shortly horse and I'll ruin our season. Thank you Marty is Marty stops in Bay Area news group we've got one segment left he did like to be apart of it. 888957957. No we went over arm wrestling. Pock receipt. Why step Currie rejected. A church service in holy water for his ankle. We've gone over everything really all we need to find out when we come on back is if Loretta got her money's worth. The answer we've all been waiting for since 3 o'clock next here on 957 game. TARP Starks go away. We never wanna see you another day. Dave gavel. Gold star. Every single day this guy shows up to working gets a gold star. And a's fans are gonna have available to them the rest of the year fifteen dollar. Upper deck tickets regardless of the opponent. It's a fantastic idea really really is it is our final segment of this say four hour show. A lot of those now being well looked up baseball tear it and then playoffs and lawyers this far in between. Far and few between indeed we want to let everyone know what's coming up tomorrow sort of the a convoluted followed the leader de. Tomorrow. A's baseball. 95 set in the game. And KB Alex. The a's will start this year on 957. The game. And then it should. And it's going to happen. The warriors get going to be over on KB Alex. So warriors are sheer. On this station. Public good idea to me to wrap up the regular season. The sharks are gonna be on K fox. So just follow the musical family of cluster here in union UB of regular every one. By the way we're tracking a little bit a Major League history tonight. Sets status by the way couldn't just a case UA's fans were really enjoying your day and you like to tarps news and odds of me just it's. Kind of break it off just for a second bites out eight to me. Says that is. Is sitting on a three home run game. In the seventh inning he was just up to up the bat and he cracked a double. So he could get another shot at the rare for home run game. If this Mets lineup turns over one more time before the ninth inning gets so. Well I'm guessing the Mets are ahead. I'm guessing they're leading this game. Now that they are ahead so. We'll see what happens. Sorry about the says it is news that everything else has got an apartment record Grayson. It's you're gonna go and have more reparations in the upper deck and you've ever had. In the last few Summers. Nodding and get in the fact that they've told us that once the opening day attendance number is locked in it has to stay there. That's been the reason why Dick we can't take the tarps off for fourth of July we can't take the tarps off for Bay Bridge series we can't take the tarps off for Memorial Day. All of those. Total bold faced cheap blue wall flies we never have to deal with a never again now. The travel see him. And that my favorite dive bar in the Bay Area. It's good Albert Albert in Santa Cruz Albert thank you very much what he got. But they're doing and she completely. The government you know. Would that then you're looking at that unique making movies all the congress. So in that that should happen it wouldn't and immediately went to. It was a great movie race movie William H. Macy spectacular and it would Maria Belo is that the female. She is fantastic and it Alec bald win. He's really good as the shangri lock casino operator. Of the great movie. He really did this Drake is that hello this is the Canadian cooler. That's already have thanks very much and Albert appreciated yet seriously it's nice to Drake is a stand and has money that allows him. Unfettered courtside access to the NBA in a trip behind me. Velvet ropes because every rapper wishes he could play basketball and every guy in the NBA wishes he were rappers so there's a lot of crossover there but yet Drake needs to be escorted out of the building by delay to the next time he sees around worries in the post season. It would pay. Drew real easy. He'd. Take your act back to moose jaw. Until mid January. It's like security gets their rundown for the Dayne has pictures on their doom and I'd let him and mid June excuse me now image but yet seriously back to Saskatchewan. We got games to win around here. This is to 211 in Fremont what's up 211. What you brother will be our point. Are quick to be subpoenaed Turks. Embassies to older rated will be here a little longer. For the pro world works wife at McCain campaign what's the reason they can't take that are. I don't know what actual reason is. I know that him on nothing be nothing more than a sequence of excuses. Again that the raiders. Had so little money do take care of that. That they had to go ask for money to go relocate their franchise to Las Vegas I I don't understand it. I've been saying tape that TARP off. And donate 7500. Tickets whatever the seating capacity is up there to a sequence of eight different charities. But the chair easy to sell the tickets is fund raiser. Let me be given way to kids boys and girls clubs kid's a perfect attendance kid's got a plus is in the Oakland city school district and those who are participating. In the Oakland park and rec ration is maybe give them a whole bunch a block of tickets to giveaway after it Rickey Henderson don't look at that. Open a park in America Grayson. I don't know if we cannot let him. But I read a map is because they are waiting list for CD so that the intent at all which met remembered as Oakland Raiders headquarters. And I think Iran to something don't you could put a knew nothing here makes sense thank you very much for the call. Damon Drake is not a cooler. He's a wine cooler what do you go on morals and James on the so I I'm officially. I'm not here to endorse. Nor my here to. Demean. Drake. Drake is a reality. That's a whale looked at Drake is a guy who's really all over the radio he doesn't it and to have songs that make me like. Did it off. He doesn't. Put out albums that make me go out buy his albums either Drake is what I call radio friendly. He's on the radio. He doesn't rub me the wrong way not a huge fan. But he's got a signature sounds. Got a unique voice I give all the full credit for that I really do. What I do like about the guy is I've seen him work. Warrior games now. Worked the crowd. This guy is nice yeah and so attentive he stops he takes self BC shakes hands. You know. Seven year old girls want their picture taken would Drake and he sits down and kneels next dormant smiles big happy smile like. Anyone is good to their fans who ten played on too cool for school card. I mean he's got a security detail to the Golden State Warriors and Drake security got a will fight golds they wars are go to playoffs. Like he's got security it's like dogs around with the raiders offensive line yeah. And is is awfully nice and I do respect that you know lots has been awfully nice our friend yes she has been blue red was incredibly generous with a kind donation a very expensive donation. To the Bay Area sports hall of fame to come on in here and hang out with us today are back and forth banter is an electric Loretta. Did you enjoy your your time here today yes it at a great time thank you can't offer much we really appreciate you coming and we really appreciate that there are generous. People like you. Number one listened to show number two give back to the community through a donation the Bay Area sports hall of fame we thank you very very much. And I'm glad that we met. And to us having you and it was great it would have been better with Molly sick. I've still but still wasn't as good as the tarps and not it almost is ominously it almost this Dioner think you sort of I'm here welcome Florida. One at that could sit it thank you too so I ask thank you to boot owns exalt thank you to keep law Tony Bruno Timberlake Bruce Jenkins Marcus Thompson and coming up new. Behind the arc be on the -- exceed beyond your not behind your. That's I think that star Linda Lovelace. Beyond the arc. That stars Tim Roye. Very different. Very different programs Tim Roy coming up next thanks for tuning in the red one more time thanks to you thanks to everyone will be back tomorrow until then remember sports don't build character. They reveal. Charity. Mining. Totally ripped off color red the red dots. She knew it. Into one in five minutes.