Damon Bruce Show Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, January 11th

Joe sticks with Damon in studio for  Fortenbaugh Thursday! They discuss Carmen Policy's comments on Garoppolo & the Patriots drama from his conversation this morning with Jo, Lo, and Dibs, continue the fun game with Gianna "This or That", Damon asks Joe what he thought of Gruden's press conference, the Warriors weird loss to the Clippers last night, and then a Civil War era squirrel goes by. Fun with Fortenbaugh!


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Thanks so much for stopping on the I 957 game we'd. Got a very good show for you a hell of an hour for you not only is Joseph Thornton walked. Sydney and would mean G honesty Kurt joins me in about thirty minutes from right now to talk about who was a disappointing loss. For the warriors last night they kind of laid down and died on a night where they didn't have stepped curry or play Thompson in their back court probably should add clay Thompson in the back. Port since it was just a night off. The good news is just tweaked ankle. The good news is the five game road starts tomorrow plenty of opportunity to get back on track right around the corner Steve Kerr joins me at 5:30 today on the morning show Carmen policy had this for Joseph Fortin balk. Lorenzo Neal and Dan did Lee may be the quote of the year. If I were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large. Jar of actually and I would say to the agent on the other side I'm an Irish guy I really wanted to do the right segments. Please be gentle. That is unbelievable. Talking about the best way to negotiate would Jimmy garage blows people. It's the be gentle wit me treat me like a lady technique wow okay awkward. Very very interesting from Carmen policy appreciate the honesty though think about what he's getting an outside of the jokes there he's sitting down he's looking at Donald. Let's just taking easy let's not be outrageous let's not throw numbers like 35 million dollars a year out there so if you're Donald Ian you're Jimmy drop blow your bit disarmed you haven't heard the term franchise tag yet you haven't heard about them trying to draft a quarterback can say. We haven't seen enough you're basically saying you're the guy. And you're gonna break the bank let's just make it reasonable and at any level contacts Arnie is difficult to negotiate as it may appear. You just take the player's position and you look to last year. And assess what the highest contracts were in this case Matthew Stafford and air car if you handed him the Derrick card to your deal right now. You gonna get real close to getting yes five years one point five that's right throughout originally although it dropped below one of the hold out for a little bit more he could probably get it. Did your caddie say no. How do you risk after all these years of just getting. Rushed in the media for what happened post tar ball. I mean your back and everyone's good graces right now how do you even risk a situation where you tell drop alone now and you tell the fan base I got your quarterback it's just you know it's not working out right this financially. This is. The most done deal before it's ever been a done deal. You're gonna find come across an NFL desk in a real long time. If I'm Jimmy drop below I want a massive pay raise I would like security with guaranteed. They're well there is no guarantee year total so guaranteeing me a nice amount here give me the years that I wrap my mind around very comfortably knowing that my. Future in the Bay Area is secure I'm gonna be a buyer not a rent third so on and so forth. And then you also leave it to him to say any instead of taking everything a Leeson crumbs on the table cause we we gotta feed more people than just me. And I think Jimmy drop Lowe who studied under Brady who saw Brady do that is gonna have the mind to do that Don he is too Smart to take. Everything off the table for everyone else just so he's one guy whose success is very much dependent on everyone else. It's a suicide pact. It would it would it's an amazing African quote from content policy is what it really is but he's right he's right and I tell you what Carmen policy also. I thought was really interesting when he was asked about the patriots. The story that came out the infighting. Sounds familiar. Not only do like either big potential truce took to a degree we lift that. When we were at that critical point with Joseph Montana I had Eddie DeBartolo. George Seifert Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon all working within the framework of this drama. And the truth of the matter is they would they kept Joseph Montana if you were in a wheelchair. I mean if you were so tied to what Joseph had done for the team and to their. Relationship. And he was constantly parking let me find a way to keep from both just a way you have full this year. Great interview DJ Joseph with Carmen policy really was and I thought this was wildly interesting too worried basically said. You know party your job to do this job correctly. 71 guy who might really fall in love and then someone else Dahlia good knot undone don't fall in love you gotta keep an open mind about a new relationship all the time. Can you imagine craft. Having gone through no championships whatsoever to all of a sudden becoming one of the premier. Sports franchises in all of the world. And all of a position good looking charismatic. Some liberty written quarterback called Brady and you got ballot check and a sweatshirt saying well maybe we don't wanna get critical rubble may what you're gonna Brady and you're so. Not quite so feast choice but to close. I have been really is think about you are Robert Kraft you've got incredible loyalty to Bill Belichick you've got incredible loyalty to Tom Brady. Typical rock blows probably where your loyalties should lie if you'd like to secure your future. But that's your next girlfriend you're looking that you're current girlfriend and your wife in Bill Belichick right here. This is why. You can't phone wolf. I stood to really be the best in sports. To really. Have that the best grasp of what you need to do. There's got to be someone in there who has no emotional attachment to any one. Any thing is willing to cut bait. With anyone it's like in the movie he would de Niro he's got to be able to walk away and thirty seconds no matter who your way you gotta just give it all up and walk away the poll. And Zach. Is where the patriots arts where the 49ers were with Montana Montana. Eventually came around and made things easy on Carmen policy and company by just say and are right I get it. Do what you gotta do you know. Was the ultimate ultimate professional he understood the reality of what Cheney should look worker trades Semitic Kansas City I'll get a a brand new contract start there are no controversy. Let's get it done and finally finally finally we brought Eddie Iraq. Joseph gave permission. The niners to move on Tom Brady never gave permission to his owner and it could be what slows this team down drastically when Brady's career is not. Where does that play any Montana vs Brady great as argument. Because. Granite Ron Amadon shouldn't have much of an effect on the Montana factor. Jimmy drop pollution a much of an of an effect on the Brady factor but. Montana realize what was going on and did the best thing for the 49ers like he lifted the organization and probably said I'd love to stay here all my memories are here. I don't wanna go to cold asked Kansas City play with it she's gonna finish off the year tell Steve to chill out or get rid of them. Now he saw the writing on the wall he got. He asked to be traded to Kansas City and that's what they did they moved in the Kansas City Brady on the other hand looks at the opportunity that could be taking place in New England doesn't for a second want the opportunity to present itself for Belichick wins whether another quarterback any devalues everything in Brady's career because I don't think for 12. That is Bill Belichick and Jimmy drop below paired up and wet won a super more than two or three years you would have every radio host. Every columnist. Every TV personality on air saying all this time it was telecheck Brady was the system got. I never heard that did you watch it's amazing how many guys get accused of being system quarterbacks I've never heard that about Tom Brady once ever. And the second Rob Lowe would go out there and win a Super Bowl and that system sis don't have people looking Neil yeah I mean the system just produces great quarterbacks there's a reason Brady was is six router would have worked in Cleveland. Worked in the system Drew Bledsoe was winning and that's systematic. Hassell one in that system Jacoby Burress that won a couple games and that system and then here comes Jimmy grapple if you win a Super Bowl you'd have a lot of people looking at Brady go on. Is he better than Joseph. Was he better than Joseph is he better than John Elway was he better than Peyton Manning Manning did it in Indianapolis. And Denver. You know Brady did it would Belichick then Belichick went right out and did it with. Jimmy drop little Brady didn't wanna run the risk of having anyone say that. So we get to grade but very interest in an awesome awesome interview I can policy today what concentrated on that lady let me ask you this is. What to you to really do not describe the situation cause we can't relate to being hall of fame quarterbacks none of us are hall of fame quarterbacks and it was an honor. Ever owned an NFL team and I don't have any kids. Who you do. Who is the better. Group of parents. The parents that threw out. An entire child's life. Made it feel as loved as humanly possible is supported is humanly possible. But then at the end of their lives. Didn't have the foresight to create a last will and testament. And eight and it screwed over their kids in their future or the parents that are a little bit cool along the life past but really leave their kids set up after they're gone which is the better formal love. That's a question man that's hard because he's coming twelve hours after the cubs had a whole bunch of blueberries last night it was a Willy Wonka pooped this morning. Usually with one still reader can hang now I have in his diaper and it was just really wanted there I was like why is go with what he had last night when he don't he's blueberries another this is a great radio but you got in a tough spot and trying to dodge now I hear you very. Both. You be able to be the best single parent in the world wide shower your kids and love and you leave them. Wins are correct will untested in a wave like that's that's the choice that was going on here when these teams. Which situation. Disney kid the best opportunity to be the most successful adults. That's what I'm looking for well well I mean look out on his own right he's out of the zone is which situation he's going to put him in a spot where he is the most capable. Of functioning in society succeeding in society having compassion for society. That's what I'd be looking for I don't know if that answers the question I don't but you're going to lose out on a plane the female life right now and I've seen how does this. Is Joseph a system quarterback. Steve had plenty of success after him. I think that's a fair question is why did you think about it between Walsh and rice and rod got pregnant comrade men Montana was a bomb. I just unloading sic will come on and make that case so yeah are your advice I mean he took us they want to think about Joseph that's different with tot he took out. Beating back there. I mean he that did the game was not designed to protect Joseph Montana back in the day they game was not design didn't realize how valuable that position was. Until Walsh and Montana came through. And shoved it everyone's face and showed you how important the quarterback was. So from that point forward Joseph pave the way for guys like Brady where as anyone breathe on an incorrectly it was fifteen yards. And they you know actual million dollars for Brady sorry for making you feel bad about yourself by the way I thought this is also fantastic from policy today. All these years we have not this salary cap and once the salary cap came and that changed everything that we were able to hold onto them for awhile but that. You couldn't cheeks deep down I mean ferber. You may be able to get them into the playoffs and you may have complications such and by the way. The doctors work our run equity and almost purely right arm could correct. And if you're wondering why Tom Brady has an almost cult like loyalty to Alex Guerrero his trainer is because. The reason why Joseph eventually had to go the body was breaking down. And Steve was a healthy up and comer. Brady's been able to hold off father time as well as any quarterback I think we've ever say. I mean he missed games after the knee injury in Kansas City what was that 2008 got injured in game one that I can hear it did you what's happened since you you you had your knee folded up on you take your terrier ACL PC LM CL like that that's called sports that happens right. An outside of that what's happened any concussion knocked them any shoulder injuries any knee injury low every daddy things exactly whatever he had and I am. We knew we don't know about it if it happened and by the way knows us well they have heard much from Gisele since that moment now notice. It's true I imagine the conversation those two had after that went public. I mean all else I door locks on. I would love to see him trying to yell about how that was out of line and urges bringing up. The two bank accounts side by side in saying it's nice what you get from the patriots that's nice that'll that'll take is on vacation. Now take a look at the real money fund money so I'm yeah. I'm giving I must die as I bring home the bacon. I wish I wisely. Thank god I'm sure as hell would be playing football I'm gonna go home and I only Jillian I need to make. Fifteen more million dollars and I do starting tomorrow. If you really want this relationship to work out. And connects you wanna be the fund money and be nice yet by the way Carmen policy. Here's the one there's one thing we made everyone go oh sure we play it again yeah he said it. What I heard. About the terms of that contract I thought my wife to go she's. Boom all the while I'm not suggesting a woman in the most sophisticated lighter than humanly possible reason a lot of trouble now. He comprise an easy to gasoline is records kids didn't know I your. Hey that was a play off from where we opened that conversation we talked to him back in November are we asking you know Carmen how you doing thanks for joining the show. And he goes well he was over in union square at the wife they were doing Christmas shopping but she was out just crushing the credit card he was drinking in a bar Austin hey get out he was we asked him that's how we led. How did that Christmas shopping goes get play I'd say it's wrong to say I was shopping I was on the corner having drinks and you now chiller about 37% above so I'm feeling like that's a web. Dioner we were doing a little this or that before we stepped in at this hour we kind of wanted to reset all the stuff that was going on right now the only thing I guess we didn't touch is that gruden who we all know is gonna cost the raiders atomic cash might also cost them. A draft pick. There is no doubt that they did not satisfy the Rooney rule. As bad as that is because I think the Rooney rule is a good and noble thing it's not just. You know I we need to do little paperwork to make black lives matter less angry at us like. The Rooney rule is a very good thing to see gives opportunities for guys to step in and expose themselves to hiring opportunities. That they weren't being exposed to before the Rooney rule came in the place. And I'll give the raiders an awful lot of credit when I think NFL diversity I do think about the raiders. Very quickly. You know between Art Shell Oldman and contrast any trash can Tom Flores. I mean the raiders. As I've done a very good job being a diverse group. Reggie McKenzie last time I checked is an African American man. And if he's always sidestepping the Rooney rule in the name gruden you know what honestly men. And who like I understand that sometimes the Rooney rule is absolute right thing to do and then sometimes you just you add your bullseye and you hit it. Actually the coaching search like they knew they were going after great and I mean tomorrow Davis admitted to dreaming about it for six year. When I'm my father passed away. Vision at that time was Jon Gruden to coach this football team and Reggie McKenzie to bring in the talent they took me six years of chasing John you know. This this year is a continually tried to convince him that he's wasting his time teaching everybody else here I'm. They do with football team in the National Football League he's gonna do you should do with the raiders. It is the biggest thing in my life right now they have been here around this organization be the leader disorganization on the field is going to be an. Analysts old saying that it's better to leave your foot your mouth and have people think you're an idiot and remove your foot speak and then remove all doubt at all like mark he kind of cost himself twice right they're not only did he admit to. Trying to subvert every sitting coach he had. Fly offering. Jon Gruden. The deal in perpetuity like any day you wanna John it's yours like not only is that subversive to the sitting coach but he basically just said it would. We didn't look at anybody else spend gruden and no one else and then I mean just a bit but pine wind of now we're learning that del re that gruden agreed to the job before Del Rio was told he was fired well you just admitted. That there was no Rooney rule. Even factored into this. Comes down to a mattered in tax what was your intent did you intend. To circumvent the Rooney rule because you're racist and you have a problem with the idea of interviewing minority candidates. Or did you who. Circumvent the Rooney rule because you had been chasing the biggest fish in the pond which literally every team that has an opening would be interest in hiring. And you did what you needed to do to close that deal. I look at that intent and I don't think they were trying to do not malicious malicious they weren't trying to. Break the spirit of the rule they just had their guy and it happened to be Grunin now if the New York Giants pull some sort of shenanigans here. Or you had a situation where let's say Kyle Shanahan lashed your first time head coach. I know that he was the guys well plot. That's is an area where you Schumer bringing an all candidates let's face it. The niners hadn't had a great track record of hiring coaches in the post Harbaugh era so this is where the rule comes in the play take a look at everyone the Chicago Bears take a look at every one some of these vacancies. Examine what you've got out there. In this case the raiders the intent behind it wasn't malicious they weren't saying now we're trying to keep minorities out of the Oakland Raiders we're going Jon Gruden. Now I think that is an organization that's been at the forefront of that movement from the beginning and I grew you I really really do. Having said all that from the Penske auto sales dot contacts one here's the best count appoint anyone could make. Pay rules rule on the point of rule is you don't go around it. You're here like I can't disagree and added I mean home. Far technically they kinda satisfied that kind of this or that GI know what is next hour lassie questions here are a little fun. It's on my favorite actually if your life is on the line Joseph and Damon are you playing game a pig and Seth Curry or do you take your chances. For thirty seconds in the octagon with condom or greater. Yeah light is on the line so you tell me you. One or the other and I just need to survive 32 yeah it is and I've thirty set an octagon with content or greater or you're planning imitating Kenseth Kurt McGregor yeah we think. Yeah I know is Macgregor because here's the thing I. Yes I'm not saying McGregor I'm not saying I'm gonna win that bullet there is. You know is it hey if if everyone is one punch away from one in a fight. The may be just may be not only do survive the thirty seconds but you lives and maybe you can connect once. Step curry would end our game of pagan three shots yet late I need the ball first against staff. I can't miss and also he needs to mess and I don't see any of those things working out my favorite set maybe I get to shoot first. McGregor now Hewitt said like two minutes or one round. That it's interesting because in McGregor has time to size me up I'm dead you know thirty seconds is enough for him decide you I think thirty seconds I could run for five to ten. And then how long does it take before human passes out right I need each such our show me again that's another 82 I think if AT my. My hand doesn't break I think I got eighteen seconds any good by twelve seconds I got thirty seconds of competitive ducking cover yeah I'm sure that my life he's a smaller dude right like here's the thing I outweigh dry and I outweigh Connor McGregor probably by about a hundred pounds. He probably still hold the phone like your. You came in yeah like I. I'm good how little help bring it could potentially precedent don't get it wrong but I I I am more prepared to survive thirty seconds which Connor McGregor. Under any fighting rules can come up with bazooka is it on what that. Then I am beating staff curry in a context where shooting the basketball is how we determine whether they're diet that's that's Hanson's book how is what you feel about the loss that's the key because the Connor a loss if you do you have a losing your life you'd be like man I went out fighting staff would make you so quick you be like. It's all your. Look at it displays so demoralizing. I might die would McGregor I'm definitely gonna die with staff Kerr saw a man. OK I didn't even get a go up for the PDs you'd like a free throw it isn't like he's got for. Real. About this then that acquitee. Or be stuck in an elevator with Kathy Ireland and her primary gonna pig valves or Kate Upton now. Kathy Ireland is the elevator jiggling. It's Jana it's important question is okay. No us the elevator is not particularly it is day it is stuck. He's elected terror drop elevator California adventure where are. Or are you at tower there. We're on the eleventh floor an hour on the third floor and our back to the eighth floor now again drop to the basement is that happening is they're gravity at play at any time yeah. Yes just first side where gravity exactly you're hoping to Albert terror here zeal Gary elevator right on the island inner primer keyed up to now. So Kathy Ireland question she reined in Spain one of my favorite sports it was nice car and I was always proud IRS that I was. I was dead period for you I Kathy Ireland played a pivotal role in the development of my libido I think they're very very much for everything she did free the correct answer though. Is Kate Upton. And eventually. I'm an older man now and let's be totally honest I get bored with the idea of sex. About a half an hour and at some point I can at least pitted to Verlander and talk baseball whether. Song going. With the trapped conversation. I'm gonna go with Kate Upton with the awesome tie ties and maybe a good Verlander story work Kathy Ireland has a really annoying voice. You could talk to her you have indeed necessary roughness and how starred alongside sky Jacqui individuals has got back to life and Sinbad. Palau. And then I agree that movies and over the repetitive okay hack them down and I guess they figured out David Sinbad. Die die die. Works on many levels. It all right Kathy was out there and. But I don't really have a minute let me give you some rapid fire summit as bunkers Scotch Scott's got you okay dog or cat dog. FaceBook or Twitter Twitter and did well taker I take that path that I can't I cash or card. Cash Xbox or PlayStation place PlayStation that my friend does this or that do you do become best friend I think we did I think it's such a romance it's scary that's. Knots though that he would play and now. But it happened in it was a miracle it was glorious if you don't mind me saying I enjoyed it. They did eight. 957957. Know is the number we have so much more coming up including. Steve Kerr who we are told is gonna join us. At about 540. Tonight we look forward to talking with coach curry your 95 cent in the game. The demon drew shell. On 9570. Steve Kerr should be joining me here in just a little bit looking forward talking to coach as always. I always look forward to talking Joseph fork ball when he stops by on a Friday. This Ford bought Friday comes with a 100% more Thursday hopefully you're enjoying it we certainly are Joseph it's good to have you here before we do have Steve Kerr join us in a moment I just got to ask you what was your biggest takeaways from the gruden press conference what really. What was there a moment a splashy moment it was billed. Says splashy press conference what did you take away from the confidence. Confidence that's a man. Who knows what he wants that's a man who knows where he wants to go. Whether or not it's the right direction whether or not he makes the right decisions whether or not things break his way in the way of the raiders remains to be seen. But when he's up there at the very least as you listen to him like. This is a football coach this is a guy who as a presents this is a guy who will have command in the locker room. At the very least at this early stage you sit there and you go. That works that'll do now we'll see how everything falls in line moving forward but you have to feel very confident about that press conference. I hate the bag on him because it comes of all the time it's such low hanging fruit but we remembered that console oppressor where it was just like an. And it. Like it's a bit uncomfortable he doesn't seem to Sherman's self I don't know if the 49ers have this thing going in the right direction you have those press conference is where things just don't feel right this felt like he guy a football guy who's ready to do a football jobs it sounds very rudimentary me laying it out like that but that's what I took away from this. On and on people bass mean talking to students high school students college students about people milled about the mechanics of being the host. Talk about hosting a radio show I always say. Obviously wanna be prepared. And if you don't know where your segment is going your audience never would know where your segment is going and that is what gruden provide did this guy knows exactly where he's going he knows exactly where is next foot falls. He has a plan he's charted it. He's gonna walk on it having like he is. Without a doubt. Ready for this opportunity again what I took away was all the alumni that made it out forum are you really gotta like a coach to show up. For anything these days guys don't get on planes to come up and stand off camera just a mentally support a higher. A lot of guys did that and that to me was impressive what I also thought was interest thing and I asked Scott bear about this not a single. Active rader was in the room I wonder if that was by design I wonder gruden said keep everybody out because who knows how many guys are coming back. And standpoint you have to figure a lot of them are on vacation or have gone to wherever they live in the offseason because ride right removed but at the same time you'd want to make a good impression with your new boss if you were perhaps a French guy I mean we've gone through that a few times here at the station. You wanna make sure your present at certain events when the new PDs announced was shake his hand and put us on that guys need don't have. But the what shooting his what was the most interesting because I just saw him on TV in Kansas City I see him in Bristol on the weekends and it would since been everywhere and to show up for this and ask a question I mean you. You play kidney candy store Charles Woodson was more second in the nation why you. As Charles Woodson has the best cramped press conference question two do you have a no trade clause built in which he said he god. By the way I like a Corey was about the years and the money he knows every cent every guaranteed San when it comes in. C'mon he played three questions three topics are very very well one of homeless Vegas he was like that's remark to answer I'm not worried about that I love Oakland beautiful sidestep what ballot completely he was asked about protesting in the anthem sidestepped that we're not worried about that worried about football. And he's asked about the contract. And he says he doesn't other terms that we all know that's yes but it's Smart yes because by saying that. To be honest with you. There's no one on urged that wants to be more distanced from those numbers ten and 100 million and Jon Gruden John router doesn't wanna be anywhere near that privately you can roll around in my car men. With Kyle's money Ned Beatty Paul right. But publicly you do not to be linked to that talking about money is OSHA never no matter who you war if you're talking about money talking about your money you're gonna sound funny. Right but still. The second you lose you come out week one and you lose first thing. Ten million a year for this. Ought to we're locked in for ten years here this is a disaster you don't wanna be anywhere near that thing does anyone know the terms of Bill Belichick steel. That's by design a new research you'll come up some stuff but that's not just sitting out there the only two people that wanna be linked to those numbers are Mark Davis because it looks real good that you have to swagger to throw out ten years a hundred million dollars as does there. And numbers that looks good. Mean also smacks of desperation just to touch it does you can make that case but the fact that you're able to execute that when everyone thought you never had a cash to pull some like that off it kind of silences a few critics feel. And the other one is Bob LaMont the agent because now Bob LaMont go to every single coaching candidate out there be light. The what I stood for gruden right you don't think Ron Rivera saw that deal was like Carolina. That extension ain't gonna cut it he really some of these candidates out there right now we're just lights yeah kinda wanted Rudy indecency is o.s CDC and ST. All of them are represented by Bob LaMont. Gruden got a bubble mark page four times. You wanna talk about loyalty. I love my goodness the only one doing better than Jimmy G right now is Bob LaMont yeah really I'm in band and 200. So we've been talking a little bit about the warriors warriors had a lay down and die night on the same night we're Kevin Durant got to 20000 points in his career second youngest. To ever get to 20000. Impressive for sure. Sitting Klay Thompson last night was something that Steve Kerr talked about as an instant regret of the evening and I do think that. It's one of the rare times. In Steve Kerr is coaching career here with the warriors that he might send the wrong message to his own team. Am I being too harsh in my looking to criticize the warriors since they basically are a criticize lists team I mean they they did did they get so much right. I really think you know Klay Thompson. Is the least I need to get mentally ready to play tonight guy ads I've ever run into like he's an assassin he's ready to pull the trigger. I think it helps to serve as a wake up call having these losses woven into the fabric of an 82 game season I really do very. It has become too easy they've made it look to ease I don't wanna see it's become easy because they all put in a ton of work. But they are just rattling off nine in ten game when she's like it's nothing to remember the first year they won the title went in November to December they went on that sixteen game winning streak. Everybody kind of looked around it was a way to new looks this. Are these guys this is a kind of legit maybe they're gonna make some noise this year. Since then they've rattled off twenty clause 1412119. It's all old hat at this point. When you want these guys to try to do what I keep an edge as much as humanly possible for a budget games that do not matter so DO wake up call. In quotes like this every now and again at the very least Kurtz and bring these guys together. And point out a few flaws and keep the focus. I think that's the one thing I take away from the book you write every now and again you got to look for some could say they made it too easy on us we really have gotten lazy. In our basketball analysis because it's just too easy there's a drain money had to say about last night having trouble getting up for. That I love so much for us drove into the game. So we're far. We're real world. And one of the questions are for courier and just a little bit is what is Ben the harder thing to deal with warrior injuries or team complacency. That's coming up here are just a little bit with Steve Kirk meanwhile this is what it sounded like when the rant notch point number 20000. Through my green with a three. I'd go to Kevin Durant down the right side KB port 40000. That was the best player in NBA history they get that 20000 points under the age of thirty and what a relief group really is LeBron James Kobe Bryant. Twelve Chamberlain. And Michael Jordan. LeBron Colby Michael Wilkes Fortin ball what do you look beyond that right. Did I would have that list. Photoshop and every teacher imagine might be walking around that all day long run that's a list. There's some of these lists for these dues like a Greek freaks pop up on a couple cool list this year Ben Simmons is popped up on a couple cool list that's a list that you LeBron and just be. The alzheimer's. The alzheimer's by the way you're rolling on a point total for Lou Williams last night you're sports book OP took the over. Boys were outscored the third school. Williams take to. And Charles Smith and Bob MacKey who's who. And it float freely before. I wanted to lawyers bought call out right there I thought maybe lawyer dropped 51 point that is kind. Great former Michigan Wolverine. Sixty points for Lou Williams Kevin Durant. They go going to pick a road because less. It's hard to stop it could be looked really just a success shop I don't know who he personally does so he got to go in the pit road. And we were too slow to move song you know news. We don't go wherever you want it and to order should decrease notice on some. I don't mean nationalize all of this is going to the way he did just got Taylor's removal. Best sauce for the nuggets would he go with barbecue. And barbecue for the chicken may not as good as you worked your way around to do different styles nugget and Arab individual situations where I will look to the honey mustard sometimes I'll look at some hot sauce Burgundy get. I'll what's the one that has the religious affiliation to accelerate the exit yet there's gonna be a different approach that is well it all depends on your location a Sweden's our our. I love the McDonnell sweet sour yes. Rationalize a bit amusing naive and out the McDonald's sweet and sour sauce is just it's. It's so sweet and sour. I mean I think I. They'd sell it to hang me it's a good and and I hate to admit this to. The McDonald's barbecue sauce is among my favorite barbecue so does that ever tasted not eaten barbecue and awesome I mean barbecue in Kansas City I didn't barbecue in the best barbecue places in the world Saint Louis you know. I love that and you know and here's the deal. Since Al struggle logo I'm gonna McDonald's ones that I have not had a single make it. May 27 and I am I paying me if I could have been one like what you know just if Sosa this. Like Damon would you rather do a law payment a syringe. Or make nugget. My wife would be most angry with the midnight shows. That was Mickey's go to pregnancy food was shaken ignite it I was McDonnell stylus you would want to do so now she's. How good I'm not pregnant I'm not bright eyed high cholesterol I don't need to be doing that but I definitely piggyback that program tend to get an American I'd be dead right now to know about it. She cares I swear if I came home drunk last nine guys on my I want to read she's likely to stacked at. Tell me she's like how many times have you said yes to that burrito and look get where you are. I'm like offseason I she laid about a guy that is just so accurate count points that was my got to see when I was pregnant a falcon was Carney celebrate as man could not get enough of it kind of separate isn't price on not just I that's all I wanted for like six months we drilled senior citizen today. It was down its bark and spark sends out yet and that's right by where we live. So the updates go out for the opening wave of food trucks that are gonna be there and in the afternoon wave so you palm on Twitter and as soon as you get the senior assistant updated their wants and there at least if there were doing senior Sissy today for people who do not live in San Francisco spark probably sounds like a dispensary would be a great place to park food true but the reality this is. It's a great name yet to push a little toe truck parked on the red by Danielle hospital it is cool I don't know DC Giuliani would all love it you love the food tried -- yeah glad that sounds like a features sports finish the outset this set up outside it's fantastic day in the bottom Muslim Moses there's angry and they have actual permanent locations and then they have a bunch of stuff that comes ended a fire pits yeah. It's my time there and kind it's nonetheless it's a good time and senior Sissy was there and as we just those are are you are you off the Rios to like no breed and snow I still have a medicinal burrito I mean I. No fast food no doubt I bet that's that's the promise that I made is the only thing that I really it's the only resolution that I've capped. Nodded not abide a fast food except for one observed confirmed and desperate because it was on the highway Carl's junior breakfast. Biscuits action so we will if she appeared like I was there we needed it or we don't know it. Isn't emerged as it was an emergency biscuit it really really wasn't. I don't I got for us and you real quick exam I'd I'd been waiting to run this by because I went down this whole last night and it it was about twelve minutes before I resurfaced. This is on Twitter the this is no but this is fine because we got a little announcement Steve Kirsten Joyce at 6 o'clock the warriors just let us know he was running behind dean did so this is a perfect place Kurt shock he knows it's four mile Thursday at eight Shockey psyche doesn't wanna get involved in this two hour window I don't see Steve the last day you hear anymore I'll Lou Williams and not guess that. 40000 glad decent happening John Tyler. America's tenth president John Tyler was born in the years I was not thinking I'm home alone how tough act act. John Tyler was born in the year sending only proof ID sorry home improvement. And tell you I'm sorry. Please 1790. That is 230. 220 ADC's years ago he was born a case of 228 years ago John Tyler president was born. He has two grandchildren who are alive right now. OK so that means so how old were his. How okay so well I just can't talk about this for the right now. You like what is for the biologists say this really messed me up last night Hughes earned 220 years ago 1790. Any cut two grandchildren he has two grandchildren so my whole life clearly at lake in their late ninety's. Whatever the review also. Don't see out there fifty. Per week older huge Bieber fan so he had children at a later age. Well not all I mean duty basically his family. Took 200 how many years it's 200 he was born 220. Eight years ago if you're at 228 and you've only gone through two generations he got some longevity man that's on daily time. Tyler was 63. Years old when he had his son lion bowler in 1853. Lion King indicate line ML YO and I. I was on the line street steps back. Lying and John Tyler son. Had two children. One when he was 71 years all plow one when he was 75 years old supreme Viagra to assist is impressive this is do you just make him. Hay while the sun shines good. And they are alive right now they are in their ninety's. That makes cents. Yeah but I feel like clinical my grandfather was born in the nineteen hundred's this guy I can talk to a guy right now is again my grandfather was a lie for the civil war gem my dad turned sixty the year I was born. Really though I can identify high it would have been blamed for anything in his generation Dimitri my mom was thirty years younger than he was so call third. So I get it. Patton I'm the that is rather impressive didn't affect your dad was Colin Wolfe from three decades his junior he's very rested and by the way out of your mama you guys that feel like. Wow sell out no he was I was born in March at his birthday was November he turned sixty that there. Has and that's impressive not know what was his day like hell out what caddie Dave was you rock and I got act. Little Sean Conner really bad that like older is he more than turtleneck but the blazer. Comfortable you know he was a good guy ain't a leisurely man believes her game and he was certain he retired and I came along. Got to tell you to sixty there's going to be very little going on. We're trying to sustain you know we were just talking about. Time and how it was measured yesterday on the show and you know there's no way to demonstrate how long a decade feels other than to go back in time and wanted a low one you know and movie of the year song of the year are we did that to dot trying to demonstrate. How long tenure deal list for anybody like Jon Gruden ten years like ten years is a decade. You're lucky if you get nine decades of your life a lucky if you live into your nineties. You've done very well for yourself congratulations. Bonus points for you. Our question no doubt. If you listen to your nine knees and your still dating. What you saw on tender swipe left and right. Impressive it's a little depressing and oppress them all to think I mean it's just it's your your. Stay young how old was Jonathan Taylor's wife that's the question when he was. When he was doing the nasty in the seventies how now see now we're getting down to the real meat of this conversation Uruguay has had a meanwhile her you have this answer don't you. I don't wanna force the thread to try to get to the bottom of this is quite remarkable did you go to the rabbit Dahlia I got. I'm so it and my in laws just got in the town last night so they drive cross country they got all the stuff to talk about and I'm sitting here at the kidney to get my check this thing about John Tyler. What is wrong with you. My parents just got here I Isabel seriously my. The guys whose drew grandchildren their life does anyone find this remarkable. It is a well you know we brought these are the condos we found these in central valley as we were on her way out is another good out of how does this John Tyler thing now. So I'll tell you when I was down that rabbit hole for about twelve minutes last night it's just fascinating at someone on earth right now can be like Jack. My grandfather during the civil war that but look. Bush just said to me we're all day so what's amazing is there's no topic that you can possibly brooch on radio where the experts don't come out of the woodwork on the Penske auto sales are. That's when I. And it we have an awful lot of people who were obviously geneticists who studied long age listening right now how and saying like a Joseph I'll do you one better there's a person alive today was a child of a civil war veteran receiving veteran benefit checks each month. And then they he does say that there are dozens soon sons and daughters of civil war veterans still alive today. Thousands. Does they're actually a group of individuals whose parents fought in the civil war. Well if you're in your Americans dying either hype here I mean that my grandmother born 1950 like she's still alive so her parents would be. Yeah that's the war you want. About it all was civil war. 81580. I was hoping this wasn't gonna market I don't know. And I ain't it feels like something I should now. Through both school and research for the segment and I failed on both fronts the eighteen hundreds late eighteen hundreds I think it's racing to save on high. I watched Matthew Broderick is out groovy glory it's a fantastic movies and oh yes so. There's children that airlines now or in our state right. So we're talking about the Google pac twelve football. Global really doesn't move the needle here on anybody's Eminem college football is it's amazing. Always going to wind all 1865. All right so this people who fought and Matt who had children that are alive today. I feel it's very important for the show that we move on. Lover I mean love all this stuff but I'm wondering who among us is still really interest sit in the coming going into similar. Hundred years old president at this point besides president yet but didn't know so I'm glad I'm well you know look at it this way every day you wanna learn a little something today I definitely. Learned a little something while just brought up college football for no reason at all let me ask yet. Alabama is that not one of the most incredible national championships ever won in a football they went back up quarterback. They went. Shut out in the first half. They went with the gun proving guy took a guy who was what. One needs six and cool in 29 starts or whatever was. And there are more government starts was 26 and I don't know but it. Look ridiculous Alabama only won that game because it says Alabama somewhere on their backs like that is a game that any other team. I think loses against Georgia only Alabama at one that came that way. The balls on Nick Saban to make that decision. You know how many coaches would not make a decision like that for fear of what's sad about them should they be wrong. Saban knows that he makes that switch and it is disaster he can survive it it's a Ryder well. There are so many coaches that know when they need to make the right decision they know they need to go four on fourth down they know they need to go for too but they just don't have the stones to pull the trigger because they don't wanna face the consequences from the media. Shouldn't blow up in their face and that is not the way. Think critically that is not the way you make logical correct decisions savings at that point we can make the best possible decision because he doesn't have to worry about any outside factors they shouldn't matter. Take away a number of. The thing like that but the quarterback. Hula. It takes the single worst sacked on first down in overtime I think I've ever seen a quarterback take the next play touchdown goodnight everybody I only my under is still alive and as I was celebrating it he connects with a touch I've never seen. A 180 in a football game that fast sack to touch down the whole thing took like 22 seconds they just wind up he looks the safety off he fires the ball that I thought was gonna be twenty yards overthrown because hit the trajectory of his passes is just remarkable. And he drills active and it's over I mean Alabama's got a real life quarterback they're even scarier next season and knowing that I mean she that's. Either Texas. If you order Ohio State you have vacancy. What price point do you say noted Nick Saban. Right leg if he said I want 25 million in your taxes are you like that's too much if he says thirty million a year. Is it too much like where you get to a point where you look at that guy and you say. It's it's too expensive I'm sorry I have the packs more than New York Giants have to pay to get Nick Saban to come back to the NFL. I can't believe that might be real like just the fact that that's floating around him trying to figure out why is someone trying to jemaah drum up leverage elsewhere just Saban just won an extra mill from Alabama audited this way considering my football program pays for my entire sports department yet twenty million a year for Saban is probably a yes not and now it's amazing it really is by the way to wrap up Joseph thank you an awful lot for coming in tonight this is an island ton tons of fun is always man we'll do what again real soon. From the Penske auto sales are context line casino year old morons is civil war happened in 2016 with a Iron Man and Captain America. Yeah act a very good text line don't you go anywhere Steve Kerr is gonna join us in our final our war all so gonna take it to the tweets here on 957 game.