Damon Bruce Show - Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, January 2nd

Damon takes your calls on the Niners massive turnaround and Jon Gruden possibly landing in Oakland, and then he plays the Tuesday Trifecta.


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Ed now I really can't that's not mean it's not what I do it's not. How I'm wired. Thank you very much for the call I do appreciate it. 888957957. Always the number and don't you go anywhere because our show has got a new clock which means. We ain't going anywhere either we're just start again right here now. Welcome to this job. The same show they were just listening to thirty seconds ago it's good to be wit you knew clocks new year new coaches new hope. I love it hopefully you do too we are going to have a little something we like called the Tuesday trifecta coming up around 530. Tonight you can get in right now with anything that might be on your mind aided 89579. By seven all but we did very strict at 530 we got three questions go around one topic. This is the Tuesday trifecta. 2018. Upcoming NFL season as the Bay Area officially back on the NFL what matters radar. Jimmy drop below the Disney prince is safe. The 49ers from being a completely boring franchise. That nobody. Once a watch. Now all of a sudden we want more. There's never been in the history of football team that started a 19 and then the year came to an end and we're like not too bad that's over. We want more we want more now. Jimmy says you wish you could just keep it on god. We've reviewed going I mean just talking my guys saw locker miss it's unfortunate that a season comes and I'm like this but go please next year mean. We're just you just get a good thing gone. When it comes to momentum. Momentum so momentum really doesn't matter boy you got important pieces that does matter I. They get it Jersey to a point but I mean every year's a new here you get new players you lose players every team's different in the minority and as far. I'm glad that's a Symbian leads for for yourself. It's kind of you know measures team have a different identity and in this undated but I think guys and they are this is not a good doubling helped us. So ginnies excited about 2018. And I think every forty niner fan that we could talk to is excited for real reasons. And now Jon Gruden. Jon Gruden the rumor. Seems like it's set up to become Jon Gruden the fact. Very early next week and hopefully for the raiders it does they have a quarterback problem this guy has a quarterback. And a dialect he can speak the position Jon Gruden as I look at it is well I don't know if he's got. Every single answer but he heard all the questions. Jon Gruden knows that position inside and out. Jon Gruden. Talked wig Derek Carr years ago. In the gruden. Coaching room. And you tell me if this sounds like foreshadowing CU or what. This is gruden talking to a young Derek Carr who is being compared Dewey is. Older brother David Carr. I've played quarterback my brother played quarterback in Louisville you know I've played they. Are you better than. Eyeball on the board. Yeah ballclub or we think have they may yet go until we're competitors citizen thank you second guess they have I'm taking myself because. Where are extremely confident in what we do you can't get through this politically correct no no you're not like him at all now. You're totally different off that's not totally different era better position twice style is totally different data show. I want you to rent reset button that I appreciate that let's go some championships now. Hello. We have. Derek Karr on tape telling Jon Gruden let's go win some championships now. Sounds like a scar. Very interest. Bearing interest staying. You just can't be opposed to it. And less of course. The caviar days. In order to get Jon Gruden in the building you gotta get my portion of ownership. This is something that has been bandied about talked about I thought about it and it will be the non starter I believe. They try to go through with that like this. I don't understand how NFL owners would vote to give a percentage of ownership to a guy who you're negotiating would be a team employee. That would set a precedent. Which would have what Kyle Shanahan asking for 5% of the 49ers five years from now. Right made just get. What what do you think the patriots own bail me oh what what do what do you think they what do you think portion of ownership should he yet. What does Bill Belichick really was gonna go ahead retire whenever Tom Brady hung it up but now that he knows that if he comes back he can have. 10% of ownership he's gonna stick around forever and BJ. There's no way no way did NFL owners will vote. To allow that to happen. So there's got to be a way to solve this Jon Gruden how do you pay him issue. Without that I would think. Me tell you Jon Gruden he makes sense. Nothing's a shirt belt. And the last time the raiders won twelve games. Before Del Rio won twelve games a year ago. Was Grunin 2000. There's no doubt. Every single link. From Tennessee ten Notre Dame to every NFL opening Jon Gruden is named it's no holy Grail. Of coaching candidates every one was looking. Every. Single. Opening of circumstance. You saw his name linked to it he was genius and that way is there ever been a guy. Whose stock as a coach rose more when he wasn't coaching and Jon Gruden. You may be considered well bill cower go to our he could but now now gruden has kept his name in the conversation. In a way that suggests. That he's always wanted to end there. He's always wanted that name to stay hot. Sound like the answer. Because one day it might be and maybe that day is now the guy speaks fluent quarterback. And more than anything else that is exactly what the raiders need fixing Derek Karr. Is more important. In any scheme any free agent any draft pick. Mixing Derek Karr. Not only is it job one honestly it's the only job. Of this offseason. To the raiders. Fixed Derek Karr. Automatically go to the Super Bowl now you've got to have a defense you special teams everything's to start work but how about that it doesn't matter what you have. If you have a broken Derek Karr and they have it broken. Derek Karr. This could fix Derek Karr. When it comes to gruden but look here's a guy who has talked to every one for years now. He's always around the NFL he's always asking questions he's always looking at tape. He is always in the conversation. The pressure to win. And it's going to be huge to be suffocating. And I got to tell you that alone plus a move. Yeah I'm not betting on anything. And I'm betting on anything when it comes to gruden. If you told me right now the there was just a good have a chance of him not even having a single winning season with the raiders as there was in winning Super Bowl. I believe you I have no idea what to expect. But it feels like much like when we agreed with the niners. If you got a coach and quarterback who were on the same page and we all agree our state of the art. That is the single easiest way to make sure you get in the club like. Ladies how we make it easy for you to get into the club show up with four hot friends hardly wearing nothing and ready to party. They can come hid her eyes at the bouncer chances are you'll cut the line and you'll get an. The biggest way to cut the line to the plot to the party that is the NFL's post season. Is to have not your short skirt. In your posse a hot chicks would view. The best way to cut the line is to have. Your quarterback. And head coach. On the same page it happens everywhere we just saw the niners just saw. So we will sink. We will see what this all looks like I do know this. Not about an emotionally attached to anything. Emotions are over. You are leaving and the fact you're leaving for another city and at other city is in Los Angeles. Crowd and it's what does that state Deb has started hubs Aaron this huge. Crowd at stub hub senator. Made more noise for the bomb to a Mari Cooper. And it did for any thing the Los Angeles chargers have done all year the fact that the raiders are moving. In itself. Is criminal the fact that they're not moving to Las Vegas is criminally insane me till Los Angeles a Los Angeles excuse me Vegas. Look. Here's what I know about Vegas. You didn't need the raiders to open up an NFL show won Las Vegas the chargers would have been fine and whoever does end up on the strip district is gonna be the star your brand will always be secondary. Odd team in Las Vegas is more important than. Which team got to Las Vegas. Just having the NFL they are right I was KV San Diego Chargers should have been sent to Las Vegas. Because they got no love in the city that they're now living at. Now the the chargers should've moved. What if they weren't gonna move they should have been the team to open up the biggest frontier. The raiders. Should not be leaving Oakland but if you have to leave Oakland. At least go to Los Angeles words obvious. Other than USC football you're the most important football team to that city and Massa fan may sound there. He cited every chartered payments Diego's I'm not surprised about was filled with raider fans silver and black bull whole way parent and a. The whole way around. Crazy. Crazy crazy crazy. Shows you that none of this make sense anymore. You hear the rumors of the Jon Gruden coaching staff it's enough to make you start drooling you hear about John Morton is is OC. He is helping the jets dig themselves out of that's ridiculously bad had a pretty good year all things. Considered. Rich Gannon is a quarterback coach let me tell you that move alone. Could really help. Our car. And we talked about our wishes predictions the end of last week. My wish is that Derek Carr drops this nice guy act. Often the doorstep. It's time for Derek Kerr to get angry at the way he's playing the way he's being coached. And the wade is wide receivers. Dropped everything he screwed them almost all year long grab someone by a face mask don't look to be a friend don't look to give a blessing to everyone looked it takes a maxed. Look told people accountable. That's what Derek needs to do he needs some. Get angry in him and let me tell yeah. Rich Gannon was more upset. At the raiders failures then clearly any rader was all yearlong. Rich Gannon broadcast raider games. Pissed off. Pissed off. Exactly what Derek needs. Exactly would their needs he's all fired some sudden. It's got that lack of confidence he can it's interesting hearing that conversation went from Jon Gruden with your car years ago and I'm as sort of a little piece of that makes me feel like that he was trying to incite a little confidence in him them as well at that moment you know to be a little bit more. You're the best you're the one they want you to win a championship Mino I had that he backed that tried that desire. Jon Gruden can coach a mob man there's no doubt and if you really think about it you know fall these guys we agree like he's got talent. But Brian lawyers got talent to be in this league what's the difference between Brian Hoyer always six and Brian Hoyer. Actually winning games I don't know if it's confidence almost in I don't know where it is where it comes from but coaching guys up doesn't happen. Nearly as often as it should. The whole point of you being paid millions. And how often does that not happen. It happened. All year long every. Single week the raiders went out lost a game it left you one more when we would ask anyone involved with the raiders you have more to give us. Got a lot of cliches lot of nonsense. Jack Del Rio obviously is out. They're rare announcing of his own termination nothing is ever normal for the Oakland Raiders. Vocal Mark Davis after the game. And mark let me know that he's not going to be bringing me back. And so far. He told me love me appreciate it all that I do have to do to kind of get this program going in the right direction. But that he felt the need to change. I've told him how much I appreciate the opportunity you gave me and coming out. I'm very grateful. My childhood team. But it's a results business solution. Emotional Jack Del Rio giving. Revealing more. In one minute behind a podium. And then fifteen conversations which lasted all about fifteen minutes long hair when ducks. Now where was any of that. Humanity all yearlong. Or just self evaluation. Which when we would ask him about this team not clicking he approached a conversation is if we were. Wrong. Like we have the wrong. Numbers and information front of us. I don't think we're gonna get an opportunity to talk would schacknow and he's gone. The opportunity to go weekly interview with Jon Gruden. Sounds pretty interesting to me I'd like to do that. The 2018 NFL season man's got the Bay Area back in the game like never before really does. 26. In ten teams. Will be flipping a coin for draft position. Like that right there. The drama are ready is good crazy. Apple on it we will be carrying that coin flip lied forty think flips the quarter. And both classical. Is that the commissioner is Roger Goodell gonna screw up this coin flip. I'll put it past. And welcome to say in this I don't care if you call me catered this is a fact and if you're raider fan. He should be acutely aware of this fact there is nothing. That the raiders. Cannot screw up in the eleventh hour. Nothing. Nothing the raiders are capable of taking the best idea and totally blowing it kept them. So we'll see if this really is grew to look at it this way they have set every one up for so much gruden. It's not gruden. The disappointment. Will be measured on the richter scale. It has to happen and they get back. Ask it ache they can't it has to yeah it does at this point it has happened or it's the big it's it's the bait and switch. Ball has the customer walking out of the store that kid you want people to (%expletive) are you to Vegas right this. I'm sure there's another reason why didn't think this is gonna happen because the time to come up would Jon Gruden. Was not in your lame duck it's dying in Oakland years but they're not all were moving to a new place isn't that exciting years. If they look at that build up I mean they had a rough season if he'd wanna get around what does he flops out. What do gruden. Is eight Nate followed by. Seven and nine and you don't admit you're going to Vegas in gruden is third year without a winner. What he's selling then he hasn't fixed car you don't have your franchise. Gruden is not the pied piper of victory was she was promised you to beat. What are you selling band so the amount of pressure on delivering the rumor and then made insure this guy works. It can't say. Yes because at that point it is the novelty of the NFL being in Vegas but if it doesn't work. It's one of the best decisions there raiders can make. It feels that way. They did 89579570. This is gene in Oakland what's up Sheen. Examine thanks to pick my call. Chuck. What they may have dispersed doing here I don't know of any. Follett hype surrounding enemy is it what about 60% of the game without. It's frame as several feet and an example they had a couple of mediocre ones here so. I am not all of that talk about ending the second coming I think people are calmed down. I'm I'm with you guys I don't know what to expect in that attic and put some light. Nine years I mean I think I I completely believe. Gruden could be a huge hit. I can completely believe gruden showing up and fizzling out super fast I thought I believe. Both options are just it is likely happened as the other I it's it's not. Yeah thank you appreciate it Jeanne thanks for listening and raider Thomas and the lay out what's up. Edwards benefit go to my gallbladder loading your youth in the grueling gold correct that I did a great. I didn't read it I don't wish Jenin. Tomorrow red dear god one have any help he would not print. He's not brand suffer greater danger does not depressed at any data never got Chucky back. Yeah you are all wrong but not a cure all as you know but we watched this Google's football Eudora. Oh yeah no like I said as he speaks the language of quarterback fluently. Not a problem but got excited stadium you're glad you burnout would you be reluctant film guru. How's football and you love dirt car and Jerry do you know what we do it I'll let you get up there where you are used to sort of making. Tile guy I hope you're right we will saying. We will absolutely see if it does happen. Thank you very much let's go to Jason and Fremont would sub Jason. Till September talking earlier Q you had a they have William ledger this one on the height at turtle buckle. WW doubt Tampa Bay raiders this Rudy and it was the head coach the last quarterback. Turkish junk wouldn't let. So market Rush Holt. And I'll I'll look pretty bad but you know until certain that they let big it is now. Dick they're Carter in blood and beat the sharks coach he's a bet. Option right now for the raiders over. Thank you very much for the call again look back. I. I asked myself this question. Even though I have gruden reservations. Dame and I dare you come up with a name that's better. I can't. I cannot come up with the name. That sounds like a better path to walk down to maybe fix Derek car than the path that is Jon Gruden. Plus you know fans here will be lining up to buy your brand new hot cakes. And after. They're basically betraying your fans wins the year that you just had. You need to do something to pull him back and do whatever interest can be generated here locally. And this is the one lever the you can call that does that should just a thought of it happening is helping. Without a doubt. I concluded this what I can tell all of you beyond the shadow of doubt. I was ready to not talk much raiders' starting to food day this has prevented. That from happening. Because there's no ignoring the Jon Gruden returning to the NFL. In any city is a big deal. Much less this city. Plus the real late it feels real. This is I mean we've heard a lot of these rumors quote unquote for quite some time but now it actually feels real well all it has been just rumors. You tell me this is a reality now it's it's stunning it really is a stunning development. Gruden. Really showing up to coach is this surprising. As Jimmy Rob Lowe early show on multiply. I was not X. Acting Matt and neither wasted and have you be honest with yourself neither were you don't uncle. Hate it they think the same record date in the next here's and the raiders that was not supposed to happen Jim clearly saw and I. There isn't it I felt I love it come on do you remember. Do you remember the niners being so bad there'd be flipping a coin with the Cleveland Browns to see which always sixteen team would be picking first. Only one team thought Cleveland brown hasn't delivered on that promise. Let's go to Larry in the city what's up Larry. Any candidate nobody out I do what I do quote I'm you comment regarded to be it'd be good. What I dead at the greater good not a regret that they record. I didn't even. I do we have any audio proof of this happening I don't I don't I don't remember your specific phone call all by itself believe it or not. Not opening up about Panetta to be guided DeVon played at certain but anyway on. But anyway what a lot of tape suddenly it got they're talk they're Corvette top five quarterback when I interfere. While watching kids play quite camp is don't appear little football. We're dictator a delusional and on the big debt is dictate that. Which the good deed another offense to guide already struggling learning another rob Spence. You know this guy in the bag that it didn't cut. You go and here's the thing the thing about car is he is really good the boy did he lose his confidence he lost confidence isn't and his own ability and his teammates ability SN. And they need to really fix this way he have a little something we like to call Tuesday trifecta our topic today. Is a rat come. Number one you can't pick Jimmy G or Ruben Foster. Who was your 49ers and DP can't pick Rob Lowe can't pick Foster who was yarn niner and VP. Question number two. Gruden. You haven't filed under buyer beware or full steam ahead. I'm under buyer beware. You should go see him full steam ahead so it's a little bit in between gruden buyer beware or full steam ahead. And our third and final question. What is the only sport to guarantee. You're willing to make for 2018. Here Tuesday trifecta. 8889579570. Is the number asked Ford by name except no substitutions when we come on back these three questions. You can't pick Jimmy G Rubin Foster but who's your niner MVP. Gruden. BM filed under buyer beware or full steam ahead. Finally the only guarantee you're willing to make for the upcoming year of 28 team. Is blank. That's all Maxtor on the Damon per shelf. 9570. Games. Trendy now. I'm afraid this is since Terrell Owens grandma's name policy in finalist fortune when he eighteen also in progress sharks' leading Montreal won nothing I talk trainee sordid age John Britton has potential return of the silver and black. Picking up steam hurting knowledge seen his candidacy for the raiders head coaching job to the Bay Area news group niners John Lynch addressing the media says he wants to keep Jimmy cheek. For a long time Jimmy Iraq will once to keep it going as well we've we've. You've gone I mean just aren't many guys in the locker image some it's unfortunate that a season comes and I'm like this but. No place for next year mean. We just keep this good a good thing gone. Now but the niners or raiders finished the season six and ten and we'll flip a coin to see the book pick ninety in the draft the coin triple happen at the com my dream on greens weaken his ankle during a scrimmage today. He's now listed as questionable for tomorrow's game in Dallas against the mavericks. Bagels assigned head coach Marvin Lewis a two year extension to 2019 and that Carson Palmer Tony signed Gianfranco. They deemed crucial. On 957 game. Good to be with you we've got a new year we got a clock we got a new Tuesday trifecta. All sounds good to meet. Hit it and it spun. Because I don't. Great dad here for the Tuesday drive back to our topic today correct them. We're looking for definitive answers here we start when Dave in Santa Clara Dave you're gonna be our Guinea pig tonight are you ready sir. Let's do it question number one. Now the rule is you can't pick drop below or Rubin Foster. But the question is always your forty niner MVP. Can have either one of those guys. I'd be broke well boat. That you had to debt from both Bill Belichick. Error. Yeah BJ. Could be the niner MVP without a doubt. Jon Gruden you gotta filed under buyer beware or full steam ahead. I got poked all of the mad at me look at the other candidates nobody really thought much about thought. I meet a week we had to get numb to cancel their cause other peek at the coach and New England out of neglect have a job or if I had it name. You gotta go ahead. What's the only sports outcome you're willing to guarantee. And 2018. Or story what's your what's your one guarantee for 2018. Now let's say lawyer on a championship. So I was pretty good to me I can wrap my mind around that Dave thank you good job. Kicking off our trifecta next is they rot in Brentwood A-Rod you can't have Jimmy G Rubin fostered in that case grew zero niner MVP. What the G honor these groups what does science Beatty I'm going Robbie called. Robbie dole excellent deadline I mean I believe he just hit another field goal for me. They guy was an amazing case it really does spend a fantastic. Gruden buyer beware full steam ahead. Man with me is always the buyer beware when guys are not that long he got a video gamer not like that let that. You gotta go full steam ahead you got to let people understand. That last round in Oakland. The only sport to guarantee you're willing to make in 2018. Is black. I would have said the warriors just like collapse due bit. Any proper look on long term he hit next Joseph Montana baby and that do the looker. The either a look at thank you thank you very much pound it pound it pound it pound it let's go under Franken Auckland and says absolutely. Frank is an Oakland thank you frank you can't have Jimmy drop lower Ruben Foster. But we do need a niner MVP who you take him. Kyle Shanahan is solid choice guy certainly. Many down the quarterback down the win column in sort of stayed there the rest of the way. Gruden buyer beware full steam ahead. Did we lose frank in Oakland. Pretty weird guy buyer beware full steam ahead on Jon Gruden. Only. Old man that I grew it would quarterback. I mean that that's all potential right there. The only sports guarantee you're willing to make and 2018 is what. The 49ers. Are gonna be the most interest in place in all full ball daycare. Thank you very much. I am feeling that's why hard not to my becoming for the niners more on that. In just a little bit we go to Germany in San Jose Jeremy you can't have Jimmy tear Foster but who's your niner MVP. Anabolic I don't I don't BitTorrent. Rudy buyer beware or full steam ahead. Oh yeah add all the way. The only sports guarantee you're gonna make for next year this year is a lot. In California. Game or make it to the NFL play off. Make here. A Howell for a new team will be in the playoffs next year that gives you the niners the rams. The chargers first the raiders to choose from matchup that's good that's I'll guarantee of one of those or rent shirt. Oh I get I like it a lot. I like but turner. Off the rams to go and waited did this season and then there for sure going next here's their dad Alley in the chargers were a heartbeat away is close this year. Forty niners are going to be one of the biggest offseason bodies in the NFL. Betting circles and if Jon Gruden breathes life into the raiders is it that crazy to think that fixing Derek Carr can turn things around quickly we just saw what happened with the niners so. Got to take all that say pretty good golf thank you dated 89579570. John is in Daly City. John Madden welcomed you can't have drop lower Foster. But you gotta take an MVP for the niners who is it. They Johnny wit me. Yeah our right to probably go Robbie called baby chartered. Golden so MVP sounds good to meet Jon Gruden buyer beware full steam ahead. Buyer beware. Too many question marks over there. The only sports guarantee you're willing to make in 2018 is black. I'm gonna warriors and are. Cleveland again in the NBA finals. Sounds good stewards for the fourth time in a row history I like it I like it didn't make it happen. We're gonna take three more calls. One to three here we go. Tony in Oakland Tony no Jimmy. MVP. But I'll start O'Donnell went let's go Adonal lynch. Gruden buyer beware full steam ahead. It. Only guarantee you're willing to make for when he team. Other than the grass being greener I think did you actually have a better record. They can have a little bit of a better record then what they'd lose 97 games in 98 games 98 games he had better record. Seems realistic. Coming off of that garbage out now. By the way speaking of the grass being greener. It is my entire audience hi now that's legal behind. Everywhere is how about that but the show also showed doing. Did you in fact I am barely else asks Jack what he did carry you admit I'm good but I can't help but notice Alain and called in six and he did Collins it and I understand Oakland's one of the Ares heirs to I mean Dziena others started. Different areas like Oakland San Jose eight on the first and Maury areas are opening up shocked. All I thought it was like. Ollie Ollie oxen free on the first no I think it's like a gradual. It's there like a rolling out the areas gradually. Not record a live in a plume misspoke smoke right away it's going to be a a couple of days. Letter rip and it's a slow roller and I'd I'd be just a matter of days and the same file the whole thing under small tournament down. And vowed to aim and people who got Adam. Rodney in Oakland Rodney thanks for the call Tuesday trifecta is on you you can't pick Jimmy G Rubin Foster. But who's your niner MVP. Upload go read that had always consistent. And I tell you that guy got demoted from one position to another and he kept putting his helmet. Right in the middle plays all year long he gets a bonus points of that for sure gruden buyer beware or full steam ahead. Buyer be Wear the reason greater chance if they're all gonna give up part ownership. Give it to Bennett Jack. He's pro it. Only sports guarantee you're willing to make for 2018 is. Make this pollutants put 28 PX 2019. Dave Rupp would not play NASCAR old news show. I did did did you do it this way I think you just won your vet how he picked up a you know what we'll talk about the Daytona 500 when it happens. And that's it. Have been often. Not a lot of NASCAR on the show let's be honest and I mean to be morbid but this is the truth gonna take a big for a dame man should think a big crash come bled. I don't want anybody had heard but really what is gonna get my full attention as far as. Auto sports here on the show. This is an extraordinary. Happens when that happens then something glorious half yes. Final trifecta call comes from Chris in Fremont Christie can't big Jimmy G Ruben fostered good who is zero niner MVP. Markey good wind where that adversity you went there the year and the improvement that dramatic group. A. Let me tell you I'm glad that you got that in because I was ready like admonished the audience for not going with good when knowing what he's played through from a mental standpoint alone. And then watching him get better not when Jimmy gee got here but a little bit before and then really taking off I thought it was spectacular. I would have maybe chosen mark he's goodwill into the real. Good job good job Chris prudent buyer beware full steam ahead. Up by the bad because I mean you have the ones who all went well look I forget what happened after that we will ballwind. What don't wreck but here. The only guarantee you're gonna make for Tony eighteen is blank. By Baltimore Ravens finally being a good team met the so much stripped or hear. Well Tony eighteen ravens here on our RA now. There are helped. Write it down everybody this Flacco is getting them all back next year. Well that brings us to them actually being an option for hard knocks which is something. I'd definitely want to talk about by the way we get some hall of Famer. Finalists being announced here by the NFL. Terrell Owens. Not the look not only should Terrell Owens B a finals he should be in Terrell Owens is a hall of fame wide receiver. And it should actually say huge pain in the ass somewhere on his flat to really show it but -- guy bald. On game day. John Lynch has been named pro football fame finalist so congratulations. To him. He was talking about all of his offseason priorities. Amazing. Quarterback is no longer on the way. So we have a good idea of where we wanna go and how we wanted to do it. I do know that we're both encouraged we've got a lot of resources doubles. In terms of cap money. But also in terms of attract capital I think it's a draft choices. That we have a great opportunity now again that that opportunity and is only when you make of the. The fact they don't have to. Spend a lion share of their time this off season evaluating quarterbacks. Thinking about rookies. Doing interviews. And they can turn their attention to every. There. Thing on their football team it's it's what a blessing in disguise and you know John Lynch could be asset. Follow up what was a pretty impressive rookie draft class at John Lynch talked about his seventeen rookies not. There were seventeen run to the talk money seventeen rookies. Catch up everyone. No right from the very top and Solomon Thomas and imposter to fellow Witherspoon Joseph Williams was on IR. And hopefully he can take this stuff but then you go to those. Canada's fifth round here's what Carolyn Taylor and and you know what I do what I love is that vision we have for those guys started to play out on the field. So I think that's where the collaboration comes from. Kyle can articulate here's what I'm looking forward disposition we see that come to life. That's a good thing when you have 1516. Rookies. Playing in contributed a big way that's encouraged. Ray Lewis by the way also a finalist for the Paul thanks Randy Moss Randy Moss put a man his own man. Finalists from all fact. Toys chuckle hard knocks. Feels like a topic is still very very far away and indeed it is we can't be much further away from the get in an ex football season as we are right now. Nfl.com Dan hands zoos put together a list of teams that are how some teams that are in a realistic glisan who's going to be eligible and so here's the deal you do not. Have to appear on hard knocks you can pacts. You can say thanks but no thanks. If you fall under. The following criteria. Number one. You've got to first year head coach. Not first year his rookie head coach here but first year we view so I can this year Kyle Shanahan. Right well well. Does qualify in the Nuys on call I guess everyone knows and Jon Gruden returns an aide to be his first year but it's his first year back with the raiders which would take the raiders out of contention. So would this. Has your team bend in the playoffs. In either of the past two seasons even though this year is a huge flop for the raiders they were in last year. So there so that takes them out of the running for this year. Number three the other thing that you can use as thanks but no thanks if you're an NFL franchise. Is you can turn down hard knocks. If you would ban on hard knocks. At any point in time in the last decade. They're not forced to do it more than once a decade. So here in the teams that we all know are about to have a new head coach. The giants the colts the raiders the lions the bears the cardinals. All of those teams are automatically. Out of the running for hard knocks consideration. Now want to put together the list of teams. That have won playoff appearance. In the last two years. Patriots jets jaguars cheese titans bills Eagles vikings rams saints Panthers falcons raiders Texans lions Seahawks. Dolphins. Giants Packers cowboys. So there are all. All of those can say thanks but no thanks. Let's talk about the teams who've appeared on hard knocks in the last ten years. That's the cowboys the Bengals jets dolphins. Angle the angles again falcons Texans rams and Buccaneers. So all of those teams are out. So what are we left wing of how we're left with six teams. We're left with six a realistic teams for HBO's hard knocks. And there is no doubt. Who's the sexiest. The niners win doubted I Kenya okay the first ball. Of all of these franchises. They're really the only leg crown jewels franchise Tim which one about the Broncos. Say what you want about the Redskins. If we were putting together five crown jewel franchises. To put into the crown jewels of NFL royalty. Cowboys. Bears Packers. New York Giants. San Francisco 49ers. That's your list. That's the list of true NFL royalty. As far as I'm concerned. To me those teams are notice in England patriots won't. Successor not know crown now does it did because the patriots are very much got good while you were talking about it these other teams that I just mentioned. Were great when your great great great grandfather was talking about them. You like the history part of all I guess I don't let it go bad years and years and years and years and years. You're the teams. That are eligible for hard knocks. Redskins. Full or rang. Ravens. Full worrying. Chargers. That team is a stranger. In its own how own. Score route the chargers. Now and forever. Call leave limbo rounds. The biggest reason why you can't choose them. Is there the Cleveland brown ones that there's so messed up. I had a one of behind the scenes of the trigger and the Cleveland Browns it sounds interesting but what if I could sell you. Other than lost in the woods dysfunction. What if I can sell you the story of redemption. With the single best looking lead actor that we could possibly cast. That brings us to the 49ers the other team by the ways did did did the Denver Broncos in Denver Broncos here's the deal though. The window is closing on their stay in the NFL's penthouse do you really wanna watch the window closed. On the Denver Broncos in your hard knocks. I mean if I didn't era down to 2 am deathly but the browns are the niners I see the niners being the most sexiest though with a wet. The 49ers I mean Jimmy garage blow on the turn around him ten the 49ers. Have. All sorts of story lines to tell. You got to Hanson missed most up and coming quarterback. And game. They have a head coach. Was really interesting when he talks about football. They have the setting of California. Santa Clara. They have a topic of rebirth. To offer they have hoped to sell all. They have a good looking lead actor in Jimmy garrote below they've got an interesting. GM and John Lynch to discuss. You know did Jed York is gonna let the camera crew in his kitchen the and a very cooperative owner. John Lynch is already on record saying we don't want it we do not want it is like I respect you show I respect the budget the deal don't wanna. Don't don't wanna. Take. Fun group of guys you might last sports dish was with some of the niners doing at cookie draft and went down and say hello Trent Taylor and Eli Harold and stuff and fun and they just Steelers got personality and o's got some personality Ruben foster's got a ton of personality Solomon Thomas got personality. Eric Reed. Is that the tip of the spear of one of the most. Impact full moving societal stories. We've ever seen gum through sports in the hole and then thing and they wanted to talk about that for a little bit. There is beat remember Colin cabernet tissue which is yet another topic there's the app. Athletes in Silicon Valley which is a topic they could be a show unto itself. Yet there's a lot there there's an awful lot there. That's the story that HBO would choose if it were drafting. The Cleveland Browns only sixteen church. Sure. It is not nearly as interesting as this. Even a raider fan would have to concede that. By the way someone's like Damon you got a huge mess in your. Great franchises. Yeah I think we need a six crown jewel because the Pittsburgh Steelers are in their tip. Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys. Bears Packers ten 49ers New York Giants. 888957957. I was a number Jose Union City was going on Jose. Jose no Jose no way Jose. Go to Shawn Campbell would sub Sean. Why did not end. Covered you loved and I got peeled. Jimmy eat. And all this begging big how'd I get one quarterback and anybody want to being real and I eat and you really need the right. Even read it I had there at the ground. Don't you want to look at that we dealt you don't want they're long they're getting it also gave. The only art that I take number. In one pick pick pick pick. People don't wanna know what ought not to let people quarterback in the gap you running back. Whoever else forget it and at least eight people want to get people underground digging building talk all night pit area about tonight. As you might let I. I think you guys are gonna make it play out here. So here's a deal the niners have been down for enough years where maybe you haven't heard you know the whole national conversation the niners when they are. An NFL big story there is bigger this story is the NFL gets I mean don't you remember Jim Harbaugh leading off. Three years of sports general by himself almost. I mean the niners are a huge story there global appeal don't Morse. The Cleveland Browns. I couldn't believe how many niners she. Jackets and T shows I saw when I was in London. Really when I was in the London wasn't I was I was joking around on the first day blitz on London was born in niners had. I can get away from these guys. So. The Cleveland see here's the thing you've got to understand that. The NFL wants to use hard knocks. As a commercial. Selling the Cleveland Browns is selling the most depressing NFL commercial you can that you can sell I mean. It's it's. That the niners right now. At this point in time in their history the choice of telling one story the other. Would be no choice at all to the HBO HBO would vote unanimously. Niners if it were really niners are browns. The network would be unanimous. A little bit of appeal though are that bad. I don't know the dumpster fire the train wreck of the browns it's interesting to me the NFL would much rather sell. These are the guys who were putting out the dumpster fire and restoring glory to a once great franchise then. The browns who pretty much sucked your entire life but for Bernie goes our. And they suck so bad right now they're coming off the worst two seasons of professional football. Ever pull best case scenario would be for the NFL would be the niners without a doubt. Is and as a matter that the niners. Should be ready for this since I really think it's common form and here's a nice thing. The whole concept of this camera crew is gonna be intrusive and a distraction. Like a decade ago I might believe do you everyone has their own roving camera crew you walked in with a camera when you walked in in the nine years now so. I don't think it's that merely. As big a deal anymore can I turn it down. Now Darren can't then niners are in no position to turn it down. There are one of sixteens which would have to say yes that fell on them 888957957. No more of your calls. And our good friend. Very saint Jane we haven't even talked about who thought the warriors once yet today it's amazing. What the NFL will do a sports talk radio show we want our left our friend Garry saint Jean joins us talk glow warrior basketball.