Damon Bruce Show Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, December 29th

Fortenbaugh Friday! It's the last hour of the DB Show in 2017, spend it with Damon Bruce, Joe Fortenbaugh & Gianna Franco as they look back at the year in sports and ahead at what's to come in 2018.


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It's our thirty final hours today it's my final hour of the year but it's not just mine look who's here has always. Gianfranco is by my side. And as it is out of until Friday traditionally go. A bit in the sport mode Friday going on here Joe Horn buzz got the entire week off the morning show. Decided the pop on in today good daddy around man thanks for coming ends grabs. Look let's send out 2007. NT in fine fashion this hour shall we let's hopefully continue in just a moment when G honest. List of Bay Area team resolutions which were trying to figure out we already figured out the giants they're saying get. Also we already figure nightmares than niners. It's getting better be Smart way and no doubt about that. Hey guys love this year ended new year resolution thing but could you please do a longtime listener favor and drop the name of that podcast that GO. And you were talking about just last hour yeah it's called the bodega boys. It is all so in DC is in marrow on vice landed a TV show called decency Merrill it's a podcast the decency marrow do. Called bodega boys. I didn't realize they were the same they are the same that there are one and I cast was part of what started all saying they were they don't know witness there were the bodega was in someone's like this I guess is so good we've got to get these two guys who break daylight look at what's the TV yeah Dylan what we're gonna get these two young probably in their twenties. Guys who are totally tuned into the culture leg of Meryl used to be like a rapid blogger or something and they were both standup comedians and they worked off the good act together they got amazing chemistry and they got. The funniest most relevant. Zeit feisty show of our time they really do spiceland is like an out their network and this is a really out there show but it all started from their podcast bodega boys. I think it's great a lot of fun go check it out he tipped me off to these guys a few weeks ago and I'd seen some other people tweeting about him. Obviously catching a woman a fire so this week off week number one show on late night here at number one podcast in the world all bags. There's so many lives there that I could drop right now that I picked up you can why can't they like I mean it's I put that on any kid was nearby and we got to say this is in I was like I'm gonna go ahead and shut this down right now head to head phones out and never again play this out loud from child you know who is a huge fan. A huge fan and I think this appeals to like with East Coast guys may be older more than it will West Coast guys. Kerry Keating was a shot to really Keating who loves to hash out a the Bronx so they tell some of these stories. And when you deal with that kind of weathered and this is something you brought up in the last hour that we didn't even get a chance to touch on. How right now it doesn't feel like the end of the year there's going to hold rule totally different feeling between East Coast end of the year in West Coast and all without a doubt. That the the East Coast between the seasons. And everything that goes on your life you understand where you are in life at any point is giving your surroundings here there's such smooth transitions in and out of seasons in about a month in and out holidays. Like it never feels like Christmas and never feels like all kind of runs together this is funny except he decrease in that it's just nice and easy beyond saying I. It's just nice and easy very it's it if you're outside shoveling yet it's probably right around Thanksgiving right around Christmas and I and I am always down on New Year's Eve especially in West Coast New Year's Eve there is nothing less dramatic. Then a three hour tape delayed from Times Square ball drop. And there is on the West Coast like to meet it's Saturday Night Live loses luster because I know there's a tape delay involved. That the ball drop them from time squared means nothing to the West Coast as far as I'm concerned I had it in amateur hour night it's twelve deeds for an overpriced drinks in a restaurant it's too crowded in charge into much I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound like mr. rumble over here told. It's amateur hour out there. Is that I loved I Goodell young guys off on Tuesday I don't need familiar decaf I go tonight and tomorrow night stay home on New Year's Eve I. I hate the older I got the the more I kind of checked out on New Year's because I wanted to be ready to fire back a full day of drinking first New Year's Day bowl games let as I got older near. AM when northwestern or Purdue back in the day would be taking off and then you would just roll all the way through the Sugar Bowl or whatever was going to be the final game that night. But thinking about New Year's and when you call hey I'm sure are you know we used to do I mean when I was at Penn State Nowak you territory when we go to Atlantic City. And we would be home from school on Christmas break we go to Atlantic City and cruise the boardwalk and popped in and out of those. Those how do shudder whenever there casinos like that was what I was eight on the East Coast is brutal you know I came back just broke allow guys to do out here before I got married it was New Year's New Year's Eve or Christmas Day. We used to go dive bar Chinatown drinking online. Love that concept when mr. bangs was still out there we used the ring in Christmas and mr. bangs mr. beings is now gone but this it's good that we used to go. Dive bar Chinatown drink in. Like floodlights are 250 it's like you're back in colleges are simply changing its hockey east they'll just do what you normally have and now we're doing a little bit everything it's not yet known as the years they've. It's bigger it's I found our series you all right let's get back to resolutions and healthier lifestyles and good choices in adult stuff Gionta. Take the week I. All right choices seeking a choice is dare cart might need to make some different ones maybe the raiders do in general with the offensive coordinator but. It's funny eighteen Deere cart should make a rail a resolution to do. All what. Dirt car needs to drop the super nice guy acting used to hold people accountable he needs to call guys out if not the press certainly. On game day I didn't seem grab a face mask all year long I don't think he's holding people accountable along the offensive line I don't think he's holding his wide receivers room accountable I watch and say almost nothing to a guy who had every single wide receiver dropped everything but an album this year. So I mean I think I think he needs to drop the nice guy act and he needs to go fire and brimstone this is my team you play my way or all take your ass off the field you don't need a coach you don't need to coordinator on the man go to new rules. I want angry double middle finger. Derek Karr next year no more mr. nice guy no more mr. nice guy. The raiders need to become killers again. I mean that's what they need to be on the football field who fear is that if you're studying their team throughout the week getting prepared for game against the raiders what are you worried about. First number you're gonna circle clue Mac. Let's count for him. Who also that T we weren't about you worried about what a Marc Cooper get behind you. You worried about Michael Crabtree. Dusting your top corner you worried about the running game just stick it down you're throw for four quarters. Not worried about anything right now. You worried about colonial Mac and that's it. These guys got to get back to that killer instinct they've got to have that killer mentality where early in the game. They set the tone they set no tone this year now at what point did they assume control of the early and just kick in the teeth of the opposition. The Dallas game milk the cowboys coming here and just do what they wanted to lump. The Washington game early in the season which everyone circles isn't something happened in the lot grown less seven weeks combined. 101 quarter points. And this sort of are you know. Lavelle always available Miami late you've got to be you there's no killer instinct and that's what worries me about that team there are certain teams and you'll see this drop all season like tonight we're gonna watch Ohio State USC those are two teams that are gonna take the field. Looking to annihilate the opposition they're gonna look to a certain there will assert their authority early in those games don't do that the raiders come out flat. And that's the one thing you got to get back I don't know if it's chemistry issue. I don't even know what the problem is is right now you've got all these people come out saying well there are some playing her well something happened in the Washington game well something didn't happen in the Washington figure it out. It's on the leadership on the coaching figured out. Wipe it away and come out next year. And throw a punch right in the somebody's face open these games because this team this season it's just too soft too early that's not raider football you don't Wear. Black jerseys and play like that. If you're gonna Wear black jerseys and you're gonna have the most intimidating look in the game you've got to play. Intimidating football you've got to walk with an intimidating swagger you can't come out just get popped early. And then just fold up shop and look to close strong lately can some of these games Jason jerseys could be pink you can't come play like that now. There's no color Jersey which means you can play like the way they played all yearlong without passion. Not playing for each other. Every single guy. Stop believing in the other guys' ability to get their job done and that's an old team lacked confidence for almost the entirety. Other sixteen game schedule the raiders played three good games this year tops like the most we saw all was a personal beef between Crabtree and Aqib Talib that was the most fight this squad put up all year that's what's disturbing things you wanna see that kind of swagger week in week out I grant you don't want to suspensions and you don't want the stuff that spills over and becomes a distraction. But I'll take a fifteen here and there to assert some will to assert their dominance there are teams out there I mean Seattle walked around us such swagger for years this there's still tried but they are banged up. But that's a team you still to an extent fear when they rolled it because they are going to play this is football. You come prepared to play or they will take you behind the woodshed that's what this team needs more than anything a little killer instinct. And don't wait ten weeks to find your first interception for good nowadays and feels great to get him until it taken note from Miami. Bust out raiders' turn over chain and get guys excited for that if that's what it takes. This year I just say this you when you gigabyte how the niners have done late in the raiders just lost that passion to. You know like the niners they had a tough start to their season we also like they went out there and. Try niners are playing hard or harder liner and in the chiefs would then the raiders were when they went lost in Kansas City got shut out the first three quarters the 49ers in the belly up year played harder than the raiders and make let's show a two year that's why it's got to be concerning that sums goal on that locker definitely that's what's got to be the most concerning factor because you've got teams. That play very hard in questionable situations because they've got great leadership Joseph Staley breaks his face he's back in two weeks he had every reason did you shut it down to as you know what. And my career I don't need this this team isn't going anywhere else shut it down I'll get paid I'll come back next season right he did he give back in two weeks. That's the tone setter that sets an example in the locker room. Something happened with the squad where you just you don't have any of that I mean it just seems like it's 22 guys just operate individually rather than as a collective unit. Nineteen RA finally I had a really hard tend not to like trying to figure out what the resolution for the warriors would be some is gonna ask you question and the lawyers go sixteen in on the playoffs. Now. Now and I'm gonna go sixteen and I'll in the playoffs that's asking just too much erased it can the warriors do something that no team has ever been ever good enough to do. If I was gonna happen I think it might happen last year but the NBA did not like the idea of the cavs getting swept and would welcome more years. Get to the line in the first half of a lopsided lead officiated game I thought in Cleveland in game four. I don't think they're on sixteen and how they don't need to go six you know what they need to do is a repeat. A good bet that every single game every single series can be pushed to a seventh game. If they repeat it's all the match. The question if it's ten say they could small percentage chance but they cut will day or should they now just. The evolution of this team from a few years ago when that first title season until now has just been remarkable that the personal growth to individual growth in the teen girls. They're learning on the fly it's almost like artificial intelligence becoming self aware and just watching that development right it's amazing. And this is the year they finally realized. They've won two of the last three seasons in the most important thing is the playoffs the most important thing is healthy ready to go and operating and Smart. Concise. Moments you don't need to win 73 games during the regular season. It's a great story line but what you need to do is just keep racking up the titles keep racking up the titles and right now you're starting to see a team that's playing Smart basketball and thinking long term. Because in this sport it catches up to you in a hurry you you become an all man overnight. They'll get to the playoffs. Don't handle their business a drop a couple on the way the rockets are pretty good team it's gonna be hard if you do with the rockets' sweep them for you don't need to worry about sweeping in for just get past them three titles in four years all anyone's gonna wanna talk about anyway there was a look back and go fifteen and one at sixteen and one verses you know 69 doesn't even matter right no one will ever bring up the record -- as it really is sixteen and now in which case you do talk about that kind of forever but you got it and ordered really be a dynasty. There's got to be at least one repeat in there. There's got to be a repeat and there are so many to repeat this year period and story and I don't minus six or seven game series to be honest I don't mind waking up heading into a game seven when my palms sweaty legs feel like a thirteen year old kid might bring all that thing in the back thinking oh my god what your entire day is geared around at 7:30 PM. I don't mind at all I love that if we're watching a diminished drama. Be applied to the regular season because how good warriors are now I. I don't want to just like all they're so good the playoffs there is news though. So little competition and it's up to league to do that it's not up to the warriors to play under the league's level it's a Little League to get it right. I see that I like a little competition there's study to be said about being the best at lake every single thing I mean there. They could potentially be that team. 06 against Houston and then take the bronze to Ethan and four are looking to get hit with I guess the way. I have a trials against Houston let's get someone 3228 games maybe there's a game five where it's 22 warriors win five they win six Stein and six. Then you know sweep LeBron I think the warriors we'll have more trouble getting out of the Western Conference finals and there will be NBA finals to married I agree sweep a finals. Get there with a only wanted to losses did many years resolution can't. We thought well here's so honestly like my New Year's resolution is to. Start treat myself 00 a little bit better step stepping back from work a little bit more. Eating better starting to work out like I mean I I really dodged a bullet in 2017 and they say you don't really get a good shot of dodging two bullets. And I got to Dahlia in Georgia Maine. Fat rear ended home I'd be dead and fish steaks and manage like. Are being taken as a choice sounds like. You know I I got a wife I got a wife what love very much in law to be would like some tears and horizon was like we really go ahead and start to. You know now that you're feeling better they told you after you got to pass a six month mark you'd be able to do things better and and I I really had that magic six month mark brought. Back crazy returns. That I was experiencing and then I you know like everything among I don't wanna say I'm lazy boy. I just I need a little bit more personal motivation wake up early enough to go work out in the morning and I need to do that and I need to do that not just for me myself be sure and any more this isn't about looking good to have more sex. This is a belt like I gotta go for my wife now so I mean I'd they might add to to give you like a real answer. I can't take better care myself that is a great resolution did the better case to give yourself the longer you're gonna be here. Only thing I've really done since the stroke that I can say all right now I've eliminated Sunday meant that I there's two things I haven't had aids from rock of fast food since the stroke and not a single fast food meal super one Carl's junior breakdown on highway did you but the white was there are so she saw ISL we did she she endorsed that it happened we all know what happens if you have a lot of fast food pre stroke you don't like that yet we too much weight too much one way into and ask what did you prefer. Did I I did I the McDonald's is flavor memories for me. I'm not gonna lie on the I don't know why like if you if you ask if you said what what are you really wanna do. Go to the French laundry two more times greeted chicken meat nugget every day your life Oden Mike Madden and and every day in my life I'm very asp dot. Asked un do the fast food bang bang because I I did this back and they in college I would swing through Wendy's for the spicy chicken sandwich and overt mcdonalds for Fries yeah yeah I that's that's happened I used to like doubled down a bit like taco and the verdict. Like ours and decide dishes yet was it out faster bag bag was just how many get Wendy's entertain McDonald's but specific things because he wanted to Fries from a mild my idea Chile from Wendy's where can I get a white castle burger in the McDonald's french fries and if they're could be a dispensary attached the whole thing that would be close at Honda and oh yeah yeah so so I zero fast food and thank god that's get well with the other thing I don't do it anymore. Thank god I used to do ice it ice to did attend a week easy to tinsel week I was surprised and I found that what I found a you do about yeah there was yeah I was a video game late night unwind dipper and then you can hit him and sporting event dipper. Baseball game dipper I don't debt anymore no more tobacco Dumars fast food I've done that. Now I just got to knock off all the other fat lazy fat boy that has happened I have. So it's deregulation one piece of advice of that. Don't try to build Roman one night don't start working out. And eating healthy straight to your day Colin Jones. Cold chilly it was. And get a little the next guy is have some meals cut out some boos and you try to do all first you're gonna be so miserable few tries just a sweeping change you gonna be measurable SI can stick I'm already miserable. Pretty ought to I see you go like you dive in deep in the beginning and then you gradually add stuff and well let's I think I've got to get my wife fully ready she came up wins what she calls. The plan. I had and we're gonna start the land officially on in the first. And bring my Tuesday don't plan we're gonna take the plan. Through at least a month can we get through a month with some discipline working out at least three days a week. And make it healthy choices. They got you got right there's reasonable three days a week and exercise and healthy choice easy cut some boos out. Rabbit I'm not only to lose sixty pounds I need to lose five let's start there. Just give me your resolution giving New Year's resolution yeah. A couple this year I'm one of them is in the same vein I put on some dead week this year because you have indicated in the first thought is ice is what it all go. I got married ID kit I hit every check marks I don't mostly good I don't want the World Series. Is over I tricked her and I got him I'm done and then these are looking at something like bad. Everything fits a little bit more sudden these days so again you start thinking like that yet the white you get to keep got them for yourself anymore so I'm just gonna. Is our training like it did last year for the half marathon and site I use that I need to put something in front and any to dangle a carrot so I can pick some event to get in shape for now be easier to drive me every single that so run the half again maybe I'll try to turn it into a full house are given the shape that. 101000 minutes of meditation this year 101000 minutes of meditation because of that I realized. Has been extraordinarily helpful for me I'm a bit of a high strung individual notes high hard to believe no it's hard to believe but. Jack in the morning helps significantly. Just thirty minutes a day. He's thirty minutes a day every day of the year but she just shy of 111000 minutes on an aim for 101000 minutes of meditation this year. And that will help with a lot of distress from my dad has been a tremendous asset to you've got to be able to stick with it and do it every single that. After that that do a lot I got doesn't let it happen like that section good idea well there are apps there are plenty of you the best one called insight timer. Alan I'm download the app inside timer got lazy uneducated and space is guided meditation. I think it's one of those things it's hoping to do in the hospital like this six times and I don't anymore because I'm lazy and that everything which is discussed. Like whatever good habit I would cry to get in there I had for about six weeks and then old habits kicked back again but yeah helical meditation thing like they they say that's good for you go for blood pressure it is for good for everything one of my favorite memories of this guy by the way these so we get the wives together this summer July 4 weekend he calls me because we don't we're not leaving the city were not going anywhere what do you do. I know that we're just actually walking around the ferry building with kid right now come over for dinner tonight why no to all this we go over. And so poll what was the stroke. It was I just April yet ended April April 22 draft and I got home may back June 1 ready for the NBA finals later will be does your notifies them again so this is July 4 weekend ever hanging out and we're talking and he's he you know a lot of light sauce coming out he's he's he's focused his motive maybe change is always great to hear rattle discreet conversation. Max we're having you know one plate he's laying out the plan and he told this beard goes away we want to see us take a look at the sausage and Africa. Good for entrusting this thing looks so good doesn't it I'm Soledad I mean it looks fantastic. Damn thing. And how chip is and Julie into the back ask you this he's doing so well he goes I almost forgot shall take a look at this Austin tonight but healthy choices are important. But not nearly as important as co bossy. It looks the best solution I've. I love Cuba as much as they don't I mean I had my son did the same thing Jobe dad did the baby weight on the day it's so he made a commitment himself three years ago because falcons three out. And he is in the best shape of his life people old enemies can be fifty and funny gene. So I anticipate looks good for that I exactly doing this for fifty I mean every single day with a personal trainer every single day except the week and he makes it an hour before he goes to work. Fort 30 in the morning to be there to work out. That's too much that's a medalist says. I know and I'm not I didn't union says it works hurt them is why didn't take you played basketball on the record they can fix it. I mean you can tell it's and it's he looks from reading meaning good first change stood on the shirt off your damn good at this turnout. Does he have the oh reflexes doesn't he cut us. Or do you know below and the low jeans with nothing underneath because you had that that's among pleasure talking about Systemax de do who but it's not a little bit the belly because of the Seve saying I thought the Beers think I'm sure you're not mean I knew what he or do you really want Deepak now. I do I mean yes but I mean what are you build their nose. I happen on the highway related Sweeney in a bottle for that to happen I'm party guys with your pop. I've always said if I if I were absolutely shredded and ripped I would be in the middle of the city everyday union square and I would be doing like. The same level what does it Tai chi but I'd be I'd be doing it straight at a road house I would be covered in Crisco weren't tight black pants and Patrick Swayze gas as her hair ripped. The boys and the girls that got some new turn everybody. Off on the note. You know be completely inappropriate if we're talking about resolutions and we didn't get geologists hers is next turn 957 and it. Now back to the demon drew show on 957. Can. Isn't football Friday night I sit in the game before any final regular season weekend of the NFL comes and plays itself out in front of us club bowl games coming up to is the new year. Just for Muslim this. On a football Friday also known as a fourteen ball Friday now here I 957 the game brought to buy Dolan slumber doors and windows lower prices better service higher quality. That page daily Chevrolet. Drive a little save a lot warriors basketball and a half an hour from now starts and warriors warmup Kerry Keating Max diamonds to be live from the Crown Royal club. Over at ORACLE Arena get you ready warriors and hornets tonight no staff Currie. Step curry tomorrow mind. Tomorrow against the Memphis Grizzlies are coming off 11611 when. Over the Utah Jazz really wasn't even that close they've won nine out of ten without curry the try to make it ten. Out of eleven and I and many returns tomorrow that is an awfully nice return good day on the couch tomorrow's a matter of fact we got big bowl games starting the night USC Ohio State gotten tonight. Tomorrow. Fiesta Bowl 1 o'clock Washington number eleven vs Joe's Penn State Nittany Lions. Let's see my hoosiers turned out did not make the Rose Bowl this year are out. Yeah rose bowls Georgia and Oklahoma that's January 1 2 o'clock kick 545 Sugar Bowl Alabama Clemson there should be an awful lot of fun stuff to watch before we get back into all that breaking it down look and that it picking the single biggest story of 2017. We were just talking about resolutions. Joseph NI damped wage too long Gionta what is your resolution going into one EDT. I think the biggest thing for me is I have room. I need to save more money ever written and this is gonna help when movies and you building there's not a Starbucks in our building. And a bad habit and just like I here's a coffee here a little and cheer whenever I don't think twice about spending 56 packs that start at sleep two times a day it's horrible right. That turns into forty bucks a week exactly easy which turns into about a 160 bucks a month so I need to make those kind of choices that that I can last your resolution was to do better with investing money in my savings and savings for my son and in our future and retirement back and it and I did that I didn't really get it should not setting all of that. So this year I won actually save hard to focus more on that and that to save it for things that are more important than a cup of coffee here there and spending that much money so. That's my biggest saying I wanna do better financially. Number two I was happy healthy and doing better because I'm unlike you didn't I can be your really really bad. Again one of my last your goals was to make better choices with my eating habits I dropped eighteen pounds just cutting out sugar and hang out white bread. See we would've given you compliment but that's no longer allowed 2017 another reason why this year can't get over it fast enough. But yes I would like to say that working with used an absolutely. A wonderful thing in this is nothing to do with how you look present yourself for ever talk or act on the show and we believe now that all the disclaimers they need. I seriously user did verse used to be a day or you could just feel like. And you look fantastic. I do that GR calls a lawyer Nixon you now they're goes to show. Compliment to how come away and so yes I'm gonna continue that in the next in 2018 I think the biggest thing though is you know. John and you as well as a Notre Dame invite. I only have a read I'd I'd put everybody first IA Dem but I love my family gets jelly fish I need to be a little more selfish issue I mean. I did my son's gonna be four in January and I've spent to make three days away from him for the very first time this month. Like four weeks ago does a very first time I was out of town I changed my flight to come home earlier because they couldn't deal so I need to work on that like I have a really hard it's. I am I tell my mom all the comments against selfish yet how I live for your help I just so glad so I need be a little bit more ads us so well. You know why you both thirty resolutions wed game and opens his left you know what I need more time for me I need more time away from were ready to treat myself better I'd been burning the candle at both fans I don't. Think I and here's my resolution I'm too good of a person and I'm gonna go ahead and take more time for me. Right person I just put I ate. I just put everyone else's first is is me in this is my nature idea and it I just that's just how. We love you Florida it's just like these with a lame is all they myself included these little lane missed. The limits resolutions. Ever hear I always. We've got to lose will aid in and I wouldn't be nicer and I'm gonna meditate I. I remember when I was. My senior strong. I'm going to be out at the bars. And I'm it'd be cashing checks sent the next every single night. They didn't necessarily work out that way I made it rain late I don't agree sorry about that for another time. But that was I remember that was back in the day goes to the resolute summer go out there. May get it done and. Do you think I don't know it's like oh we all. Oh win lobotomy when I heard Goldstein and when I was 22 I wanted to go on B slate comes in myself but it's not. New Year's in Vegas I can't tell you how many times can you change and you ask seems to now I want out of eight. Who died here we go. Party time party and he's a one semester. It was different year. On how to pull what happens next you you would you do we hazard it. He just knocked down a 120 credits and none that I was as they did graduate a year earlier I was very young they didn't invite her to stick around their brains were so good and at. Movement on. The ten biggest sports and pop culture disappointments he'd like. Any more proof that we are getting older let's just see how many of these resolutely terror resonate. Resonate Reza late with all of us here this is a list comprised by Stephen Rue we ease of USA today. Ten biggest sports and pop culture disappointments and when he seventeen. Number ten. Derek Karr. Really number two and why I was Derek Karr. This is sports and pop culture and that's spur that makes the top ten I think so I spent a huge disappointed I wouldn't just put it did their car and then gave no explanation. There's a reason why he was a disappointment. A lot of hits on him but the red meat emblematic the quarterback is always blame for what team does or doesn't do. And I don't mind that at all number denying that. A movie called the snowman. Did you hear about I can't help you got enough and so it apparently had had a great cast Michael Fossum Bender JK Simon's Dow Kilmer was an end Val Kilmer Dow Kilmer but apparently. It was awful like it's one of the dumbest movies out there try to be all slick and suspenseful. Austin I agree with this device to be all about it and then I watched last season I'm like I'm good I'm done. House of cards. Yeah house of cards. It's not even about Spacey not being there it became too much about her I think Dick he was to show. Him and his power struggle wise they show sorry First Lady I think. Sorry full Lotus I don't care. It was all I want Spacey. Killing people to gain power. I don't I'm arguing and his wife is she's banging the journalist they got too boring for me it turned into. An absolute soap opera I'll say this. I don't necessarily disagree with that statement but. I will still take that Netflix and shows like that every day in the week because I'm going just absolutely fed up but the fact Hollywood has given up. I saw a preview the other day that Roseanne's coming back. Yes you're just read or are. New ideas everything. There rebooting every thing I remember I'm Nicky puts on will increase the one night among what does this isn't willing grace I go yeah I can see that. I did you watch will issue is no wood to back and go why. Look it's coming back it's a really good showing look I. I understand it was a popular show Ben. Why are they bringing it back now have weak and this is why Netflix and these other these streaming services have risen to prominence. Because I. Hollywood is only inches stayed in franchise is rice on the net and the man Batman and Spiderman Superman so all these great ideas have no home so the Christopher Nolan inception and all these great movies they can barely get made so's they go to Netflix may pitch these ideas which there's some come at the beginning of February a Netflix that's gonna be awesome and we'll talk more about that later. But this is the public Roseanne's coming back. I saw Brad I don't need Roseanne back in my life I'm sorry. But we did I it was clear that lasted. It was great we are less creative I agree but they did a little. How the heck itself okay that's you know that's fine because at least there's some semblance grew up it's the kid right now it's different is coming back and if yes how are your. When we fire off the rest this list at number seven is something called marbles. In humans it was supposed to be like eight. Made for TV superhero thing. I sit out number six the college basketball national title game it was ruined by way too many foul calls late number five injured NFL superstars. Number four Alonso balls debut. Number three the run up to the Floyd. Connor fight. That was great come on that was a great it was the death was the greatest hustle. America has ever known it was it was literally descriptive the great white hype coming. Oh lied before our own two wives are really was number two. Justice League. I hadn't had a nine years and I'm all done with star I'm off I'm all done. Would nonsensical. Like superhero movies and I'm good I'm I'd I got it I got it on the gas that Kate went from red to blue. And the bad guy is bald and wants to destroy at all I've got a backpack and he doesn't and the super hero once again. And number one they came up with the the new Star Wars video game was the biggest pop culture disappointment drones excited about it but apparently it's one of those games where you buy spend sixty dollars on the game and he has been sixty dollars to get all the weapons that he lived through what did you want to. I within the gain huge gap. They want to rip off you you spend money to buy a game today and get in the game and then have to spend money if you wanna be competitive it is the single. Biggest down vote in the history of read it all so there you go whatever that means. But there's a lot of stuff to be disappointed in in 2017. There's also without a doubt the biggest story of the year and when we come on back we'll try to hash it all out and our final twenty minutes. Here are 957 in game. You know. Anything can mean. Can we bask in the number one story of two. 2017. Just one more time. The number one story of all of last year. It was a game when he shoot out goal scored by don't Jonas John's win last night. Want to pick up guys right now. He's got that no. Yes good points and one. Tonight you know points in four games that this could be a big one of the shoot out. I'm moving in against -- six months. Shoot out preacher of the. Patented move is the Deke you learn in the first practice at the don's going nailed it. Welcome back fifteen more minutes remaining in our broadcast year winds Gionta and Joseph Ford and bought it's good to have you around and let's just start by saying thank you very much everyone on that side of the glass Curley did a great job so did Tommy call opponent for Al bee does a great job all year long blue home vick's home. I mean. Someone else could push our buttons we would never want anyone else to your so good we love you people in the best mood every single time I see a you do a great job. Thanks to all of our staff all the support that we get here it's really it's it's. Good team it's a good place to be the really really good team and to prove that Joseph Fortin balk came in totally Scotch free. On his week off to do a little fourteen ball Friday we've been reminiscent about all that happened this year. And now we're at the finale kids. What do you think. Is that most. Disappointing thing in sports this year what disappointed you the most you can take this locally you can take this nationally. What is the one unwelcome houseguest in sports that you wanna see evicted in 28 T. It's a locally it would have to be the Oakland Raiders just the concept of coming off a twelve and four season and then neat. The construct of moving to Las Vegas that announcement coming down he talks stories of the year. It doesn't necessarily have to have a positive connotation and that was the story I mean you have a franchise that is leaving your town but. You trying to do the best you can with what you got and you go out and you bring Marshawn Lynch and default new draft aryan Conley and you make some moves from the point we think all right. If this breaks this way and this breaks this way you could find yourself in the AFC championship game may be even host. Come out till now and then to watch everything that unfolded. From the redskin game on. That has to be the biggest got punched the biggest disappointment because even if this team wasn't gonna reach twelve they certainly should have been a legitimate playoff contender late in the year and that doesn't count that they were still in it last week. Bet they were never in it. They were never in it mentally. And that to mean. Mean the giants had a disappointing season. Look. Yet dynasty are right so when it breaks down a little bit that's not going to be in the world the generator story man that was a gut punch you Jian a what is your most disappointing is is there a single headline that you bread and the year that you identified as most disappointing. Chargers leading San Diego I buried my dad in his charter had. Ain't broke my heart it broke my heart I grew up. Kellen Winslow is my brother's football coach for some time Charlie diners daughter went to my school I mean I just. That was my hometown that was my city that was my team. It broke my heart. Almost completely agree would you guys and to meet the most disappointing. Aspect of sports. In 2017. I'm gonna say it applies to both of you. It's NFL ownership greed. I really believe that the NFL chose 2017 is dear to make. Moneyed up short term decisions they know will be bad long term. But you have the vast majority of NFL owners being old men. Or in their seventies. Who really don't care about thirty years from now. Care about the fifteen million relocation fees that they'll be able to get tomorrow if they just vote for. The rams to move the chargers to move and the raiders to move. NFL greed it is what killed the golden goose too much football too many games too much over exposure to much of betrayal to fans. And NFL greed I think not only is it the most. Disappointing story this season to meet. Folks it is the number one story in sports all year. We can work locally and say well you know the warriors are drop below or just the raiders betraying their loyal fans to meet. NFL greed defines 2017. More than anything else the 1%. Getting over on us little guys it's happening all the way to top and it's reflected in the microcosm. Just in the NFL. Kennedy fixed. And I ask that because at some point if there's a reckoning that calms the league's gonna have to look at solutions. And everyone complains about Thursday night football and at the front of that from the beginning like so many other stars and I footballs is a bad product. These guys cannot turn around in four days and physically be ready they can't mentally be greed you can't put to travel on. But how do you replace. That much money you can't just take it off the schedule you don't why that's the thing that the only way to fix the NFL's problems is you're giving money back and these guys. Not a single one of them. Would give money back is a matter of fact they'd gladly. Crash. Elaine pulls of fans in the mountains if it meant more money. You do not matter to a single NFL owner hash tag faithful is just to hash tag. Good day. The longest tenured. 49ers season ticket holder. The day that there is someone who just moved here that is why you spend a dollar more on their take it that's the customer they want. Greed is out of control. It is out of control it's really what ruins everything money is the root of all evil well it is killing football it's killing it collegiate Lee. It's killing it professionally. This isn't about concussions are a woman being beaten in an elevator. This is not what did the did that this gonna tear the legal part there's always been bad guys but the game's always been great games sounds crazy used to be anymore. And owners are ruining it. To fatten their pockets. Over and over and over and over again. I mean it's just it's disgusting and it's council discussing. I never thought I'd never be like I like the NFL less I never thought I'd be that guy I am Mecca. Over saturation. You said it multiple times today it's not a novel concept today. I mean Kevin Hart is a perfect example that's right play Kevin Hart a lot of people love Kevin Hart and then he blew off yeah it was everywhere. Like thirty movies that wants the biggest so poets like I that's a much Kevin Hart why do you think people are sol stokes. About another Dave Chappelle special dropping on Netflix January 1 why do you think people spoke about that she told went away for years it's not. I don't it wasn't like a business decision obviously get some mental health stuff they worked himself through but. Supply and demand very basic concept that people don't understand and and the supply has just been. It's too overwhelming. The last few years and Damon I couldn't agree with you more about I mean that's throttle back just to bet it's the I remember saying that I don't remember where was I don't know where you can source said. Cindy Crawford. Cindy Crawford once said I used to be. The most popular model in the world until I was on the cover of every magazine in the world. And she became overexposed and it's the absolute truth you can overstayed your welcome in any avenue of life business entertainment. Leave and leave them wanting more. There isn't it things become cliche because they're true there's something to be set about there really is and the NFL owners. Are in no way willing to sacrifice a dollar today to lead you want more they take all your dollars today no richter city. Or declines yet the team right from this city's bosom they don't care they just don't care there's some real quick knowing that you wanna get extraordinarily healthy sign with the new year do you closeout dear do you get like really glut as these next couple days so big something tonight right. I'm really don't blow it out so out of these last few days. You know I'm not I'm not gonna take two steps back before us are taken my steps forwards on this date look at it this way my normal problem is bad enough for most. And he's a recent chicken nuggets on Sunday night you probably shouldn't. You probably have a giving tamale probably shouldn't but. Absolutely tamales Ford Ord tamales are Denny Jimmie tamales are gimme dat. This is an awful lot of fun Joseph thank you very much any final thoughts before you return what Tuesday next week Tuesday Tuesday you back and mourn mornings here on Tuesday ready to rock and roll. Beautiful big months coming up ahead we that the NFL plows are on the corner. Can grab the kid congrats to low by the way whose kid won a bowl game. Around nine Santa Clara. And a little love to DN diddley who we all know losses mom this weekend and really and we're thinking about Dan Texan and a couple times and I certainly. On our minds so we wish him very very best always tough to lose a parent so that's around holidays and makes it. No no fun at all. But we wish this is an awful lot of fun and Bo it's it's it's just it's. It's ridiculous. How fast time flies whenever you watch any her job so excited when it's cocktails in here for the future and to show would really be firing on all cylinders. Just sang I am I mean here it's like there's never anyone offering you a beer or chicken nugget or anything Alina you are bartender. I mean now let Sarah on until I held was lower going porn just enough I. Donning gas ID JNJ whose day. We could design something here this week we really really good up how I feel for tag but a party ball remember those oh yeah. Yeah there's nobody goes I was at a party once for that the tab for it didn't even works we just Boston the thing open and did dark cups since my dad so I remember freaking Mona. Opening a party ball with a steak knife and then we put that first when you put it the first thing is it. All the pressure comes out you're drinking flat Coors Light so low class and it also 80 yeah. All these quiet time I didn't manage your hours as I do that did ever a body mind and was a little rural Thailand it is they got the nickname party able to. That was a great nickname for him Parker Bowles heard. This is an awful lot of fun we wanna say thanks so much to Joseph for coming on and we certainly didn't have to thanks to increase Slater is always for joining us thanks to Mike silver thanks to the one and only. Jonas don's going. For brightening our day and look. I mean this I don't wanna get too sappy here but. It is the end of the year it's been really really good year as you know Gionta we county shows this was. These 700 in 97 to show you and I never done together. 1955. Shows all together. This is the 1800. In 29. Damon Bruce show Erik Cole. Here's to at least a few more. Here's a least a few more common this station has been an awful lot of fun it's one of the best business decisions I've ever made. It's spend an awful lot of fun from a new friends stamp points that I made. And the family that is now around us it's it's really really great I love being here Sloan wish all you. A good ending to 2017 U series bowl loaned get rid of it 2018 Walt could be awesome. And prosperous for every one I wish you and your family. The very very best whether you loved the show or hate to show they dominate niner hater are raider hater I shard Stater in a hater how John yeah senator a warrior Nader how can the what are they and where so many half a second it's amazing. But I thank you for listening no matter why you do we need. Just as many people who pay to show his love to show for it to be success. We have plenty of that thanks so much for tuning in and please do remember sports don't build character. They reveal.