Damon Bruce Show Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, December 28th

Damon is joined by Jason Cole [NFL writer for Bleacher Report], we replay "Stranger Things 2", and then Damon tells you why "nasty" reporters are important. 


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Third and final hour this afternoon thanks for stopping them on the eyes good Zia. Damon you any Lithuanian broadcaster updates for us and ready to laugh my ass off again no I'm sorry I don't but I do have this announcement from Steve Kerr. Police spoke to an hour ago. And reserves gunshots or use your regular Google I actually expect him to play that made if all goes well the next shot a couple of days -- really good day today scrimmage to did the usual shooting work out afterwards and he told me -- really good after all that well we won't play him tomorrow not with a back to back but all goes well you get a minute against Memphis and then you look at his schedule we don't play until Wednesday sort it does make a lot of sense try to get about they're Saturday assuming he gets the go ahead mark better out. So expect staff curry to have a very good shot at playing against Memphis Grizzlies Saturday. They've got the Charlotte hornets tomorrow night at oracle so they wrap up their season long home stand. Damon I love your show great points on. The upside of Jimmy drop below but this data of five wins after nine losses seems a lot like phrase for a five and ten team correct me if I'm wrong please thank you. I'm not praising the entirety of the season. But please. Like salute and acknowledged the unprecedented level of success after a precedent and level of failure which if you start 019. No team has ever won more than three games that I started a 19 in the sixteen game schedule. Now the nine user five wins they blew that number out of the water and it could be six with the fact that the rams are sick and everybody who can play on Sunday. You know what we haven't had Jason Cole on and really really long time one of my favorite NFL writers he's now Bleacher Report. And he's good enough to join us here on a night where I believe Stanford's got a bowl games so thank you very very much Jason for saying hello Louis this evening I nobody. I'm under greatly on our force. There's absolutely lol time to work or return. Good we're not only are all in disrupt your pregame rituals during a bowl nineteen John Maine. Well our own potential would be cool we you don't Pro Bowl with a little all the attention well. There are the true it would that you want protection should social corporal. I'll be our partner I don't go or if they're shook. I armed. I know we're not anywhere close. Certain worm we're going to be so it's like I have a question undergo. A nuclear deterrent. You shouldn't do just that I'm insane just watching enjoyed Jimmy drop below and that's been easy to do I know that a lot of people are saying you taken it too far you're going nonsense. And all I can tell you is that the niners really our eighth unprecedented. Level of success after starting 019 here. I this this looks legit to me I've never been as sure. As. Like I think I am about it a quarterback being a significant. Reason to go forward as as I am Jimmy rock below it is. Okay. Risen. The level of play of everyone around him it's amazing to me. There was all the idyllic kind of watching in the turf would look too far and watched miracle what are you sort recorders. Were all open construction. Our through the point and there are on the decision making. What followed be accurate shoot your former watched him play in certain outlook also want to turn all the while on Richard. Well thought he a great composure back and considering you're very good candidate in mom opening night. Ultimately be about one and then suddenly it was you want to be playing and you can look everything huge looking trim and in the right direction. And it really difficult part of this route that Porter trapped the big commitment didn't score a lot. Probably failures. Crucial because you have to bigotry which occurred regarding going the route of the French hotel or build. We'd give you can field. An unbelievable amount lover or retreat you know are going forward and I don't even though they dart tried oblivious out. The mixture of political unworkable. After after. To get a real good car truck done but can Millwood in the current version of what turned out fiber should start and you globe because think either one you know influential and start. Conclude what were you there have to be the topic quarterback what was it lets people will battle welcome to our pressure cooker of the government to convert there's your. The primitive rural port parred seven billion dollars here or do something about another wrench. That means he's a scuffle with a look for the foreseeable feature is the key to your horse and so. Poland probably temptation to tackle that is. The only got seven games to go on April took to do that and actual real hard to do. It is only look at look at the money that's been committed to guys who has never won seven yanks yeah assaults me. Oh absolutely part arguably I would I would you know. I would do it because I don't know what side is terrible like what Washington broke through with Curt Weldon each. For two years on. The platoon cap Howell. And Little League we do we do. You know I would pay and Google are truly deluded about bodies or got a huge public to Berry couldn't. All of didn't have the cameras if he's great and that puts. Achieve the bond and it also to a certain extent to order to barge gets everybody walk and talk about the contract. And so you wanna get away from cabinet people talk about contract. And so you know that's where you'd cakewalk blown down there and pay him what should probably be top five to eight Monday. Now our boat along watch what you want. That people don't forget about it going forward because so you just another quarterback Chris did you want Australia to here. Jason Cole and FL writer for Bleacher Report here on 957 game these keep on harping on contract price distraction. As we autopsy what went wrong with the raiders. Do you Trace any of that back to Derek Karr becoming firm but a moment the highest paid player in the NFL do you think that affected him. Are arbitrary and public or someone do a little pressure on him look. To pick up veteran defense could anywhere should perform a trip. Yeah I don't O'Donnell took over they did get a little bit better on defense you. It looked better and you're looking if you kick the entire deal while Putin for the differential. It is there anything about a bit better defense looked issue of the war. Not remarkably. Now. Not very not anything that withdrawal go to work. Battered a backup big problem OK I took Dick problem you have a team that won a lot of cheered caves or cure. Given what a lot of 5050 if they were achieved that if you didn't see improvement from an constituent a carrier. There was approaching that could have a credible question because big. All could you drove for winning but if you go open her back door open to order. We've been able regulation. To loosen some chips can try to. That happened to report card close certain goals are trained to get out and watched. Pivoting go to college football culture through incredible preparation. Or protection to those kids everybody else. The first bunker to 5050. And they catch our repeat over time about our production didn't do enough. Defensively. To get overcome what have you got your your due to do to make up almost tripped into the war or. Black Monday it's coming quickly and if you told me ten teams. Made coaching changes I think I would believe you it looks like there's not a lot of need for some new decisions here do you think Jack del Rio's survives black Monday. I think. So. Is that reason because he's the right guy or is it monetary because they extend them for four years. Ought to know how to count our Ryutaro much guaranteed great so just because you would you should go before Lou don't need to actually do hurt its. Can't account urgent contractors so only be bearish but the amount of Booker yeah a couple of close contract cheaper to get into the modern toward. So I don't know what about me. But I would say. It will mark David sure all the little bit of a coaching change don't want to right. Let's do you think you can go to our group. Are won't eat you definitely think you can upgrade. And I think it's. I think you should a series of what you would call him. Whether gruden wants to coach if you want to virtual hitter or school board Buccaneers look there's little or there's a whole slew of ensure. That have to cut would play. That big objection to fiery object going to come but look look good question and Holland and Belgium border where they're going forgot to contribute just. Eric Ford blue pushing in front of our order for cherishing barrel. Or if no one way entrance try to really took form you know they just want. If they. Ever want to be involved in the Circuit Court military somebody you know burger gonna click. They are what we have always forget it is. Okay. Now what. It will be harder there. They're a terrific sound great to fire someone who drink. Put through their what's next. And the question for the raiders Bruce. What's next to her daughter being it. You're going into a situation we get one here no cord. All of don't know committed moved here. Know somebody is going to be here if you're getting any current approach backed surgeons who say I worked hard your contract. That is absolutely 100%. Holding guaranteed. Because I doubt survive. An awful lot of practice paltry you're potentially over the next story you know first to make it seem competitive and you could tell them what about dirt car. But there you know do you know how a lot more promising to be quiet this year. The fact is with a deeper into the rack and commercial where the offense what mr. Jason Cole joining us. NFL writer from Bleacher Report. This Seattle Seahawks. Could still be a playoff team and sneak in as the sixth seed. Coming this weekend with a win and what an Atlanta law also believe that sit there and and it. Yet we have Earl Thomas talking about hey come pick me up if you need me Dallas Cowboys and I I doubt he's the first player to ever. Talk about his next opportunity while he's still in his current opportunity. But he seemed like the first one who's been caught on tape doing it after a game wow talk about dysfunction by desertion right. Her arms around a turn over the course record bill and do that certain burden. Our little postcard tapered off he was cute sort of reason we're doing some strategy told appreciable. Likeable scrape. That hey come get me out. Well I honestly I don't blame Corey Dylan for wanted to get out of that Cincinnati situation for our guys who are Pro Bowl safeties wanted to get out of Pete Carroll's defense that's a red flag. Yeah I think good. I think Earl well we also have a pretty neutral tax solo. No solutions orbital home Carol RI produce a little bit about there are also had their. A large part. Oh Tom proctor and learn on the wall there could turn this you'd better competition in the gut really expensive hobby shops. There are sort of over turnouts overall charge out of it won't almost all the groups are not delusional people over our group. Always go to that they don't match Shirley street that we are making Eritrea. We have to Russell Wilson and Austria salute you mr. Serwer is different. That. Old conservatives there's not the kind of bowl week. Can continue. Our firms from players and not ordered version of Russell Wilson and all flat. So I would cut those players can get those cancers out of my locker room because. Hopefully that's probably going back. Russell Wilson I don't leave us you know had a better first six years his career than Peyton Manning did. I understand about another questioner about Sherron Russell also Margaret Warner appreciated the a lot of go to Brett walker. Who don't know sir we believe occur. And they don't always is that yes. Left with a visual kindred defense that doesn't shouldn't out of church worship and protection you impeaching score close. That you notional we're gonna do you gonna clutter as you shown over the global solution to bet he'd have taken greater Karadzic. I doubt in any decent sort of suppress its worst kept games close a lot of workable budget accused war. Well. Why did it that's like pure. But we're prepared for a court reporter a murderer of pepper in the dirt and there you have been our resolve if you Google couldn't or conventional. Football we'll also also. And cute guys who so far this season. Have not shown up in the first bout you tell me about Harper's first pictures are finished first Caplan good. Even the bottom ships or when you are sure right invincible basically were shut out. And then he give a winter term and there's some confusion dovish. That no we haven't changed since Fred talked and it was quite considerably short little you little people out of pocket rollout burdensome guards took their object that it could actually lose the commercial off French approach and scores that put the defense and a more positive situation. And not always keep the defense. Ever struggle we're accustomed to but it includes horse products. That's of course well while those a Lagos a little team. I do appreciate that but. Why did I mean I know he's not Trent Dilfer he's not Brad Johnson he's not an along for the ride wherever the defense takes and quarterback like. A guy won an MV did. Aren't there bigger offered a bit right also. These certain players who have been turned to a crowd. A tremendous amount of pollution in themselves and it's doubtful about the car count a bit at gorillas so those shortly before you run. There were doomed to repeat French. You know especially relative to the rough week. There was gonna is there any defense that there's ever do that could carry you don't get. Compared to pin number one week overall approach toward nuclear talks there's a movement towards those guys probably assume lower culture. They also house a provisional ballot. Just like in different scare anybody whoever played a lot which. Jason Cole. Bleacher Report here 957 again let's wrap up would this who weights you're MVP of the 2017 seasonal looks like it's a two man race. Tom Brady Todd Gurley or do you have player X to offer us. Our own bill it's unfortunate that the alleged got dropped out the government's coastal watch all the way or the other or. The Turbo and trust it and the other. Well we don't know it's Grossman. Well. There's no doubt about it Brady Quinn slash I'll go there aren't. A candidate eighty. Unknown to go with the gold standard when little boy your thoughts on protection you don't trouble may get a great interns will go to union. Are considerable loss development was such a few org about how about Ludwick played earlier which you look at a partial look up earlier bush usual. I think that it talked early wins that. Under cool. The jungle where general Rick Florian looks so this would ever thought that. Bay Area teams would you travel into Washington's what you want to lose you can put Tokyo away achieve much. And untroubled one option one of the bigger than the other ones go look at the other. That's not just a woman's story in her hotel. Talk deliberate that's where. The fact that both Bay Area teams could be six in ten this year is certainly stunning. In its own right we thank you very much as always Jason Mann great to talk TS happy new year all the holidays were fantastic and we'll catch up again in the playoffs armed Shura that. Absolutely popular bit bigger. Good luck to your cardinal tonight Jason Cole Bleacher Report here on 957. The game. 888957957. No we had a great conversation with Steve Kerr earlier today if you missed it you can check it out online 957 the game dot com the podcasts will be up you talk got Molly walked. By the warriors last night 12610121. Points in three more blocks for Kevin Doran who is just the all court player. A DEA agents and he really as I did this guy. If you'd like to add defense and capabilities. To your total player valuation. Saying that he might be the best player on the planet right now is not is an extreme statement coming from only warrior fans as you might think it would be. Look LeBron to force of nature there's no doubt that you played defense like that it's. He has his moments but consistently. Like this. I don't rent is going nuts right now. Warriors last night used another third quarter run the ball low the jazz off the floor shooting nearly 60%. And 50% from downtown sixty from the floor McCall and Nick Young were both very good last night eighteen for McCall fifteen for young. Maybe the JaVale McGee trade rumors woke them up. If the Denver Nuggets game. Was a pre cavaliers trap game I really think you'd always opposed cavaliers trap game and the warriors not only avoided the trap they blew it up. And looking at them now. Winners of nine out of ten without curry. That's correct easy. Again curry has been ruled out vs the hornets go when it comes to the grizzlies on Saturday Steve Kerr said. I mean there's shoppers you'll hear against glucose. I actually expect him to play that related well we won't play him tomorrow now with a back to back all goes well we can get him some minutes against Memphis. Mike San Bruno I don't Mike you're a 957 game. They don't lobby group I'm glad you're well is due out next couple days earlier this week I am case you haven't noticed that I am more. Let me just tell you man on the sniffles and who were more than snapple's that was a straight up runny nose is good to feel good and. Goalie gave him when you're missing and I note of them all why nobody gonna happen you whenever your are right. I'll. Hold you Longoria. You. Keep that you. Com regrettable that our cost eat curbed it but a quick 102 thing about Jimmy G and although I'm attitude look and all of the history anyone have anything negative about Jimmy cheek and shoulder and debris much a bit rate or friend or maybe it isn't just watching and just simply didn't really dilute and then then criticize him. Now just enjoy it enjoy it. I'm eager. You know it is interviews aren't just an awesome. You know he'd be quite simple club days at representative for the Bay Area I mean. Even recruit but they have the most powerful. CNN in the world just like in the bears' most powerful area of the country. He also capital Grasso did not expand van Gundy why are our guy but a brick clipboard watching a while just Kobe area. And last not leaking stops and smelled the roses I mean you don't interviewed on the hub for the sake. A minute guys back in. More Smart not hard handle all the pressure but yet stop and all the roses evil corporate ambassador for the area it's a comet or not and and now we should ready here. Thank you very much appreciated Mike I agree with you. To meet Steve Kerr is. He is the perfect Bay Area representatives. He he is. You know. Highly. Highly functioning successful guy. Not so full himself that he walks around like he invented the word anti. Com he he is he's someone. Who has all. All bases comfort. He knows how to greet people. With humor he knows how to offer a little staying guy in the right moment. He can read the room he's in and played perfectly. He's kinder to reporters until it turns into. Hey I'm not joking around anymore and you could see yesterday. Steve Kerr was a little miffed that the JaVale McGee trade rumor went public. 'cause he likes in the deep he doesn't wanna see his guys. Dragged through that even said these guys don't get paid to play basketball they paid to put get put up with all the other stuff. That just. Robs you of confidence. And dignity. And trade rumors are earth a big part of that. I'm a big big big Steve Kerr fans not just because. He gives us a good interview. It's because he's someone. Clearly cares. Clearly cares about his situation his team and what I like about him is he's nice enough to run a charity but I promise you. Would also make a fantastic axe murderer. I really mean it if they don't I don't think first second and Steve Kirk wouldn't kill yet if he had to. Because he is a consummate. Competitor. Don't let the smiled blonde nice guy looks fool you. Steve Kerr would take you way out if you were in between him and whatever was X marks the spot a success. He would take you out. No doubt about it. Eight at 89579570. We're gonna take more your calls before it's all said and done we're also gonna talk about the importance. Of being nasty sometimes. Got in this couple weeks ago in it was certainly. Laid out for us. During an interview. While I was out we're gonna talk about the importance of being nasty. But next. By popular demand. You wanted it you get it again. We have the 49ers and raiders completely switching spots this year they're in the upside down. Raiders. Niners. Stranger things next on 957 the day. They demon drew show on 9578. Bloom where it all goes well. Where's it all starts to go right for the 49ers the leader not. It was right around the same time a bar stranger things season two debut and ever since then. We have been in the football upside down and let's recap. All the way to the beginning you were back on January 10 when the raiders fired offensive coordinator bill musgrave. Even though they had the sixth rated offense and twelve. For the record they went on to retain defensive coordinator Ken Norton junior and promoted Todd downing to offensive coordinator. On March. 27 2017. The big announcement was made and the raiders were indeed in abandoning the city of Oakland. For the riches oh Las Vegas I'm August 17. The raiders were getting an awful lot of action it wasn't just because they were there knew they Justine neither there was hope in the air. And the raiders were the odds on the public's favorite so much so the public moved the line. From 21 to six to one. Don't win the Super Bowl for the Oakland Raiders. Derek Karr would then they even had to everyone's enthusiasm becoming for just a moment. The highest paid quarterback any NFL signing in 10025. Million dollar contract. But then things started to one rapid. Beginning with Donald pins pulled out of training camp they should have really been the first sign that some of these guys been all offseason reading about how good they were. His holdout stunted early practices. The offensive line never got on the same page all yearlong. And even though. It remains the highest paid offensive line in football. They certainly didn't play like in the first round pick Jerry in Connolly was held out of camp due to shin splints no wait. He takes to Twitter to say it's not shin splints and this entire season would be defined by mixed messages and not playing. September 18. 2017. Derek Karr is listed as plus 1002. Winning MVP the third at. Best favorite behind only Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and that's how high the Cold War. He was listed behind Kirk cousins for MVP and over plus 101000. As soon as November me. Things did not start well. 49ers meanwhile they opened with the worst odds to win the 2017. Super Bowl at 200 to one. Right next to Cleveland Browns move would seem they would raise all season long for the number one overall pick. We opened here with the raiders beating the titans in the jets open the season they scored 45 points first the jets and then score 53 points. Over the next four games combined all of which were losses. Marshawn Lynch dancing on the sidelines in net New York game really was the highlight of the entire year. How he was miscues all season long term. Combines the raiders offensive incompetence. We goat to October 8 after giving up three sacks vs Baltimore and 830 to seventeen loss Donald Penn. He seemed confronting the man in the parking want getting out of his car in the video goes viral on Twitter and he got out of his car to confront him. Stand out. That's a level of un discipline that we haven't seen another NFL player on any other team getting to all season long. The raiders who beat Kansas City on Thursday night football with a last second touchdown and playoff hopes worldwide. Even though they were three and four. But Marshawn Lynch is suspended for defending Marcus theatres and at this point are greater still careful attention. But here comes the 49ers. They started the season would Brian border down this scored three points opening week vs Carolina. And next week vs Seattle Moyer threw for only 99 yards no touchdowns in one day. The 49ers won only six under Boyer and CJ better took over in DC which ironically her. It's the exact location where the reader season really started coming hard. Their planned teen protest was shut down or scrapped and they spend the next week or two. So looking over their land go woke and it's certainly something like that Washington DC is where things turned around the 49ers a little bit. Because they saluted their own shortcomings. They admitted that a lawyer was. The way to the raiders never admitted. Todd downing wasn't working out. And they need to change the change was CJ better. The 49ers should keep playing hard between injuries prevented any immediate success and CJ better spend no fewer than three weeks of being the sacrificial lamb for all of trampled PC and it's really going on today. It was October 30. Day before Halloween. And the week. But this stranger things season to Netflix premier. That the patriots send Jimmy to rumble on but just San Francisco for a second round pick in the upcoming draft. Brian Hoyer are released. Officially. To the upside down. This this is where things got nice. October 29 the week the stranger things premiere the raiders are 732. Game East Coast road stretch facing the bills and dolphins. Before a bye week before heading to Mexico City to take on the patriots they lost the bills are falling to three and five. But then they beat the dolphins despite the fact Jay Cutler carved them up on Sunday Night Football. So the raiders are technically still in the hunt going into the bye week. The raiders decide to go with a bogey melon on wounds in needless to say Tom Brady loves the moves and he blew the raiders out of Mexico City 33 tonight. It's. The we will look to November 20. That's dad had Jack Del Rio won it was a frosty and contentious interview in which the coach who really said nothing was gonna change. Welcome. He's not sure what we'll show you I have to say but mom. You know from under the bed my candor yeah hey good talking about me you know our football team and hard. Okay you can sound like you wanna try to do okay. I always offer in my own bed and loved somebody does and good girl made. He said that I was looking at the wrong stats that I was misinterpreting this season. No. The next day the defensive coordinator Ken Norton junior it's fire or. The raiders are getting blown out by New England the 49ers on their first win. Against the giants and they go to one in ten. Better and started one more game it would be a loss to Seattle and that's when Jimmy Rob Lowe. Made his debut. With a final play touchdown. The raiders play their first home game in four weeks then starts on the Michael Crabtree and it seemed to lead Rawlings. Both of them get tossed it was an absolutely yes. Certain scenes that sends a clear message to this team this they had no respect for their coaches they have no respect for the mission of the day they had no respect for their leaders. Yeah what was really important. During the game. Crabtree gets changed mansion after apparently taking into his jazzed out of fear that it would happen in the first place is a grown man simply doesn't Wear them change. That didn't happen on this day or. The entire event was insane smacked him on professionalism it's an active high school kid nonsense. The raiders actually no we don't want to win. Twice more against the Broncos and the giants and they're both games that they might lose in Trevor semi energy line Manning and started. But the raiders are reluctant even though they were never impressive they ran into two teams would this much dysfunction. And poor coaching as they have. A data raiders beat the giants on December 3. It was the same day did you think Rob Lowe got his first start in Chicago and he went 2637. For 293 yards and although we never got the 49ers into the end zone. He moved in the field goal range or five times. Rodney go five for five against his former team from that moment on. Everything would be different it was the greatest zero touchdowns one interception moment the 49ers fans and seen in years. Next week in December 10 the raiders would be off to arrowhead still 66 still on the hunt with a must win game. And the raiders get smoked by Alex Smith. Even though Jason lost their previous six games they get right against the raiders car he threw for 31 yards and an interception in the first half. And the raiders were shut out the first three quarters. It was a must have game it was a total no show about the Oakland Raiders they killed six and seven and basically. Would be a laughingstock. By the football world by the rest of us for the rest of the year. On December 17 the raiders won't lose the cowboys on Sunday Night Football worry folded piece of paper was used to measure a first down. Derek from heat over a touchdown but fumbled football or it's 48 tie. He's fitting ending in. Meanwhile. Rob Lowe he's taking off like a rocket ship he wins in Chicago he won in Houston. He beat the titans in his first home start. And many have the best passing day of any NFL quarterback of all season long against the number one defense in the NFL he beat the playoff bound Jacksonville Jaguars. So the forty niners are now the first team in pro football history to start only nine. And yet win five games before the year was out with a possible sixth win. Waiting for them in LA this weekend win and meanwhile the raiders were eliminated from the playoffs before they lost two Eagles on Christmas Day. Derek Carr threw for a 140 yards and two interceptions. And it feels like GS and uncorked a deep throw in weeks and he wouldn't even aired out in hail Mary time. So what's official. The raiders turned at one of the highest paid quarterbacks in football history. Into a broken man who clearly doesn't trust anyone and he plays wins to do their jobs well yeah. And here's where we are right now all caught up to today. Instead the raiders taking a shot at the Super Bowl for the 49ers competing with the browns for the number one pick in the next draft. Both of these teams have a chance to finish with identical six in ten records welcome. To the upside down. All the bright future talk about the raiders once owned or disadvantage. The 49ers couldn't dream of selling hope the beginning of 2017. Are back in the whole business. With the state of the art quarterback and coaching combination. Meanwhile the raiders have a broken quarterback and head coach. Both coaches zero offense has no way answers to questions. Or seemingly the ability to fix things as they break down. There is a reason why Jack Del Rio was told to more games in football history without a division titles than anyone. And to be honest and maybe this is the most stunning a little. Even Jed York's move to Santa Clair stains less now that there's a little light in the box. And the raiders. They took all the pressure off. They became the poster child. For standard trail thanks to Mark Davis who shall now be known as Mark Davis. The 49ers are back and the raiders are the NFL's biggest choke artists in other words. Or either in the upside down. Or everything is just back to normal. I guess that's up to you. Any advance. 2070. Indeed. I hope you enjoyed this stranger things I hope you. Basically watching Netflix series and and get it to. I'm sure many people dead. Presuming an awful lot stare but we do you may presumption here on the program when we come on back we're gonna presume that you have heard detailed. Of the emperor with new clothes. Lower. Today. I'm thinking of doing. We saw her. Get out to a final call or. Before we get out to USF. Vs San Diego live from the Jenny Craig pavilion. Think given his Steve DiNardo is a gift to. To all of you. I think this could click my stepdaughter is performing in the Holiday Bowl happening tonight in San Diego speaking out. At halftime shows them the issue really should just watch it. Which initiate I think yeah Hudson is from the laughter I don't like I have no idea but she's she's the cute little blunt. Very nice yeah their nice to be centered and it sounds fun. Hopefully she has a great thing. I thought we could wrap up this love fest would mean describing the importance of being nasty this is something that we talked about a couple weeks ago. We talked about how. It's really important that the eight hole not be drug data journalism because journalism needs and they hauler in Amman. One of the things that happen wall I was sick last week was one of the more significant interviews I've heard on the radio program in a really really long time Dan Levin target ESPN radio. Had Major League commissioner rob Manfred down. And skin him alive. Ambushed them. Treated him like a caller not a commissioner. And jump down his throat with stats backs that he had that literally caught the commissioner in a lot. Proven since then a lie. Now talk about. The emperor. Having no close. Actual name of the fable is the emperor's new clothes if you don't know what this is you probably heard it referenced. I went online. To try to find a release of saint quick description of the fable here's what I got four. There's a fairy tale called the emperor's new clothes. In in the story the emperor is a vein. Vain man he always wants the newest fashions. So a couple of swindlers convince him that the clothes that they are making for hammer of such fine quality that only the most elevated in the leak people can actually see them. And since the emperor can admit that he's not the most elevated oral leak person. He just goes along with the it. And orders what are tantamount to invisible clothes right. So the emperor can't admit that he's not the biggest deal in the world so he wears the clothes. Around the palace. And everybody works at the palace is so interest didn't cozying up and kissing the rear end of the emperor they tell immune to lose your own clothes look great. Every one bows down to tellem that's the fine a set of clothes that he's ever worn. No one wants to contradict the emperor and say you know I can see your underwear. So the emperor decides his new clothes are so fantastic that he's gonna go out and parade them around town. Everybody looking to cozy up to the emperor to gain favor with power. Tells them. Are your new clothes and raise your new clothes are fantastic way to go these are beautiful never seen anything that looks better. Except for one little boy. Stands up and says. The emperor has no clothes. So. Like every. You know fairy tale there is a moral. At the end here. And the moral is that because of pretentious NASA and high hypocrisy. People pretend to know about the things aura green on things because they think it makes them look better. And there is always a wide swath of people surrounding that person. Who will tell them what ever they need to here to stay in favor. So a lot of hosts when they're given access to a commission urged just. A lot of host when they're given access to a coach it's just. There's no reason that. Anybody. Not a single person I'm ever gonna talk to is gonna turn determine whether or not I'm on the air and expect. That's another guy. You know so I hope I I owed the raiders nothing I -- the niners nothing I know the giants nothing I know the warriors nothing I don't sharks nothing I don't earthquakes nothing I know the days nothing. Period. And I never wanna ask any of them for a single favor because and it won't have to over the many things. Any animal should be a little disturbing to some viewed that this. Why did you talk show host might actually have more journalistic integrity them a lot of journalists in your town. Here's why that damn what it's hard interview was so important not because it put the hell of a commissioner on his wall. It's because. What did we always heard about the Miami Marlins in Miami Marlins. Our eight nonsensical. Team that's a terror up and tear it down build it up Terry down because they don't have a new ballpark. Well they got a new ballpark the ballpark was supposed to mean guys like Stanton. Guys like Ozuna. Guys like young rich don't get traded anymore. Didn't mean that has meant out of all the Miami Miami is in bad shape now with the ownership group that obviously had to tell him. They the very first action we're gonna do is cut budget in payroll slashing everywhere. There are now other people who say that they were in line to buy the Marlins who said look our proposal baseballs to add payroll. But the commissioner hook the deal from the guy who was just gonna strip it all down. Even though. They finally have all new revenue streams should come with a new stadium. And the Marlins debt Serb debt it is considerable. That's why. Sports are for people who need financing to buy a team. Mark Davis. This isn't financing this do you realize that the only read you're the only reason only reason O'Leary said. The raiders are moving to Las Vegas. Is because Mark Davis wouldn't sell the team to someone who would keep them. In a good situation and how they have to go somewhere to give him the money he never had in the first place that he would have had. If you sold team. But he didn't wanna do it because he be giving up his. What five minutes where it gets to walk around pregame and all white jumpsuit and had people kiss the ring. I'm sorry. Morons sitting the emperor has no clothes I see the con artists and all of you I see the greedy businessman and all of you and I really think that NFL owners collectively. Operate from this. World. We're in our seventies we want millions of dollars now before we die screw thirty years from now screw the fans over. Relocation means more money in my pocket before I die today so let's do it today even though might not be good for tomorrow. Gagged me. I hate that I hate that about sports on sick a bit and I'm not gonna play ball and pretend that all hope. Owners and commissioners are doing right by you they're not doing right by you they're screwing you over is a stand time and time and time and time and time again. And I'm tired out. I see people in the media sank a dim on the card was way out of line you ask kissing condescending. Blow hards you need guys like that. Being nasty sometimes the best friend you the sports fan. Ads in the media. And on that note. Push all of you'll very pleasant night. I hope you have a wonderful trip home for the had a great dinner I hope you enjoy little USS San Diego live from the Jenny Craig pavilion coming up next thanks to ten bonds and Steve Kerr Jason Cole for joining us today great stuff. From all of them thank you very much Tommy great job with a stranger things segment. Both home makes all their symbol cool Sissy ball. And Gionta as always thank you very very much tomorrow's going to be a fun show a fourteen ball Friday Joe's gonna come in around hang out those sued for clock and we'll just take it Platt a good time ahead of warriors or hornets who knows staff curry you might see him now. On Saturday we got that from Steve Kerr today enjoy basketball thanks so much for tuning in and remember sports don't build character. They reveal. Stranger things. Indeed yeah.