Damon Bruce Show Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, December 27th

Damon is joined by 49ers kicker, Robbie Gould, buries the Raiders with a funeral, and talks Warriors on this Warriors Wednesday. 


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Great game review. If you saw this today. Some odds came out for the NFL regular season MVP and it really is a two horse race now Drew Brees Russell Wilson. Carson was all sell off the board according to full product. Tom Brady Todd Gurley and that's going to be your MVP conversation. Where is Robby gold in this conversation right. I mean if you need a ticker Ruben winning game four EA EA got one. And that has ballooned. To a couple more after that even this is a really unbelievable turn around Robby gold he's just an outstanding taken for the 49ers this year. Good enough to join us here on 95 cent in the game Robbie Damon Bruce. Plus you have young man. Happy holiday doesn't how're you. That crap and I appreciate and happy about it. Absolutely I gotta be completely honest with you I grew up the big fan of Chicago Bears and you were a big big big part of the bears is that win in Chicago. Had to a felt. As good as any game he's ever felt you walking on the field right. That definitely thought great there's no doubt about it you know I think a lot of different reasons for that is because want a backed a plate bunt search under way at all. And UConn significantly augment. Not for the guys in the locker room here and kind of where we're headed in. Ought to church rectory of Archie looked like after that when and then I'll have been no political put a couple of road together and punish achievement shop or hope to do the same this weekend and LA. You know as Jimmy drop blow guys sort of changed things a little bit if you notice that crude right speak out clues this dude this. Are you don't immediately grapefruit. Jimmy G mania. Well a lot of people now I talk about it among the most humble guy that your record you're gonna eat it all the way he's coming here he conducted himself. Knowing the leader in the locker room but the wage. Command and hard road throat and they can't make guys responding around on the you know I think you assault. For the first time in a long timer on air. A later visitor and this past week was. I salute rockets in the stadium and they have a lot to do it when he let you know a lot to what the guys bring to the table on that and try to be a part of. Your entire football career Robbie going back to a pop Warner days have you ever been on a team. That is seen such a dramatic turn around to the positive. As we see teams go from really good to all of a sudden all man what avenue last week. In eight weeks they stunk and they didn't go anywhere to see it teams start 019 and then the finish like this have you ever been a part of an in season turn around as anything close to this. Probably you know I can't reliever or call off the top my head you know I see. You know young teams would not be able to make the push a third agent. And but really come together you know we fact they they overhauled the roster to seventy new guys. You committed to the regular season. There I think we hit forty. About 53 guys for new players. That you know I think a lot of it had to do it understanding that government be together for the first time that. It's very difficult and the only a couple of weeks and I'll keep an yeah great training camp leader first came to install everything it. Coordinator then you don't you sit down the fact that clay in Europe Asia attachment that they got a lot or didn't get dejected when it. Well it pull out some of those victories in the beginning. Because connection as well we'd like to have right ordered a small dog actually offered defense and special each. That we could affect you better help ourselves win so that the a young team. Target yet it start to understand how to wind started trying to find different ways to make themselves better. Makes it a lot of article on the work. Robbie gold 49ers kicker here on 957 game Robby is it. Considerably. Easier. To kick it Levi's stadium is your home stadium that was Soldier Field. Do these conditions and the atmosphere in the weather alone make it an easier thing or is it hard no matter where you war. You know this place is a lot harder than I ever expected. Like got here particularly here stadium and you eat. Error when Chandra never kick in every half remember that then go to step for chicken you gotta be able. A player be prepared formed different he's Leo so watch. Our Chicago another plate of eroded so why user that he just content you during your creature crop when her. And it stayed that way the entire potentially have a game plan very distant very check. It doesn't change where that they you know what maybe have a better kicker here is. Understanding some of those key to understanding some of nuances of the other right hash. Always McConnell from fifty caught shark and now you're the play down the middle he kept quiet left or right. Regiment been out by the let them prior to equate your right that Eric in America outside the right upright and look. The way the wind blows it can push out so. But a lot of times Bradley can't help them. Something very hard to our philosophy is that air force so I can lean on those guys that are gained valuable feedback into. It's been a unique experience but or search under alliance really accountable Bausch. Never lean over to drop below and you pairing MVP chants go out throughout the stadium in you do say these are for you broke lose your mind. You know I'd use I heard about that I think good you know our our coaches you know pretty sarcastic guy when it comes to that joke with everybody. By no means do I think I'm an MVPs. But you know you know I think it's a part of that sarcasm that. Of what you love about it then take Coachella think he's a real person I think he's. Very relate at all and you know they're trying to go out of Port Charlotte area road to an Olympic I'll say that you know you're really MVP in my car. I have no idea. Look on but I don't consider myself an MVP so a lot of guys are remote deserve that and you know I think that she get that recognition. I tell you what let Nash Mon awards mean an awful lot around here and I think you should certainly be in the running for that Robbie Gould 49ers kicker here on the Damon Bruce show. As a kicker do you never skip leg day. You know we don't kick we don't do leg up on our during the season pardon him twice a week. Among people here full body ballots. Because the patriarch of body can help you with. At a distance you can have helped US stability. And major risk Cho. We we do a lot of full body work without me. You know like something I enjoy doing good that it definitely helps what do your craft and perfect do whatever is the year do it on the field. That there you go unpunished. New dvd Jon Claude van dam splits. Our top. It yeah. Hips don't lie right she character are paying daughter Robbie gold does it come from. What the glue the butt cheek thinking any decaf like what where does your power comes from and I I see people try to do is look. I couldn't take a side yard field goal you can give me years I worked on here. Our future what won't go work out schemed together you know picture we're so fired art that your core. Here tonight and strong and we'll get up go like six or seven yards but it carpet. That be nice steady diet did some nice range right there you can count on me inside the fifteen yard line only. I would I would love to take you up on that I would love taking lesson in case I ever win like a doctor pepper one shot at a 50000 dollars field goal challenge or anything like that. Your radar from there you go oh we'll take you up on it Robbie how were the holidays. They're good you know I'd vote for your own into the metro or. And bellowed get up in the morning open just saying 00 record and then America's I was in toward him. Let them books in the watch some football and just gonna get ready for. Little aliens come walker creek and so October golden double wrapped up this geared up for one Marat in this year. Did you happen to notice that the rams and announced that their benching golf their benching girly it's a throwaway game for them. Really good chance to go down there and finish clean with rob below what that means your locker room. Our new line you know obviously owned salute division champs and you know in order you've actually got to beat the best so for us. You know who worked for the tone for next year and whether they played their starters amount of hours without them they've earned that right so. Fumble got there and we're over there aren't sure is gonna get their crack at about the train for the on the but come together and play your opportunity for us because down Marion and do the same so. Our side about the chancellor all right he really good solid football this year are the solemn. Related feed my people can serve our civil that Fred and I think it'll be a great game on Sunday. Thank you so much for joining us today Robbie really appreciate the chance to talk with the keep on ticking and straight through those up rights man you've been fantastic all year keep it up. Art thanks Eric thank you very much Robbie Gould 49ers kicker here on 957 again. I don't think he'd get me to take a ten yard field goal I can be totally honest and it might plant leg is my stroke like I just an adult mammal a wobbly style Steve he seemed very confident. Like get up to regulate borrowers to hold onto his eye approach to kick start and handled but I get a handle done derailing her and think. You can do it Damon gone home. Balancing quite what used to date that would be pretty fun as he tried 8889579570. We are gas free the rest of the way if you're trying to get an earlier and couldn't you can now it's 6 o'clock we handed over to Kerry Keating mats diamond Scobee would you for from oracle tonight. Where the warriors are taken on the Utah Jazz let's get back out to the phones this is. Mark on the freeway what's going on mark. What's up. I'll man dugout the other one every guy that would always place more. But above all Barack will do me any thing. Well I'd I want them apparently been reluctant to blatant beauty of what I wouldn't been wouldn't when what they. You're number one think it. A college Intel is that the niners used to be a full game four quarter started long nightmare. I don't sweat third down anymore when I'm watching the niners and I don't think other niner fans and of the niner coaches and other nine players are sweating and either anymore. I think and then again with a one man in thirty seconds without sin and and all we need to get democratic. I mean if you're not impressed you didn't wanna be that's the way I that's the best way I can sum up. The Jimmy go Rob Lowe. Detract or you didn't wanna like him. You didn't want it to work out so your try to make whatever argument you can come up where's your coaching in under small sample size haven't seen in. It's only a few games. And and look all of that you can say it out loud 'cause it's real. But so is this guy skill level so is this guy's ability to lead. Did you hear from Mike duck thing that they had within a couple weeks ago now I wonder what might stop Derek Karr what is sounded like in Philadelphia. Do you think you solves the whole time when he's out there. Need he's bouncing balls two yards in front receivers who were actually running open. I had never seen. Regression. And it's and it's not just execution regression it's confidence it's the yips it's everything man. Every everything that went into the soup and made us really really like Derek Karr dislike it removes all the ingredients. I loved the leader that he was I'm not in love with the leader that he is I think he's like a lot of guys get away with murder the fact that he seemed. And grabbed a Mari Cooper's face mask once this year bothers me. It bothers me. We were talking to David Carr. And David Saturday it's not what my Brothers telling me but you know who's gonna stand up and be accountable on this wide receivers trial. If you didn't think his brother told Matt. You're crazy but where is the actual accountability. Now Marshawn Lynch I can't decide if he's someone the raiders shouldn't cut. When. It was. Almost time to cut him earlier in the year any got suspended for defending in Kansas City Chiefs. I don't know if you if you should've gotten cut there to wake everybody up but since he didn't do that and you didn't keep on. What Marshawn Lynch really turned into. Was the single most miss used to miss placed never use the right way player and football. You know car staggering massive regression he got the yips he became an accurate. He's no feel on the pocket anymore Amara Cooper he dropped everything but a debut album this season. Entire offensive line. Pretty much a let down but the players that we thought Colette she Osama only Donald Penn would be Gabe Jackson. Didn't do anything. I tell you I'm I'm in charge of any. Who gets to do what decisions but if I were the coach of the raiders I would strip the captain's seat. Away from everyone award on offense Khalil match you can still keep viewers. I mean where's he accountability gonna start. Marshawn Lynch is the most squandered asset in the league. Always totally healthy all year. The offensive line this team let him down Rashard at Washington. They were reduced to bit players under this new offensive coordinator Cordero Patterson went from you look at this very interesting weapon to anyone remember him making a play. Getting Derek Karr back to himself has to be the raiders number one offseason priority that is more important than any draft pick. Then any freeagent. Getting Derek Karr back on track because he didn't just go off the rails a little bit. He went off the rails off the bridge. Off everything like it is just it went from. All man I would bet huge on this guy's future to our man I don't know if I make that bet anymore. And that's coaching. That's sexy Q shin that's accountability and responsibility. 888957957. Now. Go Rob Lowe beat the number one defense in all of football. The raiders parade of disappointment officially reached its end in Philadelphia. Just plain out the string next week. Christmas Day starts would ramp beaten LeBron. Forget the two minute report drain money green's opinion of the two minute report. Was the best. Hey man why act like. He is now responsible for a game being won or lost when you. Not even bothering to look at how we officiated for the first 46 minutes of the game. Row when Walnut Creek rose thanks for the call. When he got. And yellow compliments are up and happy holiday Baghdad. And that look not only not our topic that you got production on at the lifeline out of cramped so excited about her her back on the radio back and I'll. So just gonna go right that it Levi idiom. Look it every kid came at a good news bad it was freezing cold we complain about it we by the burning hot and if you and a Coke general term both. But you know it did litigated and what what really mattered that quality of of product on the field. And Levi did bump and now there's an excitement there that haven't been there in four years would never been there and the awesome GG. Look all you need to know about you immediately make dusty road and he wind at the end of game anyone that actually watched him play there something special and anything can happen coaches owners. Whatever injury but I don't think we're excited enough about what that guy can be. Now they're in the Bay Area. They're always big the big concern there are a lot thirty years of dominating people all or sixteen years departure won't get puke. They're gonna be the biggest story you're right but not a quarterback in the big story and it's on the watched. Bella check they got the article go to people all day giveaway gras or you waited till the very last day to get what he could get. It wasn't going to be if he were brought look at challenger and oracle can only meet. Brady on one game that ball and I'll hold off with 2019 Gigi were Khatami beat. To finish all. How well does not quite go there had by blood it would be amazing and that happened by the way Tom Brady asked about the success that Jimmy G tabs and out here. He's impressed. Well he's done a great job that he knew going there and end. You know get an opportunity to play and win games that's what world here force so. You know he's just it was there was good to see him you know good for them dead beat Jacksonville that certainly helped that really happy for Jimmie and he's worked really hard. It's a choked up when he goes out there and played really well. It is certainly showed up they keep showing up in the win column. The fact. That eighteen teams and football history who started only nine. During sixteen game season eighteen teams started 019. Those teams averaged one point nine wins per season no only nineteen. Adverse finished with a more than three wins the niners have already blown past that marker. They've won five heading into a finale where the rams are benching all important and pactel players. And they'll be people saying was the only reason why yet they just beat the number one defense in football that was pretty impressive. The fact they had a historic streak of close calls. Five losses by a combined thirteen points earlier in the year. And this turn around which is maybe the most dramatic in season turn around we seen an NFL team make it the end of the year when one player being the difference. The niners are now possibly. The single greatest worst football team of my life it just so weird hair that. But it's the truth and it is. And the deal is this. Everything's up for grabs and please think he got the quarterback nothing is settled until you got that guy. Once you got that guy the priority becomes you need to have a winning culture. And Jimmy drop low is installing that they confidence this team plays with. Because of him is palpable. And if you can't see it. Your blind to the realities of how football teams work. You just don't get it. You've been rooting for laundry. Player performance means nothing to use your loyal to a color scheme. Not reality. I'm not here and having the dirt car Jimmy eagle rock below debate. There's a debate to be hacked. One. Look to be a franchise quarterback and with the right coaching we'll certainly be again the other guy we really didn't know. But now he's been paired with the offensive head coach who knows what he's doing. All my goodness sky seems to be the one it. Jeff can Sandra fell with sub Jeff. Jeff gone. We go to Bob in an old Bob how are you. They've pretty good. So I had that they're not why the raiders books about baseball in Connecticut we practiced I believe it I believe there wouldn't dare broke again be blamed. The fact tobacco card and looks great. I think Leo runs right at the dateline and in fact they think upload but it like practice and get the batting practice. Ensure all they got Kershaw and it struck out. You're not ready you're not prepared they're not making each other better. You know Bob Bates it's not a ridiculous theory I mean you know he you do turn into it how you practice matters. And if you're not practicing. Against great talent. Maybe you're not developing your talent in the right way but here's the deal. This same crappy defense. And actually got a little bit better this year was on the field during twelve and for a last year. There are practicing against those guys last year. Everyone's trying to come up with feet well I hit the target bullseye I know why the raiders turned it all around. Orally. There is no one reason why this is a culmination. Of you might not be. The best available at your job. Coupled wins. Those who choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it. And this is exactly. What it looked like in Jacksonville became before today came to an end for Del Rio. What I what what makes me. He'll sat. For disillusioned raider fans is the oh well you know now that Mark Scott all that money earmarked from Nevada he's no longer. True or to be an NFL owner. He's got all that money he can just go ahead and pay off Del Rio and go get gruden. Number one. You're wrong. Number two none of that Nevada money was earmarked for a single player or coach that is for stadium construction. And number three. It's to the point where this is so gone from twelve and for your so far removed from twelve and four right now. If your Mark Davis your whole lip service I wanna bring the day. A championship before we leave quickly turns into why just gonna try my ducks are enrolled by the time we actually get to Vegas. But I'm gonna tell you right now if the raiders could hire Jon Gruden. This ain't deer to do with the years to your own Vegas is geared iron John gruden. So I really wonder what honest effort will be put into creating a winner. As they are a lame duck football team. I I'd I question. The real goals. Other team. Whose future home means more to wait and glut the announcement to go to Vegas is part of the savvy to sabotaging of this season. Whole thing was weird. Duke here in the city duke what he got. Seeing daily. And clean sheets. Source start off bars same brother died of welcome Bert my brother. To a world and boomers Providence when you've been listening I'm glad you glad you recommend broad bargains so brother high. Oh how little has given to a narrow. All the talk about is good mode would Tomo partial loud and there's such events facts. And Jenny she just polish roots. Jacksonville. Didn't expect to find what was wait for them. And even though they rallied I mean that did the jaguars tried to come back and win this game when they got down and give credit for doing that go rock below. Found the soft spots. He is the highest rated quarterback this year against the NFL's number one defense. Now if you're a bitter raider fan you're gonna say it doesn't matter. Did you know anything about football you're gonna say that kind of matters considering that. He's not drawing to a anyone has gone all Pro Bowl. Is protection is as questionable at times his dirt cars is down. Everybody's stepped up men disguised made everybody better that's undeniable duke we love hearing from you thanks for the call as always more calls coming out. After a little something we like to call. A silver and black funeral. There are 957 game. Now back to the demon drew shelves. 1957. Games. Really good to have you along tonight. Good to be back. Thank god I got out of bad. After being really really laid out with a bad cold that a lot of people laugh it is. Yeah they say Janet it's going around and really is it is going around I was walking. I was able my big Christmas Eve accomplishment. Was breathing out of both nostrils for the to the point oh my god. I can use to nostrils. Exhausted being congested. That gap exhausting night hated. Put all the work through the snapple's man all worked through this means is we can't work through as a broadcaster is a call now it's too hard a nasty nasty cough which basically set up shop in my lungs. For a week I pressed that you haven't really like cost at all why you should be. Isn't even back this is this is an impressive performance repaired during this broadcast which goes at least another half an hour before we get you out to the fact. That we got warriors Utah Jazz master Imus Kerry Keating coming up with the warriors woman's life from oracle. At 6 o'clock tonight. By the way do you see the warriors. Have Chinese heritage alternate uniforms that they they ruled out today now that the worst segment there is per radio show is. Look at this new uniforms ray I can't show it to you it's the radio. But it is. About this the first time I sought I went yeah. The second time I saw an island near the third time I saw it I was like man the fourth time I saw and I'm like. Aren't I kind of like it now like it grew on me quickly. I don't understand what that little bit of Miami Dolphins teel is like doing on their shorts. Looks cool thank you works. Did you feel out here but otherwise. It looks good. I like it it's a celebration of Chinese symbols of prosperity. You can Google it if you check yeah they're going win instead of the city. It's gonna say the bank tackle which is kind of cool now what they also got done with these jerseys. With playoff the pound. They could add New Jersey is is at the Chinatown. That would have been cool to have. Like it it's it's. Out of this as far as alternate uniform goes and we seem alternate uniforms ruled out for everybody in the NBA today. Yet it's not that I wouldn't want I would not wanted to be there permanent home uniform put in a one off sure. You're closer reign in January 25 vs Minnesota and if Minnesota is going to be wearing their special. Jerseys DC Minnesota's jerseys and all great 100% gray like the gray walls have. Own got a bit like I'm just an all gray uniform there's I thought that somebody announced the new uniform the black and white photo but. Cabrera came monochromatic and I just about completely monochromatic food. Can't say. Damon met. Other color is called jade. Wolf that makes spend thank you Penske auto sales dot Comtex line I was not. And come up with Jay before the end of the show it is a warriors Wednesday driven by Porsche Walnut Creek a Tony seventeen premier Porsche dealer and buy Friedman's appliance trusted name in the Bay Area since 1920 till. Whenever I'm out. Something happens every single time every single time. I'm Al either taking a vacation day a personal day a sick day if I'm not on the air breaking news. Gonna 90% shot happening in. Sure enough when I was out last week Adam Longoria gets signed by. Severance is good giants now look there's been a lot of criticism. That the player his numbers. The amount of money that's committed to him the price tag all of that coming off of eight. Down year than most down year of his entire career I've heard a lot of people. Try to pick this apart because it everyone thinks they're skip Bayless. I got everyone isn't. It's too bad one is proof but. He's a Major League third baseman whatever shortcomings are. That guy can play and that guy goes out to play every day. Evan Longoria. Averages like a 160 games a year. I mean the guy is impossible to get off the field and big easel stability over at the hot corner. So I'd like to signing I mean he can't can't argue with it. Is it perfect no he's Stanton no. You wouldn't you want them. I said that we would be conducting a funeral and I do think it's time. The official wait for the Oakland Raiders will be held in Los Angeles. Next Sunday. Who knows if they're gonna show up be motivated. Play hard I don't know I I I gotta be honest and I don't care. Your friend. I'm over it I'm over it. And I think most you should be to the raiders were either a mirage we misdiagnosed. Or they really. Have regressed. As much as you've seen it a twelve and fourteen. Spin backwards effect that. They might end up with the same record as the niners it's not even. I thought that I would have been comfortable expressing on the air at any point in time right up until it was like there's no way that they're gonna vanish in the same record. My finish for the same. It's unbelievable. So on that now. Ladies and gentlemen we've gathered here today. This evening were. Our single dime. I didn't. All the funds from last year. All the great fourth quarter comeback wins all they got Z. We're going forward playing in the wind at all to be some love winning when he sixteen. Never really needed in the 27 team. Incredibly depressing. To see you learn a team with so much promise offensively. Forget how to throw forward passes. Down field for more than chunks of gamer or fewer yards. End of that Eagles game or when you needed to hail Mary like the last three weeks in a row. When you needed to score a touchdown error on your final possession. Derek Karr is throwing underneath. When's the last time he uncorked one really and maybe win means Eagles cornerbacks little story Cooper came open. The furthest I've seen throw a ball and and three months. When that happens in the vertical. Passing game. Returning to the horizontal. Passing game this year. Maybe what's worst about this passing. It's what it's done to our friend Greg talked. Let's just say it was saying. Less than glorious. Final. Readers are survived by Darius owner. Seeing whether or not Jack Del Rio survives. Todd downing. Should be buried along the a team ready and offensive struggles. All year long and I don't defense coordinator. Here and do their defensive coordinator should have been fired in their offense angry and then fired the offensive coordinator. Doesn't make sense. If you're lying when the raiders didn't do any other thing I'm. Here we are. Raiders fans are. She disappoints you. Ready to leave you once again. Well marries a one hour farther. He's the only hail marys and this team out there throwing all year. I I can't believe how bad they became overnight. Stay depressed speaking. Does that raiders segment of people been begging for. It's just terrible I did what what is left to be set. In all schools in. Everything that Del Rio us talk to us about in terms of getting better being accountable it was it it sounded like lip service at the time. And it materialized. Into lip service with a performances that we saw weekend and week out. When we come on back. Good game good game good game good game. I am. Really don't want. It's. I played here. It's also. Commitments and bigger dog good right now. There's there's a buzz in the air you can DOC block in the stadium I mean the crowds going nuts and just a free games us it's exciting having the sauce and offensive guys thank you part of. Here in usual. His body is different we can throw I think there won't concede that his job he can make an usual throws from unusual angles on the continue to arm everywhere Ifill was on his. Cities like a jug machine just so they're ready to throw it doesn't matter how is body is different is starting time. That definitely helps stop especially in small dental situations that I live on the wrong way in a lot of people believe you can make that a found a way to do it and turn it over jobs all of them and here. May drop blues got. So much arm potential. I mean he's accurate he can make about any throw you need him to reconsider it and he can put Lowell air under it he can float it right in between. The linebackers and safeties getting it to wind and that tight ends sweet spot area. All the things that it looked like Derek Karr used to do Jimmy drop below is doing and I know that Derek Carr can do it again. I know it. I have seen enough in Derek Kerr to say did this year is a year where the team failed him. As much as he failed the team. There's no doubt in my mind. That better days would be here for Derrick if you were getting better coaching if he were in a better situation. If he were playing behind an offensive line that. Lived up to its. Highest paid offensive line billing. It feels like there's a huge case of reading your own press going on out there. Meanwhile the fight that we've seen in the niners' here in the season that's been lost in a year that we're you know like it started established Jimmy complain how much morning wanna win. The answer is they would like to win now now. The rams and benched everybody. For next week everybody. What's amazing how quickly things change how quickly things change the fact that the niners. Feel like at the end of this year thanks to the success of grapple load there is sending once again. The rams have obviously been a huge surprise demonstrating. When stayed in the yard head coach who meets young up and coming quarterback. Good things can happen. I do think Derrick still under young up and coming quarterback. Classification. I would never put Jack Del Rio into the category of state of the art. How about the fact that wall all of this is happening. Arizona just got rid of Bruce area and who made and the best Arizona team I think I've seen out of them. And the Seahawks. This you got all kinds of problems of their own the Seahawks. Have desertion problems. The point where. Earl Thomas is losing games in Dallas and then going up to Jason Garrett saying hey come get me if you need me this guy still got a lot of years left on his remaining deal. I need to talk about it today in Seattle this is. Especially for a safety if you don't mind me saying no pun intended. As bad of a back pedal is you're ever gonna hear. 'cause it was weird man. We're all. Here's the most diligent and others. Turn over the last hour. Yeah are met and contract here's a deal there is no privacy anymore if you ever wanted to talk like that you can't do it in a hallway. I understand what he's doing he's not the first player to do it won't be the last but he's the first to be caught on a microphone. In the prime of his career in a franchise out of this the Seahawks could go to the playoffs. And he's already interest in being a Dallas cowboy who aren't going to the playoffs. That's a bad look man wheels are coming off in Seattle. We have dissension. In the ranks. Guys planning desertion. And I do understand. It's brutal and you've got to always be thinking about where's my escape hatch in a league that will cut you like doing nothing. What you can't because saying certain things on tape from my barrel Thomas. Bad luck. Bad bad look. I'm still in San Jose del what's going on how are you. Pick again and I've gone donate their belt he got a call real bottom line. That low just show. Him that. I don't know if you've had it all sports the other pickup truck actually talk about entertainment 830 and I'm not gonna go out. Well thank you know what's her what's her name. Scioscia. That's first also says that's a lovely name amen and thank you very much for listening and plugging nice. Well an out. About operators are littered. Carted to get bigger stronger because delicate. And data dig through Cooper. And it pirated I don't want Iran. Not got a round got a Bible about it he would beat up learn problem. And bad about it. Well they they need to and offensive coordinator who understands the strengths and weaknesses of this team and and placed an amendment. It seems like downing. Had had no idea what he had her was overwhelmed by the options and could never pick the right direction you know that. It's. The worst thing you can give somebody some times. Is a little too much. And downing seemed to be so desperate to get everyone involved that no one got involved. It's one of the worst coaching jobs I've seen in my in my lifetime given the talent I know that they have. Marc Cooper forgot how to catch a football this year. Derek Carr and Derek are forgot how to throw a football this year some gone on with him now sums up out some snot right. Tracy and boy oh thank you Tracy what he got. Yeah they were going eligible Obama. I'm channel partner Laura what can actually greater mammal diehard raider fans. I haven't listened to the constructive criticism that we truly deserve this year. That acknowledged in support expectation to pick up I'm disappointed like the rest for the resignation it. I think what can we are not touching off which I'm not trying to make most interest or can picture out they're playing him. There's no excuse this but I truly don't think they're it will be. I don't think from that broken vertebrae yet we're backing never will be recovered. From an agreement that was it really looks in the scoring what I am staying in it. You know Tracy a minute tirade that it. If there is truth to that. The amount of negligence that has the decision to go play him is ridiculous. I mean that is. If they sent their franchise just signed a 120 million dollar deal quarterback to go out there. To lose games they don't how about this if Derek Moore really injured. Why is he playing in Philadelphia at all any game that now officially means nothing. You know the raiders got eliminated from the post season before they got to Philadelphia so there was no reason to play a guy which vertebrae issues spine a bit fed up what ever that help people want when Ben now is a problem when Derek Karr. Got her email this one game. This other game he couldn't bend that hurt even though the area is certainly a red flag area all broken bone in your back sounds awful. Something terrible although the raiders have made some very poor decisions eat well I would anything past them I don't look at it this way everybody and their medical staff needs to go if that the fact that the guys out there playing. Under these conditions. Which are the game doesn't matter I I just. I don't think that's the right excuse it may be part of the reason may be doesn't feel like himself part of the reason why is the yet C doesn't incompetence. In his passes I think a big reason why does have the confidence in his passes because of what raider wide receiver or your confidence and to throw your keys to. I wouldn't put my key storm Marty Cooper. My land in the sewer grate and go away. Guy went from Paula he looks like it's total stud at Alabama to. Usual soft in the middle and vanishes like David Copperfield. Suspect that incredibly disappointing year the total opposite of how things have ended here for the niners and that's why they're a big story now. And I'm tired of having to explain to raider fans your team is leaving you stop caring so much they don't give a damn about you not a damn. They leave then they just Kursk's. Thanks so much for Tony and and thanks so much everybody got us up and on the air today Tommy great job filling in for Al be really appreciate it would homes it's all has always mammal. Many feet Gionta thank you very much Dieter curtain ball marks spears Robbie Gould of the 49ers. All really good stuff thanks for tuning in war years warmup coming up next slide from oracle in the meantime remember sports don't build character. They reveal.