Damon Bruce Show Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, October 11th

Damon brings you the latest info on Derek Carr's availability Sunday from Raiders practice today, is joined by Jordan Bell, & tells you how you can help with the Tubbs Fire devastation. 


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Straight to you wish you the latest. On Derek Karr from Derek Carr and his head coach in just a moment and later this hour Jordan bell. Warrior rookie forward joins us here on 95 point seven game. From the Penske ought to still stuck on text line hey Damon you know football's a dying sport I love your hatred. But you're out of touch. Okay I'm gonna say something I do not like saying the news that football is a dying sport. Is the biggest scoop a fake news you've been served on the Internet in the long time and you drug insert some big scoops of fitness. Equipment used a. I asked our ratings down ratings are down for everything because it here under the age of thirty you don't watch TV like people do over the age of thirty. It's just a different party your life the way consume media the way do you consume a false thought of any athletic event is not the way we use to. But. Even though the ratings are down for the NFL. There's still 1020 times greater. Then whatever the next show ways whatever the next soccer game is going to be visit that football is the biggest sport in America. By a wide margin. Don't let them woes sports dying died it's not dying at all. Sports not die in my be less participation in high school football but that doesn't mean it just means there's wolf fewer week kids playing football. The big strong kids still go play football period and story what about CT aren't you worried. You know you go on. Have a professional career. You go on to play football all your life against the very best of the best for years and years. Agassi I damage could mount up absolutely I'm not smarter then you know research that's being done. I can also tell you. Every single kid that was on my high school football team had a great time playing is totally fine today. If anything like all my knee my elbow every once fine you only played a little bit of football. Recreational any per year you know childhood years and high school. Maybe Connecticut coffee and college. You're hanging your fine. Your kid. Playing soccer. Head but the ball everywhere. That kid is more of an issue with concussions. Or go unreported and undiagnosed and untreated and onlookers Staten. Did that I don't hear anybody taken up arms over. All these head balls until well they're gonna outlaw it. While then your you can and you're not playing soccer anymore. And then Antony in Berkeley has given me a call must talk a little soccer how warrior. Eric brought up. Why did they spit the bit this World Cup. Well. I played my whole life I've played in college I went a ballplayer Kirk. And the problem that I have seen permitting the use Google wants to address here in news in Europe when they see talent. I met a five year old child who got signed by day. He. Put the I tax for a million dollars million here. When they see talent this group looked young they pull you out of school. You basically get home school. And you train every single days but they're ready for World Cup. By 161718. Years old because and soccer. You're done by 28 I mean really. So here by the time you finish college. May be naked on a professional team. You're 24 years old Ukraine's already halfway over if not more so the the peak power that we're seeing here. You know you've got like Bradley in and out of the war in and I you want a lot it was great a clinical and they're getting into late. So how can you build the team to go to World Cup and credit they did make it but they're gonna play what will cut got to that fit thirty under tailored to their career. They have the start younger. And until we start doing that until we start recognizing that it's a younger sport and not good start didn't kick ready to go professional 1718. You're going Coke. I never gonna happen. And if you look at Europe that is a recipe they use of their own have only milk and they go out nothing in how much. No way under we are probably. Isn't it it's right that we don't look at a five year old kid didn't say sign amount taken out of school put MS to put a menace sport academy and have sport be the number one priority in that kid's life moving forward like we're probably. A little better off for not doing that and a lot of reasons or in the sport isn't always been beaten. By the countries that take things deadly serious DH spot. I'm completely decided that kid's future when they can make any sort of decision for themselves Gaffney appreciate Coleman and thank you very much yeah I mean there is. In I don't wanna say it's you know that this is a word that it shouldn't be thrown around cavalierly put. Systematic. Oppression. Soccer is going to be systematically oppressed in the United States is compared to what the world is doing forever number one you get done. Lowest quality athlete. Number two. Like our last caller just said. They're taken you know why is eleven naps in the third grade these kids are run and laps there there making it. Much more series and an early age. And you know in the United States we make. And and correctly so we take a lot of pride in being. Well the first but there's no you know if you're really good one sport. You're gonna play other sports as you should you don't wanna burn out most kids don't just play one sport. I mean you proud did you just play football you possibly didn't look all across cross baseball every single summer. And when I was like eleven years old my parents signed me on to play soccer now as his bored playing in his I've ever been watching and I couldn't stand it. I've never quit anything in my life so why would go to the entire season just miserable. Then next year delay may exact her again I might add a year. Like cross country with a ball that you hardly ever touch caused it to them. Falcon plays soccer and swimming he hates it. He. Needed are you kidding me it's played AI I'm mayor Teddy controlled chaos he says they run around and it's get it they get the energy out. Which is why I love it. I eat. Now that I came from bet big you know I mean look at a you'll only three year old kids like poppy wanna tired I'll. I mean and it takes technically the it because we moment on played Marmol okay what that's right now because they've only three can't really you know we'll figure out what he's interest and hopefully. Call for baseball. He's in recent taken other people on the nuts and then is that do you think he's gonna play gosh not possible deal would need to says he mama want a pop commercial political. You know that it act Gwinnett when he little maybe that's hard for me because I. I'm very nervous about I'm a mom mean talents that turns out they're nervous yeah but if he loves Sidney once tried out I'm not gonna deny him. The opportunity. To see if it's for him that's good but I women definitely. Don't read your best to get ready for the Damon Bruce shell of the hour the reality I mean like the. We PGA able 3M PG okay if you got PGA goals those are noble goals indeed. Was greens fees add up so mom yeah I really do but he takes them he takes them he likes settle blocked by swimming yeah he does. Great sport Dicey place coming you know my place swimming. Is swimming has swamped whenever. Are we are not going down the soccer path very long boy got a couple calls will take him right here let's talk about these group of US galactic losers. This is item in severed Cisco how are you. And there won't vote game and that reform caught adult men show prayer that he would knock a cute. I just want to explain a little bit more about the significant Serb USA must not walk out this for. US they had echoing the seventh longest active streak of qualifying for World Cup team back 1990. The court I'm the only country to affect and South Korea let the longest streak. These include Brazil and Argentina and England look at Germany. So this pink purge those people who do care and then when you're not one of those that own BA huge thing per US from LaSalle. On the Betemit branded add. Generation can get it done this and get first time. Being in many people bipartisan calling myself that word on if he's. And now it's gonna hurt because let's face it when you've got. Soccer leading off sports center and everyone pretending that they're so into it are really are into it. Like you are now gone away what you got as did four years. And then four years after so eight years that's awful that's like a generation or you go wait years it about a generation. Oh how many years he had to live before you do you call the next generation. And now. I don't know what separates one generation from the other one what separates Generation X. from generation millennial what it would set the twenty years. 225 years about a cash. Well Tony back in less than 25 years but yeah I mean and there was there's going to be no societal touch points for a whole group of kids. Isn't waiting around for road you know. That is what you've been waiting four years for the Russian World Cup you didn't make it and I got to wait four more years that's why I'm getting out there. Obviously you know what eight years did I look forward pay attention on how to combat attacked our Kenny San Jose what's up getting. I frequent call I was just calling because bad I just want to say that it's ridiculous that you meet thank players of fighters that the search. People uniting Europe keep that they would I had been in Holland is that there aren't better at debate fine I'm terrified. Howard that he would make it will cut that you're so obviously now working. The United States has. Well in Holland I know the World Cup didn't and a few years ago. The Netherlands or something I don't know there's a lot of Orange. Yet that yet exactly big. When he it would be United States has so many phenomenal athlete. And we're very competitive and use well Colin barker at about twelve or thirteen. Actors that. You know they have to Turkey shoot in the sport and you know what. It but people didn't soccer other people our age jets won a lot to get over it I mean it was a it and they denouncing Bob does the girl while. There's going to be a brand new set of players coming hey hey you know but probably qualify for the next. Gab I look I mean you know it there's no such thing as it's just one wanting dated he'd be missing the World Cup is. Until I got a lot for a guy doesn't care on the new go on anti well that's that's a blow to the morale. Of the whole thing and that's. Officially. No one around. You know it's not like are you on this golf for mr. continuity back get it next week. Now you got to wait. Can Whittle longtime. Speaking of missing. Our car can't be missing much more football this team expected he's going do while it's gonna go far. Jack Del Rio had good news today at practice. You think he's ready to go we'll see how practice goes among troops who go with the flow. Things are incursion. Just wait for the docs to say they okay. We have to make some decisions from the quarterback. All of okay for Derek in this particular case welcome change is good but he didn't realize he's prepared to play well protect himself and he's gonna go. Forget about everybody else solitaire right from the horse's mouth. Derek how's it feel on. There will suit. I didn't play last week in my head. Because I always think so no let coach make that this isn't my job is to show up every day. No nothing changes for us who monitors the quarterbacks just like he does every day just like because he's position. And then we'll go from there about my. Is he. Is he. Concerned about getting hurt again. I had a broken back ankle. Now back injury. Is gonna be a little ten minute about the whole thing. I think anytime you take it like that there's always a chance for anything you know invest. I'm just a risk that we've we take every time we take the field you know as a violent game that we play more violent than people realize just watching them on TV you know but. With this I mean I think it's a risk every single week yeah you can get hit you could break your ankle too yeah just breaks your finger you know a lot of thanks so. You know it's just one of those things many terrorist every time I got to cancel you step outside you risk and head by bus we all know that. How bad did it hurt when that happened please know I knew it hurt really bad I'll I'll I'll be honest with you hurt so bad that I was like. But I hope for some rather than a muscles you know fashion you know I'll hold my veins are as little better and that you know insert that there was good. You know when I first started out as a shock to us plus other note that was. If they like a lot of people. But my brother actually did the same thing so there's so this is good to have a Big Brother good broke his back also. Outside of Derek Karr. But we and we just can't let I don't lose like you know it's good to have Big Brother. I don't throw it back to you know hear that very often many Smith a teacher somewhere saw him. Besides Derek getting back under Rodney Hudson's family. What is it really going to take. Did the raiders back in the win column. Always going to be efficient you know went out and similar snow watching the game and maybe when you what you from the sidelines this really hard gonna sit there and see certain looks and see things going on you know what's with all those most confines but not so good if we can just be efficient management has to do their jobs that we talked about actually before I got hurt when we went to a good for them I didn't do too much. Large can do my job. Take what they give us and when the big players there and make them. I think that goes for everybody. There's a British man just does their job and doesn't worry about anything else I think that will be better off. We have. Gone animal I'm here. We said that this is a must have weekend for the raiders they got that vote instead it simple math. How many chances do you have to win how many. Opportunities do you have. Eleven. Kazaa by the way it looks like that's where the Kansas City Chiefs are going looks like to Denver Broncos might not be too far behind. Is it make or break week for the Oakland Raiders dirt car. Can I don't think there's ever make or break week to be honest and Sosa like really eliminates there's never you know any athlete will tell you that but I do understand the importance of every day. And that's why try so hard to get back from last week. It himself. Just look at those look at the schedule look at what you've got left look at at the hole you'd be end. If you lost again this weekend if there raiders lose again this weekend that is 12344. Weeks equals a month where I'm from that's a month of lousy football. You don't see a lot of teams. Play off bound. After a month a lousy football and you do not need to text and tweet me at the raiders lost four morrow dear that they went to the Super Bowl. You've got to chargers. At home. Better wind does the next game the sheets are right there waiting for yeah short rest Thursday night. By the way CC sabathia takes the hill for the New York Yankees tonight. He's got a lead already it's one nothing pinstripes yankees and Indians DD grim glorious with a home run. Did he. My when it comes loss and I. In fact tomorrow. He can't. Stay tomorrow off personal back but before personal day. Say what you know on the on here and taking it out early insulate there's an elimination game then ideas and I can feel. The lower I am nervous. Hey he put on a show on summer league. He put on the show in limited action in minutes in China and he's about getting ready to put on a show during the regular season how much showtime is he gonna get. As Steve Kerr told Jordan bell how much she's going to play. When did he break his cell phone you're about to find out warriors rookie Jordan bell stops by to date membership. Yeah. Many areas or patient. Not just some of them. All year. Next time your at a barbecue or at a house party you're hanging out with friends or why not tell what the situation little kettle and soda kettle one vodka they Finley made vodka made from 100% non GM oh grain you can garnish appear next cocktail little cucumbers mental grapefruit in time little big easel gives you a nice delicious Faber without any added sugars are syrups and that's exactly what I need to drink have a little cattle have little candle and so that these are sort of become what bought December 4% a common law enforcement and the brands TV portrait -- -- USA as a vehicle for. 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Basketball player he knows he has been loads of musicians that deepens it and they don't much like Graham are great the respect he's got my guys your kids being turned and I just got a terrific theater he's got a lot. As did the quickest. Jordan now. A brand new tour Golden State Warriors get. Hello all shiny and out of his rap thing I didn't drafted in the second round by the Golden State Warriors we are thrilled to have Jordan bell. Fresh off a trip to China. Ready to start his NBA career joining us here on 95 point seven game Jordan how Loria. A murder in order to a great man doing really good thanks so much for joining me just four months ago you're a college kid. You're hanging out in Eugene your with your friends your order in pizza you're watching football on the couch in. Where now you're on an NBA team. That is as big is the New York Yankees have never been and how much of a war wins is this been for you. Home or moved up a bit of a pick or lower I'll outlaw EG Norton. Oakland California Arnold the very returns without them the all stars. Can be easier Rome but the player that he hear code that query. A big pick up here we go it's. You stepped into that practice gym you're surrounded by future hall of famers you're sure her by some of the great basketball players living and playing today. Is it intimidating. Is it something that you have like where Bayesian blend for a little while you don't wanna showed too much your personality. Your weight that. So it to to pick your moments like what is. Like to be. When these guys and you know fitting end to bill hall of fame caliber team. Are home almost all Lou we are locals are shown no goal from Washington and Arnold loose. No I ask you might be on the same order of pro Obama that occurred there aren't quite right are we get low regard gutter one arm. The desolate the big moment came to New York are relies not on to your ally I was on Ehrlich how the article to your way out of work are much. But I wanna be shy guy on the greens so you are coming despite all back with a medical technical comfortable for me. It to be much help build gloom be like oh I know each other are my. So often look around like that they're part guard Jordan recalled the mood been around him I'll be all Somali lives be like. Com BR yeah borrower I would report on him right up girl. Luck to open quite. Oh that organ or non popping up in one aspect countries can work out between oh because. Everything that so it really moved north Broward County. I don't know what not summer not in terms like economic gooch you know to play on the market low and there are marquee group. Nice to you take yourself you would anyone in shooting down to your friends like how you like me now. Not an outing I don't wanna beat another album out but I saw it comes all the fashion she didn't quote I'm definitely not on go to our I'll put on mono are back. If you put a picture. I'll miss my girlfriend and her. Oh no. He went to Panama Oklahoma and open government was so pure so white record our players look out of order. Very nice Jordan bill hurt other Golden State Warriors and you just answered one of my questions I was gonna ask you do you have a girlfriend if you got kids and you just said to you brought your girlfriend to China what was that experience like. Oh definitely definitely the joy you there on a ballot where. A lot of mud down farm but though you know mop up mode Barroom. Blues or crazy like barely there with a couldn't believe goto a lot of parents we're not side. But there are rumors so word talker. No one on one arm and could bwic art so our orbit with dark also. While Washington org both governor your excerpts. Most biggest culture shock being in China. Probably have been people of outer guard are murdered right there a lot of people they're bloated. You don't notice him courtyard she did there come you bout bought early like big bitter over what it. There's quite. Re. Quite. Are you doing this I recruited a broader market ordered another hundred USA at W but what are they out there alone. About all of quite awhile I diplomatic perspectives. Yeah someone once told me village you don't know what crowded is until you know Beijing. Trip a purpose and you're you're you're circuit article what are your record. So Jordan take me back to draft day you're sitting around do you know that you have warriors targeting new who. Are are are you regretting your choice to come out thinking like. I might not go here I might not get picked I I don't know what what was that day like for you and then to finally. Like come out of it with the the best golden ticket in the entire record glass like you'd get to jump right to the front of the line. Yes. During the draft plus a slight my had a a draft day America they. There are. Oil although at all police are you like yet not the Tom Barr are out there that relate Norton now we're like the people there are rated B I'll keep working out. Yes like a hard work are white and the like all the teams can watch or electrical load centers. First or not or who you know and you tell me how light they wanted to be daughter thought he would have a draft pick. What do they wanna be below body you don't do reverend Murray you don't think I'm gonna. Somewhere in the late twenties and early twenties. And so got my what I found out. I think around 22 great Bellwether moment in the first round third monitor you wanna read. Our own might be called you look at these are gonna be muted out sort order. The one of them would normally get a pick and I don't think you can. So our news waiting in my garage like out there wouldn't let my jaw or does it matter where you're frustrated with and event known. Look at Google the third seventh pick that you covered. And my agent called me knew what we're sorry clumping a wide wild but it's got the putter. Oh I got a little girl like that I like that commitment and we rarely. Yeah she knows she's our goblins while much of it. I felt like eligibility oppression quite unique. Five years who ordered float on water but I do quite well expect that if you go away carpenter. So he thought he conspired. And you like our own good devastated California what we're talking about I. Why would Bono who worked on they don't go to use open Billick but now we go to mark vertigo or Obama white. I'm out on the output of one computer governor Columbus quite well and I'm fighter and I do like our own. The good word articulate Kurdish straight in art under. Drama along crisis. There just aren't quite on the run around the garden gellert. Our school coach coach go to vote. Like an out of the garage you know we're gonna try to you know there are. They're good they like at the airport relief compliment around. They're very who fought the good Oklahoma or my delight then you presume Obama. And there and I go back at the deduct or you have a whole army there and I got the pulpit the British they kind of Donovan about 36. Our own code they go. And then we screaming on display daughter I don't know what ever happened quite a production audio learn New York so I everybody's excited polite. Utility weren't as the fighter can be but I was told Bloomberg can't throw one out and I'm white collar choir acquire without better news. All right what are likely murdered contracted. Out might rule on notable BP put the lawyers ought to go pick and I got when they wait for a period. Mom I cry and brother what an oatmeal and all that both of those well that would look. And on its fantastic or it's a great story you've ended up. In such a great situation I'm sure your fully aware of what this is from a basketball standpoint you're learning the personalities and they have been working. In and around the warriors for the better part of like 1215 years. Raymond Ridder Steve Kerr Bob Myers these guys are rare late to be that cool and calm and be able to talk about just about anything like we are. I'm wildly impressed with how cool. The decision makers are and how relatable and normal Steve Kerr and Bob Myers can be. And I hope we don't lose your finding out all this to let you tell someone. Is cool or jag off within about terror too doggone much tell your guys laid back guy I'm guessing your pick in now all of that from them aria. Yet if there when everybody here's what we what you are quite remote. Since the bloody. Saturday in fear like nobody thinks they're like the man or bloody muddy out there what. One who worked on the thing quite quite so they're like these cars park who talked on the porch. You know like we want our opinion on everything was measured and like that's what you don't use quite ready to quit our way. All right Bob what you train and wake him talk about your solo third. And you know it is just it is definitely be blood or other organizations aren't. Lean in one of those things like that boat that we took up arms. Jordan bell. Rookie for the Golden State Warriors had Steve or Bob Orr coach Adams anybody on this he told you about how you're going to be phased in to. A rotation and they told feel like be ready at the end of the first quarter. I hope you have no idea leg yet or are ordered the boy our own. I mean you either play anymore Omar. Course quite the I get by the real order gave dot org or corder computer. Blow our own oh please note the Buick are you gaining more and more merit. Armed by the word players. Oh DiMarco pulled off third third. And opening more with the ball harder so our brother right now if there's no. Yeah impunity then I give my hundred that we are both playing time where the economic. A duke always make sure Martin vertigo but we're but they've spoke. Conference defensive player of the year Jordan you if you don't shoot a single shot your rookie year. And just rebound and play defense like you're gonna be in the perfect situation. You've already shown. If I can call it the rapid law would want your summer league games we'll get five points eleven boards five assist by steal six blocks like that's a little bit that we are unmanned. You know that grew up without upload got a great group anyway. What everything you need at the moment I think that about other do. Own other we are in my I don't pitted a certain player book. Amid ongoing Michael Moore guys I had to do corporate conduct toward god about where other guards are very. Our own ordered been vocal leader on it is an energy bill whatever searching in the Islamic hypocritical thing why. Com do you make it my guys missed that shot I'm not edit the comment the blockers they wiped out put. It goes to direct impact with the leaders boom part of a mile road go to duke duke blue. You would drain money green had a lot in common you've excelled in your. Owned conferences. You were passed over by a lot of NBA teams he got that second rounder chip on your shoulder he's a defense first player there ever was one is that is he a guy who you really pattern. What you wanna be after like it if if at the end of the rookie season. People like you know one man he's dream on green light he's he's not these other drain money green like that would be awesome if that's what happened to what you want to see happen. Oh me unpalatable but look look where Carl mark MB ER a lot of food. Me and are there compared to their market fail our armed army that now about a betting had always Herbert school guard what do. I've handled the ball great there very a blue book about our Q so. Obviously to be electronic so long arm. But army or other we are out won't file order. Or where we're similar players well they're gonna spend on so alone I can complement the end. Tomorrow wiped out your current period and put a grade at Bennett former duke but there are going to be I don't wanna live Lamar so who do you know what. Kind of where. You ever find yourself at the end of practice. Just watching staff go through his own personal three point shooting drill and thinking yourself AM. New York Africa since record by coming out of luck you've Kevin did she do you plan wanna loan of regard. That is gonna 200000 but lately there a bit about what Nomar. Do. Dejudder picnic and it didn't look humble and more what you go to. Jordan go the Golden State Warriors here on the Damon Bruce show but he got a lot of friends and family coming out for opening night. You're sloppy work better and bewildered. They don't know taking a cheap anyway all corporate. Oh clerk go a couple from Peter Carter you know record. Well hey man we really enjoyed meeting you for the first time we look forward to following your entire career here may and we look forward to what your rookie season I think you're and a better situation. Than anybody else in the NBA as far as stepping into the NBA situations dictate careers as much his talent is much is coaching and you're in an awesome situation you seem like two great young man Jordan were excited for you thank you very much for coming on the show today. Best to lock. Thank you preserve background whatever. I'm done as a guy I think I can root for I think there's a guy you're gonna have fun rooting for. There's a saying in radio Johnny you know it you've heard it and you can apply see you you can hear the smiley Kenya you can actually aren't that guy smile you can hear that he is just like. There's a cold dude dude I'd like to invite to the party and on in life I like him a lot and he is just. Heat. Up. To have a great rookie year. Talent he's surrounded by all the first round picks they're going to be you know all all the draft picks underwear you went. All the draft disks that are gonna have pressure like you had a good now you got to produce instantly. All our guys got to do is defend and block attempt. You rebound you block a few shots you play great defense it'll all come do you you don't need to shoot an entire story you don't need issued three for the first four years your career. You don't get other guys didn't do that. He resulted coming in here on the Penske auto sales. Dot contacts on his wells and did Bruce cool interview I'm excited he's on our team. Yeah it seems to be seems to be universal. Praise for mr. Jordan bell and I can tell it is to just be blood talked to over the warriors little. Insider. Defend and protect my source is type situation. Islam. They love them. Like not only do they like his personality. They like his game and that's really more important than anything else cares they get along I'd rather have a guy who's. Hard to deal with but this is straight a ball. It doesn't cut it on this team now. Doesn't cut it would personalities. On this team or the personalities that run this team and oh by the way V personality that runs this team is gonna join us at 430 tomorrow just been told. Steve Kerr for actually for all you got 4 o'clock thank you I'll try to get things right here for the rest the show Steve Kirk 4 o'clock tomorrow write it down call friend at night and now. By the way tickets for all warrior home games including Friday's three season finale. Against the Sacramento Kings are always available on warriors dot com. Even in the event of a sellout and there's going to be plenty of those this year. There's always last minute hold and secondary tickets for resale available on more years dot com. We're gonna tell you how you can help out these north bay fires we think it's important not where we go ahead and even tees that information for you. How do we help guess what it's gonna take this station. Unless they show. A little too long to set up something that help so we're gonna tell you where you can go to help today did any help tomorrow. They need help today and we're going to help next. Activate even through shock on 95 point seven big game. From a tax on another Jordan bill interview gentleman says you know sounds an awful lot like Harrison Barnes. I don't know if it's a straight up audio what are you gimme for her leg is it might be close but won't tell you what he is for sure. He's easy to talk whiz like Harrison Barnes was. He is very self assured and confident has a personality like Harrison Barnes does. He was as easy to talk to in the first time we talked to a ms. Harrison Barnes was about twenty times end. And Harrison Barnes is one of the easiest regular weekly interviews we've ever done my god I love talking would Barnes he was such. An easy guy to talk with. And there's no doubt Jordan bell was too. We're going to be talking to that guy a lot of. Hopefully. When it comes to the minutes that the warriors have planned out for amidst it's gonna be tough. And let's face it. You look at it this team what do you see what do you what do you see when you see the Golden State Warriors do you see the deepest assembled team in the history of basketball. Because that's basically. What Steve Kerr. Is telling to armory Caspian I call them. He's ever playoff. And so. Plans to me. He wants it he's got a lot of bad team. Sacrificing personal glory for small overall team game four would wanna do that. Global phone wouldn't wanna do that but anyone who's experienced. A tough go. Now it's a chance to be a Golden State warrior you take that and a reduced role. Ten out of ten times. Again we're gonna talk to Steve occur tomorrow. Hey I EU one player rolled right. You know Steve Kerr thought about this is. The deepest team we've ever had that look this natural disaster is now one of the deepest cuts to ever been inflicted on northern California. What is happening. Outside of Santa Rosa. Sonoma Napa. I read this morning that there at the Glen Allen region was certainly being threatened more than it was originally planned to be an end you know I. I got friends and since then and then I guess I got friends from out of there are people I know there and it on texting. Today to check this is everything okay is that there are you who you OK to get out of your house your property being threatened. Every one of us. Every one of us here in the Bay Area has either been up there for pleasure. Knows someone who lives up there is from there originally. Has plans. To make you settled down there eventually. Can't avoid. You know that part in northern California were tied. Closely to it. And they are our neighbors. Who need help. I'm asking you to help a neighbor. Not 57 the game is proud to direct you to safer way. They are working with the American Red Cross to support fire relief efforts. The Red Cross is announced that they'd got an awful lot of people volunteering at this time should you wanna go up to help I would manual labor check out a week from now. Two days from now. Is also need that absent on the road and I tell you when the call goes out. We in northern California I think really respond to it we show up we'd put and the man hours we. Physically get out there and help. And that's happening. And it's fantastic that it's happening though needed to keep happening so check back in. Right now Safeway stores in northern California are currently accepting donations at the checks standard to support the Red Cross wildfire relief fund. The Safeway foundation is matching donations up to half a million dollars or is also donating in kind products help evacuation shelters throughout Sonoma. And Napa county now you're wondering like what exactly could you donate beyond the money. Well unfortunately. We have a woman here in our sales department whose family lost it all everything house burn down. And where assembling here are just our station to help or hurt the hurt Stanley specifically but. Children there is a list of things that are needed. So making up financial donation. It's just a little too tough for you to do right now how about a spare jacket. Sweater hats scarves shirts pants belts Sox basically anything you where seven days of the week. Anything you would need to go to bed at night. Anything you would need to the next day to cook yourself breakfast like when your house burned down you lose at all absolutely him. No wonder where pleased. Reconsider don't have any and all donations are fantastic. New underwear is what we're looking forward got a set that is a bar I don't care a great washing machine dead new underwear. Adult work clothes. Would doubt that old suit what about that old Ty what about that sport coat that is officially become all too snug. And you're gonna dig into the Taylor and add the button stretched out and and not donate. Donate and help right now. Shoes. And doesn't have a pair of shoes now back to the closet they've decided that I really don't Wear and how much is not a bad dad touched him and a year and a half. What about that parachutes. Can help out there. It doesn't take money it doesn't take any thing but you sharing your abundance. Funny thing most of these families fled within minutes with nothing but themselves and their loved ones. So there I mean they've lost everything so I think every little thing can count and help them rebuild their lives. At least temporarily get them through a very horrible situation. I would help sung. And I guess and we had a would tip the cap by I gotta tell you had the fact that this is the combined to donation. But the warriors a's raiders and 49ers giants earthquakes and shards. The combined 450000. Dollar donation that's good they're also saying that you can go. Teams are establishing a U caring site at you caring dot com slash fire relief. For fans to donate whatever they tend to support the victims. You mean go ahead and text. Nine is 0999. To the American Red Cross. 90999. And it will automatically take ten dollars which is added to your next month's phone bill as a donation. Skip the start that today no offense to start expect. Kicked the coffee. Make a ten dollar donation and it'll go a long way as 21 people by the way Damon have lost their lives up 3500 structures now is 2000 yesterday. An insane over a 170000. Acres burned. I think the size of Chicago yeah. As I enormous this fire and the winds kicked up this morning making it harder for firefighters to get things under control this is a devastating difficult situation. People are asking where you can donate clothes I believe you can bring those donations to your safe way. Yeah and if not we'll look into that for sure about this. At the very least he got nowhere to donate pilot close to bring him here to the station wonder don't you think the right place. Corner of thirty Howard. Oh good HL buildings twelfth floor c'mon over. Bruce Jenkins is gonna join us at 630 next hour we're looking forward always talking with a grand sage of Bay Area sports he's been covering it. Longer than anybody. Which of these teams can be the first to find the little consistency. Kyle Shanahan. Spinning an awful lot of attention to his quarterback. And he's watch him throw the ball 46 times is not exactly consistency. That I wanna see out of the 49ers RC consistency in the run game. By the way did you grow glorious it just hit another. That is his third home run of this series second home run of the evening. It's a three nothing lead yankees over the Indians he's qualified yes he has. I expression to music I think that I'm sorry we're forget we know what you meant you know amendment. Consistency is key. Asking Brian Hoyer to throw the ball 46 times. Is the wrong drop of consistency. Returning to Carlos Hyde who's been a little bit hidden. Carlos. Hiding. Get on the ball hadn't carried 25 times. Take your chances there for goodness sakes. Do it. Make it happen. Yet the worst game of his season Indianapolis wake him back up. 015 is not exactly the consistency we're looking for. Losing four weeks in a row by three points or less is not the consistency. We're looking for. It's funny Brian Hoyer he's always got a 45 play running them. And and his four or five play run that looked really good came early in Indianapolis on the opening drive. And it goes away quickly succumb to what appeared first on for certain stretches of time looks like a beast. You slowdown Randy Moss over here. And then appeared verse on vanishes drives at a time. Force but I know that he's bringing all the bells is a consistent pass rush presence but. Need more still you know these pressures have to turn in the sex. Plays a consequence. Need more from. There's a consistency were looking for. What if I told you that the Shana Han. Somewhere sculpting. The future of his dreams. What if I told you that sculpture. Included Kirk cousins. A we're gonna get into that.