Damon Bruce Show Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, April 20th

Damon is joined by Steve Kerr and goes over the Raiders & 49ers schedules after they are released.


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It is great to have you as we slip in or 5 o'clock hour this Thursday afternoon I know a lot of football fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the NFL schedule again everyone calmed down. Games don't start for another six months still and we have other things going on that are bigger than the NFL schedule release media phenomenon. Sharks go at it tonight with the Edmonton playoffs. Warriors were added last night looking fantastic taking it to nothing lead on Portland with a another game where you can. Pick and choose what went right what went wrong in the warriors whatever was going right or wrong just look great. They're the better team there's no doubt about it performances from the bench performances. That were unexpected no performance from Kevin Durant who was benched no problem there it looks like the right move was made when you win that convincingly. Steve Kerr is brought to us by Stevens creek Toyota in San Jose it's where the deals are and will remind you again that all of our warrior guess sound better. If you're wearing JB a wireless headphones the officials sound of the Golden State Warriors. In 957. The game truth is those CD could been listening. To the game with the old tin can and NS to ring it it would sounded good last night. That oil is a much improved performance from game one you gotta be sit around really happy would what you saw. Leo Korea in the defense was tremendous that was the main thing we didn't really. Principally by. You know a certain difference opponent is different and I think you have to try to pin point. Exactly what it needs to be done in order to win a game about the playoffs are about Pollard Archie did a good job of adjusting. Game one and taken care of business. Before we got to move on to game three and kind of recap game two we have to ask you how Kevin is feeling today. Does it feel like it's gonna be a game time decision again on Saturday. Yeah what will it Jamal that we did not practice haven't seen him. So we'll check in the law and practice in the morning in the more afternoons so balances to date by hastening. It's really hard to speculate. So we'll see how the feeling in the. Did you have to sell. Durant on the raster was easily convinced it's the right thing to do. He knows the right thing to do but he probably frustrated you know magic as the weeks. Back and played in the first. Wept in its 32 point and to our borders huge game and all the Chinese you know back on the bench and so he's frustrated. By he knows it's the right call and then camera surround. You know we cannot be only LT lucrative back. You know hi can tell how good some your players are they can put up a 3032. Point night and we still look at it like it was a quiet night it was a quiet 32. This is so I think we're we're mistakenly using the word quiet for at times effortless. Especially can be penalized it seems to me that one step for quite dirty shooters usually not some fireworks and all these. Reports reader and grow during the quarter in the court goes nuts but in the aegis you know it just kind of happens and actually probably favored games from Katy this year would have. Captain clay were on the button on crazy then he's had a look at the scored in the united. He's like eight for twelve you know experts to analyze. That point four points and elect. A new life as well. About how talent is still. Two score and doesn't so easily sometimes. It got a lot of attention. Warrior head coach Steve Kerr here on 957 game and you know there's been an awful lot of hot takes going around this morning coach about how the warriors they kind of are better off without Kevin Durant what to stop. United's easier I think to get past Portland without Kevin but there's going to be some hurdles coming up we're gonna be very happy he's there. But looking at it I mean he really is a lot sugary item that for anyone else any other team might be irreplaceable. You guys have the talent to make him temper rarely replaceable. And when we really look at the warriors you know there's a DNA. Of championship. That runs through this team that he came here to be a part of a look at him. Right now is someone who is seeking. Efficiency. In the rest of his career and you know this isn't the most efficient basketball team. In the world. As as he sits around looking at this team succeed without him do you think he reconsiders. His place on this team at all. No well not at all I think probably frustrating wore him shouldn't hear all the stuff about giving him. All that I had about your cursory human did end up. There is one of the top U that's what players in the world so blog we'd better with them. But the track and we have indeed achieved we have it's something that are have been established. You know the last cheaters and out of so we're able to two prior you know we're we're proud. Number report. Should attribute your great depth and that it you know whether it's quite being out on first. Katie we we can we keep winning. Decorated just cut that you are dependant. On the depth. Of the count that we have enough. Well written about him that he wants to be apart and that's why he is here he wanted to be part of a special group of guys who are committed to each other. Like our guys are and if it's. Critics are awkward and I think he's enjoyed the process. You gotta happen despite you know block everything out our outlook. In terms of things you bet on things you wouldn't bet on. How much would you bet on the fact JaVale McGee will be your halftime scoring leader of game to pick up any round the clock possibly double. Yeah matter. Not something we planned. There are eager to agree here. Provided. So much energy and worse off the edge that we blew it out of position. And Ottawa it. But real sources structure works this year. That's really mapped out world as you know playing that shutter spot by community. I wouldn't think about what god god of war started setting screens is physical complete. The only change the look with a lob he'd immediately at last. Just pick apart from the doubled eloquent that it. All legitimate top you know physical presence. There. I have sort of Obama's call guys out there at one to dish or on 1213. Minutes apiece. That is what he would green energy under age and it. Mean he challenge Rudy committed himself to achieve level. If. It is great to see Steve Kerr here on 957 game it was also great to see. All the regular season investments and Patrick McCaw pay off so much in game two is he's basically scratched in game one I know we got on the court but. Didn't even log amended in the box score. He. Looked like a guy who learned an awful lot and put it out in front of us the way he stayed in front a dame Willard is is something to be commended he was awesome last night. He really was. You know that's true in the district of voucher scheme that some incidence and descent of course and speed like. It is. He's a guy who developed so much over the course of the year in July record to. Our our coaching staff will agree that good job with them honestly I was about to regain that. Also off eBay Andre. Andre Monday but well indeed provide such great mentoring. Toward him and I think he's really more of a lot about. It show last night he did indeed play out in as a rookie. I thought the single most amazing thing of last night's game beyond JaVale sufficiency. Some of the big guy column richter scale shots that really get. Oracle rocking you know he can probably measure that thing. Geographically if if if if enough shots go down on the oracle was a three point or more than any other building in the world. But the single most amazing thing about game two is that dream on green didn't get attack I mean he filled the he filled out Steve the how to get a tax form and duplicates for Scott Foster. We all know has a nice quick whistle. For whatever reason hitting got one last night it feels like a miracle. Yeah a lot of time over that corner of two away at best they yeah. Chuck Scott showed that mistreated and I think during one chose to restrictions and terms of what he was. Saying it. Our Barbara I think there won't matter you know he's starts distilled. Footage that you better you choose. But I think he's I think he's made strides in terms of should not call an outline and getting that check in rob or getting a player whatever it is still playing extremely vulnerable so Richland. Can you update us on Livingston and Matt Barnes sitting in the game three. Well mobile as a power all the good and flush on briefly. Good. The world will little more moral on combat all out war. Are true. Finish to work on the floor so. Will get an update all of the old guys but the good thing at all ready well. If not. In Korea would take it will be in a pretty soon thereafter. I was surprised to do little research to find it last year in the playoffs you dumped every game three. All four of them game three losses. Did did you realize that before disaster about it. I found out last night. From. I guess who can't Martinez. Our PR guy. And wherever rhetoric between them shared with yeah two and six. Indians series. In the last two years slow. I definitely reminded immediately. Will probably mr. that you didn't work that. One of the walked toward yet at going on what they're Portland. Obviously wouldn't position. All of our work and change and quickly you all change all they wanted. And the war vote and keep savage. We tried it throws did. Mota senator should Mota senator that's still the Rose Garden. Opel at that point one years what is it. And law area remote or local sort of well a great. People important problem while he. Or block out. That that attitude that that it is yet to park it did three minute you're gonna. Steve how important was it for you to be the good guy in the jail blazer a locker room. They're good at the much talked about dysfunctional posts global contract figures like. Well hey man it was a a fantastic performance in game two while this seems not even clicking on. All cylinders it's just another example of how spoiled with great basketball we are congratulations to you and your staff for Dutch such a good start. We look forward to game three which I believe is scheduled for sometime early next month lot of time off your professor. You know that's goes to be ended but as far as right now probably ought to be eaten yet. Richard does Steve thanks so much man always great to talk to you good luck up in Portland we're looking forward to game three. Thank you Steve Kerr here on 9570 game. Guys great. All right I know a lot of people been waiting in normally we would sit here re acting. Reacting. To what Steve Kyrgyz had to say but it is officially time. ICL and then. I feel like we should start with a fourteen. Jules just just sort of let the Las Vegas raiders know where they are ranked on this show of importance going forward. But I've had more raider fans asked me for the scheduled today in forty niner fan some we will now take care of them first. The raiders money seventeen regular season schedule as you might have heard today does began on the road in Tennessee. Week one that they're at the Tennessee Titans. Sunday September 17 in week to their home opener is against the New York Jets stay then go to the Redskins to the Broncos before coming home. For three games in a row ravens chargers sheets. They're at the Buffalo Bills Sunday October 29 at 10 AM that they're at the Miami Dolphins it's a 530 start looks like that's a Sunday night game. Is that what that is against the dolphins. Is that a Sunday night five when he five game. Bike week. The New England Patriots obviously that game is taking place in Mexico it's a home game build and play actual home games. Against the Broncos in the New York Giants to go to the Kansas City Chiefs on December 10 they come home and will host the Dallas Cowboys that'll be. May be. The last regular season game at the coliseum. Because I just don't see how anyone's gonna let them stick to the next three years with. The nonsense that their polling day will end their year on the road in Philadelphia and down in Los Angeles taking on the chargers. So bear is the raiders' schedule. I would like to know how many of these are first of all those word that I do not see. Except for a Monday December 25 game. Is and that's the only time they plan Monday night they played one Monday night game all year and it's not until the second the last week of the year. That's when. Tina used to be to kings of Monday night will appear on Monday Night Football coming off a great season you wanted and seemed to week. Sixteen. On Monday night. Of these Sunday night 530 starts at Washington. Again on a name and they all these times are. Pacific so yeah 530 that feels like a Sunday night game. The Sunday November 5 game at Miami also feels like a Sunday night game so looks like it could be doing Sunday night a couple times. And then one Monday night game that is your raiders' schedule. Titans jets Redskins Broncos ravens Los Angeles chargers. Kansas City Chiefs at the bills at the dolphins' bye week patriots Broncos giants. Cheeks cowboys. Eagles chargers. For the 49ers. The niners will be starting at home the first game of the Kyle Shanahan era the shot an audience of all the trying to. First and to Kyle Shanahan. Air. Home against Carolina on Sunday September 10 the first road game of the Kyle Shanahan era. Is week two it's at Seattle. Did then come home to take on the rams they don't bend the niners go on the week on the road. For four out of five weeks at Arizona at Indianapolis at Washington. Dallas comes to the Bay Area twice they're gonna be Levi's stadium on Sunday October 22. At Philadelphia on Sunday October 29 by the way this niner schedule that I got my incomes and those start times I would imagine their knocked. Going to be on Monday night or Sunday Night Football maybe once. Because the niners that was sort of looking for ought to suck right now. So. Dallas gets here on October 22 then you go to Philadelphia you host Arizona on November 5 you post the New York Giants vs Seattle. At Chicago December 3 at Houston December 10. You come home against Tennessee Jacksonville and then you play the LA rams. By week's fifteen. It could be another year that is more about draft positioning than anything else. I don't see a single Thursday night game not pardoning. One Thursday night game for the raiders. Kansas City Chiefs. No Thursday night game now there is one for the 49ers dupe everyone gets one Thursday night game. The nine are split on Thursday night game that's against the rams in week three. We got one Thursday night game. For sure for the for the raiders that's home against Kansas City. That should be a fun one. Eight the fewest amount of Thursday night games you can have. And that note Thursday night games would be beautiful. I hate Thursday night football the NFL players eight Thursday night football. There you go. What's amazing is the amount of people word I. Us to release the NFL schedule it was good to assess what you don't fall you know in your pocket and what's up appears a oh well you might be driving near you don't wanna go ahead but there are there are red lights. Or red lights all over this town. Rental resume that I am win. So there you go. Football is under way more important in the schedule though free either these teams were all of these teams. Is what they need in the draft right now the draft is happening next Thursday. Is that what is certain is this next Thursday is Thursday after that guy is in next Thursday yes. Soul who draft needs. 49 Ers raiders. I think both teams start on defense. The raiders damn well better start on defense Oakland lost. 15100. Plus defense and snaps from last season. And right now they got a line backing core of Ben heaney and Corel Adams who didn't register a single Staten six decades. Last year. So there are other backups but they need linebackers the raiders need linebackers the raiders need linebackers in that I mentioned that they also need linebackers. A guy like temples the sun Redick might be their Fortis Florida's Alex and is off. And alone he might be there. Linebacker linebacker linebacker linebacker linebacker linebacker if the raiders drafted four of them that would be cool. When it comes to what the niners meanwhile the niners need everything don't. They spent the last two years the last two. Drafting defense alignment with the very first round of what their first pick. And it might happen again this year. If they do draft Solomon Thomas out of this Stanford. The only thing I can promise you is you're gonna have a lot of fans calling him Solomon Torres out of habit the very next day. Did you hear that drafted Solomon Torres. Meanwhile said it's the giants fans analogy. All other that. Solomon Thomas is the kid who is at Stanford he's a very very good interior linemen the niners certainly got to do something to stop this Ron. Galaxy would they got big news and add rusher to Aaron lynch. He's pretty much all they got until we see Deforrest Buckner Eric Armstead actually become something. 8889579570. LaMont in Oakland on the NFL schedule how are you Lamotte. I'm I'm just sitting there appeared like. They can amounts why are they always dog raiders with this schedule. They got escorted buffalo. And we got to go to Miami Indian we've got to turn around go to Mexico. I mean there and are we took our home game from a in did they don't wanna get list. At least another Monday night they wanted to it was a bird in aggregates in the division milk. Dame army but does I don't know what you are widely doing the. Well look I mean first of what it's just your rotation to play the AFC east so that's what happened that is. And when it comes to that game in Mexico look. Mark Davis has to say yes to whatever the NFL tells him to do and he'll have to say yes to a few things like that game in Mexico that absolutely put his team in a competitive disadvantage. He is doing all he can with relocation to ruin the raiders atmosphere in Oakland. And the biggest game of the year will be played in Mexico City thank you Al thank you mark excuse Maine great job super bang up job way to. What do look at what is the best interest of bank. Watch the raiders (%expletive) away the best team they've had with the all bunch of relocation issues. Hanging over everything they do over the next three years which by the way is the window of any NFL team not named the patriots right now that's it that's all you get. How fun would that. The chances of the raider showing up to Vegas like a 56 when football team. There are cars and other serious injury away from that happening. 8889579570. We have a schedule we have a playoff game we have it's. But node dot not tonight he's a scratch they're not dress and he's not dressing for a tonight unfortunately. No. Should be a really interest in game tonight for the sharks he tell me that they won six nothing I believe he told me that they went down three nothing. The sharks won in a landslide offensive shootout I believe yet you don't that they got shot out I believe you I have no idea what to expect from them. In Edmonton tonight I don't think anyone really does. The chances of them. Getting four power plays much less a franchise record for power play goals. Not exactly strong to very strong but hey it could happen and they did play the kinda game. That major think I've maybe they can do that again they were really really good I love how hard they skated with a five nothing lead to could've taken the pressure off they didn't. By the way if you want a little. Preview a little teaser of tonight's sharks game only got to do is check out the podcast and goes up because we did talk to Dan reason now ski. Earlier today at 330 and that'll be up on the podcast 8889579. By 70 your calls NFL schedule more of it right around the corner. Got a really good question here on Twitter. From a person that calls themselves cats. Damon how committed mass Steve Kerr about Barkley is comments on the warriors defense last night. Before the game when he was trying to predict what we might see. He's expected Charles Bard was like I expect an awful lot of points at ORACLE Arena tonight and neither team is our good defensive team. Again Charles has his talking points that trump the reality. That is one he refuses to acknowledge about the Golden State Warriors who. Pretty much by any and all metrics were among the best if not the best team in the NBA defensively this season. But Charles inaugural list a few statistics get in the way of his scripted talking point. So that's why he has continued to say that. And the reason why don't ask Steve Kerr about what Charles Barkley had to say it because Charles Barkley. Has so thoroughly disqualified. Himself from a reasonable tangible valuable warrior opinion. That I'm not wasting any time on what chuck has to say and I'm certainly not wasting any time. With Steve Kerr talking about what shocks completely pre produced and picked. By a producer opinion because it keeps trending on Twitter of the Golden State Warriors is Charles is disqualified himself. Not from any and all basketball conversations but any and all basketball conversations about the Golden State Warriors. Lot of people wanna talk NFL draft. But not nearly as many people wanna talk to the belts edible. These are just names and dates all we have is the sequence of this game that are gonna be and a couple of facts though that I think you'll be happy to hear if you are raider fan and we at one guy saying. Odd just last segment when he Davis called that name in the raiders are gonna go to the East Coast again and again and again what do playing the AFC east that's the rotation. But the good news is there only 3:10 AM starts all season long for the raiders. That's good. That's good stuff to wake up early on the east. When your West Coast team having traveled there only 3:10 AM starts for the raiders the raiders have three Sunday Night Football games one Monday Night Football game. And the bye week becomes before Mexico City. Which you'd think all raiders patriots Mexico City you're gonna put that in primetime right wrong. An afternoon game it's a 125 kick. Against the patriots in Mexico City. Which is good news because you won't have two teams tripping over themselves to raced to the airport to be the first to customs because the other team has the wit about another hour and you're looking to fly out of Mexico City around 3 o'clock in the morning. It'll be a lot easier to do that and a normal might time our than in exacerbated overnight hour. Could. Penske auto sales. Tax line. Best of the day without a doubt. If you think about it Damon Charles Barkley is the Kellyanne Conway of the NBA it's just a bunch of alternative tax. A perfect. Bravo. To shake. James in Palo Alto. James you're on 957 game. Don't game. At our corporate correcting it and here. They are doing yet. We don't have anything sorry Alex the phone's not working. James. You know excuse me that was James in Palo Alto this is Alex and Oakland Alex our area. A dental man it put to a vote award to put to upload and bought that story. Created a little while Obama booed you I want you put to a vote and there. It is cool would fight off the game to be solved not called on the U it to recruit who would try. Well what you mean. It well black people. Carly rather it's the equivalent. Street. White people saying you're up pretty. World right but again and so wouldn't couldn't week that accused. But that's how amigos a culturally appropriate that word is it's like you know it's just don't you think that it's absolutely ridiculous when the whole point is they've canceled badminton and Gucci. And the words they're playing off of his. Even Belushi. It's more ridiculous it makes it it's once again somebody will wait too much time on owning. That I exactly what career should Santa. And what portrait barker record it though arm. Right there. But I'll. Let you know work toward woods fully wants. Why it can't be looking. Eric game luck make it that it it I'm going to rule probable eighteen black patent never would put him. Ever. A got to hear how sports works there's usually aren't graphical tied to it thank you very much outstanding call when it's all said and done Alex it will booty. A breakdown we do appreciate it thank you very much. How can you be mad at cultural misappropriation. For something that is a word play but it's not the word play. On the news word you'd think guys sensitive at the proper. Bad male and badminton. Is now. Cultural misappropriation. And guy. College kids. The worst. Thank. Member Gian. And our age group went to college. We went to college to make sure we pretty much dabbled in no political correctness like our whole four years is that this is the last time we can get away with. Party murder right this is the last time we can totally. Screw up in our lives if we want to because really the official scorecard against you starts after college not in college. Oh yeah at lake when at the when he couldn't put adult teen starts that is post college you don't worry about that those four years really hearing your money stopping in such a stuck up prude about everything and learn how to relax a little. It's a shame. Damn kids. The raiders and 49ers will both share one thing in common. They'll both be ending their seasons in Los Angeles the 49ers. We talked about how while attending in game isn't necessarily good peripheral West Coast team the niners have 510 may end games four of their first six or on the road. Have fun that Shana Han. And is is this important. Indiana's on top of Cleveland right now 7759. They're up big. Big mid third quarter. Let's go to raider ray in the north bay raid array here on 957 game. How we don't like. You. As gut it burst dot. That's. I got a call an insurance and cheers about or greater playing catcher more miles this year again. I'm not gonna cry about it I'm gonna look at the achieved and look at the competition out there. The only game I'm threatened by ink there in May be a little Miami. And a little bit Redskins up there they're looking like they're trying to rise up. But I'm not worried about bill that's going to be matched I'm an hour about opening up with a broken leg game marionette purses are I'm. More harm that's pretty good but elect broken leg game is my yeah. And that's how we position that for a week one next year at a. First regular promote and make a page each other who has the better he'll. Let out. Obviously I'm more worried about our whole team I'm worried about playing at home with the the fans and what's going all over and I do to cut her open during years. And it seems to be awed but he talked about we audio boomers there's no baggage and certainly I'm telling you three years happy cute. They're going to be good deal on some other big by the day. Right well here's the deal the raid array you know the raiders went out of their way to say we are not the Las Vegas raiders until we make the move and then make the announcement today that there draft party's going to be under the welcome to Las Vegas sign. Even though technically they're at least two or three years away from going it is the single worst way to introduce your brand new players to your fans. You are. Putting that young drafted player it is awkward appeal our position is they're going to be in in their career in the first moment of their career. Absolutely and that we got where Pete right now we need to be we need is set at that you'd be set. Worst timing ever not to Ottawa donors he needs to do a little bit you know. They're not eager as you are not there but let's talk about. Next week are you going to be out of the party theater bargain deal. Is this they're what that it the raider draft party. Probably not only because I think we are actually flipping some shows around that day. And I'm committee are well look the fox theater I'll tell you that that's that's pretty good draw right there are well and I'll come there and if by any. Raiders people who there aren't disaster. Why would you do this in Oakland landmark U eight Oakland thank you very much I appreciate your call greater array Dave in Petaluma Dave you're a 957 game. They're Damon basically call. As well again it like if you might suspect in archer. A little bit though not bella color it trigger point and. The first raider fan actually you know a little while I've heard that worries. And I think the raiders need to be very worried because the other relocation. BS going on at it extraction. Let you know my income last year. A little different perspective so you look at some of those games you know squeaking out. You know I win at New Orleans mediocre team squeaking out over and living at Tampa Bay. Has campaigned heavily to Democrats strength. Well I mean it's what we got to run to break so what's your point day. Ambulances that the reason why a lot in the playoffs and in at their car but to put up gains that in my opinion were clipped and. Had their car at Kansas City and they thought well. So I would be very I'm very concerned about the raiders. Whitman quit there without her car. M. That. I two days could hook upstairs Nat. There is no scenario where they are better with their car and he played in eight. Blustery condition with a bad hand. It Kansas City it was a bad game forum but dared cars literally the hope you should be hanging your entire raider career on. That's it what you got right now. 888957. More calls and a little Ricky Williams story after all it is for twenty. Yeah they're all great kids I. Yeah that's real funny four to one lane obviously. As a huge place in the culture right now and in other cities. Is it did they look forward to all year to express themselves about how they feel about the whole marijuana phenomenon. You know we call Ford won in San Francisco. Every Thursday that it was Thursday Thursday here and when I was in high school. It started when Bob Marley and the whalers. And then it went to this. I absolutely. Loved Peter Tosh. Did I loved meter dash. This is a great song. You legalize it I would advertise it. Ricky Williams was the poster boy for marijuana in the NFL for a very very long time one of the single best. Sports jokes I've ever heard in my life is that it wasn't marijuana they ruined Ricky williams' career it was drug testing. That route with her partner Ricky williams' career exact I was a freight train high as a kite. And would you believe it that it was really marijuana that ran. Ricky Williams out it turned aside is my favorite part of this. Well we are to pass the doctors don't. This month did. Hundreds prejudice bogey. It's a tool. Thank you you better save that down before I get accused of cultural misappropriation. By that chick at American University. He's probably deeply offended that I Calder chick. Cowboy smacking list named. So Ricky Williams. Who is now retired is in Colorado. He is there for the 420 games and what he hopes to do I guess is. Team up with a guy who is named Jim McAlpine and he's looking to expand his Canada's related ventures with a new gym in San Francisco called. The power plants. The power plant will be just like any other generally you're gonna have your Carty Oakland on one side and the other side is going to be waits in the facility will have. Lockers and showers and everything that you're gonna need to get ready before after work out and they're also going to have. A place where you can get totally zoo did before you go work out each treats that will be offering at these jam this. But if your interest in like a tranquil feeling before you get on a stationary bike you can have that if you're looking to get a little more amp up before you go listen heavyweights. You can do that but this is the first. Incorporation. Of working out. In a dispensary. Accounts. I think we've ever seen the idea of merging physical fitness and mental health is an unorthodox and that's what Ricky Williams says he says that this is a key part of his own. Mental health he also says look it's got. Some drawbacks and it can definitely. Sidetracked. Earned. Goals of the day our show is that. But he says this is all about fitness and wellness in this affects your mind in your body injure Solon Ricky got all down the yogi. Got all yoga yoga. Like Ricky Williams like ran a way to. You know take DOD in the desert and learn how to breed that is third eyelid he how those guys are passing yards you know he wants to be. The. I is yes you'll be a shock me and that's how I kept up open a medicine man one day. So did. Participate in that after her door and it just seems like. Getting high before the workout is a little bit. Parent who respects there. The only thing I can guarantee uses Saigon hi before I got on a stair step or in the whole point was I'm gonna go fifty slights are probably gone to date about wanting. Kids should be a little bit dangerous would not cotton mouth two that's got to be an issue. Is that and is well I guess at their edible Steve get cotton mouth at a I don't know about that really I don't. By the way we have four people confirming it the other room just adds nodding their head. At IOK I'll go ahead and protect their identities. Just because we're classy like debt over here. So what I can't act so to sum up. Especially. To sum up we'll get back to the NFL schedule even though this power plant stories officially funny. The raiders are gonna get on an airplane. And they're gonna go to these goes but the good news is they've only got 3:10 AM starts. There 49ers meanwhile have 5:10 AM starts in four of their first six games are out on the road. The bye week for the raiders comes before they travel to Mexico City that's a Sunday. Afternoon game even though it's in Mexico City it is not going to. Be hard to travel back home from Mike's I guess that's good that they only have one Monday Night Football game three Sunday night games though for the raiders. So there will be. And awful lot of. Attention you know on this team that's got a lot of big expectations and noble relocation thing is gonna make the big story line. All year long by the way from the Penske auto sales dot contacts line it just says and I didn't even identify this person has even been in the room and say Derrick pop always in there. But the text line does say Derrick Papa is for Sher a Stoner. All I can tell him making that assumption all I can tell you is that the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. A a man. And just a warning on behalf of the crew here at 9857 again and this is came out of nowhere. To public service announcement. Don't mess with cash butter. Have you ever got that oh yeah right dead down. Hash batter paint. Food. I can't believe it's not hash but. Boy oh yeah fair. Coming up at 615. Chris Townshend Scott you. There is a guy pitching for the Oakland days that night who has not pitched in Major League Baseball. Since what 2010. Okay. Good luck that I really wish you the very best a lot would that. Cesar Valdez. Is your starting pitcher tonight. He takes on James Paxson who has allowed a run this year 21 innings. Al does is making his first start in the big leagues since 2010. And before we give you the full. Breakdown profile and such up for expectations this feels very much like a fill in starter. Unless he has some sort of incredible performance I can't imagine he's going to work his way into a rotation it's even now down an eight Kendall great men but Woolsey balls. Tim and I've been working out for twenty years. It helps me focus. However there is attached. You have to smoke and go right in. Its slogan went about thirty minutes going to be working out. You're right proud to be ordered a pizza. Which last time I checked is the opposite of working out that apparently. All I can tell you is that a lot of people. When it comes to recovery when it comes to treating yourself. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Was a huge. Proponent. Of a little wacky to backing when it was all said and done and you go and watch pumped up the interview about Arnold being named mr. universe yeah. Oddities to get high right on film. Really Dan. I remembered. The first time the first time that whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what while before we have a memory lane we have an NBA playoff update. The Cleveland Cavaliers are down ten late in the third quarter in Indianapolis. It is 8777. Pacers. Still a long way to go. A very long way to go the boxer plan the Toronto Raptors. And leading. 487. Team this game is in the second quarter. 4817. Up 31 in the second quarter. G honest to pick up up. That's. All he's really good if it. You don't wanna mess around which young has to act. At all. Not unfortunately anyways. We do have one more segment left we will make it worth your while as a matter of fact since today is 420. We thought we would get into a topic that has created an awful lot of draft value. Marijuana. In the NFL. Was your. GM a genius. Or was he just the one dude in the room that wasn't offended by that. Coming up on 95 cent in the game. So on a day where we mix. Sports wanting NFL schedule release when we're all definitely looking forward to the a's game that's coming up tonight. But really the sharks play off game that's coming up tonight I have no idea what to expect and that's what makes ports an awful lot of fun when it's a got to have it game. And you have no idea if you're gonna get it or not I I just I've never ever ever. Had less of a handicap on what might happen in a turning game. That I have on the night so letter rip go sharks game checks that's it it's it's. No that's right. But I'd love to see a win and I know a lot of you would too let's open it happens. We have an awful lot of NFL schedule. I mean it's not even time to really talk about it you can look at yourself when you get home. I'm not get if I listed all the teams here right now the the raiders are playing in the order in which they were playing and its knowledge you're gonna retain their playing in week six. So it's out there you can look at it you can dream about it when you get on the night although I'm sure tomorrow will go through it mould will. WL WWL. We will get to. A little pre season prediction tomorrow we don't really have enough time today Chris town since coming up. At 615 with the a's dugout show after all but sweet do you have like I said descent of football. And marijuana in the air. You realize that. Marijuana is basically cranked out some of the best value in the history of the NFL draft like you can thank the sticky icky more than you can York great perceptive general manager because the pic fell below. It was one of those. Who's the one guy in the room was cool enough to say. I don't care draft them. In a very good story written by Christian Dion Andre SB nation. He wrote that hours before the 2016 NFL draft started potential no more number one overall pick Laramie console. Now in tunis for the video of him smoking from a gas mask it is Twitter timeline. Suddenly one of the drafts top players prospects dwindled. He slipped through the top ten picks before landing in the fourteenth spot with the Miami Dolphins the difference between the contract T. Signed in the one that Jerryd golf signed. Was a seventeen and a half million dollar difference it's pretty darn significant. So. That could turn out to be one hell of a deal for the dolphins though. And it wouldn't be the first time a little we'd helped an NFL team make out like a bandit in the NFL draft with three huge examples. It all starts with the face of marijuana rumor slipping yet hall of fame number of potential. It all starts and ends with Randy Moss it really does. Character issues cost him throughout the early stages of his career misdemeanor battery charges and high school kept him frowned at Notre Dame. Many wound up at Florida State but a positive drug test for marijuana. Violated his probation. And he would end up in Marshall. Where he went bonkers. Was supposed to be a top three pick it 58 touchdowns and two seasons. 58 touchdowns and two seasons. Pretty got yeah. But he went twentieth to the vikings' nineteen teams passed. On a future hall of fame. Tangible measure bulls any kind of bubbles. May be at doubles was a problem. But this guy had at all any still slip to the vikings a twenty. He missed the Columbine in the rumor was is that he didn't wanna dig another drug test because he was back on the the Becky. Yet didn't really matter. Another great example of marijuana creating draft value. So elated to be a top five pick out of the U but failed a marijuana test at that here's Tom buying. At every team in the world backing away from Warren Sapp. He didn't just feel we'd test that year but he tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. Throughout multiple times in his college career at least that's what he started telling everyone in the interest of coming clean. And basically. Yet teams running away from a guy could have been the number one pick in the draft the Buccaneers got him at twelve be turned into a seven time pro bowler six time all pro. And was in the middle of the defense that won the Super Bowl if you thought that marijuana was gonna bring Warren sat down throughout his career you were wrong. If you had your money on. Hookers bringing Warren sat down after he retired well cash and that ticket you're a winner. By the way maximum effort on today's show Damon that's from just like you very much Justin. Appreciate to weigh in on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex line. One of the all time you've got to be kidding me falls for rumors have. On now on all he had he liked to party in marina. Dan Marino portable legendary numbers at Pittsburgh he was also a legendary party boy. The dolphins. At 01. Get one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and the rumor about Dan wasn't just weed was the cocaine in Miami drafted him. He was fine. It was fine he never tested positive for drugs once. You know guys screw up when they graduate girls grow up when they graduate when you step into adulthood. Some people do that with aplomb. No the legends aren't alone got cardinals defensive back. Siren Matthews and honey badger. You know he basically failed does slip to the third round in 2013 innings one best. Secondary players and all football. Jim Norris Jenkins he slid to 39 they were worried about his weeding decade got to Florida State because of it. She's linebacker Justin Houston a four time pro bowler room became a bargain. In third round after he tested positive for weed in 2011. You watch chiefs played Tellme anybody jumps off the screen more than just in Houston the guys beast. Eroded all your skill sets. This program wouldn't have been as good as it was today. Probably wouldn't Ben has produced as well as it was today know our board opt. Elaine a Jewish drugs. So it. And. You and your good girl you'd do it. That anymore. And he more. I can count one handyman. If you really do not surprising because you grew up in Southern California. And and you're party girl who got thrown out of Arizona State so hard I party are actually the answer is gonna trip you did you did flunked out of Arizona State I did not flunk out. Now flunk out. That's like saying I prefer Bartz to limousines. I just that my grades were not as good. That's OK you turn audacity a solid solid human being in societal contributor. After all and I think that both Al be Alain and die that would make three of us can all agree. Even though your good girl this is definitely the most Matta cleavage of ever brought to work with you when your entire life we cannot help but notice wanted to put that on the record so thank you very much for that. And thank you to dinner has announced he wrong David forced. They. Don't look phenomenal QG on the cleavage at the fort wanna get everyone involved in today shall Chris Townshend. Coming up next on 957 game and remember sports don't build character revealed.