Damon Bruce Show Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, January 22nd

Damon resets the show by recapping the weekend in sports, including all the nutty fans out in Philadelphia, then Damon is joined by Alex Pavlovic (NBC Sports Bay Area) to discuss the Austin Jackson signing, and is joined by David Carr (NFL Network analyst, former QB, and Derek’s brother).


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Patriots are back. And play like a backup not for a minute on championship Sunday. We saw the warriors. Head out on an incredibly difficult road trip in return for any one that is officially good for business. Welcome to the Damon Bruce show it's great to have you here the giants have signed up Austin Jackson. Center fielder formally to Cleveland Indians take two year six million dollar deal looked at elevators and. They could push it to eight and a half million. In 2017. He played and 85 games it's 318. Contact to you looking for the top of the lineup giants seemed to center fielder and leadoff guy. Looks like they got a little bit of both in Austin Jackson at a price that is essentially. Major League. Story. Nothing free about go to the Super Bowl. Geologists said that this year's Super Bowl tickets are on pace to be some of the most expensive ever well yeah it's a year later than last year. And that's how inflation and the world works these days rarely do you find any particular is cheaper than the year before I mean. I don't know what they're charging right now for IMAX movies it'll be a little bit more next year. Anyway it's there at the plane the article there is significantly gonna be different like significant higher prices well you've clearly set at the highest ever okay. Okay. Scenic dab some cash to go to the Super Bowl the other way. There's never been a all America on Super Bowl did a great deal Harley paid face that says just doesn't happen. I saw the we Inky dinky ist worst ever like. Plywood. Awful looking hotel rooms are now going for. 750 bucks a night over the weekend there is a huge. Huge doubt true whenever Super Bowl goes to a cities and we've seen it we've experienced it it happened here in severance Cisco. In severance Cisco you were lucky during Super Bowl week if you could find a hotel room for less than 900 bucks a night and as expensive was crazy. So obviously they're gonna have there. High demand for high priced everything in Minnesota those minnesotans don't get a chance to price gouge often now doing and Rihanna. All Harvey we don't. And comes here comes a Minnesota price gouge game. I wonder if the fight scenes had made it's conceivable if there would be even more expensive because you're in a home team. At the Super Bowl in their own stadium I mean duplicated on the money to be there for about specially vikings fans. Without a doubt. If the vikings had made it into the Super Bowl you would assume that that would have even up the prices but I don't know man. Patriots fans that prestige of being there and going oh man that. That that's what pulls up prices Eagles fans they're not hum what's the word I'm looking for. Well adjusted if that's a crazy expect hack. Spectacular fan base. I love Eagles fans. I guess there's a Bill Maher give fans but instead of trying to throw. Themselves through flaming card tables and they will try to throw you went through a flaming card table. I thought it was fantastic yesterday a great great championship Sunday. In terms of what I feel about the outcome. I think the Eagles got a little bit of a shot here I do is greatest patriots are as establishes Tom Brady is. This sounds like a team's got a little bit of a shot because of that defense. I think it's pretty impressive. Pretty impressive what they've done knicks bulls lead the Eagles back to the Super Bowl. You know they did in the fashion that should lead you pretty impressed. As we get closer to Super Bowl week are. New program director. Came here from Philadelphia I told Oz like Demi couple interviews were I can hear the cheese steak. On the village here that Philly cheese stake in the accent in the voices we lead up to this game course for an am Tony Bruno on the moral. But the Eagles reached the Super Bowl having lost. Their MVP caliber quarterback we should there alone normally removes you from the UK equation. They lost their hall of fame left tackle. One of the best all around running backs and starting middle linebackers in all of football and there's still go and that's what they just did. Not just nick foale's it's nick foals and backups galore around him that's impressive. If you like. David divvy Goliath. Got a little bit of that right here. NFC championship started out in favor look like the vikings we're gonna make noise they did early they come right down seven points and then boom. Nick falls is like compound. I got it. You see the drunk Eagles fans with a high and now. I'm a local telecasts let's just say he called nick full something that we cannot repeat here on the air. Large Richard. Might be a way to best describe it. There's a lot of spunk eagle and after that game. I would imagine there are a lot of incarcerated Eagles fans after that game I'm sure. Those hooliganism went deep into the night. They closed broad street to all traffic. City went bonkers. I love it when that happens I really do I love it when that happens. I remembered the night at giants won their first World Series in 2010. I got off the air. I called my body. I'm gonna swing by your place on the big queue up more driving into the mission just to see would have do you like. Doing your crazy. I know I know when I'm driving into that's what I want I want chaos is part of that I want bonfires in intersections. I want it I got it is fun. I love the city appropriately. Celebrates. A good time at the keyword appropriately. When he gets crazy in any talent it appears today. You can be is crazy not easy one just don't break anything that isn't York's. I got no problem with every swear word in the book I got no problem with the volume I've got no problem with a noxious. Don't break anything. Don't hurt anyone we and that's good don't hurt me while some people need to be heard. And the head can go actors specifically. On purpose to hurt someone thought about. It on the green and asked different. How do you feel about a subway station poll. Possibly reruns I want I thought that isn't if you haven't seen that video you hadn't been on the Internet and 48 hours obviously because every time I open my Twitter timeline that or Eagles fan is getting taken out by that poll and that's subway station. Every time he asked if he doesn't miss the pole yet. I'll watch the video about fifty times. Doesn't miss it once. Every time he does home runs right into it. I tell you what was pretty cool to the National Anthem. And Philadelphia. By the way I don't know why the NFL didn't do this would all of its partners early on the year. It might have helped save some of the bad feeling some of the audience that they've lost. When's the last time you heard anything about a single anthem protest or player taking in need during the anthem is it still happening. We wouldn't know no one's talking about it anymore no one's focusing on an anymore is it though were the only reason why we've gathered here today to see you might take any before football game. It was like it didn't even happen the guy came in Philadelphia than the cadet the sailor. I. That guy's a recording contract that guy adult and out a phenomenal National Anthem but done the most impressive thing. Did you see the eagle compliant into the stadium I did I saw that my son how many hours does it trade take to train in Eagle 8 at 8957957. Now how many hours does it take to train an eagle. To fly indoor stadium and land where you wanted to walk 80000 people. Are losing it. No it's really cool. Thousands of hours or even thousands about artist like he'd been. The police force is that we're in the blinders that the mounted cops ride. They usually. Don't wanna ride. That Porsche. Under the fifty yard line in the stadium were 70000 people are going bizarre because freaks horse how does that eagle not freak out just start. Shredding. Everything the size of a mouse like it's with a it's talents. Oh I die mean that it was very cool to see. If there any felt hitters out there. I'd love to now. 888957957. Now. About five minutes away from saying hello to Alex Pavel match a little bit later on this hour word in here from David Carr his brother. Was heard from earlier. Today. When he stopped on by the Greg Papa show would bond date had county in third grade pop today they talked about how Derek. He's now. Jon Gruden as his head coach how often had they reached out to talk to each other. What we're limited contact rhythm you've been billion stacked together all those but I didn't bother NFL rules are about all of us but I have I'm a little bit and almost fired outmanned didn't know work hard and eager to learn from them heavier yeah and they go under -- you know let's sure we can do. And I really don't know laughter no one LB if you have the chance. What are the rule I would like to know what the rule is that's preventing Derek Kerr and John gruden. From moving in two way studio apartment together. What's preventing that. What rule is it what completely arbitrary. Trying to save someone from their own time that there are looking to put in the their profession. Are you trying to save. The NFL the players the coach from I don't get it. I just don't understand it. I had absolutely no idea why professionals. In a professional world can't dedicate. Isn't much time is they want to preparing for anything. They'll like me saying. Yeah I there I really wanted to prep for the show today but. Al B has a 2 hour memorial am humble mom auditorium. Moratorium whatever he's got to our embargo. And a skull with a new word. Got a two hour embargo on taking any phone calls to talk Pratt. And why. He transferring to another show. Is still in college do we have to make sure he's got time for study hall. We're professionals you're adults. Should be eager and I cited Uga job my job your job out our careers this is happening for real. A company that is worth more than us has picked us to perform a task at a high level. That is going to garner interest and make them money. Do you think Entercom would ever for a minute come and India like you know your crept into our. Now you need to really back off man you are way too prepared this interview is gone way to cut in that book. Way to interest thing when he's interview questions. There's no one. That prevents I mean like I can understand why the amount of hours a pilot flew would be an issue. The amount of hours Derek Karr has suspend when Jon Gruden should go to infinity is they're trying to reach a Super Bowl next year. Derrick got a nod to the Pro Bowl today. I don't really think. It was a probe all year for Derrick and neither do you. Don't read the stats do mean he under achieved in every way shape and form but he gets to go. Through a stellar reputation. And duty to respect he has this peers who vote on these sorts of things when they need substitutes and alternates. And that's what Derek Karr is he's an alternative uses substitute. Going to just Pro Bowl and he didn't mince any words he knows that they didn't leave up to. It did did they did not live up to expectation. So we got a lot of expectation Burton patent and we obviously didn't meet peak that we want to do everything well. Well well well look outside of the lip but do we have here right now I think that was. Bieber didn't let me out of that bread or basically completely changed the culture and then go home I don't regret certain that he and not pro ball players a lot of years and about Brad Pitt didn't surprise but it altered not pig nothing to celebrate like that Barrett first given in cold blood. The club club did you hit it. You know you go ahead and then you start. Win football games you talk about changing culture I appreciate what they're trying to say but I saw a culture regress a little this year. Hopefully they can get it back Alex Pavel Mitch good enough to join us here a 957 the game music giants insider for NBC sports Bay Area and whenever we got. San Francisco Giants news we always like to say hello to Alex I'm sure your busy working and writing on this deal right now. Austin Jackson two years six million over two years. Alex that is the equivalent of free in Major League Baseball. You know think about serving that that's basically. You know it that you because the token one here. To to a half million dollar deal when your guys who walked in the camp like this Eric Taylor David Hernandez the beat those are guys who showed up and admit February and came after everybody else who they're try to limit job and now it's a guy who is still a pretty decent. Major League player and a good option for the time and then somebody what we're really figure out here. Is what he is this isn't you know defense first center fielder and a bit of they let these and then did some things from India but did so I think you kind of look the market we thought well luckily I mean it is cratered and I think. We'll be religiously watched now would you look at the other options were out there and the other free agents were thought there I think you could out of marquee guy. On the if you really care about what that final numbers could be. So he's a defense first center fielder and a center field that definitely demands you beat as a player that is a huge center field and AT&T park in this defense first center fielder also be lead off for the giants I know I didn't steal a lot of bags. I don't know what is on bases but he had three team last year. Yeah I think potentially having a look at do we know precocious sister if you like cute guys to grow older disputed projected. To have that habitat but in news center fielder who are we seeing those guys to the top of the line up quite a bit a lot harder to period I think he could be an option Barack though. Really like panic and in the country and it's a few guys who are better hitters requiem. And guys that I think make a lot more fences is one to it and some order and go with Longoria and impose the adult after the it took you a lot more flexibility and give them some options I think. What can we feel we're talking about may be harder and big lead off hitters so it's much different than what was it entered another guy who can do some things that they didn't have much here. Do you think guy like dude you're ends up atoning wins him the money be gore keys in the platoon are they expect in a 162 at Austin Jackson. Well orchestrated yet we go to little. Worried right now could do this kind of a similar profile to for guidance. If you're gorgeous and as you need to be a little worried for all of 2017. Going. So that's the point I think we're probably look to disrupt their vote the creative marketed the most Latin third arm onto a computer some of these guys so I think he was probably. Are gonna you can spotted some point it simply after the fact McCutcheon and or they were financially but. Yeah I think right now to just go back what they have Jack in the mutant you opening day starter. In what you do get put people out here without sustainable it does blow did you really get with your partner for. For a better is ready and and if not I mean you're the guy who can really creek got here all of that he they're pretty much an everyday guy out there and I have do not have to worry but in a field like it did last year. Alex. That. I think they probably still has some minor things regarding Bobby it. Foley he's taken over the last couple years one thing he people it says the picnic either call but I that you literally. It get a call on everybody could hear a call on ever created it and keep in touch with people. Laguna that would have what we can get up in the middle and develop it over the course itself also I think. He is a guy who'll keep in touch with some of the relievers out there maybe some of the starters out there to educate. The price could get ridiculously loaded terms of marquis moved. That there are right that we get the tactic in this program. Really looked very little breathing room merit of their white registry but that of liberty said that they would like to see what the arbiters these so I think per for the most part. They're probably done. Just looking at the landscape of free agency right now if you're JD Martinez do you think men that I miss my boat. What he he apparently had five years under point five million out there which is what you want an audit cute but yeah let's check. We we all acute there is dissent argued fortified military air. In particular had that so I think ultimately it could get you'd still I think. Com you can look at the pop market artist who can get his money back there again I go back to the guys who are first second tier guys third tier guys. From there there's just no market for them and we saw the price today look for a eject that into. If you're done today what to look and right now I think he got through that had a pretty solid field a year ago two years ago I heard really recruit -- president. Baseball's hall of fame will announce its new class on Wednesday. What shot if any would you give Barry Bonds to hear his name is part of that class. I know excited to have insect in the U Reich that so it's a great job and it's actually quite a lot like argued that a bit sixties there at their current low sixties so. They're not gonna happen but I think for him to about. Com get a quote for quote for every year in making a grounder to third then you the voters covered. Younger voters were coming and I think they got back talked about America put personally I think. Those guys are gonna vote differently than the people issued a patch so perimeter of the matter of getting closer and closer to that number of people here. Breaking news our friend Alex Pavel mission here for us when we needed them really appreciate it buddy thank you never. Go ahead and go to work and your busy god I can't thank you very much out battled each. You're a 957 game. Talking about Austin Jackson two years six million. Dyer says to Austin Jackson another thirty year old player in the lineup probably the oldest in the majors it will be one of them. It would do will be. You know you got Longoria whose Longoria is what 31. Crawford. Oh no excuse me out McCutcheon is what 3031. This guy's going to be. Thirty years old turns 31. I gotta be honest review. 31 is not that old. Oh thanks so unless there is 32 weather and thirty. 4569. Now your question I don't know far more gonna 345. And six. Is how you end up players tenure in your town and those are not the began years of the players tenure in your town. So it's not that bad and it's not like most of these guys who worried a little older. Are getting multiple year deals. And Austin Jackson two years six million if it doesn't work out the first hundred dollars in the first hundred at bats you can eat those dollars. Nothing. That's nothing. Some. Interest I don't think we're any NF I don't think the giants were going to be joining us today. In the realm of news we're talking about a really didn't but what do you know here they are. Tony Romo what do you think all about this. I would never think. That along with that you get the best analysis. I've ever heard but you do. I am a huge Tony Romo guy to me it is the ultimate. Eyes of the quarterback the difference between what they see and what we see. This guy calls out blitzes and coverages. With almost 100% accuracy before they actually happened I think you stand to ask you what he does. Somebody keeps on tell me it. Our morning show compile draped Dan did bully is very much against Tony Romo. Not a fan and I guess. I mean I know these are just opinions and you can't be wrong but Dan's wrong. Bully rather half. Yeah what are what are you want. I think Jim Nance is the one play by play. Tony Romo is doing played before the play. It's fascinating to see well this is why. An actual NFL quarterback is thinking at the line of scrimmage this is what he sees. You think he knows more about it than we do now. Did Dan thought you know more about football the Tony Romo and then he's worried now I don't doubt it. I don't know why you could be involved. With a microphone professionally. And not at the very least say. For a guy who's been working for a grand total of sixteen weeks now. God he's a natural hazing gay gene he's sounds great he seems like he's really excited to be dealing messed. I feel like I learn something in every timing here am I like it I think he did a great job I. You too you know Walsh is doing a great job bill beatings that I know you don't wanna hear it. I know you're so sick and tired of him beating tank that you know you just you tiger does someone like Damon I seriously anatomy lesson of the radio over the next two weeks you're gonna talk about how great the patriots are well guess what they are beating yeah and the patriots. Are the best football team all of your life. They're the best professional football team of your life and if you admit anything else your lie in your wrong. Mike come on. I'm not very Catholic but if I met the Pope I'd kiss the ring each our. 8889579570. Is the number. David Carr joins us at 540 which means were open for about the next twenty minutes. We have a Super Bowl. We have a center fielder for the giants. And we have the warriors. Losing in Houston. And coming home for a very interesting three game homestand that's all coming up next on 957 the game. Now down to the demon crucial. On 957 keys. Hey Damon you BA is realize that they can sign free agents to I'm asking for a friend. I don't think so I. They know this type I really think that if he told them they'd be surprised yeah. It's just recent and Mexicans. They're really a free agent that means a guy for free right now I know it's now down means sorry. But here's the deal if you are the days and it's just budget consciousness. At all times. These guys are phone back down into the realm of your budget. The market is going to render the days. Possibly competitive. In a free agent conversation or two should they want. To join one. That's the biggest question do you wanna join a free agent conversation. I've seen the a's linked to a single. Interesting name all year and neither of you. It's a shame. I know the way I go about BA being if I were one of the richest owners and all of North American sport. There's no amount of money. The a's could ever lose on the gays that would affect the Fisher fortune. None. None. So. It's just the whole thing is a little. Frustrating if you ask me giants they dispense the kind of money the days normally spend the Austin Jackson. Three million a year. Over two years. Total of six million would clauses they could bump into eight and half. That's not. The only you could have basically signed Austin Jackson to come play center fielder. For your team down and Pacifica. Yeah yeah definitely I can afford that. In two 63 million dollars profit and that are comedians charge and was the play the bar mitzvah circuit. At Austin Jackson your kid's birthday party. Good yeah McLellan yup on easily and Austin Jackson he's been playing center field and act. Heavy pretty sweet. She needs. Dominik since San Francisco Dominic here I 957 the game I don't. Until well into you don't do thank you. I love the move with Jack and community pick about it the million dollar it. Basically not that I mean the mattress don't pay our audio like two million dollar a year yeah yeah yeah. I think it's great and I think having an it perspective they don't want achievement Saturday want Tucker go down to triple a get it that that. It didn't work and watch your outlook booking them Latin yet these guys think can everytime they you know strike out they're gonna get that I got to AAA Belk. Let Doug get down there forever is still didn't beat at 150 curator at the all star break and bring them up. I love it. It's and look at it this way there's no downside to the move. If he works out phenomenal. You just gotta center fielder for a song if he doesn't work out. Don't slam as soon as you deciding to guide you'll never ever ever feel like following invested so much tonight not not been. He shows up any hits great he shows company flops. On her Chia. Thank you very much for the call appreciate it. I still can't believe we got nick falls and a Super Bowl any certainly looked the part all Sunday long Tom Brady. You look the part. Pretty subtle and as good as Jimmy. Carving up those Jacksonville. Next you I have so. I just I don't understand why. We're jaguar. Guess attempt to do that site. Like when Madonna. Move to London. The British accent and within 48 hours is talking like a Liza Doolittle with a cockney accent. Certainly Madonna. Had to add to meals and London and she's like yeah. Do you. Forget double Couric. Effect and turn it all blue Camry home. To mood didn't do. I mean. She really went full on born in London. Jimmy drop below. Better than Brady. Did it without Pierre Garcon Brady had to do it without. The whole once is croc with the there for 242. Yards two touchdowns ran for another. Brady. It was okay wasn't great Hughes Gooden when he did the day he was great when he found lemon dole in the back of the end zone that's for sure why this. Kelly. Yeah I saw an honorary. And is 95 the pats radio network. It's pretty good. Thought our credit for the. But here's the thing you have to admit. Funeral patriots fan. You have the armor to. It's a guy you root against unless he's your guy. It's just like bonds. Just like bonds. No one likes Darth Vader in place hitting cleanup for you. All of a sudden now I know I'm Dave. Or die you know when he you throw away everything he says or doesn't say to the media you really produces when did you see what he did on all there on the ball low blow up. Pretty impressive. I there's what do you do I don't think got invited Malvern of the house to babysit the kids play it. That'll throw things. Our X how words Malick does so it does good Doolittle scissors thing with his fingers there and guys are joking. Every one everyone. Loves. The bad guy is why he's he's gone bad for you. Joining nod. But it was going to be one of the best days of your life if you're niner fan or raider fan. The day when. Everybody in the nation hates Jimmy eagle rock below but you. The dated everybody out there hates Derek you know dirt cars are really good guy he's great with his teammates he's great with the families Craig with his kids. He's great when it comes to church services he tides. Screwed. Guys he'd beat my team and I hate him. You'll watch. Other cities to hate to your best player. What are some. People hate the lawyers everywhere else and you knows what most hated guys in the world fresh. When your great. People start hate you isn't that right yeah. Isn't that right. Did you see did the jaguars probably should added in January is to. The yeah. And yeah. To try to sell me a car. You do the commercials are right does not go on Ronnie but you can say that if you are sir Richard Attenborough and. We are not sir Richard Attenborough. Tony Romo is not Attenborough. If you are born. In America. It's jaguar tegra may everyone thought that we've had a wrong the whole time even though didn't he just sort of sick at the adult thing with a. So until then the whole shop. Porsche Porsche yet it is a Porsche. If you're British. For the rest of us a Porsche. I think that I exist acne you noted Porsche is the Porsche is a car and so is our next guest. David Carr NFL network can. List brother of a guy that you might have heard he calls the Bay Area is home Derek someone or other. Joins us here on 957 the game appreciate having you back on David why do a man. I. Excellent thank you very much so your brother's got a new head coach what do you think it Jon Gruden coming back to the game of football. I'll let her body Draper. But all in general meeting be guys that got it on the sideline a great coach. And knowing you're enjoying it might netbook boat gig but. And you know some guys just can't dumping Brian I know that you loved it he loved that respect that multiple conversations with them and bad. You know decade or so. And this about the game in general. He's excited. I know it sped to work with the Oakland Raiders that that this that this spot and Hollywood and Tampa and they did their thing their butt. Judge you belong to the greater good Qaeda backed and and guard spot it. There's no doubt that his love for the east bay is real he was the only guy and that press conference who bothered to use the word Oakland which I thought was unique and pretty cool you watched your brother. Have a year where I think it's easy to say that it didn't go in the right direction he regressed a little bit it it was just not the year that we were expecting. From a guy that played the position for a guy who knows Derek so well what do you think was the key. Of last year's unraveling. Oh man when you have a year like that no expectation that they at you have that a lot of people unfortunately. You know look. First off I mean all due respect it all the coaches could allow. I don't how hard it is let. I've played a global watch Derrick play I've been around again and guarded the game landing and beat men and it didn't think that they went through. But I'm a big believer in coaching repeat there's no salary cap you know that we got that one that didn't miss street and yet well it's. You can pay your your player you player you play only so much you can clearly hear your go to every one door and on about coach is always. You know look for the owners there are willing to be that he mr. David. I doubt that that he he decided you know what younger and so want under the gun ban whatever they. And the money is inconsequential to me I I really think that you get a winner yet we got a degree if you go back Oakland before they leave. And then go do whatever you're gonna do they know when or if they get. You know the next decade in boo you know how long a much longer after that I think it's this product but it's like there buddy good quarterback. I mean how much you look at that we do to develop I'm on the network on a look to quarterbacks were. You finally departments. So I think what we saw this year was a little bit of that you have the right coaching staff. Jackie although I'd love to guide I'd like to get them in Jacksonville. Yeah you were brought in. Is that because the coached let's just be blunted ebitda in the decrypt didn't play at the are summit a good surprise. That that it really that it left there alone they had access two years ago so I think that really helped. But there either they've been struggling the last couple years and you've brought into that fixed that and he got it I think what would they're. It looked up and did it by Bob died down market got a lot of double that time I'm so. For me I think it was it relation where they struggled this year off in that particular Everett beat on the B at the other they got better at the end of the year goodnight to beat and the other side moderate at that lack of discipline a lack of you know just black and white. A lack of guys doing things the right way the drops are the drops that go out. The god have been basically it happened at the rate they happened. IChat political all of also Gil got their work edit you have to be willing to pay the price to go out and make gadget thing Jerry. Those in the jug machine or grab a quarterback. Jerry Rice dropped the ball. I'm old member of that Elijah they'll build talking to guys rather know where it got tired of all the root your game back in order ever thought about that though. Yeah the discipline of that I think getting a guy in certain position why you groom. Most of us who have got hurt pretty good shape but he really did have a guy like you know. Again the magnetic on Boldin or Larry FitzGerald though I'd gotten a bit around the better right. You know it yet yard course on Tuesday throughout the day it guy like that doesn't draw the bubble that they've got to have that guy just showed those guys. What to do you know you have a Mari young but many could really benefit from so much that he Crabtree is still too young for that I think you'd still. He hit talent level. It hired then you know I have to work at this level so big heat the oil rethink what you it Dexter over here. Make sure we got to make up for them and then lacking Betty we are hoping that Chile a country still basically great he counted the you you still need that guy and that receiver room the older guys accountable. You can fire coach like 200. And you put the doubt around. Those guys. Where where that that is that that the focus and they're hoping they edit got a good luck in that locker room I don't often cited deeper side. I younger and bringing in brief coaching that they got dirt there are afraid to bring back guys they were expected echoed in the raiders. Don't cable Kodak Muppets like go to I think it tactic. And what they're build up that doubt all the old guys. Have been brought in dealt Derek played better not a word right from 200 to Derek it all of the guys that everyone that we bring in. It all there Albright being brought in to make you better and don't when you're quarterback in that situation. You know all the Derek. Has taken a leadership role he's Eddie Gilbert hit it in the public said that he had and they did it and all of you were all your mate you better. Just what grade level plague that you're it we go to the group be getting darker Israel just in the stormy debate that he that was done. It. Well. You know I mean obviously they'd like to talk even more than they're allowed to right now do you rules which I think is not like pro football if Derek Drake did they wanna get a studio apartment together they should be allowed to right. Read I killed when I completely agree at last gotten their due date they are you a couple times but it and you can say they get it on the plate. It would give way to beat you get into their purse at at the facility with them and we've ever done they could be an everyday they would be up at the roller pledge for for the sake of their spam act both done a bit. Now that's awfully nice I know that both those guys would sacrifice their families to get back to the playoffs and I think that's why they might work out well together if this skeptic in me has to creep up here and say one thing about gruden though it's. Nominee knows Derrick fits the the billing of the young quarterback he's been pretty experienced in this league so far but. Ruben is never really developed a one quarterback the young quarterback like he he good he brought he brought DNA in into MVP form any got a Super Bowl would Brad Johnson are you worried. That he's never really done that hands on grooming beyond the ESPN show. Yeah I mean you there'd be unknown. There absolutely is. Like I can't earn my dad and Derek are the same thing and I think younger now at that there's no substitute for our work. And I think they've done it also in talking them over the last decade but even Q would that change is not saying that have been happening. But he yet prior to my battle they'll vote get a playbook. They're don't they're basically gave the ball so much. Love that then I got the call they get people get involved in that so I think he's been around Eddie watched film made my night game maybe he became my go in the upbeat and because I really geeky been speaking about this time of coming back. Did he left I really don't think it yet had a plan has not. Koji forever. I. I hope to beat you to get. And those are you dropped out there for a second so I thought I'd feel and we lost yet bully dizzy just dropped out for heartbeats wrap up please. Okay yeah I just I think they've done it. It's been looking order that they belong don't let it also been preparing himself for the moment you don't know what political base of hard work and been done about Derek and get the quarterback immediately young guy like create. I think it at same time just in this sort conversation in the people not gut from Derek don't treat another veteran quarterback. Even that good things like in there I've never had a quarterback is now on YouTube doesn't work where he beat appreciate that that that situation that he's dead. Eddie guy walking into a situation like it I I can't dividing much like. Rich getting racked up like that you know they're not. Org I'm one of those guys that big gun used in the dike and it's definitely that they did it's hard below. They think they're bringing guys in here only to make you better show glee that young quarterback you dread it because it. There to keep this thing pretty much to the job. And I think that they're gonna have a great listen why don't have heard a little bit about no doubt they're gonna react down the aisle I think it's fantastic Derek is. Arab concretely in the packet he'd like do we like the work he enjoyed that side of it not a lot of guys enjoy I don't know that I can say I enjoyed that out of it. Again ejected we're gonna have a birthday party forward quite get it. And Bakersfield. And it's been that big barn area got a record Jim guy hangout area. Of course doing what we're trying to blow up Brooke they case and you'll update he enjoyed that aspect of it a note on the I think you're gonna be great. There you go hash tag never skip leg day we've David RI. NFL network analyst David Carr here on 957 the game. As a former quarterback what impresses you more affected Brady is in the big game once again or that mix holes stepped into the backup role and brought the team to the Super Bowl for the first full look like a ten year pro yesterday. Yet I honestly think lobbying group don't appreciate Brady's great it. Until doctor until he's done and we got to look back at they they did let the let countered. That that's gonna beat they'll never have to get away from a little bit and you go on about how great he would furlong but I will lied about it nick holt. Because having been in that situation starting and then also being a backup quarterback. I can go to that now do you view of getting toward a situation like that especially when you're replacing. Ami and softer here or MVP candidate Carson where they're playing great third of once seated doctor nick cynical outlook only started. You gonna be the reason why they moved the football game and art are able to take it straight into the jet you don't get an accurate Carson come back. But what he's done. No doubt about it. Doug Peterson done with it and getting it into a rhythm early. Yet the new evaluate our POs in the run play run pass option that they did we get the bottom and get to read one back here. And got a little bit of a rhythm going. And then built in some competent to where they shut down the field in the college. Corporate sick and throw it forty yards and I. According to protect he and the first four games to replay it though. Does start it figured out what they have given to read them early. Games and completion. He's an accurate quarterback you could he be brought ballot got a big arm because why not put the ball 55 yard. Let ourselves that the double move up Newman so. Yes some ability it's a bet that you can bet that it was a no hearted to be about quarterback you know read it or go to these guys that they eat. It floating on the quiet you go over the course that flat. Month the wedding with all the debt used to see it and that it could be understood that it got to gradually Europe grow and I think you'll make for great people get a real chance to win that. Why can't elect Eagles plus five and a half I'm not to know why I I don't surprised to see the patriots win this game. But five and a half feels pretty good to me it really really does. It's been a a wild year. NFL network obviously been covering. All of it is there a steam makes you think goes from this year to the next I mean it's been so much about anthems and ratings and it sounds like we've lost our real love of the sport what would you like to see covered more of leading up to the Super Bowl more of next year. Well read more but dawn let them do not that. Nuggets looked at had been out and ever did not that it Ricky penalties you know I that that he be conducted because. Great the great thing that have been the other day weren't the only the only bad night game the Jacksonville. Why don't even patriots only had one against them what I know what it's Jacksonville Florida. Very much filter the report that Stalingrad inserted into that you put the bat in the back but nobody that would got denied the seat spirited. Just raw Obama had people come to it sounded good at developing great teams sport. Every bit pumped up he spelled they're really is that you gotta get eleven guys and really what net featured part gigabyte at one big fellow gotten beyond it. If one guy looks that you blew it to great teams worked phenomenal watch. Let's just get back in just that that element albeit it on that talk applicable Monica bloated it. From our tax line Damon I always love it when you have David Corrado is a big fan from his Fresno dazed and now as a commentator he's always canned did an in depth and I would agree with that and thank you again for joining us we appreciate your time. Thank you very much David Carr NFL network analyst. Here on 957. Again good to have him on will remind you one more time if not if I sit in the game and San Francisco winter on the waterfront wanna hold you up when they San Francisco day vacation which includes a four pack of tickets for an hour to track as crews and admission tickets to the aquarium of the bay at pier 39 foods certificates and more no it's not just for Taurus anymore do it yourself have a little fun. Per chance to win you can visit the contest page and 957. Game. Dot com so Golden State Warriors they lose to wrap up there are unbelievably impressive road trip they then come home starting tomorrow night with the knicks. The name got the timberwolves and then the Boston Celtics coming to town for a very interesting three game homestand we're going to be talking about all of that was Sam and make it 630 tonight until then. We got some open lines we have laid out an awful lot for you everything is in play we got a lot of balls to juggle this afternoon and it's good that we have a fourth and final hour coming up next because we're gonna need it here on the Damon Bruce shot.