Damon Bruce Show Hour 3

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Friday, April 14th
Damon is joined by Steve Kerr, Mike Silver, and gives away a pair of Warriors tickets to a lucky fan!

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Like big guy trying to sell you a monster truck tickets. Sunday Sunday Sunday. What a great day Sunday is gonna be for Bay Area sports to play off games. To baseball games. All happening in our own backyard they might feel like rush hour a little bit on the highways and I asked. This coming Sunday first of all to Easter Sunday got a lot of people gone at aunt whoever or grandma whoever's. For Easter Sunday. You're gonna have. At noon. Well 1230 technically. And we'll go ahead and tell when warriors warm up again. It's a little bit at eleven that's and I expected to be by your radio technically at 9 AM for the special NBA this week that Matt Stein it's. And John Dickinson will be hosting live from oracle. On Sunday. Kerry Keating and I will be in an eleven we're gonna take you didn't known that Tim Roye that net him a hypocrite. At 12 o'clock Tim Roy takes over and then at 1230. Basketball takes over. Later that Saturday we're going to have a's are exe that's on their Reyes on as an exotic. We're gonna have a's playing organ of the giants playing. A little sharks' playoff hockey for you as the series shifts back. I'm calling it a day of balls and bunnies but the ball better a lot of money everywhere of course you come up with a single most adorable slogan in the history of Sunday's. The balls and by means. Based to have something like that at the Playboy Mansion but it wasn't for kids now this Sony can take your families in fact I encourage it. Do you want warrior playoff tickets would you liked them for free. Fiery you I would keep my year and 95 cents in the game this hour to public clue. Sounds like a clue that I won't play for you to Roy on acid this hour at some point in time when you hear the very distinct sounder. If you haven't even heard yet don't worry you'll know what it is when you hear it. The first person actually that's a trip caller number nine for Andre Iguodala who has been a finals MVP. Caller number nine at 888957957. Out when you hear Tim brought out acid. We do have a pair of playoff tickets to game one in the upper deck to give yet. Got to get in price for free would you like that that's a great deals on pretty good doesn't it. Doesn't it yet Richard it's. A Damon. With the playoffs coming up. And will rally tomorrow Dexter but he says he starred on. Sunday the warriors start on Sunday the actual NBA playoffs start tomorrow we got eight games this weekend for coming up tomorrow for coming up on Sunday says gonna get a little round all right Ali as you can. And playoff weekend baby here it is. I'm excited I really really am this is my favorite time of year one of my favorite times a year. Absolutely love it. Do you think this is like Steve Kerr is. Alarmed what radio alarm when he goes off in the morning I got all the time C gets up may be easily done. How many didn't intend early riser on about 6:30 AM. He's definitely an area right there let's find out for sure. We're very happy to welcome in B. Playoff bound. Of course Steve Kerr. Courtesy of Stephen creek Toyota in San Jose toward the deals are all warrior guess sound better to wearing JB a wireless headphones the official sound of the Golden State Warriors. And 957 gamer you an early riser coach. I am am usually. 637. We're here. Nice even nailed the time now do you wake up around ball rocked by John Tesh. Yeah we're in the video yes. You are not actually when he and when he plays the IDL off of his or her answering machine to themselves. Real hair and excellent in my data that it plays. It is but that's. I remember you know even. Wait times CDX. And you know that I'll do applaud you. The job as one law. That's done it since that's one in the round to go back in the picture sure he'd love that meets all the rights. I want Asia regional legal. What that's I think it's so identified with NBC. That it would confuse people if you started playing it on another network. And and if I'm NBC I'm just saving that for the one day we've been on the NBA again and others like if you. Few billion dollars in years ago for that to round but. Anyways it's great to talk to again Stephen and without getting ahead of ourselves congratulations. On a well laid plan regular season and it really feels like everything went according to plan minutes wise relationship wise production wise. Even out produced I think what a lot of people expected defensively. It was a spectacular regular season and congratulations. Thank you yeah I agree. On who could have gone up. Much better. I told I told Kevin and and that you know even that he. It expert. You know that injury was actually really good as most of a lot of people don't. About the labor force has two to blocking and likely to block and it's a little and then when you doubt. And I think in the end up being out of twenty inch he's coming back out should. Fired up and I think we're letting it play out on them. Really good now Ali are cheap but at camp and in particular in a word network related spot on the table and. Now you do and and and I am guessing with all the respect you guys have for Daimler you're not exactly walking around your locker room. Posting blazers in six boy was he set up by his own broadcast team for that are. Yeah that that the modern media you know that you can't answer anything they beat coming headlines and I mean we've all those questions where you know sometimes suggest a stretcher out all what you say something headline that. You know tropic we don't we knew we don't look at. Any sweep you'd like to predict in the name of that band. It. Richard. AQ Touche speaker here on 95 cent in the game's sole. What is the debt is what is the designed play. Two improvised. In the moment ratio. On these JaVale McGee Alley oops. All of that question and it kind of depends on. You know he's out there I think a dream on find him frequently. On. EU market for current problems that Andre also looks world. We obviously you know do catalog designed play is to get them you know running around because even. Doesn't catch on he's taking it defender with a untouchable. You know. Shooter on the backside of the play or whatever so. He Dick. Really good drug for instance in them. But you know we have a great passing team Rio like you will find in the even it's it's just you know broken liar you know whatever just an obligation so it's it's. It's nice he gave him the credit your players credit for doing it too but some of these Steve I swear to god he's taken like one or two steps towards the hash feigning disinterest kind of lull in defense of sleep and he's got to to long stride he's yet to the steps he's at the rim ready to go I let some of that is you. Even played a practice happen. Well you know I'll be honest it is physical yet so true about. Plain and and he's you know he's been in the league now on Long Island so he understands angles and urged him. Kind of look at the ball where there are in the district and who. Then went and got comfortable playing with fortune. Should end. Would you build. Great. Well my favorite. Players and I've been around in in all my years playing coaching. Yeah mutual he's an absolute jewel news. Cracking that great achievement. Won't go that just a great way about. I can you know not planned for a couple games and he doesn't get down and chrome opera and actually produces. Foreign. Can you problem. Just fantastic pros and although these data actually achieved. It feels like there isn't a single player who didn't meet their expectations. Or exceed them in one way or form this entire year some guys that some struggle spots but really in the final examination. With the playoffs to come of course we haven't even started the final yet but in the final examination of the regular season. It's impossible to see where it went wrong for one guy one person you know even damion Jones who didn't have much of a presence. I heard the organization is to roll with what he's done in the. Yeah yeah program out there and do you. I think you know the biggest thing. We got. We've got great players and wondered what you best players. Like to play together and I'd like to move although an addiction to you know out of Phoenix which match do what you can be used. You like your guys brought. How is that he's going to match and playing that style of I think we have something. Similar because step in and and dream on clay -- is a couple. Upgrades. And traps in terms of spreading the ball. You ordered that guys constantly cutting league pitcher in the Baltic and Jordan other people's success. Generally means that everybody can succeed individually. You know a buddy of mine who's a Phoenix Suns stand used to say. I never understood that micro fracture surgery meant that you removing Steve Nash from Amare Stoudemire had nothing to do Anthony's. And yet that's amazing yeah. A valuable ones out there on cab. Stoudemire and Marion. Johnson would only be one minute 28 games and looked at all great players. It's sometimes you don't. One guy I'd altogether. National action group. And Yeltsin Koreans civil very. And I think. When you have a guy like that control the ball and so dynamic. It makes it much easier on everybody even had an incredibly gifted team like ours. The impact would that make can never just told with the numbers mean he. And he makes it's such an influence whenever global players that gains were achieved Euro. Steve Kerr here on 957 a game defending dame Willard it's a handful is one of my favorite players to watch in the NBA who's not wearing the warriors Jersey what is the plan to slow him in the column down without gassing your backcourt. Trying to trying to. Slow them down. Yeah personal me can't get discouraged you have to urged them at both full. Shots yeah what you produce try to. Take action so don't turn the ball forward. Transition won't extradition wobbled and he Beckett Angela. And then the other certain hotspots and children actions that they'd like. Too little to achieve them obviously didn't go over those couple days. Try to keep them away from those couple of foursome in the areas where maybe there is. Q what percentage is quite. And then throughout the course of the game action should continue to play the option. Fallible can give loans. Over the course of the game toward if it was the children get the numbers could just make it. Are you planning is seen markets in game one. Won't you'll let me can factored in which moved in one day. I'd be shocked if he did on Wednesday you know it's it's judging Bible supports it and he says. Children usually. Not well as a coach. You know sometimes you want to get extra precaution and what the guy that it's ready maybe give you more days so. You know maybe maybe it's in Watergate. Weight gain achieved not though. All didn't it captain. It also would prepare for provoked and that's what we again. You said that you like the Sunday start to your players feel the same way are they already chomping at the bit is excited to stands are to get this don't want. Our ability. Probably. Would have preferred to play tomorrow just to get right to a as a coaching staff like yeah. There is good practice they would actually scrimmage throughout the world function. And that would use tomorrow more like children because of 212 pretty someday. We'll build through strategy and Campbell. Watkins stuff out we've been given at the right western. Preparation and they should be. And they attribute. It's a lack of time off in between games in the regular season leads to rest does all this time off in between games kind of change of philosophy two minutes minutes. Wow. Yeah I mean you're definitely more inclined to play guys forty minutes rather than 34 in a playoff game. The situation called lone original word came along all so that connect communicate. I like what you do not like. We play a lot of people. Planning on doing that again and then you know something is working state within a cooking while more likely to go on the quicker. Try to out of work. You know what I like our team that we're pretty adaptable. Got a lot of guys all nations. Charter company. If you need to turn to Barnes will he be ready to go in game one. I don't think so you know he you have practiced yet. Or two shots and it. Although I would be doubtful for Sunday. But that's what they would break into Wednesday age well it's an introvert should also troubled. We're gonna drop gimme some no thank you because I have a playoff memory question for. Are what was the hardest series you've faced when the bulls were hanging banners what was your hardest out. Yeah. Probably the pacers in mind the heat in each final all the home team won every game. And so what the only time it. We have had while I was there. Level we got we'll read some part series you talked problem bolt or they wouldn't you know it really. Played well. Made everything up and regain. The patriots lose lose. Balance felt something in a game seven of the finals once. All the most nerve racking entered Dubai. Point here and it turned out well for I wanted to have it all out in the finals but that was that was moved here. You remember when Kevin Duckworth was supposed to be the guy who's gonna tip the balance of power in the NBA finals. It. That's our before your time I thought I was talking you know what you're talking John Paxson on not submitted. I know you were on the team this time around how sick was Michael during the flu game was he really that sick or should it be known as the dehydration game. Now and six we worsening of Park City little chilled and so worried should we stayed open and fortunately we're trying to drive. On the and he got a letter regain the practice and the altitude probably didn't help you would like Daria an idea. You're going to achieve them morning. We were all worried that. It would be quiet and all let all of you know that that stuff it's not just folklore. Its up and real people meeting. He was our member of debt and carried off the court Scotty was gray he actually looked great that it name. It is spend so much fun talking you all season long coach I hope we get to do this throughout the playoffs too I know your attention is certainly on other bigger things. The appetizer was incredible. 67 wins at least three years in a row was a new record congratulations to use your entire staff in the organization on that. But now it starts for real and we cannot wait to watch this run we think it's going to be spectacular. And we thank you was always good luck in good health to you when your team. Yet thanks to implement its savior I was like appreciated. Show boats on what we can we'll keep doing it during the play yeah. Just thank you to watch it and you can we have such great home court advantage in game you don't play out starting. To use it like other teams come in here are Arabs are. Loud and obnoxious. Well maybe not boulder just obnoxious like. We're on our that are prepared to bring it under guard. There's a new and what a punctuation that. Think that's an awful lot but he really pretty hurt right there thank you. Speaker head coach your Golden State Warriors really really good stuff with them. He's the best he's generously this time it really really is and it all starts again coming up Sunday. Some I Sunday. And I cannot wait cannot wait also won Sunday again you're going to get. Like. He's on the road tonight by the way. I couldn't believe this I just clicked on the average home ticket prices for first round NHL playoff games. Would you believe. The number one ticket is over 600 dollars. The Toronto may police but hey it's Toronto right Toronto Toronto Maple Leafs. It is a 600 dollar. Average home playoff price in round one. After that. It's the Edmonton Oilers. I guess that what happens when you don't go to the playoffs since 2006. Another hundred. There you know how many Moody's into any easier to put together as a Canadian to get aboard that ticket now and Canadian now for the police on that by the way at a really appreciate battling if you go and. News news news. Afghan and it died dead may and that it out about it Q and it's EU plan the devil you acts. And the. Thank you. The cheapest. Bid cheapest. Saint Louis blues. Your average home play off ticket in round one is just a 146 dollars what I cannot believe is their followed by the ducks and then after that. The San Jose Sharks. In the most money up city of all the cities. And the third least expensive playoff average ticket price. In the first round the San Jose Sharks the average playoff ticket price is a 177 dollars according to take it. 177 dollars that's not cheat but I guess it's cheap for a playoff ticket you don't also makes playoff tickets cheap. Well when you take a beloved. Broadcaster and you put them on acid. There aren't. Caller number nine for Andrei would dollar is Jersey. You are going to game one warriors trail blazers 8889579570. Or aren't. And there you go good luck to you the lines are open and good luck good luck and when we come back the other big story that we haven't even touched on this hour. Marshawn Lynch already close yes no Mike silver had a story the story changed and they'll let us know why next. Welcome on back from the tax lying game in my call wouldn't even go through while he had their a lot of people waiting to. Trying to win those tickets a lot of people tried to get those playoff tickets. That's what happens when you give away playoff tickets people going nuts. We have a winner our winner is Suze sat in Oakland that. And we just wanted to see if she was excited Suzanne thank you very much for listening I hear you're going to the playoffs. Yes right around and stand there and why are you ready. I'm loving her. Her. You ought. To be ready to take it back to the total Q how did those six but that's fantastic season that you've been a warrior and for how long. Wherever. It's a. Say I am an Ocala native so I didn't watch and warriors were called like. You're there when Marco Belinelli was the best shot you had in other words. Yet and I went to Oakland all right I loved Willard just like you even though not a lawyer I'm really excited. To PCs that we could not have had a better person win I'm glad someone from Oakland I'm glad someone who's got this team coursing through their veins. Al B has told me how excited you are about all of this so congratulations. I'm really happy for you enjoy the game in if we indeed are outside which I think we're going to beat the weather cooperates and Barbara Bush outside. Please stop by the 957 game ten to if you can so we can meet. Or. Congratulations. And so yeah that sues at Craig out congratulates. Should have mastered it. Well here's the thing we didn't want to leave today because Derek pop was ready to pick up the phone NASA's ad out on Saturday after notes and you he wanted to see if she was doing anything around 1230 Sunday afternoon. She is now congratulations. She's busy. I know we are trying to track down Mike silver because the other big story today is that. Around 1230. It looked like Marshawn Lynch on Twitter was confirming the fact that he had signed. To go on play. The Oakland Raiders. And then unfortunately he that's sort of fell apart in an hour. After that news broke. It looks like the eyes have not all been dotted the t.s have not all been crossed but we are. If if signing Marshawn Lynch. Is it ten mile journey were about nine and a half miles through that journey at least that's the way it seems the man who was all over the story from NFL network our friend Mike silver joins us here and Mike we won't keep you long we're not gonna ask you to do a a draft preview we just wanna talk about marsh on why this was so close to happening and what's holding it up. You know it's one of those weird food. Big with many moving parts and I believed. Some people in Marshall went to camp got a very expected Tuesday at eight. Was ordered those are got swept up in and perhaps didn't as you suggested. And he's still need to be done in Kra. A couple of those happening. Don't think you're. Competition coupled with Seattle going to be. A big. Poll that actually is more to do with finalizing the terms under which martial little generator out I expected incentive to have be contract that. Real in the base. It once that happened little dip for proper that a child actor George better to just publicly between him and yeah. I don't show alleges they're very excited. Is eagerly anticipating the moment and tend officially jumped. What are the Seahawks expect back. Not alive. From the docs perspectives. In layman's terms they just want to be protected in the event that you're. Looks like Marsha lynch or two years ago in other words what would say condition that. Conditions would be like if you Russians regard the Super Bowl. That's got to say if he goes then does not have much impact that it will probably disappear or. Up come. You know it's it it it makes sense because this. Yeah he's intriguing who's not interest didn't whatever Marshawn Lynch has left what do you really think that might he's got left you know a year off for some guys means the you know there a year off from being a good running back I could see how a year off for this guy who always played angry. Could breathe a little life back in his lights. Yeah I mean you and a big anyway and truly happened that some of these writers like him. So yeah he's that it were running back then the client and the other and you know nowhere chair currently tied up old music. Great shape and he has that. Density. To be able to get emergency. You know I I note that albeit excited during gauge Marcia lynch which is an important end. You know we're documenting with a very good output line and an obvious threat and also well. Showed up in weather going to be 89 in the box replace. To get shut out theoretically for him to. Could be yet a successful part of what could be a rocket to the and that of course it took this is just it makes such a bill that obviously. The raiders in Oakland or awkward situation that should do that and perhaps beyond. You know pro market perspective to be able operating. If hometown heroes who had so much of suck. The creek was linked with the terms you know wouldn't gotten back commission. You know about great Mark Davis such credits for later friends or Oakland greater sense of the accord broke. I'd get it. Excellence that. Car on the article. Marco let through. At that moment where you are in super excited over lead to a guy out there. In certain football content yeah it is. Not pops up. Give your boys Steve Kerr call this week to say speak out shut to down low but about what about a boy. Well I have not been revealed. The contract covers that we've been it you do the slaves as he's really excited for. The play out at Roland. You know they'll partners include well. I mean it couldn't have worked out better. Legs buckle like that ever but he thought the worst. That would have been crushing blows at. You know you go. Go back to the open it would it came it and got it handed to a by the spurs and solo and then you know. Matching and then they just adding that. They've lost somebody that club that entered defense you know that long long way that it. Real advocate statement without the grant. You know horror story about long streak and then. Now theoretically lead him and so I'm really albeit with two that it went up with a problem. Look at more connect steaks and plug and brought all that as a professional. A man who knows how to get it done Mike's over here on the Damon British OK I lied to a one draft question the brown mess round which Robiskie one. I I would sit out is to be determined. Ago. I know that almost any yet both evaluated and I'd go. Would you would say it could be. Don't play around there while her record and number one. No discussion. I know there are. And people at the route building hello Larry a lot of room there where that this. It's that clearance front that could play out there and they dual or. You can outlook in order all totally about to decide pulled up equity. You know which a lot. It. If I had you. Yet that would get the mile dirt will be in the book market broke Pigram but it. You know it's it's a strange triangle for the draft pick. People turned over picnic but just. Adams and report but does that put people on the inside as well so. I would ought to be inside. Broke out beating another week or two because. Given some very good discussion. Yeah the fly on the walls got a really good seat there's no doubt about it. Are always appreciated Mike thank you very much joining us late today would absolutely no plans or obligation you took our call buddy thank you. Of course I'll hopefully oh play and just sit there. Blurted out more room. I'll so we can do you doubt about it next week at some point I'm Mike silver NFL network thanks very very much to him. So again he really thinks that marsh on the raiders it's gonna happen what is ever being whatever is the source of holding this up that source will be. Negotiated quickly. And by the way for those one sure still locked to Twitter to be like it sure does or wrong your sources of. It looked like his source was Marshawn Lynch who thought that this was yeah that's pretty good god truck hey are you a greater yes I am OK mark diligent rhetoric so I mean it really looked like. Marchand thought it was a done deal. And of course. When Mike picked up off that only to find out later that it indeed is not. There is zero embarrassment you all wishers could add your jobs as Mike's over. Is it is he is fantastic good to have them great to have them and when we come on back. Since we haven't had much time we absolutely need to pay close attention to something that is near and dear to my heart. I'm about to clear up a little confusion that at least one listener had this would mind. An homage is really what it is. But we wanna just lets you know and remind you one last time this Friday afternoon that 957 games. Everything you need if you're a warrior stand throughout the playoffs first of all. Every single day that the warriors are alive in the playoffs so every day Monday through Friday at noon it's warriors launch. Between now and mid June 'cause they're not going anywhere until the finals. And that is what's going to happen. We are going to have Greg pop and Vontae hill bringing new warriors launch starting Monday at noon and every weekday at noon. Through the 2017 playoff run there's gonna be great insiders joining the morning show is going to be Kelenna Azubuike. Each and every time the warriors play game he'll be joining them in the morning. We will have Steve Kerr on throughout the playoffs we are certainly working to get players on one weekend. And we urge was going to be all over this beginning Sunday. We got Matt's time it's John Dickinson out of oracle. Kerry Keating and I will be there with a warrior warmup. That's gonna start at 11 AM so little coffee. Would dame inning care. Actress. Just. And we are there are so excited we are really really really excited is that this is off. And off obviously. With all. Due respect to the San Jose Sharks. Who are on our sister station. At fox. And with all due respect to that one kick in the nuts and Kansas City the a's had put on am this is our first playoff game. As a flagship on many fronts in the game. Right. Athletics we had named Damon Bruce every. Day. David yeah. Sarah data brisk air land and it's for you yeah absolutely other will the raiders but they don't count anymore because they're moving to Las Vegas so I don't think of them when I think about the area sports see how that works. We'll figure out a Marshawn Lynch is doing to side with some random NFL team and we have the news election. So. Damon I love via. Throwing shade of my boy dinners and now ski I can't tell my taking offense were there is none. I feel like you're mocking his skull Russa now ski is the man. Well. Concerned listener let me alleviate would ever ever disinformation are receiving from. Oh first of all. Just the name Jonas don's going. Is an incredible man is dead it's about as perfect hockey name is you're gonna run into in your life the only thing it sounds more like. A hockey player. Is Wayne Gretzky. But Wayne Gretzky was never gonna go to insurance that guy was gonna play hockey no matter what he was all a booted. And you'll just don's going. I don't know what it is the way that it just rolls off the tongue. And then to punctuated with what I think is my homage to Dan reason that get announced he doesn't State's school war. Is what he says and he is one of my favorites. Oh. Would be good guy whenever the sharks are playing and I'm driving home. I throw them on just think gimme goal gimme goal just give me one goals I guess. Do warmed goal neutral zone play and let's see what dobbs wait doesn't that that's what across the line drops it backwards to burns again the point. He shoots why. Eight seconds on the power play one last chance stops where the front. The star. All try to get that made the split that attack and with three seconds left a power play but sharks around the art. It it. Hits in just dumped it to open spot the quarter hurdle will get. Hit brackets Martin pitched. Hurdle behind the that twisting what. That but the kids it's an exhibit we've got to honor. Other rebound. Started the play at eight finish pit that ties the game at. True Abbott's start up on forced joy I'm dead serious debt when I keep going back to this. Think I am not doing it. For you this is for me I will walk around in my I don't know what you do win the show's over for you hopefully Yugo and have a normal life the show never ends to meet you know he still never ends in my own mind they showed just keeps going you only have to deal with me. For four hours. I deal would mean for 24 hours a day. Sometimes I wish I had an off button for this guy. I sort of got us you know the song like one though one bowl on the 01 goal you know it's on I think. So you really hear anywhere but it's like got a famous like just that I will be doing dishes I swear to god I will be doing dishes and home and just over the sink the cinema that bounced by about going on or about him out in the EU. And going about it pumps going back Henman is telling me. I I can't stop thinking about this stuff we already gave awaited tickets and people are still hauling left and right. We've given away our warrior tickets but you know we are sitting Heidi come up with a way to get the word tickets way. The buildings say let's go to Milan acid that was neck. Problem. Aren't I have been doing a Tim Roy impression. Like at home with my wife but that might have a walk in the door with a bag of over the about a back to gross is its very term. So my point and every inevitably that's what excites me she says walking in with a purse I don't give a damn about the purse but if she comes in with a accept that. What's bad. You is first for us to adherence to get because the expressions on your face it's not just how you stay out you actually have. Movement and how you smile and the way your your your face is when you say it's it's definitely it's funny bounce going makes me happy I mean. If you'd think it's funny you should you from my chair. All I want to hit a bad act. Owl. Stated you're very animated about that it. And a nine after lovemaking. Rule. O box and it. Local mine got up and fat. But could elevations at vet that. Blood man. ID like to sharks as much as I'd like the word don's going I had to draw downs I'm in this for the don's go. The sharks are merely just the cracker the dons boy rides the my mouth like a oysters are nothing more than delivery for Fred judge have been tractors right at yeah. The sharks are my don's going delivery vehicle my preferred don's going delivery vehicle. And I'm excited man I was really fun to watch them because. Sports are at its best when something you don't expect happens happens and I did I honestly thought sharks are gonna like. Paying. Me. It's round. I I totally dug the shark could come back to San Jose down to. No here's a chance to come back to San Jose up two. Meanwhile Damon if you're doing impressions can we get a Ralph I feel like go to the sharks need on the game you can join me dangling. Asking me. And him and him being a man. You know hopefully they'll think tourists he threw. I uniquely c'mon you grinning package he'll be doing geek he's teaching instead I didn't mean plants in the meantime leagues with the intent to ease with gambling DOT and gently. Abby dangling as convenient as checked. And sent me yet and yeah a big big big day can't making anti anti anti meaning that it. Ali and we went to cal being leaned his is incredible in Canada same stance incredible identities and then them. Actually gay in your gut check. Well beckon. I love Ralph and that's. Dana can you do an impression of Ralph doing don's now now now you now you're talking to you by now you've got hockey inception impressions and we can't do that. That's too much on a Friday afternoon. We do have to. Talk a little bit about mommy and a mole arc lists for sexy here I got enough time. So. Everybody's heard the phrase you know you got to shoot bush got to shoot your shot. Low heartless decided that his shot selection was gonna directly affect his bank account and so he made a decision. I believe the phrase of the kids like to say is. I meant mention. Arco sign not mad at you I am not the blazers. They finished hard to get into the playoffs as a matter of fact since the NBA all star break Golden State Warriors lead the NBA in wins SE second to portrayal please show. Portland closed like a freight train to get into the eighth seed there really did. So they're closing like a freight train. Most heartless had an incentive built into his contract paid him 500000 dollars if he shot above 35% from three point range. He entered game number 78 of the season. Shooting 35 point 1%. From three point range and didn't attempt to three over his last four games of the year. It's like in the movie summer school. When chainsaw and Dave have a hundred word essay the debt to turn and like very very very very very very good hundred words right on the dot tea. That's basically what he's doing right there. It's a blip would die. It about it. The only thing you can do shooting another three. Is lose money. I mean if you hit it you want but if you miss it sure. For every for every three you miss you better hit at least two more along the rest of the way so he met his contractual. Obligation as like an on call it a year from Eric Eric is right there I'm done now as though. Blazes were pushing themselves into the playoffs. Did his teammates know about this. He walk up in the locker and say guys look at and a half million dollars of mine name on right now unless of course I miss another three years go on a cold shooting streak yourself. If you're going to the rim. And the defense sucks in on you and you're either gonna finish or kick it out to me just finish. The if you are going to see Amy standalone in the corner I'm not aiding and catch the pass minimal at that the angle out of bounds. Here's another question that I had when I heard about the small park list tale. Imagine if you're an opponent. Knew about that. Like you had an advanced. Contractual incentives doubt that knew that arc list was sitting on 35 point one and 35 catches in the million. So there's always gonna shoot another one if you knew that would you have held off them basically daring Mota shoot knowing that he had a half million reasons not to know. That would have been some good inside baseball in this case basketball but you know what I'm saying. We're gonna have one segment left for Chris Townshend are buddy comes on and take you up to a little. He's dug out showed tonight Kendall grave in Dallas cycled coming to you from eight bullets coliseum. Which sounds pretty good to meet. But we do have to talk about the passing of a bonafide NFL icon. It happened yesterday we're gonna talk about it next. Gadget of the a's dugout show coming up in just a handful of minutes here Chris Johnson can get you ready for a little b.'s baseball from a TARP was the coliseum. And an upper deck full of fans. Not and Venus and embarrassment for the first time in a long time so I am. Happy about that hopefully they get a great crowd out there tonight some nice night for baseball. A great weekend for sports here in the Bay Area. By the way were just talking about great hockey names and I love the name don's going. Daiwa's liked the tax wonders like Damon yummy or younger Hubbell dot Suk. Devin said Oguchi these are all great hockey games yeah they are Teemu salami. CEI Yzerman yeah absolutely there is a great hockey and Chris Chelios. And Eric Lindros sound like walking into. As a great names are Nike there's also some really really really really hard to pronounce names and hockey which I think. Cools people off on it just looked at. Yeah just a little bit Fisher. Sometimes you get names like who scored a goal bill I don't know just to say that they want. How to pronounce that now. This should really be a spectacular weekend as long as we don't. And two world worth the read which is. The single digit percentage is happening. It's nuts. Worlds little knots right now. Be nice if we tweet it with a little bit more diplomacy. Because you know the world's watching. This stuff like from the Twitter sometimes got a good advice I don't mind humans. When you are sitting on the greatest military threat in the history of planning and to threaten anyone everyone knows. We had an NFL legend to absolutely was a diplomat who absolutely. Was a guy who understood. How would you run something you do it confidently and you do it quietly and you do it subtly. An absolute legend passed away yesterday Steelers chairman Dan Rooney. One of the most powerful blood donors and all sports he passed await the age of 84. A very. Very powerful voice in the room. He was out of the public guy. He helped settle two players' strikes. He also fought to give more opportunities for minority coaches to ascend in the NFL the head coach. And that actually became known as the Rooney rule. You probably discuss the Rooney rule a hundred times not knowing really. Where it came from it was Dan Rooney. Who was the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was elected to the pro football hall fame in 2000. He survived by his wife of 65. Years Patricia. As well as seven children twenty grandchildren five great grand children he even had four Brothers. Would did really really did was turn the Steelers into. What you know limits today. Any did it would Pittsburg needed a shot it's our more than ever when the steel mills were closing all over Western Pennsylvania. City became very depressed very unemployed. And he made it easy for people to go to Steelers games to a reasons price wise. And product wise here are the three coaches that Dan Rooney hired when the decision was his. You ready. Chuck Noll bill cower Mike Tomlin. Epic march. Each one of those guys has gone to and won a Super Bowl each one of those guys has got their team to an AFC title game obviously and a deck I mean it. It is wildly impressive what he did who he was a true gentleman. He was. Named by President Obama. The ambassador to Ireland. Men was known as a heck of a diplomat. President once said he's a model citizen and someone who represents the United States would dignity and grace on the world stage. Off memories. Missiles. One of the most memorable quotes I'm talking about this this is one of the single greatest compliments any man in charge any woman in charge could ever receive. And it happened. When mean Joseph green inducted Dan Rooney into the hall of fame in Canton Ohio. What a great line he had about Dan Rooney mean Joseph green said. Dan has always led with humility. When things go as planned. Dan is in the background. When things don't go his plan. He's in the forefront. Think about the owners that you now know and sports and how many of them will be the first to the podium. Tell you this is gone in how many of them are impossible finally things are going wrong York. Excuse channels through right there. Jet would hide behind me I let my coach do my speaking for me during the regular season. But that's only because things are going bad you were much more present vocal during winning seasons in the don't know were to be found when the bottom fell out. You know there's something to be. Blending into the background. When the successes for other people. And then when something goes wrong you step up and you face the music now. That's who Dan Rooney once sand. You know I'll I can tell you is that that is a true true. Bonafide. Real deal one of the most important owners in the history of sports much less just the NFL. And not respect is the only word attached to his past. Universal respect. Young what are the chances of me dying in being offered universal. Respect that's not a good at that this is. No way. No way. You never know the life I've chosen I understand I really do. So. Different air it's huge you know I mean adding people weren't so mean mean mean well. What are you kidding me I didn't know much different. It's about a much different now all I can tell you right now is there would have been no amount and economic trouble the city of Oakland could ever have ever ever afford to not give the raiders helped to build. Dan Rooney if he had on the raiders. Would have never ever ever ever have I could do to the end of the show ever has moved him ever. He voted to move. Sure what was his problem. There's no way. There's no way. I will say this that I almost do it by grudgingly. There's a really good story on espn.com about. All of Vegas deal came together to a long form piece it's got to be about 151000 words it's a long read. If your interest in the details of how it all either. Came together fell apart whichever I guess what you're looking at a it's very interest except with a sham and someone else he is a co host on this. Uncle writer anyways I've but I can remember who the other person as I apologize. It's really worth your time if you haven't had a chance to really you should read it. Some things we're gonna get into next week obviously I'll it's gonna be fun man can be an awful lot of fun we're gonna have playoff games to review come Monday in a few days off in between playoff games. To get to the other major sporting event that is right around the corner and that's called the NFL draft so and next week's theme is basically playoffs in football. Deal like that I'm sold on that that. Yeah I mean sold on that too if that happens thanks very much for tuning in today a great group of guests John Rowe seek thanks very much to Garry saint Jean Alex Pavel bit Steve Kerr my silver GO. Finally thank you very much think you will palms Axl thank you very much Al be great job all around we're gonna be back. Well Sunday to get her ready for little playoff basketball. The Acura Monday for sure get you ready for a big week sports and an awful lot to go over thanks so much for tuning in have a great safe and fun weekend Chris Townshend in the a's dugout shows coming up next in the meantime remember. Sports stumbled character that reveal. Like back. I'm going to I'm going and going back into installing the east. Oh.