Damon Bruce Show Hour 2

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Friday, December 29th
Damon is joined by Mike Silver [NFL Network analyst], and then Joe Fortenbaugh pops in studio for Fortenbaugh Friday! Joe & Damon discuss Black Monday, Bowl Games, and New Years resolutions for each Bay Area team. 

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On Friday are good friends of course because you come on here just a second but right now we have just been little time in my good friend Mike silver from NFL network. What a busy weekend he's gotten stores the last regular season weekend. And then big ol' black Monday it's like a playoff game for journalists before actual playoff games how are you Mike I think. I'm amber and the other at all lot of buzz about their life. Batman period and where you'll. We go wall to wall on Monday and maybe Sunday. Under that ball bat or so. It's you know. Well we're days where you got to realize prelude to admit there's. I you know a lot of people personally you are. People get back that a not so bad coaches but that members and so clearly threatened personnel people so I you try to be mindful of you know the human side of it but there's a lot. A lot out there that. Could happen to him some well. Well let's ask if it could happen to Jack Del Rio I think that's a question a lot of raider fans have on their minds. Todd downing seems to be a ship it's gonna see a lot of town it will take to head coach with them. You know it it's a really good question and I think it's one of those read only Mark Davis really knows how to. I've heard it both ways from people all you know I would at this moment we're talking head it's more like play it. I'm not reject survived an obviously I believe that's a good decision I. I understand how disappointing this series venerate or Edinburgh and they were understandably. Very excited and I understand that. Because I don't really made the move to fire musgrave and brilliant and untested coordinator pat down a bit. Yeah it should be held accountable for that because it did not go well I doubt that but I also remember what the culture was light and how log base struggled or am I Reggie McKenzie got a lot of attention Burt. Some of the pay to play today and certainly. I have some of them were very very good but I really big Jack. Did more effectively altered stage. Anybody in that building getting I see this more. Hopefully have blood and I hate you know I've I've personally don't respect it. Do you think that there might be somebody working against Jack Del Rio towards that culture changed may be some of the old vanguard did sits in the owner's box. May be even if I saw a story linked to Mike Tice possibly being a little bit of us do this of voice in the coaches room what do you make those rumors. And I don't forget import against Jack I'd respect what you're but it did it certain that it didn't go. Nobody likes flute. And it's no attempt to bring out the worst so you know our site itself. They have. They have really high hopes and they've under report by bad at all. Jack or tell you the I'd like I he's too good to go really really good coach absurd about what you do it. Issues. It. You load the operative lives or abduct a delight in the woods don't you never quite as well Derek Parra as people do publicly regret it towards a lot. I themselves. Marty Cooper would probably tell you yeah the players loved. You know we sides and it right but would be good is underperformance. Earlier so yeah I think if everything. Goes good news girl or. You know. Super shady he had this big it's sped up. A franchise wide plot spend a lot that goes well I depressed about won't do what happens. I hear the quarterback not gonna bet reprise. When did you decide to do what fighter you're under public details about what we're. Mike silver joining us here on 95 cent in the game meanwhile the 49ers have a chance to finish with the same record as the raiders which is just. An absurd sentence given to where both these teams worth beginning of the year and our expectations. They could both finish six intend the niners got a real good shot down against LA who sit and everyone is important in a throw away game for the rams could be an opportunity for Jimmy Jeter run the slate. How important is that I mean I'm not a big believer in Mike can you pull it over from. One year to the next momentum. I don't believe about that in the NFL I years are very much different from each other the raiders are evidence of that. But I really think that the niners you know if you're looking for. A combination to get to the playoffs more often it's a stayed in the yard head coaching the quarterback getting on the same page in. You know what happens in New England Pittsburg Kansas City Philadelphia Los Angeles. Seattle all of those are or could be playoff teams Shanahan. Yeah rob below bright future are you high on this. Oh absolutely and endowed body too sick or dead bird potential sites in bed and never looked more desperate at yellow. First of all you don't have the when that didn't approve it they got it about. What they did the jaguars but I got to Tim Burton. He didn't get blocked a move that David's goal. They get the same value these permanent or did they get that momentum carried over and not excitement but I would anticipate. Why don't give me your bloodshed and it's really cold city. And they are reconstructing boot of the blogger that writes the other adversity that the members bright that you didn't doubt it. Shanahan had a quarterback. We intend to do some of the big bad. He's got him to do you know consistently. At a high level he couldn't believe it I'll say ahead. Actually make that you've got what you meant that I read it at the jaguars. Completely out coats it's anyone's side it was really cool he even though. Didn't eat I had security and I'm talking about it did come it was. I can't believe the most categories that each one and Jeff Gordon ordered albeit. He would welcome back and a couple of applauded play about record. That's a pretty broad band about. You know what according to say he did do that so that don't realize and I think when your ordinary guy used currently go to the bright future. Yes you Barack blows I said the debt as star. But now you're more important to start to see what how sick and didn't do. What he has backpack. Mike silver joining us here in 95 set in the game he's gonna beyond. NFL network all weekend and of course will be strapped in for all the news can you give me an up and overrun her on job openings come black Monday. Yeah add to it very database fluid quite sick and that I think. First of all you know going into because the other in the gold sweep it. I went over that's when that parent. It's been coached we get sick he didn't bet. Not necessarily going to be fired her coach two people were hurt we're having conversations about. And our what do you know what's what's going on America where you got probably. I would say a more realistic numbers probably in good. If you're not reviewed and we're starting to do record the bed where there's a record my colleague here Rappaport that they grew warmer back there watching dead. There's another report out there about dirt under retarded example would generate most people were regarded as a product. Well I think we're gonna get more and civic beat no I didn't go home which has a lot and you know another big topic that they could read. And the coaching ploy is not viewed. Could them the full potential head coaching hires in due to deal well out right now he's not sound very. And then does a good job with the rat bit tired last year the youngest head coach. In modern medical and pretty so I think something to do on the baton edit hey it's not like there are a lot of candidates who get slam dunk. I'm hired here and then he lol. But it put spoke. I'll. I'd officially sounds like a drop phone call. My silver has been seen night. Now turley I tell you what I'd I'd I'd I'd love to finish a book Mike I'd say get him back. A Ford bought Friday look at just walked into the studio during a Mike silver interview Jolie's hair those share against my golf dog text and give them our best. Tell it nobody denies plan B you got there it's a real remind me I almost feel like this deserves music these days if you're feeling now Friday should have you're doing your theme song I don't. Can feel like you know a little bit of music for the South Park entrance. Something like that the South Park entrance of everybody Dylan could you know. All week I figured you know what. I want to send out Tony 1812017. Excuse me in style come and see my friends let's go little radio let's have some fun one of those and the year sort of shows the attention coming out and we lost track and you know I gotta be honest with you I know that there's 30% of the reason why I'd like to think 70% of the reason why came in. Was to hang out an apple on 30% of the reason is for your own good when you don't do a week of radio show is you get like your wife is probably ready to cut off. She's had enough domestic agenda that we took the kids today to Lindsay wildlife. Refuge preserve. Much for the last ran on it out in Walnut Creek. Fantastic kid sees the birds we see a porky time to do the whole thing we come back. Boy needs a map. He's got a showed do you deny he needs a little bit of a nap and that. Right there cause a little bit arrest as we needed to get this baby gave up we've rearranged the living room. The kid is on the move this along well he's been walking ask more than a month and how. Half and now it's it's running. It's chaos in this house and I just kind of checked out as a look I caddy Bruce show I got a nap I gotta get fresh I'm glad I could come between you your wife your shot and Taylor had a because budgets. It's nice to spend the holidays coming in between the family it really is anal its money at it. It doesn't for me really feel like it's the end of the year maybe it's because holiday season tying sort of blurs together in a place where it. You know and the leaves really don't change in fall off the trees and it doesn't snow on the wired I guess East Coast air midwest in that regard. It doesn't feel like it's gonna be the end of the year but then you look down you see what's gonna screw beyond your TV I am so excited we got the best bowl games so far this year on TV tonight. We got USC Ohio State by the way at the Buckeyes when there's going to be more call for playoff expansion. And that's what I want I want chaos in my argument to at USC wins USC was a French team that a lot of people tried to make a case for at the end as well what was Johnson wins you know they left. Out a near undefeated Big Ten champ. If Wisconsin wins and by the way Wisconsin. It's going to be playing Miami tomorrow in the Orange Bowl now Miami's got home field advantage obviously it's plated. At Pro Player Stadium roared about the call now to get the Fiesta Bowl tomorrow and then January 1 Rose Bowl gives you Georgia Oklahoma Sugar Bowl Alabama Clemson. I gotta tell you when we talk about what's wrong with the NFL the ratings decline. I think bowl games are suffering this could see the crowd at Foster farms bowls no stadium there or fifteen people there. All right you're fifteen people the Cotton Bowl not to Cotton Bowl to gain the Cotton Bowl the stadium the old Cotton Bowl in Dallas I can't even remember. The name of the ball game that they played in there. What they like they shoot. College football like heroin in Texas there were 121000 people attacking top passport so I think in Kansas. I just think it's too much I think the NFL's biggest problem isn't Donald Trump isn't a National Anthem isn't a protest is an anger isn't racism. It's over saturation Joseph eventually if this is show business the rules of show business need to apply to it. The number one rule shall businesses leave them wanting more once the last time you sat down. On a Monday night thing again thank god I got Monday Night Football I need more full ball. No lie. I have watched last Monday Night Football this year than in my entire life you save that it's not like I mean well I watch about three and a half quarters and and I get the men get ready for the morning show there are games are legitimately and not even turning on. There's situations where I would rather watch a basketball game that might be played. For example last night he had bowl games right now I was all over the Stanford game cause a local aspect I knew that was gonna be a good match up but Houston Olson was on last night. You throw an NFL game up against that you give me Tennessee Jacksonville and that I'm watching Houston Boston. I wanna see Tyree vs ardent and by the way an amazing game last night. What a comeback for the Celtics did the thing has definitely played. Our role but I'm wondering about the younger generation and I think a lot of people take this round as well how many younger people with the way millennial go about their business are as into the sport as we were growing up. I live for Sunday's I remember a college law school I mean you woke up on a Sunday. And your entire schedule was set around your specific games and you watched all the way through the night game. And then you went to bed woke up the next morning watch highlights and get ready for Monday night now it feels like younger generation to get outside more. I don't know maybe that's just here but I don't think there's as much interest amongst eighteen to 24 is there were when I'm seated there either. Outside more or they're deeper into their own screen whether the phone and a PlayStation. And Xbox. I don't know what it is I gotta be honest with you when I was in high school I might of had six hole conversations. That warn about sports and for years high school all my friends. It was like girls or sports that's always talked about that was it. These are looking Guinness Beer on a Friday night was the other topic was it it's all we talked about you know there's so much. There's it's a huge pull away it would did Jerry sign Feld had a great saying. When he was talking about the success and signed fell what do blockbuster hit it was really the last true. Everybody in America watch it saying on network television really really wasn't you look at some of the ratings numbers he said we got the last two tickets to Disneyland before they burnt it down. Like we were the last show to get. This is the way people watch TV we do not watch TV the same way anymore how about this just in comparison joke Gionta. Ratings. We're talking about this little bit yesterday this is just 2015. Compared to 2017. The last Jett died. Is down 24% compared to the force awake 24%. Box office number one film of 2017. Is down 23% of whatever the number one film wise in 2000. And fifteen. NFL viewing is down 19% the number number one entertainment show on TV these Big Bang theory again down 15%. Across the board. Now you don't hear about vigor struggles with holding an audience. Total day cable news viewing is up 169%. To 70%. People are wondering where the audiences. The audience is watching CNN. And horror shows while we see it. And in radio ratings as well you see it in TV ratings you see it everywhere you look anyone who's been on the political meet in the last year plus has noticed that. Unbelievable boom in ratings no matter what side of the aisle you're on his people wanna consume news news has been everywhere aren't consuming more news than ever had in my life but it's funny. The idea that the device now that you carry around and get you games anytime anywhere anyplace. And yet. I feel as if part of the then the shine that's worn off the NFL is that the fact that the product takes itself too seriously. How how much fun is the NFL compared to the NBA what I mean by that is not necessarily what you see on the court. What we were talking about coming off Christmas Day was was LeBron fouled what's the beef between comedian Russell Westbrook that was from a year ago. All the NBA story lines are kinda like he's fine you can get involved with them and then you can move on its cafeteria drama Bryant right Katy Russell Westbrook is not a real problem but it was fun to talk about right or is higher police brutality and how it applies the black community in a way that the white community doesn't even relate to like that is a serious conversation did it from you excited about kickoff today. Zacks. Oh it is the commissioner worthy of his forty million dollars or is Jerry Jones gonna go ahead and get him run out teams leaving their mark kids in an in that the product itself just takes itself so seriously I mean that giant story this past week. About Landon Collins and Eli apple exact could be a fun story to rest on for a little bit if it actually mattered ten years ago that would be a story we would've kicked around on air but you don't have room for today there's too much going on that just it it it it just it wears on you every day wears on you whereas I think that's part of the rise the NBA these are fun stories. Outside of the day people are starting hate staff curry because they feel you know what the mouthpiece shot gang and last year in Cleveland when he faked mimic dropping a deuce on the court and said he didn't all those stories. You can take a side on that you can argue that and then you move on from it right it's not in the world you're not gonna get into a fight. At the Thanksgiving table over that you're gonna have fun with it and then you're gonna move on the NFL's let's too heavy brush just to have it is everything that goes on in the NBA really Major League Baseball any other sport the NHL whenever we even bother talking about it we certainly talked about it today for all the right reasons we know what those are. Certainly. We celebrated all things towns Cuellar today's generation about an hour was amazing how hot shots. When it comes arguing about football we go right to the launch codes. They did we go right everything can be discussed at Defcon five. NFL's only discussed at Defcon one now we've declared nuclear war nuclear winner with every conversation there is no more even if and and and I think this is really where it's lost its way to. Even if you're able to tune out all of the real world noise that echoes throughout football stadium. The game itself has enough built in that takes itself too serious problems. In just what is a catch the overseas for Jaycee real yeah are all it's over scrutinizing. A play that. Historically throughout football would have been ruled this way and what when it comes to the NBA in replay. I think Akamai solution John there are enough NBA games. In a regular season where the cream will rise. BS will fallout. I'm not worried about anyone possession I'm not worried about up warrior ball in crunch time during the regular season I'm not you wanna use replay in the post season for bet basketball. Already had what it out of the regular season. The NBA's. Should take some notes from the NFL how did the NFL rule itself don't go down that road to. Well we also does a very good job of separating himself from all the political rhetoric we get with the NFL and adding to everybody's. Adam silver is a leader that Roger Goodell is not. Adam silver draws lines in the sand and says players do not cross this line if you cross this line it becomes bad for business if your bad for business you're gonna be out of business shall soon. He's also more relatable. Than any other commissioners when he comes out he says yeah I think we should legalize gambling played right there or whether you're for or against it's like night. Are these huge hue and Mike can build a robot he comes across so rolled body how can anyone on the planet relate to that guy outside the CEO. At the top of fortune 500 company. Adam silver says things like that and he thinks she is all right whether I agree or disagree with the legalization of gambling. Formal Bryson picks in this weakened by the way I'll do we have so excited I don't buy small well. Already know what I thought. I'm and I wanna bowl season not now sorry you're really got some picks you can go nineties that's what every time you life. We have to Johnson days we got one right now that's winning and I'm under I'm winning alive I'm winning before I mean that's a washing games announced a lot young fine. I you know what I credited to zoom. A great mindset that you hope twelfth hole. I've been doing two things I'm involved got I did doing two things is because I'd been relaxing I didn't read some books and I didn't catch up on some new podcast and new shows. I've been all over Jesus mayor RT right. I like actually the bodega voice podcast even more than the show but like I can't stop listening to these dudes it's like you said they they violate literally every rule of radio and TV imaginable all. I can't get an athlete the one Merrill is just eating candy into the microphone for forty minutes I was listening to this morning and yeah that seems normal OK he it's totally I. Like I love that I don't make those guys are however yes it works and so many different levels including like they've actually got good contact. It's not just all disposable throw away one liner yuk -- like there's actual salient points are being brought up discussed. They can go news they can go AG is really up thinking goes sports port zing is to the Yankees to trump. To. Animal sex videos it's gotten really it has personal aides it's the show. I wish I had permission to do it feels as if it feels is it especially with the podcasts adjust to that dues in a room to talk about whatever. Clearly they've put time into it right they've put in some research they know couple bits they wanna do they know some topics they went ahead on but you don't get that as the listener you just get it as two guys sitting down just freestyle on the whole time they're that good to put their transitions in and out of stock they've been their product placement was even fantastic they worked this Range Rover add in in an out and I. I was hooked on the whole time like general you might check out on something like that. Now so thank you for that I've been listening them all week ago I can't stand down that the chemistry once it can't listen to it. Around eighty no idea what's language not a kid and I knew it had to get your red elected TV show and not for kids to be wanting to podcasts not for kids. Your math scare most forever but how about this to go something here from the tax line. On me oh by the way I guess you could do this is make sure everyone is satisfied seamlessly working in the sponsors it is a full ball Friday brought you by Dolan slumber doors and windows lower prices better serve is higher quality and by ethics daily Chevrolet drive a little save a lot. We're gonna come on back in just a little bit when Joseph were gonna talk about black Monday in the NFL there are. Lot of guys who could find themselves on the chopping block and there's one guy here in the Bay Area who might find himself on the chopping block too. Or maybe not and if it's not it might not may mean for football reasons but we will have that for you coming up next. One answer this right quick. On the Penske auto sales are context one Damon I'd like to get my girlfriend and I you'll warrior game courtside tickets for her birthday do you think tonight. Is the best data do it. Or is it not worth it since it's only the hornets warriors court warriors courtside tickets are too expensive form me but she deserves it. This guy. This guy's got a whole bunch nobility behind his decisions but. I'm just gonna die is right now when it comes in court sided war your game if you got to ask you can't afford it. I see honest to God's I don't I don't I can't afford to sit with my wife at any warrior game you're talking about. To courtside tickets running you almost a grand each. He's really did drop it I mean Greg paid couple grand to do it. A look it she pretty nice I think goldeneye and my doesn't matter who the opponent is you're gonna sit courtside it's the one and only time you might to a new life just do it isn't nearly so it's a war is it doesn't matter who they're playing you are going to watch their plan what's the warriors it is but I'm also meaning you do this straight to open this is the truth to your dropping a grand on a courtside ticket you Wannstedt curry their -- Period and distorted point. Wait till tomorrow. Good advice from an abortion. Great to have you along thanks so much for stopping online thanks to Joseph Thornton fought for stopping on by he's got the whole week golf buddies you know what does here. I'm Friday afternoon. That predates a little something that is known around the sports world as black. Monday. There could be as many tent opens I mean this is odd black Monday could gang green easy for the bottom of the NFL's cellar dwellers. Do you look at let's just go. I read days. It's Miami looking for a new coach no Buffalo's good jets probably did they said that they're going with a bowl. That's an intriguing one Todd Bowles deserves that. Hell of a lot of credit for what he did this year everyone just assumed he was a Dead Man Walking and they would go Owen sixteen he said the blame competitive football. Cleveland Browns got to be looking for a new coach right. It's gonna tank always 161 and fifteen what's in deference. I don't know. And I are really don't know what they're planning on doing in Cleveland they fired sigh she brown from the front office I wouldn't be surprised if you gets another year because they've been trying. To pull this 76ers. I don't tank job the promise is just not working at some point. People want some form of result right like the niners are nowhere near winning record but people are very excited about the product as it looks like there's a future. Cleveland they can't even give you back. We dig cant even give US silver lining with a single player the best they can give you is hey Josh Gordon came back and look good probably flip them for a third round pick Marvin Lewis Cincinnati we've seen enough and that's the end of that. I would I got up in Vienna that I would think so. Is bill O'Brien safe in Houston. That I think he's gonna be the big surprise I think most people are gonna be focused on the obvious ones. John Fox in Chicago for example. I think if I was wagering I would take plus money that'll Brian's on his way out the door people go low I thought he'd get another chance he does not get along with the front office. They clash he and Rick Smith clash all the time and Rick Smith. Is friends with ownership has a connection there where he is a real long term deal for five you're really just signed O'Brien's going to be walking into I think the final year of his deal that's the one I think that'll get the most heads turn come on back colts' no surprise. They're definitely making a coaching change. Denver Broncos. Dance Joseph safe. He shouldn't be. I mean you should move on at this point because that has been a complete disaster you don't just look bad right he hasn't shown the ability app. All to develop any quarterback on that roster that's what's got to worry you this has been the biggest problem for example in Chicago in which John Fox. If you draft a guy like Mitchell should miss. So Chicago goes out they make these huge investments Robiskie who did they have leading the charge. John Fox a defensive minded geezer who's never develop a quarterback in his entire career. Into the game has passed him by he is essentially Jeff Fisher. When Jeff Fisher wants back in the game this is a different style football now you can't come out and do you do with Eddie George and Steve McNair and the titans that doesn't work anymore adapt or die and John Fox is just one of those guys now he doesn't get it Joseph has not developed anyone on the roster. I asked Weiler Ximian lidge she got to be looking for somebody else and if we're talking about how important your head coach quarterback combo has to be. This brings us to the Oakland Raiders they gave Jack Del Rio an extension at the end of last year for four more years this is the first of four. Are you looking at the second for next year I'd bet she. He says we're going I think he's safe is it because of the extension from last February it's because of Mark Davis. Being two Puerto on an NFL team. And none of that Nevada money's actually earmarked for his coaching change. So there you go see that right there is extremely dangerous not think that that's wrong but it does that ease your line of thinking you can't make decisions based on my files but here's the deal. I don't think he's got a choice number two. There's gonna become a point and we might be here right now we're from Mark Davis. It is no longer the lip service of we wanna get one for the day before we move in all your attention goes to we gotta be cooked and by the time we get to Las Vegas. Gruden. Look I don't I don't buy it I. The ya know I turned to many he's not coming here why would he come here when he leaves wings' power tearer. Possibly Vegas so. Rolling in with the raiders to Vegas of gruden would absolutely self 4000 more tickets than you were expecting yourself each and every week no matter how bad things got that would be a big deal it would be for a year before the bloom came off that rose. Gruden. Back with the raiders going to Vegas who now finally got a coach did you get Derek Karr back to me if I'm the raiders I have one offseason priority. That priority is getting Derek Carr right by any means necessary is Jack Del Rio the right guy for that maybe not. Maybe not maybe is. But that is a defense of minded coach and a you've got to have an offensive minded head coach league I don't know what they should do. I respect the guy more than others think I do I really do these he's not a great interview. I don't know if he's a great game day tactician. Twelve on four was impressive and a lot of it was guts and glory lead but. In a changing cultures a hard thing to do he did a little. The regression this year though really concerns me I I I think the raiders are way too cheap. To make the right decision. Are the problems that this team incurred this season that's a ten to twelve from twelve and Ford where they are now. Are those problems fixable by this staff wouldn't maybe one or two minor tweaks obviously the offensive coordinator is going to be to tweak most people think I'm talking about mats and that's exactly and sank. Could you take this staff make one or two minor tweaks and get back to twelve and four. Or was I don't think of the anomaly so that was the out liar I think twelve and for now is a little bit more mirage she. And it is stacked the raiders that's how bad the readers regressed because it wasn't just. Like well I you know the passing game wasn't where it should be but they still run the ball really well they've got the right blocking scheme. From tackle to tackle they get the job done now. It wasn't that it was eleven men all regressing. Eleven guys having watch just takes that back. Season after taking a step forward season two steps back everyone. We're trying to pick who was the best offensive greater this year it's Jerry Cooke. Jerry Cooke probably in terms of what you expected and what you've got is the only person. For the raiders hadn't thought about the deliver that you just kind of drop the Bob money right Demi is now. Estimates they probably Jerryd did John coming into the season expectations for cook from my opinion we're just look. If you can get mid level tight end production out of him it's a huge score because his entire career I remember since he's come out college. This guy I was listening the next big thing it never collect everywhere he's gone it's never collect and here you're right you've got a quality production Marshawn Lynch I think is delivered to an extent. If you could take some of the the suspension in some of the other distractions right some of those things that have taken place out of the equation but in the grand scheme those aren't really that David Diehl for what you see this season. Here's the most dangerous aspect of all this I was talking about this a couple months ago. When he started to get into the whole offensive coordinator paradigm Derek cars going into what next year's season five. You make a shift from downing that's gonna be his fourth offensive coordinator in five years. There is literally no example of any quarterback ever who has had a great career. Going through that sort of inconsistency. At that coaching position. Throughout the beginning of his career now most people will point Alex Smith Alex Smith never even became a Marshal town easily got out. Of the free horrible era got to work with Jim for a little bit then lost his job that Colin now he's had some success in Kansas City he's been a guy who can hold the job down. But you go through all of them Aaron Rodgers has had every single play of his career called by Mike McCarthy except for an eleven game window for five years ago. Artie try something out with someone else it didn't work they move back that was it. Russell Wilson has work trip with Darrell babble all six years you work around every single quarterback Eli Manning had two maybe three guys. Peyton Manning's career he worked with Tom Moore for ever in Indianapolis Bradley's any illusions on such another level he was the offensive coordinator but even then early in his career. Drew Brees Tom Brady worked through all of them. All of them have gone ten plus years with three guys Max and they've had long stints with the at least one. You find me anyone Joseph Flacco is a perfect example first five years of Flacco is career one guy. Wonder anyone a Super Bowl. Then after that he's had I believe for coordinators in the last five years and he's been amassed. They keep changing according to position you need some level of consistency now you're getting into dangerous territory it doesn't mean you keep downing because of the information I'm getting you right now. But you make another shift. Look at how you manage the situation you have got to get this decision right wing for this one has to be right whether its a head coach the coordinator. You cannot keep shifting or you were going to ruin their investment you are going to ruin that athlete Drew Brees Sean Payton not a perfect example. He Carmichael Pete Carmichael been their calling plays for for eight years I mean every single guy I went through this one they took me a few hours every single guy. Has worked with the same guys consistently no star quarterback in the NFL has gone through this much turmoil. I only come around beckoning it's time for couple predictions. Gionta takes the wheel next on 957 again. Then came in for a show on. I'm not I said my game. Forward get to some resolution some advice some of the biggest headlines around. 2017. Some of the biggest disappointments in the 2017. I. Prudential for moss hanging out with us this afternoon or just talk a little bit about black Monday who's going to be affected we went through the AFC with a fine tooth comb. In the NFC. We know the giants are looking today we were told. The Washington Redskins would not be looking Jay gruden got a vote of confidence today the Dallas Cowboys aren't going to be making the switch. The lions aren't going to be changing anything neither the Packers to Chicago Bears absolutely they're getting rid of fox nobody moves in the NFC south because cutters staying the rest of that teams locked and in the last you sell me on played Carolina bows out of the playoffs early and then move on from Rivera I don't see that there's a connection with her merits of Chicago he's already tried shooting down but given his history with the Chicago Bears some field at Chicago may try to lure him away from Carolina. I'm the player right now. Ron Rivera in Chicago feels an awful lot like John Fox coming to Chicago. Yeah I don't think that's gonna get into anti do you think Dirk cutters safe and Tampa it was it was today said today he has. Let's. They did. They actually came out and feel that their bully you know while you're at bird sanctuary would jobs in the wife he got the vote in the knee got the nod from the glade was that the got a Glaser a little heavenly Ed Glazer family so of course you know immediately. Everyone on voters like great writers now. Matt's not outlets around no intent not out. Early show hair color. There has been ten debris and Lovie Smith out after one year. Because they didn't wanna lose cutter to head coaching job was similar to the downing situation after they got to do so we can't lose this guy we got a clear space forums he's that talented tenth this stinks and they've got talent everywhere that I no excuse that he knows w.s. I'll guy he's not even those WSJ miss I I love 90% a year act 10% goes a little bit too far. People show you who they are right he's got a lot of people will let you know what they are just let him do it Johnny wins they'll let you know exactly what he was about Canadian football star. Daddy don't doubt he's going to Canada day this. That need games we. The exact day day and I've been out about it and QI and it's see you plant doubt and you act. And look. Right he's on Japan and they say is Susie I Tammy why do you think now they used to ebitda. Johnny all caught up we normally cut off that last bit except I don't know they'd pulled show ice. We normally cut off DN their. Turnaround that did him a lot of credit for. Fantastic but I mean isn't trying to turn around in there. They let you know these people that everyone will let you know who they are just just observe them and Winston showed you that. And right now what gives you any hope that Winston will be a franchise quarterback he continues to act. Irresponsibly. That's it I mean he he he leaves the same game injured and then he starts a fight from the sideline. And gets guys talks I mean that doesn't help and what's the deal with him in my DeVon still. No wants to bring that up. He doesn't potable Mike Evans anymore there's some beef going on with those two behind the scenes. That's not what you want from franchise quarterback you want to believe that Winston could put Florida State behind him and take the next step when he hasn't done it he hasn't shown me that. It's not just the Lincoln the fingers all that I was goofy but I mean that that the fight on the sidelines and all the other stuff. It just doesn't get it in Tampa I mean you need someone the real in the situation down you've got talent all over the field. Yet nothing mattered to him in the DeSean Jackson stories are held the story to the car just found a big and then crashed into retreat with. We'd bullet shells everywhere and I saw it was my buddy residing in bizarre I'm glad you all got in people yell at Chris Carlin. They all guy that they yell at Cris Carter and say how can you advised people like that cloud that's exactly why. You really got to run run run like the gingerbread man you gotta have a fall guy no looks like to Sean knew how to separate. Right there. Arizona Cardinals are gonna have an opening because Bruce hearings is stepping down. There you go. I mean it's going to be a very busy black Monday in would get even busier around here if Del Rio finds himself apart Vick if he survives it. Things I don't know that's more or less interest than dallas' got to move on from Garrett just a slide that and they want going to won't do it don't but he's safe he's safe on talent and Jerry Jones loves a yes man and he's. I won on Monday is an ear it is time for new resolutions are gonna take abided 2017. No one's gonna miss 27 I know things out there is a lot of interesting things that happened I'm sure we'll talk about that none just a little bit. But I like making New Year's resolutions and I'm sure some of our local Bay Area teams are making some as Lopez. Raiders niners are any upside down giants had a her racing each year. Lawyers on the verge of a dynasty. Here comes Jimmy grapple for the night there's a lot of this year. Locally cell. Let's get some resolutions. Damon I'll start with you and 2018 the forty niners should do what what resolution should the niners make for 2018. You go get Jimmy drop lol bonafide real deal number one wide receiver that makes guards on your two and now you're cooking in the passing game. I think it's you've got to make sure the Rob Lowe has one legitimate. Ferrari out there. Right now he's having a lot of success thrown a Prius is in a couple in all Ford F 150s he needs for. He's the car that can park in the garage the woman doesn't get any help everybody's just a week and are just under a trial again. That getting an. And they come out there and track back back. I would start the injury nor while he's going to be a free agent offensive guard from Carolina. It's not sexy. But he grades out well he's great the run game he's great in the pass game and if there's one thing you wanna do with a franchise quarterback to protect them. Get the quarterback to protect the quarterback get after the quarterback that's how you build a football team get your quarterback get your offensive line get your pass rushers. And I make it the one thing you want to be looking at right now is make sure he's protected because Shanahan has shown you. He can take mid level wide receivers he can take mid level running backs and he can get them to perform above and beyond expectations. Wide receiver absolutely you can find those guys in free agency you do not need to use the top ten pick on a wide receiver. It's worked for years in New England without superstar wide receivers the quarterback in the system make those guys superstars to focus on the O line. And it focused on making sure the leadership in that locker room stays the way it is. They'll continue to have success just make sure nothing stupid creeps into that locker room second term park Mets it. Jed York stay quiet. My favorites and my Fiat version of Jed York is staying out of the limelight Jed York. Beat Paul Allen look at the great owners around the National Football League and realize they make like one appearance here. Even guy you don't need to worry about the presser you don't need to worry about photographs you don't need to worry about shaking hands after games. You need to worry about showing up for one moment one moment only and that's when they hand the Super Bowl trophy from Jim Nance and Roger Goodell to the owner. You're there for that moment that's the only time anyone needs to see you hello friend moment that cares head. Exactly that's the best small and that's the moment you want it's worth it it's every had a limelight for that moment right there. I the only way the giants make the playoffs next year is eight is is if they do like what resolution do the giants need to make in order to make the play out. Bonds garnered quite a Smart juror all flirting with twenty wins. That's resemble the giants are making plastics and the giants are not a playoff team I. I like Evan Longoria that guys are real Major League third baseman. There are too many holes there's too much talent that they're competing against in their own division baseball's getting younger and better than the giants who struck out huge this offseason as much they struck out in the regular season. The only way they are playoff team is if Quaid no sir Maher joked and Madison barn burner are all so I young candidates all three of them. There is no one mu. There's no one move for that team that's gonna completely turned things around what you have to hope for is that all of the Brooks regression that took place on that team last season where exactly that one you're aggressions brain Crawford went decent family stuff early in the season. You need to get him back offensively too where he was the year before you need to get production at third base which Evan Longoria is gonna bring you. You need to hold bomb garner stays healthy note dark by accidents some margin holds sounding innings count Quaid no returns to form it all the guys on the team. Can get back to where they were two years ago plus Will Smith comes back healthy Malayan sin again. He turns out that when he seventeen was an anomaly. It's a team backing kinda flirt with the mid to high eighties what you're asking for a lot of ifs to turn around and based on the age a lot of these players. He had a wonder if it's even possible I mean my Brandon bell. If you can even get healthy and avoid the concussion thing how much can you turn it around can you get to 25 or thirty homers I don't know it's good I don't think there's one move for the team I really don't now. I did it did. The giants are not a playoff team the way that I look at him right now I am done enough and if they signed Billy Hamilton there's the model playoff thing. Now on the nor any stop in for sure I was speaking ever regression is 2018 hole please any barrier for their carts and twice seventeenth he took a big step. Back what does he need to do for 2018. He needs to wait one commercial breaks that answer moved into subway just one small. Tiny teensy we see little pause for that answer we're gonna have a four year around the corner Joe's gonna hang onto the end of the show he's officially happy to be out of the house and back on the air that's what happens when you have a week off he's gonna stick around Gionta has got more are the predictions resolutions. Slow what do what do we make oceans resolutions resolutions. There's that to we will celebrate all things don't ask Don exploit as we move into our third and final hour we're gonna have some open lines 32888957957. Elf warriors warmup match Stuyvesant Kerry Keating got a deal live from ORACLE Arena 6 o'clock here or not specimen and.