Damon Bruce Show Hour 2

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, December 28th

Damon is joined by Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, then discusses Raiders relocation in reaction to the Stranger Things statement, a review of Ayesha Curry's International Smoke, and 2017 movies in review!


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This afternoon. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr about to join us close look forward saying he made room. You coach Kurt. We'll have another stranger things segment for a little bit later on I hope you enjoyed it I'm glad you liked it extra bonus points to. Tommy called who is producing today did a great job would that good job Tony well done well done. I just hand. So rookie here. Things have flip flopped they really really have. Odds say the most consistent thing we have here on this show. Is a great chat with Steve Curwood every drops by and warriors head coach Steve Kerr is dropping by right now it's always good to have you back Steve way to make everyone's Christmas Day bright and that was a really good win last night too well so. Things of god. Yeah he in India and especially occur at least. Christmas night because my family's been around me on. Dave when we've lost on Christmas Day. I'm not a pleasant to bureau well. Now you and I tell you what you seem adjusted enough to where you never Wear it too long. Ranked. Well now now but. When I was GM and Phoenix I was yeah I had a couple. Bad moment so they can still laugh about or Roger Mason in the game winning shot. For the spurs against us on Christmas Day. And somebody had given me a book com a paperback book her curse was so bad open that warning and I think I'd I'd might have. Pick up the book and fired it against the wall. After Mason shot went and I might have my you have not been not exactly sure but I have mellowed a little bit older age. Which led to more sleepless nights the role of head coach for the role of GM. You around for sure. Hello herb I don't know where exactly why I think I would you know I was younger I didn't have much experience. I think I'm more comfortable in the head coach and hello to Jim I welcome the very good GO important. I think I love I'm a better coach at Iowa to Jim are more comfortable on my own. Can't in my own shoes and I think there there seemed to be more stressed here on the. Did you have to go through one before you're gonna be good the other or are you gonna the other because he's had staff curry. I think I was definitely cut out to be a coach. More than you know calm and then I'm also. We're well aware that it's just always depends on your players and so even though they're really good team in Phoenix with Steve Nash Stoudemire. You know this team is just special and off the charts good in. So coaching them is yeah definitely a little more about who more relaxing than than PGM. Warrior head coach Steve Kerr. After trading blows a huge cause pace for the first half last night you blow them out of the building in the second half yet another amazing third quarter. If this is your blueprint for the regular season coach are you pleased. I'll say. You know we do we turn blue Choo. Explode in the third and in a lot of games and you've noticed push cap goes back and tortured while the I think there's a reason for that I really do believe that took the pressure that we put on team took bold sensed. Sometimes takes her a cumulative effect and it takes some time for a two release of on old and up. I think care. I think it as long as we keep up the defensive pressure. Ultimately. We're gonna get four plus starts to a row that were really running and playing with the energy surge option. We are devastating and transition and out and then work you know that's when we didn't get those for five straight hoops and oracle going crazy and bulky bolt of what it must. More important. The bigger priority. Low post defense. Perimeter defense is it perimeter now that worth three point happy NBA. Well yeah I mean they're very few low post players you know I'm Richard Reid face anymore and even a guy like DeMarcus Cousins generally starts or the record lunch. He's not gonna start on the low block mean you do have guys like him beat him and and a few others who will start on the little block her. Everything's on the perimeter received its more drive at church counseling camera getting the ball in the paint it's not so much the old days of Dublin and shack her. Collage or that's more you know get you to ball starts on the perimeter of the floor space. Can you guys penetrating into the paint and anyway they're trying to score kick it out and that's why I got my dream onto thumb. This is just so critical and two days NBA you have to be able to. Guard the perimeter and then ultimately. Protect them and it's hard to find guys who do boot. Kevin Durant. You can do everything it's just ridiculous it although I regretted not. I mean if you let him is a GM a bench sheer genius right. Probably would have thrown the book against the wall straight. Bird got another guy is he's older he's so dominant and down. This defense has just gotten better and better. And he's been here and then the activity you love all concrete or from the weak side he's such huge shot blocker. I think in the way we play a and his teammates and Richie Richie asked. The expedient and lane Croat. Sean and Andre you can't play. Means that were ordered to a lot of switching we're staying in trotted then usually a lot of guys can take some desperation shots who have of that that's what allowed Kevin. Chief overcome or block the shot later in the possession and then when he does sat and read we take off in transition and so it's a truly your beautiful watch. All warrior guests brought to buy JB a wireless headphones Steve Kerr brought to you by Mancini sleek world. Simply the best place to buy a mattress she talked about. That rim running that you do. Boy we saw great games out of Jordan bell and Patrick McCall how often are you just looking at these guys are practicing just say look. Just go to the rim something good can happen just runner surrendered. Yeah I mean. They're they're bowl food you know really athletic corners then down. We're just happy with the development you know there's there's there's a lot of upside down as young player you learned so much I was actually talking to Jordan at practice today. About a all the different things he has to learn. Between you know all night our nightly personal. Scouting report has to beat your head you know also for example. Rodney who drives on him last night between great defense. And then at the last second he gets back to left hand. You don't Jordan let's get to the left where he can finish. Next time we play them you know Jordan. Sure do you know if he's paying attention should be able to keep a calm that left and right and actually does that. You know that there's going to be another guy you have to work from Ottawa law. I actually situation and it's a big part of being a young clearly NBA you've got to have a battle Rolodex so all players you're going against whatever Cellucci Rudy trying to keep them from doing. And it's something that that takes a long time and Leonid eat fish here seeing how many players are in my. But you have to put in the work you have to put in the study in the park name now you're defending each individual player. I gotta get a book on a guy obviously pull on your staff these days. Maybe most responsible for these young guys getting into taped is this a Ron Adams thing is this video coordinator behind the scenes who. We only hear about when he decides to start. You know NBA finals lineup with Andre Iguodala. Where I you know we when we divide. Responsibility for individual players and chewed out for differences in coaching is so. For example adjourn columns. Has Jordan bell and actually if you watch history with them every day watch goes minute. And Willie Green has Patrick what cost so. Same idea like those guys you know looks or talk of the staff about what we think these guys need to do. Com you know where they can get better how to get better and then goes individual coaches are signed. A daily routine of watching tapes imparting the wisdom. And that would try to put all bunched up together and population and a I think our main focus has to played him as much as possible cougars no substitute. Or playing time. Yeah and we're lucky we have the kind of team where we can afford to play these young guys shouldn't end. And develop them and still win games which is a real luxury to have. Steve Kirk warriors head coach here on the Damon Bruce show and you were very forward pregame about JaVale McGee's future you talked about him being. A little bit out of the rotation right now it also seemed like you were a little chapped that this trade rumor has gone public. But may be. Since the rumor involves adding a shooter it it woke up. Nick Young a little bit may be. I won't know what's going on there what can you tell us what you comfortable with. All you're giving you're giving it way too much credit. That's a pat meg just play about the ball make it on bothered by by any so. Why but that was great last night. I'll below we've seen from their deuce you know he's another. It's never going to be bothered by you know a couple of bad games there they shot he's gonna keep firing when he's this he's gonna continue to love playing in. Children smile and two and had so much fun in green light to move to the locker room. Could make it's fantastic read we love having him here it's calm there's no that was unfortunate you know it's so hard to to be declared Ricci is facing this country judgment trucks and media had. And there there's. You know there's just weeks all the time and and things had gone to expose a you wish. I wouldn't count on. You know it happens and it's hard to play your hunt to taciturn sort of deal with that kind of sound it's a big garbage up you know it's. I tell our guys all the time and the reason you make money. And the money and you do is not true claim that could go out earlier there's talk of getting traded and are you getting booted into any kind of getting injured. And those are things currently really earn your money in the concourse earlier and no you know that's that's part of the deal for surgical having to deal with those rumors. Tickets for all warrior home games always available on warriors dot com in the events in the sellout check it out for last minute hold secondary tickets you've got two more games on this homestand we've seen a step curry is already been ruled out of the Charlotte game. Should we just wrapped that around the back to back Memphis game as well or might we see him against the grizzlies. And rehearsed I'm sure I'll bring you here against Google alone I actually expect him to play gotten laid it all goes swelled and show a couple of days slumped. We have why Asian and conditioning lies get really good day today scrimmage to. Did so did the usual shooting work out afterwards and he told me a really good after after all that. Oh we won't planned tomorrow not with a back to back but. All goes well he get a minute against my toes and then you look at the schedule we don't play until Wednesday sort it does make a lot of sense to try to get him out there. Saturday assuming and get the go ahead more critical step. Hopefully he does will look forward to seeing him again but meanwhile. It's been pretty good did you guys are officially now ten games without staff curry your nine and one in those ten games. Denver Nuggets game just trap written all over it what you think there. A well I think. Part of it was saying they used to you know they played really well outside they earned it. Particularly good game on the ball just didn't go in forest I. I didn't think we had the energy you're sort of earn any sort of karma you know I always. Believe that if you put in the energy. Boot your the ball more likely to go and you're a lot more likely to get. It great and I didn't feel like we deserve anything that night we did great would you Symbian. End one of those nights would come from overall mean. Come on nine and one without staff and the end. Figuring out ways to win and obviously during that span we're about great month for five years basketball got sick so. That's been a really really good stretch and I think we'll look back on and nobody in the new year and realize that the who's one of the key stretches of the year. Not only deal with all these injured when it but to really step up and have guys. Quite well and trusted not to figure out ways to win Bob Kerrey beneficial for them long term open groped her feet. I'm still waiting for you tell us what you're sending these guys at halftime then just make this third quarter got. Always had that speech is heard amazing statement I mean I may say so myself I'm just I'm would bring them into a heartbeat. Is armed they're ready to run through brick wall for me after the he had Newt Rockne speeches like give at halftime it's it's all been called me. When one for the gipper that he is Steve Kerr stayed were we're gonna skip a little gimme some no thank you this week because I was out sick last week and I was dying to ask this question last week. I think it's great way to wrap up an interview and I hope you agreed all right. What do you when Jack Nicholson talk about when you're playing the next step. And load and that is still pretty cool moment. Coaching at staples of and jacket paired Jack taught you it's almost surreal here and yeah I think you have that my age and I remember correctly aged. It was all about the game it was (%expletive) I IA I was saying something light. You know this is not a very well played game you know it was an ugly game and he's he said sure that are paying though I'm glad he was I'm glad you're enjoying it. Com but you know I wish I could tell you we have some in our in depth conversation about his role as the Joker substances. That man but nothing that interest in low about became. Is Jack chatting with players. I think so I don't probably chatty at that he's respectful of players but you know during a timeout or some problems over there and they try to make eye contact I think she. In those players are excited to meet him and he's excited to meet them and so he you know but he he gets that led to that that's part of the thrill for sure who I'm playing in staples in front of that crowd. Is his seat. The most iconic fancy an all sports are what. Gotta be right Ramirez can you think of anybody else. I think. That's got to be at what may be may be just maybe this. This Spike Lee in New York made. You are yeah yeah that ball probably about that's controversial addition although when I did when did chi. You know what we've TNT we live gave it to call that a celebrity ripped into the celebrity Nicole you show like five celebrities in the crowd. And yeah you always student in new York and LA can you guarantee you are sick to see celebrity's right and so every time we did when LA. Jack was always announced last just like stuff curry is the last. Are. Jack good the last guy in the celebrity rip and just our war. Always great to talk to you Steve it's a pleasure each and every week we're gonna give away. A pair of tickets to the Memphis grizzly game on Saturday. To caller number you get to pick the number. Drawn out and you get many calls to try lighter I think I'd say like number 23. You actually get that many call. Jaffa warriors say we give away a pair of dirty socks on the Erin you're 23 god box my question is do you wanna put my producer through 22 calls of held before it gets to 23. Or I'll bet me that drought. More questions for unit for me I don't mind. That's. You know what that lets go and number 31 out. Number 34 staff color number 38889579. By seven no caller number thirty. Is gonna go see the warriors. Against the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday coach. Thank you was always the last time I wish you happy holidays for the first time I wish you a happy new year. And boy we look forward to all the same store and 2018 thanks as always. Sounds great thank you and happy new year to you. Happy new year color number thirty. That they salary and Tommy. Good luck buddy it my all and number thirty. On Steve Kerr is request before step Currie who he also said it. I do believe we are breaking a little news here. Staff curry he expects to see. Against Memphis. Not gonna play against Charlotte tomorrow night now they got back to back. And if you're really looking for something you give a team a little spark on the back to back staff curry back in the lineup probably does that. Caller number thirty good luck to ya dated 89579570. Always a pleasure to talk with Steve Kermit and that guy is the best. Amazing how his GM job. Kept them off more than his head coaching job you know what I think it is. It's really hard to admit. That you have. Control over some thing. Right until the game begins and then you have no control. At all for a former player that's got to be incredibly difficult oh absolutely now. Basically Steve Kirk. When he was a GM. He got to pick all the groceries for the meal. But he was allowed to cut it. Now he gets to cook it and there is less stress there I also think it us and them doing the groceries and he's got this covered right now I mean it is. Unbelievable. How good the warriors are. And you know Steve's never ever dodges that fact. He never takes credit for this team's success more than their own inherent built in talent. And I just think it's real interest in being in a GM of the sons is more frustrating than being a head coach but I can totally see why. Because you want control. Imagine you plan a trip you plan a trip you plan a trip in right before your about the league you're told you can't drive. Yeah that's hard that's a difficult position because that's audio and totally out here he only something that is kind of out of your hand at times. All right I'm surprised I can't even picture Steve -- chicken at a book across a room at a anger that. You know it's funny. Steve Kerr comes across is such a nice guy that. We. Can't even think of him being anything but but I tell me. It's I can totally wrapped acting completely wrap my mind around it he's such a competitor. Steve Kerr is kind of guy. Who flips a chair over when no one's looking. And by the way. That's a chair flipped it means something. Re not be. I'm gonna make a big statement about how upset I am and watch me every one is like demonstrate a level of frustration. He did with the clipboard. He had that clip board are right. And until like three of them at least I think so yeah. July's three clip boards. Are EP. Dan and I can't call and the lines are busy oh well simple and Steve Kirk Steve Harris fault. Kind pretty. Caller number thirty. So good luck and by the way. If you were trying to call Lynn. That ship has sailed we have a winner congratulations. To Chris from Alameda. Chris from Alameda has won the tickets. He's gonna go enjoyed by the way once again if you're ever looking for warrior tickets go to warriors dot com it always feels like a sellout but there are always last minute holds. Last minute secondary tickets to review. To be had so wide check it out. She warriors bench dropped 63. On the jazz last night that's a new season high while. You know he can joke around and say there's nothing that Nick Young is aware of much sauce and trade rumor that's gonna wake him up. What I do really think that. That JaVale McGee trade rumor just going public. Some guys attention. Think about what what is Steve Kerr have to battle more than complacency. Sometimes a roster change boy gets the full attention of your team this brings me back to the raiders thinking like should they've got Marshawn Lynch since you're not gonna use them correctly all year would you got more out of your team by cutting him in sending a message after that whole markets Peters thank maybe. Woman ever now. That ship has sailed to. We're gonna have your calls coming up in just a little bit. We're gonna have more stranger things for you at 5:30 at 5 o'clock we're gonna say hello Jason Cole talk about what's coming up. Indy. Final week of the NFL's regular season and the fact that I am not to Redding football being over is a new and all odd feeling for me. There really is a meat shirt football's really not over when you got the playoffs there and playoff should be really fun and I do hope to the playoffs. About playoff football not other stories not other problems not over saturation. Actually that's what the classic great. There is no over saturating the playoffs it's a finite thing in the number keeps reducing each and every time. I got a guy he says dame and you end. Stranger things. By announcing the 49ers are back but really you think the 49ers are back. They are. And if you don't see that yourself you are blind football thing he's seen the last four games is you know. Here's a stat that says it all. Like let's say you're niner fan you're tired and someone robbing you of your journey Rob Lowe enthusiasm. Here's your stats. Here's I'm giving you all the wet thing you need to win this war in any conversation it comes up. Actually I'll give you the weapon next time and if I suddenly get. If you didn't listening to me for a long time and I hope you'll agree I'm not a radio stunt guys. I'm not be. All tell you what's most important. Coming up next but I did just pull that lever I wanna make good on yeah. Here is all you need any time there is someone trying to rob you. Under Jimmy garage blows sunshine. This is the only stat you needed. In football history there and eighteen teams that started 019 and a sixteen game season and eighteen teams. Of them. Ever finish for more than three wins the niners are now. They're historically. Most successful. NFL team to ever start ON 9815. And around. All because of one guy. One guy lift in the entire team up. It's amazing. That's sunshine. And and next time someone must tell you say you're wrong about a problem not enough. You're not you're not wrong about this. This is more a reason to be used to sit and do excited. Then at twelve and four raider here because the raiders of the kind of incompetent teen Wear no successful ever carry over from one moment to the next. And when you go ahead you trade or get rid of your successful offensive coordinator to bring in a neo fight. You're asking for change the 49ers. Are gonna have an off season more money to spend to get better great draft pick. And they're gonna have consistency. The number one missing ingredient. In American sports is consistency. Players moving coaches moving. Nothing's gonna change about the 49ers from a coaching standpoint from a coaching standpoint that matters to dinner and a rock blow anyways because his head coach. Is his offensive coordinator his head coach can dial up the play. When there's a problem for Derek Karr Jack Del Rio is the only guy in the room and I'm sure isn't prepared to fix it. Lot of finger pointing going on with the raiders now I see raiders Blogspot saying that might entice. Was Mike Tyson brought in. Todd downing. For his first NFL shot back in the vikings days and now he's not exactly happy working for a guy who she broke in the and maybe there's a lot of but the look when things go wrong is always a ton of finger pointing. And that's a sign of no accountability that's a sign of bad leadership. And there's all sorts of rumors that at the end of this year the readers can flush it all but Del Rio. More than you just know for a fact the data is safe. Money decision strictly financial as absolutely nothing to do with football they will not get rid of their. It ain't working head coach know what everyone else scale. But they're not gonna get rid of there any pork an NFL head coach because they committed money over years that they don't have. And of Jews to just absorbing a race. Jed York did I mean what I am I eight Jed York guy. I think it's pretty stout was not a huge fan of the decisions he's made. But when he saw Tom sowell wasn't gonna work you got added when he saw that. To Kelly wasn't working with huge money committed got out of that. Mark Davis doesn't get out of this man on a playwright now redesign and adored. Damn thing until they move and they can't move fast enough. I get a guy here on the decks on his demon you're such a front runner it's sad. The fact I had to explain this. At any point in time. Means that whoever sent that to me is really stupid to understand I'm not a fan. It's my job to cover sports it's my job to focus attention. On what matters Jimmy eagle rock below now matters then every single existing moment of raider. Past present or future. That's it. That's all go rob Lowe's now more important then your franchise here in the Bay Area because Jimmy's here. And you won't be. And that's that's not her fault like that simply raiders don't blame me. Don't look I didn't abandon the raiders the raiders are abandoning us. Exactly was happening. To be mad at them. You wanna talk about a vocal minority. Raider fans. Now you're you're you're. Historically dwarfed by the importance of the 49ers. And your feel on that right now. And the fact that you're out of the Bay Area means that's the way it's gonna go. You get no more you know you you figure raider fan your shot caller your ball or you ain't nothing anymore. You're literally dying on the vine you have an expiration date. And that's brutal. Absolutely brutal. I'm so sorry that you have been abused did some viewer like Stockholm victims. Stockholm syndrome you have sympathy for your captors. Really you twice. And I doubt if I come from a world of sports where that is just it and I don't even speak that language I don't reckons he relocation. Now or I'm from. Now morons from. Dating in Fremont has been waiting patiently Danny thanks for the call woody gap. Q I got a tea. Debt changes being productive by army. Putting together you can put together what happened with the raiders ended and the niners. And thinking that associated that was straight to think that people have never seen shake the bank they don't get how. Unbelievably cool out of date colleague Tommy is gonna put Derek pop but you know against the ropes without. Call boy up. Oh boy this feels a little bit like a plan calls is a tally here is Tommy. Thank you very much Danny I appreciate it I'm doing a great job Conan for Albert Al Lee. CLB I was why I was looking to snap Chad you Suri was yesterday. It was an Austin, Texas right outside of Austin Texas at the Salt Lake one of the greatest barbecue spots I had ever been to in my life Hassan. By the way brings me up. To where I was on Christmas Eve let's try eight. I went to international smoke I you should Curry's. You ran new barbecue spot. In the old what was that are and 47 yes millennial tower hopefully she got a break. On the whole leaning things. I'll give you a big deal. That's funny my fall yet citizens instead of 900 square foot of their own in a charging 895 is where but I'm sure they rent is still through the roof down there. Or three shots as you enjoy it so here's the deal. For Christmas scene the dining experience was a buffet. They added a Fey for your Christmas endeavor whatever your buffet is your birthday will never be as good as individual on trays. They had outstanding. Baby back ribs patient knows what he's gonna department. You know what there was really nice touch they would sprinkle brown sugar and then paint. Barbecue sauce on top of the red and they take out a blowtorch in the car all the whole thing so guide and I mean I don't spreads their delicious the rigs were great. The smoked Brussels sprouts. You know your Brussels sprouts are really good when you walk away from barbecue experience Saudi not a vegetable. But it was really good the prime rib with smokey in good too I go to truly give a proper review. Of international smoke would like to go back there and try it on a night were. I'm not eating from the buffet but a meeting from something that I actually ordered a comes at a fixed menu type I think you're right maybe get a little more. Let me tell you can choose let me tell you. What it is tough to do. So Barbeque white tablecloths fine dining in this capture. I mean I I wish I he should do very very best and I I would say it was good. But at the price point in needed to be great. And it was only good. But I reserve judgment until I get to try and individual meal money meal that was prepared for a never ending line of the failure I think that's so that's fair. I I hate ice he feature sports dish in the making I think we should make that happen we should go I will work on that truth is I Asia fearless and infantry accomplice out for that bad boy. I'm assuming of course she especially since why not. Johnny Concord John what do you got thanks for holding. They are you doing them well thank you. I root for Amanda who wanted to share real quick about themselves a rating a state their reason wired down because it could be kids. And how often skip all of a cauldron. Understand why because of the concussion on virtually out and now also. If you can do a stranger being with the cuts in the stroke and connect that. Us. Oh well they you know I don't know if anyone wants to go to my personal cub phenomenon or stroke phenomenon anymore so we'll probably avoid death and I do appreciate it let me just tell you man. That. I don't think the big hits I've been aiming to do that I think there are a lot of journalists who care about CD most of us. I just don't think that we care that much I judges don't. I we are here for nastiness and big hits and all that stuff the replay thing I bite. The replay thing I'd buy the amount of time we spend trying to figure out what's a judge in four balls enough to make me one now watch this whole ball game. Did you see where they had an NFL. Refs might doubt. Some coaches like how is that not catching he's just like I don't know now. She's that's what you want right NFL officials game day fizzles like I. I thought that was against I had no idea we don't know that it's just it's it's so modeled in so confused and so contorted. It's ridiculous but nonetheless it's 8889579570. Speaking a list Gionta said that in the irreverence coming out their top ten. Best of this is the list blob all block how about this too much bigger guys in down. Chronicle movie critic Mick LaSalle. And our pop culture critic friend Peter Hart led. Have released their ten best films of 2017. We'll tell you what they are next on many fronts and didn't. And it came in the Rochelle. On 9570. Game. I. We necklace sell Peter Hart led to guys who I. I really enjoy their work in the San Francisco chronicle. I read them as much as I read Bruce Jenkins I don't ask me now. A really good movie critics and pop culture guys when. And they have their list of its top ten movies of the last year and it's officially. Time for me to admit I'm getting older now. Paying quite attention like I used to because I've every heard some of these movies starting. Which is Nicklaus sales number one movie recommendation of the entire year it's something called. No VI day. No VP I did not attract NL VI TI AT how we say that nobody paying no I guess no VIK no I got day never heard of I mean not not only nine averted and I'd look it up here and it is about how to. It's it's a small release Sony Pictures classic release it's only at one movie theater. In the Bay Area right now as far as I can troll on here. It's about a woman. Becomes a nun. Sounds fascinating. Today I you know I've seen and and items I don't like the book I am a red bud. OK followed by I Tonya. Which is the Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan movie that's coming out. That's getting rave reviews. I can you wanna see yeah I actually like to see it as well that looks pretty at I think and aside. ESPN's thirty for thirty Tonya and Nancy is one of the best I've got instead. Number three Truman. Generally know about it number four I do wanna see this darkest hour about Winston Churchill yeah. Number five goodbye Christopher Robin I wanna see that's I do not wanna see that I hate everything about Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Ku is the drip BS saddest most pathetic I bet you get bullied at school every day nursery school Taylor as I hate when he conclude its. Adorable. It is sweet in its high name. And they're big big story Winnie the plume is for kids who were raised by moms who were afraid to let them go to full practice I'll be honest my age son hates me the pill and it breaks my high stakes race he likes the carrier ring land they till like heating season to Disneyland it's very excited because it's a big fluffy bear character but your TV show the movie team -- at simulate and not for -- month. That's an. Kamal. Everyone you know and every one and winning the boos did battling clinical depression all the time French ship and worst kind of funny. Number six on his list. Dunkirk. Yeah that Dunkirk is the best movie that I saw last year that I'm recommending to know one of this opens the art again it was good. But it's not a must seem like Dunkirk was good to fight. If you never saw it you'll be just as good as if you did play it wasn't that good to to drama right. It is it's a drama it's really slow pace there's almost zero dialogue and there I guarantee descriptive didn't go more than fifteen pages. Okay tenants like a two hour long movie okay I can see way. You've likened it to not recommending that number seven the zoo keepers wife didn't don't know about it number 83 billboards outside of adding Missouri. I actually saw that. That is how you know an advertisement for it I thought oh good Frances McDormand is and that she had. Fabulous actress number nine battle of the sexes don't know what that is number ten Donald cried. No it did so in Mick LaSalle top ten movies of the year I've never even heard of five of the. And I'm sure some of those will be nominated. High speed dialed into this crap I really dead Peter Hart labs may be a little bit more. Approachable from those are mainstream gap a little bit more mainstream. Number one he's got to get out. Which I'd saw on HBO. It's good have you seen I don't know I have and it's on the list but I everyone says it's really really good not only is get out full of all sorts of like woke societal issues that were in right now. It's like a good creepy thriller. It's a good to kind of funny creepy thriller at times like moments of ten and there's really good performances but he blundering herd of and it's it's I liked it not a little like that a lot. Get out was good he then followed by the Florida project never heard of it. He's got Dunkirk at number three blade runner 2049 and number fork I Tonya number five Logan number six. The shape of water I don't see that so bad eleven Guillermo del Tora. It's basically a tadpole has sex with a real life woman it's much more than that it's about a Mer man. Not a mermaid. But Zoolander he's like a bummer man. Firm and it's a much more than that slaughter is the essence. Chair. It's it's life change Jeanne things that happen and he seems to be. I let his critics they had that sort of mythical elements on sometimes. Apparently there is human Mer man inner species sex in this cool. Not when I'm Shannon gets them the number eight Coke so. I do wanna see that that he animated movie about like dios Palin went optional phenomenal you have to see that you'll cry. Probably not if you look number nine a long strange trip. I was at the Bob Weir documentary. That's documentary about Bob Weir in The Grateful Dead yet okay. It's an Amazon Grateful Dead documentary I've seen it I loved it. Number ten. He's got four. Rag New York whatever they tell us now I don't know. This is more admit I am I feel like I'm mark connected with this list. Many other ones I think the other list was assembled by a movie critic another list was assembled by his wife a dude who likes movies. I could battle of the sexes is the at nineteenth century tennis match between Billie Jean king and Bobby Rick all I do wanna see that I did say I do wanna see that what's amazing is they've taken. What's her name while Aaland. M on sat out stone unturned. Oh is like a beautiful redhead just bear pretty and they turn her into a pretty realistic version looking of Billie Jean King. And I'm not gonna say anything about Billie Jean king's looks other then she's never been described as gorgeous redhead. Movie magic movie magic. Movie magic I guess he can sleep a bummer man you can make Emma Stone look like Billie Jean guy. Let's go to Michael in San Jose 8889579. By seven always a number how are you Michael. They got played love up in the air you sued. And so what they got whatever we'll talk about Obama at a poll ratings were slaughtered chime in on. They like basketball IR logic eating waters came from my app which I think truly benefit sports you share the record and facts orgy apple lost their commercials. Are flat and it's people bought all of global watched 1015. Football games on the go. All my phone and it you don't have Verizon and it's special plan. Motion got special out of all packaged. I'm so delighted that I think it actually part of the Dauman viewership of new generation of people. We want it on the go I don't see why there felt doesn't just make every game watchable and torsos bought sort commercials. Mother that. The reason why Michael is because there are more interest in doing. Business with a network which pays huge for their business than they are. Making sure that everyone anywhere anyhow whether and there are subscribers and I can just look at the game I mean it's all about. You know NBC did a billion dollars on Thursday night football so you can get it there what's gonna be really interest thing. Is how much he. NBA's number CNB numbers are through the roof. Maybe just really is about. Bitter and out here's the thing. I know for a fact that people do not like things politicized. Basketball. Ironically. I think unto me I think basketball is a more. Black dish sport. And football protect. There is absolutely no political correctness in correctness political agenda attached to anything in the NBA. And it's got all over the NFL. And I'd I just I. It's amazing that the NBA has just said no we're not aiding and go down this road. And I think that is the power in the beauty and the genius of Adam silver. You know I think one of the biggest mistakes Del Rio made was not tell Marshawn Lynch. Get up for the sand them you haven't been around here long enough you we are trying to win a Super Bowl none of this BS is floating in this locker room period and the story I don't care how anyone says I ate or are woke who dare not get off. Go play football. Only thing you should be thinking about. He didn't do that. And I think it echoed throughout the year 8889579570. Is the number we got a final. Our Jason Cole helps us take it off talking weeks seventeen in the NFL next.