Damon Bruce Show Hour 2

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, December 27th

Damon is back! DB recaps everything that's gone down in sports since he's been out - joined by Marc Spears [Senior NBA writer for ESPN's The Undefeated].


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It's great to have you along it is they warriors Wednesday driven by a portion of Walnut Creek gate 2017 premier Porsche dealer. And by Freeman's appliance and trusted name in the Bay Area all of our warriors interviews are always done. And sound better on JBL headphones. Marc spears. Senior NBA writer for ESPN's the undefeated we got an awful lot to talk about now that it's official Christmas is passed in the NBA season. Is here no more excuses no more it's too early. The NBA unofficially officially tips off on Christmas Day. And the warriors got themselves a win the over the cavs without stepped curry Kevin Durant in the middle of it all playing some of the best basketball of his career mark spears. Good to have young man house Christmas. Oh man those mavens got everything I wanted. But what you look good did it. Beautiful what a beautiful it's amazing how very game. That's amazing health food and Sox all of a sudden really mean a lot on Christmas in your kid it was a huge disappointment. But like Sox under Ers are in need. The goal of events are so important right now but. As far as it gave mental gonna tell you. And then look you metaphors for a long time and but it it just me or over the last two years. You know we typically see Christmas and that they would MBA students are so tired somebody's. The popular clarity of NBA has written so much man. That it it's starts way before Christmas and people paid attention. And training camp at paying attention in the summer. And I kind of feel like they're in the case the last two years. In fact the one thing that really stood out to me more than anything about any game or any player recruitment. Is that authorities really good ratings were up 37%. Which. You know. Very good argument to me of is imminent about ten years could NBA debut most popular mayor or. Look if we continue on the over saturated trajectory of the NFL and football. I could see it happening and it really is amazing that you know as though world is pulled politics in the sports who just push some people away the NBA's avoided it. Adam silver. Rules this league with the business first iron fist and I respect it he is everything. On controversial subjects that Roger Goodell is not. Yeah no I mean me. We're very very great on the bottles thrown pretty and the one thing I was disappointed with what the players was. You know to meet basic dictated everything especially at a leader for doubly glad. They should have been awarded so we're not gonna play they should have been the ones. Their working ability period and the clippers just. Tendered practiced turn it inside out formal outside remember being at their game being just so there's only their. And you know I remember asking Glenn Davis baby just there. You know why he got a plane you know they play their game against the warriors and so well. We have to win a championship you know we'll get the last lap or the trophy. Yeah but Donald stoic wife will be at their hold the trophy with. It he does that puts it. So but ultimately you know so overwhelmed the one that basically says president should look. This kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated and you know this is or trumpet. For a lot of the big clashes between black mayor the police officers so. You know Poodle from her hand first step and not succumbing to those kind of questions. Society or money. Marquette they feel about two minute reports. What a waste of time. In order to do wanna do the whole game I guess right I mean people Bluetooth. Where were up. The first 46 minute report. There. Voted on me no good not good change anything and if you look at it saying so little. Don't bring those guys back to play able to put money. Back in their pocket. Four technical that they probably should have got beat. I'm all for but Google doesn't change anything odd they got mad at the track. In dog and go to NBA and keep it meant the way they always strive to be very you're creative or what course. The only team league game resuming their. For refereed which if there have been more subtle mobile or another tactic is a mistake in something that they need to get rid of quickly because the players don't like it could have mixed locally look. I'll tell you what I would like to see from an officiating standpoint. Keep. Replays. In the post season can get him out of the regular season the good teams will rise to the top over the course of 82 games. The bad teams will fall to the bottom it won't go to you know we don't need to stop. To go to the monitor in the third quarter of the nets bucks game on a Tuesday night in November. There you know that much of these NBA players are complaining about the refs now. They need to go wrote themselves densely wooded parts you know I'm proud that I could not afford college not on. Activity maiden. Who got kicked in the chest by a guy who met about calls and data and if you wanna feel good NBA refs are growth. Go to a college game a little article gamble what it's been declared but at least they let we. And whether we're better cared about some pro wrote about it on every little tricky track called like a Michael try to go home. I got this scarf we've come to go to Yoshi ran quite a long look look good and gamble. Overcome our cities have beer road man. Photograph but they got to the worst because there's cameras everywhere. All the fair wanna do watch everything in slow motion. And they're basically camp when they go bankrupt our. Marc spears ESPN's the undefeated here on 957 the game always great to have c'mon let's talk to rant. Who is now becoming as effective defensively as he was offensively. And he's one of the greatest offensive weapons the league has ever seen. What do you think of his improved defense and who on the warriors is most responsible for it. Is it drain Monty is a Ron Adams is it Kirk. You. Know I had a story on him our guests are very home. Oh about his voting rival remove abroad saying they haven't even won a championship wanted to over the burn center. You know now the two meters at the very clear rivalry there are being the magic bird. But when I asked him about. Improved defense. He kind of scoffed at the he looked like he he he thinks it's. A lazy take forward. Most NBA onlookers to think that he better defensively than anything was afforded by people watching me more than they were before. You know the warriors have a bigger spotlight owes it he would basically stating that he is doing a lot of it much of the same before. I tend to think there was certain of vodka and Adam behind you you did have to rebound or blood suck as much work. In no direct content that this is something he was door before he got here and and it didn't do so radical state. In quite duel like this now I mean I've never heard defensive player of the year consideration. I know I know but you know defensive player of the year I think is moral is more realistic for Durant and an MVP is this year. I really didn't. You know well you're content would have offered. And so Clinton years. Negative which would be nice for the warriors defense overall. What is going on the whig staff Currie how's that ankle. Does he wanna get out there Friday for Charlotte. You know just the fact that there are evaluated again on Friday I would definitely not gonna play in the game. A mole period. Oakley as soon as Saturday against America's. I really really wanna be at play against you the next week in Houston. All of feel play against football which you know. It wasn't that long or go we we kind of like thought about. That was somebody the front side very. Remember when he was wearable iPad in the side it was a group to protect them home so. If they get too much of state of enforcement. I'm up there to be wrote about where. I played a long Warren would vote tomorrow the government with a final compared to the Olympics he's what. You try to use some of the rest. Put on. I'll eventually open that door expecting him to be bad weather this weekend but now looks like it's going to be just like what are they're Thomas to protect little more time. Take all the time you need them and that's all point in having Kevin Durant got a letter I got there aren't. Not. The electrified for a Pope who support them be okay. They'll be fine. Marc spears here on I 957 the game I got a non warriors question for you and then we'll ask about JaVale McGee but you recently wrote about. This year's rookie class and how Carl -- mud is more of a rookie of the year candidate then his teammate Alonso ball may be big bowler brand launched with the wrong Laker I don't know but you know rob pull Inca thing. Being compared an awful lot to Bob Meyers both former agents they stepped into the GM role and they'd hit. You're on late picks here. This is basically the offensive version of Bob Myers finding dream on green in the second round like clues ma. Is fantastic. And I need. You won't goodwill impairment is playing we sit and just. Unless we give them as rookie of the year award that a guy like cool tomorrow and and natural commute so you'll see tonight. And get a commitment doubtful or played exceptionally well. Right now so. There's not a rush to get them out but Kuchma. Beyond approaching now I've never heard of until probably. And then I always have in my mind where it. A result the once told me winnowed. Brave and about somebody played in the bomber bookmark. That probably don't even want cool blues great numbers. I do it looked like who probably didn't totally predictable that it put the ball and man and a big part of it he's confident. Do not cut he is really confident. But it it's weird like you solve none of it for you to abuse play hard good for you because. We would have known who we want you know also. I think the bigger question of people wanna be oblivious out. Big kudos for the lakers trophy in him and entry in what he could do. Bob marrow the coach and you can't think it will be just gonna look good and hit a player percolate. Coming out of their kids would call it talent. Not people still clear that your candidate where with the university cut. Right why were we also fascinated by mark health false and not this kid it's it's really kind of amazing what they aren't. Balls off the map yeah no doubt and then look give give illiquid credit to that I can't think get a name of Cuba. And they also got a kid from Villanova who played good mantra of our. Local and you know. Police say commissary Bryant. Thomas Bryant from Indiana he got his debut over the weekend I think Sony those are the lakers god they're here. I don't know you don't look but I unlike ethnic group are a million little quiet that you guys. Both acute as business very skilled for a side. Doesn't look like he'd look one weight in his cruise. Together you know who work. Eric could mean very they had an exceptional. Pound for pound rookie class what I'd given up Almonte the Lakota people are coming in but I think he's still. Pebble you have a lot of pressure on you know improve their children will be better and look there's these four guys that the lakers could go out. They did an exceptional job so kudos to a polygamous. I think ones those are really good and all the things you either can or can't do like that's your instinct or it isn't. And he checks all those boxes the shot to shot can be worked on the shot we see a lot of guys prove their shots from there rookie year or so I'm not really worried about that either let's wrap up markets we could. With the rumor that JaVale McGee is on the block it is he about to be traded. It's. Mean political warriors need like would you trade for. I read money pools are always had a little shooting off the bench sure. There'll redefine happy morrow right now. Another. Oh. Yeah so all I know they get there. Don't do it. Bring you I mean. I didn't fall boy you could shoot it and you know they got scared. I keep forget their bamboo tree modify them but rookie to wait guys on their political their career. And now there's Boucher or whatever but yeah very very. In nugget there tomorrow when they're bigger symbol for certain areas and then you can be a noble for a month or turn their murdered. Then try to do without our main right. There's not been different very happy most favored you because he sat out true reform mark because shoot the shooter had available. Get them off the street and Brandon Manitoba and Macquarie Doritos. That Marc. ESP and that's where you follow him on Twitter. You can hear him every week here on 957 again thanks a lot man always a pleasure. Thank you very much go hoosiers indeed what a great way for him to an interview. He's playing up to the crowd no doubt. Thank you very much mark good to have you on 8889579. By seven always and number more your calls here in just a second money cooled wrote feet for reasons why the warriors are open to trading JaVale McGee article on NBC sports Bay Area and money says the rumor is real. And JaVale McGee's future with the warriors is in jeopardy now we all like him very much like we like big guy. I heard he's working on a dream on green dis track with what nick young and I'm I'm dying here that I. Can't wait I hope that rumor is true. This is the guy who came out we. I like to be on the they might not need him as much as they used to and reason number one for this is the emergence of Jordan bell. But this guy can officially play number two. Minutes. Right now the center minutes are going do Trulia. Bell David West of Von Loney and drain money greener probably in the game. More than you go to JaVale McGee. Then you have the fact. It damion Jones is actually playing well in the G league in these are sending. And it might be time to give them what ever scant amount of minutes you have. Ford JaVale McGee to a guy you're developing. And is a project in damion Jones. And then the fourth reason given by money pool is that they want to add another shooter. Marc spears just said hey Anthony Morrow could be that guy. It's amazing that the warriors are looking at themselves might get when you another shooter. And his. It's ridiculous how many shooters say doubtful when you look at some of the numbers off the bench they they could use a little bit more they really could I think. That is an indictment that Nick Young isn't quite who they wanted to be yet he could still be that guy Patrick McCall. Same can be said about him a call never was brought in to be an offense first guy he is a defense team system guy. Playing point and then cook obviously he just got here who knows what he's going to be. Dated 89579570. Let's say a loaded Jerry in Concord Gerri you're not if I submitted. Now Obama. Not to go out you out opponent. I think people are able to equate to crown grapple all being in the neck. The house acting governor Joseph Montana Myers apparently you know speed yet back like that. Bet that a lot of quarterback Ben at that great you know starting urged board game dark common share. Being reminded me you're ethnic I don't I'll be reversed beeper line guy came April air Kurt Jack as well and that. An outstanding year like overboard about our birdie touched down it. My dad thought about it got to be our. And any yet applied by Jake DelHomme into every year coming to come get abbate going to be that I think I've got talent and. Look careers had to curb careers ebb and flow and look at Derek Carr who spent three years on a massive upward trajectory only to find himself crater ring in this season for whatever reasons. Rubble is not immune to this but what you have to acknowledges this. He is really cooking with a team that was not built to cook he is officially undefeated and it's hard to start undefeated in your career as a quarterback it doesn't happen often at ball. It certainly doesn't happen often at all when you come into a horrific situation. And are without a doubt the tide has lifted all boats in the harbor a rock below is that. And he was trained. Underneath. One of the greatest of all time. As a player and Tom Brady and as a coach in Bilbao check this guy. Has banned at peace in which a state of the art quarterbacking for three full years waiting for his opportunity. Because it's Brady the opportunity never came. Telecheck I swear to god I guarantee you if he knows if he knew now. I don't think he doesn't trade. If you could if you ask the New England Patriots and put bill ballot sex in a chair and put him the sodium pentothal in the big interrogation light on him. I'll bet ship they'll tell you right now I would much rather have Jimmy drop below the mets' second round pick and I might of cut Tom Brady's pass knowing what I know now. It's better to say goodbye a year to worldly than a year too late and that is now the race that they will be running with Brady since his understudy to guide you groom to be the heir apparent was moved. You want insane. About Brady Z go rock below in a Super Bowl in the next three years how how easy would that be. I would be bananas this gas Carlos Hyde about it don't tie it. They could happen. I mean we really local Barton. We play really good football. No matter who we played we come out to teach this morning. Maybe through also world. How do you shall get him lose slowdown solo down. It's getting some grief for that did I am not gonna rob a single fan. Oh there are Jimmy drop low enthusiasm you should be very excited about what you're saying there's no apology and being excited about Jimmy are a couple of I will not allow the words. Super Bowl and niners to be used quite yet and already we're not ready. You don't win eight games urged. Win eight games and I tell you what I like Jimmie winning games next year he plays anything like this and they actually get better this off season. Yet. In my when they can't. Playoffs he's basically already won four on a team that was going nowhere you know what I got for you coming up next segment. And I think that this will. Nail that shot any if this is I've got the ultimate. Don't you say single word about Jimmy gee I don't care if you drop a lifelong raider fan you hate the niners. If you're stalking negative about this guy at this point you're revealing yourself to be an idiot. You're an idiot and you're not watching and you're not paying attention. This guy has breathed life into a dead body. He's brought the dead back to life like Jesus touch glass a race. And I can't believe that it happened. I cannot believe that it happened. If your niner fan. As incompetent as everything has been over the last few years you probably can't believe it's happening me know. And speaking of incompetence we'll talk about the raiders a little bit later I think we need to. So wrote them a little bit of a funeral today. Rylander rest. Feeling we might need to Sara McLaughlin this team one last time. Dole. This is not good. There's just not good and the scary thing is. Is their quarterback. Looks like he is suffering from such a bad case of the yet. I don't know if he believes this coaching staff to make things better 'cause they didn't all year long they really haven't. 888957957. No more your calls. Now you're on the Damon Bruce show. Start off with a text line shell week. Penske auto sales stock contacts line got a guy here he says it Damon you know it's obviously you're trying to cultivate the niner fan base. Because you know the raiders are leaving meanwhile raider fans are turning off their radios at a rapid parade. Yeah we actually measured that and they're doing that on game days and it. They're doing that on game days there. Yeah. I sat around and I think I made up diet there's the priority list. Here's a topic priority list and this is pretty much remains. Harmony and with very little movement in terms of priority. And we've all due respect to the Golden State Warriors and the dynasty. That they are building in front of our rice. There is now no doubt in my mind. At the single biggest Bay Area sports topic has always been and will always be niner starting quarterback. Nine are starting quarterback means more. That one topic alone. Then the raiders' future now means here in the Bay Area and that's a choice they made not me. I did not choose. The raiders a leaked they chose to leave. Themselves. I loved the raiders here I love having the AFC west in town I loved having another topic I loved having two games to pay attention to on the weekend. And it's been like that since I got here over fifteen years ago. I am not abandoning the topic to topic is abandoning us. So it goes. Whoever whatever is happening with niner quarterback followed by warrior dynasty followed by. One of the giants doing followed by eight. Then it's why. Maybe he. As far as we're concerned it's. Love your and that but that's just my personal taste could could mean the fourth biggest story going on at all times in the Bay Area is and or a little bites. Then I would have to say it's. What what like blood the other stuff going complex all what do you know deal under clubs hosting a US open then it's the days. That's the raiders. And that's the way it goes now not our choice their choice. Not our choice their choice I'd bet you they're all gushing over the raiders future. In Las Vegas. I'm not gushing over the raiders future. Pena. Ross not responsible for how they are season. I don't think that's helping their cause at all look at it this way. Every segment we did every hour radio we've broadcast. Gets measured. We know what our content is during these broadcasts and what people tune into in turn away from. Jimmy Iraq blow everybody yeah. The Bay Area has voted. Unanimously. There are more interest in what Jimmy grapple is doing than watching the raiders limped to the finish line when all sorts of questions. And no Bay Area future to be sold to anybody. And here is another reason why. Jimmy drop below is a hot topic. It's time for the most amazing stat of the day. I am calling me a hazy. Some of the matter it's amazing. Angry I didn't. He's getting me don't just say if I swear. It's time. Amazing. We'll start with a tweak. Are dug text I should say says Damon all you do is give alternative faxing give fake news I know you're stupid if you use that phrase. I don't mean I have to ask if you live long gone to the phrase fake news to combat. Anything that you don't like hearing your dumber than the rest of us bingo. And there is this. I'm a niner fan and you need to pump the brakes a little bit stop trying to put Jimmy in the hall of fame I'm not putting him in the hall of fame but what I am saying is you've a franchise quarterback that is now going to change the direction. Of this rebuild drastically don't believe me here's the most amazing thing this is a stat that I saw from Josh Dubow. Who writes for the AT. Eighteen teams. Since the NFL went to weigh sixteen game schedule their Ben eighteen teams that have started 019. Those teams average. At the end of the year if you start 019. You've averaged one point nine wins per season. No one. Who started 09 is ever won more than three games. The niners have already completely blown past that with five wins. And the difference is one guy quarterback. When you look at this. Years from now. We might be turning back to this season in admitting that is unquestionably. The single best worst football team. Maybe the NFL's ever seen when you couple lit with an unprecedented. Level of winning. At the end of a loss season all due to one guy. And then you also look back and you say hey before that one guy even got here you had a historic streak of close losses. When you put all that together and you look at the shore. I'm stance is on which this guys finding successes in if you're not impressed you can't be impressed. You didn't wanna be impressed you walked into the building saying you can't impress me. That's impressive. It very much so if this were happening. If this is the way Derek Carr's career started you would be. So over the moon god golf you would be going nuts. You would be is in sight it is humanly possible in a losing year. Aligning yourself. Let's go to what bill in Walnut Creek bill thanks for the call you're on 957 again. Dead center taking my call Damon. I just want to ask you maybe you could help a little bit his stick. It seemed like that the there's a lot of blame being passed around. On the raiders so poor play this year. The good if you like to attend graduate can't they get sent to share their responsibility. For how they're playing in. One I think about it all the draft picks he had over the five years the freeagent she'd brought him. And now what he has slept on the field. It doesn't seem like he's done a very good jab but he didn't seem to get any blame. He only got like his draft pick Serb Kyra and that because they'll match felons who laughed. Injection is a good player and maybe maybe. The safety. Can you name right now may turn out to be good safety. It is. I yet how Josef. They players he brought them for free agency he had a couple good ones but mostly. They're just sped best average players but nobody seems to wanna hold them account. To me you know I think it's safe to say build that Reggie has swung and missed is often as he swung in connect and and Gary in Connolly. Was. Not help this year. No fun Wu didn't help out at all this year they had a need at linebacker which wasn't addressed until a trade for Navarro Bowman happy ending you could say. Your lead in the cupboard bare but to me this season turned. Not on Reggie McKenzie he's ideas or lack thereof this season turned. On an incompetent offensive coordinator who submarines all the progress the previous offensive coordinator had gained. That's the whole thing to make bill thank you very much for the call we go to DeVon in San Mateo how are you dead and. I would gone well yeah. Irons are almost at banks take a McAuliffe was out most definitely look at Damon Bruce. Have you. I decided wanna make a comment about some several minutes ago you had said that. This Belichick knew what. Go Rob Lowe were produced here and then by the way number one rated in the west bay here in the Bay Area eighteen new way squabble produce and he would not have traded him. Now I thought those little suspect you know considering that you're a man of the course knows now hours I hate to admit and another show but I listened to Greg and pop and their workers as well or they came out saying that because of the peace between Belichick and Kraft. He gave Obama because he wanted to. He want to craft cannot wanna trade Brady crashed at no dust mop board. Didn't know that at some point pretty you know he's an expiration date on expired and nobody had an NN and the boy two in each week. And Ed but because of the big. How important would not let him to let anyone could do as he's always been allowed to do these are. This. Go ahead of golf course to some bite out of bark. Depends on you governor in the toilet paper all the time my. Imagine now until so apology get scared. You know there were reported other ten probably could get a morsel why did he get amok well maybe not even know senate can't ask don't. Where do you. Stringent what corporal and it is you know. DeVon it DeVon thank you very much man for the call I think it. Bill Belichick wanted to do right. By the players he was trading any new Dick go Rob Lowe was good enough to be put in the right circumstances. And he had respect for Shanahan. And that's why he did it plus the high second round pick is gonna be too lousy either. I don't know about the conspiracy theory that there's a war of our power struggle going on between Robert Kraft and go ballot check Ivan heard that from anyone but. Greg Papa Williams is out here from Greg's mouth and I haven't heard from anyone until that caller just relay that information. To me. I. I understand why they wouldn't want loyalty. To the greatest quarterback in the history of their franchise. Remaining too loyal for too long can submarine yeah. And I'll tell you right now even would Tom Brady and the patriots having a one seed this year. I would rather have. I would rather have. Jimmy drop below. Over the next six years and Tom Brady over the next six years when you don't. If the answer is yes for us don't you think Bill Belichick descends and think now maybe you ask Robert Kraft about it he's like hey look I was able to. You don't put an entire wing on my house based on this guy's success for me so. I'm gonna remain loyal and that certainly noble but let me just say that when. The Brady Belichick era comes to an end to that franchise could go away in a sleep for a why. That's how important the right quarterback and head coach are and for the first sign a long time what do you know the niners got. 888957957. No more calls coming up in a moment here on the Damon Bruce show. Entertainment the show on. On 9570. Game. The. Warrior Wednesday. Driven by Porsche woman greeted Tony seventeen premier Porsche dealer in Freeman's appliances trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. Your help Mark Jackson wants it both ways I don't know if you heard this or not but Mark Jackson a year ago on Christmas Day. When Richard Jefferson in the Cleveland Cavaliers trip to Kevin Durant at the end of the game. Here is how he called it. Hopefully going to wind down its president. You don't wanna and a good game. Like this on a call like that that was last year this is this year Mark Jackson. Who apparently still salty about the whole fired Steve Curtis. It's very. I don't think. That's a. They may be it wasn't his call I saw. No further than four minutes to LeBron was traveling calls. And by the way about LeBron. That guy passed up. At least ten points in that game he was at the rim about to finish and he would take it out to someone who then missed the 340 my god I didn't understand the bronze mindset. On Christmas Day. I was really really odd. By the way coming up next year we're gonna say hello to a guy. And Elena ticker all season long Robbie Gould with the San Francisco 49ers is gonna join us at 5 o'clock afforded that let's go to Bobby on highway 24 Bobby how real dramatic five set of the game. It got there I don't. Okay I'll tell you about how quick you guys are I JPG. Get down like this great quarterback when I started to beat in a rookie and okay. Terrible border action brand and our course you'd. Well it might it also made it. Then little by great owner and overtime that look like breed Indian over time they look back to little washing it. And I mean a bit bit later I'd bring it in Seattle. All what terrible quarterback lit inlet gonna want board games books or their. Right so what was it what was the difference. What's the difference that. The quarterback. Air ball terrible terrible terrible quarterback their brand lawyer Eric Brian Hoyer were lucky both. David bad can't it be that but either rookie blackbird chewing out Al delegates are a quarter but the article quarterback. For the great offense. Any that are shocked that they're all about winning eight went out when he not. Oslo just out of this world that he had no ice down against Chicago did get to two got combat most NBA game. Eight definitely want to aching reality aboard air date all right so if I mean you ever shot that he almost done. In winning games when you have a circle all serviceable quarterback it's an air off bad. Okay O'Brien no Bobby you don't know what definitions and got Brian Hoyer is serviceable quarterback Jimmy the raw below. Has literally. Gone undefeated. With a team. That was Duffy did. For the first nine weeks. And you're saying well there are so close that they would've figured it out without him this guy is taken an offense which isn't star studded do you realize that. The error might not be a niner wide receiver who would it even made the raiders out of the pre season. Maybe Trent Taylor may I mean our son would have been he's been heard for so long it's like he's not here anymore may be good when one of beat out Cordero Paterson I guess maybe I don't know but like. The niners receivers went from all of these guys collectively sock to all of these guys are really. Now playing while. He has a 158. Passer rating to the tight end since becoming the quarterback. He's perfect for. Good. He's perfect in the world is he perfect oh he had a win loss column. And he has inspired. Every single guy now locker room to play better play harder. He's inspired to coaches to coach harder. This guy made a like John Lynch said. John Lynch summed it up great when he said you talk proud to better. Any does. Levi's stadium went from not gonna see here no pulse lifeless Darrell stadium. To that actually felt like a football game six I mean you can feel the energy when you're there now. Other defense is bent pretty good all year. Out fist serviceable. Is what the defense is banned. Serviceable. Was not it's not how you describe. Jimmy brothel. He's a lot better than serviceable and if you don't realize that. You're raider fan calling me from highway twenty foreclosure angry at the whole world tonight. Cashmere Walnut Creek what's going on cash. Okay great show them and have always forbidden word do you sense you're. During the game that for the warriors are quite lower cheers thirteen years ago and I'm. You know I'm fully on your side and called on the other guys' side you know find Jimmy Grupo good I think is good I think the defense has been doing a lot and bad at global kicker it. You know Tom Brady would make fourteen million. I mean how how can you tell anybody in their quarterback more than fourteen milk and I don't think Jimmy drop low. I mean I like to see more contracts like cabernet you know performing contract because I get scared. I would get our caller. He'll find what he's thinking maybe the 25 million messed them up I think it's because the guy who got into a clinic that have gotten back broken and it popped up on drug. Yes hi Eric every you have and are zero U a zero future is an agent by the way. 08 terrorism agent what are when he ate that this is a position that doesn't come with a Groupon. Quarterback starting quarterback is always going to be high priced. Brady signed his deal when that was the market value then now market value is gone well north of twenty million for a quarterback. And that's market value the market determines what teams are willing to part with and Brady let's face it he's given the the patriots so much back. And made it so easy design talent around him because of the great hometown discount he's giving because Gisele. Makes more then. Almost all football players put together. Brady's take home pay is the second biggest paycheck and that house. Think if it that she's the head of the household the breadwinner. She certainly the rear end of the household. Wow. They are doing just fine financially she's the legs of the household he's the thugs of household. Let's go to Sony and Alameda what's going on sunny. Did well. Well I. I first saw opponents say your rock star and policy. You were the first like radio shows what are looking to him look Brooklyn church sex male buddies you. Would that be instead I wanna throw out my. IPod without you. You know our. I'm would you like and a lot of generators and like I told you don't know what they're thinking when they didn't bring back the offensive corner lot season and when we downing. I've heard that one of the big reasons that they'd. They'd gone that route was that are on par with the big proponent of doubting. Bennett you know get a better relationship and ball maybe they had better report. Solid thinking what do you think that maybe you know a lot of this slight error on. Especially in the walk during the buildup all these problems could be related to the fact that maybe the teams still lights you know this is cars guy like liquid. Look we're offense is gone now look for the whole team has gone basically like we rode on this guy and what you want storm are you know what I mean might. Right no one else got to pick their favorite coach that was a nice just to them why did dared get to do it bill musgrave was way much more of a disciplinarian. And all I can tell you sent a lack of discipline has defined this raider offense all year long and I really don't know word Obama and look I can Trace all the way back to Donald and hold out. So could you so a lot of you retrace all the way back to draft picks who you. Ruler count on it didn't show up to play like this year. I mean I just look at the raiders and I see a team that has. A really suspect owner a head coach that is not beyond reproach and is certainly not state of the art when it comes x.s and knows who holds on to or flyers the incorrect coordinator for way too long. And we have seen this be the end of Jack Del Rio. Hey had a awful lot of promise and then regressed quickly in Jacksonville. That is how it's happening here now and I'm gonna tell you that if it weren't for the extension Mark Davis gave he'd be gone after this year for sure. The only thing that's gonna keep Del Rio around for sure is the money they've committed. And don't say that marked look. Jed York is made a lot of bad decisions. But given credit for this. When he knew Tom sowell wasn't gonna work out spent money to make it change and then that changed his. Chip Kelly and when that obviously we're gonna work out he spent the money to hire the Shanahan. When you got a bad coach or coach you're no longer has a locker room you move on that's what normal wealthy NFL owners do raiders don't have that. So good luck with your future. Everyone is on hold stay right there were gonna get Tia after we say a low. To the man who should be going to the Pro Bowl the kicker of the year is Robby gold as far as I'm concerned he joins us next here on 957 game.