Damon Bruce Show Hour 2

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, October 18th

Damon is joined by Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, discusses opening night in the NBA around the league, and more. 


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Great to be a way you word that Steve Kerr in just a moment or two. By the way I said the deep. NFL com buying was coming to Dallas I need misspoke. Pardon me. Your. Friendly ghost if you're only human made an error. I meant to draft to draft after the draft is coming to draft was in Philadelphia and it was one. Heck of a celebration like Philadelphia so I thought did enough. To keep the draft through at least two or three years it was that big a deal. In Philadelphia. Now it is coming to Dallas Jerry Jones gets whatever he wants. Of course Jerry Jones got to draft Los Angeles yeah. He moved to team he moved to the teams to a city that didn't even want a team. And he did because he gets to build the luxury suites as well and take up about fifty million and relocation fees. Should change and now he's gonna go ahead and draft a what do you think. Hundred bucks a pop per draft tickets or somebody. Where a ten gallon hat can come in and. Here a list of names being read. Early all the draft is to list of names. I like the draft but like it over. Is there a big moment yeah that's one of the biggest moments for any team there's no doubt your future. Kinda gets told right there but anyone who wants to react to the president or the future based on. Draft and we just had five minutes ago. Is ridiculous. It's crazy how much attention we pay to something that doesn't even. Show itself. To be real to us. Several years down the road. Excitement having something new now. Guy on the tax on says they damage could be an Arlington yeah that's where the Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington Texas not only that's where. Jerry jones' new places where they're building the rangers' new places where the Rangers existing places they wanna build a sports complex that rivals anything in and out not just sports outdoor empathy or anything bigger in Texas I sold Bennett. AT&T stadium yet I gotta go I really do wanna see it bad. Got to figure out the right time to go. Forty niner game raider game. Maybe I don't want any. Local involvement just in town. Go watch the cowboys beat up like the Cleveland Browns Sunday. Till much happy Texans. Woman and a Texas twice and I really. Had a good time both times I've always had a good time at a tennis famine there have been a lot dear Ilia. Yeah I'm done on the Dallas thing in our. Yeah yeah until the end when the Dallas Metroplex thing we stated this there is a wedding that was my friend who's at the Gaylord hotel which was. Roughly the size of the death star. It was a big grand hotel now everything is bigger in Texas. No doubt about it Steve Kerr is good enough to join us here to talk about. Last night and every news coming up this season there's a three game road trip on tap here for the warriors Steve Kerr joins us courtesy of Mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy. A mattress Steve thanks very much for joining us had a power you don't. Excellent thank you let's get right to it looking back in this is real big picture stuff Steve. You probably should have taken that next job huh. Oh I I yeah yeah I kick myself every day. So I. Hey everything. But those very ending. Was pretty fun last night there's no doubt about it the warriors did a great job with the ring ceremony how cool was it to go through that lineup a second time around. I felt pretty cool great night color are ordered addition our game got game box control generally nicer public ceremony itself and that. Or the great united voted difficult game by Tony gain of almost an afterthought. Considering what we accomplished and end up much work went into that end I was really happy for everybody defend our our our organizational players. Great night all around. Do your championship rings from your playing day to your coaching days. Do your championships written rings like the evolution of them tell the story of the NBA's business growth like color or how. How much more lavish is your latest championship ring in your first string with the bulls. It's really Walt says I had never thought that metaphor. By range sides and cash you know business success National League budget should perfect metaphor. I don't their earnings back there and out of the first first championship vote part of would ladies sick so 21 years ago. I thought they were god you end up unless addition. Yeah they look or page in comparison to what we are slated. Looks like something you did out of one of those metal grabbed it put a quarter and try to win a prize machines compared to be felt. I mean I I I I saw some rings available for fans in the concourse and they'd cuff links priced at 695. Dollars I was like that's. Expensive trip to the concession stand wow. There would know 695. Dollar cuff links to pick up when you're going to get the hot daughter of the bathroom things change stays there about it. Beer yet no kidding bomb. I don't know how busy you are right before the games it soft but the new video like the height video to introduce the team and get the crowd going. Like there is no doubt to Peter Guber is all over that this year that they get more special accident and terminator two. I didn't notify never really knows much and that's got I do know that Peter played a big role push it again cast our presentation. Of the game and and how are you all all tutored Katrina wasn't me out there you try an incredible ride one hard callers would live show later what do harmony Parkersburg. Tutors an amazing guy got a great resource for me yeah and down we talk all the time about job is similarities between. The entertainment business would you that a part of forever column making movies show up. And and sports and and you know the magic better Kershaw what are its. On the side of a movie horror Jakarta on the floor about podium you know how the magic occurs and tell you capture and out. We've got some magic are right how obviously and it's got to be in the tropics storm watch great ownership with Peter Ngo and and the management obviously Bob Welch and an amazing group of players on lower in the midst of a great run an additional we can go wrong. This is good news we thought maybe this morning you woke up early tender your resignation. 88122121. Loss that if Kevin Durant gets that shot off a millisecond before he does I don't think we're talking about China today. I don't think we're talking about conditioning or fatigue today I mean that's out this whole thing just hinges on a millisecond it really does what were your impressions of the opening night. All my impressions were not changed thought actually Arafat shouted counted we were not good at all we were undisciplined. We made a lot of shock I think we shot. A good percentage. Can be tricky chip circuitry percent of I'm not mistaken. So that was you know the old expression you could put lipstick got to pay him and we were. We're really. Just relying on our skill and it looked like we had very little discipline very little conditioning. What I think conditioning I don't just mean chemical on meeting the mental conditioning it takes to win that I level we've had so many mistakes in that game. And now we look like a chain in the middle training camp which use the essentially what we still are so we were craft and catch up here soon hit the next couple weeks. CLA via being hard on yourself and hard on your team but really I'm just look at the box score right now 5353. And ninety are you shooting percentages. You hit that magical threshold of thirty plus assists you know they used to equal warriors went automatically like you hit all those sort of magic numbers that normally equal a win for your guys last night but. Drain on the leaves. And it just proves some guys their MVP campaign is best made when they're not even playing. You know sort of like Steve Nash when he got hurt with the suns you finally realized how much. How great he was how important he was to a Murray's success in everything the Phoenix was doing when he left. And drain month's case I think is almost made stronger in his absence than his presence. Oh right right and you don't edit save paper Andre you know bald guy I mean so much lunch rather push they're related glued to our defense. Stand up when they're out you just feel that you feel the difference as a coach and as a staff. On the cavs probably feel that we just don't have as much by. Georgie and we were we can because outscoring. What our country great cheer like Houston where there's one of the best offensive teams in the league play with fire and that's what happened last night. We'll go offensive numbers that you mentioned. The fact of the game even close would those numbers. Just showed you how disciplined we weren't there and you can count four we weren't in it Germany afterwards so should all of the numbers are good naturedly about it you know and charms Oshawa. Continuity and what it means in terms of how much how we and how we move the ball. And so that's got the crowd initiative fairway nova. With this followed Biggio for now we ask you were to take care of and we ought not about the slightest bit worried that. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr were not worried either bowl we are anxiously awaiting dream on greens MRI results do you have any update for us. I don't I haven't heard anything yet he had an MRI this morning enough. I'm like you wonder is waiting to hear. Okay drain Mon green is still a coin up in the air do you know which way he heads or tails and it would dollar playing on Friday it lands. I think Andre won't play well wolf you know he covers all of a tough job should there and he was feeling much better and they did stay he's improved and production such a good side and bad. I thought it should be on the triple a that's tomorrow on gender which. Got three games and order it's all what we can do it and we continue to battle a good job already it is Smart brain and make sure our people did before the telemarketer. You know we saw an awful lot of depth on your team turned into a little. Bit of not a rotation issues play 48 minutes of basketball this assisting his rotation issue after 48 minutes of basketball. Did you get caught up trying to play too many of every one last night I was surprised to see Wayne c'mon loonie hit the court for example. Yeah. Well first all lonely and Jordan noble and great training camp shunned and everyone knows about Jordan because he had a couple. Really are all a year big game performances including had a really good game all the laps street shooting him but he also had great our country's. And we're trying to develop these guys stand. Jordan got the first crack him in the first half and he had some good. Some good moments central bad one. All and loading it really I I thought and planning employable and grandma got perch. We were getting hurt defensively. He's got a much better feel. Or are our terminology and what we boarded defensively. Against Houston especially end. Oh or whatever down the stretch although as a reward for his training camp but also because I saw you as a better option at this point are bad but I did a great job he made one mistake where it left a strong quarter inch give up of three. But its defense and rebounding were really good arm down the stretch. They say to me I would ul trouble early trouble the rotation term outlook are saying. Gut as a stand out I mean injuries you have to roll it so great month injury necessitated. No way including here in palm. And cannot handle it certainly did a good job but control trouble early jumble all rotations and and really got us satellite. Why studio McGhee in your dog house. Our. I. Right. I bowl alternate for the game that I can apply it replaced small just sent forces you to do that pick and rolls all the isolation. That we like plague swallowed it was a good opportunity you've got to get Jordan and learn a chance to play. In New Orleans such an L be back out there he's got out of the rotation it's just valued hard. Like your coach and everybody can play and certain games. Hub or are certain guys and very distressed they're ready. Well Nick Young be run adams' greatest experiment. 000. They have an excuse all we know dead and we saw last night you want about shooter generally. Easy breezy 23 man. Yeah and that was after a trade Campbell he hardly made a shot in practice for a game for about how. All I shouldn't say that he got last year against Sacramento he Peabody made for greed and I was when he started to come along but. I'm just just getting comfortable everything that we were doing there's no offensively. We always going to be trying to relate shops could be presently or where were really trying to. Jim Tressel ought to and the important to have Checchi activity level of induction making sure you're you're staying. Early energetic and then I would let hiding in terms of making yourself. There are a bit in the lane and then using your outlet for at least six Lebanese are great sides and there are. So we're excited about nick I think she's he always scratching the sort of as far as how he can help looks. We've got to see her joining us Steve I heard you and your crew. Was so watching the Celtics game when the Gordon Hayward injury happened lives what do you think of that that is is about his. As bad as I've ever seen it in and a basketball game on me Kevin where little bull going to the final four leg break he's got out there that that's that's awful. I I you know it doesn't matter if you root for the Celtics or not you gotta feel for that guy and man had such huge blow to Boston. Yet just devastating we were watching it too. And the staff. You know I'd literally walked in the door via coach is talking lopsided or pull it off as it happened and our coaches we're all just get up. All of tried pin and then I'd probably replay and while demonstrating. Shot Livingston general great he go to UN troops something similar backward you'd look at clippers' early in his career. You mentioned cabin where Paul George it's just they're just awful wouldn't see these. Died of injuries the good news is that people have come back. Trump traumatic injury and then hopefully Gordon well he's a great guy. I know all the little bit from San Diego on the in the summer we live near each other and and I've got and all the little babies it is just a fantastic guy didn't get a great player and we obviously we all push in the Basque. And I know he spent a lot of time in Chicago and you have an affinity for your cubs so does your son. As a Southern California guy can I ask you Steve are your Dodgers again away from the World Series. So how. They are my god you're gullible little reluctant chew out mentioned how our first moved to the day. And then we won two championships and sought to ensure afraid they. But god interstate about last year Doug comes Dodgers played well. Quite cited such a die hard drug trade and throw mud growing up in Chicago don't play the balls and undertaken to Wrigley. Last year cry IE. I I gave up my childhood allegiance to the Dodgers in favor of Mario and look very good welfare of my son and I cheer for the crowd. And all of you guys were saying. Yeah forget that can you don't dodge. Yes it could he needs another ring is that poor guy's got no rings whatsoever. All. It's great to have spent 49 years at dodger true and so you know are we didn't talk just all of last year. Dodgers literally. I understand I really do are you ready for a little gimme some no thank you before you head to New Orleans. PJ Tucker. It. God I do I'll remember last night is that PJ Tucker game I sort of guy really well I had no idea in what do you think of Jimmy some no thank you. Fake Klay Thompson. Track had given somewhat doubt provided some good laughter website. One adult bull dagger like that guy really might be his cousin. Kerry ordered. All what do you think of couples Halloween costumes gimme summer no thank you. Did you and mrs. Kerr ever dress up as anything you wanna tell us about. What do you think of the raiders signing Navarro Bowman gimme some no thank you. The 49ers are the most competitive Owen sixteen of all time. It. You can only choose one which would you rather have your 1415. Ring or your 1617. Re. Except. I I can't. How do I answered. It's like during which one which one you can't do you log dispatched. Fair enough Steve have a great trip to New Orleans have a good road trip we look forward to talk to you next week. Try and pull yourself out of this spiral nosedive your team is in which players. Thank you very much Steve Kerr here on 95 point seven game. Always fantastic. Always a real pleasure and I don't think she's worried about that much and hopefully you warn you there after hearing from him. We are awaiting drain money green. I mean this is information we are looking forward to sharing with you as soon as we have it is MRI is coming back in. We will be among the first to let you know. About what is going on with drain month I really don't think it's going to be severe I will be stunned if it is more than eight. Strain or spy arraigned upgraded from strain to his sprained. But I I would beast I honestly just. Reading a person's body language after an injury. If this is like a drain one's gonna miss more than. The first road trip to the year I think I'd be surprise I wanna play doctor on the radio I really don't put. I don't think. Anything bad is about to be announced its gonna make you go like oh. Dream on greenside can be with teams through the all star break like yeah I did not hurt are now now guys is another hero yet. Yeah I am much less concerns here than I was about dirt cars back and Derek. Aren't we only have. One week so I don't they do need to worry about it like I said it's. It's been a rock baseball season so far it's been a very. Kind of Russell. All season no matter which side of the bay Iran although I could argue would view as a niner fan this season is best case scenario. It really everything you want to have happen is kind of thing happening. Win the 49ers you don't want to put money you don't you don't want them getting out of draft order. You wanna higher intake is you can and you want to compete as much as possible. Without jeopardizing. Said draft pick. That's where we are. By the way the guy who did look like double Gainer Klay Thompson's. Did people taking. Photographs. Seeking autographs he was giving an interview to Bleacher Report when I saw arms. Brisk click if not told Blair it's. What are we going to see any red carpets Wiki duke and in his upper again. It's not that like I look a little doubt the fact she was like they hit they can double dare he look that much like I Dobson I as crazy. I did a double take yeah I did a leader and double take for second I was like what is moot I'll. That guy looks a lot like Klay Thompson. I wonder if clay even noticed. Steve said at a few laughs over I think even said that they played. Like that guy looked a little pudgy little slump in the pretty good now yeah with bank. Shake which your mama gave you. Echoes for Klay Thompson look alikes as well. We're gonna talk to dear to our son of the 49ers have five O clock which means we got open lines right here now. An awful lot to like about what Steve Kerr had to say what do you think you wanna get and then you certainly have time right here now dated 8957957. No. We will talk more about this. K word injury and how it's one of those you might not ever forget where you war. When we talked about it twenty years from now. After the demon through shell. On 95 point seven big game. A season. Gosh. IE. Was on the air when it happens. Saw the replay once and I never ever ever wanna see that injury again I even went on YouTube do it or not YouTube but you know Twitter Letterman. So are a lot of people are telling me that does say Klay Thompson has a YouTube page internal word YouTube is in front of me constantly here. Good friend that's awesome. There are very few events in your life where you're gonna remember where you were like every time you see it. I mean you can go back to like the real real serious stuff like Kennedy assassination for. Older people in the audience to remember where there weren't happy the first major event of my life the first. Bonafide. Hey this is global news happening in your lifetime. Was a challenger explosion. I that I remember exactly where I'll never forget where I was I was in saint John's middle school it was lunch recess the nuns. I'd like our. Rolled out the TV arm. So we can all watch it all crave and immediately turned off the TV and we just acted like that didn't just happen on my teacher at the time ever just started crying it was yeah I'm right I remember that him. You know on a much less serious scale there's sports injuries. Ten crown ride break in the Super Bowl Bryant Young breaking his leg I know for a lot of niner fans lo he's B. Right where they you know and bring them back to where they were you know of course I'm the most serious note of all. September 11 I think he's still fresh in everybody's mind everybody knows what they were doing when they saw that happening. And I'll tell you that Gordon Hayward injury will be one that we're talking about 25 years from now. You remember when the Celtics lost Gordon Hayward to that brutal broken ankle on opening night against the cats. Yes I remember that we were on air as it happened that was the same night that the warriors. Had their ring ceremony like I'm gonna remember this one you're gonna remember this one. For real long time if you saw that and look I don't care. If you didn't like the jazz don't like Gordon Hayward. Don't like the Celtics. Don't like Butler. Bulldogs. Hinkle field house like whatever is. Wrong with a huge there can't be so much wrong with using you don't feel sympathetic. Towards Gordon Hayward. Can't really even Boston I mean think about it the team signs him would all sorts of hopes and they get sick. Minutes. This is brutal like six miss then that Nike say that that's just. You're so happy and excited it's going to be great season a lot of potential and hope this could be. Studio and then puma. That's a savage acts. It's savage it really really really is and you know I can't. I can't think of too many things I've ever seen worse met. On TV. Like I seem sad to see Kurds fled to heaven where leg break it the final four but even like thank god CBS cut away from that I was happening like you really had to stick around to be extended. Director's cut to really see it 'cause they they don't doubt it. They use a 72 delay like someone it's like Jim Nantz and just use the F word. They dumped out of it and it is you know when you talked about graphic. On what could possibly offend people here's how you know something is really serious. Nobody else footers making fun of it. Nobody. Think about it. Twitter is where everyone goes to be a jag off about everything it's like taking this personified. Did you see. What's her name the porn star turned sports pundits. Me an idea cut Lee finally found you an idea like the have a little bit of a joke. Odd take on an and did she do not see that she just got. River runs through the mock on Twitter. People. Dose steroid her for trying to be like tongue in cheek. You know she's like well at least this brings an end to the civil war that was brewing between the cats in the celtics' everyone's friends like it was like. Now now's not the time to do anything other than say like how is awful I hope he's all right yeah that's it. When Twitter has got no time for your nonsense. Something serious happen. This devastating injury it really was I never ever ever in my life wanna see it again. By the way the mic is a leading Houston now for nothing bottom of the six and they've got tool boarding scoring position. Uncheck. By the way. Yankees. Dodgers. You think baseball would like to turn around and sell that tees starting next week look I think it's a good job if that happens. I'd be something else. Look there is no scenario for baseball. That they don't want other then Astros are involved. I'd be really interest in the Astros I think they're fun young exciting team US a band would probably be intuitive. Baseball looking for a World Series matchup to sell. Isn't looking to sell you an Astros match up let's moderator Alan hey word raider rally around 95 point seven a game. It didn't slow he didn't let mine. I'm spider with no real because I believe it's long it's all I don't like won't iron in my view of what we got in Comerica in Denver after he apparently you can now get a go. Game into a ball district thought and we should just fired over you know and have Pavano you know take over until it is sort of head coach. There's no sugar no better than but no real burst. Here's the problem now greater Al. Just extended Jack Del Rio four years. Did two years left on this deal on the raiders extended them after 112 and four season they didn't need to. They did it it was marks choice I don't know if it was the right choice to make but now you're so pot committed to Jack Del Rio. I don't think a team that's trying to. Save as much money is again before it moves away from us. Is Guinness and the money it would take to get Del Rio out of his extension and hire new coach Scott stated the art ideas. I did and it's not gonna happen. I had the one thing I can promise you. Is that Jack del Rio's not going anywhere. No matter what happens this year. Iberia. I understand your concern and not not even saying that your wrong maybe Del Rio really is is just 500 Kosher everything never saw in Jacksonville is everything you're ever gonna get maybe maybe it is it's that Mark Jackson good to change the culture but not good enough to. Gets you into the playoffs for renal year in year around may or may be it is that I don't know I feel like we're sort of look I. I think I just suntech to realize coached by Anthony lived and that can't be good. Not wanna say it's it's all him because he's ought I don't think it's Jack del Rio's fault that collect CO SM only went from being the best guard in football too. Matt. Can't be his fault. It can't be Jack del Rio's fault that. Mario Cooper leads the NFL in drops. Or maybe you say it's directly his fault because that's the guys coach about it and I understand coaching is about coordinating and and getting everyone on the same page but a coach like physically can't go out there and use your hands for you. You've got to make that choice yourself. Yeah Penske auto sales dot com tax line from raider Davey says look Mark Davis is not a wealthy owner people think he's gonna pay people not to coach. Okay that makes sense that beyoncé Damon decorated and I mean he's saying that wins the new valuation. Went to move pending lanky spend money like it's already been made. That's not gonna happen. Look at it this way. Where is the construction project getting green. I I still can't believe that the raiders are now looking for. One more year in Oakland more than they're looking for. Began date on this construction project. That's I don't think that ticket I mean that's me like a red flags that I didn't. I am going down we got nothing but red flags went pretty Oakland Raiders to think about it. 8889579570. So a ring night. Comes with an awful lot and you can't have to see it firsthand understand it will explain all the moving parts without making excuses for the Golden State Warriors don't need any excuses are not I don't want your excuses Wednesday. Here on the day membership. You did demon drew Shia. On 95 point seven. No excuses no excuses no excuses but I'll tell you what. A ring ceremony. Might be more trouble than it's really worse certainly to the players that are playing that night there's so much that goes on. Jian I mean. You came in the game last night. We need to have a shot to sit close to each other times so many in so many people and the media that it was. Like a playoff atmosphere and I'll tell you what warrior fans here are awesome. You are straight up awesome I would say the lower bowl was 80% full fifteen minutes before tip off yet every body was there for the ring ceremony earlier there is no doubt those are some real fans are gone and there was very cool to seek. People were excited you know reasonably so I mean. If you ever thought you'd never get to see the warriors won a championship in your life now you're. You know you're watching the sequel. It's amazing. It's amazing I died I literally cannot believe we're here. The three biggest pendulum swings in my lifetime. On the way we collectively feel about a nation about marijuana the way we collectively feel about same sex marriages. And what the warriors have become. Boozer there's a three biggest pendulum swings all my life I have never seen anything go from how I thought as we all felt about it. To how we now feel about it and what we thought it was a reality and what is now our reality is that it's amazing. It really comes look like a hundred distraction it really does everybody's they're everybody's looking for a handshake a photo op an autograph and picture itself feet. Every one wants a little can you give me some love on that on the Graham. Seriously I think some money invited dream on dream too is MySpace page last night like that's. But they're crazy to get that's how crowded and nuts it is in there in the whole family every friend every business associate you'd ever associated wins. Once seen as an awful lot to do the other team just comes out place. Like we said lawyer Ed do is look at the box score and I'm telling you right now. Mike DN Tony play that game like his life was on that. Steve Kerr still got guys stretch and in the hallway a he treated like a pre season game. He played everybody. But security guards and JaVale McGee. And he said they JaVale was not doghouse or anything like that when we jokingly asked them how does you don't get out your doghouse. It's just a matchup issue rockets go small. I root and really did think ultimately to deal was to count a big guy who could play a little smaller Blakey said. It's a vertical threat he can get up and down the court. Just here. Oregon staying in front of us. Stretch guy on the perimeter. But you know look at you know what when is the right time to play JaVale loses Steve Kerr is. Pretty good at figuring out when the right times are. Damon you cannot use the break no excuses and the word but in the same sentence. I area. And I'm really I'm not making excuses but you could have to see opening. Night an a ring ceremony would your own eyes to realize. All right the level of distraction here is officially abnormal. There is an abnormal atmosphere. Surrounding the tip off of this game and if players. Who got back from shy now aren't still acclimated. Like I guess I could see how. The warriors lost that game last night with drain money green being injured in coming out I mean we all know how important he is. There is so much that goes on with the players that says it it takes a minute and the rockets were played like there were trying to get to the sweet sixteen. As a Cinderella. Heliport trimming are benched at eight players are gone when our best day sorry everybody know participation trophies. Meanwhile no excuse Wednesday. Some parents excellence as they did what about your cubbies. Yeah I'd say the next one's a must win. And I really mean in the sun yeah 8889579570. Let's take a look at didn't mean since San Francisco how are you Denise. As Dana have you don't do well thank you. Okay. Actually cut shed where you're no excuse when I say this fraud raiders fans who are whining crying in about how. All I didn't want Jack Del Rio I figured out when he got. Tired. Because the raiders are losing. They shock right now at the niners and raiders fans need to get own age you got Marshawn Lynch anyone thought this is gonna be the year. Guess what it is notching year which. And the irony in all disk they have the most consistent player. Pakistan come from the niners and that's Crabtree. I'm just saying raider fans owning that shut the issue here. I'm making excuses. Daisy and you're niner fan are you are you wearing your only six of pride right now. Always there you. I thank you eighty at all yet. They're the Stacey good with the bad. Thank you believe Isiah didn't. Looks like you're gonna be Michael mean name coming up this week. Yeah where I'm trying to work out a little all of sports dish on Sunday with daddy Michael Mina tailgate experience sudden contact dean dean Henderson set up so looks like it's probably happened. I hope that happens are you it is a lab dish sporadic. I've never gone to a football game in my life thinking like geez are a rim thought a limb rad who would really set off. But it would be unique experience that would net this year. You're our. New nine Herrera. Not a senator Dianne Michael Mina guy you know he's speaking he's hi here is pretty guy knows what he's doing and I had. What way in the Michael Mina restaurant was and. The what's in Saint Francis. A lobster pot pie. And I swear to god you baited. It seriously LA SA BC's lobster Popeye you rub it all over yourself that's a credit this. Lobster pot pies lobster pot pie and just utter. Was like bit late lunch lady might. Inside the I can't always big sexy. Hunky shunned some lobster oh wow that sounds actually pretty damn good gap. It was so good. See I eat that before at a football game and those serving at a party Eddy pretty excited by the way do you eat lobster pot by doing your team kicks off you're losing. It's that simple anything other than brought worst hot dog appeared you know we're off to go Wayne even magic stick strategy and as far as I'm concerned it's thought. Yeah O rob worst hot dog till bossy. Go watch a game we like essential. Chicken wings are nice but not necessarily the tailgate none of that and just think football party in some ways might be more of a challenge at the tail okay. In rare though he does on the ground and I've always said if you tailgate has a salad fork screw you. I've always said that house for his own crisis and take a look at what got a certain your guards saying that. Eric in Oakland how are you York. I. You really all I got to then I'm glad you saw it would we do. Well yes well I know about their red flag. That you're talking about this why does bill say it lost biggest stadium being built. And now you got conspiracy theories or think. Well around this conspiracy. Other cost overruns. Mark David had a pretty. Admired among these supposedly getting credit spigot has never been floating. Rob oh yeah well that's why it's happening Darren not here you know he need basically like so many people looked at the Bay Area and said I can't afford to build here. Yeah. You hope they did OP could you hope they could. He never he never wanted to stay in Oakland in the first place to download and upload any hint. A group of credit that led every possible idea you'd like not all of our. When you're when your I've already made up. Very. That he did not work in good space will Oakland. Yes Eddie totally lied. To everybody in the general public about you everything. You ever bring. I think I was I think he was very misleading. And I think it is efforts were pointed out of town more than they were back to town. And oh by the way were only observe worldly operating observable reality to prove that that was write a thank you very much for the call appreciate you checked in and by the way PR arsenal. He's coming up at 5 o'clock here on 95 point seven the end this is us 211. In Fremont wants to fire back in niner fan. Talked all kinds of spicy you know in six would sub 211. The most sought by the when caught what about. Wound we'll sidewalk where all of our ballot. But it won't ball outlet so well out of all McLemore who went home wouldn't work out to a fortune. What you are proud of what. Do not complaining about the look at what the first two weeks old Oakland went back to go to court it is or it. The key legal battle as he hoped the issue of bias in good form and she assured that they all fourteen all of well let me loans at all and all of move to web site you can quote it's all about people were in support recorded it long. I GI guy again I would 8 I am not gonna stop anybody from making a phone call. Not gonna do it. Has an opinion but if I'm only six. Not gonna hear me on the radio talk and spicy. Does not I don't know and six not at 06 is faithful but the truth is everything you ever want it. Everything you ever wanted out of the team that was going nowhere fast and has everything pointed towards its future determine where it's gone for the 49ers. Nobody wants a deal on six but. A lot better than blown your draft pick in a year that doesn't mean much she hoped that they say. Game. On her run. That Gary Sanchez. Gary Sanchez. That ball landed in the bleachers it is now five nothing yankees over Houston. Bottom of the seventh. The Bronx. The south South Bronx don't mess with a box man. Pierre Garcon has just let us know probably not from the massage tables someone else on Beers behalf is on us now. It is getting out ms. cell rouge. When he finishes up on its training table he's gonna join us we'll be afforded that that's next hour as it is. A little something we like to call take you to do the tweets. Real simple. Use the hash tag to the tweets send us a tweet not everyone has time for a phone call everyone's got time to send a tweet was one of those new fancy. 480. Gentle wondering eighty cared there's no. My goodness I'd by the way who glad to kill to get that now all hunter unverified give it to me tee in the standard.