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The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, October 11th

Damon is joined by Mike Yam & discusses the USAMNT elimination from the World Cup.



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So I really nice. Sure how we just move on. Like that didn't just happen and I thought it was a phenomenal interview this guy is the real deal the real McCoy. He's amazing he really is very cool man. I mean yeah when something. That's awful happens your life can go one of two ways. Many misses. 200710 years ago I mean look at that it it's a modest kind of brilliant and he knows so much can happen here only twenty year leave your whole life ahead if you end. He just took a tragedy and turned it around and it's making the most of what he can in his life and he's he's oppression it. He's question on all fronts. Architectural firm she is gorgeous and sleep. Input that he is incredibly charm mean he's handsome he's nice he's Smart I mean what's not to love. I did IE. Was just inspired by this by the way did he leave his laptop is at his lol I'm let me go wanted to grab him is not a guy that thank you driving booed all big salt is running indeed added I'd. We got to look out a lot temple a laptop leave behind her laptop emergency near I 95 point seven again how these all over it. Return the laptop there days laptop emergency fix to. But seriously I couple. October 28. Is the wheelchair competition basketball we're going to work out when how many get out there are only we'll zoom wolf while filming it and get it upon solution meat tuna. Promote this incredible organization. I just told our through the day show would stop nothing short of being an advertising arm. For ten in his foundation it's that well placed its that good because he's that nice a person. We've got important of a message I think we. Humble ourselves just to be in the same conversation I had not the other way around what a great guy man really really. Great guy that was that was a cool cool cool things too good to do and it's enough. All right so we move along and we tell you that a little bit later this hour we got all sorts a young quarterbacks. Defining themselves across the NFL. There's a lot of people who can't help but look at Brian Hoyer and say. And hang outs now are right let's move on. And may be doctored the guy may be a top draft pick is the guy I can tell you that there are a lot of guys in the NFL right now who were out there playing in less than perfect situations. I don't care where you were drafted. In this supplies to Jordan bell who we talked to last hour of the situation that you find yourself and does is much to dictate your career as your coaching. As the skill that you have just by yourself. As mature as you RD handle all the comes you lose as a as an athlete. Guys aren't perfect situations. But therein. Carson once Jerryd golf Tyrod Taylor Jacoby percent did Shawn Watson Trevor Ximian dad Prescott's. Janus Winston Mitch curb this key Derek Carr who isn't too far removed from being a young quarterback himself. You got young guys. Get in big time touches. Everywhere you look. Everywhere you look in the NFL and those are just quarterbacks by the way every positions are to play you got a lot of rookies starting all over the place. It's only quarterbacks we talked ballot. Mental fragility. What happens if he throws four interceptions do you think you'll be able to play ever again do you. Yeah I do I think it's going to happen and if you can't well then eight. That life safer Rio. Me ask this how come no one once he said. Let me tell you mark Kelly such a young guy several key in this situation over his head if he doesn't play well today it might affect his confidence going forward in forever. We never talk about that with. Middle linebacker. There was no talk of that with safety play cornerback place we'll dig Jerry Conley were like for expo legs drove men there. At a then pick it only it's only quarterbacks that are approached with this kid glove me mentality that off. If they have a bad apple fall ball that might be ahead. That might be yet and forget about it a quarterback has been mentally wounded. A lot of confidence is shook can't go forward. Me. As anyone said. You know really it's it did that this Rubin Foster injuries a blessing in disguise because if you had gone out there he started his career owns five. You know I don't die I don't think he'd be able to make a tackle or sack a quarterback ever again this confidence and has been reduced to rubble. And says that there's only one position. Or were elect. Doting. Gillick would go smooth you lose scoutmaster slugger I don't know I don't know if this young man's ready to shut down a tree with a acts all by itself. There's only one thing the crews whether or not you can or can't get this done. And that's doing it. There is no early indicator on anyone's career. Based on what they did or didn't do in college that they were going to have success at the next level. Success at the next level is only proven at the next level. It's awesome. That's why in midwinter we always saw about all we don't like about the NFL everybody's down on the NFL for a lot of different reasons. And a lot of different topics that have grown out of the three of the NFL. Do to. You know more ownership poor leadership. Players. Making mood. You know political ways where they're normally asked to do is dress right dress and stay silent and just play the game and I believe. In both sides of the argument I can see it both ways I really can't maybe that's. It did the best. And they show can do is present both sides of an argument I can understand why the NFL wanted to all just go away. I can understand why the players. Aren't going to acquiesce and just let it all go away. We're live and in some weird times in every once I guess we are every one thanks and I was talking to a friend of mine one time. She no longer. Talking about the situation we all find ourselves in now home politically he. You know it's just the tone of the nation and the rise of voice is that. We're we're not really given much Credo right before they started assembling with Tiki torches in Charlottesville I mean there is. There is attention out there right and and I think The Blues Brothers said it best. Illinois Nazis they're the worst you know as I'm you know we are in a weird place. In America. It's not the worst we've ever seen it's not the worst times it's not like we we can't get this back we can we can't make this good again. Absolutely candies are not the worst times that the country has ever gone through that we've ever gone through. Put in 2017. I feel like people. Are less equipped. To deal which shocking information. And they work in 196019701980s. Like now. Overreacting. An outrage is the only thing that anyone has for anybody. Well think about how quickly we get disinformation I mean the second you. Can go back to this horrible shooting we had a Las Vegas how much how much. Time has the media spent on that they moved on to the next thing and then the next thing and then the next thing that everything happened so fast a back in the 68 because it was the news paper they came up the next day that's right. Just take things personal changing that headline was old an hour after that so. There wasn't constant need to feed the beast. 24 hour news cycle and and like it just stood to show you how quickly things moved. It's kind of like Las Vegas and perhaps or what. What are we a week out almost so you know that's that's ancient news. It's just it everything so thrown it as they Jack it feels like it feels like it happened a year ago when it was just ten days ago. Everything blows in and blows out so quickly that you know if you don't like the weather just wait fifteen minutes yeah you know it's going to change. And now here we are you know asking NFL players to either. Hate everyone calm down. Or heck. More than ever everyone act up I mean I I saw that Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith just released in joint. NFL NFL PA statement. And the whole thing is basically like yeah we understand that a lot of people are upset but. Yeah we we still don't know exactly what to do what's amazing is that you'd think that the solution is what we're just gonna tell everyone this is how it is. And you better follow straight time to do that by the way was week 12016. But you let too many things. In a grassroots effort. You don't organically. Grow from this is dead union onion. You needed to either get on it. Or be completely off it because there's no bottling it once it's out now too much time has passed in between sure hat since you know the easy. And to to any player who's just and dared by either what I can't loses to the president the vice president Jerry Jones whoever does. Look if you spent one weekend doing this and then you stopped like your guide you can just go on you you you were. You know no judgment here peer pressure is officially a mother I understand that. And the pressure now. It's not like pressure before now. It's one thing for the fan and to await to say you know. Out there you do this my country. It's quite another when the commission heard the most powerful owner and the president of the United States. Is you're talking directly at you about U2 U. If you've been doing this Eric Reed style though. If you are like committed to this isn't fashion this isn't an aids ribbon at the Oscars this is something. That you care deeply about this is something you believe is the right thing to do period now and the story. Like this is the one weekend where you would. Need to be emailing more than ever like I don't wanna say things that are. Racially buzz word in but it it is a little bit like a plantation mentality like all right we've let you had your fun now everyone. Come to the house for dinner. You know were were do you know we're we're gonna we're gonna set new rules that everyone needs to go ahead and just swallow your pride swallow your issues. And second being challenged here it really truly is and when you start challenging groups of professional athletes look for them to wanna step up meet and beat that challenge. You know the shut down is what reminiscent of all the power and impression that you're you're fighting against. It's going to be very interesting weekend. I kept on promising everyone I'm gonna talk about the anthem but I'd I'd I mean I. I can't. Just totally ignore. This when it's in all directions coming on all news sources it is. You've been globally trending for twelve months now yeah topics not gonna going any time soon. You know what I'd like to see go away. The rumor. That Kirk cousins is going to be the answer to all the ailing the 49 Ers. When we get. When we get to this game on Sunday. Imagine. Well Shanahan totally forgets that he was the one who brought Brian Hoyer to the party in spends all night hitting on Kirk cousins. What it can't hurt. You know the old saying dance with the one that Brung ya. What does it what does the forty niners game is essentially Jim Shanahan. Staring it Kirk cousins longingly at the whole time. You know you gotta read quarterbacks. Drop. Got to look at where his reads are and you gotta follow the guys are. If the camera pulls in real tight maybe I can see it in the expression that you make are. What is. The channahon. Falls deeply deeply enough. We already know in my day. By the second quarter he's coaching the 49ers from like the back in the end zone he slowly making his way over to cousins. By the third quarter he still wearing all forty niner colors but the logos of all been replaced with Redskins won't close the please slowly morphing into whatever it takes to get him and Kirk back to get the fourth quarter the only play he's calling for Brian lawyers called you like that. And it's a five step drop would know reads he just wants to get a sack. He orders. The orders of 49ers defense to stand down or either blitz all eleven on every play and cousins is just. Carolinian with undefended hail marys all might want. Final score Washington seventy. 49ers streak is gold it's not one and the right before halftime. You can't stop Robbie Gould can only hope to contain. So it's. He believed in me that play out on the track and looking for someone to believe me go. It was noted for two bearded and portability but didn't work out for ten years. There's a natural thrower who's had fearless and I let the rest fluids. Guys who can now. Processing and so fasten the continent America. The kids to have six more months of under the I think. The post game press conference is just Kyle Shanahan and sculpting. Kirk cousins face at a place. The kissing and on the lips. The same twelve more games will be back together again. Sorry now all I can think about is Kyle Shanahan and escape gulping. Kirk cousins and naked body. Is all face yet I should try and yeah yeah just what was and the sun smear the IA license smooth thick of. Running his hands through the clay hair. For a painful. If this is. He's just we're. Longing for Kirk. He looks at them and. Sauce cheese. Yearning so I can now. Predict it will be playing a lot old final Ritchie the rest they show. That's pretty obvious. You know you look at all the college quarterbacks that are just around those right now there are guys that are getting evaluated their rising they're falling in all of this kind of applies to the 49ers he knew Sam Arnold. I doubt the USC. So nine interceptions he threw nine all of last season you get sacked an awful lot that didn't happen much last season I saw the best criticism offer to Sam Darden was that he's trying to win the Heisman Trophy on every throw. Josh Rosen meanwhile. Party thrown. For over 2200 yards seventeen touchdowns and five picks and he's basically. Completing passes in the 65% rate and he is. When one man army. UCLA. Is an average football team. Wins one. Hell of a quarterback. I think grosans the answer I was talking to this this morning with. We've. Without Beattie said hey what do you think about this what if it is Kirk cousins. And thirty million a year in the niners' starting next year. What if this that. And with the number one overall pick the 49ers select sick mom Barkley. Out of Penn State. I pay part -- does not get Kirk cousins thirty million your problem now you're on the books form it just doesn't. Feel like that's the answer. I don't wanna say to Kirk cousins and Brian Hoyer had a lot in common they don't but I think dipped Kirk cousins is. Is. 888. Slightly aggressive step up from what Alex Smith used to be the niners. They kill attacked a little bit more downfield does have a good deep ball he's not afraid to throw it but I just don't I don't think Kirk cousins is the answer I'm sorry. By the way there's one other NFL team that definitely agrees that Maine and it's his team. Kirk cousins was. He were word. Putting all of our eggs Andy Kirk cousins basket. You wouldn't be franchise over and over again given these glorified one year deals he would have the same deal that Derek Karr had. But what is the first thing we give you pause about that quarterback is the team that he's playing and playing pretty well for. Isn't that love either. That would make me wonder what let me just sit in my selves how. My doing the right thing. And you know this isn't like a long and question this is an actual question. Are you really looking for Kirk cousins to be to god bails you out. From what is what what were going on for years of almighty god this sucks forty niner football. But he's familiar with the China hands off what good is familiarity guide you so far. Brian Hoyer knows this playbook. And he's oh and five. Pay attention. Just pay. Attention by the way I'm paying a little attention and try not to appear. Nationals five cubs not saying. The top of the eighth inning. Michael Taylor grand salami. Ouch no wind is not blowing and another glitch apparently. Since we're talking about all these young quarterbacks you know Sam Arnold Josh Rosen got Lamar Jackson Josh down the kid from Wyoming who absolutely should come out last year he was the talk of he might be like a top five pick last year. Decided to stay for all the right reasons kid can decide to stay but he loses 2000 yard receivers I think he lost like all a bunch of senior lineman and he's getting pressured and sacked and beat up like never before any steps that were so impressive he's now got a 55% completion percentage rate six touchdowns three interceptions. His name thrown for a thousand yards yet. And all the bloom is off that rose. You should've said goodbye. Last year. Let's talk about these quarterbacks in the pac twelve let's say hello to a man. Who keeps a very close eye on all these quarterbacks from the packed well his name is Mikey M. He runs studio shows over the pac twelve network. As Stanford turned a corner. This cal gotten that much better even though they keep on losing games hearing conference it looks like they got a good coaching Justin Wilson who is going to be the rise but Justin Wilcox thank you not Justin Wilson. Who is going to be the prized quarterback in the 2018. NFL draft Mikey M tells us. Back to fifteen Bruce gel. On 95 point seven. Welcome back Damon Bruce show but we dive into the pac twelve did not only talk about the conference who's standing out. But look at it from a point of anybody in this conference opened up the 49ers next year they got an early pick Mikey M pac twelve and network's studio post here on. Now I five point seven the game Mike good to have you on again how are you man. Damon it's great to be that talent he actually get into law and not a good side that we're talking already about not in about trapped in an early exit is recorded as capital book till right now. A little bit but here's how quickly this whole thing moves I mean the last time we talked you we were nowhere near a pac twelve. Women's hoops media day and that's going our networks today I mean what it's going to be the NFL draft right after we blanked. And it really wild man I just say we got actual woman back on the date today targets surrounded by twenty force student athletes twelve I'd coaches. Practice for our three and a half our show on the men's side and obviously Q. I'm extremely talented team that there are sort of the depreciation favorite potentially get too caught up for an Arizona US CX obviously a lot of new surrounding both those squad basketball on a basketball related and then oh by the way we got some good football teams off the front yeah. My desk right now it littered between our basketball material and a screen full of all. Well I will let you get back to work you are just a second but first to help us out. In a loaded a season of pac twelve quarterback play. As Josh Rosen either through his own play or the play of others separated himself from the rest of the class is he the best quarterback prospect coming out of the pac twelve. You know that's actually a great question because we've we give demonic. Conference quarterback heading into the season and I think a lot about how do you look to two got in Los Angeles rose Indian one minutes and Donald beat the other. And then Donald number of looks beyond your more interceptions. More so actually he's taken this year than he had all of plastered her classic games already. Oh I'll be exciting that that departed X-Factor but yeah truth and to me I thought heading into the season was still the best NFL prospect that that was available she teams it's all all the NFL team to an attitude that. Quarterback coming out of college and he is the best guy right now. In the country and I think that'll do the numbers bear it out but I think you can look at. What he's been able to accomplish on the football field in critical moments became insured as he adds some some issues did every gawker dot they're no good to needy. The margin. Of our whip and has been so small that every single drove it even makes. No one from the deficiencies we've seen on the defense side met in English more pressure on him and I think and a lot of ways Josh is not to let. And in your right I think rows in right now you'd do better and I don't prospect among the quarterbacks in the conference. What do you think's going on wouldn't Arnold who was those certainly golden boy at the beginning of year. I'm gonna say he's fallen on hard times I saw someone on Twitter I thought put it best send this guys trying to win the Heisman Trophy on every throughout. And you know I can't do that. I looked act I think needy interceptions have been caught X forum all approach you can actually number one. The entry and I know everyone say you can point to any team in the country that's been banged up I get trying to make excuses here. But the reality is if you look at what this offensive line has lookalike. From week one to what we saw last week I mean it is being decimated by injuries were talking about person. Second string guys that have gone down on that offensive line and I referenced dissect numbers that he didn't attack it or not I'd already that she's actually don't have. The numbers in front of me but that's that's already more than you would check all flash cheer on every piece started weeks earlier weeks four against you talk loudly knock there opponent this week. In the end I think the pressure that he's had and look I don't look at about winning now I've been on every draw I think you feel like you've got to hit. Yes certainly the five run home run at kind and I think. The lack of protection that is being played because of the banged up offensive line on the fact that his running back when Ronald jaunt to that fact that cockroach you've been in that one particular interest. Keeping cars are true freshman he's been banged up I think he's still trying to try to lose wide receivers and I think actually gaining traction here. You know Kurt LA's former vinyl the actual network. I game and I thought that it that this is the USC got he goes. At he was overrated heading in an error overrated because of Sam Arnold and it's not because in Donald overreach. If he gets he wasn't sure necessarily about some of the losses that this team sucked. In the NFL seasons ago knowing what happened and that will bold leadership issue but I train coming and do you feel like USC word necessarily up to that level. I think increase in the heat tracker on and that's the one thing I would point cute and family issues and the cat so far repeat. Talking quarterbacks have Mikey M of the pac twelve network here on the Damon Bruce show so. As expected here in conference play callous struggled to pick up a win. But under Justin Wilcox they're not struggling to compete I'm impressed by what this guy showing us in his first year. If you told me like two years from now when we're talking about Ross bowers slate were. We're we're just talked about Sam Arnold and Josh Rosenblatt. I wouldn't tell you the you'd be wrong about that this kid looks like he can see it all he's got a lot of throws and is bad. I'm impressed. Win this cal team. Even though they've had a couple rough weeks in route. Yeah I would agree with you and I noted that the 500 Greg Allan green curry. Yeah I think there were some people that saw that back out and get freeware and on the back and look at reality is if you look at our schedule. When the rest of the way are going to be cut the cup but they just run and I was three enhanced on the housing and and looked. They need to go across the country and they got to North Carolina my impression of home when he got should SEC opponent. Also impressive. The one fleet place starts munitions type flooding work for every team in this conference I know obviously ordinance seed had a lot of struggled this season but by and large begin to going to be relatively competitive and you're right I mean how right now looks like a team that. That we didn't expect and I think you know you mentioned towers and obviously you take out these young quarterback. In the conference immune to biggest difference I think just to walk are done a tremendous job. I'm hiring you ask but what we've seen defensively. From the team and I'm not that I'm gonna throw this Saturday and I don't I don't mean this failure quite. Oregon and are are unhappy with Willie pattern that they continue coach is the cap which had done a tremendous job. I can't help the bank. Knowing just in history with with what got Oregon program. That may be some fan look at what he's been able to accomplish already been short period I McCown goes oh thank you imagine if we had one of our guys here. On the sidelines diagonally and a great job I'm sure they lovely haggard but I. I think it's. That's the future and how good a job just went down and short period. I look at you Marty paving the way out of Berkeley for Justin look at tax managed its slow down just a little bit harder already what are. Even when he got that job this job it's O unique. Don't know how because the academic stuff I think some people might guy named this is I tougher challenge here couldn't coaches I think actually give credit to an index what do you enabled you. Academically what this program. Over the course for the last couple people when they've cracked to a better category you look at the last two quarterbacks are you going to be the webinar decrease drag out to a big guys now I think I need a lot of great things let the job in right I was speaking. The foundation a funny bill and and he's really crude actually on defense is that that was such a huge issue. Mikey M pac twelve network Stanford's starting to go in the right direction after slipped a little bit three straight wins and Bryce loved. We will look we know that no one from Stanford's about when Heisman Trophy McCaffery I wasn't in doubt when he's not gonna get one either but he's doing a pretty good Christian McCaffery impression he really gets. You know the crazy thing is imitated what we did an actor for a while to do right acts doing that in our Christian date and I think that is. That even weird for lead it hey you know the fact that 250 plus yard game on nowhere in a perfect five weeks that he Garrity hit that out yard mark legal. Numbers like that a Christian with a little bit more active in other aspects of the game in the return game we obviously soccer can do a lot of great thank you to come out that backfield as a receiver I'm attacker was a dynamic special player look at why it is up and take in the NFL draft a blood flow of his ability to BW looted but in fact people give them enough credit for the power that he had. It between the tackle that effort opposite the one who gonna jargon out so far this year. But I think the and a lot of ways. You know they took you would see him go per box fifty against the Utah our defense which is best defense against Iran. In the conference. The meat because I could in my in my neck and what you're bright you're able to do that against big boys like they have good solid city. And then you type squad that I'm really true believer and I think right now bright. Lead that conversation I think he's a front runner to win it unchanged if he's not by the New York. It is it's crime and I don't know how all steps to put it other than those terms could even that good. What do you think about Mike Leach shown up again on the national radar he's been. Heiden now up on the loose for a few years since leaving Lubbock Texas and now he is back he's quotable he's undefeated. And you might have the team crashes the party. I mean that I reserve are for real. Undefeated right out the gotten a propensity that one you get paid out about. A Washington State football in that impressed with the job I'm likely to go look at hop that's known at all that it got we get that. It's been special that he gets in deep fat well you know they got I think the candidate can look all. I think they're playing themselves right now and that's what our conversation being in the conference and maybe come out to be out later this year in between washed and eat and you doubt her potentially that. That opportunity to play the actual championship game put yourself in the position to be a playoff team that. To me in Washington State the reason why they've had to ask it this vehicle lineup while I mean five consecutive game. At all so this team it couldn't have been better from Mike Leach's squad and they get that huge mark. I'm OK you know OK I need this good at it and yet they may be USC right. Home on Friday night and they gave it on an Oregon team on the road and they they handled business in Babel a star yet. Just Colbert not yet and I'm not saying those things you belittle the job that Washington is done I'm using that as a reason why they can be get. And should be that conversation between you and I vote no damage if you go to C championship type team so there were in the baseball postseason right now. I grew up you screwed and I remember all the Yankee and I grew to that I ever met and but it always seemed like they got a big breaks and these opportunities where. You know it just seemed like I didn't look either like they got lucky and I I don't mean this sailor blush that getting lucky. I think things are lining up so well for them and I get so much credit should their defensive coordinator. Alex grange what he's got done with that defense it'd been spectacular they look like they're undersized because they are. But that speed the event like Kirk pretty dark on the pollution and so effective for that. I tell you I was gonna ask you questions about Gary Anderson organ state that odd parting of the ways but I just realized that no one really cares so move on my final question effect. And I'm not trying to get you to pick a fight with Kurt Kurt Streeter ESPN. But Darren what do you think about Kirk saying you know. These pac twelve team should be grateful. Were putting them on so late you know pac twelve after dark is obviously something we enjoyed very much. I like the late college game but a lot of people are complaining some of these games are starting to late. I think under the primetime lights is where I'd wanna be. What you make of what some people are trying to turn into a controversy I don't think it's a big deal wake up it's 2017. Have been a time slot all to yourself is a good thing. Yeah I mean I think that from an exposure standpoint no competition is. Is it really a factor if you look at the numbers and the mattress there actually more people. Watching those late night game is overall than their had been. Previously and I think for me student athlete perspective that's where the challenge account right when you're on the road. Peter played a late game and then you're getting back on campus at 4 AM I think that. That's an issue and looking at any I'd tell. Ecology is. I get it I get and I know you're saying but it's not like they're out there enjoying their outright and at Cadillac that needs a little bit of a factor there and I think. That's one of the major concern but the meek and if you get Israeli a year you're on the West Coast you do an issue on campuses Gallup. You and I both of you you joke between sacred to McCaffrey are and hurt and when I. What's happening you and I I don't want the word you're not but to me that was criminal act and 25 in national award and to me as a guy that reference the fact that I grew up on the East Coast. I bought into the there's no assisting a neutral spot and I moved out to San Francisco and I have been watching games on the West Coast and I can see how people on the lack of educated. Sportswriters for example who aren't doing no work for example. To go out there and and not necessarily washed it means quite a bit on how are really understand a good understanding. What's actually happening on the side of the country music is a huge issue right out. And tell me that the biggest travesty that we're seeing right now from make national narrative that this conference the actual does not get enough attention but he amount of talent that they do you have. Mikey and says he's goes by is Israel bears are headline there's a click OK welcome to. Your turn out awful announcing it's gonna be a fun they are portrayed Mike really appreciate Jay you got to take is up on our offering and stop bombed by one of these days just get in touch without B and tell us when you wanna come over. And we'll talk a lot of college football would love to have you studio soon man. 100% under I can literally looked out my window right now on your dad's adult licks out. Next time we'll do this and personally get to talk this over here thank you very that's good to talk tonight there. My TM pac twelve networks have good to have him aboard we are going to have an in studio soon to talk even more full ball specialist we look at these. Quarterbacks in what they might mean to the 49ers future we're gonna get all over about the immediate future one raiders quarterback coming up at 5 o'clock meanwhile. It doesn't happen often tell a friend tell a neighbor. Damon Bruce talks so Kirk saying. Yeah Shane. Shame. I'm not a big soccer guy but I love a gag job and apparently the US men's national team just I. Okay. After the demon through shell out. On 95 point seven big game. Even listening to me. First few years now you pretty much know where I stand on the sport of soccer. I'm not a big fan. If it does it for you I'm no longer the guy who's here to tell you you're wrong but it just doesn't appeal to me I. Don't get it. I have watched it. I've consumed many World Cup and add a little bit of fun doing that too I was at the World Cup is nice in the wake up to and have on this is background noise. Good background noise because you know that when something's about to happen all the suddenly announced. And then. I wasn't it. Wasn't even an opportunity. It's always going to be an opportunity it was not an opportunity. And opportunity for the United States to qualify for the World Cup apparently. Has passed them. Cynnex World Cup going to be in Russia yes well. United States men's soccer team just say the whole bunch money on air travel. Maybe they can invest that some player development because. These players. Have to be now. I think look at. Is absolute. Frauds. And had been handed. All. All opportunity to be awesome. Very very best of attention equipment training coaching all this stuff there is more. I'm look soccer Jian is the big thing since I was a kid. And the New York Cosmos were given Pelé or run at the end of his career. And Europe quote unquote big deal. Soccer was always going to be a big deal and that wasn't that wasn't and then a few years ago and then all of its would it Clint Dempsey and about World Cup goal look at this trending viral video America is changed soccer now matters and now. This is not a normal World Cup. The tell you there was one guy saw it coming. Out we. Asked me to plays on the radio a month ago. It was Alexio Wallace who who is teeing up a game on fox sports. And this is the most pointed criticism I have ever heard an analyst offer up to a team. Before there are going out to take it the field and a whole by the way. He was supply Iran. Absolutely. Accurate. Which his concerns and worries Alexio Wallace from about a month ago talking about the privileged yet not producing. Men's national team. Good sections of the supposed leaders I will say this all right Tim Howard. The Belgian game ended three years ago we need you to save the ball now. Cameron and clean it up well let's get someone who will click Dempsey yeah you're national team legend. Now we need you to be they national team leader Michael Bradley. The US does not need you to be easy and the US needs you to play better Jozy Altidore is this really as good as it gets it's still not good enough. Serena lose your husband lost it. You lost at home to Costa Rica this is now all on you. Now you're going home by the way taller guys that I didn't mention it because you don't even more dimension that includes you too wonderful assault. What are you guys gonna do you continue to be a bunch of soft underperforming tattoo millionaires. You are a soccer generation that has been given everything you write soccer generation who is on the verge of squandering everything. You don't owe it to yourself so do you what's a plus and the off my lawn. Soft underperforming. Tattooed dude millionaires. Allowance. And oh by the way those before kickoff ya like that always and now all the game. The match and soccer. Pens get a cells dot com tech science is hey you guys are gonna talk to US men's soccer we just failed to qualify for the World Cup it's a disgrace that no one cares. But people do care. Sent me. Anything to avoid talking about this sport is what I'm all about. And it still popular though. Is it it is is it or bloodshed in the moment bandwagon jumpers running now to JC Penney divided Dan shirt. I mean I I feel like it's so popular with the kids and nick I mean it's like everyone I know they're kids play soccer they play club soccer at all through high school and and so forth so I. Kids whose parents Serb air apparently not necessarily but somehow legislate it falls off Dino from the air it's. I know. Should we be better. Now what yeah we should could do is it is it. Here's bet you tell us it matters all you want I'm telling you it doesn't matter it's never mattered it matters the way. Eight if you gave the United States a one vote. Suckered turns into something more really good that. Or. Get a free box of Girl Scout Cookies every year I guarantee you a free boxy Girl Scout Cookies would ultimately win out. Over soccer being battered over soccer being better. I would much rather have a free box of thin mints in the United States total World Cup ever again in my lifetime free box at ten men's on put in my freezer and they'll be delicious and a few hours you really don't like (%expletive) it doesn't don't forming. I gotta tell you soccer doesn't do inform me. USC fighting doesn't really good forming. In the quest for submission holds it looks like two guys are all around entitled a fart on each other's heads. Doesn't really good form. Like L word a minute number six of a quest for a submission hold there hasn't been a lot of action but boy they're all wrapped up like two crabs against the corner of a teenager a big deal. It just doesn't do it for me I like scoring I like many goals along the way the twilight first downs twilight care. Football they're resilient onside. I'm here trying to get the the end zone but there are a whole bunch of little ten yard battles all the way up and down the field and I like that. From the tax on some always or bust. Yeah you're right cavaliers bugs bring on the cookies bring on the duties. I'm just I I have Ben my entire life consistent with the as I am glad to equally unimpressed with the sport or effort and it. And now. When everybody tells now port it is and we still can't get the biggest group of well is Alexi lawless said soft underperforming tattooed millionaire is. Even beat it. Iceland made it. Iceland there are more people working on the show right now than live in Iceland. By about a 3400000. Or close or Curacao and Iceland qualified. In what I was reading and I would noticeable weren't for the fact that day and at least my friend and I follow him on Twitter. Dan said that Iceland a teeny tiny country came out of a brutal. Regional qualifying we were in some soft regional and we couldn't do it. Now they choked. Jokers to go to the marathon man in Lafayette how are you marathon man. What day hey I can act but for a long time your marathon right that the big right on target New York City Marathon. And bought bought it yet they were dominated by Ethiopia and primarily you'll be in runners and finally. After years been fourteen at an American met could let you won the odd New York. He won often and sixteen in May gain on Iraq just once Chicago this you just a couple of weekends ago. Isn't anybody doing what we're talking about today in the moment that we're living and. Got to be gotten soccer at the only sport on to local. All while all were being wet has not been able to reach the top flight so I can't think of another one game you. Noble we never will because soccer is eat less option bird cheated kids in national lack natural athlete if you're great athlete you go to play football you go to play baseball you go to played basketball. We don't send that LeBron to the soccer fields and until we do will never beyond car. And then six I told you so women's did when the world's happened 2015 we are 105 countries it takes women's soccer seriously in all play. Currently ranks number one until well there's a global stamp from the US. Is here. In what is it tantamount to a club sport the most. Passionate soccer country in the world Brazil posted the last two not World Cup the Olympics and they were fifteen people at the women's game. The only country that pretends. That it really cares about women's soccer or does care about one tire doesn't pretend it gently legitimately does we feel is this one. Or else is like who cares. So good for us were were really competitive and a team and a sport that no one else is even competing that that's great. The latest. On Derek Karr. From Karr himself and Jack Del Rio.