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The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, January 19th

Joe Fortenbaugh in studio with Damon & Gianna for Fortenbaugh Friday!


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It's Friday and you know what dad means and. I know. He's scared CNN you'll Ford bonds Wednesday. Morton on Friday. When some really glorious mental images right won't start the segment. To see again money they don't use while my man you beyond the weather's nice out there today we reveal some rain lately but I. My god we got some sunshine Janet I was well I can tell the in laws and down to salute you mr. fresh haircut. Fresh haircut I shades earlier I need to be getting some grass. Home Monday and you get ready for the bat cracked the knuckles and they're just like you has it been nice getting back to a routine without the child that site. Overtaking yes but terrible parent if I say no I'm not a pre existing well and doing so I just kind of faked being in teens and now. I had a bad. What are you doing that's what sometimes you gotta run all skull thuggery to set up what you really want. And that brings us what's happening in New England today Joseph. Do you think Tom Brady misses the AFC title game under any circumstances I don't but I'm still not sure what exactly is going on here you see the pictures of Brady's hand. Low today as Wellesley Iranian Tomlinson who joined this is 745 are totally convinced the patriots are over selling miss and an attempt to create. Press a distraction. For the Jacksonville Jaguars released throw them off the game a little bit. I talked to Geneva carrots today he's been booking action in Las Vegas for 41 years and I asked him what's going on with this line. He can't even really tell you answer to voice wireless and at least 22 and a half and that's the key for nine and a half. And half is one thing but from seven and a half to seven is an even bigger story seven and three are the two most important numbers in sports betting. So 33. And a half two and a half that little window there you wanna be on the right side of it same with seven. Why because more games and on those results those differentials than any other game. Games land on a differential or about 12% of the time. So if you're gonna lay the three rather late two and a half you're gonna take the points like in the Philly game he'd rather find three and a half if you can. The move from seven and have to send a very big in Vegas and that's the indicator that. Either hey they're taking a ton of money on Jacksonville. Beat they truly believe something's big time wrong with Brady or C a combination of detail. And talk to a guy's been doing this for 41 years today and he just moved all the way to seven as well. You not get the best of oh Jacksonville your start I think we might have some juice here for the jaguars and assume all saw. Who's up in look so only a few things are allowed to be true here. He's either really hurt and he's doing everything he can do rehab and play on Sunday. In which case how much will this injury affect his play. Or he is not hurt this isn't over dramatization. In order to create. Story lines and media attention and everything you said happening in Vegas. Like straight sub and he he misses the game and it's Brian Hoyer which would be. One of the biggest turnarounds in any one player's life right you start with the can't win niners you end up. We've beaten. We might be going to the Super Bowl patriots on you Brian Hoyer comes out wins that and then Brady's healthy and then there's a controversy about SARS is super called the greatest hot yet. Well I didn't take go back to Brady by the way I. Hi can I I think I'm going with jags defense first Brian Hoyer I like Tom Brady otherwise. And let me ask you this stuff yeah guys who won Baghdad. And ask me and I think as. Careful I'm sure the SEC might have some news and on that let me get this out there everything we've seen. From bill ballot check in his entire career in New England. What what makes you think that if something is truly wrong with Brady. That this much information would be out there about it. If something was truly wrong with Tom Brady if they were really worried that he was gonna miss this game that he wasn't gonna be able to play. Why would we have so much information on this entry why would players be talking about it look at this right here on TV but I do Brady shows up the presser with gloves on both hands. They are playing this out more than anything I've ever seen them eleven this is the team that deflated football's they were spying on other teams practices for the Super Bowl they don't do anything I say get an edge about everything and now all of a sudden they're just out in the open dealing with this injury I don't buy it Brady I don't injury report because of a shoulder for fourteen years something's not right here need Bill Belichick press conference today. Goes into the Bill Belichick hall of fame go to your video they are. You know we gave up injured or just looked good today. It's time that they're eating your preparation at all. We're gonna continue here for just a little bullet through the Pentagon. Didn't regret about trading away. Generation doesn't. Friday and that's why Gerald Ford buzz here on 95 cent in the game on the dame numbers show he is unbelievable he. Something else. Does the Super Bowl. You need Tom Brady in it to be the huge draw the the Super Bowl there's always that yeah I don't think you and I are gonna debate that one bit. We need to Tom Brady just like we need LeBron James just like we need so many of the all time great melons because Brady. I'll denies is a fan base but at the same time galvanizes. All haters I the world all the haters. But his radio show the people who love them don't listen for thirty minutes the people who later Melissa and all show the whole time to get even more lessons from the people who hate him. We need to haters we need LeBron James we need Tom Brady in the Super Bowl what do you like it or not on the sixteenth anniversary of the tub crawl you need him in that game. Just so you can tune in they hate him who's tuning in to hate on Jacksonville hosts and an envelope on Jacksonville now one and fun football team they are but. Defense doesn't sell the seats. It really doesn't people don't come to watch defense is played people come to watch quarterbacks and wide receivers and running backs make plays with everything the NFL's suffered this year in terms of the negativity. The ratings being down. How how bad would it be for business if the Monday after the Super Bowl we're talking about hey those are really good game we're talking about wow the ratings were dramatically down tens of millions fewer people watch the Super Bowl. I'm almost expecting it. Like I feel like people who had something against the NFL and wanted to take it out on them this season. We'll go out of their way people love being any holes these days they really do and I wouldn't go out of their way to avoid the Super Bowl little bit which is the one thing in the nation we have historically always been able to agree upon it like there is no political climate there is no economic disaster. There is no foreign war which stops us from America are all watching the Super Bowl this year. I think it's going to be different. I think you're right and we're already seeing that the ratings to the divisional round and a ten year low. I think the NFC and AFC championship games are gonna experienced much in the same thing and and you're gonna get noticeable. And the natural reaction is gonna start with the anthem protests and it's gonna start with a variety of topics all of which are playing a factor but the one that's not being talked about enough. Star power. This is a quarterback driven league. And people are not interest in case keep them they're not interest in mix balls that are not interest in Blake morals that's a fact look at the games last weekend. And the precipitous drop. Each of those divisional round games took over last year's game the most noticeable one. Was the Sunday late game this year you gotta thriller between Minnesota and the world's great game great match and even feature Drew Brees. But it was down huge ratings from the year before why because it was Aaron Rodgers. And the newest big thing that press got playing rather like you all can I want some brand name. Power right Daryn Packers out absolutely absolutely we do not have the star appeal and that believes in the Jimmy drop below when you talk about what they give that guy 25 million here it's not just about the state. Which is the on field production. About that sizzle which by the way. Alexander recommendation from Yale. I'll roll all dynamite I'm glad you liked it well yeah I just table it's it it's fantastic and it's Intel and bring your wallet you know on January. I inexpensive. But it is it's really a cut above state experience it's my favorite steak house in San Francisco Alexander's. Love it and all of Harris is to elect lobos there are a lot of really good statement that place is the cut above. It's the service alone. And like you said all these other places amid all the ones you mentioned phenomenal when you walk getting just the treatment the fact that they found out that we lived in the neighborhood they write our names and a special book we like to take care of our neighbors they say. Plucked. All right let me get this she is off here if you could bring a row about a couch perhaps another TV I'll be ready to go did you do via the shooters what do they do oyster shooters. It wasn't oyster. But the I can't pronounce it the dollar tasty appetizer hey it's it's a fish on an oyster it's it's like a sushi it's it says she meek. Shooter when he begins with a H like how she's senior something might that hot seat. Possibly it is a Monty. Delightful a much issues what are really is the lifestyle came back thank you very much I've been ranking impressive warrior moments Joseph. For the season her three year run are Mike I am tired at three well here's the thing I'm gonna take you through what I believe is my top seven. You tell me how right or wrong I am going seven upper we starting at number noticed our number one of the first two were obvious our first through the first two titles number one is the first title number two was the second title number three is the 73 win. Record yet on crowned season. Number four is the 24 and oh start. Two that year the greatest winning streak to start a season in north American history number five is the sixteen and one playoff resonated came out of title number two. It's only happened once before. Number six is coming back down from three games to one against Oklahoma City in the Western Conference finals again in they year they didn't win the championship. And number seven the main. Would be five or no on this road trip. That's how big I think five or no on this road trip would be to go Milwaukee Toronto Cleveland. Not step in the trap game that is. The Chicago bulls and then go one to beat the rockets who are the number one challenger to you when it's Hardin back. It would be the most hey everybody we're here moment of the season. And I think it would be amazing I mean look. It is indeed the NBA's human nature were if you win five if you got a five game road trip and you went three games you start mentally checking out nuggets winning road trip. You go four games in your road trip for w.s. Slide into game number five like it didn't matter is normal NBA culture really really is. They've already gone six and on a road trip for the first time in franchise history this five know would stand them. As the longest consecutive. Road winning streak in team history if they go five and on this road trip I think it is huge. Prayer for re. And is why I couldn't agree with you more on that number one they already went six and on a road trip this season. After you knocked some been fired and out of the park. The rest of the way out. To get motivated for five and on a road trip would lose some luster. The fact that you're already number one in the west this is a season where will we talked to Shaun Livingston on the morning show about this he's even said get up at the some of these games very difficult that Chicago game was the ultimate trap game right there ultimate trap game in this still played really well. The one thing I would throw out is if your doing. Moments that are necessarily that singular 12 thing because the claiming her game is the one thing that always stands out to me oh so what. I've forgotten one of the rules is team accomplishments of Al sleet snow individual highlights given the credit for getting out of clay is way in that game as you're. Should I was it bottle rock when that was taking place and late in the show. Right before the main act came on I don't think that was the Red Hot Chili Peppers night but there is this giant I think it's highly content. Every dude on the grounds you looked around at one point and it was just nothing but girls everywhere annual wow what the what happened here is is like a scene in that river that Netflix show was that town. Jeff Daniels is and it it's resent it's a cowboy town and the town is all women godless that was god thank you I'll be godless. I have to watch I got my guy guys that not only announcing it I don't even know anything about gas gets on a dog or cat owner but we. Every guy in the place every basketball fan and the place was in this tiny content sweating out the end of that day. So yes OK team accomplishments it's very tough to argue would what you're saying I just remember that night and at ORACLE Arena on tax my friend Michael plays got 37. Here especially so what my vote no on sorry. In a quarter. 37 feels like a normal night in Amanda why he went off that I great job but yet know in the quarter was what I forgot that original text he's had you could do a show on just big Klay Thompson moments big Klay Thompson games over the last four years and you can see here and take calls on that. You be waxing poetic on just individual mines for 45 minutes with people it's funny you know with curry and to rant and all star power on this semen drain money green who can even get exquisite triple doubles without points and all that stuff there is nobody. Who actually burst live on fire into flames quite likely Thompson market got a really amazing fashion now having said all of that we have an NBA all star format which is gonna allow the two captains curry and LeBron. Drafted teen so what you and I again dude we're gonna slip into the roles of LeBron James and stuff curry and you and I. Joseph Fortin balked yours truly were about to draft our NBA all star teams here on 957 game. Welcome back it's great to be windy. It's a Friday which means Joseph Barton was right there and you notice this afternoon and we thought. We would take on these personas is too great athletes would be very easy for us to slip into it and it do. What you will not be privy to that. The fact that the NBA is doing 82 guys pick their teams concept. And that's not part of played NBA all star Saturday is ridiculous to me how is that not part of it. How would you not have the draft. Be televised event why are we bothering not only that. Not only that think about it like mess. Having reporters right there like you do it the actual draft interview these guys right after they get picked. But if Westbrook falls that you know we well Westbrook is not going to be a five or ten if she can be ready at the bottom because. Who's gonna want them. Immediately dynamite in his face Russia with the MVP last year what happened how do you feel about going fourteenth overall Seth Curry's team. That would be awesome awesome it would be an end to look at it this way it would be so awkward. That's the reason it's not happening yeah that's the reason it's not happening the NBA is gonna protect its own so. Joseph you're our guest I'm going to askew who would you like to be. Stepped career LeBron James. I think. Seeing naturally well you want the first pick would LeBron know what is wrong. The first pick does Cingular does he have the first pig because usually Nickelodeon vote getter a so automatically gets that he's the overall leading vote getters so if you're LeBron you get the first taking your staff you get to go second and third isn't a snake draft and and it's why don't we have Jian a flip a coin and it shall decide that would be fantastic if it's heads. Your LeBron if it's tails I'm LeBron anti Redding got shiny penny. I didn't like that when I'm like no we just thought I got a big boy Stephen Rotella and he doesn't safely. That was that was Allison is also well I'm the art that we can't show this to you on the I really don't think pick up Friday again and again child had never seen a coin toss up. I sequels now see why she actually tried to flip the coin and went. To a portion of the council that Eads coins and we don't know yeah no sorry several retired. Dad also to just let terrible just gaming you now. Yeah G. Chip have you never flipped a coin in any competitive environment I UH we need to get to the bottom of this wait a minute I don't want to. Actually Newark I do I need enough of the crime right now. Didn't you didn't flip it once that's how many times my relatives fell this is I pulled a point. Like that I think Jesse that play pet tales well LeBron. Well done because they don't practice I'm doing great about the fact that this guy who's flipping for himself now I don't know that even has details on it. Johnny you have the personnel. This I'm gonna give Joseph the going joke out of this. The official platform what I understand what was the hole I love I don't hate it. Is doctor Laura I. Or did you not have a Canadian nickel she didn't put anything once she had the toy not heard about Paul Hemmer hey man not she ever went up and caught the going thing. Pack fake news. I don't know what to do at this point you wanna flip into Yahoo!'s current news LeBron you know what. You're always so gracious letting me come on the program why don't you take the first peck all right. Well and if I. Jerry and I asked the Clark. If I have the man number one overall pick in this draft the one thing that I know. We don't have a lot of and any all star game is a tonic chemistry let's get a couple teenage plane together. Which I'm gonna break up. The first pitch. And neat. NBA all star draft LeBron James so lax Kevin Durant. Mu. I have to I have to break up the Durant curry connection I know that we had Steve Kerr on the other day. He said he doesn't care he's going to be in Hawaii but he hopes steps picks all warriors I'm gonna prevent that would my first take I am taken KD I saw I did two in a row here a minute come right out with a green tree yacht as it did tell me and draft why we snake drafting a I think if other different is that they're doing a noble once they drafted a two man draft. I'd you know what I'd I'd be quietly in lots of things they wish I'm not use it there are a lot of things you widen the starters look I get. I don't like the idea that you can only draft from the start a pool and then you have to move on I write to the leading vote getters should have the opportunity to start this game. But you should have all these guys up for grabs and you should be limited to needing X amount of guards and X amount of front court players I wanna go all bigs they should be allowed to go all bigs. NBA will wake up this. I'm a big Greek Greek when my first pick some and have staff. And the freak plane together I'm gonna wanna look. Obese as well also did meet Anthony Davis along with the Greek freak so to be staffed AD any honest. As my first three players on teams Ford ball that solid so I got LeBron I took KD. Win the fourth overall pick I'm gonna take carrier ring because I need someone run my point forays so all buddy you're gonna go ahead as LeBron James and bring Kyra your means that makes after he ripped twit requested train at a Cleveland. Yeah I mean I'm I chemistry she's trying to win a basketball game man. I'm trying to win the basketball game and that guy complain I need a ball handler you got staff curry for goodness sakes so I finally someone is staying in front of him. And I get the snake daycare. Well that's all right well I am taking carrier ring and I'm also gonna take James Harden and we're gonna shoot lights out. All that he needs now is Russell Westbrook for complete and utter dysfunction. I don't even need to throw out my I don't even needed to play sound basketball in this game that the dysfunction your putting together in this locker room for you guys James. Playing with Tyree Irving and then you bring hard in the next series or you're gonna have to take Russell Westbrook you have bad news team you have no option. You're gonna need these guys throw blows and somehow some way we've got to get Chris Paul on this team even though yup the stickers on it door. My teeth or your way guarded as well don't worry about my team more about your two nights we've got to right here of what's laughed. A little let you have. Have yet the DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis enemy to pair them together give me DeRozan and give me indeed. All right and so I take cousins I got Bo do you want dysfunction my team is it's if they. For Obama I have gotten to this team LeBron James James Harden Calgary Irving Kevin Durant. And DeMarcus Cousins by the way if you had to send five guys don't play for your life that's not a bad five now kind of plot are all naturally I had not a bad five at all. RI. Do we need to keep going do we want around our bench is. Yes without question because I really wanna see you find a way to get Chris Paul on this team as well as Russell Westbrook is doing just take Westbrook are right so with the next pick. I need to take my guy. Out of Indiana University who deserves to be an all star stick there and did. The I'm going to be OK there's no doubt about it to me Vick I like that page an awful lot I I doubt what by the way sharing the ball going to be an issue on this team. Assessed by investigators for every Saturday and American League and he gets an accord together. Are. All right so we get to hear all go ahead let's get Klay Thompson on the team pair him up a staff curry and let's also get Carly into any towns on the team can throw him out there at the same time with Anthony Davis and Joseph well in be my digs it's gonna be unstoppable the -- get in there with trees pretty good well I'm gonna go ahead and on the take and Latvian unicorn. I'm gonna go in aid and is that supported Singh is with that pick right there which will be obviously hailed the in. All nations. As a huge take. I like to add an awful lot and then I think just in case we need to play a little bit of defense in this game. And we're gonna have to win all the shooters you've got. Hold George is my kind of guy so I'm gonna take Crist apps and Paul George. Paul George all right so two picks here we might as well rounded out of all available warriors to be trained mind green. For this team and also take bend Simmons I get both Philly guys on my roster Simmons with MB not bad not bad at all you know what I'm gonna bring someone off the bench to run past you a minute go would show on wall. John Warren who wants to John Wall chase caught that they're gonna get along great. I entirely take Westbrook caught well do broad and go out to the olive garden's. We're all gonna have. Unlimited salad and bread sticks Morgan I don't want to sound lovely. I'm gonna take Yokich I'm it's a neat Cologne Yokich who if we need to talk value in this draft that money just got a moment. I don't know coach. He's nice player he does he get enough credit based on where it plays how many people are watching him play on a nightly basis you don't need seals and then any games and in prime time. Imports are zero to place the warriors yeah. That's all right two of the top Jimmy Jimmy Butler. And at the same time wolf row. And. Damien Lilly and into the mix is low give me a little town. That's nice diesel spice where officially running that takes years on this gonna burn the whole world down I'm gonna take Carl Anthony towns and he's already off the board oh god not on more sorry about that it's gonna be a problem going up against him you know what Jimmie Kevin Love to me Kevin Love who's always good. Were hang ended. Corner three. To me Kevin Love and I'm gonna take you the go ahead homer both of them. Let's take Kyle Lowry here Kyle Lowry is a good player he's still available underrated it's a good pick Kyle Lowry is there a like an awful lot LB you keep on keep pushing buttons and all sports are you guys preacher capacity here right I columns on eleven freedom and I don't know where is that so much fun pick in draft boards and LeBron Duran's carrying your onto mine for five C this I'm gonna tell my dad sit on eleven right now she'd tell me I get one more guy Lamar got one more guy. This rose just eleven I think Russell Westbrook little flash update Russell Westbrook he's the last guy out there wide into the team let's go ahead and take these two let's put the teams straight from top to bottom get it up on Twitter FaceBook put the vote out see whoever owns betting on. On a fair enough. I think I like shows starting five but I like Damon's doubts I gotta get the sense I guess Jesse got the fax. Remedial every every Hillary researcher at. Pressure really liked the way gaming drafted to team but I also like the wage those posture here was nothing that is why he was acting crossing that. OK okay but here's the thing pat that. Well I mean EU can be the harsh judge society and so do you but I think that is more entertaining the actual -- imagine if we were streaming this and we had some Beers here and we put a little bit of production behind data we had a little minutes into how much fun that would be both kitten dry hole. Yes that's just us if you add staff in there and you really drop this thing up and you don't think you could sell advertising traditional did you have so much. I maker they'll live tweeting that would take place during the sort of thing. I mean I'd get that they don't want anyone to feel bad but there's still also are everyone's exactly what would you would you feel worse if you were the last pick in this draft or. If you were Russell Westbrook and you didn't make all starting our source said and get if you didn't make he BC they're going damn I'd give anything to do that last pick right now I'm walking in your team's locker room. Get in the back door elect on the Houston Rockets and it doesn't go tunnel to my guys out yeah inception at the end of that movie inception a united got to find it it's just walled off my coming here like this. Call it. Double barrels at Hoyer if you win the AFC title game next time he's in the Bay Area by the way here is what Steve Kerr had to say about the all star game. I hope he takes all warriors that would be good looks but you know what I'll be in Hawaii what's what do I care. Oh it's nice when I list. We're going to to a lot of music mean they were gone not too far more aloof family trip. First well we have a long time it's so hard to get too cute together. But. Yeah were were really excited about that so I am not the slightest bit intrusive you know certain pure. He goes a lot of honesty from the guy who coached it last year a lot of people why is Kurt didn't snubbed nods not no you're not allowed to coach the all star game two years and around. So there's too much success seekers being punished for too much success and he's gonna go to Hawaii and chill out for a few days and that's all we should want. As warriors fans. Have you talked with him at all lately haven't caught every interview but it you talked a little about the backed it seems like we're not hearing is much about it may be here as the pain under control. The only thing I can tell you is that it's become such a non topic I almost wanna leave it that way down I was a topic and I would asking about it she would want a change that topic really quick it was almost like me when I came back from the dam stroke. For about a week it was really nice week to I don't want anymore stroke questions we're here to do business let's get on yet he anonymous source I wanna bring a bag I'll need probably thrilled to move on and I hope he's OK I do see him every now practice on the little roller trying to roll out that back into. In nerves in the muscles and one not I hope he's feeling good I really really do here is what Stefan curry had to say. About the draft picks Toby asked to make. Notices. Heart disease that you play as well I was here when I. Maybe a different appreciation for our. We're sugar and here's a Bill Belichick has to Sacramento for if that's an area added. I I think. It's a shame that they're not gonna have a televised event and honestly like what we just did it was fun to do. East vs west that's how this is supposed to be. Your new idea is rarely ever the better idea I don't like when hockey when select all its American players verses international players you have going in that you're losing now. The problem as an American you know like we're probably gonna be a lot of trouble here right by it. Well there's this whole concept till bud. He's vs west look at this wave east vs west is good enough to determine who your champions. Should be good not to determine who's going to your. Jack all star game. I'm not arguing that I like the idea of messing around just a bit. I feel there's any sport that can try to get creative with things like this basketball's the one to do in basketball by nature has that natural fleet free flowing. Sort of style to a baseball for example doing a play baseball you've got to find a lot of space for baseball you've got to have at least some of the positions outlined and there's a whole structure to it there's a lot of equipment you need football very similar you've got to find a big field do the whole thing basketball. You can just show up it's a pickup game there's a lot of ease that comes with the game of basketball so I like the idea if you're going to mix it up a bit this is the way to do it let these guys that but let us see it. Well see it. Or you do it on court fifteen minutes before the game starts. And it's like oh so you guys get no time just practice no strategy just go do it feel good you all really are together and I would be cool soon that we pretty cool. We have enough time to criticize it that's actually great idea because by the time you fire also be your best two weeks of the game's gonna start and then you're gonna move into the next phase of your evening. I'm glad you like that I'd like to by the way I did ask Steve Kerr this followed question this trip to Hawaii which he's going to get away from and relaxed. I'm only bring this up because a friend of mine was in Hawaii. And missiles that have come and get ready and that's what happened and I can tell you she text me some stuff. She was like okay. So I never thought for real. That I was about to die before but I really thought that this was you know Korea launched a North Korea launched a missile and we are gonna die. And she said that she was in a hotel in a lobby. Basically doing ducking cover. Like everyone get down people are crying weeping saying good bye to each other she's lending outer cell phone so other people. Can call their parents and children to say goodbye whoever their vacationing from. She census fifteen minutes of sheer terror scariest fifteen minutes of her life and it turned into fifteen minutes of. Wasn't happen or not. Fast that's insane and it was fifteen minutes of just total uncertainty. And then you go through the process of gearing up just an accident everybody now you're supposed to happily return to your Hawaiian vacation but just grab a might try and hit the beach. Like you just go. About that guy. Would you rather be completely sober. Or. Half in the bag someone that was gonna happen. Yeah I I don't I don't have kids I would you don't have kids with the you would need to do I have to see. Just you and keep pretend it's just you and keep it hinges -- Jillian just mean Mickey there's no kids in the equation Alex Haley just you and and and her mood or have the coming up what do you do on yeah I'd rather I'd rather go out guns blazing isn't sure what would you. I mean yes I would need to just be that I'd be looking around like look where do you keep the stash of everything for the real high rollers and how it works in Vegas I'd imagine you doing here Hawaii break everything out right now. You don't you're guaranteed to get nine months from now EMS Davies. I oh yes babies are guaranteed immunity phenomenon in Hawaii all the all seven islands EMS babies my mom has worked 3540 years in the mother baby unit the hospital she can always tell you when there was a blue dessert or when. Any sort of major event happened because I'll have this massive rush of babies you know one of the biggest launch ever dealt with was. Nine months. After. Fifty shades of gray had the best sellers list are you Syria might ask your bio. People all. I don't know about inspired you got people very I don't look yeah I mean really mourning as a rapid growth the IAEA Norton and due to. There's not a single man in the country who read that book I robot. Community come on him and here's why here's what I gotta be honest with you. Lacking a lot I read the book because I figured the Internet was down you know any streaming born that day I had I had I don't know. Rent and highways in aid if I heard something that may put loses the Rosie show honest good. What does he rated sixty what did you read I three years every girl out there was reading this book and this is back when I was single exiting invasive every girl out there was treating this book. Let's do a little Reese or figure out. But the big plays here Barry may market so a guy who makes that one raft friends if everybody's in this money like obviously I was to be able to go out buying the wider. Overnight aura penthouse overlooking Seattle but you kinda get the sense that if this is the main talking point in the female community. I might have been in if I read the opposing team's playbook that was the thought process there could get CNN and the payoff is just not worth the Dow hype put that book down because it's all about setting up the second installment. I'm not good with that. Here's how it works to make something that's so good people want a second you don't write something or. Create something they really need that's designed to make you wait for number two you come out with something great and because there's so much demand for a second. And you deliberate like the matrix the matrix is meant as a standalone of that movie was so good and so exciting they came out with two more power do you feel about the sequel in the thirties irrelevant at this point. It wasn't set up. As a three part series it was set up as one great movie that ended up inspiring to more George Lucas totally disagrees and everything you just set up the I'm not I what are you know what is little boy you're saying I completely get you know that is a a intergalactic goal saga this is an exploration if you're not a best. I did it help you out in the process so you are now married I'm the mood I'm playing his wife is wearing a ball gag right now. Yeah I think they nab the look out for a little bit much adding that most people would be willing to participate in try. A new Iran you know he just came in to do it doubles matches that go back and higher today held a Friday night at the four Limbaugh's. I'm like streaming in on the computer right now watching and I got a text lineup and some notes for the show features watching my own bedroom. I did on my web yeah. Yeah I'm curious as well I'd like I'd like how you said Daniel it hang glider I can't afford that. Zipper mast. That. What I can fives and utility closet to turn into his red room right I'm glad. But we didn't girls girls did the same thing when that book the game came out by Neil Strauss I don't know of you know I still a bit I did not read it. That was the playbook for dice that was when that whole movement started where do data left field were just making plays left and right guys you would never expect to be making it rain we're making it rain because of this playbook because of this underground movement started. And the book became so popular girls started reading it to have an idea of what guys were doing when they were out at nights this isn't the NL leg that was kind of the epicenter for the whole thing Chris search what okay this called the game. It's written by Neil Strauss and Neil Strauss. He wrote it not because he wrote it because he had immersed himself in the community but he was a writer by trade he also writes Jenna Jamison is. Biography I'm Motley crew's biography which is fantastic I heard it was incredible it is called the dirt is a phenomenal read phenomenal rebuts he immerses himself in this community because he was gonna do a couple articles on it. He ends up living this lifestyle for a few years and the book is just he writes the book about what they rejoicing. The hit the hardest straight. Well that's they were called PUA's pick apart right OK but that the whole book talks about how guys way we we know who will come back to this before we go to break. Role in Oakland. Was in Hawaii oh when the missile scare happened to row you're a 957 game how are you. Good if you know there are not Saturday morning I went out out of the hotel room to both Bobby child. I come back my wife for a fallen from a fate Allah or. A paternity beyond and so that everything would go would be TV. And it would cranky people running up and down the hallway and nobody turn on the TVQ then everything went all right we got console me. Says hey sort of Liggett says it's a fake so you know I'll let people they copy itself and it was cranky people don't know how Hawaii at this Japanese everywhere so there on the phone you know would you are looking like you know. They're being attacked you know it helps people don't. Can't let them everywhere what's crazy never seen nothing like it. I've been must have been chaos some impress your very cool customer gets gone in Walnut Creek. You got to Hawaii moment to John you were there for this. Now I I I I want and their well that's but I mean you can't talk about so yeah I would rather be truckers but I think. Imagine the single guy in the lobby with this follow on and just gonna go about hey. We got twenty minute. Nauert now are what an amazing pick up why. That is good there isn't there's not thinking there's nothing really gets girl's attention faster than pending death. Independents and staff and nuclear holocaust are you interested we all want to believe as guys that we would make that play in that spot I wonder if I actually would. I wonder if I would think about something like that that spotlight I'm going out because you know you want back out the vote go out man I'll go out with a bang you know what I'm saying row. But he that's bottom probably cowering in the corner trying to dial you know my mom are driving mom my got bad news. That's enough I. Syria's nuclear. North Korea is nude in my line big game tonight and I could freak out and finally stepped up to the play amount. At a stand in a local and enjoy big act. It was a bad I don't gonna be a beautiful pride that any. America we have all I would just talk about that. I don't not. I'm extremely. Cool under pressure and I told her if we were a match situation it because we have better liar and well we haven't been that great respect repair. Well Barbara relax. We go marketable or. Because the bank application that we can do about the situation there hand I would say just show. So bad my plan action that he one of them pay Cabrera would be an all time in the south and about both. Yeah. Yeah we know exactly as are you about. We will get back eight mega fight at all when Robin Hood up litter problem wired got stuck in the mud and a round like chicken little whatever it is a all the doubt I would like baby Reid Max. And despite our low. End you are the best. The coolest guy in the room. And you know when near I 957 games. They came in Rochelle on. I'm not equal access to regain the. Both Ford and bought Friday four here on 9570 game Damon Bruce with the hair too good to have you along. We are. Yeah that's turn it over to Dion has got a little sister that for me and show but we got one more call here. Dan in San Roselle says that he was in now week during that EMS alert Dan had to get through it. Well you know I had a little different than everybody else says. My girlfriend now we're in the I key game and how waiting. And deal alert went up a bit thing about it is we were sick. And so we you're out there aren't taught medicine and a cold medicine right take care of itself. And we saw the MS alert my girlfriend much about it and she was so her head with a cloud as she went back to bad. And I would like well you know I'm headed to the beach should just see the biggest explosion I've ever seeing. And here I am and I'm there on. I'm its say right now you might as well break up with her. I don't know what your relationship is like but the fact that you chose to spend what might have been your last moments on earth together in different locations mean she's not the one Dan. I would be living at it. Livid if my boyfriend bailed on me and I was half out of it on medicine and he went down to the beach to watch is all go down in flames. It's enough you're sick on your Hawaiian vacation but now. Your boyfriend is leaving you during a nuclear strike and let me present the counterargument. Is it selfish of her to ruin the greatest view of the end of the worth at more. Well ever generally can come in from the beach to lay in some crappy way Aybar tried a nice hotel and his lay in this room filled with. Easy easy an investigation tell not her fault apparently she was sick. And how about a bit on cough medicine but she was kind of not even a 100% in the air in the moment we should be concerned. And it's already. It's a nuclear Barack. Let me issued S this quick so I know because I've had decided home when I die. Let's assume and this is a wild assumption but I get to go to heaven. Do I need my single again might get to enjoy myself I have to wait and might still be with her when she comes on this because I figure this is something from Curb Your Enthusiasm we got into this once and she was like no you're not. Yeah going ahead and having fun. You wait for me. Commercial together up there. I was like. So he's happy doing turner had. I didn't exist and is the end all be all of Nirvana for you. Heaven cannot be existing on the same plane for everyone had been asked to be like an individual and then just for you see your head then maybe get to. And you know you're a single guy again and your wife she gets to heaven and maybe they're waiting for 'cause that's her heaven really like also there's it's it's not Linear so there's like multi parallel haven't alls actually your head I'm happy that. Your wives there I mean after you get a year have been should consist of them wanting to be as my life look in in my had been. Indiana will win every basketball game ever replace the hoosiers will be the number one ranked team in heaven. What if the guy. Who died in the same car accident I did went to Purdue. And he feels like when I get that and Purdue wins the national championship finally. How can we both exist and have an. Street Kansas in the same time it's your own Molly. Ivins. Gotta be paralyzed named new name of the show is parallel and so that version of Jobe Peta don't need to hang out of that guy anyway he can go do all the stuff and hang out with her and then I'll just you know do me. Right UBU again and haven't apparently in your version of heaven until that surge of U. Apart at death I'm a free man again a back on the market that's how I see it she didn't like that argument but. Let's face facts I fear I made it commit mentally and in my death day till what do you park expo right Ankiel. Keep your head it is they do the most amazing greatest parts of your life for what you wanna hear what she looked at the via part of it Greta back to help make sure I'm in his heaven. Joe's had been he's just walking in the window over and over interest cash and take gas. And at the winner and game isn't BBC not the vikings lists and if support the saints depending on which way you bad dad gave Matt it's just. The miracle play after miracle play cashing every single ticket can't look at this in magnified since you brought it up let me ask you right now. What he'll like numbers wise this weekend it's championship Sunday you are resident gamble lower since you brought it up what are the numbers what do you like. Under is in both games and I know that's not sexy as a discussion I guess that's CL a winner or winners I'm gonna play the under most games right now the confidence levels the under both games in Philadelphia Minnesota you're sitting at about 39. 39 right now I see both teams coming out with game management quarterbacks who don't wanna screw up. Establish the run realize you have a good defense punks are a good thing the weather's supposed to be mid level in the fifties for this game so we're not gonna do with anything crazy. But I think each team is gonna wanna establish field position and realize that punts are awful. Let your defense make a play so I think the first quarter into the first twenty minutes this game our two teams feeling each other out that sets up nicely for first half under Andy game under. As for the side difficult for me away and I'm from Allentown Pennsylvania I grew up in Eagles fan. I like the idea of taking points with a home dog in an NFC championship game that's what I would do but I wouldn't necessarily follow my advice on this because there is a bias here. In game number two which is that isn't a yard or what what is that number what is the Eagles number Phillies catching three Phillies plus three right now. Now it is tough to not take points. Home dog that won thirteen games and just beat Larry nobody lightly angle he lasts. Right nobody like Eagles last week in case keep them on the road that's what has me saying if I'm gonna have three in my pocket mazes tell me this is gonna be low scoring. The points is a good thing and hunted birds so that's where I'm leaning there in the patriot game. Also an under. Also an American I think one of two things happened to bore holes number one he's in the game which means I feel like Jacksonville's running and a lot they're grinding the clock or morals is not in the game which means he's thrown it all over the field. And that scenario I don't see Jacksonville scoring a lot of points so I'm playing it under there which is sitting right around 46 at the moment it's been taking down because of the Brady news. I cannot figure out what to do with the side in that game. Why late in the seven now that it's a great price a New England knowing Brady's banged up my jump on Jacksonville knowing I'm getting the worst of the number right now you just play the under. Yeah my the other day and I'm playing everything al-Qaeda in props and models should be on every tanks. Well I'm glad you brought brought a dear degenerate gambling past because gambling could be in and partisan our entire future it really could is a matter of fact the reason why Joseph started popping out and perform on Fridays was to go over a gambling segment which I now I'd like part two love. House bill. Thirteen 25 was introduced by Indiana representative this this state law an Indiana that would authorize sport wagering at the State's riverboats receive knows. And satellite facilities. Morse and told ESPN that he received input from the spill from the NBA and Major League Baseball regarding. Any integrity feet. At the sports betting operators would have to pay the leagues the fee is 1% of the amount wagered on the sport's governing bodies events it would be required to be submitted on a quarterly basis the Indiana bill is a long way from passing it would only go on the federal effect if obviously the Supreme Court thing that could be coming reaches a decision that says. Okay everybody gambles now what's interesting about this is. The best thing you can do. Is say. Are we got gambling on sports now but the scenes aren't involved in all to give the 1% of the action like that to me is a red flag. He Pope could the folks at Jeff Freeman who is the president of the American gambling association I'm sure a really good friend ears chuckle. He says is what we applaud represented in the Morrison's effort to bring legal transparent sports betting the Indiana. Ending sports leagues 20% of what's left over after wings are paid out undercuts its economic viability the 1% integrity fee raised eyebrows in the sports betting industry. Because Nevada sports books their net wind. It's 46%. On average so they're giving away an awful lot in just 1% if 46 as your average. The fact that there is an Intel dirty feet it all built to this means like that he just got teams involved and taken money from gambling and isn't that what we're trying to prevent. The first place. First and foremost let's understand what this is this is it tax this is the way for the weeks to figure out our I did this is gonna be legal. And Maria behind it we want our cut sending admiral we've. We're seen all over the place same thing happens without on cigarettes if the government's gonna get behind this and we are going to allow sports betting we want our piece I totally understand that. They're aiming a little higher right now. Because for those who might not be in the know with how all this works sports betting is pretty much the least profitable of every casino enterprise on the property. It takes up a ton of space that's why he's seen a lot of sports book Shrek now they're starting to expand again because of the viewing experience that's starting to bring people lent. But sport's most take up a ton of space. And they don't. Make a lot of money. Slots craps blackjack table games all that that's like and guaranteed winner how often are you gonna lose on slots over the course of the weekend right but you can have a really bad NFL Sunday we you have to go back to your bosses and say we got beat. Casinos don't get beat but they can get beaten sports. And all for what the 10% juice that they're charging you so because it takes up so much real state and because as a result it doesn't bring in as much as everything else. You've seen Vegas sports books farming out. Enterprises rather than. The Venetian for example having its own sports book it leases the space to a company called CG technology and CG technology operates like ten sports books. Throughout Vegas that's a different story for another day but. You're gonna wanna tax it. Just not that much I mean they're taxing you that's the 10% when you lay a 110 dollars to win a hundred that's your opportunity fee that's what you have to pay for the right to sit down to play craps you have to understand that there's a 1% edge for the house to blame black jackets at 3% match. What makes more money than anything in the casino. Slot machines the penny slots just really give in penny penny slots rated month after month after month that's why they're everywhere so if they wanna cut I understand that might be able to get behind it. But they need to realize how much they're asking for because what happens when the book has a losing weekend what I did in game seven of the NBA finals when everyone's jumping on the favorite their favorite covers might want me. And netbooks at the pay out they also have the pay you attacks based on how much they took so big about that. Sports what eight takes ten million dollars in wagers on game seven which is on the Golden State Warriors ten million. The warriors when they pay out the ten million and they know 1%. As a fee. Can't sustain a business like that so maybe it only happens with winners may be they're charging 111 on bats rather than 110 all of the like batters.