Damon Bruce Show Hour 2

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, January 11th

Joe Fortenbaugh joins Damon in studio for a Fortenbaugh Fri-oh wait-Thursday!! Joe & Damon discuss last night's Warriors loss (without Steph & Klay) and if it's a big deal, preview the Warriors 5-game road trip, play back sound from Carmen Policy's interview with the Morning Show, LeBron's greatness, and play "This or That" with Gianna!


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You're listening to 957 game KGMC. FM and HD one San Francisco I bend. Just slaughtering. Those top of the hour station nightclub and I nailed that one I feel good about got sound effects in mornings I do a whole different voice for it really feels like a big moment cousin that duration and and I'm Bob Menendez Ngo and courage. IIOCKM. Cheesy I got a call letters wrong that's better I don't live toward faith. Hey that is my bank you are doing that you need best I find I really feel like I'm putting my law degree to use. Finally I'm doing something with my law degree ready and by the way the gridiron gala first and you and I ever settled. Three years ago and all throughout again the way he bummed a ride home. I was right on the sky I drove him there yeah I'm of I'm Obama riding both directions. It was over I was over in the sky around town you are you're gonna bad guy. So last night we see the warriors lose at home to the clippers sweet Lou drops Freddie aren't I I can't believe Lou Williams scored fifty points in game against the warriors they gastric. The best backcourt in the NBA wasn't there. Did the warriors make up a mistake not going back to clay in just say look man we know what's the scheduled night off for you but curry rolled his ankle we need jet. I think it's ridiculous they didn't say hey clay. You get out there. I don't think this guy needs to get the right head space to do anything Thomson. And socio path he just goes and murders these doesn't kill toy guns if they don't today Hannibal Lecter bit the guy's nose off his heart rate never won above seventy you know let's send. And collect aircraft. Friends I don't disagree but I'll say this I don't mind the losses every couple weeks in this team keep them fresh chemo on their toes the last thing I would wanna see there is going to come a point as great. As a manager. And a psychiatrist is Steve Kerr is as great as the leadership group within this team is. There is going to come a point. Where a certain level of complacency will said he and it's just human nature it's not their fault they're not doing anything wrong but when you live up on Everest. When you come down with the rest of us. It's just gonna be a little different it's tough to get excited for something like that you've done it you've been outside lands you've done the big events the Super Bowls things of that nature. You come up that the next they even so much is like a five day vacation. Coming off the holiday it's tough getting back into the grind. That's what these guys are early in the season without the Livingston about it earlier in the year he flat out said it's tough to get up for a lot of these games Tuesday night in Orlando in November. I don't blame you you've been living on the mound. Even though you roll through the playoffs I mean. A loss peppered in here and there serves his at least for Kerr and a way to get back after that to make sure the message is getting across so I just I just kind of you know checked I want off this upcoming five game road he's going to be a good one now very interesting the last. Long road trip of the year. And there are some serious ports of call on the road trip they go to to start in Milwaukee on Friday. Then back to back during Toronto I think the raptors only lost one game at home so far this season that's been the best home record in the NBA coach like seventeen into were so their last nineteen nasty right now DeRozan and playing huge cavs on MLK day. Then you go to the bulls for the only easy game on the on the road trip which wraps up in Houston and their cook and the bulls started what three in twentieth they're twelve and seven of their last nineteen for all started that I. I was in Vegas December 8 a body from Chicago and I are sitting there we needed a game that Friday night for same town. The state the bulls they sank play in the hornet's. Iraq the hornets and then they go on this amazing run anti NAFTA. They are yes I went ahead and faded the bulls so you're welcome Chicago nice job yeah so that's may well try to get on profit. Not to your bet swayze game plug. Clearly I doubt one down without a doubt that a hundred bucks that was shockwaves all the way back to Houston I'll tell you and Chicago I. I tell you what's big shockwaves man we are and I heard you talking about this earlier today we are ridiculously spoiled here in the Bay Area not only do we have gruden not only do we have staff curry not only do we have garrote blow not only would got Shanahan not only got a warriors dynasty not only is an awesome and beautiful round here and we got restaurants for days galore the off season. In the Bay Area. It's incredible. There really is I was listening to your list that you were putting together earlier today I've expended on the little guy run my offseason the Bay Area is the number one spot sports list if I can point out that you missed one key name on that list. Let's get very important and I mean this guy. Has a favorite yes now run it down for me please read sweepstakes. They got him that was incredible they add Nick Young may add armory Caspian we get China clay in even though losing season and one put New York City. Scaffolding inspector clay time I had an error as well as current. You have the Longoria trade you have to Giancarlo pursuit two you had a Japanese Babe Ruth on the radar didn't work out either one of those but you got to third baseman. Shanahan lynch gruden to one FL draft so we have a coin flip for draft position the warriors are building a new arena the eight is just moved into the new headquarters they're trying to get the stadium done Chris Davis just aborted arbitration. Council balls getting better Stanford usually has a legit Heisman candidate. And then of course. Just. So we always come full circle to bounce go your way deep on that US a lot deeper than I was prepared to go job well done sir I got here early today. Lot of Jennifer O'Connor had. Had that we had a really weird intersection rob unlike the tale land wrapping up a few things he's coming in early in this is that look like. What are you doing here in the guys like what are you doing here you know you know I was here early today and wasn't because I wanted to give a good day's effort there really wasn't with the roof drove me and today was I went out I tied the tiny one on last. That's and I I had to I had to change the atmosphere of my. I can't think about sports apartment I'm like I gotta get to Starbucks I need a coffee. And I just need some people to talk to a new deal like this one movement aspect I can't all's. That ultimate dehydration feeling coming off a Bender where like you can just pounds the rule water and it takes so yeah. And get down of course sorry sorry Jana yeah I hate to bring up the issue days. Stop. That's look like fresh shares like on a day like this to assure you step outside your life like guys feels so good. This guy and it did actually did feel good it's the opposite and I'm sure you had this effect in Vegas Dracula effect. When you finally leave the club you realize at 7 AM in the sunny to you after a night party in Vegas you're like yeah. You guys had bad. Why I did have one league GA it was 3 o'clock on my phone and I wasn't sure if it was the morning or the afternoon there was one time back in the day it was before I was living there so I was probably 25. I was on a bachelor party trip there was an in San Diego. And Richard associate for the weekend we extended it 67 days is I had just one like. Eleven grand on a poker cruise I'd won my way on the cruise and and I cashed in the poker tournament so I came back in for me that was big time cash to burn. We end up in Vegas and it just kept going and going in going in there was a point through all of that Blair. There is a nap and I remember looking and seeing 3 o'clock and legitimately wasn't sure if it was morning or. Our in our league or any night or whatever 3 o'clock and it's a home and I didn't you know that moment is equally a moment you can't be proud of an incredibly proud out yet at the same time. You're in the upside down right now you are it's a good place to be odd plays so to to meet the whole Dracula affecting it always happens when you leave Andres right I mean I was half. Back is when it happens the most often in Las Vegas and kids who don't know about it Google it. Go experience it one day thread a pass one night like a match like today coming out of Lycos stays like the night never starts and those shades but it would end and I'm talking old school original O'Shea is not this new version right I'm talking about getting didn't raise in about 4:30 in the morning and you party there for eight more hours and when you leave its brunch time. That's Vegas the NFL's wrapping up from the following week. Right I'm right do you realize that some people will be stumbling out of the race into an NFL game in two years I was Vegas that is going to have my dad it's gonna happen. Are the raiders going to give up a draft pick they violate the Rooney rule show what do you think they're getting away with us. Obviously I mean if this is that we see this is the same thing you see when it comes to tampering right there are rules against tampering. And the way he used to set up because I was a part of this for years as an agent where in Indianapolis you have to come by and at the end of February back in the day used to be more towards the middle of February. Free agency opened about two weeks later. So there was this one hotel a lot of the hotels are just filled with NFL personnel and media but there's one hotel I can't remember who was the Hyatt where. In the lobby it was just nothing but coaches GMs front office people agents. And there was this subway as part of the food court rushed to decide in the subway held some of the biggest power broker meetings you can possibly imagine big time agent sitting down. In padding is sand rich should foot long they live down by doing season five dollar foot long is now for 99 follow along like thanks man I can send those kids to college. I can really force a real estate here in the city now. Sign me I found out at these meetings these meetings this is where the agents in the teens would get together and these guys would be positioning their players for the big pay days. I remember back when free agency opened at 1201 AM eastern. Albert Haynesworth signed with the Redskins like immediately that what your club three there's a report you're telling me that deal got negotiated in real minutes now so this is right along those lines. If you've been chasing a guy for six years and you finally get them. I I can't fault you for I don't see anything wrong with what the raiders did they'll do their investigation they'll give everyone the dog and pony show when it's all said and on the move on. I was asking earlier Joseph to anyone who wanted to weigh in on this best Super Bowl available I think to Brady vs breeze gimme two hall of fame quarterbacks duking it out for the whole ball of wax this year I'll be happy I also think that Minnesota. Playing. In their home stadium for the Super Bowl would officially be cool I'd like to see that once in my life don't be great for Minnesota what do you make of that because the NFC team is supposed to stay at the non vikings' facility. What I mean by that is the host city. The NFL team there see it was nor was the same facility would be reserved for one conference and then there's another facility will issue the NFC team isn't staying at the vikings' facility they work elsewhere the NFL has said if the vikings make it. They can play in their own facility some feel that's an unfair and I think. That's an unfair advantage to but you know what if your happening. If you happen to peak at the right time to get to the Super Bowl in your stadium. Like unfair advantage is pretty much will or walking into. From jump street so why even pretend that they're not. I understand. Why they would say you guys gotta go somewhere else but ultimately I doubt that decides the Super Bowl. We've all while they hit same. Practiced pads that they used to and none of it's I didn't I I don't think it makes happened in that town would just be. Electric I mean you got to figure no one's working that week right and lest they got the only indoor facility yeah got to go out killers then that's a huge advantage. No no doubt about it hey how about updates. We was Steely Dan guy on Doobie Brothers Garcia. I get Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers tickets to giveaway for Friday June 1 it shoreline here but Peter we are you taking care of your summer concert series here on 95 set min game. They go on sale Friday January 12 at noon live nation dot com and you know what I've got three pairs of these tickets to giveaway. Right here now 8889579570. Callers number 123 were to make a really easy I'll be callers number 12 and three. 889579570. You're gonna go see Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers at shoreline. On Friday June 1 again tickets are on sale. January 12 noon. And live nation dot com we've got a little segment -- a calls this her exact coming up here on 957 again we're gonna have fun with that and Joseph for Limbaugh's hanging out with us here on a fourteen ball Friday now with a 100% more Thursday and it. How about this. We have our winners for The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan tickets. Congratulations. To Jeff and Jennifer. Then Don Carlos yeah. Which is is is the only game right Don Carlo I don't know maybe he's just a Donna I mean that's Don Carlos Donald frank Carlos I like it. Congratulations. Enjoy the show I hope you do. Hope clear enjoy this show today we got Joseph Fortin moss hanging out with us we got Steve Kerr coming up at some point 5 o'clock hour we're gonna take it to the tweets. A little bit later Ron we got a guy he's been waiting patiently on the phone here super. We're gonna damage here I'm not important Bob got the killer did today. I want to. Charm. Does apple also this year if god be you know any. Brady. Please god bolt 5000 yards a year in his sleep hours ago now was separated. Tom Brady at all bartender. You know wait wait wait wait somebody lost their Super Bowl this year he'll never be better job market and ever be considered. Better than mocked Janet digit margin that seated but ultimately what it all say they've done. It's about delaying until probably would have knuckled one this year which brings new life into LeBron James KB. Ultimately you're gonna be about to bring it to you Gaza to the best athletes they gave it ever seeing. All that physical attributes are almost identical abroad got the edge on the spartans led. But the Redskins say it. They've ball is born Italy that are blocked shots better that brought this court decision. Don't all the people I mean we're talking about true elite Utley doing what it ultimately boils down. It's gonna be about the range just like Marc Chandler Eric Brady and they got their stated being what Bob Lauren. JP. Sure Burton and that's true Hillary Clinton talked in the dark early I mean we're talking apples and oranges here and it's going to be about the way these guys there. Art. They're actually not that's what god does better on that mandate also so this particular call. Super day thank you man good to talk to you a good points all around you know. The rings thing I grew each he can't argue with the championship it goes down forever and the banner is yours for all time but to me. Anyone who wants to hold these NBA finals losses against LeBron is just a little out of step to mean like I had some. Yeah Jordan winning three in a row and then three more in a row. That's unbelievable. Dynasties this that the other thing going to seven straight NBA finals. On two different teams. It's amazing to me that's a that is one of these most unbelievable accomplishments. I've ever heard of a Shari lost a few of them. LeBron he's been to seven straight final scene although hole like a Joseph never lost a Super Bowl. Well did Joseph ever lose the game before the Super Bowl. Yes which means one any good enough to get there. You know it's so the whole like oh you lost in the championship moment. There's way too much weight put on that just the way I feel I think there's almost some way to much weight put on a ring sometimes. They say to some extent they say that you know you haven't made it into the yet haters right sure haven't made until you have haters. LeBron James has haters on every. Level of the spectrum. When he wins he gets hated on for having super team when he loses he gets hated on for not coming through in the big moment right you will literally have 50% of the population. Paving on him no matter what the scenario and all this guy's ever done it is not get arrested. Not get into any one of these issues that causes mass hysteria for off court issues these big thing is he got in front of guerrilla people. Donated three million dollars to the Boys and Girls Club and set on taking my talents to Miami and we crushed import was still pressing for. And he made three million bucks for those kids ask forget about that that's a drop in the bucket. Raise three million bucks for any thank yourself. So I want this guy's got haters on every end of the spectrum that's how you now know the the issue for Durant trying to get past him. Is going to be rings but in addition to that. I don't know if he has those moments he doesn't have the I'm taking my talents to South Beach he doesn't have the return to Cleveland and delivering that ring. That fan base he didn't have to beat the warriors like James did and I'm not saying you know a match and not come from the disease in the common goal stated just. If you wanna be the man you have to have those moments Jordan had the flu game what do Malone have to remember Karl Malone from that air having any one of those moment now Karl Malone is one of the all time greats but those moments don't exist that's what you need those transcendent moments. To me the most signature Karl Malone moment is when he was asked in an interview what he wanted to do in his post playing days he said. Karl Malone wanna wrestle shirt all style and that's. Digging in the many wanted to go be in the WW eat but he didn't want you know he didn't he didn't he didn't say professional wrestling he said I wanna wrestle shirt all style. Do you remember when he threw that elbow was it magic all right Zagat. We call with the elbow in just knock them what I had on the court there's eight stitches in blood I remember that moments it. But this that's that's that's what it takes to how. Those Brady's got Brady came back from 283. Brady's got moment after moment he's got eighteen and one which everyone will kill him for losing that Super Bowl but you need those moments they humanize the career to an extent. 88957957. Always number more calls coming up here but we gotta jump in to something the joke and his crew did this morning on the morning show. Carmen policy stop by for conversation. About Jimmy Iraq blow and the negotiation tactics he'd be using to try to settle on a contract. If I were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large. Jar of actually. I would say duty agent on the other side I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right thing. Please be gentle. Okay. Hand I'm sure you're expecting a lot from his answer but you weren't expecting any of that at all. Not that at 7:40 in the morning I tell you though it is probably the single best description if not intimate. Of what the niners really need to do. Forget about you and I talking about whether Jimmy Rob Lowe is going to look like the real deal like what do you when I don't powerful apple really. Not much I had like 46% of my bats this your very little bearing down indicates when you can assemble. One of the greatest groups of hall of famers to assemble and barrel on board with the idea that you should probably get on board with a two Carmen policy. Eight Markel corporation let's get together so he flew up twice came over Joseph Montana. Jerry Rice Roger Craig. Paris art bad of course jedi myself plight and I think Lawny shock camp and we had dislodged it went for about three hours it was wonderful. A good part of the discussion waters what do each of d.s call superstars. Of their time feel. And think about Jimmy Barack for every one of them said this kid really seems to have what it's all about. That it factor and how you know it. When you see it I can you tell you what it is but I know when I see it and I think I sought in this guy and luckily. The greatest this collection of hall of fame like we had to put if every team got a hall of fame game to play in the nine or send their hall of famers to take on. Like Pittsburg. The niners. The raiders. Steelers and also on some road Digital's new fourteen standing right the unbelievable those hall of fame teams. If every living significant niner hall of Famer says this guy's the real deal. Alene in that direction to where guys like this get together. But all these guys seriously where these guys hang out deadly terror bred to love their red shot up big dirty Bravo but seriously for. They're not get together event like where is Eddie. I gotta be right it's way out urban since it's kids got to be years your two's star Michelin restaurant in your football stadium you schmuck and whenever I wanted to act that's. We're going gag I mean this is where the grid higher. As that. Monster ripple effect because you can be the 49ers right now and you can try to get into a headline grabbing you know what contest with the raiders all war. You can sit back and you can say this gruden hires fantastic. Because right now that's gonna grab a lot of attention and we. Might we get a little hot on ourselves. I wouldn't blame them you just went five and on everyone's talking about how you the next big thing drop low individually Shanahan individually that teen collectively. But you would want you want to see Jack but this is the opportunity where as hot as you did you are right now the other local team just hired the biggest possible name on the planet so now iRows paying attention they're niners to slide back in the cut. Call about your business nothing stupid this all season hit the ground running next year the only thing they really need to do is get this guy under a long term contract. And then you've eliminated all major questions heading into taxis get him signed up. Don't do anything Q free agency don't overextend yourself for a skill position player. Have a real good to protect Jimmy draft had a real good defense got better to get off the field on third down put Jimmy back on the field is good for business. And the Jimmie business is good defense. Protection. You get one toy peace. They want a draft one toy or sign one toy sounds good to me. Otherwise steak and potatoes that's the beauty Shanahan drop below Shanahan won't make the players within his system look better than they are grapple make the players around him better. Then they really are that's not a knock on any of the players that's what greatness does. Does anyone think Julian Edelman and Wes Welker would have been as productive without Brady would Rob Gronkowski have the same career had he been drafted by the Baltimore Ravens who wanted to get on court like next on the clock and New England LeapFrog them in the draft to get gronkowski. Same draft the ravens took Dennis pay that and Ed Dickson too tight ends at BYU and or again respectively. They won a bronze and the patriots knew it beat until it. How good would rather be having played would Joseph Flacco all these years. That's the scenario we've got here Shanahan and rob global make everyone around them better so how do you make grapple better. Like you said protective Andrew nor wells' name I've been floating for two months free agent guard at a Carolina young and healthy. Durable protected in both run and pass protection. Everything you do what now it's gonna cost 1011 million a year. Thankfully you've got a 116. Million or so to spend this offseason should you choose to all the way these are good good good problems to have they really really are just for the niners were the problems we thought they had. And now what they're looking at I've never seen an about face in my entire sporting life in the same season as much as this is from the Penske auto still stuck contacts line just let people know or paying attention Joseph listen to Karl Malone knocked out David Robinson that comes from pat. In the Richmond we've also got a guy here who says. You know what whenever the the collective raiders hall of famers get together they do so at the PF Chang's and Walnut Creek. On yeah followed by the way. We have the answer to where the 49ers. Met for lunch go ahead. And so we met and we met at. BR how restaurant Santa Clara. A bend that rule I nearly two nice little time restaurant I salute them and they'll for and I don't it doesn't Seneca mpeg death. No way by the mass lean comment I guess I miss that portion of the interview people pretty just doesn't happen not near Chicago this morning by everybody. I usually take him back neck okay. Like. A little bit different than the dynamics here to people you know we've got the threesome were rotating the questions and as you get into your kinda taking notes and you notice like eight sharing obviously looking at the clock you're trying to see what's coming up next do you ever read. It's a whole Vince Vaughn in wedding and wedding crashes. We're going to kiss when Jacqueline very quiet and dignity awkward hug with the with the butt out you know it's that whole thing right there were you thinking through it you missed the restaurant but you bid now. Like it is good I only ate there once that was that was good I remember thinking like that was good. Yeah. Guys yeah they I don't think the positive really don't think it yeah. I mean. Not the mayor flavored town but I NG I enjoyed a look at this you know what you had to now I remember going I don't remember anything other Nadia and at that place. The greater. It's got scared. Good we. I mean as I wanna Levi's occasionally how often are you in Santa Clara not awesome yeah so I would think maybe it would stick out anyway because you're not they're very often. Yet it doesn't happen. Look and take your calls at 889579. By seven always number this is Alex. In the city what's up Alex. They are you guys want to comment how earlier used. That held abroad you know he's built. Out it achievement in reaching seven consecutive NBA final. I personally think it over rated. When you first went down a beach Jewish joined by tool other all stars mean. But he joined an authority of course Chris Bosh followed yet to be starting all startled at one team on their pride. Adequate competition on the East Coast he had bought in about pre budget. But he came back to Cleveland. He joined tightly they had Kevin Love come over again to be all stars on one team but if we're joined together they were the favorite to win. The auto that your. I tell you don't think that's the thing in. And I don't mean to cut jobs here Alex but what you are just dismissing. Is usually the amount of time it takes for team to get its. Act together no one is that good playing together in year one and LeBron. Went down put a team together suffered basically zero growing pains went to another team put that team together zero growing pains. And just no matter what no matter what who got hurt who got signed who didn't get signed it no matter what happened. That guys in the NBA finals come June 1 no matter what like. To meet trying to dismiss that in any way. Means you didn't want to have a nice thing to say about LeBron James like. That's so hard to do I can't even explain it to you. That is an empire it's an impossible task how about this step curry. Bring this team to seven straight NBA finals I flipped indeed area. Straight drain and green clay Thompson Kevin Doran drugs stepped Currie. Steve Kirk Bob Myers all the ownership talent in the world the ability to spend new arena comment on. Telling you warriors are not gonna go to the next. Seven NBA finals. Once again that highlights the greatness that highlights the greatest let me ask you this. Say LeBron retires after the season. And poors Hingis and the next go to the Eastern Conference finals go to the finals when the Eastern Conference seven years in a row what are we saying about parsing yes. Into Greek free doesn't what are we saying about him we're not cut it down. And it's good in this setting it straight NBA finals may now LeBron got these guys taken over okay the east would open up perhaps who would you open up. Like it's been with LeBron James over the last seven years where he has dominated the conference. If you're using that as a metric to cut him down that he's been the seven straight finals but ethnic competitions has until now landscape was easy to navigate. Hey they just made he's made it look easy. That's the greatness making it look easy Tiger Woods winning the US open at Pebble Beach by what was it eighteen stroke is (%expletive) up that they Pebble Beach an easy golf course does that make the US open an easy tournament to win if there's a reason that tournament hurt produces a winner at plus one even in at minus one on regular routine basis because it is the hardest ornament on the schedule right and afterwards that US open they basically said all right from now one or playing US open greens on upside down salad bowls and when we said rough what we meant. Was like. Africa graphics. Like this is gonna be up to your knees. I mean he has eaten in his crime he was eating people alive and no known brands waitresses look. And no one ever looked at cut him down. Don't ever look to cut it down the great ones make it look easy that's the beauty of Washington islet staff carries he makes dribbling and shooting look so effortless. Speaking of the great ones making it look easy Joseph have you ever been introduced to the official brother of the Damon Bruce show. Have ever been injuries to the official brother of the David Russa I am not. Today's your lucky day. Yeah. All the way from Denver Colorado good. Where is the official. Correspondent for entertainment and shout. My former friends former produce thirty ESP and that's where we met in this third make bride joins us here on 957 again what's going on Jason. All the people who say oh before we get a third car business let me just. My Jew that I and you gotta go bonds won seven straight finals and and I mean you can't take anything away and that the west. Our caller was trying to minimize that if you look at. Okay. You know a good way to demonstrate final two and he took a year off. But he can't let that game and instead quote we won three straight required extend I don't want to restrict com. But the glow well above definitive is they're never gonna be repeated again and then you mentioned Harry and try to get. Warriors sent straight final than they've been what too who both Billy. Am not gonna have received seven pounds you know to a blog post another team and next here that team will also be in the finals my. Or no matter where ego in the. Let's say LeBron James is they Washington wizards' starting game one next year I like the wizards in the east a lot of thought I. Oh definitely definitely built Obama. You can go into the player than logo go to the finals if you go to LA to go oh for the final I mean. Well you know not well I don't know about stepping into the west in being the only reason the only team that goes the west is a little bit tougher right now in the east but he's just coming up in a way that we haven't seen in the last few years right now with some young talent and finally some teams making good decisions. What else do we doubt for you my friend that they didn't call to talk about LeBron did you not watch football all this year. Our I didn't I didn't have a global died Sunday but you know I love watching Jon Gruden and MMM you really be worried about open. Liquid into that. I realized well a lot of people say and that you know he's bad time in the intimidated by. Not at all not at all I don't think it's seeing what they wanted to be at the beginning the this year you know looking for. Not only is he ground if you were credited because element in the course of the Super Bowl so. It's a great move. Force for the little to do very especially with good team here. Endeavor that. Democrat orbit. It's all about timing here really is everything you do in life is about timing and you can only control what you can control and Jon Gruden well hopefully control the rebuilding of Derek Carr a much better overseeing and the defense and that makes the raiders better but you've got to like the landscape they're sitting in. The chiefs are common backwards they're gonna have a first time quarterback pairing win V. Can never see it through to the end Andy Reid not to really be nervous about there Denver like you said team influx looking for quarterback defense is another year removed from the Super Bowl. And the chargers the chargers thirteen without a home thirteen it's gonna have an aging Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates still leading the way and eventually that fuse burns out so. I'm the raiders are sitting prettier now than they were when Del Rio was fired its instant and that's for sure. I didn't an independent who built the site could bring him. Four afford their quarterback coming they're going to be some big names they're going to be. Mentioned about Eli Manning is wanna go so I. Oh with a bit of being done in his is embroiled in the York a lot of good work out about him here so. Well here here for good luck here. Always hear from you first you're always so good man good to talk to him then too long we got a ton of stuff to do today you know holidays we've got to move fast big great dad beyond. And they do I date net adds. Bhutto was good to. I was the all only knew he was the whole league I mean this is right now. Jason McBride is the first like real. Black guy ESPN ever hired he came in with a neck tattoos 350. Pounds at an Afro. And as soon as I Salma Mike you are my new best friend Patrick. You're not the guy who I thought I was gonna be working with here I love you when it's over a suspend not spend spend miracle ever since we've got. About this coming up next. Gionta she's gonna slip into the driver's seat she's got a little this or is back for me and Joseph foreign box so we're gonna have that for you. But Morgan began with a major. Major international. Headlines stopping braking. Great bay area's sporting event which come Monday might be our own we'll tell you what it is next. And he came in Rochelle on. Oh not you I said my game. Besides this hour's code word that could send you to the night before with the Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis takes the words no we'll. It's a 72881. Right now for your chance to win this now old by the way something. You should be cool wit. If you're trying to win this contest because remember this is in Minneapolis. There's a lot of it has there. The night before the Super Bowl message and data rates apply for rules order Enron line visit Entercom contests dot com one randomly selected nationwide entrant will win a trip to Minneapolis. For the night before before we. And the baton to Jianlian. And she's gonna slip into the driver's chair and drive a little segment called this or that would mean and show. Oh my big news for. Mavericks. Mavericks surfing contest one of the single coolest things I've ever seen was my own two lies in the world of sports in the world of nature. That thing is a Bay Area it jam I cannot recommend seeing mavericks would Euro into Weis. More it's amazing. Mavericks. May run. Sunday in Half Moon Bay. Mavericks could go on an excuse me I'm on Monday in half moon day. It did and just a few days that's awesome yeah that is awesome trip to the fact and I gotta be your doing. And then again. Might go down that really is one of the coolest most illuminating things I've ever seen in my entire life you got guys. Surfing. Basically something that is the size of eight Quantico building. It's like four story building the size this wave moving at you when these guys are shredded it's unbelievable. Mavericks could be a go. This Monday and by the way go to the old Princeton landing. My favorite bar down there and I have been bad for. All your guts to get drunk now leads the messy really. The fund please Tenet for your last air yeah yeah I'm really really good times so if mavericks is happening. Monday a day that the vast majority of you have off if you're not listening to warriors basketball take on the cavaliers are on my tournament and go to mavericks it's happening on Monday goes he would do wrong to arise from the cliffs it's amazing I mean how they wanted to and obese how easy it is. Dams that are breaks and I that is all right Gionta little this or that given to us I know you come up with a whole bunch of subjects they wanna mean Joseph weigh in on pick something I really don't know what you got on your sleeve here so we're just gonna sit back and let you do it. It's very simple I'm an average they would a couple of tight end and you either can pick this or that whoever they came would you rather. Yes you know would you rather get poked in the eye with a needle or choke on us informing. Man this LP has bad. Later Bruce Springsteen thing from me chuckles demands that are pass yes they're great answer to that like right off the cuff by the way thank you very much throughout a big fan of these student. All right sell we'll start with a little dare car John greeting Custer and pension problem this or that Derek Kerr and John gruden all work. Would you take Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy drop below what match a black pair are you gonna take it's either this or they can't have both. Run my team to run your zeal might yet around. I'm gonna go with the guy whose offense was in the Super Bowl last year with a quarterback who's been groomed by the greatest offensive minds in history. This is gonna sound like I'll buy you see answer but I would really rather casting my personal fortunes. Would go Rob Lowe and Shanahan then I just got back here Jon Gruden and how will he be the same guy ever again Derek Karr. I still like them an awful lot but I'm taken Shanahan and Jimmy. When it's a question involving a coach. And a quarterback you're talking about the ultimate investment financially the raiders have made that a hundred million dollars for their coach a 125 million dollars for their quarterback. So I'm gonna go pros and cons lose to try to figure out what the right answer is here. I wanna weigh the ultimate upside for both but I also wanna know how low the floor can go. Shanahan like you said was in the Super Bowl last year in addition the greatest season of Robert Griffin the third career came under Kyle Shanahan the greatest season ever for Matt Ryan and DP year came under Kyle Shanahan. Matt shot came under Kyle Shanahan. He's proving he can coach in this era. Prudent we don't know. Quarterback wise car shown it but can be fixed crop love I saw enough last season. I hate to have to will Greek as it always would be nice to have a little debate but if it's this or that I'm going with bad Jimmy Rob Lowe and Kyle Shanahan. It might go with something that you've already seen a little bit of stick to its why there's so anger and art there's so all bankable the fight we have every morning when this comes up with the listeners is that it's only five games he's gonna dawn get off he is not get a don't get off what more do you need to see. What more. I mean I games we seen the guy had a problem is part of your jaguars would nothing. Nothing I mean the efficiency the coolness in the hockey talk about that it factor in east editor of that and what it is neither lie but when I watch him I see it Derrick looks skittish last year and I'm fully confident that Derek get back and that gruden can return his form. But I've also seemed prudent. Post that supposed Super Bowl win and that's a sub 500 record. My biggest concern with gruden is this a lot of people don't wanna talk about this for some reason mark passover it. He was a head coach and they'll national football league for eleven years eleven seasons between the raiders in the Buccaneers. In eight of those eleven seasons his offense ranked eighteenth or worsens scoring. He's supposed to be an offensive mind but in eight of eleven years he ranked eighteenth or worsens scoring why. Why I just think that's a fair question that and I don't want rain and any gruden parade here it's the right higher it's higher that I would have made fun Mark Davis to yeah the next young quarterback he leads along the path of development will be the first. OK I if you have this you can't have a little bit and that all but away by the way. What super cool is that we actually see this matchup on the field and executing plans to ask am I gonna happen the Bay Area Super Bowl at Levi's. Our. Irate. You Dyson a series three times in the five years or. The lawyers the NBA finals three times in four years. Canada would be acting applying for the other and one on one more time than ice the World Series three times in five years or. The lawyers to the NBA finals three times in four years is Mina Kazakh right. Yeah I mean I think. Questioning until then. All busy smiling and doing that they not meet the friendly question. I'm used in err on the side of the business we're doing is the business best for us. I'll take the warriors yeah politically correct I'm not gonna fight that one either on the little adds Larry I'm interviewing Steve Kerr in about five minutes on the total yeah absolutely always be a welcome myself I picked the giants. Look. Hey I. This or that Addie Mae pitch clock to baseball or figuring out what the hell I catches in the NFL how god. Figure out what catches the pitch clock is completely stupid whether they use it or not it's going to be a ticking time bomb that never goes off no one cares about a pitch clock there'll be no. Anfield punitive damages you're not gonna see an umpire say all right go from first to third because he took too long to throw a 32 slider it's going to be so stupid the NFL. Desperately needs to figure out stop dissecting. What is attached to eat a good did that the ball completing the motions what's what's what they always say. Kerry UH she's is a word that. Did a lot of words you so much why the grass owned it do you survive to grab like that I think the NFL needs to. Take care that more than that that that don't think apple takeaway is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my law when the pitch clock first one in the play I remember early in the season I was in the press box at AT&T and I'm watching this pitch clock in multiple times I see it had zero not oh my god. He's got to get this pitch off. And Helen doesn't tank any way to there was nothing doing up there no was it any rush no bombarded not looking up they're like man I better speed this whole thing up he's being bombed garner as if the clock doesn't exist. Think I had drool. Two years ago. My might take on instant replay was that it should exist for everything we should go with the robot umpires in baseball we should get the pitch is right we should go with replay for literally everything I don't care how long it takes make sure we get it right. I've done a complete 180 get rid of literally everything instant replay stands for all of it take it all for every single sport and junket. Leave it up to these humans because one way or another we are coming in here on Mondays and we are complaining about the officiating and we are complaining about a called a blue. It's gonna blow calls wit three play. We might as well just scrap this thing. Stop with the interpretations. Stop with the delays in the games keep it moving and more common and argued human error rather than the legal code black letter law that we deal with this truly is why I believe ratings are down. People are tired of turning on games and watching for many reviews were guys are arguing like it's a courtroom nobody once that just just play the game. Make a catch they catch in the jaguar bills game that's a touchdown and we had that oh Tony Romo IT singled in a little bit. About this meet me halfway. The playoffs are so important. When there is a cool clear replay overturning a poor decision. I want that to happen. I want to read play in the post season regular seasons got enough time for the cream to rise to the top for the full scale all the way. Give me post season replay keep it out of my regular season play. You know what I can get behind that I can because this week and we got four games to per day. I don't mind if it goes four hours national championship Monday night I don't mind at that goes for an half hours because it's a standalone. Ugly Jaffa and tennis the playoffs. Yes my name I gonna do complain a playoff games gone too long Thursday night Tennessee in Cleveland if that thing takes more than ninety minutes it feels like it's gone too long. I. Your plane out three you get to take you treat your teens write your attorney says this or that LeBron hearted and Westbrook. Are you taking carried out and play a Kauai and. I don't while Westbrook on my team everyone plays better without him. Every where everyone goes all the deep well. In Indiana this year is based playing out of his mind the rain has become more efficient then than ever in his career that they I love Harden and I love Westbrook gave it's exciting but. No one plays low hook. So then your taking your taking hurried and play. I mean jolly again how I want. Well here's the thing I think coach you dare try to troll here courage Iran and clay is like minds marine got smacked her team like I would have taken them. Like it would look like I'll give you LeBron Harden and then if I can have Currie drain clay because they'd they complement each other so well. One guy is the jitter bug who can do it all and shoot from half court the other guy is a seven footer who can play like a guard defend the senator and the other guy is the mr. Swiss army knife who does it all the glue guy he can stick a three for you he can block a shot he can defend it. Every position. I I. This is bad radio but. Joe's got the right answer. Yeah the three top players in the lawyers saying curry drag and play vs the three top players or three really good players one of them being the Baptist the NBA is a whole music it what does it LeBron and hard and Westbrook. LeBron Harden must read it. I got off to the best it hardened they get a shot off Westbrook taking all the shots Harden has been neutralized he did play defense which team went to the strip club the night before you ask your question. Toronto by the way or is it to be careful that Toronto road game two but touchdown. Passes some segment on Toronto he perilous hour. I already on they're all bad and. What would be your NBA jam team. You get to warriors. Form your NBA jam team. On taking. I'm taking curry. Turning around debts or I'm I wanna get I know but I'd be a little bit more clever cooler Pfizer Klay Thompson but no the answer is trained to rent for just two on two I'll take those two guys I think.