Damon Bruce Show - Hour 2

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, January 2nd

Damon talks to Tony Bruno about all things around the NFL, and then talks to Cam Inman about Jimmy G and the 49ers upcoming season.


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Previous college point. Gruden took over before did OK there are any different day and age and it had a losing record before I forgot I don't Jeff George. But I lowest quarterback but they made them respectable 818. And then. Regarding ownership to explained on the NFL network. That they can do kind of an equivalent of what is sure price it'll the raiders would be sort of doesn't actually get ownership. But he gets equivalent to other college and can you imagine the tax ramifications if he's given that if you tired. Let me tired. And Danny shelve it after he moved that. There would be a huge started Dexter that and the appreciation that LC and that you go to. Try to. Yeah you did so again and find her and here's a three year deal I wanna agreed to right now a dollar in year one a dollar and year to fifteen million in years three when nominate tax free state and Nevada. Peerless and the Damon Bruce show here and not if I said the game KG MZ in HD one San Francisco the man the myth. The legend Tony burn out. You can keep your pain you feel they have. Tony stop on by let's start by. Wishing mr. Bruno. A very happy new year how was it Tony you go crazy on New Year's Eve was attain. No I just I don't go out anyway I have I don't remember the last of my wife now we just got back at a couple bottles of wine. One bottle too many. Out there written. Are watching like the Twilight Zone car and I can't watch any of those shelves. You know I can't watch any of these new your prediction that Carolyn Kirk Barton twelve watched the ball drop October that which in Times Square. Brees looked outside and say I'm glad I'm not out there and that does bring in the new year. Or did you see how cold everyone in Times Square was free it was like a minus three eat when you factor in how it's felt with a windchill like I. I just to do not understand. Why you would roll all Mariah Carey. Nader you wanna do complained. Great are okay. No one broader NET she kept on saying it yet. I'd tell you that she throughout the tees though she was not wearing a lot of close on such a coal mine she even very call sheet that debt that woman's empty. A series of that Tony what. I did you know what what what a difference a day makes. Jack Del Rio reality he's turned into Jon Gruden rumor and just that rumors probably more exciting. Than any. Portion of Del Rio reality could possibly offered what do you think. Of Jon Gruden possibly being named the next raiders head coach. Well I don't I don't particularly competent but I happen I mean this quote about Obama you know I had to be a consideration. I'll pick it would've fired Jack Del Rio updated no. That this was a possibility. And are you guys are you hear the rumors out there and your regiment can be maybe going back to Green Day. And one of the things about if you Jack's an error which slack for that one year that. It would let go after eighteen British sake neighbor edit the playoffs until it. Carson Palmer got hurt minute ad how ball we all remember that even though they did he bat about fatiguing. Al Davis that passed away a market but didn't want a guy who wanted to come in here and get more power. So now apparently Mark Davis is a necessity based on the rumor is willing to give jobs ruled the power that he deserved it maybe a piece of the action. I tell you at the piece of the action point. To me is the one thing that they just cannot do can you imagine the precedent Tony that would be sad. Of guaranteeing a percentage of ownership to a coaching candidate I mean you'd have. Kyle Shanahan turn around and saying it Jed York yeah I want to percent ownership or I'm going to Miami where they've offered two and a half percent ownership. I'm not that. Remodel my B remember it was a but it it was if he would be Charlotte Bobcats at the time. Well Michael Jordan got a piece reaction. On the ownership hooked up very opposite stand up our hot tractor require parity undated career. Padraig and it's not out of the norm in import audit and Jordan well and even if Matta they want to coach you to pick up to now be. I'll sit up turnout depressed about by speeding ticket to watch meet. Outfitted boat. I thought the economic front the better remembered they try to forget. You're a golfer who gave up draft pick could get job remember Burt Bacharach and our board be surprised if you're John where you mention that I heard what the caller about. Peter 315 million dollars from over the Beckett for the new stadium you know get a piece of the action the stadium and lot bigger equitably state of the art. In Chinatown that everybody's gonna wanna go to will be in the Super Bowl rotation as far as you know. Destination of course Super Bowl game and I think that's the ultimate good what do you think Jon Gruden really needs. The money to be the highest paid coach at this juncture they're looking at the future what it like very unfit and baggage. You know I can go back to Florida or right need to go. But I got to teach the action and also added doc. How much do you think. Like the declining ratings of Monday Night Football and possibly what they're cracking off for broadcasters. Has to do with him choosing now. Is it time to get back into the coaching game another death. It you know his his son is basically like aged out of high school as kids are a little bit older maybe that's part of the perfect timing her. Or hurt you know unlike some guys just got to scratch that coaching itch and need to me. Does always seem like that real coaching cycle path that might have that need. Not I think your record in Nigeria and you make a great point there about. Pocket the extra every year Jon Gruden may not matter what year it is fiscal uncovered that he took that job and what Monday Night Football. I totally agree pretty I like I liked. Sure on the Sean. Madonna does a nice shot in output Monday Night Football not mom they're not used to base Sunday night is not a big game. And Monday night doesn't get the best match ups and I don't think it's a big deal anymore so. Our John gruden. Obviously he's quick to see Derek aren't these potential operators. He's not going to go to Cleveland Browns and he's certainly not going to the secretary bank look at they simply won't fire Margaret well. Isn't that amazing you realize that Marvin Lewis is Ben the coach of the Bengals longer than art spenders been going rose bowls. Our guys out possible art has. 65. Years it's one of the greatest streaks in sports coverage history Tony. 65 straight Rose Bowl Scott. I know you fear that national treasure there's no doubt about that. Pat down the road almost 100 are we're watching the other night and I. The USC Texas game gas credit I want all the US seat bad start that game was over started leaving. And bet they're great competitor Texas Longhorns but there was one man it needed to be stopped. They're young and they couldn't stop. Couldn't do it could now's a great game that mud that's maybe one of the best rose bowls at Stanford and Wisconsin had a great Rose Bowl couple years ago this one. Yesterday. Eight plus and I got another entertainment A plus for you Tony. Mrs. Robbins ms. Robbins gonna love this mrs. Robin Liss who put polygamy started when he eighteen off expensively trio com. You've got to see the movie I Tonya Tony it's great. Our partner I Tonya about Tonya Harding. Are you are well Margot Robbie did is fun nominal pay plus you will love it's. Addict I heard a pin and buck it's called go to movies a lot of private screening at my house. Maybe I'll open the door tartan he got a little bit. I have not quite a movie appeared church in the foreseeable future as we haven't beat the economy frozen tundra. South Philadelphia area so it absolutely not. And use that new York and that we got to stop snowstorm coming up on Thursday. We're gonna be Lockett here for a long time so I don't pick up going to the movies anytime soon. While or if he's got a brave those roadways we don't want to do that but let me tell you you'd Tony would love I Tonya. It it's a great movie it's a great sports movie believe it or not it's it's really something else I mean. There there's a funny saying on the movie posters says this movie is so good fellas a figure skating. And it really is Tony you wouldn't believe your. Less accurate but it is that it. Did embellished. Now it's already very it's very realistic it's it's a die it's some documentary. Of like a series of sit down interviews. A film crew did when Tonya Harding and Jeff glue it and then name along. It's at a moderate and right apple earlier that he is glue Lee is again. Played god put upon actual record guys went out there and whack or what the pipe. The fattest dumbest looking actors that they could hire who male heir nailed their performances as what Shawn Eckert. Our whatever their names were used on higher show yeah it was Sean Eckerd chains stand. These are the big rock collected more they left a paper trail on a credit cards they had this one thing where they cut back to a guy you supposed to be a producer for hard copy may show this video. Delight chain stand. Was parked. Staking out Nancy Kerrigan in the parking lot and to not draw attention to himself he moved his car every fifteen minutes isn't a bucket in Los Angeles it's it's phenomenal. Tony we love yeah. We recap the Rose Bowl. Coaching rumors are you getting yourself a Jimmy garage below Jersey do you think the 49ers are going to be the number one draft pick for hard knocks. I'll absolutely not regret store and I you know are well once we yesterday. Born out there 100 are a lot of players now remember what I try to water I would just daily treated right. The boy get approval while nobody would won a playoffs right now I you know I probably right. Yeah it's I don't think that's a stretch I don't think that's a roll your eyes statement they're hot. I click absolutely. And I don't look at the top of the compensation. And that going to be it point flip by the way you're taking it back on the quite split between the raiders and the niners. We will I have I'm imagining we will be covering this event lives like never before. All inanimate object radio here yeah actually came what are we. Mock mock coin flip like that don't cooperate would be a ticket megabyte do the Madden. They said it is regulation of the week. We should get an intern to simulate the coin flip and flip a coin a thousand times. Are. Usually comes up. That's a blow. After that you're at Indiana University. Wholesale fog what a puppet authority. They thought well here. Now it's not spelled. If you can bring you know loser quarterback did you not do that every single time one doesn't work out seriously. Not now Nate side Feld is a very uninteresting turned a year year and I want to wish you the very best to block. When Nate in all the sudden tell us and all the entire side they'll family and the fan base it's gonna be huge when he went went. Football Hoosier nation is behind you you cannot lose Tony. Exactly and there's not a ticket you're playing your third string quarterback in the black are totally played three quarters of football we had a problem look pretty decent. I opened the hopes of very high birdie or eagle despite a great year. I don't think they're gonna fly Eagles fly for very long but the future is bright Tony there's no doubt. That's always a pleasure man great to talk to you happy new year let's have the funds when he eighteen together. Actually that happened there today and have been there and John on. Well you guys soon. All of them Tony Bruno. Here on 957 again housing new clock you love and it yeah I take an imminent he used to but I do like it did you see the way we just spoke breakthrough that top of the hour this is unprecedented. This is new stuff. We are going to give you more opportunity to listen to the show in the time where you're in your car window this is not Willy Nilly. Pieced together Mandy Pandy clock ideas. We got data points we got feedback. We've got. Information. And stuff. I like it I like you were trying to none but a new pair pants today deceived fits I think it fits here on 957 again. 9570 games. Cringing now. I'm not afraid of the possibility of John Chris the raiders is picking up steam in fact critic nodding his candidacy for the raiders head coaching job telling the Bay Area news script that he thinks in hopes he's being considered. Snyder's Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch addressing the media today talking about Jimmy Iraq plus future with the team here's lynch. We want you media. Long time that process is is the is going to learn take place here you know we're we're eager to to get that done. Now but the niners and raiders finished the season six and ten and will flip a coin to see him look picking ninth in the draft. Jamont green tweaking his ankle during a scrimmage today he's now listed as questionable for tomorrow's game in Dallas against the mavericks and the Bengals have signed head coach. Marvin Lewis a two year contract Arab righty threw 2019 cardinals QB Carson Palmer retiring by Sabina park central hotel this is a park central SF. Dot com I'm G and a break and any fed seventeen. Welcome back great to have 8889579570. Is number more your calls coming up cam Inman coming up in about twelve minutes from right now we're gonna get a little exit interview about this most interesting finish. To wait 49ers season to say the least. Guy here on the Penske auto sales Dodd context on says a Damon if the raiders do sign John gruden. And it's wins in ownership stake how does all this work out if he's a dud as a coach is that an awkward break up or watched. Yet. Which is why if I were an owner I would never agree to it. I mean I can see why they completely desperate owner like Mark Davis who want this. But other Salman owners and other owners around the NFL. Know if Jerry Jones tested now give up a percentage. Of Dallas cowboy ownership too long were the best available coach to be cowboys if he ever let's Jason Garrett go. There's no way he would allow that to be in the new president of the new way business gets done. That would be crazy. Absolutely crazy I don't know if that's gonna be a part of it I can't speak like my rule. The dull logic in me says that that can't be but the logic in me said. They're gonna stay in Oakland tonight and moved to Las Vegas. The logic in me said. They're gonna keep Del Rio based on the cost of replacing Del Rio and that's not happening and who knows what's gonna happen next it's kinda nuts. Kind of not Scott Drew and Bilbray drew you're a 957 game what's up. A game and anchor they're gonna call and yeah I don't think that ownership thing and how nice I've already heard a few guys like Jake a Laker Michael Colbert talked about it. Played. Dodd drew you got snide to give us a call back we lost him we dropped yet. And that call there dated 8957957. No chain in Albany would sub chain. There whatsoever and it's not some asserted that jump on the current topic I don't really key crew being so much of the issue comes back he'll be a great coach that includes steady and as long he has. And then now seeing combat may be more of his assistants would be more of my concern. I have read a lot topics about. Somebody like singles can come back terriers and I just don't know how long that would mesh but everything. About Crabtree. Wondering what the possibility that they were really gonna get rid of them but they feel betrayed them but in my question I guess. I don't know what value would be there I really don't understand what's left in his contract so on this I don't told Crabtree think look I would bring back Crabtree. I would I wouldn't just say we're done when this guy because I think he's a legit target. And I would bring him back I think Brad trees. All under the right circumstances can be a very good players still. Hopefully gruden would create those right circumstances. The whole I'm worried about the gruden staff. That's like worrying about the win that hasn't blown yet like that they'll only worry about that yet don't be worried about. The staff that might be assembled for the guy that might be hired like we are you're officially worrying about things that you don't need to worry about yet. And our our question yeah thank you Jane I appreciated thanks for the call. We we told. Since a guy who we do dropped I told him we get back to Rome wasn't his fault drew what are you got. Any argument I'd get a bad but they're bad out. Yeah I you know at just for what I didn't hear it I don't think that's going to be an option that what you know what time will tell on that. But didn't read my wanted to call at some of the people that. You know just seemed to not know a lot about football without all you know just brought all OK what about Joseph Gibbs told Joseph gets what he did not party with a Wafer in the game. How long punch curtain been around the game Ebert you know we've got a pocket and yet the three guys that get back at 4 in the morning he'd look at it gave. You know we bring in defense but coordinator offensive coordinator keep around it 24/7 two Brothers coach and ran out he knows what's going on in the game I mean. This chronic behavior ballot the reality called and it meant three that you know I. If that's where he learned everything at burger not. John and John Burton is the kind of guy who sits at home at 2 in the morning with a clicker going over game film even though there's no game to prepare for I mean like he is penny and under. Thinking about football it's all he thinks about you hear that gruden. He. Swings in the town to do all the pre requisite Monday Night Football interviews and they basically have to. Ask him to leave the quarterback's room at the one bed during meetings and stuff like the guy. Is a life for a full fledged bonafide coaching lifer. Who spent so much time not coaching. But still so much time discussing. Football and being around football that I'm really not worried that he hasn't caught up with. The trends in the direction of the game like I didn't gruden. May not have coached for nine years but I would file him under state of the art still. He's older. OZ 45 the last an eco she's 54 now. Still very very young guys still got a ton of energy. We tell you this do what I do like about John gruden he's got a crazy guy twinkle in his side. You need to be crazy a little bit to be successful this is an insane industry. It asks for hour is which will shave years off the back and dear life and asked for. How about this. You understand. Stress and pressure. Gruden is going to be under if he takes this gig. To deliver in Oakland remembered no one is more pro Oakland Raiders and Jon Gruden. That's going to be really awkward we know that Jon Gruden thinks a black hole should never move. They're removing that's going to be weird. That's going to be weird he's all of a sudden you NAFTA deal and I'm excited about no matter when you noted for up to him they sing in Oakland he would never move. I can't imagine the pressure he's going to be under Kennedy and sustain it will be insane but we'll choose a deal. Ron Rivera in Carolina's under the exact same pressure. Mike McCarthy in Green Bay hue Jackson in Cincinnati is apparently the only guy coaches with zero pressure at any point that it could you Jackson. Zero pressure you can be a big is a loser is you wanna be you're safe. It did it's it's gonna be huge pressure. Very interest and who really is let's go to what owl in Oakland Al the ticket taker with top Al and. Oreo glad to welcome you back sir that you would you had a we're now 2018. And I'm very honored to meet sure. Of better happen. Oh thank you Al this is shallow and glad yeah. Obama out this is pure water and in order to allow my grab your ticket as you walked past them yeah. I'd take I'd take all the tickets for the warriors are raiders and they gave them just fair period of the mid nineteen years says that. Worker fan and seeing everybody come and go and one of the nicest thing I had the other night was to look. Shake a welcome back. Al adults you know I I icon and all that because I'm an old guy myself. But anyway to make sure I'm just glad like the first time caller that they gave it back and I will be seeing you all. So. Thank you very much next homestand indeed have now hear how the ticket taker Al drop soft candy I know by asking your Avery says he's he's got to back off their added doctor says don't eat candy like this anymore I conciliator that. Very very nice guy truly truly that's got odds two elevenths still reserve would suck. Was all love you so thank you very new year to see what you got persecuted he reached an economical. Gruden got back my job do about it I'm not worried about admitting that time. I mean look at link with the manner he never read you know experiencing the awakening in a little bit and lift. Do I have a job market and even though I hate to get in many categories and those being. I'd be glad born you were hoping that amid all Prejean wanted to maybe how to get in and out or you want it all home. I'll be good Deborah to be like edit that I go a big look at a lot of talk tool and get blueprint worry that Brett paint being. But the good thing leads that are out back because. Anything bad no real guitar downing at that point. Well I mean do you from a defensive standpoint. Jack was not a defense first coach to had a lot of success for you on the defense side of the full ball. And I really believe that Del Rio was incapable of fixing the offensive problems of the raiders that's why. It was Todd downing. And never stopped being Todd downing you never hear like while Dario is gonna take over play calling duties a rest of the way. He is a defensive minded coach who didn't have a very good defense. Offensively. Yet and offensively I just don't think he had the answers to questions that are plaguing. Derek Carr it's time to bring in somebody who understands the position of quarterback Del Rio. Did a really good job changing your culture. He's dead. Our topic is our strong points it would make total fat. Are deeper and never bad break here are either that never been our problem but right now with that but there are people that we have on the roster offensively we should not eat it that. And I definitely don't believe that's our strong point acting quark it deadly plane heard about illegal Q because as most you do in the world when you get it on Monday. But I don't leading to injury at the graduate and the character issue all right I'm not sure what went down in there. But there's definitely a cancer in the locker I'm actually who or what but deathly sums up. Talked to thank you very much appreciate it let's go to markets simply Noelle mark is you're next in line when he got. I don't I don't know if you. Obviously it's a proven liars don't franchise tag dropped below are my five year 125 million dollar contract. Fortunate stops along like a redskin or what does it seem to employ a bigger conjured out of. Will nothing so I'm in the ninth to look at it this way the niners. Whatever we set about ownership this. There's no way they're dumb enough to let go Rob Lowe walk all long term deal is going to be reached they are not gonna put themselves in the position where there reopening. Very expensive negotiation like look at it this way let's say franchise Iraq blow your playoff team next year then what are you won't. Then what are you woven guy sell. They need to take care of it right now hi I believe that they will when it comes to spending. Money on drop below there's there's there's no doubt. The they're going to do whatever it takes what ever it takes to keep it going Jimmy wishes he could keep going rerouted. You've gone I mean just taught me guys all locker immense it's unfortunate that a season comes and I'm like this but go please next gen mean. We just keep this good good thing gone. Hopefully they can keep it go and they can't keep it going now the season came to an end but. What an unbelievable ending to weigh terrible beginning and to talk about all of that. We got our guide can amendment from the Bay Area news group. I've never had any community. There's only one kind of ideas karaoke retired maybe that's why in my life there was Eddie grapple yeah. My kids can't their perfect fill up by the positive. And now. Is 49 days inside. Row it. Six out of seven and the year really is the single most successful. Product we've ever seen start ON nine. It's the greatest worst football team. We've ever seen that's what they are. That's the 49ers when it's all said and done and they finished with a six in ten record sings the raiders there'll be a coin flip for draft position. Amazing. Ten men men camel would never ever thought that this would be the ending. That we got to a year that started like this it's one of the most insane in season turnarounds. I've never seen and if you look at the history of football it is the most insane. Yeah I went out before they want to last game and LA and I wouldn't shaken about. And I don't let Kyle Shanahan went through to first time the head coach she's start Thad Allen nine. And he kept the team I'll believe in themselves to the plate where they won six of their last seven and then you obviously get a franchise quarterback Koppel on the way. I mean that was one of the most remarkable coaching the other thing I've ever seen forgot that. You know started all night but I don't want to let we're within three pointer last fairly incredible. So the 49ers and the season press conference was today what did you take away. From the team what their focus is gonna be on as they approached this off season. It's amazing. That the eternal who is your quarterback question got to answer for them which means. But didn't think this offseason and just about any direction that they need to now that the quarterback is in house. Yeah I think well obviously first and foremost we gotta get back quarterback. Under contract in a way that rewards and long term rather than play the franchise tag game that. And John Lynch said today that time he says that they want to have Jimmy and a nightmare for a long long time. So. Those negotiations would be going on you know. They can get a franchise tag basically between. February march 6 at the deadline. And then they can try to get a long term deal done that before I believe July 15 so. That's sonic in I asked them they should have about a 130 million salary cap space so obviously droplet not to eat well but they can. Structure of the contract came from actually give them a lot about cap space. Let Ty Chandler very. And system that they are aggressive that they were aggressive last year in free agency. That they got all the guys they wanted to may not have been a high profile guys that are household names and so on so by. They were they got that they wanted to venom miss out on anybody. Now a lot of the household name that people now are gonna get franchise tiger only got a two way it works. But they have money to bring in extra people to compete also more holes and that they also have about nine draft actually twice each round so. That's so I'm kind of more looking out. What this team needs to do stoked to rebuild because for the most part game and there's this ultra 2017 year and see then what about the chaired out end. One at a turning point so a man made released Navarro Bowman and on fine. And other big chat for a franchise that Costa everybody stacked together demand nobody. They had Kyle Shanahan went on its back on that move and from then on to select franchise low low. You know kind of positive optimistic out of the way they are right now but I don't think anybody sought because optimistic. You know they had a lot of contributions from a whole bunch of their draft picks in and John Lynch's first draft obviously. Fostered Taylor kid old cold bare Brito Witherspoon born we saw all these guys play a role. In some of the turnaround and success they enjoyed in the final third of the season. It's funny I just rattled off the entire draft class without even using the first picks main. What kind of a year do you think Solomon Thomas just had. I didn't think he was bad. But he didn't stand though like the other guy is dead where do you put them after one year. Automatics out to vote because he got a position where he's not going to be got notice unless you Daryn bottled up Durant birdied. In the backyard it does but does appear at a interior tackle spot. Which is where you paste it back spec you're rarely get much notice them. Well you're gonna notes there are lucky fans got remarkably better than cash haven't got a league in yards per carry. Last year they had the worst try to beat a franchise history. And the worst in the league so contributed helping that out as far as our topic from Giuliani gotten picked up a bit so. Other try to make a contribution to get abortion out especially well and the superstar quarterback who make about that lives. Everyone wants a letter grade this time of the year you know what letter grade would you give Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch do they share the same letter grade. Yeah because they kind of work in lockstep you know I think John has pay out. The most character and because it wouldn't surprise fire the GM that came out of nowhere came out a broadcast Booth. And he hit it became a at least face the press charity you're able to win back spans fell precarious and outgoing and friendly he has. And that he obviously makes somebody good trait about a lot of those trade him personnel matters they come Kyle Shanahan blessed with Iraq or control that he pat. That's why they're there and a link together and we just kind of went over earlier about. I'm gonna jump child and I will tell you. That last spot for the C then the way that Barack oh how the offense during trial share and made some tremendous play Kolb that's why they seem them. Such a great read any of the league wide receivers wide open repeatedly furcal uploading debt. Especially on third down a trooper that came and any offense. Or struggle that's how team's struggles. Tim Henman Bay Area news group here on 957 the game an awful lot of talk about. You know 125. Over five is that the magic number for drop below we all know the magic number is a guaranteed number. What kind guaranteed money do you think will be offering Jimmy forget the years since forget the total. Guaranteed money what are you offering Iraq a lot. I think he edited yet to do research on it I I haven't done too much and it but I got it'll be around seventy million mark. And indicated franchise tag three times it almost sadly I've done right so. Can you can start there they can protect themselves however what language during your read or whatever. Think I'm gonna get a game that's going to be the biggest contractor grant access through without a doubt. Am not at vita just edged nature of the business especially at the quarterback position and and they haven't ever show up act and the cash. Or quarterback you know everybody pack chalk and it was getting that. Three years ago it turned out to be kind of phony numbers. They protect themselves quietly as it turned out because that. Eric obviously that worked out all I don't they brought Lowell high note dropped oh not out at PL anywhere close the way. I can't predict that Sochi and make and the 49ers have so much cap pay the salary cap keeps on climbing and I don't like anybody needs to worry about the numbers outside of whatever Jimmy Barack below lots of good whatever money you want a blunt term now. Tammy admitted here on 957 game you can govern football in this town for way too long. Cannot ask you about this Jon Gruden rumor what do you think do you think he returns to the raiders' sideline. I Sergio I think this luck. I think they can't out there right now because I'm not watching the Rose Bowl last night grit and donate yeah. After retirement per yet a commercial for yet he had a camp that wild card weekend. Yeah I putted like speaking of salt because do you gotta gotta work at game. I can't wait to get out I think it's I think it's a great group for the raiders have turned that they got to keep the candidate gone the other guy. Do we know look right now a grown franchise quarterback a couple of really good players Ott Spezza line and that they paid account or that need to step their game up. And you've got some promise it outright receivers too so. Coming into a situation where you can tell us opens up a backup script you don't play out. Very interest saying not tie it 2017 goes out and 2018. Comes roaring. In and what are you know the Bay Area thanks to Jimmy Rob Lowe and thanks in this Jon Gruden rumor. They're not just back on the NFL radar they could be the main stage of the radar next year there really could be it. Stated I can't find an epic all right let our. Especially since and they haven't had a fight between eight. To get to number nine and number checked except the last I cannot and the press conference that Cabrera to dissect these shouted out lynch. What do I can't temperature elderly sat. No work off student practicing like all met we would be analytic are right now I'm married it's 5050. Yeah Lotta gravity. Pretty good pretty good I'll tell you this right now and every year at a coin flip it's always tales. Tails never fails. In lesser task. Or thank you very much great to talk to you is always ten men men forty niner insider in the Bay Area news group. Don't go too far away from your phone I'm feeling will be talking real soon again my friend thank you. Happy new year cam and then great albums been fantastic all season long 889579570. Let's go do MD in San Leandro Andy what do you got. They don't. You. Yeah I didn't let it in you know I hear did you ever look much better this year and at one point eight and one name I'm glad I had not heard it was higher. Blocked it. We really want it checked Norton I did not happy and I think better prepared. But the debate it and you know it and he got our regret I'd like to keep at LA he'd be like incredible talent partnered. It's the right move it is Andean thank you for the call it's the right move for gender stake. Quiet it's the right and I think he's learned this if you haven't learned. It's better to say nothing and have people. Think you might be a dollar and open your mouth and remove all doubt. Like I'm not saying Jenson dollar he's not he's a Smart guy but she is done no personal favors for himself. By trying to victory lap any niners' success. So just stay quiet I'd I did see him tweet but it was about the catch rule. It was about a cat she was got to catch so I'd like I don't have a problem with a menu was. Well how about by the way mark he's good when you see get smoked. In neck games yeah. I don't talk about to head hunting and glad he's okay. But as its own signs yet if I were Jad I would just sit back laid back in the cut things are going great there's no reason. To stick yourself into a story that's going so well. No reason to. Think about it. Word of mouth. Is the best form of advertising. No one's had a negative thing to say about Jed York for about six weeks now. Ted Levi stadium feels a little bit better like that caller earlier said that sun's not an issue as much as he used to be fans are happy are right to stay out of the dance and keep the music's been in the parties going on. Don't ended with an announcement or anything like that very very good advice we've got much more for you more of your calls aided 89579570. Next hour. Oh yeah to Tuesday Morgan have our first Tuesday trifecta of the year we're gonna come back though. The single most amazing thing Omon. And he came in Borussia on. On 95 separate game. Great to have you along a Tuesday trifecta comes up next hour along with a little. Discussion. But the HBO's hard knocks him now. The 49ers can talk about how they don't wanna be on it. I think they're going to be on it I mean there is just no team this season coal loose. Two is interesting and is eligible. As they are blood that for you next hour we got you to 7 o'clock tonight we got a bridge shows for you tomorrow. Idea that's right we got warriors Texas trip Dallas and Houston. It's a 530 tipping Dallas tomorrow warriors more Moscow has started 4 o'clock 5 o'clock tipping Houston on Thursday warriors more mom's gonna start at 330 so. When I found out that I had requested. To date to be an off day. I have heard about that like I did like screw my vacation day. I'd rather not take it does mean you let your job well that's when you know you got a lot of stuff to deal would do. And I'm like forget it if I take today off they're gentlemen and finalize is prudent thing before I'd get back I edited activists. So it's good to be back. Let's face it. Validation Molly's give back to work like it's it's time you know parties over every what are these okay now the party's over. New Year's Eve sucked is always it always does ride done that. Ali really it nears in yeah all we saw I Tonya we had dinner with some friends and and we were home. Watching like a billions marathon then we click over for 32 serve. On. New Year's Eve with. Andy Cohen and now what's his name on CNN Anderson Cooper OR IAA has at that this year. That shows sucks. And in much about one I like them the Ryan Seacrest show wins. Jenny McCarthy who said more work done and Jenny McCarthy now looks exactly. Like Joan Rivers. Scene looks a little bit different idea when you've had just a little bit too much work done. Jenny McCarthy looks like Joan Rivers not Joan Rivers at the beginning Joan Rivers at the end. Just thought that she does fine was gorgeous. Now known to do cheat time and now she looks like Joan Rivers that socked. Like I'm is on down on New Year's Eve new years we believe is literally for people who don't. Have the friends to go party wins or the social. Personality your inclination to go on party any night of the other you know I mean like. Quite I want our whole bunch of bartenders on New Year's. 930 because. Tuesday night last week was bigger than your New Year's Eve was seen now. Yes he is not the night before they are real makes Saturday night or whatever the night of the thirtieth a big night out and then you're not dealing with all the crazies in the trunk cards weekend aren't kept our legal project traditional line cook did you have arranged how many did you get so Julie and I normally do like a big 100000 piece like gold project forward we just into small ones this year we did a little. Eiffel Tower called theory Romaine and take and then we also kept our Star Wars theme a jump in and we get a storm trooper took that he keep those up. I don't know the lane falcons up in your house right well once a Lago project comes together I mean we don't. Bust out the crowd goal so it stays that way forever but I myself. But we we yeah I mean we proudly displayed visas family heirloom. As you sit as we do know. 888957957. No more your calls in just a second but I promise you. A little something we like to call the most amazing thing. Telling me how amazing. Summer of America. Angry I didn't. Yeah me. Don't say that I swear to. It's time for the. Amazing. The most amazing thing today was gonna call. The Buffalo Bills who are back in the playoffs for the first time in seventeen years. Longest. Street goes no playoff appearances in north American sports come to an end that feels amazing but then CNET. I got to go to college to find what is without a doubt the most amazing thing you're gonna hear about sports today are you ready I am ready so. We all know what national championship game is coming it's going to be an all SEC title game. It's going to be Alabama. What do you know and again. Am a Georgia they really are the two best teams in the country go. I have no problem without this championship conversation. And it's my problem is when it's beginning. I think you gotta have. More spots for team's all five power conference winners automatically qualify for a shot at a national championship. Then any. Team that is gone undefeated I think it's a shot. And this brings us to our most amazing thing. Which believe it or not is about the University of Central Florida Florida. It is no they don't you know adversity in Central Florida Florida. This team. Won the peach bowl against Auburn. In it was awesome. Great game Dave Fleming had to call Dave Fleming got wanna be that's bowl games it toward look at it this way if it weren't for the fact that the Rose Bowl. Was like on fire going downhill off some. We'd all be talking about the peach bowl and University of Central Florida today. Here is your most amazing thing. There were 51. Players. On this year is UCF team that we're on the same team did in 2015. Went winless. From ON twelve. Two years later your perfect fifties or your perfect thirteen now wow. 51. Kids. Who were ON twelve. Finished this year thirteen no bad is. We will do that turnarounds don't get bigger and Matt that is quite the turnaround turnarounds don't get bigger than that that is one of the coolest classes to ever go through a program. See when nothing in any turn around and look and win a bunch from. Couldn't win a game to didn't lose a game. 51. Different scholarship athletes unbelievable. Dad is the greatest turn around. In college football single class history. We didn't win a game. We couldn't lose a game unbelievable there's your most amazing thing I hope it made you go wow that's impressive. Isn't this and it's very impressive and you can't be impressed by that you weren't here to talk about what's impressive in sports. Unbelievable. Undefeated. 8889579570. This is car roll in Richmond and what's going on Karl how're you. Well yesterday I didn't do very well at all very bad. Team that ESP NN ballot that's seven talking head instead of letting you watch the game. Well you realize that you had like six different options and you choose the option he waited. You could just watch the game money ESPN and watched a straight up broadcast. You're watching the coaching room or another one of the broadcast he didn't have to watch it that way you just did. Comcast didn't give me a choice but that. You just want a boy and an Atlanta Indiana why I got the same talking head. Emphatic guy who haven't made it to the ball game trying to tell the poker right eight people why they should understand they gave that dog. Well I tell you there's a lot of interest and stuff going on in the coach's room I actually watch a little that when the game. Bob. Dutton got out of hand. And Clemson just didn't have a shot I was like our life and entertain me. Want Sean and his coaches room but Carlisle ansari did Comcast didn't did you account you what you didn't have. ESPN. On Comcast you only had ESPN UESPN. Two because the main the Fiesta Bowl. Was on ESPN. I. Well that connect channel that I had available and turned them both off until the last quarter of the Rose Bowl. And I turned on the nick gave him the same stuff I turned around anymore expression night. I'm sorry Carl luckily that game got out of hand the only game yesterday the had doom who literally had to watch the whole thing. The entire thing was the Rose Bowl the Rose Bowl was as good a four quarter football game would too awesome quarters of overtime. Built in afterwards is any game I've never seen the Rose Bowl. Wasn't eight plus plus plus it was so good so entertaining let's say hello to Stephen. No one Stephen what are yap. I. About. Credit I didn't get credit event packed up and I'm. Worried. At a not about. An outfit there. I out of money it odd opted out of law it good outbid them for Nader who I'll vote at. Needed a leader Deng and it got a guy out all that not a great evil big yard. It dad and what not not that it can't. Yeah. Wrenching day in my iPod Reggie diary bit. Did you need a ballad about and it it. Did not firing. Firing I. Showed that. Well everybody know yet valid yet let that Dick Cody went well and at the heart shot at Eden. College. Yeah well I mean did the fatal flaw I mean he did the single fatal flaw. Of Jack del Rio's final season. Is when he installed Todd downing. The installation of Todd downing. As offensive coordinator the dismissal of bill musgrave. Is where it all went off the rails. And the thing. That really was. The knife in Del Rio is back where is that there was nothing to suggest. That he was the doctor. To operate on this problem. Jack's. Expertise is on the defensive side of the ball not that the so you have a guy who's a defense first coach not doing enough defensively. And then when you turn around and say well all our big problems are on offense. Can you fix that. EBay's.