Damon Bruce Show Hour 1

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, December 27th

Damon is back! DB recaps everything that's gone down in sports since he's been out - joined by Dieter Kurtenbach [sports columnist for the Bay Area News Group].


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What do you now. I thought I'd post my own show today hey there really how Loria. I feel old 85%. Better than I did and any point in time last week were sold at a hundred this cold. Was a mother yeah this thing put me to bed for four days in a row really I mean I even. Had to call our our our new PD now is like look around. I know this'll shady is now the. The guy who all of a sudden just happens to get sick for days before a Christmas break I mean that is. That's borderline sinister GAAP. Well I don't even trust myself. But I was damn sick I really was it is good to be back is good to see you it is great to see Alina. Al B he's still like vacationing on the multi Coastr something or not enemies is Philadelphia and and but. Tommy is in produce and today good to see him. I just saw a bond day for the first time well since Christmas Osama Christmas. It bears. Derek pop. See you buddy hadn't seen in a long time. I don't think it's just sort of let you guys. Unless you see Tim Damon we misty Terrell thanks to everybody who still there and I mean it was a cavalcade of of a human beings Michael Irvin yep Chris Townsend. Roxy get one day no it was average tittle was then Rick was then guru might die and eighteen to a seasonally and my bed and and I don't literally like like every one but middle Kosovo right thank you very very much we really do appreciate it. I didn't know the amount of people who picked up the slack around here when it aren't vacation week for most people. But I knew I'd let the station down oh yeah I hated that I hate being the weak link. Well a lot of people out time off anyway so. Worked out though and you are better and here you are. And cut it showed. Are we ready to recap. I don't just want to recap we don't recap everything that's happened since I've been gone until it did and I'd like to recap the entirety of 2017 here in the snack segment if I could voice. Number one. Coach you beat the number one defense and full ball dignity he dead goat she won out there and just showed you a good game good game good game good game. I if you are not a believer. I hate this word yeah you want you largest hater you didn't want to be good you weren't rooting for them you hoped it would be a failure you can't admit what is obvious. Jimmy eagle rock below right now on a team that is built to be good at best. Is it top ten quarterback in the NFL. I can't even imagine what an offseason might look like what this guy not that one season directly carries into the next which is a lesson. Every raider fan learned this year. But the pieces are now in place that you need the most you need a head coach who's offensive minded and you need a quarterback couldn't go out and deliver. York. Offensive minded head coach's game plan and I guess that brings us to Jack Del Rio and beat Rainer parade of disappointment. The raider parade of disappointment. Finally. Comes to an end. And Greg Papa. Was livid I. 57 seconds away from overtime Garrett can go into the IQ four. Formation. That didn't exactly go well. You know did they show up with a little sleight. Yeah. Nice job way to do win what would bring it when it's officially too late. Derek looked awful the team was is out of sync is Philadelphia was luckily out of sync for you because Nicole's had a bad day. It's just ended a disappointing season and any and all directions for the raiders. And given the fact I'm no longer interest didn't selling future hope for a team that's leaving town. That's sick raiders' season is over for all intents and purposes. If Jack Del Rio wants to talk to a some Monday we will. But there's there's there's very little left to be said it was an epic failure in every direction. There should be accountability that might go all the way to the head coach's door. Certainly downing needs to go. Derek Karr he's regressed in a way that I had not seen a quarterback forget how to play football after looking like Jesus guy to really get it done. Now what are the jury back out on him hurries the offensive line and his wide receivers. Creating the illusion that he's bad I saw a guy who's bounce and a lot of footballs on on Sunday I don't I don't care how cold and nasty wasn't Philadelphia. And I know I said Sunday that was on Monday night game knows that happened on Christmas. But Christmas Day you hopefully starting with presents for all of view hopefully started with the everything you wish for under that three then all of a sudden Santa Durant. Santa Durant put another lump of coal and LeBron stocking I thought that was pretty interesting the warriors go on to win and guess what this season is here now. The unofficial. Tip off date of the NBA. It's been Christmas Day since I was about in high school is something that Stein and conceding and I were talking about on Christmas Day when I popped into the Big Three had it were your pregame show we rolled out the red carpet. It was an NBA finals game. I gotta tell you. It it's. It's amazing to see the warriors. When they wanna turn it on when they're motivated to play. Drew rant is evolving in front of us in ways we didn't really think she was going to continue twelve balls he is. Now as consummate a defender as he is an offensive threat. And it's really amazing so I'm executing our talk about what wasn't the NBA on Christmas Day become is synonymous with football on Thanksgiving. And I really couldn't think that when I was a little little little kid wasn't a big deal. And then I remember it you know late. Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Christmas Day bulls lakers on ABC or NBC because he used to be the NBA on NBC wood the great John Tesh theme song like ivory every I think I remember Christmas Day NBA becoming important. In my teenage years like when I was in high school. And it's now been a part of an and that game went up that was a really fun game two minute report be damned and some Golden State Warriors feel that way till. Tom. It is clearly. Parts of the game plans for the Cleveland Cavaliers try to get a warrior rejected. I mean it's it's it's yeah you've got guys up their act. Actively lobbying in real time for players to be thrown out of the game. I. I got a lot of respect for LeBron you should have an awful lot of respect for LeBron to don't get caught up in the Durant LeBron noise there's plenty of room for both of these guys to be. Very very good for a very long time. You know the NBA. Doesn't need to conclusively. Identified. The number one player in the world at all times like these guys are both fantastic. They're great at what they do they're not good they're great and the match is great right now they're all time greats. There's plenty of room there's plenty of love and accolades to go around. What there won't be. Is any Cleveland Cavaliers success in the seven game series against the Golden State Warriors. If you tell me the difference in this game will be revealed the next time we see them play because Isiah Thomas might be back step curry will be back. Well so what you're doing is adding. The greatest three point shooter of all time who complain a little bit of defense. For the warriors and staff curry and it. For IT you definitely. Add a hell of an offensive player. But he doesn't have Obama's aunt is the primary point guard anymore that's a bronze job and he might be the single worst on ball defender. In the NBA the Cleveland Cavaliers play defense like a light switch it either on or off. Likely to give you a good effort through shot clock or. They're getting beaten transition and the old teams like that guy gotta lamp. As long as the cavaliers don't embraced defense as the single most important thing. Their organization needs to do before reaches yet another NBA finals. They're dead meat and they have not made that embrace. There isn't somebody here on the text line says. Screw abroad. So why are you Juan. Side of reason. On the side of knowing that LeBron James vs Kevin Durant one on one could produce. A different winner if they played ten different times like they're both very very good. The thing that Kevin Durant LeBron had most in common is we never seen guys who deeds would this prolific skill set in bodies like that. You've never seen a guy who was. 280 all muscle totally ripped built like a tight end. Played a game like a point guard and center and a power forward and then for Durant got a guy who's in woods hit seven footer. Who plays like a 62 point guard because he's got crazy candles and all. For a little wrinkle this year he decided to become maybe the best defender in the NBA. Crazy man who brings it. Makes it fun. So Santa Durant started everything grade on Christmas. The raiders paraded disappointment ends in Philadelphia. But giants. The San Francisco Giants. You know what they didn't. Got a real Major League third baseman. Criticize the player criticized the number criticize this season he's coming off of criticized the price tag all you want. Evan Longoria is not going to come cheap. For the San Francisco Giants in terms of paycheck in terms of what they gave up for him in Christian Roy AL. You can have Denard Span you can add the other two pitchers Conan but to pick up that much money insult put royal when the deal. Shows the Tampa thinks that Longoria is quite a good player and you know what even always coming off of down numbers. Across the board and his career. That guy is a Major League third baseman straight up bonafide Major League third baseman offensively defensively. He will play. Measuring. What next year might look like against the entirety of his career he is gonna start a 158. Games at third base. Longoria plays he plays every day. Is he perfect. He's a bonafide real deal Major League third baseman the giants got better at that position they need to now go get better at many other positions. Reds' Billy Hamilton that's still rumor a whisper. They knew about it later on this week Tommy weakened second win John Monroe see our buddy just to see what's going on on the hot stove rumor mill. Still momma a ton of action out there. But Longoria. Is in San Francisco. Tynes got a third baseman that they can say hey he belongs. Let's see let's see let's go. Home Damon forget seeing a direct you should go win easily gone with the rental cost. Eric in the 219 Eric you beat me to a better phrase no doubt. Curry's looking good. To put that the big recap of everything that we need to talk about logged in a way Currie is looking good. You know what that's fantastic news take all the time you need and then take just a little bit more. Take all the time you need there's no rush on curry to return hate Christmas would have been great but hey Dan's the breaks that sports. If you think about it. Having the luxury of being able to rest stepped curry. As long as you need to if not longer than you need to it's because Kevin Durant is here what the hell is Kevin Durant doing here. If you can't get staff curry all the room he needs to recover from a sprained ankle. What's the ramp going here. You literally bit. The NBA. Since its creation. More often than not spits out this equation. The teams with the best players. Go to furthest. Period and the story almost all the time very rarely. Is that. You know picker re high school total underdog. Dikembe Mutombo laying in the lane celebrating a huge upset Denver Nuggets beat whoever did it was at the Sonics say here you know like it it it was. You do not get the huge underdog upset very often and it NBA seven game series talent carries the day. So really. You just wanna be the most talented team and is helping you can be when the playoffs start those are your best chances were always going to lie in the sport. Got all the talent in the world when you've got these four all stars. And the one who goes down it's no big deal you don't need to rush anybody back Kevin Durant. Is the ultimate insurance policy for stuff curry the ultimate insurance policy and vice Versa. We saw the exact opposite this play itself out last year when Durant went down and curry was like oh that's cool don't worry about it did everyone forget I'm Superman. Two young award for best Christmas present. Out of this yet and I got my day I gotta love scene Sok an open all his guess was the best Christmas present ever but I did get a lovely bottle of perfume on one and oh. Very nice so very silly. Elizabeth Taylor who now and I know it's made by fresh. I don't know that it's it's off the sounds like a fresh baked cookies. I am wearing my favorite Christmas present pretty awesome my name. I guess what what is so my wife's sister is my sister in law yes you have a sister in law. Caitlin Chilean sister sent me to T shirt I'm wearing it says. Stark are Darien. Mae West rose graded on and it's like a campaign shirt and looks like to trump pence thing it's what I'll tell our target area and this is. As much fun as Christmas got for me this year as very close she did well she did very very well. Also saw the new Star Wars last night. A fan boys are impossible to please. Impossible. I should Star Wars is basically the SEC of movie conference's Star Wars is Alabama. Nick Saban can win five out of six national championships in the one year he doesn't when it someone's gonna want him fired that's a delusional one saint rednecks are down there about their football team and that's a delusional and seeing Star Wars fans. Are about Star Wars you know but bring up well let's not accurate according to the books there are assessed what who read the books you virgin guess you didn't. I ought to do like the move I only care about the movies and what I like about this movie is how it basically spit. On all the cutie cutie Star Wars stuff that JJ Abrams set up every single story that JJ a little bit of a spoiler here every single story JJ Abrams wanted to tell. This movie. Puts out like a cigarette in a puddle. It's not even that big of a storyline Aaron there's no art here because of what he said at the last movie it's just kind of minor in folk. It's yeah it's like hey every big question that got axed. In that in the big reboot they got everyone so I am and this movies like. Screw those questions are more uninteresting we're going and that's completely another direction did that make the movie better I liked it but here's the thing I'm not some Star Wars circumstance fan boys like. The biggest problem with the movie is I'm no longer a fifteen year old kid. That's you know almost 43 year old man I did that did based on that Star Wars should never mean more than a B plus to me on that alone right right. I'll get a big. Fair enough assessment it was dead like Dick I heard there's a lot of Disney influence in this film you can kind of tell. Or ex poured Ford's furry things. I like them. A little bits a comic relief Dell elected that upsets you you're a portal Jack off. I am aides now you're saying you know I yell if you walk out of that movie and all you do is complain about their cute little animal. That was in the movie for like a grand total 45 seconds. You're jackass. Think if you're just impossible to please Disney's gonna be all over that. Altered in a sell a lot of stuff or I right now my my wife wants a porn stuffed animal cook the incident went. Our numbers hated 89579570. Looking forward to talking to you today it's been a long time since we've had a chance to talk was out all last week being sick. And of course the holidays came and went. I'm going to be here until Friday in the what do we got where rule will be on what New Year's Eve is what Monday night sold so you know senate nice over on Monday which is New Year's Day OK so we back and Suzanne Simons and say we got today we got tomorrow we got Friday good. I love it. Solid good circumstances and that's why don't talk about we talk about the power circumstances. And how circumstances really dictate. Any story we tell in sports. They really truly do. You know. Just a little example everyone argues over the circumstances. That happen. All the time the warriors well they're not winning that first title if tiger Reid and Kevin Love aren't hurt how many times have you heard that. How many times you heard that if you're warriors fan right. The raiders. Yes they lost in the playoffs last year. But they did so with a third string quarterback which means there's really no shame in that there's a lot of teams that lose a playoff game with a third string quarterback. You know the circumstances dictated that loss. As much as anything the raiders did in that game or didn't do in mad game or circumstances were set up for them to fail. In Houston. Circumstances. Circumstances would be. The giants' thinking they're good enough to win the National League west but you know what just every one got hurt had a bad year at the same time. Those were the circumstances that prevented us from being a first place team. What made money ball. A phenomenon in sports that it became. If you think about it she on the money ball. Is just. About circumstances. The knees put a consistent. Winning product on the field which was amazing. Giving their circumstances. Of we don't spend money like a Major League Baseball team. So that was what was amazing. About money ball was the circumstances they consistently produce success. Would almost zero investment. In their game it's incredible they did the bare minimum to field a winner and they. Fielded a winner might not been a World Series winner. But that was what was amazing. About money ball. The circumstances. Under which the eighties found some sustained success there. And it circumstances. Dictate. All of our arguments all the time in sports. This brings me back. What is the most amazing thing around Jimmy garrote below. We saw the circumstances. I mean the jig was totally out that was they won it in ten football team. One in ten football teams don't put it together to rally at the end of the year. If you start all when nine chances are. Historically speaking. How does well and only nine start is never produced a team that won more than three games. All of a sudden. The 49ers sitting on five points. This is a one in ten football team and we all pretty much looked around and agreed with the each other. Outside of but two or three young pieces. And a couple of older guys who can still bring in a little. A lot of very there. We're like worse than expansion roster football team right. Now look at this. The circumstances. Under which Jimmy rob below his found success. Are extraordinary. Extraordinary. We're gonna talk about all of this would Peter Curtin Bob who covers. All little world of sports for the San Jose Mercury news I see in the raider games I seen the niner games I've seen the warriors games more have a little something from. All. All the pedals of the flower. Will be packed with our good friend Peter Curtin Barr coming up in just a moment 8889579. By sentinel is the number it is great to be back we will talk to you a little bit later coming up next Dieter curtain boss here on the Damon brush up. And good he would be in good to be back and feel a little bit better than last week for sure end. Forty niners got to be feeling better than they have at any point in time this year looks like they've found an answer. Meanwhile the raiders got a ton of questions and what do you know another win over the cavaliers. On Christmas Day it's happen for the warriors. Let's set that up one more time NBA finals parts for sounds good to me. Peter Curtin boss from the San Jose Mercury news good enough to join us here thank you very much Dieter Powell were the holidays. Get everything Santa. Yes for it out of everything SR. I did our ears are very nice very good time with the family. Got over being sick right in time for Christmas so. Everything went great certainly things are not gone great for the raiders and a lot of people. Had taken a long time in a long look at everything that's gone wrong and to me it's all about. This is the only priority. The raiders have is getting Derek Karr back to right is Jack Del Rio the right guy to do that. I hate it it doesn't seem like come on Del Rio this year that I hadn't really changed yet on Jack Del Rio I still maintain that on Sunday. It should be raiders lose in a blowout of the chargers is that an embarrassing performance that I let the chance to change. They'll reality as an audible liability in this whole thing because it got doubt extra orbit this year and ultimately. Doubting didn't get a competent today compel every elk. All indications are he's done after the chargers game. And so long at Del Rio conspire the off. According to the first year course I'm offensive coordinator he can say that he can turn this thing around and I'm Richard might be best suited going that route I. My my opinion Don Del Rio are well documented I don't think they eat the man to be a good team and make it great but. He's certainly after twelve wouldn't even probably deserves the opportunity to do so but he's gonna have to make a big change. On the up and decided probably gonna have to go out side of the building to find a guy who can make it work their car because dirt are the French British established that firmly. And if they can't but said he wanted to work with them they're they're gonna go down. Real hard and so they got bigger makes you that this thing is possible but it did not want your the Osce. You know when I look at the 49ers IDC team that is. Literally running the experiment that the raiders need to run where you have a state of the art x.s and nose head coach aligning with a quarterback who can run the offense perfectly and to meet. You know defense as head coach is a a word should stand heard works. And. Small handful of places maybe even around the NFL but this is a quarterback pass first you better have the offense leads. And we Del Rio being so noncommittal to offensive coaching. I just wonder if he's the guy to turn Derek Karr round because he's the guy was here when Darren Clarke seemed to lose. Grasp of leadership execution. Are holding his teammates accountable. Yeah I don't disagree with that assessment that the same time this is Jack Del Rio deserves credit. Or taking what was a laughingstock for exactly turn him into a respectable unit the only reason that it's raiders even. Is considered it an actor by so many years because they became a respectable year to this post are the court that might have been an improvement. On years pat had they not won twelve games last year or so he took a bad even made it good and he did that doing it the way I looked at and the coaches do which is through. Cal rock rock tactics. If they need and an offensive tactician now the question is will Del Rio get out of the way what he let. An offensive coordinator essentially be the head coach of the offense will he allow someone technical brilliance to shine true or will he micromanage on that side of the ball I don't have a great read on that I don't know what he'll change. Eat it it it one way or another but I totally agree with you in the sense that it is it all the better quarterback head coach leak. And the medical center and still have to be an offensive mind but he has to allow Coke. Tactics and brilliant to shine through and right now that not necessarily. The culture that's going on in Alameda and god really inch deceit and Adrian because it Del Rio is on the hot seat now. Realistically you're not but we all know what happened next year he keeps his job he happily on the hot seat. Who want that often to coordinator job who's gonna want. Media one meter shot at stake in some. It can be adjusting not bury that Nancy how does go to the next couple weeks. On at what point does the priority of the franchise become. Sitting trying to get one for the bay before we leave we just need to set this whole thing up to where we arrive in Los Vegas ready to win. Yeah yeah I think that's probably why they're backed. Best suited going the offensive coordinator rout that saw cease and and just trying to reach that that specific area because but it doesn't work. It typical that they knew exactly where the whole thing is far apart it was Chuck Todd down and it's all. I doubt would have been out halfway through defeat at it's just ready to attend these all get yet been drafted well in certain conditions. They read independently of the job until clearly just Jack Del Rio altered just Derek cards all they wouldn't have jobs so they're at their current with the issues going on here AM. It did you walk into court here comes into their car still showing the same lack of poise in the pocket if you still not the quarterback that the raiders thought they were getting when they did 125 million dollars. If correct the problem oriented show that you are still showing up next year eagle with a new lows even with jump Adonal staying on at the peak yet clear how to stop the baht. And you have another year where you can you know maybe get that proto rebuild in the air and you may be in good condition like a forty niners are today with what cleared out they. They did those half measure should summiteers will keep ball keep or fire the coach like. Well I didn't do anyone any good if when they cleared outs from top to bottom there and really good condition right out of legal sat human expect itself. I would expect the raiders to try to look at play that a lot of people doubted the way 49ers down and they got probably the way to go about it don't measure drag that thing up urging three years. You're going to make changes you make it a bottle and I don't think the raiders are anywhere near that point right now but next year it doesn't blow out the the same repeat performance yeah they'll be there. Merc sports columnist Peter Curtin boss you're on the Damon Bruce show on 957 game was changed directions. To a Christmas Day match up for the warriors they beat the cavs have until about two minute reports. Outlook two minute report could be could be something to write down. But it's there they actually I mean this sent it get it get content to people and down. I I get paid they had purpose. For the official I. I I always sounded kind of strange that put the official on black like that I'll eat. I could expect complaining about officiating it not be NBA final. You know fit. LeBron without three time than they probably missed three travel every possession and equally important to look at it on the macro. Is going up there and in couldn't. Officials doubled really our job on black for making big they don't really bad look I believe I know the officials Egan and try to get rid of the public to the reports are a lot I wish the NBA would. What about you than what they want to look at the final altered the game that really matters to meet that it. It curtain that appealed bigger but the regular season game like but not pretend like it the end of the world but in the call via. And other then like jamming up the mash season getting people angry today after a game there's no accountability attached to it I'd never seen now then say well. This official miss so many important Coles in the final two minutes of the game that we're gonna give him the next week off flight there is. There's zero ramifications. Other than fan anger from the two minute report and they're sold garbled every time you read one it's not like they're learning the lessons. Yeah no I hate it. Just finger pointing. And you know that never done anyone any anywhere you know probably what I do prolific oh we do. That is what we do for a living we leave we point fingers and we blame people. Draft will not find out for us we could never actually do ourselves with me. Oh absolutely absolutely so yeah. Maybe it's right in line with what it you know what we'd like to do and again I like especially like the fox you know drum up some controversy U got something to talk about but the day but. You know the state immediately flew from a doled drum another loan or seek an interest in her early afternoon but I do find them rather. Trying to read a Peggy. Dieter curtain boss feels very German did you have a Christmas tree or did you have all Tom bomb. How did Edwards on the ball my girlfriend to a Scottish decided that we needed a nine put all Christmas tree and and vocal and so we will we have a living being and are out to other than that to Obama stand up I had no idea what can happen to a guy I imagine after dragging it out drag it out not. And the next three days back. I'm nine foot tall tree means you're looking at a about a fifteen foot ceiling that's the one well on our columnist salary my friend congratulations. On your high ceilings. And it's always a pleasure to have you on thank you very much. They got Dieter Kurt bock. Owner of high ceilings. Very impressive. Nine foot tree that's like that's ballroom action man if you got a nine foot tree you got some nice living room Clarence. Eight at 89579570. You know I know we had a couple callers earlier. They had to wait. Yet to drop off. I understand we're coming back to take your calls for the first time an overly weeks since I've been here 8889579570. We'd go to the thousands. Next here on out if I submitted. Great to have you thanks so much for stop Saddam by here on the Damon Bruce show I think we've spent this entire hour. Recapping. Kind of everything that happened since I was out last week being sick I did forget something known. And I think is as big as something that's happened in the sports world as there is in a long time I don't know if you saw it. It happened last week. Did you see. Or hear. From Dan led the targets. In Major League commissioner rob Manfred. Alive on his show I did hear that wow yeah Al. I'm gonna tell you is someone who does interviews that understand sometimes you have to have a contentious interview to get something out of here interviewing subject. Knowing that you have to respect your subject and then the way when you're having a sports commissioner on. You know you'd eat eat I don't wanna say that the look I'm beholden to not a single commissioner in sports. Not a single league in sports paying me a dime I'm not working for anybody. If I'm not work in Korea I owe you nothing. On the way have always gone about my business. And Dan love it's hard. Brought on a Major League commissioner. To set him up and catch him in a lie which he did. And then has been criticized incessantly from the Major League Baseball complained ESPN and you know what why don't all of you grow up not let its hard. But Baseball Commissioner you sold out the city of Miami. That just spent in future dollars. Billions. To build up. So the Marlins we're gonna be a fire sale until they got the new stadium they got a new stadium new ownership. Data fires sale in what you know they're all these stories now popping up about how. If the other people who had been on the Marlins. Had won the bid they organ add to the payrolls they weren't gonna have a fire sale. And it's pretty easy to say that it's a lot easier to spend your money like drunken owner. When you're not a drunk and owner. Like mad what an inner view. Awkward contentious. You know these things can be good remember couple weeks ago. We talked about how ya wanna eighteen is gonna be different there's no more room for the eat a whole heck if you think if other days. Other race and you need that guy sometimes to be a hole that you don't wanna be you don't have the guts to beat you wouldn't be it's not in your nature. This is the value. Of having a jackass in days. In the media. I mean did they say the things that your thinking that your too afraid as too afraid to. Put out there they are willing to do it for you so yeah sometimes you do need that person. Ask those questions it was a very interesting interview them. Fascinating down. Oh is it was a straight up I'm angry at you interrogation there was. He's based in Miami right here is he's a native Miami in the hand is you know he is Helm that is his hometown. Much the way this is my hometown. And is much as I am going to miss the raiders says you know another topic another subject like they're done they're done to me now like that that's it. I'm not gonna sell anyone on a big turn around a new coach the same coach who cares they're leaving town mean what else can you say that's sick. Let's say coming more bites of the apple do you move to do you want us to take one we all know you're taking the apple away. Maybe you feel differently. Not your shell. It is a warriors on Wednesday. Brought you by Porsche Walnut Creek 2017 premier Porsche dealer in Friedman's appliance a trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. Armor. In Concord. I got that right how aria. Yeah high command line and back up. Basically I remember that article here. That over a good about it where I go oh port five they were there and not literally sideways. Now would go out below going and your iPod boat people went in and out of the game you know. What clicks between the ram. That we are good and then maybe because both vote on cardinals where it was saying leading a diminishing gene. Probably going to be greater than men and that means you're at Stanford co op would be fired but in nineteen. I I I love you calmer. I love your enthusiasm and your excitement what we're not ready to do is start going through next year's schedule walls and chalking up wins and losses slow too early for that. But you have reason to be excited for the first time in four years as the 49ers fan you now have I think. The look. I really believe that you've got your best quarterbacks in Ron Amadon I'm already gonna take garage below and LeapFrog him over Jeff Garcia sorry Jeff but that's the way it goes. This guy is the real deal. Here's the thing about Shanahan Shanahan. Has been Colin plays that have had guys. Open all year long and many got a quarterback who could hit those open guys and man. Are they open and are they having success he. Just made the number one defense. In the NFL and were laid enough in this season where that's no longer a child sample tags like Jacksonville has banned. Oh some offensively pretty much all year. Minus car the month. Obligated need to gain new didn't reminders. What they went on the total. And the niners have been playing with more focus in more purpose than the raiders have been playing way is forget about the Philadelphia game I'm talking about going back to the games that mattered. Showing up in KC not at all showing up in DC not at all. Showing up in Denver not at all. Mean it's just been a disaster how about this. Any great offense should look pretty good early in a football game. And then. Great in game coaching takes over and maybe you were playing against a coach who can really slow down whenever you've had success with early but every single team. Should walk into would gain feeling good about the first quarter and their chances to do something in the first quarter moved the ball Sorrell little. And the really good teams that you play. We'll figure out how to turn down the screws later that's what you know everyone's like why do people raised their four fingers when the fourth quarter starts. Well because he's. Zacks. When it really counts that's when you've had three full quarters to feel each other out. Who's playing well today who's playing poorly today everyone's got their rhythm now who's gonna make the right adjustments. To score late and winning game. You should score easier early and you are scoring easier way to get it. Everyone caught up and followed along. The raiders scored ten points in the first quarter. Over the last seven games. Combined. That's over half a year that that's almost. Half a year a football. Walking into a game. With a game plan that was sold more. You couldn't even score early on an opponent. Who you should at least have confused for a series or two before they figure out what you got my one on today. That's unbelievable you scored. Three against Miami seven against the New York Giants you've had 51. Quarter shot out. In the last seven games that means you're showing up not ready to go. Jack Del Rio talked about. While we're just gonna let it rip the rest of the way not you didn't give him a letter read when you need they hail Mary pass in Philadelphia to win the football game. You would Derek car spun around like a top throwing eight yard routes. What the hell is that Yond lacking confidence. Totally broken quarterback. One year off to bad straight it's like you're playing catchup constantly in those games which is what it feels like sometimes. He just can't keep up. Behind the eight ball. As soon as the game kicks off. Not a good let's start. Another raiders had a lot of really good fourth quarter success last year. They haven't had any this year and added that fourth quarter success third quarter's success second or first. They showed up. In the majority of their gains. On prepared to play that game. Just straight up I mean that's not being. Overly critical. Or personally attacking. Or vendetta against a franchise because it's leaving. The raiders could sign a forty year release from the coliseum none of what I said changes. You he can't stay war. Out of every game before it even kicked off. In so many games this year. And that to me his coaching did any offensive coaching staff get less out of its talent. And the raiders this year the answer is no you can looked into the Shana Han. 01 paired with. The Galapagos Islands. Found himself five you know after starting one intent which is uncertain. Absolutely absurd let's go to Lional in Fremont a final how Oreo. Well there in them can tactic OJ entered talking about other mayors in my you know they're. Going down the DREAM Act we all know that we all see our hard. And you know what kind of. And like you say this like they were a coach you know are there. And we were coaching that in the room in the coaching electrical damp in the Fata would go on auto Albert and in and explain why. We will see this happening but not surprising anymore. After that then he'll gain for me personally that's when new word that I just go like too important way you look we get ill the total 180. Last year you're right. Car won a lot within all of the that it showed that Del Rio I mean I'm going. Real rare brand new window real ugly duckling valued at around rewards interchange think. Let's look at the other records actually built and if you take away from those dramatic where they carded actuators. He's kind of 79889. And seven Gus. No they had been I've been coaching for what thirteen years and he's what a handful of games over 500. And that's what you are this deep in your career. Much like you are the team that you are in week sixteen of the schedule that's who you war. The raiders are is disappointing this year as they worry is exciting and inspiring last year and that is. Tough. Marc spears he writes for ESPN's the undefeated always great to have mom we're talking all next.