Damon Bruce Show Hour 1

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Tuesday, November 21st
DONSKOI, DONSKOI, DONSKOI! The Sharks lose in a shootout, but our shining star shines bright - Joonas Donskoi. After giving Donskoi the praise he deserves, Damon dives straight into Ken Norton Jr.'s firing and whether it was Damon's interview with Coach Del Rio that pushed him to make a change, then is joined by John Clayton, and also adds in that the Giants should get the Stanton deal DONE this Thanksgiving weekend. 

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Anyway you want. Afternoon did I turn up the heat on the raiders a little bit you notice how. Much riskier everyone was so that was that maybe maybe I use this. Greg upset at the raiders not for a minute this year he was ready to crucify everyone in the organization. To day. Tired. Ken Norton junior and fired two days. Yesterday. Jack Del Rio told me I got it all wrong everything's fine. What am I complaining about. What statistics are you looking at Damon. And today. He fires his. After eleven weeks I really don't know. Welcome to the Damon Bruce show it is good to be with view today's a day we're gonna spread joy. Believe it. Hey Paul I did did you don't like you believe me today's a day where we're gonna talk about being thankful. We are going to be appreciative. We are going to be kind and gentle and happily. We need to summon that Damon. Today to be thankful you reckoning greats. And you know the way I look at it Jian as we're gonna have about. 25 minutes tomorrow whenever the warriors are playing East Coast central time zone we get a Damon Bruce segment. So wouldn't have Denver show for tomorrow way to Denver segment before getting Doolittle warriors warmup and then. It's Thursday gobble gobble wore off on Friday so today is basically. A Friday show. On a Tuesday afternoon. Are you following along yeah. Good. We will ask the hard questions today the pressing questions today starting width. Is Jonas done school way. Greatest athlete in the last 100 years. Pretty effective check you want to hold my own good news tonight they got started moving up. It's like it's a breakaway. What made that defensive. We decided to. Gadget guy. Iron. I mean way to open up with a nice little appetizer. How would you like an entree. Constantly feeds back burns to only give topic is simple things besides help tires save. Yeah. Dinner was delicious. You got any dessert quite. That's going here is. Jonas moving and stick handling waiting she makes. I think not but that's why would. Predicted before. Who supported me. But not this diving wet the bed and Kara let it end that tied the shoot out at one goal apiece. I told you you'd be celebrating all Youngstown score scorers. Like they were World Cup goals this year. True last night in regulation and a big helper and shoot out. I'm skydive guide on its guy. Yeah I know. Listen of the way he almost ask a question here with just the word on court. Constantly feeds back burns to always give topic is simply think this might help iron savior. Yeah is no I was dying. I think he now realizes that that is the greatest name in the history naming children. It's pretty good and it sounds so good that way do I can't wait to name my first born daughter. Jonas don's go back. I love yet take rebound guy like you all know it's gonna actually you all know you're screwed. Sky yeah. I say. A period and it's. Love it. Want it. This joyous start I told you we were going to be and a happy. Thankful mood today what do you have more Damon what are you thankful for. I urge you recovered from a stroke this year screw that nonsense. Damon I heard your mom's coming to town act great we'll see year again. I urge you have a beautiful family now in unbelievable wife. In laws that you really actually get along with great I mean it's no soap opera it's going wonderful yeah whenever. I'm thankful for Jonas done square. Let's go. I don't know I don't know I don't. We all scream sky and I had this dream. I scream and cry me Ausprey bark and I love it. Hash tag Don school way to the world. Loved by the way the sharks lost the business yeah. Sorry about that Dax. But we were really happy with one man's performance to really really happy with what we saw what I like about it forget about the final score. It is a point you're right it is a point it's nice salad tonight was totally. Completely. Don's going to it was let's go right. I love it. Love it love it love it. So Ken Norton junior gets fired by the raiders today this is the team. It fired its offensive coordinator last year when the offense was actually that bad last year and I would even think that in ways we can argue that the defense is that excelling a tiny bit this year. We wouldn't do that because they're not excelling at all when you. Had had an interception. But we all knew the defense. Was set up to be challenged like so you're really gonna play. Big time by Ian poker. Without a single. Pair Dell TO all night long like. They were set up to struggle defensively. They didn't do much to help after years struggling. They help the day brought in got hurt never materialized. Didn't work out. But insists offence to turn the raiders. John O'Donnell's gonna take over his defensive coordinator the rest of the way. Ken Norton junior. Thanks for the memories I guess. Now Jack Del Rio. Was none too happy. Where is the interview that we did yesterday and and looked there was a lot of reaction there was a lot of chatter. Reactions once a full spectrum from. Really not much there to everything you need to know about the raiders can be found right there in black and white youths here. Or heard. What you wanted to hear in that interview you and you could interpreting your own way. John I thought it was a a fair interview I thought it was respectful of his position and the reality of the season. I asked questions that I know my listeners want and answers to. I don't body and mind big banning you know banning Benin has been listening to my show since I was doing my showing college. I guess hole that's that's how far back big Benny goes in my broadcasting career he listened to me. My buddy Tom Ackerman doing shows together in college along I'm. One of my longest listeners I read so I guess so. And he called me yesterday. Because these. He's like look man I am beyond southern listening for a long time and I know when you're going after someone I know when you're trying to get under skin or you think. Situation has become so ridiculous that you were almost mocking it as you're trying to talk seriously about it like he's he's an easy. You know at the very end you turned a little one trend bulky I heard it we can all hear it and I was like direct easily honestly didn't do anything yesterday that was I don't mind. You didn't do anything that I would even thought. Approached spicy Damon questions like it wasn't and I agree like I went back and listen to it. Only because I was curious are so much reaction how are you not I knew what sounded like while I was doing and I didn't know what actually sound until I heard it. And I just heard a guy who became boiled over when this frustrations. And it happened on our air it really hadn't happened. Anywhere else. And she checked a real started the interview very short he did varied keynotes for word. Answer out of the gates and I think that just sort of set the tone. So from the beginning. I I ages it was gonna get a little bit heat attack. On his and I don't feel like you or your facial reactions sitting next Siena studio when this is going on. TV your feature actually like oh OK while the system mare but the happening is there's a way we're gonna party yeah so it was definitely. You sort fiesta infuriated me it was a writing. But I don't. It was to win you know only in the day he asked me. As if I were barking up the wrong tree like they're sitting there Dayton to an Ambien picky. And I was just surprised when he said you know what steps are you looking at. What we'll sheer. You're the step and I'm looking at is this and this isn't any plumbing the depths of the box score look up some sort of a gotcha number. Through ten games you're doing something that's never happened before amber. You know you're a defensive coach NASA this morning you had two other defensive coaches in the room and Ken Norton junior and John pentagon now. And you've got Charles Woodson as your defense and backs coach. So you're either. Not playing the right guys. Or it's a scheme issue or coaching issue or a head coaching issue or an assistant coaching issue or a leadership issue. Or an effort issue like. I'm not sure which since we've never ever seen this before. But it's an issue. Questions are not the issue that fact in stat alone. Is it the senator of the issue. And today. Obviously. They decide to let Ken Norton junior go and I'm not gonna say that it was a result. Of that interview. But isn't it normal standard operating procedure. To make that decision. And announce it at the Monday press conference not wait until Tuesday. So I guess I'm trying to say here is the Damon per show gets results. After militants out. I don't know what to tell you. Rod Woodson did I say Charles Woodson. My dad pardon me. Not Charles. Rod Woodson I mean you've got so much talent. Thinking about defense in football. That. Your defense has to play better mad period and the story there are no excuses it's the NFL that's the way it goes. Now. Musgrave Paxson lynch coming to town. Very interest thank. Interesting indeed we've got John Clayton joining me in just a couple of minutes we're gonna say a load the professor. On a big busy day for the NFL. Least for the raiders. Steve Kerr warriors head coach for thirty today CJ bettered. As it stands right now still the starting quarterback in San Francisco 49ers CJ Beth hurt is gonna be on me at 5 o'clock today. Eight Turkey fifteen to Tuesday trifecta one of our favorites of the year. Side dish draft is mandatory today we will have that for you Scott Bair a little bit later on and then beyond the arc is gonna happen. Before it is all said and done I'm sure that one of the things that they're gonna have to go over on the on the art is out Klay Thompson is now in New York City. Building inspector. I regimes there that the Heidi is this news. I'm you know it's nice meal while I'm troubling that. So they got to try to avoid that scaffolding. The idea. Be safe sol. Look you've worked at TV stations for this man on the street stuff. Do you think that they legitimately. Won out. And the woman who was doing the on street interviews just happened to stop him. He was the random stranger to stop the mideast stands out because he's a little bit taller than the average Joseph good looking guy she caught inside he caught her life she does the interview. And then things are right I got a little something Yurman use. I'm gonna go ahead and ask this guy I was name is what his job is so we can rodent running in the lower third he's like. I'm Klay Thompson gold say warriors I would love to see her reaction as though she she didn't know at first you realize did she know that's that's my question yeah. We've got a whole bunch of questions about that I can promise you it's are going to be a very fascinating program we're gonna get to the bottom of New York clay of course we cover China clay. Better than anybody. The man who's covered the NFL better than anybody is John Clayton he now gets it done on ESPN 710 up in Seattle NFL insider. And he is a good enough to join us here. On the Damon Bruce show pleasure to have you John how real what are you doing great thank you so much we kind of had a spicy interview with Ken Norton or excuse new Jack Del Rio yesterday. And he didn't indicate that he was going to be making any coaching changes to us. But today he does Ken Norton junior is gone are you surprised. Does that movie even help the raiders this late into the year. I'm I'm not surprised I don't think it's going to help because now you're one less coached. Involved in practically could see some of the reactions over Twitter Bruce Irvin is mad because he had a couple of the other guys are baffled. Because I think they really like Ken Norton junior as a coach. I know when you duck here is Seattle players welcome Bruce Irvin particularly in one because if they get what and did it would preserve and maybe make them. As they had defensive lineman in college made in the a linebacker that makes good money in this league. And in the very good player so they'll now they're down one end and what you wonder about is you know the more coaching change you can make. Does it make you better I'm still baffled by bill musgrave no longer be any offensive coordinator I can understand it. If you make a move and the quarterback like the certain codes and all that stuff. But yeah as the offense improve without coaching change and now can the defense of coaching change and make it any better I think. I think it's gonna make it worse I mean the problem still is talent. I think they've really did not had the opportunity or did have not had the luck to be able it add another to a defense that was really having holes in this roster as far as personnel. So I think it's more the personnel that it is a coaching baguette that Jack Del Rio. To try to shake things up and decided they can't Norton bottom outside. Yeah who looks like that is. The raiders have gone backwards John there's just no other way to say it there's no way to couch (%expletive) The team that we saw last year the team we're watching this year it's two totally different proper up products and the way that this offense it has regressed. Is it something that I don't think the raiders can shy from when the publicly talk about evaluating the job the Dow down he's done. Now and in some ways and you can conceded the team. Organizationally is how to become a victim of its own success and the reason I say that is that OK so they lose how many players on defense to free agency. And you're not really signing anybody and a lot of those because they needed to save money for what they wanted to do any standing contract on the offense because of the success they have eleven million dollars forgave Jack and a total. 42 million a year. All over unprofor the five top offensive lineman packed up saving money to take care of Gary Carr what they needed to do. And then of course they have to take your Cologne Mac they had to take care of Marty Cooper the and you start to look at the big picture as far as. What happened overall on the Cooper's got had a good year catching the ball very Karzai getting the ball down field enough. And the opposite winds so great in pass blocking but has not been as good in run blocking is so you take that and of course being the plan was okay. If we can't use free agency could we can't save money per taking care. A lot of the offensive success. Let's try to go ahead and grab some guys on defense while many injuries are pretty well played the first two rounds. Of the play on a nail on the defensive line additions have been OK and the secondary has been horrible. John Clayton here on the Damon per show always a pleasure to have a professor Ren and look now we're taking a decent look at the Seahawks team that's lost a couple of games in a row that I nose got people up in Seattle screaming I'm sure this week about the future of the team and what the president's going to be up to you this is the Kyle Shanahan led 49ers are considering a quarterbacking change in what they're gonna get at a drop below and whether or not better deserves to go again if there were ever a time. To get cute when your quarterback against the Seahawks may be this is the week. Got to put that under the weight I'd be stunned if they don't go in the Jimmy Gobble allowed Dave because. Which are looking back it is a team right now on defense they're trying to readjust itself I think they'll fortunately from their talent standpoint. They're deep enough to be able to hail ball and it's still literally they're down their top four cornerbacks. In the game last night government Johns Chad but the starter last year he's not done anything coming up an ACL Richard Sherman without donate. End up having secure grip and he gives the concussion and so now literally they're down to adjust and Coleman the slot guy. Byron Maxwell they brought back and he's only been there for three practices. And Jeremy Lang who went to Houston penetrated and then came back and so. They're now putting a whole new group. This hasn't really worked together for more than like three days and they try to stop Matt Bryant. And they help believe it or not under 200 yards that's a testament to the pass. Talent that they have but also is not going to be the same. I think you know this is going to be the second game it depending on what secure Griffin does that this group of quarterbacks have been together and coached. Can chancellor. So how they have to try to salvage this is it doesn't need the kind of put a quarterback like Iraq or later. Protecting the division we're gonna have to go against the Seahawks all this solvent twice a year. When you look at the bottom of the NFL Cleveland's. New York San Francisco right now it does feel old. That the situations in Cleveland a new Yorker gonna take a really really long time to turn around. Just the addition of garrote blow his who made this 49ers season field. Like a mole again you can kind of absorbed. Into your golf game where at the mall against that the browns and giants had taken right now organ a linger for a while. Yeah it is what it is it's been known. Verses the unknowns and so whether droplet going to work out or not as the quarterback of the presence in the future. But at least he's there and he's not here with the jets and you look at the three quarterbacks I mean that's the only quarterback to complain in the league is 38 years old. You look at Cleveland has got a quarterback there they can right now do anything on the top two quarterbacks have a combined record of always seventy encoding called Kelly Kessler though when. A 18 at the end of a 19 to shun tighter. And you'll L elsewhere it's just not there but that's why the move was so Smart I mean you credit them with the ability to go ahead and get him cheaply for a second round pick. And so hey if it doesn't work out fine grapple goes someplace else stated the 49ers get compensatory pick and then they pick up Kirk cousins but at least they now have. An option that's there and options that aren't there that put them I think at your head of all these other teams. John Clayton here on the Damon Bruce show what do you think the 49ers should do with Carlos Hyde as I look to Seattle's problems. And obviously they're not happy with the talent their backfield the running at their offensive line is a mess too but I could really see Carlos side being very high on Seattle's all season wishlists. It could be competitive fight because the name if you really think about it the second best back in the team right now who's. Active and our members concrete cars in the seventh round pick was the best back coming out of training camp it might they. But like Davis looked great and he looked great in the preceding the former forty niner. And he saw how well he was running last I think they've they keep coming into the game I think has thrown. Three or four screen passes. That total. Well they got a couple screen passes to Davis a couple of Katie McKay at six. And so yet Carlos Hyde would be a perfect fit in this topic that's why don't they can't afford to really let I still think hi can be done here in San Francisco. As you you see the success he's had against Seattle in the last couple games he's played against them but I don't know I mean when. You're I Shanahan whether it's Mike Shanahan or cowed Shanahan. You do magic went. Running back should never heard out. Well there's CJ Anderson wonders guys that there are undrafted low draft choices this scheme itself brings up the that's in the running back. And so sometimes you don't have to invest heavily in their but I think that I'd be great fit in a very tough flick right now to run the football. You'll sit down for Thanksgiving dinner the table was packed what's your first move John. I'm the first movie is too low watch closely the Minnesota Detroit game which is going to be before the food. Because he's the best game of the day yeah I guess. And get it you gotta make sure because what you start to get into the latter part of the game what should start getting at the giants' football I mean that's I don't know what's gonna put these that the the trick upon or that's gonna put seriously. I thought they don't make this could be a big snooze or once you get to the evening so what you might wanna do this check out what college game is on. Do a PIP and make sure you have to pictures because this guy want believe it. And I eat out on the sidelines for a giant game when they're down four wide receivers I think that's the biggest reproducing you could have. The man just eats sleeps drinks football he is John Clayton we really appreciate it happy Thanksgiving to you and yours thanks so much for joining us John. Thank you very very much John Clayton. What's your first move. Make sure you get any good early game because we got some dogs coming up around entree and dessert time for this Thanksgiving that's probably very sound advice that you should incorporate into your Thanksgiving Day plans dated 89579570. What do you think of the raiders moved to let Ken Norton junior go window dressing. Long overdue too little too late. How do you summon up. And indeed shell on Monday he myself. Good game we knew this afternoon 889579570. Is the number Steve Kerr joining us in about an hour from now it's 5 o'clock. We are gonna say the Lotus CJ bettered the San Francisco. 49ers will be bored you talking to him like I said we were going to be thankful. Grateful today. It is our last show really full show before the Thanksgiving holiday Jenna and I will be popping in to say. Hello tomorrow afternoon get you ready for little warriors basketball but this is our last. It's full show and you know Jenna went a lot to be thankful for things have gone from. I wanna say bleak but just very weird at the radio station to working themselves out we did some of sand. Pass stick new managers. And we couldn't be any happier with the way that things are pointed now we're going to be merging. In to a new building soon enough and like sings her. He's a really good I. I am not mr. Glass half full everything's great let's just be happy today like that's not my nature I'm always looking for things that are like well this is wrong that's not right that could be better. So says C a positive it really is things are pretty it right now great to see. Smart people. In charge because. All you gotta do is be involved in something that is run poorly to realize that the tone really gets set at the top and you're a victim of circumstances. You ride the decisions. That are made around you. And now Jack Del Rio. Is going to be writing to the coliseum on Sunday to be surrounded. By the decisions that he now lives in with. Jack Del Rio is not going to have Ken Norton junior because his decision to fire him was made it two day. He will be replaced by John O'Donnell because Jack Del Rio made the decision to bring him in during this off season. Which was probably the first shot across Ken Norton juniors out. He is going to be lined up. Watching his new defensive coordinator. Call defense. Against his old offensive coordinator. Who he himself chose to fire. Oh again like he did in Jacksonville. Musgrave hits the open market lands in Denver. And may decide to fire their offensive coordinator and promote musgrave which means here we are. Right back at first base. Like a movie it's crazy. It's crazy. Jack Del Rio is going to be so rally did by his decisions and not only. Is. His fortune cast put them. His fortune. Roles with the decisions he didn't make. When the ones he refused to bring back. You know she. Operated. On something that I didn't think was in critical condition. By letting musgrave go. To keep Todd downing. We were talking about this would John Clayton who I think. Set it the very best I got to Salina I got. I'm still baffled by bill musgrave no longer be any offensive coordinator I can understand it. Don't you make a move and the quarterback likes a certain coach and all that stuff but as the up and improve with that coaching change. And now can the defense of coaching change and make it any better among senate gonna make it worse than the problems there was talent he really did not had the opportunity or they cannot have a lock to be able to add another to a defense. That was really having holes in this roster as far as personnel so I think it's more the personnel that it is the coaching but I guess Jack Del Rio. To try to shake things up and decided they Ken Norton put them outside. And when I ask Jack yesterday. Do you regret firing bill musgrave as your offences were treated statistically. And in reality and anyway he won a measuring. He said. No it was like a one word answer Winston the best of luck says I wish him the bad know as a matter of fact I wish bill musgrave the best of luck. Probably doesn't feel the same way for Paxson went through by the way ESPN reports. But the raiders are going to be facing musgrave Colin plays for Paxton lynch. Very interest thing also this hour we had this. But we'll get back to that just a little bit Anthony's in Oakland he gave us a call aided 89579570. What's up Anthony. They meant by doctors say more calmer arm. Yeah computers. About the article it's may and it's about time something happened bad but it gives way to RO Purdue mad or serious with this whole got to gang organization up it would look far to look like the miners now. And it's sad because that this coach Donovan and I think as coaches staffs know was wrong Jack no real settlement radio station instead of throwing a bunch of bull crap. Good morning even though would be your you don't even know what god taught. And more look it's hard man to and they didn't check totally kick the ball to go to Vegas march here. There are leaving it way to go through this is that. Thank you Anthony. Rader Allen Hayward what's operator L. Now let's go to Joseph South San Francisco. I'm thankful for everyone listening but we wait around for anybody today what's going on Joseph. A day thanks for taking a called them at 08 net ions so with Anthony on this matter you know it made me mad at about yesterday was our means Sunday. Would that touchdown raiders scored they should at a blank just like they should have been that Washington game. Is there an embarrassment and frankly every one on the coaching staff. All the trainers the team doctor at a water boy should be fired I don't care anyone did not on the rocker should be fired right now look at bird out. Well you know it and owner might have determined that that had money to spend but. Al urged gives me Mark Davis is painted himself. Into a financial corner where. You know he did he pays team he's got the highest paid offensive all football. And a coaching staff that is not getting nearly what it means to get out of them anymore and I don't know what decision he's gonna make because. Really what the raiders need do is tighten the budget quite bid for the move. Now any Beck figured that you're adding to our bet is. BQ disappointment this year we know that the defense looked like it. Mac and that about it right being recommended here but all they're all such a regression is just unpredictable here. Thank you very much appreciate the call Joseph this is running in Fremont talking Ken Norton junior what's up Ron. Hey big screen caught I'd sort of say I agree you had a lot call area I mean we knew the defense looked crowd can be into the year but offense of the biggest let down. Third they don't agree wit the defense that coordinator. Getting fired I mean if you look at all the luck that the raiders scored like less than seventeen points each time and pretty hard out he'd eat bad. Pure old opponent under seventeen points for a ball game just hear the victory. I mean that would be our defense that you are you guys got to work project got. Multi com thought they're thankful to shut. I appreciate around thank you now what did you were expecting Ken Norton junior bring down a defensive attitude with him. Dad is what I think he'd he brings and you know here here's the deal. Look at all the successful coaches and coordinators in football right now you're going to find. As we go forward here. Fewer rod rod guys and more x.s and those guys like if you have the notion. Of gambler. Or river boats. Attached to your name. It's sexy as that sounds as good as marketing you can do with it truly know you're looking for an head coach anymore I would rather have a quiet. X.s and knows Bork is small Lorca is tactician. Than a huge raw Ross's boom by a guy. As a head coach because this team will spit out. Systematic geniuses. This league is unforgiving. Are you think your genius are you well what if we take away a future hall of fame quarterback from you are you still a genius a lot of guys are not greatness happens when the perfect players meet the right coaches. That's when greatness happens you cannot get. Just average guys to be great NFL players. No matter how good the coaching war. It all comes together only when it's all allowed to come together and look at how you've got you here. Successful coaches are. Guys who were like you're in good geniuses. They hope the 49ers do that they hired a scale Matta could genius in that Shana Han. So I never to like the raiders were just the average guys either early going into the season and they have those players well and look. You know what. The Ron Rivera is the Jack del Rio's our big guys who are susceptible to high one year low the next high one year low the next and that kind of defines their coaching legacies where you've got to be basically. We don't let the players are being checked. In order to really survive year after year after year after year you gotta be a genius. When numbers and axes and nose and the raiders got a little bit. More about rock rock head coach then. Schematic genius head coach and I think that goes a long way to explain why one year can be so great. And then when the chips don't fall we need him to in the next year. Things aren't so great more your calls coming up I can promise you that all so. Just gonna put us out there. If the giants close the stand and trade around Thanksgiving it means you can sign a ton and gifts this holiday season. Big big stories in sports today is that the Atlanta Braves. I absolutely got hammered by Major League Baseball. Before. Breaking the rules that govern. How you have to go about signing international players and like baseball wallop them today. Taking their entire draft class and CNN and putting it out is in the free agency. By the way everyone gets to keep their bonus of the Braves gave you a twenty million dollar bonus which they didn't give anyone but the game really two million dollar bonus. You get to keep dad and you get to have another signing bonus now. Wow. So good news for anyone who got dragging by the Braves to a bad news for the Braves and its future of their future. There's an awful lot of talk about baseball. Over the week of November. That's because the Giancarlo Stanton trade is on everyone's mind. As is something that we just saw our friend John the row seat tweet about John of course is one of our baseball insiders and he's been talking about. Show he or Connie who is the Japanese pitcher hitter two way player basically that really wants to come to baseball. And he says that. The reaction to the news today means this guy is a much better chance of appearing. In Major League Baseball in 2018. So we might see a Tommy who they called the Japanese Babe Ruth how cruel. In Major League Baseball next year and so I just asked. Better odds John of wearing a giants uniform oats honey or Stanton. Because those two names have been attached to San Francisco Giants. I gotta give full credit to my man Roxy Bernstein tweeting me earlier today and said you know what watched the giants. Get the stand and trade done on Friday. That's major news. And I lost the air that day how bad stance something's gonna happen there to her for at. And down on something big is gonna happen on Friday because I'm not on the air 'cause it's a Holiday Inn on taking a vacation day. My mom's in town we're not gonna do show. Watch Britain's pocono but expected to happen all I can say is this. If the giants. Are close to a stand and trade and they just got to. Make sure the cardinals' offer doesn't blow them out of the water to the point we're stands like I forget it goes on and Saint Louis. If they can get this deal done. Shortly. You know how many times. You can sell. Giancarlo Stanton. To a giants fan between now and opening day off. There and make them hunt in the many right now is the best time to do it there's so much money behind this transaction that maximizing profit everywhere Cassidy one of the priorities for the giants and right now there's a big difference between selling jerseys for a player that's got people excited at spring training. Or selling jerseys for players that everyone's excited about right before the holidays hit. Like they could probably paid scant news first two years of the contract. Just based on Stanton paraphernalia sold. Between now and New Year's Eve it would be that perfect gift for a giants fan absolutely. The only thing. That every single. Living breathing giants stand in the world doesn't have right now. Is a stand giants Jersey. 08 the only piece of giants memorabilia I'm sure you do not own is a stint in Jersey. My you need one of those if you were signed. Over Thanksgiving. Might you need one of those by the way if the giants do you this some images help them on my day off. You announce. You leaked to the media Thanksgiving night that the stand and trade is happening. On Friday you have him at AT&T park where you're introducing him. With his New Jersey which by the way he can't or 27 that was merit shell. So you gotta flip it around. He wears 72. Which is a new cool like all millennium type a number. You know I everyone's about that really weird crooked number on a Jersey these days so you take you 27 you flip it around a 72. It's cold the kids will dig did. Hash tag 72 for life like I did see it right now a daddy C a 72 Jersey. Didn't Vanilla cream giant home Jersey. All. Over this city next summer. Everyone's rock gonna 72 New Jersey. That's a number that you don't see a major leaguer wearing very often at all that's our guy he's so unique now. I'm telling you. I'm off on Friday. Leak it Thursday give everyone some excited do you guys some sort of excited Thanksgiving. And let it happen on Friday and by Monday Cyber Monday you're selling. What fifty million dollars in its stand swagger alone. Yeah and then he just got a by the eating of a hat that's on sale in addition to trust me on it I need to stand Bobble head yes I need to stand stocking stuffer. I need to stand cousy my animal he's going to be not exactly. You know I giants fans. It's nothing they're proven. You could write a San Francisco Giants name on something in pencil the it is good and people pay at least fifty dollar so that. I lemon has an antenna giant step for Christmas every year so I am one of those people I'm just saying. Get it done get it done before the holidays. Maximize these profits. Maximize them. Maximum baseball. Tryst in from marina and an unknown that's really trysts in from a friend or someone who is. Playing a role of tryst in from Lauren. Bush is a name that's on mock many times. Damon. How good Jack Del Rio possibly say anything to you yesterday. When you asked him if he regretted firing his offensive coordinator honestly if he had said yes you'd be ripping him today straight up he probably would have. A torn in the new one yourself. Again. I ask Jack Del Rio yesterday if he regretted firing bill musgrave you say there was no other available answer other than this one. No I do not. And I wish him the best this week I wish them the best you know relic. So I just say I know what to criminality means. I know would hone voices are used that trying to make a point and the whole. No I do not. And I wish. He's trying to frame it is if my question was so far out of base so far out of line and removed from reality. That it was a stupid question it was not a stupid question it was a direct question. Her as some other person is saying that. It's my job to make all my guests very comfortable. And I do agree this is a show we similar an invitation. To some guests and we want everyone to feel comfortable and good about coming on the show no matter what we talked about. Oh let's make no mistake about where Jack Del Rio is here. In the pecking order a station gas he is a paid station contributor. Jack Del Rio makes a lot of money for doing a weekly interview on this show which means. This weekly interview. It's not happening under the same grounds other gang bang press conference where there's thirty reporters and hear all try to get a question in edgewise. He is paid to talk to meet and me alone singularly. And that's why you did something different then. Your press conference questions. Now I'm not a team employee. Not here to make sure that are paid contributor. Is. Being set up for the easiest way out of every available. Thing I asked him I'm gonna ask a pointed question with zero apology and that should be the job. For everyone involved. I'd set. Mean like. You've got to be. Raised in a real soft media market. Do think that anything we did yesterday was out of line our new program director who I think is fantastic I'm thrilled they're mad this year. Menace from Philadelphia he heard yesterday's interview and he thought it was Tuesday. So different Perry thought it was just a Wednesday afternoon none not even news worthy. Like I mean that. The people who've been conditioned. For pork. Below board sports reporting. Here in the Bay Area with a soft natured. Everybody be comb by yacht friendly friends with the each other is not how it works. It's not how it's supposed to work it's not how works on the show. Maybe why the show isn't. Embraced every single time it walks indoor stadium or arena or. You know I'm not I'm. I I didn't come out here to be friends or anybody guess what I'm not. Well until reassign task Sedin did he really think that he was gonna come on and have a conversation about the holidays. And let's be totally honest. I'm then. Slow pitching the mall year out. Like right over the plate for you Jack this is going to be pretty easy for you to handle we're not gonna go ahead and bring up you know. Our level of questioning were un regurgitate being negative statistics to you I don't do that type of interview. Moron like you went through a fourteen on third down that's what I'm focusing on talk to me about to win fourteen. You know I'm painting with a very broad brush my opening question is what went wrong in Mexico he can take that in a million different directions and set the tone for the conversation himself. I let them set the tone for the conversation himself with a real simple. How things go in Mexico. And his comeback is we didn't score enough points. Silence like that's all you're getting. That setting an adversarial tone which is nothing to do would me. There's nothing to do would me. Respect Jack an awful lot I think he's a really good guy I bet you we would get along great dinner. I wrote I really I really really do. But don't treat me. Like on the battle line. Ask an obvious questions on my show. That's just the way gutless. System where that's the way it's going to be from here on out permanently going forward for ever. At that should you know. Notice when a lot of people do shows. With a coach or whatever the Buick. It's the Steve Kerr show it stood Jack Del Rio show on the Damon Bert show on 95 cent in the game it's the Jerry Jones show. It's Dre Monte green show. It's the paid weekly show up no we don't do that around here it's never anyone show but mine and it never will be and that's the way it goes.