Damon Bruce Show Hour 1

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, October 18th

Damon explains what last night's Warriors season opener really means, is joined by Marc Spears, and more...


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Well welcome to take it deep. Breath and relax just a little Wednesday here at 95 point seven a game. It's why everyone's got to relax on the warriors on a tiny bit and even the people that are. Trying to like talk you off the roof. Of course she should be talked off the roof and really when the I heard people call and Italians diamonds last night same. You know I don't know about this rotation there is no rotation not yet. And yet. And fourth quarters of basketball means you don't really know what the rotation is going to be you need at least two or three. Games to look at a proper sample is jazz before you start talking about anybody's rotation or what it might be your what do might look like. And here's the real skinny. The rockets can play. They're good. The warriors got the PJ Tucker game last night like that song and remember that game forget the ring ceremony forget the banner forget anything knows the PJ Tucker gain recorded ever thought that he would play that well liked Eric Gordon gets yet Harden gets yet. Chris Paul lays back in the cut scoring wise but still distributes the ball like I understand all those things old Trevor Ariza on ya. Get it done and seen that before PJ Tucker okay sure. We are diagnosing 48 minutes of basketball is that there were a trend. That should be supposed concern. For any of us here or there is no rotation yet Steve curry shown us nothing. But all the brand new tools he's gotten his workshop now when like how do you know whether or not this is the right belt Sander for you. You gotta use the belt Sander. We gotta try out these new drill bits. I don't know are we going. Leon normal screwdriver we're going Philip said we go to what you wanna do. These are all. Brand new moments. With some brand new faces. And they're dead then that they didn't putt gave that a bump at pelicans on Friday night. At the grizzlies on Monday urged skis and on Saturday and then at the mavericks on Monday so they're gonna have some. Actor Dax hear what one of them being in Memphis that it's not easy. And I am not going to be in the peddling excuse business. But I do kind of wanna talk about what happened last night in a home. And moral reasons. Relaxed. None hyperbole. Driven manner which is may be bad for sports talk radio but we are going to. Irony yes. And act like adults that I. We're not an act like a couple kids in the school room cafeteria is never bend the lunchtime before and don't know how to process. What just happened in the lunch line when everyone comes out. This so reminiscent of last season I mean they lost to disperse in the first game. How love and her last season and I turned out just fine to admit I think I saw an out of Dan Brown I think it's a step curry saved us last night he's like look we lost by twenty. Ray last opening night. We only lost by one tonight like that's a nineteen point improvement right there it it nannies are ready he's right about that. So. He hears the real deal. I mean I'm not making excuses. We're not accepting any excuses. Were not going to. Have a pity party. We're going to tip our cap to the Houston Rockets who got a pretty good team in a really good coach. And all kinds of motivation to come here and beat the warriors in the only game they're gonna played oracle all yearlong. They fancy themselves a contender. And let me tell you might DN Tony. He came out last night. With a playoff rotation. Might the end Tony coached that game like he was the head coach of a Cinderella trying to reach the sweet sixteen. There really did he played eight players last night get a full on playoff rotation going the warriors even played the usher. From IO 115. Like he played every one. And what's really funny is they went from. A team is really deep. To a team that actually adds depth challenged just a little bit with the scenario as it played out and and and obviously you know all lies Iran dream on green and these need today. The only thing I can tell you about dream on green's knee having not seen any result or heard anything about his MRI. So I saw the guy last night. And he was walking around it without a limp. And talking and controlling. And taking pictures and signing autographs for kids would everybody this is not a guy he was walking around last night. On crutches. With his. Knee in a cast or anything like what he he looked. Fine and obviously. A strained knee. Can be a little worse the next day than it is at the moment act that night that's why they don't wait for the MRI Alice well he's got to go and you don't got to come up and then go down. He's gonna be fine. Like in a dream on green has to miss some games there's more reps for new warriors namely Jordan delve that. Probably will pay off in the end and in dividends. So Gionta made clear we're not making any excuses. All right here's couple excuses. As to why last night played itself out. So for two years in a row now I've seen. What do ring ceremony does. Well not two years and around. Good the last three years. A ring ceremony. Comes where is. An awful lot of distraction. Every one is there you have like eight playoff level of media crush in the building. You've got every single player's family every friend. Every single business partner you've ever had. All the backdoor deals all the front door deals all the official old girlfriends official wide unofficial old wives and girlfriends are there is well. All the kids that you claim some of the kids you might not claim like amber he sing goal. Person. Comes out for a ring ceremony so it's a lot to put on a team. There's no doubt about that excuses are all around like eight you don't want to China yes I know they went to China. Hey have you heard about. He can't clue when you view the jet lag here about jetlag yes I'd heard about jet lag. Fatigue. Conditioning. All sorts of words and buzz words that indicate concern are being brought up on post game shows last night by callers and and our good friends though hosts and we've got to cavalcade of worry that's going on today leg I would just like to suggest. And if you take a step back and look at and everything's going to be fine I'm pretty cute talk about that it was a one possession game. That hadn't. Kevin Durant got that shot off. On milliseconds. More hurt before he actually did. Talk about fatigue today we're not talking about China today we're not talking about conditioning we're talking about any of these worries that come with a loss. That is a bucket away from being a win. So every single concern. That you have heard today that you may be had for yourself today let me just be the first to remind you. You are one millisecond away from not thinking about any of that. Amazing. How about this about the war that the warriors. Kind of beat the rockets in every way but the scoreboard. Did they let up. They give a couple too many minutes to loony in crunch time. Did they not play gentleman he. All I did we get a little swagger DP show but he still shows up minus ten in the plus minus yeah all that happened. I think Steve's work and I think he's going to be fine I saw Bob Meyers last night. And I just said Tillman said Bobby no such a late blow this up he's like harmonics first Cinemark. I mean like there are so many people and distractions going on there are more hangers on in the hallway then you normally see. And I just think the warriors were a little overwhelmed last night and when drain money went out they got a little overwhelmed on the court by a very good Houston team. All the little indicators stood little box is we like to check. Forward you know I don't even need to check the final score to see the warriors are one or not like. They had 34. Assists on 43 made shots that usually equals their on the way to winning. You don't remember it across that thirty assist threshold. Fifty times last season and they were 49 and one. In those occasions so right there you have an and one statistical anomaly tear thirty assist to ratio. From last year to this year. Warriors shot better than 50% from the field and behind the arc over 90%. From the free throw line. Like every little single page do you think the warriors won a loss like they checked the wind box last night but one possession. And they end up losing. Since the start of the last season the warriors are now one and two against some pretty good rockets team. When they score a 120 points and they are thirty you know against the rest of the NBA. One putting up a buck twenty. That's from ESPN stats and research. I still like the warriors Trent. I gotta be honest it. Are we going to be waiting on pins and needles for dream on and green today bed dwell more waiting I'm not a missing on pins and needles because. You want something really worry about. Check out the first six minutes of the Celtics tonight tomorrow. And when everything the warriors might have problems you see yourself Gordon Hayward and feel a lot better about the situation herein. It could have been a lot worse. When it comes to see in what are rookie looks like. The only thing I really care about. Early on and rookies career there are only two tasks for rookie to really pass. Do you look natural. Deal looked like you belong. And number two are you overwhelmed. By what you're looking at. Jordan bell looked natural on the court and he was not overwhelmed. By NBA play. Check check good good. I'm recast beat you tweak an ankle so what it's October 18. Really October 18 anyone who needs an MRI on October 18 I still think it's a shot at playing in the playoffs. So calm down. Everyone need to relax. She shows no blood spoiled we've been around here and what we come to expect and we always expect the warriors to deliver in a big moment yeah. And last night. Almost delivered in a big moment. But it didn't happen. It didn't happen. I think it everything's going to be okay. Like their chances an awful lot and you should do. And you need to take a deep breath there're so many people who want to play the role punted these days. You know and being a fan isn't enough just watching a game. And letting it wash over you isn't enough for some people people got to weigh in. Give their expert analysis of what just transpired. There one half had cancer. 48 men and a basket 48 minutes of basketball we have no trends to even analyze. Read lacks. Whilst legend Pete can knock down an open shot. Like that guy's gonna fit inside especially learns how to play a little bit of defense in my drive Ron Adams a little nuts in the meantime but. I liked what we saw him in an early first impression. I think you're Andre it would dollar drain money green not getting hurt. Kevin Durant getting more involved early in the game away from winning this one. About it. You never like to see what looks like a certain way and fall in did a loss column. But there's plenty of time for this staggered fighter to get up off the deck to continue to battle. It's going to be okay 888957957. Know is number we got an awful lot talked about obviously the raiders are sitting around and they got static scenario. We talked about last week being a must win the only thing good for the raiders last week was it the chiefs and Broncos also lost rendering it. A Mulligan must win. Tomorrow night. That feels like must win like you gotta get back into it right now. Or her. You should. That's the real reality there's just. Here's just registered in 0827. And three. Hopes for a little luck along the way and that's where they are right now. I don't know I get paired with a loss at home jeetz. 180 when I'm not. Thank you very much that is the message we're sending as well Marshall Newhouse has been ruled out of the game dull Alexander. Donyell. Let's see what you got raiders had a meeting of the leadership council today. Zell like when the league endorsed gets together and figure Zell is wrong when our email. The leadership council. Met today today today today. Sounds very regal and the net and found very serious leadership council us all. Let's just as late but the leadership council assembled its car its Mac it's Hudson it's and urban Condo. Nelson may be a few more heck I would have Navarro Bowman sit with the knights of the roundtable as well. He's got an awful lot of leadership experience that the raiders should quickly Leon. It will help them. Playoff baseball under way believe it or not a freaking yankees are up to nothing on Houston here. It is game five minutes taken place in the Bronx and it is in the top of the fourth inning yankees leading Houston to not think. Last night to Chicago Cubs not sad trombone. So. Not that I'm keeping score here but. Indiana loses in overtime the cubs have dropped three in a row now the 49ers lose the raiders lose the whole warriors lose. At least a charge one. I. Now boards we'll take a wins wherever. We can get at these days asking these things. Gimme a wind raiders give me away and get out there do it CJ battered if you got your Jersey yet I know mine's on order right now. Our and in order receded after Jersey but guess what. I am more looking forward to watching the 49ers try to beat the cowboys on Sunday that I would have been without that move. So just to up the interest. Of yours truly. Way to go 49ers I wonder what kind of interest appear to our salt. Had this in mr. bettered we will find out when we say. Used to be aired our son at 5 o'clock today from the 49ers were going to have Steve Kerr. Join us at 4 o'clock to see if he is. Candid in his resignation with what dignity he has left Steve Kerr at 4 o'clock our new friend. Old friend. Marc spears is gonna join me in about ten minutes he is. The senior NBA writer for ESPN's. They're undefeated. And he's gonna join us coming up in just a little bit let's go to. Oh damn yeah. You know an article click on the order aimed at finding out he tackle crop of people. Afraid of where I'll I would go on having. Relax right. Yeah you basically I think I'll put it that he's seeing the rockets going out there it is basically wanted more that you seem Kurt Qaeda. Check in yellow jacket when he got there and art Jerry and scenery guy getting ready for you know later down the road. And all that I'll look back at and it paid very well be blocked each quarter orders pal lot but they know. I can't affect it but that's like asking young guys and you know even if they laundry and I'll let you pay us they are well I think it'll. We got forced it was bought by. I'd bother seeing. It doesn't want to go to any of this straight line unit being recorded everything you can still prevail and build it and we come back in the broad should do you know if you don't want it each elevators. I mean an event that cash bid that they felt that this. Game look for the raiders to win it I mean you look at the hole dead and buried it then it out. They get there as a result they are so they just cannot you know they got to come out of rock I think I know that you are whoever watching. In that four week but it kind of show you that a clash here and get their head that I can actually show without Smith they look basically like the other boys get a bicycle. So they guided wake up. You know being aggressive and basically take the win that and about general lay out or we should be fired back building big elephant that data overall fiscal raiders. They don't think you're much why don't appreciate the calls. This is. This is CJ in Oakland would subs eject. We held on one. Your outlook column but they're all the war you work. After one game didn't do what happened last year after one day. LS the world wouldn't go changing hands are O one K one. Nobody in the Bay Area should be ward off in Europe are crucial to benching in the Bay Area right now without a doubt. There is absolutely zero doubt unless you're clued into some Little League team this is raking the competition we don't know about the I guess. Well look good record are about to get disappointed real big time are Guantanamo lifelong local residents. I talked routing form when your former book won't want to come out of Oakland. I'm what can football and now. I don't want Obama plan to download. The raiders are a good team this year they had a great record last year so they're pretty good movie cheat. Well maybe the better team than we can work your record. So when they go when I don't be surprised. Tony don't be shocked if they're not that it achieved. Seeing could be achieved improbable walk fiction should go one way you can bet he'll be a good team again they are not at all. Thank you very much thank you CJ appreciate your call probably more than Jack Del Rio who was talking about. What are productive week it's bad and even though it's been a short week. Short week productive weeks admit that he does too so it divisional game very important. Our team is playing very well and just a big challenge we'll look forward to being home. From our fans playing really good football on Thursday. They've they've X should walk. You know really mean Bob's. Oversimplified but they had played well. Bin really hard to. We have a good division. Every team in our division is very capable of being soft among don't run off twelve straight pretty darn good. Del Rio talked about the cheats and our final hour an hour 6 o'clock hour were gonna check in without our broadcasters from Kansas City to get you a little bit more familiar. Would you chase beyond Alex Smith who were all very very familiar way if 8889579570. Is the number you can't be on Twitter at Damon Bruce is well you can hit G on. On the twitters as well we are going to be here when you were taken to the tweets I believe in our final hour as well we try to figure out who goes where make it all lined up nice and easy. Steve Kerr at 4 o'clock PR bursts on at 5 o'clock today and coming up. Our good friend my old Powell mark spears who. Pretty much has the entire NBA on speed dial right on his phone he is the NBA senior writer for the undefeated. What do you know. The warriors are not undefeated after one game I didn't think we had that in the script last night and Peter Guber obviously didn't get turned in on time. I think you're right outcome. We deserve to lose they they outplayed us because. Still there. It's going to be no good. At any sort. Job. I saw the script that Peter Guber proved his hand somebody changed the end last night that's not. How what was supposed to end but italics did end for the warriors. An awful lot to talk about and certainly the right person to talk about. Width here on the Damon Bruce show it is they warriors Wednesday broad do you buy a Porsche Walnut Creek Tony seventeen premier portion dealer and by Freeman's appliance a trusted name in the basins in 1922. Very trusted name in the bay. Is Marc spears he is a senior NBA writer. With ESPN's the undefeated new couple years ago we used to do this and then all of a sudden for whatever reason we weren't doing that and let us. Bordeaux and then again how are you mark. We really didn't. You know what's going on brother. I was about to say in my peaches or urban. I. I'll take you very much unskilled pizza today I really am and some people are down in the dumps about a warriors laws I heard people talking about China. I've heard people talking about need to offer people talked about conditioning. And if to ran against that shot off one millisecond before he dies what I talk about any of that. Never visited like Iowa are all out stapled all loose and Alabama. One game not a 8201. Day about a hundred and that it appeared that include good. In the playoff that did it then that don't regret the unit saying. Certain model out there you'd rather play. Rotation without saying to the beginning. Lot of guys do to play doubles that the bill but pretty even gitmo lawyers they have bought them and it got way but not as it. We're in their march you know well warranted your boss is that you lost your second best player in game one yeah. But it took a bullet what does one assault that is done. One of the things that I think a lot of people are bringing up is that the warriors really did sort of treat it like a pre season game you conceded Steve Kerr was. Fiddling with all his new toys just wants to get them all out there wrapping paper and play with a once before he decides what his favorite toys. He coached that game like he was trying to get to the sweet sixteen like he birdied cutting edge back to eight. And PJ Tucker like played the game of his life. T know what date they needed that confidence boost if they needed to be that they could see what the lawyers. That game meant more of them and furthered by even a bit but the order a better way to warriors would have been good but it. If you could see how excited they were after the game. I know you'd I was looking earlier your bit to PJ Tucker. Has got one at plucked out ability. He's not here to guard Kevin Durant he's not scared to admit that certain. Is he gonna get a New Year's Day and invite Rodman but like. On steroids you know. And he did not know we're here because you've been an Easter but ultimately where did you stood at football player Clinton about sports it. By the way. I don't wanna say he's my guy your buddy did go to Indiana. How about Eric Gordon throwing down a dunk of the year candidate like all right into a one term why. He looks like he's OK for the lower yet he's healthy for the first time in maybe four years. O'Neal bullets toward bell nor did what NBA about a cue that'd be good government. Went down the middle lot of video and haven't done quite very India. Now honestly not even against Illinois and I was a blood feud I've I've honestly I've never seen him throw it down quite like that. Well you know there is a thing bit. But we'll be all that played out but he would the person. That basically jet to bow shape from happening. To that next would have done it in a heartbeat too long to go to guy Eric Gordon. But the rocket would not do it they would not include Ben Gordon kept trying to include black man in. So next also wanted to ever read in Iraq it wouldn't do it and blow would that be it. You know Eric Gordon stage but I you see why it very easy to pick that year it three point. It is going to be elected or prevent Bo ultimately got very delicate right mole our prerogative to keep their court. Marc spears senior writer for ESPN's. Undefeated here on 95 point seven the game. I saw you talking with AD in the players hallway after the game last night what were you going over. It's. Own we're talking about most likely get a ring. He. You know he had everything that the mounties but by house shall be paid back home and now in the filled let beat you needed to get and you know even though they lost he would not let that night. Be a damper on the moment it momma there is that a bit but applauding there. You know move the go without you there with a lot of people there to support moment. Finally he had that they're saying that you're you know there could be a people talk about well you gotta be you weigh in does that a third party you have that nonetheless. And you know. I think it was a moment that he'll cherish the rest of the life. Being able to finally put it one away and also being able to rate the better or five years earlier. Out of all the other there at that other law that would. Page 26 minutes of basketball on a brand new setting tells us almost nothing about a player. Where is the truth though on Nick Young in easy breezy 23 off the bench or minus ten in the plus minus. The boats. In the bucket thought the player you're not you know you're not gonna know to nugget from that every game that. It's going to be fascinating and it Libby did support it played it. Not gonna wanna deferred the play thirty year rewarding bounced so. But. Because the war is just so talented offensively. He's gonna get the best look sort of like. The look that Kevin Durant got let people first album life and you know one thing that can do we could not done an open three. So did use the way you might have to get them on your credit between. Six birdies and I picked him up are you not put a little wave brought under the golden gate much. My platitudes seeing what my buddy and beat but he's heavier riders but what that. Albeit it paid off well. By the way all NBA. Player and all NBA beat writer fantasy league I bet that's pretty cutthroat. Yeah until our forgot the down draft prior. Sunday night and he dirt not able to hold me back to say hey man hey man out. And and and I had a number one pick. Yeah I noticed. No doubt the number one pick nobody's got sympathy for the nonstick. Saw them but I'll let it out figure out on May have exact war on a solid start did not bode about it though right. Oh he or won't we could tell you on a little bit we just know that you get dressed in real threat but McDonald's are jerks but guard. A day or. So why it won't say it is LeBron the number one overall on the auto draft. Fairly and children are all what you know he's a good player too I think you'll like what he does. Should build a game. JaVale picked up a DNP is that a just she her rockets went small matchup issue or do you ever see that being. A little bit in the theme we might see throughout the season is as soon current company become enamored. Wins Jordan belt. Low I think it'd what the rockets do it doesn't fit. Our own. Maybe they put force Malden a bit out there in the vigilante and an infrastructure for. They decide. I'd look a little surprised that the the warriors seem to conform more amendments. That. You know trying to force them to play their ball. Some of the plug they gave it back quickly. Well but the rocket serve in elected and one makes stayed put NBA. There's no play commanded a total all out. Might what might as well places sweet Georgia brown a button and you know. They're gonna go and and and I think curve. But maybe your what your point earlier I'll know that you really want them to be there all ads this year. He might not safety bill I'm about what you've got some stuff out Popovich sometimes. No to might have adored Belle province earlier that is what you eat them and saw earlier plan to end in the first quarter. Of what kind of a pop moved. Loony in crunch time I wasn't expecting that. Yeah yeah I mean look you guys are open in shock and bloated nonunion huge leg maybe David West perhaps I don't know footed. So certainly very curious then. I think sometimes the blood Popovich. Tried the midpoint all the pundits and and that was laudable but then talk about condition. Marc spears good dad yacht again right before we let you go have you talked to any of your contacts back in Boston power the Celtics dealing with the same word injury. Bob I have not worked. You know keep a nine on your local boy Jalen brown talk about another cent a similar quote. You have a sensational we've been taken out Gordon. Yet 45 he and I yesterday. I think he's got a chance to be a star honestly getting the man among boys in the summer Greta they're on the cardboard. Jerry Brown is gonna keep this team competitive whether Ted Richard job I don't know but which you cannot Jalen brown become a wanted to start the veteran. Hey good to talk to Denmark thanks for coming on glad we got you on the bench all season long man. You got it Marc spears senior writer for the ESPN. Undefeated. Here on 95 point seven game. Com lying come by in the NFL loves it com binding Columbine is coming closer to the West Coast. And it's ever bend before. It's even through shell on 95 point seven. Use bill me ride around the bay B ride around like a regular day did you ride around round around. Oh my god. These day days down now what in God's name are we playing. Musically. Welcome back to the Damon Bruce show it is good to be when you. I don't remembers that aren't I yeah I kidding me god. I remember like it was does the music video was a guy who looked like. Boy George in a trench coat yes and who's dead Daryn I generalize I. Had said that are alive via who I think that's good day that the curly purview looking hair yeah M. They're smoky eyes for a man I don't thanks same to you guys. No man need smoking by the way. LB wants to be cleared of any song choices he's not putting quarters in the jukebox we absolve you of any yeah yeah by the Elena feels the same way. We're not blaming anyone on that my hand everyone and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. 8889579570. It is a pleasure to have you along today we have got. Steve Kerr coming up and while twelve minutes from right now he joins me at 4 o'clock an awful lot to talk about it the same time not really that much to talk about from last night's game. I understand why they lost I think any reasonable fan kind of understands. Everything going into the mix and not coming out of this with the excuses. If there is one entity in the Bay Area I am certain we don't need to make any excuses for its Golden State Warriors. Do we did did they don't need to Groupon now they're just find it they're. Relax. We cannot be panicky that much right now not at all and really huge deal. And the way anyone wanted to know it was fun there was a great and is a really good NBA games that start. By the way he told me that's game one of the Western Conference finals are animal nervous this is just going on the road. That could absolutely be the Western Conference finals. Did a little while FaceBook lies wind Vontae after the game and and with all due respect to the team in Oklahoma city's put together. That could be the Western Conference finals. The rockets here's to. Our rocker cook. They're good. They're coming for the lawyers every team is coming for the lawyers so of course and keep they're gonna give their best every opportunity they get. Are against the best team they're target targets on the back so it's going to be like that. For awhile. Let's go to what John in San Francisco thank you for holding John your another five point seven again. I paper they might fogleman I think it's time to put up spot while on Trevor rebuild their continued. This big two years ago when he then said something about ended. Also glades and then remember you get black dude forehead next year and then now they want me. I mean that's wartime command and then there's comedy there's ever redux amid the store much of a glimpse into them and then the girl did know made the. They had these big up so far plus. Trevor Rees a thought what. I like you know okay go ahead and call the imam. Don't talk like that. For Trevor Ariza John could call. Did your worries are right is key is in the middle of the moment warriors getting heard. T heard back and there was he won her match like blood is he he is he gave clay the scar. Denied. Like Baltimore gave Harry Potter the score the scars are Trevor reason they gave clay the scar. He said. Currie head over heels. Yes some bubble wrap Trevor reason when Henry's around the Golden State Warriors. So Randy. Randy. Tommy's in Oakland when he got Tommy howry. I have thought about. Hey there but not bad I could do what day it could lead he I have to say about the order is right. People adult did. Over the air midday heat over age is right out quite gay you know like it. Look what they're predicting big gain due to let everybody did it feel right now went back everybody built lord. God got there praying. We were there like a celebration oh indicate that it into that side of god that they are quite. And we do it caught the that week that it may guys split I don't want boy out. It Iggy as that I don't want what you thought that the blowout for the right but they need to go back and evaluate them out and say hey. Why did we apple want white women they've let it issued a bit more and the greater. Why did let it. Yet where they are for sure they download one play at a time against the chiefs. Or are gunning I think that sort of and they get out. I have played earlier beta didn't art I'm a bit. I must say but it didn't let and Al I don't play that you called paint and they don't work as well played around it. They play calling it very very bad you don't want to. What the outside isn't going to can't bridge the watchdog locally involved delicate local Wiki and Beckett was ordered eight. In this city you know alternate slate but now they got hurt them. Open air and I got a court that the war is going to get it back the bank said it hit. That people ago you know it. Thank you John I appreciate the call I do a lot of I would love to see the raiders fulfill that promise that I really would for the good people of Oakland blood. They don't look any closer this year than they were last year. And I hope last year isn't as close is they're gonna get there's way too much talent for that it's almost like Todd downing. Got caught up. In what may be Steve Kerr was caught up in a little bit last night we got so many new things and toys to play way that. You make a big mess in the room by playing with too many in your toys out of toy chest you're always goes to take one out of the time and play one at a time in the 01 back and then take another one out. You know on the name time. Click on falcon screws the entire cast the avengers all over the literally in our main. All the time out here I EL EI does that's my boy. At the askew was on the morning show and he talks a little bit about like cars relationship. With downing and how may be that there's a little their little too close to maybe cars I don't know that there's. In it are simply climb there's just a little too much there and night. Too much familiarity that I can talk coach subordinate ER bone relationship instruments. Too much freedom vision to misread them and what's happening May Day. Maybe. And here's deals cars got a little something going wave Michael Crabtree that they. You don't need to trust to get him involved start looking for Cooper so are looking for Coke start looking for all these like feed the beast. Attacked the weak spot. Not once or twice but over and over and over and over again. It's totally remember once Sean Smith used to play for the raiders was saying he still does but he didn't feel last week but remember how they would go after him. Over and over third down. I mean I don't know what the play is going to. Except for holes Shaun Smith covering. 'cause that's where the plays. You attack weak spots and you do so. Without mercy. Without relenting. And without any concern is still well we gotta give everybody their touches we gotta you gotta make everybody feel good. Are you get the touches to the person who's doing the most Wyndham. Josh is an Oakland tied to a Josh. Pandemic I expect my car. You know I laugh when people. Try to apply traditional culture standards. Most beef curtains could this stepfather wouldn't you wouldn't legally he would welcome god who. Can certainly gone deep entry or expansion gave back a minute throughout the feeling you know until the playoffs and in the poultry than. He took advice from lack of video coordinator created the Echelon that can't wait if you get thirty for thirty. But what they're paying back our bloated it ain't got marvel at what this car just that now that. It works was valuable to their you know and a playoff atmosphere one which you probably not gonna feel a lot throughout this season until he gets to play out. Oh mauling I would ought on everybody he car so it's a great kid you not gotten the fire is she what she would they got in that situation. Because our culture and where editor at organization where that plane where. They can actually do what coaching is about actually making players better. Seats on the on the other movies see you stand playing the lack of a playoff game winning Wimbledon if everything and it is never. Right but the warriors who are you are the warriors have wiggle room to develop your right about that it's you get nailed a Josh good call thank you very much they do have. A little slack to play wit it cause they're so good when they need to be so they can kind of settle. Here in the air and I think that's what C was doing I mean it was a hey let's. Let's try to get everybody in their let's tanker a little bit let's see what we got tied the basketball game and unfortunately like a tight game broke out were an eighteen point lead once was and it all kind of slipped away even when drain money green one off the court and by the way that speaks an awful lot of how much she really means to this team by the way we were talking a little bit about the NFL come by and everybody loves you combined guess what become mine is coming to know. Jerry world. AT&T'S stadium's going to be the host of the next NFL combine after it was in Philadelphia. A wonderful ever. It will make its way to the West Coast. Or is that a little to. Pacific time oriented for ESPN. Following last night's ring ceremony the warriors launched the championship ring raffle for a chance for a lucky fans when an authentic personalized. 201617. NBA championship ring proceeds benefit the warriors community foundation. For deet tails go to war years dot com slash. Ring raffle. One and only the head coach Steve Kerr comes up next to talk about whether or not he's tendering his resignation.