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Monday, September 25th

On a day like today, there is no line between sports & politics. Damon recaps the weekend - Warriors & White House, Trump's tweets, NFL protests, and the Raiders don't show up to play on Sunday Night Football - joined by head coach, Jack Del Rio. 


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To another unsettled. To digest Monday here on nine to five point seven a game all thank you know Twitter. Thank you Mr. President thank you NFL NB I remember on Friday this is about the warriors not going to the White House. Come Sunday afternoon it's about something totally different welcome to. Donald Trump's America. Where the mission every day is to just distract you with the low hanging fruit. While you're not talking about Russian. Why you're not talking about other important things like North Korea just gonna gin up the masses. Get rid of the phrase dizzy up the girl yeah. But it's also ordered Goo Goo Dolls album or something like that but like this is what's happening he's just trying to make it's also dizzy we don't know what too were face and anymore. What a great time for me to remind you that the intersection of sports and politics now crosses right at the same place that main street. And Broadway does. I mean it is right in the middle of our town now and there's no way to avoid it I promise you. That I would not be doing and the protests at this football season and I'm gonna stick to that the best I can. But. Almonte for can guy who weekend oh my god. I mean it just never stops. Oh by the way. The raiders completely know showed in our nation's capital. Completely. Total no show. I saw that committed to something I was worried about earlier in the day and I didn't tweet about it because it's hard to explain nuance. In a 140 characters or less. But I really thought there might be a problem when I saw Jim Trotter who is a phenomenal NFL journalists tweet earlier in the afternoon. But the raiders players tell me that they were planning to stay in the tunnel during the anthem but changed because there wasn't enough time. To get out for the scheduled kickoff so now players will do individual group displays but not a team display hash tag raiders. In all I can tell you is that it seemed. Like the raiders were more concerned. About an anthem protest in the war in in game performance last night and they played that way that's the worst they have ever looked under Jack Del Rio Derek car's fiftieth start is the worst and his entire career. 27 to ten and it really wasn't even that close the raiders had seven. First downs went over eleven on third down gained a 128. Total yards they passed for 96 yards. And rushed for 32 when your quarterback is Derek Carr and you pass. 96 total yards. Something is terribly wrong. Some things unfocused. Impossible to explain. Happened in your locker room before the game. And I don't know. Why is don't want gone but that was a complete. Every phase of the game coaching player execution offense defense special teams failure. Remember last week I was talking about all tend to be great to come out on Sunday night make a big impression on America. Palin impression are right. Chiefs are better in the Denver Broncos are much better that's the impression that the raiders made last night in the Denver Broncos are waiting for then next. Derek Karr was sacked four times there are alone you know something was wrong. Derek target sacked four times he was going down to. To sacks on back to back down to your offensive lines head is somewhere else. Three turnovers he made the Redskins look like the 85 Chicago Bears on defense. And they gave up 472. Yards a maori Cooper one catch thanks for common Michael Crabtree one catch thanks for comment. Marshawn Lynch touched the ball seven times last night. He had six carries and one catch. Todd downing. Had a bad night. Who calls a reverse on first down when you're trying to get things don't. The raiders. Even the biggest fan have you even the biggest greater supporter out there for the blind raider allegiance guy or gal would have to admit. The Dow was an unfocused. Poorly prepared. And because of that big just got a first degree but we'll open on Sunday Night Football. I honestly didn't think the readers would be held scoreless and half all year long first half they were scoreless last night. How does that team get held scoreless by anybody in this league. All of that all of that weaponry. Just forgot to play a football game last night. I forgot the play a football game last night there was one scheduled the Redskins showed up the raiders never did. And it wasn't about body clock it wasn't about all of its early. Eddie's gonna start time gets West Coast teams all the time most of Sunday Night Football man. Al Michaels had time for his nap. Everyone should have been well rested. I don't get it. It's hard for me to just assume. That everything that everyone was talking about all weekend long didn't have some thing to do with what we saw last night Jack Del Rio is gonna join me at 330. What happened. 330 today on the Damon Bruce showed Jack Del Rio may be tells us what happened last night. I'm I series I don't even awarded again what happened. What happened. Coaches forgot to coach players forgot to play I mean it was just. How about this it's rare that I am caught off guard. We they completely I didn't see that common performance. Der upsets there's tries his butt it like. That wasn't just hey tends to breaks hey it's an anybody can beat anybody league. That was a full system wide franchise galore no show. And I think anyone other Redskins are gonna dominate the raiders like that you know one thing but so much pressure on their car no one. Gen console. Gosh yeah. Tim Tom solar rush for defensive lineman last night and got T. I always said Jim Thompson looked great coach. The raiders defense that we talked about an audience someone asked me how many times do you think you're gonna get called hater today. The senate at least six and a half times and I'll take the over 'cause there's a dumb group of fans they just wanna live only in there perfect world. Not observe. What is actually going on and I'm gonna tell you right now. Every single conceivable fear that they had for the raiders defense. The day didn't succumb to in week one or two. They got broken by them last night. They many guys who you use it now. Vernon Davis. I don't laurel leader. Image someone you kind of know and players you don't know it all looked like all stars look like pro bowlers. Chris Thompson. A spy on that guy. Always he's number five bonus been killing you all night on. All night all night. He was a human person downed. And the raiders would leave him uncovered. They would blitz to guys leave the back out of the debt just completely uncovered and and there are some breakdowns coaching wise. Ciampi Ryan. Thanks parent think they don't pronounce his own name right but Jimmy called the pro bowler last night. That was an. Ugly performance is bad as I've never seen the raiders look and given the fact that I have expectations of others. The 49ers. Won't look. As bad as the raiders did last night all season long. And the 49ers. To cut out the fat of trying to explain what's going on here just to sum it up real fast the 49ers sock. There are a little bit better than soccer maybe they like least soccer suck light. And the raiders last night looked like they had just met. At Dulles airport. And say yes I'll go play football game. Going out. Tell you Wake Forest coming up that's for both these teams to bowl the 49ers and the raiders a road dogs next Sunday both games will be in the 1 o'clock kick off our the 49ers are plus six and happen Arizona and the raiders right now plus one at Denver. Denver's coming off a loss in buffalo this could have them. Should be to say the least. Can pop the way we're gonna get to this a little Enron careened hunt. Green font. Is having a better season. In the AFC west is collectively around ten careened onto. Is the single greatest rookie running back to this ever set foot in the NFL. In my viewing lifetime. And we can actually prove that statistically coming up and a little bit. I do a good news for the raiders not too many stuck around to watch them get destroyed last night look. Maybe it was those killer early games which satisfied all of the football creating the U adding new and that was a killer early slate that was a lot of fun it was a glorious day on the red zone channel. Maybe it was those killer early games maybe it was a great weathered. May be a war is you know and the men Donald Trump fatigue may need the hash tag boycott NFL thing is actually working. Maybe were more turned off. Fans do to have the NFL is treated its own fans. Discarding and displacing them in the name agreed I don't know but Sunday Night Football ratings were the lowest rated week three game for metered market since 2000 in six. Wow. So hash tag raider nation that when we tell you the show that they put on closes in three weeks in Las Vegas all the time. Las Vegas we haven't any of that. You've got to be playing. In front of the fan base that is loved you for years and supported you for years to get away with a performance like that. Ugly. Seem ratings down across the board. Most yards. Ever out gain the raiders in history. They were out gained back in 1961 by 383 yards by Houston. In 2008. And 2009. During the dark dark years. They got outscored. Our outside out yardage to if you will. By 376. Yards and three and 59 yards a game in 91. They got out yardage by New Orleans by 358 yards. Yesterday 344. Yards getting out gained by Washington is one of the worst in team history. On that was a historically. Significant. Flop. Why are raiders team that has us cutting Promos from Greg pompous and I think to go to the Super Bowl. I don't. Not playing like that not planned. To one up not ready to go in the very very first all this one's for real. Big Sunday night all eyes on you like Tennessee that was a good win for the jets seem another one yesterday that was still kind of disposable. And last night you made the Washington Redskins were a cup of coffee. Washington Redskins are eight at the NFL version of a cup of coffee this year they're they're. They've gotten nine in seven written all over. Maybe 79 lead and written all over. That's just a football team and you made them look like the 85 Chicago Bears last night. By the way Josh Norman just drop in microphones talking about the raiders passing attack and that a little bit later on. You're crazy finishes in weeks three. Why the 49ers didn't draft Shawn Watson is a question we'll be asking a little bit later on today but we will have. Jack Del Rio at 330. Can amendment at 430 talking about the niners Keith law around 6 o'clock we'll have a Dell replay in the 5 o'clock hour Casey miss it. I would imagine. We have a less than ecstatic. Raider head coach should talk with the bottom of the hour by the way does a raider Monday. Brought to you by the old scarred club played Smart played oaks. By mountain Mike's pizza the way it ought to be by Ed page daily Chevrolet drive a little and say a lot and by Dolan slumber doors and windows your green building expert visit dole and lumber. Dot com. So I said you weeks ago. Then I'm not going to be covering income protests. This year I'm gonna stick to that pledge to you as best I can. I'm taking a knee. Became a theme this weekend. It's a constant conversation. It is certainly curbing the way we cover the NFL it is ruining my Twitter timeline it is the most obnoxious thing on social media on the way to excuse me that's the president himself. Here's what I think is just. The fatal flaw. In this noble cause. This protest is no end in sight. It started. Would police brutality and it became about an overall social justice system overhaul. And the movement was co opted by black lives matter then it seemed to turn into a protest of cabernet it's black balling. Then it was about whatever happened to Michael Bennet in Las Vegas. Kabul way it's about patriotism it's about the military it's about respect it's about this that the other thing like it never comes to win and now it's about trump calling players the son of a bitch. By next Sunday it'll morph into something helps racism without a doubt the undercurrent of all of this but it keeps on losing. It's hard to hit the target keeps moving. And what it's never gonna end. The amount of pressure that teams are under to succumb to the what social media global pressure through the clear thing gold thirty thinking rational people pressure to say rejected this. Train of thought. It's never gonna and taking me. Is really now it's like a it's like and I don't mean to offend anybody but here's where we are it's the pregame aids ribbon you don't wanna be the one. Actor at the Oscars not wearing your aids ribbon doesn't look like you don't care. You wanna be the one not wearing your list on bracelet you're you're you're you know wanted to one not wearing your pink accents for breast cancer awareness. It's fashionable. To show how well Q Wal-Mart in any way possible these days. And this isn't criticism this is just a quick question this is you know a reasonable. Thought. That many people don't even want to broach because we're just gonna look at things in an unreasonable way these days that would certainly gets the firing conversation going. If you start applying reason and thoughtful patterns to this show how. Oh well then we're just not talking about the outrageous outrageous what we're stirring the pot. Without getting too fiesta Politico. Let me just say. And if you are age. Card carrying member of the Republican Party and still supporting Donald Trump again you know it's it's you are now a rule book or racist you were either. Kong into. Or. You now support. The do this in conversation he's always looking to start half. Tell if this weekend that you walked lost faith. In the White House. Man who occupies it maturing into the role of president if this weekend you became aware of his level of disconnect. Like Mexicans are rapists wasn't enough for you. Rapper in the law. Wasn't enough free ill. Now this this is now did all he called my favorite fantasy football teams sons and just now I'm angry. Like if now you're on board. Like I I'm sorry your so clueless and you have to be clubbed over the head like a baby sealed understand something this is. I look look Colin Japanese blocked me on Twitter. So why can't ask many direct questions disease don't think that voting for trumpets the same as voting for Hillary. Best selling or is that so where you is that why didn't vote search is either way it doesn't matter. Or you acutely aware of how. Vitally important it is to keep megalomaniac. Narcissism Jack pulls out of the most important seat in America. Are you aware of it now that's fantastic. I wonder how many guys who Neil yesterday bothered to vote could name one of their own cities and mayors or congressperson and tell you their senators are. My question for every one would be like. Thank you for the symbolic gesture. I saw it every single chance I'd look at Twitter your symbolic gesture. Hot fire congratulations. What do you do when you get up from that knee. Ecology effort to put his money where his mouth was and it cost him his career what about the rest of these protesters that means. A lot to you you're gonna spend more than two minutes a week on it right. To National Anthem sung in about two minutes and 22 minutes and as I can tell that that's the average National Anthem time just over two minutes do you care about this. Those two minutes. Two minutes all one error you know what do you do Monday through Saturday. That's. When I think we will see the sincerity of some of these guys behind the protests. I think some of them are absolutely deeply concerned I think some of them are suck are subject to. Being you know it. Someone who is following fashion. Mommy tell you these owners. Take a hike. But none of these kept none of these owners. Bothered to sign Colin cabinet. But how many of these rich frauds are jumping on this awareness train just to protect their own pockets. How many of these rich frauds bankrolled Donald Trump voted for him and live in their private planes. And there are several man she ends. Who don't really look at these players is people but simply meet for the grand Ole. 'cause you're the one who sell in the murders. You know judge York's woke message what does the same guy who looked at hunters point it was like yuck too much poverty for my taste and moved his team. To the middle of one of the white is to wash communities in the Bay Area. I'm not. Enough. I see the nobility in this but I also see right through it many instances. We will take your calls throughout the day I can promise you that but coming up. Jack Del Rio. What happened last night in our nation's capital the raiders had a no show football game. To activate demons who shot. On 95 point seven. Look at some would Jack Del Rio here in just a little bit normally use right on time if there's still little. Punch drunk from last night I wouldn't be surprised at all. That was a stunning development on the day it's it's really rare in sports where. I think I'd handicapped the situation and then the entire opposite happens I was very positive going into. But Friday show about how great of an opportunity this was for the raiders to. Wake up the entire countries to how good they are in the opposite happens. Jack Del Rio is dear to join us brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes. Can save you 15% or more on car insurance business and Geico dot com or call 1800. 947 auto and by Dolan slumber doors and windows you're green building expert. Visit dole wins lumber dot com. Jack thank you very much for joining us I imagined it's been nail long flight back in a very busy day so far. How long short long a long trip and loved. Didn't go away we wanted but we are back at work. Output in the last woman behind the community for the next. What happens. We're greater. There is no doubt about that it seemed to be eight. All phases of the game disconnect and you know I was wondering today or yesterday was such an odd day in the NFL with a all what was going on before games. Coach was your team a little bit more worried about an anthem protest and was a football game no sense that. Now. Because did the whole team play distracted all night long really seems like it did. Got it got to between black and looked actually it was going to be searching for answers bully me as coaches we. We go big right into what needs to be done what happened and who and how we can do better and all that that's. That's where focuses reduced or got together because they like man we. We didn't play well they did they got the win. There's one day we'll learn from a put behind us and move forward. You don't often get an off night from dirt car like that his fiftieth start among the worst of of his career really and in other certain things and I think you just gotta expect to show up every week and normally an offensive line travels. I'm sure you and Mike Tyson talked about this what are the Redskins do. That was that was so successful to get to Derek last night. Finally Blair said they just don't rush and coverage went hand in hand on bill we we had opportunities to do a better we didn't and dom. I excel word and make our corrections and move up. How is Marchand feeling today I'm not sure he's been hit like DJ swear injury hit him in the last. Three years and he only touched the ball seven times yesterday was that because of rhythm or was he a little off. The biggest thing that contribute to who touched the ball how much is a lack of a blow up. A lack of conversions on third down we're Oprah eleven in the game and that. It got your Oprah eleven on third down you're gonna have questions about how controlled so didn't get the ball more. Why is it by the way I'd I hear a little music behind what do you listen into your office today. Oh god would turn it down looks. All right there you go. All right you know only got a relaxed got a double take a breath anyway Jeff and I understand he coached the you are Mari obviously had a rough game last night and Josh Norman went off on the raiders' receiving corps in its entirety last night after the game. He's had some bad drops is a rookie it seemed to be corrected but was already six dropped passes through three weeks this year. Is there anything that you specifically can work with the Marianna get him ready for Denver. And whatever whatever we think we can't will will will do obviously you know calmed down the you know him being that dynamic playmaker video portion rework how among women when he can when they get open and the ball delivered lighter wallets are mecky third down we gotta have. How much crap trees chest deal on today house Marchand on the day after getting his bell rung any significant. Nicks and dings coming out of an injury coach are coming out and again. No I don't know anything about being very fair solution they're up there on both sides I think obviously there couple that are. I'm more talk about another but. I think crab recoverable Loper will low ward we go to the week but calm nobody else is don't dwell. Gosh how was the team on the plane home was. Quiet plane were there questions being thrown around the guy's finger pointing tell me about unity. Not a not premiere event and you know I started mud mud much. Post game press coverage what. The fact there was Starwood me it will all look a win then to do better. You know individually and in good shape you know unified and together as a team and that's exactly how we'll do it. The guys were around getting their rest. Understand that we know will will move past this woman quickly in the the next one which is in Denver end a look at sort of challenge. In some ways is a game like this a wake up call something they can actually be good for team early in the season. Well look you during the course of the medical field and they're gonna deal with some adversity you're gonna deal of LB ups and downs all of water medical fees and then so that should go to more of those now it is out of luck. Make our corrections and move on in and get ready for the next. You guys that are facing another tough one in the next one Denver this Sunday. That's a big game to close out the first quarter your season finishing three and one would be a great way to wrap up the first slice of your NFL schedule. The other they're all tough they're all up and certainly. You know going into into Denver and then planned Bellman and they're playing good football. They also had a tough day yesterday so we don't bolt of what's coming up twelve days getting ready for the next opportunity. When you sit down fur a game that has the scope of the Sunday Night Football coverage in the big network game and you have to have meetings with the broadcasters. Did Dave jacket show you the clip. That they showed us with you and Bob Hope. Ha ha. And shown they've been referred to it I had an idea they might do that on. But I've got nonessential to. My favorite part of the entire thing wasn't bad Bob Hope jokes. It wasn't the young fresh faced why did he just coming off of and Jack Del Rio my favorite part of the whole thing. Was that neck roll they used to Wear back in college. Sucked. Exactly yeah I did try to work pad the word that ruled. All that yeah. That was I mean it is so it was like that old school dirty gym sock looking rolled up neck roll to that do you think that ever really helped chaired it it did just like the way it looked. Although it definitely helped that that would help but I've played with a neck broke my whole career involved. And my you know my neck to know. I think the good lord my neck condition is still good and what brought closure to bang and never had issues so I know where MacWorld big part of it. I tell him and you gotta go back and find that clip you've got to see yourself talking to Bob Hope is just how does it they brought it up I was like I'll look at Bob Hope look at Jack Del Rio you look like Clark Kent you look like a young Superman ready to be unleashed on the world. Well I appreciate you bring up a light moment give me a chance to break a smile for the. Well I figured you needed one coach you're really really did I can tell you don't wanna talk about the specifics of what went wrong you don't wanna go give away what goes into the soup of getting right. But there's an awful lot of work to be done between now and Sunday we thank you for coming on how about this for more good news may do to lead dwindled to just smiled and make any idea who starting for the Florida Gators next week. Yeah I did get bad news. And I am happy and proud of my son. Illinois you'll get start playing bandy in dove when they lay their belt they're paying him. He brings them back for two scores and awareness and dumb I'm just so proud of the character he's shown and end up being a great teammate in prepared in the when he got an opportunity to do a nice job with a. Coach it was a rough rough Sunday we appreciate you coming on facing the music always a thankful for your time thank you. Okay David thanks how to actually. Jack Del Rio hopefully will be talking to him after a much better performance next week he doesn't. Like says it best in what goes well he obviously wants to change the subject and move on from what went poorly. As quickly as possible looked as a coach what else can he really do what I understand. But that was. Whether he wants to admit it or not and un focused football team. I'm not. Smart enough x.s and knows wise to tell you the intricacies. And the subtleties. Of what makes this play that play Popper unique but what I can read his body language. What I can read is. Something's wrong Jeter Derrick car just doesn't look right tonight and when you're given up back to back sacks. When you're given up back to back sacks in this is one of the best offensive lines and all football. We Derek who's not a mobile he's not a statue west quarterbacks he was getting. Wrenched. He had his own players being pushed into him. That is so unlike this wind that is so unlike. Everything we have seen from Mike Tice is group. Todd downing had himself a rough game last night. In a Jack brought up the fact they're all for eleven on third down how do you catch rhythm and get your defense a break. If you're jogging off the field staff's is you John Don it. 8889579570. Haven't heard from you yet a very controversial Sunday. In the NFL. From anthem protests to presidential words to. I thought this facts about the warriors not going to the White House and all the sudden the NFL got dragged into it it's also about. A mastermind. At mass distraction. Knowing exactly how to blow the dog whistle. It gets all the dogs barking. There is subversion. There is mass distraction. Going on. With this White House. For those you wanna see Damon separate politics from sports. What it got butter cup. It's 2017. And that ship has sailed. Welcome to the new world. After the demon from shell out. On 95 point seven. Welcome back to the sports and politics makes strange bedfellows program. I'm sorry were here again but that seems to be. Where we are. And trying to avoid it trying to look for something other. Then this topic is to be negligent as to what is being discussed coast to coast. From the north to the south from the east the west everywhere you look. I've got somebody here on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex on same Damon in I voted for trump I'm not a racist don't throw the racism card round so freely Melvin you're rube. Even if you voted for him with all the best intentions if you're not willing to admit at this point in time that all of those intentions of backfired and he is shown unity is an uncontrollable child. Who is completely. In Petra wis. And irresponsible. With his language. You know you might have a great distaste. For North Korea and there are threats. You don't call a guy rocket man at the UN. This isn't like hey I'm gonna get everyone saying crooked Hillary you know this is like it is it's a birdied. It. It's a dog whistle. He is unqualified. He is unfit for the office. And if you're still standing by this president you are remaining. The ruled that you wore in the first place or you truly are an undercover racist who secretly loves everything you're hearing. You were unwilling. You are no negotiation they knew to take the other side word and making your own. Or listen it is it that there is zero reason to stand by a man who was again. Let's go ahead and put the Environmental Protection Agency. Under the guise of a man who would see it ruined. Let's put. The secretary of education. In the hands of a woman who is nothing but utter contempt for the public school system itself. He is systematically. Been placed by a foreign power into an office through. The first ever cyber warfare that is been declared and won. By Russia. They've systematically. Placed a man who would have you believe. Facts are no longer factual. Our constitutional guarantees are no longer guaranteed. Fake news. Allows him to get away with anything. He is eroded the trust in American institution sees no respect for the free press this man. Is literally the worst human being that could possibly occupy it and now he's running football side door and then did you were not born before. If you thought I was some left leaning San Francisco calm me. Like wake up and smell the coffee. We had been attacked we have lost the attack. World war three was fought on line we lost. You understand now. 8889579570. Is the number I don't care about all of your little. Tiers of how dare you. How dare you. How dare you not admit you were conned by a con man did you see what Bill Maher said unreal he's like you wanna know why. Hillary won New York City but like. 90%. Because everyone in New York City knows trumpets a con man. You're just finding out what New York city's known for years. Nobody said make America great again and I really like dad T shirts on and applaud. How does he wanna make America great again bringing you back to the Jim Crow south running the roost. Is that what he wants. What seems to be asking for. If you take you need your dis and dat who needs to be thrown out of the country but if you're an actual card carrying member of the Nazi party there's good people on that side till. According to have. Notice he's no there's no acknowledgment there are good people court taking unique. They're good people who are Nazis. What 12017 every one. You literally get the government you deserve. Oh and oh by the way the raiders know showed unsentimental ball we're talking about that's it. 8889579570. This is Mike Collins from Richmond Mike you're on 95 point seven again. I could groove happening baby. Got a two part question or yes I am. One is why do you still heard what your thoughts on not the raiders not able to get the run game go on. Even before they got blown out and part two is do you still that lynch is not really be used to the red zone. As much as we saw. He wasn't used in the red zone attempts last night and I was surprised by that I really wonder how badly he got his bell wrong. When. DJ swear insured just coal locked him when he was sort of in the grips of other tacklers. He just came in like a bowling ball and wiped Marshawn Lynch out we didn't see much of and the rest of the night. Let me just they got caught not blocking not passing not executing their routes. It was a it was a disastrous failure on all levels of the game. And I I don't know what more can be said at the fact Marshawn Lynch didn't get the ball on third and goal is the least of the raiders problems from last night. But he needs to touch the ball more than six times. But when you're constantly jogging off the field so market king can punt again. As fast as your jogging on the field deceiving get anything done one it's hard to get anything going. And give respect to the Redskins man and they did just what dad acts. No other way to say it. This is Robin San Jose rob Iran not a five point seven again. A game and thank you again for taking my call Yunel. As the president you know I think the president should be more concerned with the you know mayor province send out. And Puerto Rico and all the major port cities and all the original cities billion based on the original railway quarters. Yeah it too many brown people around any concerns. Like he's not really concerned with that I'll put the other guy doing any kind of eludes him. Jerry Jones is not only concerned it would be out what do you know maintaining the peace they had that basically believe her late protected monopoly and he decimated. Three city. And you know take it later teams and what if any inside the ship at the that ship has sailed and I think I'm not gonna give up on picking on his corporations you know I'm here on the air saying. You know the big rich guys who can cure addiction borderline met edited megalomaniac but not all blown. Have got to get called out and we can all take you need all this stuff. You know and it's not being disrespectful to the flag you know I locked both my my great knuckles on the beaches in world war Kim on my mom pulling out. Her her Brothers were killed. You know they it's 11 if they were just young boys OK I did. And I have respect for people you know when you find yourself you know mono to mono shelf or. I get the real enemy. Let you know were murmured in fact right now we need a real diplomatic setting a real sound and not leading up all day long don't like you know what inflammatory comments consecutive. It is it's it's beneath the stature. Of the office. I mean if I feel like if you gave him. Hey would you rather concentrate on something that is just gonna inflamed rhetoric and mobilize your based on love you even more or should you address really she sold so they'll choose mobilize the base would flaming rhetoric. Every single time. I mean is there anything that I needed paranoid you know I. Yes he's incredibly paranoid he's in narcissism. He'd rather masturbating looking himself in the mirror. Than anyone else. You know I got done. Guy singer. And I thought this was a sports shop. Probably thought the NFL is a sports show too but yesterday it wasn't wake up and smell the issues. I series I cannot take stay in your lane stick to sports guy. That debt that you no longer belong in the conversation it's being held at a level that you cannot understand. Go back to your comic book simple ten these are real novels were reading this is real rules real literature this is real. This isn't just raiders drove for eleven on third down. Those lines are blurred now. It's Doug did you look Neeson and bad with the lawyers over the weekend and those tweets now with the NFL Amin the lines are blurred right. The penguins are coming to the White House great team great team it penguins are made up of Canadians and Russians for the most part do it for American born guys an old team. A lot easier to sell the penguins on a White House trip. And a group of black guys who think that they are now responsible. For carrying on conversation any bringing it to places it hasn't done before. It's ridiculous. And don't blame me for this conversation you can thank your body. The orange wonder. I had somebody on the Penske auto sales dot context once and you know go ahead keep on talking like this you're gonna get him elected again. It probable link. I'm done remaining silent on what is very obvious to mean if your moral compass is so far off true north that you think all of this is normal. No wonder your trump voter you ruled or racist. That's all thorough left room racists that fit. Even if you're a die hard conservative Republican this man has taken that party so far to the bastard is station extreme of that ideal this is no Goldwater conservative. Remember on the old enough to know more about this and happy I swear to god I am so. Just just know bit yup me you know what I could do. You only should really do for the next half hour we should play nothing more then cuts. From old Kennedy speeches. All the Reagan's speeches even old bush species. To show you how president should act in sound. And compare and contrast them to disguise. This is ridiculous. Many more your calls right around the corner looking for doing gauging you all so stay on hold you're up next here on 95 point seven again.