Damon Bruce Show Hour 1

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, April 20th

Damon recaps the Warriors win (without KD) and is joined by Dan Rusanowsky!


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There's all kinds of different stations and signals that you need to keep track of these days Gionta we got greens everywhere. Welcomed in 98 point 7564328675309. He hanging. Yeah yeah yeah well trauma. Some good game linesmen and I'm happy that British go game last night man you know everything I said about Kevin Durant and want to see him. I want to see him play I still see him play but. They played very well without and that was kind of awesome whatever. Nugget of hope I I guess so called that did dude do we have nugget of hope. Other nuggets of hope is though is that a word and is that a friend probably not if my prayers are now Mays made that up but whatever kernels of hope maybe that's. The Portland trailblazers wanted her hope to have. There's just no way to that is going to happen now it is this is over everything but the details. Of this series now. You could they make uninteresting game up in Portland yeah there's no doubt. The TrailBlazer is about to win. It was a four of the next five games now that is not going to happen. The warriors are so well built are still well constructed their role players are just fantastic. Right now and all the it's funny last night Gionta it was great to have you there by the way as our station. Or is if you want like newest team assembled. A like. A mega coverage the mega cast. We probably had ten people at the game last night from the station we were all there. We got you covered today and Steve Kerr is gonna join us at 5 o'clock rule looking for did that happen unload the later on. We were all there. Glimmer of hope Damon you can blame America win world. We also people here on the Penske auto sales dot context on who think did you party partaking in 420 and that's one may be. You're a little confused about dial position tonight where Eric NAFTA that's an egg and how high are you right now. She's suited look at her own yet. Yes the hurry to get to get. By zine Entergy on my goodness I can't believe you jump to work like that. Hang. For a sports update let's go to Peter Tosh brought to you by legalize it. So Powell. Look the warriors hit Portland with a huge dose of reality. And I think they have that huge dose of reality. It's also a message that I am very happy the warriors sent to the rest. Of the NBA you couldn't help watching thank. On man I gonna beat that because that is eventually gonna get Kevin Durant back. Now I see we got a lot of people interpreting what Kevin to rants absence meant. We'll get to that just the second. Its parent star. Stats are. That's what the last game sounded like Dan rose announced he's gonna sound like when he joins us at 330 today we're talking to the sharks play by play voice. You can catch the sharks tonight on which station nineteen point five K fun. In the summit stone to me. Ran together did and it is the it is my I have posted. Had to go had to get the read and you know that's OK and I did and that's okay. You still the degree to. So. If the Golden State Warriors biggest sin is that their ultimately so good their predictable. We have absolutely no idea what the San Jose Sharks are gonna have for us tonight I don't know and I don't even think a fan who follows them more closely than I do even knows. And I guess that that's kind of the fun here I have no idea what to expect from the San Jose Sharks tonight if we're sitting down here at 3 o'clock tomorrow Jim. And we are reacting to a game that they actually won comfortably. Based on what I just saw I don't think I blinked and if you told me that the sharks looked really in control and won this game tonight. Even with you know could tore still basically toothless important like two games back from being hurt. Buy it if you told me that they skated to a comfortable win. Believe you I would buy that from you right now if you were selling it to me. It's at 3 o'clock today you were sitting there are 3 o'clock tomorrow we're sitting down to talk about the sharks were shut out again. Believe that so yeah. I guess not having any idea what is gonna happen and they needed bad game it's not a must win but it's a needed bad game. Sounds like a fun night on my couch to me. I can't wait for our hey what's for dinner segment consensus nominee go pick up before I go home to watch this game tonight. That's it. I'm excited about it I really. Sharks records last game. Seven. Seven goals is is seen as a team record in the playoffs the widest margin of victory. A record for power play goals for it was set the record for the quickest goal. Was also set in the post season at fifteen seconds. So this franchise is coming off of a franchise best hockey game and we'll see if it carries over tonight and Edmonton. Is in wrecked the rig is edits out the chant is wrecked the Reagan. The oil Derrick. Eric. So I'm I'm done I know what I'm doing in my Dutch and. If you're on your couch last night you're watching NBA playoff basketball outside of ORACLE Arena. You might have watched the game that happened in Houston. And you might have seen Russell Westbrook. Probably straddled the line of great game an awful game more than any player in a singular playoff performance hasn't he really really long time Russell Westbrook last night totally forgot. That he had teammates in the fourth quarter. He turned in the first ever fifty point triple double and NBA playoff history. He also totally shot the thunder out of the game. In the first cap Russell Westbrook was absolutely awesome he had 22 point two at eight rebounds he had ten assists. And the thunder led by six. He was eight. Excuse to three. For eighteen in the fourth quarter. I typed 83 team here I know I got that first number Ron and I have a typographical error on my notes. He was worse than that would you look million it forget it I just Max here's all you need to know about Russell Westbrook last night he wasn't passing the ball the fourth quarter he completely shot a steam out of the game because he went ice cold in the fourth quarter and he didn't even slow down wants when it came to a you wakes away launching it from everywhere. He was passing up open guy after open guy. Driving into waste active defense looking for calls to bail him out. The game last night the Russell Westbrook played historical and it's fifty point playoff triple double nature. But the game that he played last night should really be known as the wide to rant left games. I'm not even didn't man. Tim bon Temps. It was an excellent writer man you know the more reels just. First vault since then. The cool guy to hang around watching a basketball game with like everyone who covers warrior media I think we all agree we really elect Ambon tend to totally fits and number two. He's a really good writer he covers this league so well and I am now more familiar with his work than I've ever been and you know I don't live in Washington I don't of the post. But I followed him before he got here. So I was aware of them always liked what he read are always liked what I read but I didn't read them all the time now I read them all the time. And he wrote something about Russell Westbrook that is a great question about Russell Westbrook and a great question about. What you think is important on the basketball court. Here is what you wrote this is Tim bon Temps were to have we're gonna put this here and it's. Either Westbrook is doing what he has to do to carry the sorry cast of characters that surrounds him. Or he's being far too controlling of the game. And his team and is unwilling to trust them to do what's necessary to help him win the game. How you answer that question. Sums up what how one feels about basketball. Do you think Russell Westbrook is not for taking too many shots all the time. Being the ball hog if you will if it if that's what you wanna call it. Or is he really liked the sole reason that. They are in the playoffs at all and there are a 21 win team without him. He's both. Who thinks can be equally true. Once said a great San Francisco sports talk. He also said I checked. I think Russell Westbrook is an awesome force of nature on the basketball courts but it takes more than just a blustery force of nature. On a basketball courts a court to be in on the right course is basketball team. It's a team game that is why the warriors are so scary it's one thing to have all that talent would we agree. That Russell Westbrook probably has as much talent as anyone on the Golden State Warriors like the guy is from another planet level talent. Do need is insurance well again I am and I just just fool with don't be argumentative to slow in the opening monologue. But serious. He he is as talented as there is a human being playing professional sports. But because of the way he is wired. And the talent isn't given this. It isn't served properly. You've got to Golden State Warriors broad brimming with talent what does that number one priority let's get thirty system. Which share this basketball let's make the extra pass let's make the extra pass to where we're trying to make the extra cute pass a little bit too much or might even (%expletive) off someone ultimate talks and expect like that is my only problem with the words they try to get a little too cute with how much they share the ball. Rossi here to share the ball he's here to score like the Dickens and win. Winning it does not always follow him scoring like the Vatican's. So. Would you want as a teammate. Targets they would want a teammate who could do what he does but. The same time he on Doug's. So much of what he tries to accomplish by. Tuning the four other guys on the court how you cannot tune out your teammates. And be a great basketball player. And it's like the thing that's holding them back. Force of nature the best watching basketball Lotta people wanna say that pardon some meant did whatever MVB debate you wanted to have last night. May be smarter player. Has a better team around him taking advantage may be even a better coach Indian Tony. And I still think Ross was the MVP of the year. I know I don't know that I wanna hear anything blue mood of the guru gurus. At best watching basketball. Russell Westbrook is the most ruthlessly and on the basketball court you watched all your lawn and sometimes the ruthlessness of his own actions slit his own throat. The guys just. All of a basketball player. Who is now being judged for trying to do too much. Judging basketball players as the world that we live in now I mean it's kind of all we do we sit around and we pick it apart. Obviously. Kevin Durant absence and a blow out warrior playoff win last night reignited the debate Gionta orders liberal blue group grew. Corsets and corset did of course it did. On imaginative. Is always predictable. You know maybe in the snapshot of one game you think he got an argument and and in this snapshot of one gamer even so this snapshot of the fourteen game winning streak when he was out. I look at it this way I looked affecting you may be brought that up because into the pain a little bit of attention but I'm just gonna tell you this it. Stop at. First of all this is Portland. There are much bigger challenges that lie ahead Kevin Durant is not only gonna prove his worth I wouldn't put it past him to be named finals MVP. So that's who he is right. He's that good. He is. One of the few moments human beings who standing on the same court with Klay Thompson's staff curry Andrea mongering can all of a sudden on any night beat better than all of them. There's not too many guys who can collectively. Match or even rise above that talent level. But he's one of them. Are the warriors better off without Kevin Durant again just this topic Kevin Durant makes any basketball team better. Even the best one. And that's why people are interpreting or misinterpreting I think what they're seeing here. Kevin Durant would make the worst team in the league whoever that is the Brooklyn nets. He would make the Brooklyn nets a playoff team in the east that's how good he is all by himself they would be a playoff team. Kevin Durant on the worst team in the league stands out like a sore thumb because he is the best player guiding the way to victory whenever they find it on any night they actually find it. For the Golden State Warriors he'd literally can Wear Bayesian blend in if he is not involved if he doesn't even play it really doesn't affect the team that much. He knew that when he was walking into the situation. He knew that he would be criticized because of that situation. But hearing is anyways because it's not about winning one in being the guiding force. You know you just out of here and the other day how much she was talking about. How hard it is cold hearted is to win in this league. It's brutal. Here's the truth no. So I thought about this a little bit last night like I said I appreciate the question in the vacuum looking at the bigger picture. But here's the truth. The truth about Kevin Durant concerning the Golden State Warriors not another team in the league that he would beyond what the warriors concerning the Golden State Warriors. Is not to take. He's the frosting. He's not the ice cream he's not the butterscotch he's not the whip cream. He's not even the sprinkles sees the cherry on top of the Golden State Warriors. The championship DNA. Was here before he wants. And that DNA continues to define this team whether he is here or not. He came to the warriors to be part of that DNA. He wants to learn how to win a championship this team knows how to do it that is why he's here. Member when giants fans fears of a world but champions blood tiger blood. Those like Charlie Sheen brought that'll tiger blood. By the way I don't think Charlie sheen's alleged joke about blood anymore. Kevin Doran is here. To become. What the warriors already are. Champions. The best. The widest margin of being the best. And. It's hard to appreciate how good he is when in his absence the team. Looks like they're not missing them at all. Believe me bigger challenges lie ahead in the Portland trailblazers and you're gonna be very happy that Kevin Durant is on this team by the end of this year. Yeah I already thought about you know somebody sat down last night the right a real fancy thing piece about how. No maybe this offseason because there's an option the warriors should really let Kevin Durant walked title or not like let him walk. And spend all the money you would spend on one player in to rant and spread it around and just put role players around curry. Way dream on keep Dynegy to keep JaVale McGee for sure maybe even bring back Zaza you can definitely bring back both Livingston and Iguodala if you're not spending on direct you know there's a lot of different combinations of players you could come up with for the money that you're gonna spend on to rant that would help fill out this roster more than just one Kevin Durant but. All those guys together cannot impact the year quite like one Kevin Durant ten. It's filed under non. 888957957. Now. We have some ridiculous things to go over this Thursday afternoon. We have some less ridiculous real sports topics to go over. We definitely have three great interview set up for you today. Generous announced he's coming up 330 play by play voice of the San Jose Sharks huge huge game tonight. David forced general manager of the Oakland a's joins me at 430. Live at five Steve Kerr. Got to dig got a couple success Steve about. Patrick call this was fantastic. JaVale McGee last night was fantastic. Staff curry and Klay Thompson workers there. Defensively. Fantastic. Offensively they were there yet they were there they were they're doing much but they were there. And the warriors won that comfortably. You wanna talk about Lockett down lock it up throw away the key twelve point third quarter. It Terry Stotts he's in that halftime locker room. Coach and making adjustments to knock the warriors the only people made in halftime adjustments the Portland TrailBlazer in they're trying to adjust themselves and they found themselves adjusted. To wait dozen points in the third quarter. That was. Gorgeous. Beautiful defense. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Some of the best we've seen all season long. JaVale McGee was awesome last night staff curry. Blown away by the perform. There's always these are professional and as a matter if he's planned. Their team immensely tonight or five minutes because of the same effort and energy. Where every social on the floor and he gives us a different dynamic he puts pressure on the ground offense and he protects room on defense. And you can always count and plant hard. Guy plays. His rear end off. Is absolute rear end off for this team he's given them everything that they could've hoped for. And even more on top of that I was listening to Bob Myers on with pop and Vontae today and Bob said something. That just. You can't put a value. On the guy who does what ever you ask him to do. We want you to do a lot tonight yes coach we want to do very little tonight yes coach we want you it. Being marginalized. Were up three week period where you hardly hit the court at all. Yes coach. Everything they've asked that this guy he's given them. Patients bald and right now in ten minutes of game one he was three of 46 points five rebounds two blocks and an assist thirteen minutes of court time last night seven of seven to finish at fifteen points who's leading the warriors and scoring an app not just bill. He was leading the warriors back in scoring at halftime of a playoff game raise your hand if you had that at home. Now. We didn't have a mark down on your bingo car did not want did no one. He was under watch this isn't out there's been eight years of not all two point buckets are created equal now. Midrange jumper or fantastic glad he hit it. Value momma to buck could dump now all of a sudden the upper deck is falling into the lower bowl cuts are standing up and cheering so hard via. Woods into the noise level. I mean I and notre regular season game gets loud I mean it's just crazy there is a reason why it's called Merkel it's impressive daft. In the end and it was bettering game two than it was in game one because there were certain moments of you know this shot. If he hits it gets measured on the richter scale much less the box score. They missed some shots in game one they hit the shots in game two definitely. And while we were looking at. The bench playing so well the second unit. Patrick McCaw thrust back into the starting lineup playing the game of his career locking down Willard. When he was out there facing them straight up great check for him. And they brought out for the first summit ever seen at that court size strength in numbers banner and yeah. That was on full display last night I zine joking about how strength in numbers is. More of a bumper sticker. And it is reality to strengthen future hall of famers but the strength in numbers thing it just shows you how many different gears they have. Gears on gears on gears on gears. 888957. 957 dollars and number. Johnny Concord. Says the rants unnecessary. One game when you think Kevin Durant unnecessary how John. Well. To be unfortunately due and we don't need to re got to remind me weird guy Andre Iguodala from Denver. And he came law that banned cube and X-Men of the year and offensively and our key players. Kenderick can be your part of the BP just like Andre and it would deploy under you know there MVP. Can Ankara directly to the same day. We see what happens with the rat. We need. We pass the ball we would stand around where made these great Inaba Star Wars fan I love are repaying their coach corridor. But god which is it to curry he's been kept under the law apply. Well you know in a way he hits but it's a ride that he signed up for he's willing to take so would be not to tell him to get out of the car would. It. Your read on. Damon. What I'm created a lot injury is an area that Patrick and you are agreeing. Altering injury all prepared like Andre Iguodala. We would never ever on the bed let that Obama and we're we're great moments in the touching off there X. Like. He is a luxury item. He is not a cake of the warriors success sees the frosting it's an unknown it's it's almost like. It's almost like having a second yacht. And look I guess if you're ultra wealthy a second yacht isn't off the list of things you want. Here in your first one why not add to it sure re absolutely that the money do it and land Pollack who went helicopter on the bag and this one took out. Pitcher on hold we got a lot of people want to hold stay right there we do have Dee Andrews now ski though joining us get you ready for sharks Oilers game five tonight on some digital signals that. Gionta may or may not. Wanna share I 98 quip I gave fox that your gonna find the sharks you're gonna find DN resume now ski would meet next. He shot from outside talent crack the door again. Now Steve you apply it to a stop it still. Yeah plus I'm Smart guy we're going to preclude frequent smoke. Yeah yeah yeah I want to. I put my recruiting class red. Oh man this defensive play. Relentlessly pursue an all three zones all the ingredients that make this beautiful night tonight at seven nothing to do it again on Thursday and the church should be able to treat two million listeners. And Jose sharks they are back in the war. Alive in this series instantly dominate its earnings performance. In game board to talk about all those Harry is he is. The voice of the sharks the one and only voice of the sharks did Andrews announced he. He is joining us here on 957 game had a game five tonight in Edmonton hey Dan great to everybody how are yeah. Great great paper are. Not now OK so the most impressive thing. About game four wasn't the final. It was how hard the sharks were skating with a five nothing lead the fact that they poked into a more up five nothing. Is exactly the kind of on ice attitude changed this team needed to get back in the series. You're exactly right gaming you know every single player contributed that it would know that I think that was something we want at. An effort for the scene before the game no passengers to. Especially in goal. And we we remember all the goal they scored about the factors at work but that's hero at the end the Edmonton's score sheet is really important mart John. And for the team's psyche heading into game five is a great job in the off the score sheet. And continue to do a solid job for wines and consult our checking our. Tim Talbott is out of fork in the road or is that just a bad night hockey for him. I predicted that net hockey it's a blip and it's time capsule every time you go through the playoffs for the first I'm apt moment. I think the big desperate in his into the sea as the according to be seen how we respond by I think yet that they can for him but so we can expect it will be there. Dan I'm sure there's an awful lot more analysis that can be put into what was wrong with the sharks power play but the what. That the talking point that I've been settling on throughout the playoffs was. They're so busy looking for perfect they pass up very good way to Lofton. You know I'd love to see him a lot of all you know that the over passing I think is hurt him at times. And then here comes a franchise record for power play goals when he needed them the most what unlock that. What did you'll get very used to say when you get to the pork and sake estimate well when you see that shot opportunity you better take. You have to shoot without hesitation. I think that that's something that the sharks were doing quite a lot during the course the first couple games of the series and really a lot during the season. Trying to be too perfect if you mention trying to execute the exact. Perfect place it's not something we need to do we need to get to the net make sure that they go look for the collections look for rebounds they're going to be there. Voice of the sharks' Dan Russa now ski here on the Damon Bruce showed Joseph Orton. Look much better in game four after his game three return how does he feel and what you expect going in tonight. I just think that what you're seeing on the ice is remarkable right now given the fact that he's 37 years old. That he's dealing with an injury that would normally put a baseball player on the 365. ACL. And you know this is something that is that you really got to respect them and and the fact that when the games are at. In most important time he wants to be on the ice and he's crap in his body weight to play and be effective. I just think what he's doing an amazing. Logan Couture two goals about two teeth left in his head. What what a gutsy performance from back I mean you know it's it's not the Erie hear the phrase that's a hockey player an awful lot but man that's. Hockey player. Yeah Accra we should say by 365. State the outcome at low future because. This guy put together in the evening courageous effort that you number 42 goal get cross checked in the state by economy is but he was getting frustrated that second period. And you know they say well he wasn't wearing all these protections that may be adapted or. If I think I did that. He really really gives is that. And wants to beat here at the most important times to. I don't know what it is about the one that Ontario area that were Logan could cure dual Barton grew up is something in the water there ought. Make it tough hockey players out of that area because these guys really yours there. Martin Jones has been spectacular unity talk about being there outside of vote goal that was given up by that turn over from slam ago which must not slept all night. He's just been huge and anatomy Martin Jones is starting to look like the guy who. Pretty much stood on his head all the way to the Stanley Cup final last year. Yet Damon we saw some signs that near the end of this season that he was retaining the wanted to eat there or not too much opposites game by. But I think he's probably got if you can't get down the stretch that that that he would've liked to let back and he's he's there he's dialed in right now he's making all of the six eighths. And at our web goes concerned yeah he was pretty upset about the one or at least he converted the extra point on the touched down last. He he creepy guys. Jerry Rice about to throw open the doors next to agreed to sharks. What. We had Kerry right and we believe that Rickey Henderson and that's that. We got a lot of great celebrity opening up the doors at peace. I tell you what you win tonight god you bring out the big gun little Joseph Montana for what could be a close out game in game six back at SEP. That places Rory that might have been one of the best on ice games that buildings ever seen. It really is one of the better ones in recent years and certainly maybe you could put up against some of the best and all I'm an open just because score. Because the intensity because of the fact that everybody was contributing that I mentioned. Martin Jones all the way through the fourth line. All the that it has been I I just think if that's the great setup for this game. Thank you note the different venue Damon and certainly different atmosphere and that the challenge is going to be huge. It's obvious the winner of game five takes control. Can the loser of game five point two in a row laughter. It happened before there's no doubt you can do it but it makes a lot harder the good news is that if that would occur. Sharks with apple might for games six. And that's why at happened a number of times because that almighty scene just pulled out all the stops. Together the effort that they need to forcing game seven what often happens in the best to seven in the NHL what was that there's sometimes dramatic gat. All of the efforts to put him do that. However been done many times over the course of history where he can come back from being down tree means to you would. And and go all the way it would mean when the best of seven series seven but got. I think these sharks were rather err on the side caution taking five chance that this here. DUC. The former coach of the San Jose Sharks as you're watching. The Edmonton Oilers coaching against a team he knows the DNA out over. Is that a big storyline going into this series that this kind of fallen into the background. I think it's more the latter more a story for us that it is short for caught himself and he basically said as much. At the start of the series you know a lot of these players that changed of course and he's left the game. All the guys that are here that changed the players that they won't from their experiences. You know certain aspects about them but. I think he's probably more focus on trying to get the most out of it it in Milan Lucic. No Don scored tonight why the scratch. I think it probably accountability he just hasn't that been able to produce the way to the coaches want and they'll. The same thing happened in the kelp biker in recent gains. And so that's why aren't going to probably out and I think that this coaching staff has done a great job. Never hesitating to remind the players that they are accountable not only to the coaching staff but to their own teammates. Add it nothing especially wrong doing in terms of the effort we just need to get more results and I think that. Taking his seat thinking about it probably good thing it'll probably be a good thing for Mickell speicher the big game for speicher tonight. Because he needs to show something if you want to get more right side and the great talk about accountability. They've given him every chance in the world try to produce needs to do starting now. That's idea you know we're spoiled one great play by play talent here in the Bay Area Dan. And there's no doubt you were part of that conversation Nicole's you've been happening get these coughs up by the way before all sorts tonight. You are one of the best I love your calls a lover does ice. Are more than anything else we're not gonna get any of that tonight unfortunately but you really are you're one of the best I love hearing you and you. Are having a spectacular playoff run through this first series so I hope it keeps on going. Deep deep into the summer thank you so much for joining us all eyes on Edmonton tonight. I appreciate that very much Damon reported the game and in port to a bigger. Meat to unfortunately. No Don school. How to scratched. Thanks very much ado Andrews now ski for joining us here's a one thing we're gonna do again sharks are. One to their. There's 312. And they're two and one when we play the Canadian National Anthem. Or none at the Canadian National Anthem the Canadian alphabet if you would please almost guarantee a shark victory tonight. Edit button vixen. At noon CD yeah. Afghan and it died Zhang gang and that it now about and Q and as he you plant the devil you acts. And the these content aunt and DA is saying is Susie I Harry why do you think that they use. Take a lot of our. Take that Edmonton. 8889579570. More of your co. All ocean. And the most amazing thing about game two for the warriors next. Just not let them get in their comfort zone don't do that from commodities it is well to begin negative ripple undertow. Just up the stop was anybody in the you know we came up from the so we're a part of that role starter homes Oslo. And so we didn't let it gets their letters must they wanted to listen let's we did in the first again one. And you know they've been focused from the air it was suppose so all of a sudden our recorder that you start to you know apply more. Russian. And your presence from which are tomorrow. Announce your presents. And the warriors certainly did his game to felt like it was over early. Then all of a sudden Portland did get a little closer third quarter starts warriors go off Portland held a twelve points over the third quarter. Ball by dodge trailblazers it's not over yet but that is a snatching. Of any confidence kind of performance. You've got to backcourt that goes from combining for 75 points to week what would they combined for 24 less on point five whatever was. And it was just to gain that the word didn't even whether they're very best bill. Tucker Currie. And play in but perched pop a couple of trips up and down the court. Catch fire. They hit a couple big momentum buckets though and then Oracle's going nuts you needed time out Terry Stotts. And it goes downhill real fast it doesn't take the warriors heating up prolonged to create fifteen point lead that wasn't they're just a minute ago. You don't the most amazing thing was about game two though I mean it really it drop my jaw it's the most amazing thing that happened in the game last night Jian it's not. The Drake concert Disco balls is awesome it's not the strength in numbers court sides banner that they had the perfect guy with a stacked chairs it wasn't the halftime show the guy with a stacked chairs who wasn't even that the single most incredible moment from last night's game. Is that drain mom green didn't get a technical foul. Drain on. Was the one who made the call. Nobody likes it Oracle's Boeing warrior fans didn't wanna see it all that that was a clear moving screen. Drain on immediately gets in Scott Foster stakes and then Foster starts walking away backing away dry month follows them he basically puts a three course. Quarter court press on Scott Foster is he is walking down to the other end of the court. Into the corner to be left alone not only to break month follow on the entire way there but he dense but there are enjoying directly in Scott foster's quick whistle face. A teammate had to come get him. Gain. Is stickers yellow Adam shot up from the bench stop get off the court. And there's dream on just John John John John John John John that he didn't get attack. I couldn't believe it. Did his jaw dropping is. It would dollars momma to pocket dunk or anything that we saw JaVale duel on the Alley oop on the it was. Unbelievable the dream on didn't get a tech right there I still don't know how it happened. I think no idea he three quarter he he basically put the Arkansas. Forty minutes and help press. I'm official. And kept barking in the corner and just didn't get attacked I couldn't believe that freight. There's a lot of times argue a call that was an even doubled him. A miracle. So. Hopefully. Everyone stays nice and calm while playing with a huge to shoulder when they get to Portland for what's gonna be a raucous crowd that loved her triplets is up there. But the warriors are obviously built to win this series they looked better in the game without Kevin Durant needs hit in the game with Kevin Durant. A lot of people on hold 8889579570. This is Albert in Santa Cruz what's going on Albert. Or did little of this and make your point. Thank you bet and I think you know what a lot of people are saying right they don't eat. The red didn't do it yet that. Talent. On eighteen. People have seen it here. And here I mean you have the big teams big country. You have everybody. But don't eat eat eat eat even admitting. That kind of you know you appreciate a final. When you need to. Lash back. On. It and. Yeah I think it's. If you're evaluating what the warriors do against the Portland trailblazers is that guys unnecessary. Look to beat the trailblazers may be he is. When the spurs get on your dance card. If it's either. The cavaliers or the wizards it's hard feel about the Celtics right now but whoever's wait for in the NBA finals. You're gonna be thrilled to Kevin Doran is here and god forbid. Staff curry turn an ankle or Klay Thompson turn an ankle or something like that you wanna talk about how this team does not miss a beat. It's because he got Kevin for can Durant right there ready to go if anyone else gets hurt. Well I think it is now. You know what the right we did last night that you did it direction you know. You want to be on a team that wants to win with anybody. You know you know mr. triple double himself that. You know I think Jordan can stop a player but I don't ever noticing is that it. Albert thank you very much for the call David and Alameda you're not 57 game. Good afternoon and I don't play well you. I got a couple Tony. Eight so that we got a caller. Is talking about Durant icing on the cake there weren't freaking. I layer cake and deeper at duke they get wieger tweeters. I think that's good that's the good great segment right there. Rationale. That they. Had yet to be the year where we acquired Japan nobody. Appease. Quite into that job never complains to a minute and their eighteen minutes whatever it maybe. Point. A lot. Like Marat Roger question. Aren't you don't. We count on next year we reached in Japan obligate. You don't would you might have played himself into a pretty big contract if he keeps this up he definitely will I hope that he would wanna stay here it seems like a great fit. That guy's been a better paid player on an inferior team it's been part of his past I'd rather be paid a little less and work on championship pedigree work on the fact that you're now. You know having people respect you for the first time in a long time if I were left warrior. In this situation right now I'm looking for all kinds of ways to justify me staying here beyond dollar amount. Take a little panic. But they're wired into real life. I mean that you put in a lot of time. In the opener. I can pricey let's say. Yeah I I can promise uses a one year experiment was on sock it hopefully gets in the title hopefully get Zaza title. You also got damion Jones come in who by the way got to play off minutes last night and damion Jones may have played more. In the playoffs now than the actual regular season. This is rich in San Jose richer I 957 game. And I grew to caller you know. Ali. He hit it in the optical in the wind because when you look at the last eat in. The debates on. It. That and really you know just little. Two with a keen to do you know. Our. When you make that commitment in Italy cubic feet to go on the Internet. In my opinion you know don't let it should. It but to meet the legal rights situation in which in local state. Opt in. You know. I want to sign that more on this in new political hours. Now I I've been wildly impressed and their entire team is the at the about this the coaching staff was satisfied to GM is thrilled and the players love him means it was a great. Great hire. A great signing and it happened. At a point in the year in the in the offseason work anybody in the NBA could've gotten this guy. But I don't think there's any other team in the NBA that gets what we're getting out of JaVale McGee like the warriors have gotten out of him radian Campbell the wrap up the hour when he got Randy. And you're a big tree and a Russell Westbrook and the person but as a player I don't think we see anybody leave it out on the court since Allen Iverson so. It's not at the score at a very high level that guy is gonna chant or any chance at it. That action so you take into account now. Ali yeah it decides to leave and go to Charlotte okay. Not gonna happen but it. Right along Golden State I don't think you will work with it tell you what went. Bet you're Rihanna is not on the gene that it. Had more talent around any. They would be quite figure forty you know. You might be right Randy you might be right but I just watch Russell Westbrook play next to Kevin Durant and freeze them out on some nights so. I really don't know to Westbrook is an incredible talent what I want I'm on my team to be hard to say noted talent like that but. Haven't Seth Curry means you say noted talent like that and curry is not going anywhere Curry's. Curry's not interest in walking away from the best situation to a situation that might not even be a real situation no disrespect Charlotte hornets we got more people on hold fantastic we're going to be talking to you next hour I can promise you that we're talking with a's general manager David forced next hour at 430. When we come on back we'll let you know work. Why. The Damon Bruce show is sitting out the froth thing. NFL's schedule release that people are just dying for like. I'm a little patient I can wait I don't need scheduling we cool. We pledge sheets week five. So what Susan day membership.