Damon Bruce Show Hour 1

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Thursday, June 29th
Damon, in true DB Show fashion, play's last night's Korean call of Jae-gyun Hwang's home run, then compares all the recent GM's in Bay Area sports, is joined by Robert Littal of Black Sports Online, and discuss the Raiders contract extension for Gabe Jackson. 

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It's great to be way via we got an awful lot to get to today and we got a beautiful full four hours to do it and we've got David force coming up at 430. Indy dole it's one of my best friends is gonna stop bombed by the show and hang out with us a little bit around. 6 o'clock tonight he's coming in studio that night probably means a gift to an honest man. He's like the three wise men wrapped up in a one wise guy. He always comes bearing gifts no pressure and if you're listening. Steve Alford at 530 today he is the head coach downing UCLA he might have played in Indiana I've I've got some information that says he. Was a part of and 87 national championship. And that might be discussed a little bit later on boy were obviously having Steve on to talk about how many. Bruins got drafted in the NBA draft in his own son Bryce is going to be on the warriors summer league team so we're gonna talk about that with him a little bit later on this hour. My body robber with tall. Black sports on line it's gonna stop by to join us robbery used to be regular guest of mine and then he got straight up poached. Really coached. Poached by another. Post on this particular signal who will remain nameless Zach or I. But I never wanted to be that guy was like you did dig my guess that's my guess there's a lot of people in radio early tomorrow. I guessed. To do she thing to do I don't and it's not want to okay. That picture out there at at all that was my guess yeah. I can seize every once tennis now but I love and there really is no I'll. This man has built. An empire. At a nothing. Out of absolutely nothing in and I like an awful lot we're gonna have Mon to talk about is always interest being. Website and beyond. We got Clinton Portis talking about how he might have committed murder one point in time we still got obviously a lot of basking to do in that Chris Paul trade Phil Jackson in the next parting ways Bartolo got DF Dade today. The giants actually swept Iraqis that was good. And my single favorite part of it was almost this. He tries to be good yes. Love gunman. To the big leagues table. You might come true for. Love me some Dave Fleming on CSN. Or excuse me what does that NBC sports Bay Area is that lower gas calling it this month moon be something else next month. Bomb congratulations. Great call as always if you needed goods dirty play by play guy give Dave Fleming a call. What he can't pain. This is what I thought we look. I do not give. I. It's. Still feel the looks Dennis so. It. If every single game for both of these last place teams were broadcast locally in Korea and the rest of the way. Can we teach Ken corps act Korean. By the nighttime the next series starts at the end he's sure are I mean that. Is simply. Phenomenal. Now the Damon Bruce show his long been a leader in foreign born calls of athletic feats in if you don't believe mean. Can I bring you back to the salad days of are we love another language calling that is of course Hymie Marino the Carolina Panthers. I thought no doughnuts. Dark. Start. Start. Good. The it's good good good very good very very. Better better better ready go. But I the other side. But I know they're good bond that I that I didn't know god they got. About it on the board good at the big guy VW though no little. I'm remembering how to Hubble and he's stockpiled rerouted as rader wrote to herbal and he has great couldn't have been and more flattered that we finally given him the attention that he damn well deserves we love I mean Marino he loves us back. Phenomenal that he's great. We don't stop there. I would like it take you to Finland for a little. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That sounds like captain gave me and captain. And back and give me another doubt that. It's. Hot and even know who to credit thank you Finland. Thank you Finland broadcaster on A Finland dial somewhere we would credit your station let's just say that's from. 97 point flirt and the year again. Congratulations. That was a great one more time please. It's. Yeah. It sounds like Tarzan swinging in between trees. With Jane in the crook of his arm. That's phenomenal I. Now you know that he's one of my favorites. That's one of the leaders in the clubhouse it releases but if we had to go to the foreign born. Opened to find out the best foreign born Bay Area centric call in a really long time. I think the boys from career habit but I thought. I do not give. I. To feel done. None Oksana soon. The wouldn't be funny if that was all about garlic Fries and we had no idea. Who knows what they're trying to crazy crab sandwich for the first time and that's what that I've no idea. I love it. I think I heard. One's name in there I think that's died I think that was him. What a great moment for the guy hits a home run yesterday the first time in Major League Baseball he is done that he had a dream of just playing in one game. The dream is to fill hopefully he's got a lot more by the way we have to credit. MBC. Dave Fleming. NBC. Korean call. Them DC. Now we got. He had this one's like Damon what about the old. You know so she. In deeper. Laugh track back in the day yet though as one of my favorites to that was I was I believe those Dice-K mod to soccer's first Major League strikeout then. Laugh track. It was just I was born and thank you been listening for a long time they're on the old Penske auto sales dot Comtex line. We got a great show for this afternoon we got plenty of time to take couple calls dated 89579570. I think we got a very interesting discussion. For you ready to go. We have seen. Oh boy who did a repeated before he. I think is squeaky I'm Damon Bruce for creaky. Mike arms. That was today that that sound Micah. It's funny just made does it made one noise but then it stopped. You don't know where their rents and good. Visit look at his latest studios weighed too new to have any rust on it. I can't believe that that just happen. By the way you ever started show and realize that your beverage of choice is officially too far away can't match the words are my iced coffees over here hold on iron. My plate and play for Iran again on what's thought. I'm back and thank you very much. When you leave the ice coffee way too far out of arm's length and at a way to start a shell but here we are. You want to talk about a little bit today and I think that this is gonna open up and awful lot of conversation and I and just do it for conversation sake because I think there's an awful lot of interest in here you know this idea was born out of the relationship that we heard that Bob Myers in drain money green share we heard that yesterday as dream on was locally presented with his defensive player of the year award and press conference and all that stuff. There's a very special relationship that to a man. And we have really gone through of gold rush an absolute gold rush. Bay Area sports. Lately between with the giants have done. What the warriors have done. Trying to what the 49ers did to themselves. We seen it come up of the raiders. The sharks just went to a Stanley Cup final the might not have won it but they finally got there. We could actually write a book here's here's the Bay Area sports book that no one's written. That I'm just gonna throw out their Marcus Thompson if you are listening here's your next book idea. This one is just is Golden's the last. We did our student there I hope Marcus is listening. And heard very little dead the plug delicious that I just gave them. By the way plug Alicia sounds like to cheap stripper working at the want to profit subject. Elections. Anyway. We could write a book just about Bay Area GM's. Just about the GM culture. That was kind of launched here. And has grown here. We summit we see some of the best of the best we've seen some average we've seen some great historic GM's come through we've seen an awful lot of success. Not that much failure but when it did fall down on its face it was spectacular. Very interesting story that I don't think anyone's really told around here. GM's in the day it's an interesting study in personalities in decisions. The crown gets worn by a different guy in and sometimes you pass that crowned as someone else. There's absolutely no doubt that right now Bob Myers wears the crown as the GM in the Bay Area. This guy has been nominated and won executive of the year he's done it twice now he's built. An absolute juggernaut of a team that an entire league is playing catch up with. Bob Myers is really the modern ideal of the GM. Built this all time roster. He made the right bets on contracts going back to curry he made the right bet on trades. He made the right debts in free agency it is all worked out perfectly. You know we really haven't seen Bob Myers. Have a moment of adversity yet be on the Durant injury and at that point there was no real decision to make you just got madder roll with it. So maybe the biggest test for Bob Meyers will come. Years from now at the end of this window. And then we'll really understand some other things about Hamburg right now. Like everything he's like he's got the Midas touch everything Bob Myers touches turns to gold. Going beyond that. He is a very young. Very good looking. No they casting handsome movie star to play him in the movie about Bob Myers. He's an unbelievable. Lead deft communicators. I didn't say death. Deft he's great dad he practices his communication craft about as good as I've never seen a GM do it. Whether it's with the players. With the media. During an interview. His coaching owner relationships like guide just. If Bob Meyers were shooting darts all he would hit would be the bullseye. At jet. Bull's eye bull's eye bull's eye bull's eye. I'll say this stuff. The NBA breeds a much different type of GM in terms of the relationship that you can have a near players like there aren't a lot of baseball GMs who can go out and throw bullpen for a guy. Or pitch batting practice for a guy or have a game of catch with their major leaguers or go out and be a tackling dummy that day at practice like basketball's a little bit different and being a former player Bob gets out on the court and shoots were these guys he plays with these guys. And it's really interest that. Really interesting to see how much success that he's had you know he definitely plays a father figure. That's one of the things that dream on green talked about yesterday the relationship that he has what Bob Myers is far beyond the hallways. And the court orders of well I work for the sky technically he's my GM. We talk about everything. From him talking and Obama technical files to talk about the league talking about our team also heartening. Everyday life fatherhood. Is great to have someone like you when you look I don't know I don't know if there are some many if any players that could say they have the relations are with the general manager president of their team. And I think is special because he's so much more than just that for me like if I had to re you know in my life for the base and meet the general Mazur president being -- becomes less so life coaches of Big Brother relationship and you name it he's all about Burmese and when you look at life almost things you know become more important in basketball and so. I'm more they put those days than actual GM. Because he just helped me a license and. So Bob Myers is very much a father figure. And a mentor to these guys not just to. President of basketball ops in the guy who can sign you were trade you what he really develops relationships. So he's without a doubt on top of the GM mountain right now but let's be totally honest and let's rewind things. You can disagree with what he did what he didn't do. Billy Beane. Really is the guy that took the concept of general manager and mated a household name. Billy being kind of like Wolfgang Puck gave birth to the modern day celebrity chef. You know of course he had. Julia child and shock Pepe and like it great chefs before him but he's the guy that all of a sudden now had a feature on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood. You know Wolfgang Puck is to when he governors ball at how Oscars again and everyone's raving about the food and Spock goes and blah blah blah. Wolfgang Puck gave birth to modern celebrity chef Scott of the way that Billy Beane gave birth to the idea that your GM can be a total rock star. Say what you want about it whether he won a title or not money ball with a total game changer a complete and total game changer with the way that we seem proceed. And give adulation to general managers. His counterpart that entire time Brian savient. Bright safety and he did things without the attention that Billy got without the praise of the limelight did Billy got. He's very much like the Yankees where he started his professionalism. Bordered on boring. O'Brien Sabine did not want a standout he did not want a book written about in the did not want to open up his office to a journalist to take notes. And Brian savient. We never got the book the movie you're the Brad Pitt. You got titles. Which really is much more important right. What championships. Then of course after the titles climb the corporate latter. And he gave waited. Bobby Evans who will get two and a second but you look at the current GMs around here you got Reggie McKenzie. Now Reggie McKenzie he's tonic guy. Who would rather be in a car crash than be behind a microphone or at a press conference. Like if you offered pay Reggie an exclusive one on one today would Damon Bruce or 95 cent in the game. Or. A fender Bender which you don't get hurt and he did the fender Bender ten at ten times Reggie McKenzie he's always been reluctant to talk in public. He said that in the past his speech impediment has been a reason why. But it's too bad because we tell yeah it took a little while for him to get going but Reggie is shown us one thing we cannot be disputed. She's. Very good at what he does. From a personnel point. He's drafted well. Free agency might need a little bit of work but he's drafted well he's cultivated the raiders into a team that matter for the first time in a real real long time. Relocation be damned. He remains very much a mystery to us if you told me that Reggie McKenzie talked to his players all the time. Or that he hardly talked to his players at all be on the day that they signed their contract I believe. I believe it both ways that's a little I know about Reggie McKenzie and how we communicate with this players but everybody seems very happy. Winning will do that. And Reggie he's been great. John Lynch look we don't even know yet we know that he's a great personality we know that he was a respected player we know that his players respect him we know that. He comes across. Phenomenally. In interviews. A very intriguing wait and see on John Lynch risen it it's a very intriguing way to see let's see what he does we we can't evaluate John Lynch now at all. Other in the fact it absolutely full leased the Chicago Bears aren't draft. Or go to another name on the list. Okay. Trent balky. Legal backing you look at the reign of balky it's dotted. With suspicion. Of everyone and everything the man trusted no one the man. Was not exactly. A personality driven general manager. He is a very good defensive GM. Offense was his blind spot and eventually his downfall was Jim Harbaugh not being able to. Share the wealth. Share this success. Something was to blame you had a lot of finger pointing. They argued about draft picks they argued about Phil saw philosophies. We all know who didn't work out for Trent ultimately. A bit later on today we're gonna have David forced. Here's a guy whose hands are completely tied by money and his owners restraints. But he really seems to understand talent in the situation that he's in and if you listen let's talk to David I think you come away with a good impression of him every single time he's a good guy he's got a really laid back personality. And I also think that he's the kind of guy who hides a big fire behind a smile or shrug. Like he's the never let him see you sweat kind of general manager definitely he's never gonna raise his voice. He has diapers never too far up his diapers never too far down he's a hard worker. And I can tell you right now that'd be added 200 million dollar payroll to spend I think that he would do it the right way. Bobby Evans. Beyond Bobby hasn't done much. Given a ton of money to more Lance and that really hasn't worked. Gonna die I like Bobby Bobby is one of the nicest guys to pass in the hallway of anyone in sports Bobby is always pay how laureate good to see if bodies are really good guy he's a friendly person. But the results have not been great you could say that since he's taken over the giants have been on a downward trajectory. Trajectory not projector so our. Got a lot of money to spend. He's also got a lot of some money and players that are past their prime I'm not sure if this guy outs left the farm system dry how involved his decisions were and that. How much of it on him how much it is on other guys. The good dude. That is. Bobby Evans I think the only real fair way to say it is that the jury still very very much out on him. We've yet to return with a verdict. And then finally sees will be in there and we're talking about. The GMs in the Bay Area how do we know how to we without Doug Wilson. Like the only face we've ever seen he's the only name that has ever been attached to the San Jose Sharks wouldn't even have anybody to compare him to. Other big guys in other cities and other markets with the other teams. Like there's a it's been Doug Wilson and I'm Wilson and Doug Wilson. In charge of the sharks. One cup. One cup final I should say. In team history. Some people say it's not enough but how are you gotta give Doug Wilson this he's respected. Any fields in good team just about every year you see that on the ice. He knows players he knows coaches he's made the right hiring and firings. And she absolutely knows how to put a winning hockey team on the ice. If not winning the whole thing. The sharks are consistently. Very very good. Larry rightly. Look Larry Riley did one thing and did it great he drafted stepped curry and that was really his moment in the sun. The other decisions around I didn't sign Corey Maggette. Is that Don Nelson pulled strings we don't even now. Anyways we got a lot to talk about your and we got the biggest swings and misses of all these guys but I think it's really interesting. That is much as we talk about the Bay Area and all these teams that are incredible or disappointing. That we really are like the epicenter. Of GM thing in America we've got good famous. Name recognition household names GM's everywhere here there's a book to be written. On our books but I do those radio segments and will be talking about this a little bit later on today Robert a tall black sports on line the man knows how to. Right good story knows how to cover a good story you know is that a muck rake a little bit my kind of guy always an interesting website and a great interview when he joins us next. I 957 again. Great to have you along and it was great. To see my friend Robert Wood tall just continue blow up all over the NBA finals this guy's like on red carpets now he's all over the world of sports and entertainment and comic books and interesting things. And ladies who've got. A marriage coming up because they were The Who what slices of bread in the three some dead just that's a very odd story we're not gonna really get into that unless he can tell me that the guy involved it was a was an athlete or anything like dad Robert looks all black sports on line. Phenomenal website I've been a candidate for a long time and Dan and his for just as long what's going out Robert. Please eighteen. Now I. I would really call you a brand builder. You're all over the place now you you're growing your branded tonne over the last few seasons I remember like 67 years ago. When we were talking about you it was just this little website that you were working on in kind of starting in it was part of this site Christ of the culture and you've really done a great job man I'm proud yeah. But look thank you. Arsenal but honestly it's anybody's indeed it is the people you know the people that really expanding. Why or in my personal or and it acted that the state without the we need an immediate. And happening ability to note that you know I. Needed to touch on don't want ever. Carpet at wider but it won't hit it all out a lot of it. And that sort of wondered. Have a great I when that much about pop you don't want. Yes you do and but now and you live now laid out until. Yeah absolutely yeah right but went hold it though I can't. Iraqi played the ball like right. Better than where were you before Minnesota nurse on the sailors might as well be Minnesota. Back in LA let me ask you. Rams chargers is LA does it feel like a football town at all now that they got two teams instead and no teams or is that just dead silence. Absolutely doesn't electoral bought out dollar yacht as yuppie this year and you know we're gonna go out of the gate where the chargers and that. No. Popular at all in the whale. You don't know luckily they actually witty. That that into Oakland Bob. Well a bit. You know whatever is 88 buildup needed 82000. Are spotted Saturday as probably. Right now it's all a basketball football the ball and we beat all the land it at all I hear about out in LA. Yeah amounts are we did not hook up during the NBA finals I know you're out here you were back in Cleveland to you mean came into our radio station like I said coached by another post. So I don't have the odd but. You know. It was it was great to see this NBA finals go down and obviously warrior fans and cap stands for three years in a row Ben and each other's throats on Twitter. He's not good for sports or ultimately bad for sports. Port in the wet out a way to people who like olive tree over and over here look like it. But look so if you use it it would order a unit you know the Celtics. Know what. Well I'll I added eight oats out at me and our commitment to screened it at the Allah visited all the I think Turkey is coming up. And body would open to asking with a lot of are out on a lot of wobble a lot of melancholy here but a lot. We seem a bit. Well while the board and pulpit words of a river. Like. Yet outlet. While. I don't. Eat out I work. Nobody out well and it would be rob eight. If other teams are now make you own it couldn't be adding to look at all. Everybody's chase in the warriors they got the whole league playing catch up and there are a couple of laps ahead and that's still pretty obvious. All the moves all the drafting that we just saw I don't think anybody's that much closer and on the include the Houston Rockets. As Chris Paul's departure from the clippers essentially killed the clippers now. It. I'd Wear it like a didn't like Ali did do it for the last go public but. We'll have. They're the clip at top of late but we like that. An ugly at players. And equipment that you had these players the way. Until now but it a lot of physical player of the male going in a restart my career with the clippers beat him about it. Al right. At a camp they would quit shall I don't know lightly import ban and technically an IQ. I I. Light equipment that would. Cattle call like what they can compete on a national apple would you hit it don't watch the Laker. A battle like as being the camera trying to ride back up and equipment bought back in the back. How about Jimmy Butler given out as digits in his press conference today. He gave up beauty well like the call ID model well. Yeah that's like slightly different ball striking out like the ultimate champion for it on why the regional bell that people write it may happen. All you know hey you know what happened and I bottle well in other ought to make you happy that we ultimately I. So when it about why you go to a no contact. Now look at what the gay about it and hold it a lot but not that. Absolutely I mean it's and we used to meet you used to be known and drug deals as the burner phone. But are absolutely but now they're using them for other things I think they should call it the in Fidel. It's like when you have that other phone that that Robert Wood to all black sports on line. Joining us here again your web site. Is as diverse as it promises to be. What gets you more clicks social anger sports stories or like law lob mellowed divorce stuff. Lila now. When electric. You know I think. We ate crawl all worked like social issue they do very well. Apart but the economic may well what you're talking about Colin Capp vehicle police brutality. By. Well I will let you know a lot of the on at 20. And now we're saying it is not a panic. I apnea. And I don't replicate adult lap that a little whacked out at a particular it's. Outlook or our Bermuda. Yeah. Let up on the site and it will be met a lot of went well. Well. Well it's a way. Ought to create it ought lineup like that I. So we may opt out about the war without it not only are they too. Read that you know at where we're at it. That. You know I know you care you cover Colin Capra nick at any point and I'm sure it does very well for you. I covered Colin gap earning the football player out here and you know he didn't do very well for himself in many ways and the things I've always wanted to tell you is is at a look I understand the social platform that he's using indeed use but. It feels like every one because Twitter would have signed Colin Capp predict every single team in the NFL if it had its choice but. Honestly when I see him. I understand his social good. But here's a guy that sent bald and Smith into the spiral from which he never recovered. He opted out of the sixteen million dollar deal of his own free will. I think she kind of went out of his way to Mike other players look like uncle Toms because they are more willing to commit career suicide on the level that he was. And oh by the way. What no one seems to understand is that he will get signs. Collins not your first second or third option but there's going to be somebody who blows out in the and that team is gonna call him and he will get signed eventually. But none. My main point not wearing blue Colony Capital account. What ought to be opposite situation. It would look at it you know and it. A college campus of football player there right now it is at the plate out today what seemed okay. Mighty god you know property or anything like got a lot yet. What popped it in eight. Word all you're in Indio and speak out into the. Between it and it Graham an. Agent blocking. Object and how it happened at the football player. Don't we. It the people that are written. Tell me aptly put it. All about issues that he issued an app you ready. To route would buy and I'll be that. He's talked about. At any. Talk about it too loudly. Seen all you know 8 o'clock in regional appeal. I thought I thought his biggest mistake was never his message is in the ms. messages right now I I respect his message. His mistake was trying to use the National Anthem which was something that clearly is defined for its own thing and turn it into something else and that's where the career suicide. Was you know mock mood Al dueled route wolf if you will and and it just used either certain things you that are sacred and you can't touch in heat. Touch the flyer and it's kind of been burning for it. Every sense but I you know look at it this way I don't even know what he's saying lately because he blocked me on Twitter the great communicators. I'll robber look tall black sports on line like a city covers it all I know your big comic book guy. I was a fan of Wonder Woman I see the Wonder Woman is now passing other huge movies in terms of all time comic book. Movie he totals and whatnot what do you think of the new Spiderman I'm over Spider-Man why should I go see this one. Apart one well great bet these that they. That ought not to hit. It. Typically you know we liked our spine. You know we attacked by demand character. I can you repeat what despite. Feel like. Other ditch them. 88 hole and it's no question. It all might not like it is going to be a lot at the age of 48. And you don't know app for. Which. Despite the re. About. How would you with the last two or one would hope McGwire it is such a forest in eight point. It. All in the group that shot. Well. Like this equally for a lot of people is where a lot of I would recommend it. It would wanted to add to put the week what outlook is that Walton who that they may not all of them that they. He's in LA he's on red carpets he's in Vegas he's going to fights he is wanting running one of my favorite red web sites out there the web sling or himself Robert let's all. Black sports online always good to talk Humana next time you're in town let me know what Joseph. All right. I'll I'll get to bed and I don't know I've been called yet but not a lot of each court you don't look a bit. Not very last time that we ever talked to Robert look tall it's been a good relationship. That's Robert document. You'd do robber look tall black sports on line we got raiders news they've signed. A raider you like extensions. Got one we'll tell you who next. God darn I just one hadn't checked attacks lines said hey Damon tell Robert to shout out from boxed in a mode means. If that next time he adds I'm sorry box than. We're not really in a shout out business. Sort out at it now. I guess uttering some doughnuts right when he he said they bring him down and not guidance of when he goes and then. That's not how the that's not true so this program works. The great news we got greatest news would you they've done music so I can introduce this. Not all wrong buttons are carried out. Monitor news. Agreed to terms to a Jackson on a new contract extension for. Five years 56 million dollars for Gabe Jackson so raiders agreed and extend Gabe Jackson 5 years. 56 mil. Per Vienna. Rappaport. This negotiation started last weeks of my guess is coming to us ended well and dead. Good job per gave Jackson raiders got a lot of money that they're gonna have to spend coming up keep some is good players together I'm by the way again that sound you're hearing in the background is Coolio matches rubbing his hands together. A Leo Max agent. I says he's rubbed his hands together so much is gonna start buyer. It's good good good news yeah I like gave Jackson I'd died and yet that's a guy that is young new extend him you want him on the team. No problems there another win for Reggie McKenzie. We were talking about GM's before now Reggie. He got off to a slow start basically through no fault of his own. Reggie McKenzie was put a situation that was so bad by Al Davis who was making all the decisions at the very very yen didn't turn the raiders into wake. Roster. Cap Layden draft picking laughingstock. And he had to wait and he knew that his reputation was gonna take a hit when he didn't have any picks to really make an. Not all of his free agent signings of Ben on the money but he's drafted well he's extended well and I got a lot of respect for Reggie I remember distinctly in 2014. Calling for him to be fired. I was wrong. I was wrong I didn't give Reggie the time. That he deserved. That he needed. I kind of always pigeonholed him as you know there's a lot of guys from that packers' front office who got hired before him basically the raiders got the last guy off the boat. The last guy off the boats one of the best captains of the new boat in the NFL right now so Reggie. Did it again. We got some calls to make rich in Los Altos. Let's talk about the warriors what's up rich. Paintings and and in an opt. In a year ago. Look at the numbers like that. Durant can cost conservatively micro cut directly like hundred million dollars over the last year where it wouldn't mean. And considering that considering the bargain. And and I'm hoping that this warrior thing it just like salary date you know Michael that oval in port over. And it really looked like that and hopefully you're gonna pick but it may not be treated. You know on the grade. Jolie cubs keep in this together period in and a story you got Klay Thompson. Who's to win like I'm having so much fun on almost wedding my pants dance over in China right now he's. That's spin move that he put on it was a lot better than the spin move that he tried to put on the rim that he was dunking on track though I don't think you need to worry I think Klay Thompson is been raised in a basketball family that understands basketball teams and he's made a lot of money he's making a lot of money to rants the Connick guy that maybe you give up a little to keep playing with I mean derail it is not gonna sign. His new deal. Any time soon he's not taken a listen meetings with other clubs he is staying here he basically wants everybody to go get paid. And then he's gonna take what's left. And that's Smart to do in what sense is a huge message to the rest of the guys on the roster. I'm not worried I did here's the thing I'm worried about any guy in the NBA. Make him money or not making money draw making money hand over fist. Remember this. That heaven to rants NBA dig. Is his second best paying gig. It's his second best paying gig. Kevin Durant. Got a 300 million dollar deal with ninety. Rumored to be ten year 300 million dollar deal that he signed back in 2014. Under armour bid for Kevin Durant. Bid about 280 million we know that. Any and decided to go in ninety. Stay wouldn't rate. Nike had a chance to match it or update and to keep Durant I doubt that they do is matched it a dead today opted. So. Remember it's the second highest paying gig. That's crazy it is Kris content right answer is little wiggle room. He's got a lot of wiggle room. You know it's a great message to send the entire roster look at it this way here's some of the numbers last year alone. Kevin Durant from the warriors was paid 26 and a half million dollars. When he six and a half million dollars is more money than most people listening right now would earn in four or five lifetime saint. Working their knuckles to the own. Working as hard as they possibly can. 26 and a half million dollars news. Totally. Setting you up the rest of the way. Last year. When he six and a half million dollars was nice. In all the seasons he spent. Seattle for one year Oklahoma City Thunder is still under slash one year of sonics earnings. A 108668918. Dollars. So before Kevin Durant set foot in the Bay Area before he started exploring any sort of investment or opportunity intact. He showed up without overall hundred million double to Scott but this exits on the fifty million after taxes right sure you think he'd make that work. I think you can make that big DV I stretched out of fifteen million and make that work you might even in the Bay Area yesterday I didn't care. He did here you can hear decongestant by fifty something. I had a hundred million dollars just from the and BA just from the NBA. I was talking to someone today that he really wanted to come out here he wanted to concentrate so we left like. Tens of millions of dollars in endorsement deals like he didn't wanna. He kept does Nike deal is Nike deal again ten years' worth nearly 300. Million. Basically. Three times more than what he's made being in the NBA. Up 300 million dollar side gig. I think she's. 300 million dollars thing that he apples and what do you think Kevin Durant really does for Nike other than where's their products you think he's hard like designing shoe was. Way I mean maybe years may be got a guy does what designing shoes but you know that that be like saying that I get them. Do you like doing on the point I like doing crossword puzzles like it's just a little salt and he does this free time I had that the percentage of effort and time it probably puts into that compared to what he's making from Nike is so minimal. It's like. Find anybody was selling jewelry on market street little kiosk you know Digisette upn and the cops Schumer along. Yet ask her she's making 300 million with her side gig array or that guy side gig selling glass bowls in Berkeley hey man you wanna smoke better. Not a 300 million dollar a year dig. 888957957. No we're gonna have David forced GM of the Oakland a's joining us next hour more of your calls as well. 888957957. This city's diverse and help for I don't know. As Damon Gershon.