Damon Bruce Show Hour 1

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, January 22nd

Damon recaps the sports weekend… Eagles & Patriots advance to the Super Bowl, the Warriors drop the last game of their road trip in Houston, and it’s good to be Jimmy Garoppolo – joined by the voice of the Warriors, Tim Roye.


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The scene that looked like the best team in the NFC really all year long even with a backup who. Goes to the Super Bowl and what you know you can almost set your watch by it. I'd like to congratulate the patriots from reaching the Super Bowl for the very first time since 2017. What an accomplishment they're back in the big game it was a fun championships Sunday will release the first half of that was. The second half got a little ugly for the Minnesota Vikings and company. Losing a Super Bowl home game. One game before the Super Bowl is like. Blank out that's that's rough. I coach. How old should. Out for the warriors in Houston and they shot themselves in the foot give Houston credit for playing well Clinton capella. All things withstanding. No matter how angry Kevin Durant gets at you or your comments let me just tell yet. But the warriors should be thinking themselves that there is a team like Houston out there Houston's the team that's going to push them. To fly right the rest of the way there is no cruising. In the Western Conference not even for the super villains. Not even for the super villains so it's good to. They're going to be pushed that there is a legit challenger out there I know there's a lot of cash and the rockets threaten the warriors. You know what. Starting to admit something. Yes they can. Will thank let's another question entirely but can end the rockets. Threaten the warriors look at it this way. They've already won two out of three. I don't care about caveats I don't care about who was there who wasn't there who could play who couldn't play what the point in time during the whole year was instead of being. Five and a half up with a tiebreaker. You're now three and a half father and they've got the tiebreaker so a very interesting finale. Of an otherwise outstanding road trip. Byrd referred to relieve gone down as one of the all time great road trips for this team that they had to come back five you know. They come back foreign won the batting too shabby that is usually good enough for business as far as businesses concerned. In the NBA Klay Thompson. Talk caraway has been a long ten days woods and a good ten days we will go 41 on the road trip she takes you streak could have been. We'll all be better phone. Looking forward to coming back home I'm sure Steve Kerr is looking forward to his team playing smarter basketball. Again. They were their own worst enemy Saturday in Houston. We did not play a Smart game overall and we didn't play Smart fourth quarter and that's a good team we're playing and so. Can't give them extra opportunities we kept doing that over and over again silly turnovers nineteen turnovers and a lot of silly fouling they shot up 29 free throws for us too many and you give that team that many opportunities extra opportunities to make you pay. Yeah rockets made the warriors pay indeed will be talking all about that road trip would Tim Roy. Join me at 330 today we're gonna have David Carr brother of Derek Carr who was on just to show before me with Downey. And bond today. The afternoon delight with Greg Papa Derek car stopped on body talk about his brand new relationship with the one and only Jon Gruden he's very excited. To get the hard work. I'll be good heart I think they will be. Don't you bought I'm not gonna let it be that I love and you know I love when did you finally got one and saw nobody around me I really do. Speaking of love. Jiaka good to see Ohio and then Harry you could judiciary doesn't know eyes have a combine it looks like it it it. Something happened over the weekend looks good good or bad I cannot since I was in wasn't expecting that you're not normally a bug you like colored. Of seeing how I did I got a colored out. Exactly yeah. Obtain your good I told you I was a great husband should ask whether it be to my real wife or you. A lane up fantastic to see you is always LB is finally back from vacation he hasn't gone out and another one. Within a week's time for a change let's nice we're gonna have him around what is interesting week it's going to be for the warriors were back at home got beat. New York Knicks tomorrow. On Thursday. They take a look at the Minnesota Timberwolves. And then on Saturday the Boston Celtics are going to be in here so you get the unicorn. You get Carl Anthony towns and then you get the team. That might be waiting for you in the NBA finals I mean it's a pretty interesting homestand for sure coming up for. Golden State Warriors. Karl anti towns is gonna be here. On Thursday. And right now this guy is getting crushed. Because the football team that she'd grow up rooting for. Had the audacity to beat the football team in the town where he goes to work every day. So I didn't. I'm rooting for. For me. Is in direct competition. With the alternative. Like look at it this way the day was only an and one of two ways. You were gonna get overrun Carl Anthony towns or Carl Anthony Downs is gonna get over on you apparently there is some frosty people in Minnesota that he publicly said. Pad dead had the temerity. The audacity. Thus far could the whole way close. To suggest that he was excited it is boy told team reached the Super Bowl. He's born and bred an eagle fan he said NASA got everyone off guard at the thing is it's not like he's rooting for another basketball team you know he had six. I enjoy this he's got a few sports fan. And I am. All 100% sure. And Carl Anthony towns and the NFC been represented by any other team what do sided with the vikings charm of course you know hurt you know if it be defeated Ben the vikings he would then win the. Very well but it's the Eagles this guy grow I did a little math here. He grew up in Edison New Jersey that is ninety minutes away from Philadelphia. You are more in Edison New Jersey you are more Philadelphia sports centric then you Lar nu York city sports centric. If you're from southern Jersey. There's more of a chance he'd be in San Philly then there is a fan in New York okay that's how close in neighboring may really are. By the way Eagles fans. Interest and bias yeah put the puck behind a married and I love Eagles fans I do I love Eagles fans it's like bills mafia but angrier and from the city. This hold we just talked about the whole German Shepherd Dog has a right it's cracking me it's a little creepy when easily a thousand of them stared back catchy I read an uncle a. But. You know the biggest difference between. Eagles fans in bill's fans is bill stands. Throw each other through flaming tables where Eagles fans that might try to throw you through flaming table I don't think personally just for the wrong color Jersey you're today. Our car it is. I there was a time. There was officially a time where wearing the other team's Jersey. Was a straight up. Probably shouldn't do that NFL situation. Gains in Philadelphia and gains in Oakland. Wryly yeah that was that was the one life you know and any other stadium. You might get out hot dog Bardner something thrown match maybe half a beer. They get plastic cup you get booed at a little bay you'll get ran as this you're at the yearn all but that's about as bad as the skin again. You or the wrong team Jersey Indo Oakland in the Philadelphia you who own word. I don't see you were asking for it but you. OK so. You know there's no more victim blaming victims Xiamen in that case I'm telling you what you wore mattered. Point of having fanned them like you want to root for your team like if I was a transplant and I was a big fan. And another C you know another team and I was going to our gaming and I'm not allowed to Wear my team's Jersey if the plane in my city that I don't get to see is like depends on what city you're talking about a terrible what city are you win. Are you when Dallas because anybody can show up or whatever Jersey they want to go to a cowboys game and you won't be bothered at all in everyone's kolbe about it. You can walked into Soldier Field. And you might get rest a little bit but at no point are you really in a lot of physical danger unless you bring a lot of attitude along we just learned Jersey you're asking for then you rest your own problem. An adorable eight year old girl dressed like. Could get mother after all the way through the parking lot in Philadelphia. Secret and Oakland's Darren tell what I gotta tell you back in the day. The most vital thing I've ever seen said that when those when the saints were out here for the NFC championship game. There was there was a playoff game. It's a playoff game was in the NFC title game. There was a divisional game yeah when the saints were out here. I saw that very scenario a guy who was from New Orleans dress in New Orleans saint Jersey his daughter was dressed up as a little saints cheerleader and that tool of some. Got lit up breeze Spezza and on and also what here's the thing. Kid with he gave you do you get a pass you'd you'd think but. I will also say this sink the regular season when playoff games that turns into a blood sport people get a lot drunk hurt in a lot nastier. Real fast. And I'm not as I'm not justifying it I'm just saying these things happen we say it mostly happens in Philly. Like they're the horse and I look at it this way the old vet. Had an actual judge and a processing drunk tank in it. 700 club of the vet and the very top rung in the vet. Used to be the best place to go on the East Coast to find the fight to you're looking for me it was nasty out. There really was Eagles fans reputations. It's it's not just the reputation they were greasing polls in New Jersey they were greasing balls in Philadelphia. Last night hoping people would not climb the poles. Going nuts. Yeah I mean I you see it after they win big games and get ready because the only poll that girls know I've got this guy icing polish girl. Actual light poles. There Eagles and everything into a subway yes there was a video is gone viral that guy got klock yes he did we have an awful lot. Awful lot awful lot to get into today and we get a full four hours to do it with Tim Roy David Carr CMA make plan on joining us today and I see we RD got a whole bunch of people called minute 8889579570. Fantastic. We're going to be talking to you as well weighing in on the tax lines one thing. 888957957. No means you're definitely gonna go. Get into the show at some point in time. To date we will be taking calls calls calls a really good way to make sure that you reach the Super Bowl. Is simply. By knocking Matt Ryan. Out of the playoffs. I've got a storied supports that coming up in just a second here Tim right 330 David Carr at 540 sand and make it 630 nights when he is you. All along the way aided 89579570. Welcome. To a big old fashioned we now know what to Super Bowl is Monday. There on the day membership. How deep gel on Monday by zip. The playoffs started today the Milwaukee Bucks lose an 8 seed in the Eastern Conference but still Jason Kidd getting his walking papers today he's the third NBA head coach. To be fired in season this year last year you know NBA coaches got fired in season. Already the third. So Earl Watson updates Tisdale and now Jason Kidd. Jason Kidd is always been a tough customer to get along with and the only. People we have to ask about that is anyone's ever dealt with Jason Kidd. He's not a warm and Fuzzy I hear he's not the easiest person to death and life you know. How Steve Kerr walks through his entire day making sure that everyone who deals with him has a pleasant experience. Jason Kidd does not extend the same. Attitude into the world. Therefore when things start to go wrong. When you need that lifeline when you need like hey you know what. Even though things you're backing up a little bit in terms of the basketball team right now the players really like a moral and behind him he's got the room not not Jason Kidd when things go wrong you don't have many allies left you'll be the odd man out there looks like that. Is what happened in Milwaukee. Are talking an awful lot about. Just fans the culture of fans and how angry fans get when someone has the audacity you wearing another Jersey to their own stadium certainly that was the truth in Philadelphia yesterday. In Oakland used to be the truth I'm a guy here's like Dana White don't want what it. Did the raiders fans are not. The bunch they used to be you have many many many who act like it who tried to look like it you know going into. Black hole and all that stuff but. It's not nearly the intimidation factor that he used to be and believe me once you get to. A facsimile. Of everything used to stand for in Las Vegas again that's not really Paris. They apple does not really the Eiffel Tower and that's not really New York, New York. Does or facsimile. Of so the black hole when the raiders do leave Oakland for the final time the black hole will be dead and gone for ever. I think they used to be the kind of place you could Wear any Jersey wanted. Oh without a doubt there'll be as many if not more opposing team jerseys in every stadium the raiders play and especially their own home stadium. From now on they'd better get used to looking at all. Las Vegas raiders have to be the most welcoming out of town fan friendly welcome stranger were thrilled to host you today. Combed by job placing chamber of commerce business he never senior tourist you're not a home stadium that intimidate anyone ever again raiders fans. You'll be a mall. The Mall of America. You're welcome. For anyone's business of the stadium of America. The black hole will be bear but it will be a facsimile. Of the black call won't really be black hole and I love this about when I say that. Oakland used to be an incredibly intimidating place to go watch a game off and that's a compliment I'm giving you a compliment. That's a full ball is in should be and it certainly saudis in Philadelphia and. It was a great scene yesterday it closed broad street people were going nuts I don't which would talk to Tony Bruno tomorrow he's got to be gone bonkers I'm sure are I'm sure. If you would like to reach the Super Bowl I do have one sure fire way of getting there. You've got to beat Matt Ryan and that's all you need to do if you beat Matt Ryan you are dealt one of the Super Bowl or your winning a Super Bowl. All six of Matt Ryan's career playoff losses have been against Super Bowl teams. This is a story on SB nation written by Jason Kirk who says that in 2008. The falcons. Loss to be Arizona Cardinals who went to the Super Bowl that year in 2010. They lose the Packers. Who go to the Super Bowl that year. In 2011. They loosen the giants. Who went to the Super Bowl that year. In 2012. They lose the NFC championship game at home Colin Capra nick 49ers. Go to the Super Bowl. In 2016. Nobody lost to Matt Ryan. Until Matt Ryan lost a 28 to three lead. In the Super Bowl to new England and Tom Brady the patriots beat Matt Ryan. And then in 2017. The falcons. Are very close to a playoff win and then what do you know. The Eagles snuff out that last play Julio Jones falls down. Eagles' way and one to beat the vikings and now their donuts Super Bowl. I can't thank you the other team and you over an and and the falcons' Matt Ryan are your donate you've got a good shot. Just for that alone right in less you lose that game that day you don't of the Super Bowl coin in the Super Bowl 08889579570. Is the number. This is Newman in San Jose hello Newman. Food David how he's paycheck I'm not saying this happened to be sure. That could potentially very jokes but what happened in Minnesota you know. You know I would kick your girlfriend at a prom only to have a go home what some other cute. When you know try to pass it right. All right that I did not happen it. Yeah yeah that's that's it's very similar yeah like losing a Super Bowl home game one game before the Super Bowl is like blank check. How would you even put a debt that is that's more than like oh lawyer hitting on this curl the ball are. And the nice thing you know she goes on and none and I don't know you have been more invested in that your home. Needs to be on the line. In a way. In a way. Maybe just may be in this is good only consolation prize I can offer the vikings fans today. Vikings really got clocked in that game you could tell that this upon digs no one saw it coming amazing. Touchdown and the game one that was your year crescendo and what you had to feel that right there. How do you bounced back from a win that dramatic. It was tough. And you concede the Eagles just put it on yesterday the vikings were not good. In a way maybe it's a blessing in disguise Jiaka the only thing I can tell you is how do you ever live down. Losing. A Super Bowl in your own stadium. Like if don't you paint your stadium before it ever win it hey you know like. Literally there's never been a bigger home game then you're hosting the Super Bowl in the history of football. No one's ever had a bigger home game. And then they'll lose that that would be tough. Like tear this place down starting now on they would be perilous place down the ghosts are here forever now yeah that would haunt them and they have a beautiful brand spanking new stadium maybe it's better you don't go down this path. I guess maybe the football gods like we're not gonna do this Tierney stadium. But if you won it. If yell war on it I'll pandemonium. Right there. Friends reincarnated instantly starts coming out singing purple rain for everybody crying. I would've been very cool but it's not happening. And it's not happening it's never happened the never happens streak continues. Net you really shouldn't bet against never very often. Forty niners in Palo Alto closest it's ever been. Jerry is in Fremont Gerri thank you very much for the call your 957 again. I don't know I've thought about it's not that idiot that can't read better debater charger game. They met but would pick up a bit over fifty Baghdad back I'm not the military juniors they are dirty. Talk about pocket rocket as a majority of the net. Income in the note he also reserved waiting a robot though yelled. Shame how old mother Burton furious they out purity. That's the funny thing and a bad ever seen however. Look at it this way you should never attack a total stranger but if you do. Attack someone and say out Jersey that is the best follow up line to set attack ever. Although the progression that does that and I ran played closer they think fourteen mile inaugural open LA coliseum. 4930 mile the way it Stanford stadium program you're a little bit cause. All very anti Jerry that is impeccable California distance knowledge. Relationship to say how that's that's very good thank you Jerry. A big will is in Oakland what do you got big well. Well you also. Want to welcome. Jason Kidd being fired. I feel like you're not but cigar regretted I think you're gonna be a huge it is but are you very huge mistake. Anything paying Cairo Lou. Should be fired will forge they can create curb the carrier Greg may have. Well when everywhere whenever you got a small market team and you've got a talent like Yana is out of the combo you wanna make sure the your talent. Is in lockstep with all major decisions by the front office and it it appears that yeah honest. Is like devastated big kid got fired. You know be the book the boxer not a sexy down they need to do everything they can't keep a guy like honest in town who's incredibly loyal to them says he wants to be a career box. But you don't go push him around by thrown out is favored head coach in tech guy really is your future and there's no doubt that guy is the box future. Where exactly. I hope they can bang Jason Hughes career own bring an end Bledsoe out that was a bit stupid old governor. Out and Bledsoe has been a head case since he's been in high school so thank you very much big well I do appreciate it. We're gonna have him rule I'd pop on and fresh off a long road trip he's got to be a dairy road wearied and Roy. I tell you that we are so spoiled with the warriors. And I did an awful lot to sell five no on this road trip. Five and on the road trip to me would have been one of the top ten accomplishments and Steve Kursk's entire coaching career his list of team accomplishments is. Getting very long very quickly amend this guy's been unbelievable and on fire for three years in a row now five and oh. Cabin and off with a winning Houston would have been. Amazing and one of foreign one ain't shabby you have to really good until Lauren won ain't shabby now it's too bad that the one comes against the one team. That your actually like standing in the middle of the ring trading blows with. This is the team that's gonna challenge you. Every one in sports needs to be pushed I've always thought and said that bringing in Ron Amadon. Although it ultimately ended Joseph Montana's run at the end it was the best thing that ever happened to Montana because. It had to show frosty. Made eagle rock blow was the same for Brady a little bit of a motivation and obviously if you believe that big step quicker Sheehan ESPN peace. They had a gig raw blow out there he was. Pushing Brady out so much and looking like a real option for the future. This is. In ridiculously talented team. Poll just by human nature alone you would assume at some point just popped in to cruise control guess what they can't cruise control anymore. Oh win over Houston they wouldn't five and a half up with the tiebreaker would 36 games left to play and even though that sounds like a lot. The warriors are so good in five and a half game lead over 36 game stretch sounds pretty comfortable to meet. Now it's three and a half and they have the tiebreaker I do not think that one. The Houston Rockets will be the one seed I do not think. That the Houston Rockets will ultimately beat the warriors in any seven game series whether it be in the Western Conference finals or. Anything about. But they can they could. That healthy respect for your opponent absolutely has to be in play when it comes to the Houston Rockets and I know. They claim capella. Apparently. You know went off a little bit after the game saying we've got the better team we are the better team and it didn't sit very well with Kevin Durant it's called a. I was I was hard me. It's out of their hard you know. Compel attention dunk every night we just described it JaVale McGee's entire last year you got you just described. Jordan bells year this year I mean did that dunk her spot shouldn't be something that you just go ahead and dismiss. If Clint capella or on the warriors he would be their starting center starting tomorrow night. Like you guys get a little bit more respect than to rent wants to get them and I understand that. Capella doesn't have anything he could be remotely confused is Kevin Durant skill set. Like. No reason to just summarily dismiss that guy. If I would Houston Rockets I'd be feeling pretty frisky concerning the Golden State Warriors and I would have been in the back of my mind that we are the only team. That has a legitimate shot. To really challenge. The best team in the world and I do think that they are just that team they proved it again on Saturday is folks. Tim wrong way road weary I would imagine. Warriors road trip. Again they tried this week four and one it's a pretty nice little road trip if you know anything about warriors history the one a lot of four and one road trips before this streak really started rose out dad Tim Roy stop on by all warrior interviews are brought to you by JB LB officials sound the warriors tennis brought to you by Mancini sleep world simply the best night's sleep Tim welcome homebody I don't. I'm really does and doesn't get it to be home to had a eventually you know eventual day yesterday didn't do much this kind of vanished around out some hand on mountain. Just. And watch local ball and let them and get ready now getting back into the workload here about two hours you'll get refers the New York Knicks tomorrow night. We'd love to talk about the whole road trip it really was an amazing thought of basketball right up until the last three minutes in Houston where they couldn't buy a bucket. And the fouls were sloppy the defense wasn't tight and they they shot themselves in the foot along the way to losing that game as much as Houston. Executed the war out executed the Golden State Warriors. Yeah I I I think they're there were a lot of self inflicted wound care for Golden State and I think they'll tighten that up and I think if you look at all of the games they lost. Very easily could have one vote and let the debate if they hadn't had so many. Unforced errors you know there are at least three full court passes. Trying to get cute. Lead someone until pocket then went awry. Step at a very uncharacteristic. Game where he you know he's turning handing the ball to the opposition he doubts start to. Maybe twice to retreat county here. You just how about your game and so. I think coming out of that you you can take you think once healthy respect her produced and they're good. And they're well coached like inside the great coaching and they've got fire power. Put it on the warriors delicate delicate game they lost Easton playing a lot. We shall won both those games and it does art it's the arc a look at the mere moments are all we lost those games are I don't think you stand. There it is routine that Kirk that the warriors should be terrified out recognition have a healthy respect pork. It was a rough night for Klay Thompson and before I knew who was playing out just assumed Waller reason or Gordon must really guarded them but a reason they're not even play in this game. How the rockets frustrate. Klay Thompson. I don't think Clayton didn't didn't have it didn't have a Colin I think they they they they. They frustrated a little bit they have they have a couple of added a couple of guys. That I think make a huge difference for them. If you look at their slide when Houston went to little slide it really coincided not just with Chris Paul also Lulu Bob lieutenant. And Bob located decent defender. Who gives them another perimeter defenders when they had mbah a moute and talk her out their night get cute guy works are eager to defending candid and open so that they're better that way you're defensive numbers are apparently consulate now. Middle of the pack in the middle of the season but it's still better than what laws and so I think you'll theory they're better cheap and I I don't think eight. Perk created clay eat too much they get overplayed the warriors. Which prevents saw a lot of the that the usual packed in the warrior like to do you. I think that's an adjustment the waters will make the next time it played Akron and I think the rockets are very good. And and again I got but I think the lawyers can make adjustments and and tighten up their play making a lot easier for themselves. Tim Roy's voice the Golden State Warriors here on the Damon Bruce show no one can match Golden State talent for talent. But I think Houston comes the close slowest in east dial in scheme. Is that why they're closer because while the rest of the NBA. I wanna say decided to like maybe out wait the concept of super villains like the rockets credit they're really stepping up to the plate to challenge this team. I like what they've done and I'd like to teenage built in if you're asking me can they challenge the warriors. Yes also yes that they can't I'm not saying they will but they certainly can't. Well I think the other they're always because of how many three kkk and the people they have taking the trees there always that threat gunfire. One game and there's not. There might not be much can do about it came Parton told top offensive players in the game. Who's not a not a great defender. He can you convict my Harden on the other yet but and in public pardon get them to the free throw line he does a lot they actually than that helps them win yet I think they have a team. I I don't necessarily think they're the toughest matchup for gold thing I think really the toughest matchup but the worst might have. You know depending on in the help of collide Leonard. Might be the Boston Celtics. Just because of their life. And Baird they have guys that go like market Smart and they played very fiscal they're very tough team and now they've got tired you're who can beat you elated offense citing particular night so. You know I I can't beat Boston might be the one key that really gives the lawyers a lot of matchup headaches I think Houston to really really care that. I would not. I think the lawyers play well in the seven game series against the rockets at it the lawyers went. Did you sense any acrimony between Jason Kidd in the Milwaukee Bucks when this road trip started Milwaukee. No I didn't. I'm a little surprised at that. You know I think. I think the Bucs are pretty I think it's a good team I was surprised you. Yeah I want to be actually I mean they're they're they are they're written as you know there right in the middle of the mixed. I'm not my own little yeah I'm a little surprise tactic. And in the media player start to weight gain and you know I think is not a true blood stood and an end is it started in in in in ascension right now or watching his maturity and and when he. And somehow find a way to get in mid range shot all consistently then he can become on guard or Nikki Reed Welch are really consistent three point shot. Then look out you know he can rely on the best players in his ear as if he's not hit that we're already you know I've got Chris Milton that got the mother nice piece is there. But they're a great team by any stretch of the imagination then and to me they're still up a player too short term being that so I was route that was I was surprised to make. That taken back at that especially since the ownership brought in there. I thought he'd have a much longer leash. Tim Roy here I 957 game nice home stretch this week New York Minnesota Boston comes into town on Saturday what is the over under on Tim Roy uses of the word unicorn. For tomorrow. So I'm I'll probably pop up Freeport maybe not sound like I think it's time to cool the enmity Katie was kind of it's you know haven't compiled with a but also. You know talking a little bit about you know how how much potential that can have tactics now. I again I think we've got and some guy they're coming in illegal act on the simple. You guys were saying yes it can apply our marketing and in Chicago. And they're all change in the way we look at guys around six love and send peace talks. You know period there isn't the eve of the plotting seven footers. Who is just sucked back to the basket guy who made it cute. Yeah I seven point six rebounds and they're being replaced by these guys were very skilled. You know guys tick you saw them play. And or was given that description of their play. You probably wouldn't say all that tactic reluctant saw you know easy you wouldn't say that I've worked eight policy more 65. 66 he's got a wind player but they're really sick club wind players that are tried changing the dynamic of the game. Tim always good to have you on man welcome back from a very good road trip I mean remember. What's the war is used to be could you ever imagine us not feeling great about foreign won a road trip we've got ice and soil. Mitch yeah I'm speaking about pets you know there there are forty lunch or on the road record and then you were here at all and that's top slot. At the earth. I remember when the World Series to win about four games on the road all year. Open about your back in the day if you look at that trip would that cal level on the teams they play. In years ago we take I wouldn't get too. Kindle 2 in Korea metric that BA great tract EL and and now. Here we are looking at BP used in saying while they played well wishes swept because what that you know the natural Olympics were sleeping it's hard in the raw the roads are the matter you are in the where you're making it look easy which is just ridiculous and and against savor every second that student it's an amazing thing were watching. Right in front glad blunt question if you got a question for you need and and and we think what is most popular my sons about football that we're switching gears. I guess I'm sorry take over your sugar pretty please. Sport watching in yesterday cut my son my son took the idea that spot and he works on college football coach and apple the sect state. And and and so. To guy gets caught targeting Gary Gentile looking Albert and he likes that okay. Any beyond which a player goes off with a concussion. Wouldn't make sense that if you are penalized for that. Now and I doubt it's a no call OK five no call and then you don't just keep. But if your flight retarded would that makes sense to take that he put the player also off before a deal. Until the talkative player gets cleared to return. I mean certainly sounds fair but there's not a lot of fare in the sport of football but yeah I never thought I agree with you did it would seem fair that the guy who knocks gronkowski out of the biggest game of the year should have to. Sit on the sideline. And not return to the game in Toronto would return to the game. It if he's called Canada. If they don't call it. And they got it was a legal hit the fine OK but if you call for targeting and and you can helmet to helmet and it's you know like it's a penalty. Tell me it just makes it makes sense because you know that because now all yeah yeah yeah you'd maybe get county call but. But they're the benefit goes to a third of the team that applied most trauma almost the only. All of court pick it apart look at it this way I'll give you fifteen yards to take grunt out of this game ten out of ten times in a big game. Always good to talk to you Tim welcome home analysts it oracle this week. I produced this ticket popped open another guitar player. I love her I love it he talks would Tim Roy here and not if I said the game always a pleasure to have month when we come home back hey Timmy go rob blow. Got about fifty Ford brand to riding on this Super Bowl explain next. I guess there's. A lot of reasons. Jimmy rob Lowe's we have some news. To be updating statistics and real time contractual obligations in real time. Possible dating habits in real time we have that information that's important Jimmy's done for your end zone and your girlfriend the like seriously guys wherever you are you need to do five more crunches next time you worked out good Jimmy here no pressure and guys come in for the squirrel. I seriously poaching. Photo a bit more cash rolling around in his front pocket then they knew might have been I have and he's about to have even more. For new England's playoff wins and a trip to the Super Bowl he's already collected 79000. Dollars in bonuses. Good to be Jimmy G and an. 179000. Dollars in bonuses has been paid out to do Mitterrand blow do you do new England's success. Here's how goes. The rest of the way. The patriots lose the Super Bowl. He makes 56000. More dollars. And if they win the Super Bowl. You gets double that a 1121000. Dollars. Sylvia murdered double her double or nothing but I'll bet you don't learn nothing. This isn't double or nothing this is 56000. Or nothing right Erie getting some than. I'm doubling 56000. Or you get 56000. That's pretty good you're not putting your money up. It's assumed it's yours. All it can happen is it gets doubled him made via. Seriously some people just have better lives and not yet to admit it. Did miss some people's lives are just better than yours. Jimmy freaking Barack blow. Think it's skewing too bad right now number in the seriously like I understand why have you paid and now I really do I get it again. Like if he's handsome rich successful quarterback in the NFL any seems really cool. Do you think they get decent guy death like collectively the list of things were knocked. I am that's you know I'm not drop a load. 56000. To lose the Super Bowl is the worst film due that day. Wow so worst he'll do his minimum take away from the patriots. Playoff run. A 135000. Dollars Ollie can say it like a broadcaster. A 135000. Dollars just a. Georgia gigabyte it it's not a 135000. Dollars to 135000. Dollars. Yeah. Imagine just you know what you're gonna get this any way you're ego. I hope he's got to pet charity and plans on taking care of I mean you charity for pets I'm just saying something near here believe ours inspired by which might be that's hopefully something great charitable cause. I'm a big pet person I love animals but I'm gonna go on a limb and say helping human before pat. That's just make. The way I feel. Which is odd because I tend to like pets more than human steps up and talk to Larry taxi. How are you Larry what do you got. Again and it's hard. Note here. Albeit a rock all oh yeah I look at it could play the game. And he's quite tired trying to not let me. I look at it this way if he ever ever ever pops in year cab no he's got at least 56 K on them. Our public good certainly good at all look a quick thank Al mark. You know you're like all I've really been thinking. Crowd got a marketing that you're going to be an incredible I call control room were I think they'll be good trader. Did you know it they're gonna do all sorts of things to try to take the legitimate. Real atmosphere that they had an Oakland. And simulate it when they get to Vegas it's gonna be awful. I don't think it'll be as bad is trying to called the silver sewer though thank you very much Larry that's where we have to hang up on you when you knew that was coming yeah. You knew that was coming your new silver sewer was a stretch at best he tries sell you tracks he does uses wooden handle of the more. Our Africa in a monetary actually let them know not a little bit more effort. I'm more taxing a little bit more effort at worst they're winning it's just be horrible if Jimmy drop was a bad tipper. Ron has Xenia as I have no idea about what it may be that's the one thing that's not what they maybe end. There's no way he's a bad temper out course. He's adjusted tepper. But he does well. Really really well. Seriously my wife is not are allowed to me to Nicaragua. As she crashing on him I'll hard. There are two Bay Area athletes my wife is not allowed around. Unsupervised. First ones Andre Iguodala Graham Andrei would Dolly is my Weis cocoa Ned that is without a doubt that is there heard the days of chocolate that she wants. Andre Iguodala. Engineer your outlook. Don't know what here's games are niner games care either way I know. If either of those happened she and coming home made so I'm really you know I'm hoping she never meets either. Love you honey. I get off. Confidence. But now like that you couldn't tell I'm dame and. Smart. Yeah. One of those oh he's got a great personality. Yeah. Nothing says fat dude like he allows his personality. We talk a little parity can we talk about how quickly things can change here you know I know the Derek Karr was on today he was talking about gruden here's what I don't understand. Is it. What pat truly limited contact with him in the billion us back together almost like he's having a lot of NFL rules are about all of us but I have I'm a little bit and almost fired at Vanderbilt no more part I'm eager to learn from them greater. Don't have to remember why you LSU we can do. And I come on the air every day and I try to tell you what I know I'm not afraid of what I don't know I do not know the NFL protocol the NFL rules. For coach contact other new hired head coach. I can't believe there are rules tennis camp RC this is not the NCAA. Tell you gotta sit out a semester if you wanna transfer. I mean they did this is a professional Jon Gruden has been paid ten million dollars to Dominic coached the raiders this year. His first day on the job would be the first minute on the job. Like I would expect Jon Gruden to get up from that press conference go to his office shut the door and get to work. I don't understand this memorial Mon. When you can actually go ahead and talk with someone what you're just professional football. If Derek Karr once the movie ended Jon Gruden whose garage at a the day he gets tired why can't he do that. I like the official start this team then. Iraq completely done apple seed in the anybody to the Super Bowl maybe after that they can chat I don't know he's there I don't right now. Jon Gruden as the raiders head coach right now we don't he next called. All season to get here for that to be the reality why can't you go talk to your head coach right now. I don't get it. Are we worried about the amount of time Derrick is spending in his nose in the playbook because he should be spending infinity hours in the playbook. All the time Derek Carr should look up to go to church kiss is wife and that's it. Chip. I just got to go to the probable. Which. You know he says didn't surprise them. C'mon. A wash every single game the raiders played this year and it out one time that I say to myself. Our cars Pro Bowl quarterback. He was legitimately was he regressed massively this year there's no reason pretend you didn't you just went hired a coach for a hundred million dollars because he did. Are you seeing that Jack del real by the way am I mean the next offensive coordinator the New York Giants I'll. That could happen. Jack didn't get a lot out of his defense is when he was here call it Norton put on the head coach. All gone I'll call Norton. Called comedy cooks in the kitchen. I just don't understand. Why Derek can't. Wake up every morning. And jump into bed would mr. and mrs. gruden and snuggle. I'm John good morning what we had for breakfast you wanna talk about spider to Lebanon. Like I mean you're I don't understand any restriction I don't get it someone's like it's called the collective bargaining agreement. Who would believe that collectively bargained we got our practice reps the amount of contact in practice. Injury protocols. Conversations. I don't know why they're limited conversations. Derek wants to go to work today would Jon Gruden he should be able to. Now you understand gruden does need a little time to assemble a staff flake he's not ready just go diving into it. When I heard this from dirt car was surprised when he talked about his contact with the gruden being limited by some. Completely arbitrary agreed upon set of rules. What actually limited contact with him you've been billion us back together almost like he's got a lot of NFL rules are about all that stuff but I have dug them a little bit and almost fired up understood no work hard and eager to learn from them they couldn't and didn't under why you know that you know we can do. I got somebody here on the Penske auto sales dot com Tex lines and it's simple dame and they don't want over exposure players need time away. Your girl scout meeting. This is rational thought are no days off. Belichick won the Super Bowl last year in the chip they got started was no days off. No days off. Derek Carr should be meeting when Jon Gruden. Now oh and every day. Between week one and said day. Jimmy Rob Lowe should be doing the exact same when Mike Shanahan. I know Jon Gruden whose address is. But Derek cars new address should be one digit off he should be living next boarded this guy. To be constantly around this guy I'd I'd I'd if professional football. Like I could see why you would need to. Make sure college kids were being taken advantage of by coaches that wanted way to much of their time demand when they had to go do classes and take tests like I understand what that would happen. But Derek Karr has nothing to do for the rest of his life to throw touchdowns and love the lord and seems like he's gonna do both. So let him do both as much as he wants. What I'm doing I went well you know the rules are tantamount to what. Break the rules. Field put it this way the raiders got caught cheating. Because Derek Carr talked to Jon Gruden 72 hours before is that I do don't do it. Do it risk whatever the discipline might be.