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Tuesday, January 2nd

Damon gives his take on the firing of Jack Del Rio, and he believes that Jon Gruden to the Raiders is not a done deal yet with the ownership stake likely to not make other league owners happy. Damon talks to Scott Bair about the latest about the Raiders and the Gruden situation.


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The way I can prove to your life basically like my job because. I was on the phone this morning. When my program director and he was saying you do realize that you you have today off township how much I'll forget all that I need to come and we need to do a full show today there's way too much stuff going on. Are you sorry touting sorry Arabs I think guy we agreed to have you guys come in and do to show today there's just too much stuff going on my abdomen and it showed today how Loria. Good to do it yet. Could see again happy new year hopefully everything went great hopefully had a good New Year's Eve and so on and so forth huh. How we got a lot of stuff to talk about we got Jimmy gee we got Johnny G we got a whole bunch of stuff we've got the warriors. On the road for a little Texas two step avoiding San Antonio tomorrow starting in Dallas ending up with the Houston Rockets don't have James Harden. For the foreseeable future. Del Rio is out to Jon Gruden may be in net. And all I can tell you is 12018 NFL season the one that's promised to what's next. Bay Area. You're back in the game. Wow. I could really be something else man. Can really be something else on the deal and that the Debbie downer today I got a very big reason why I think that gruden is still a rumor and might remain only a rumor which is going to mean neat. Raiders are gonna. Cattle as far out into the Jon Gruden lake is possible before they just drown out there they better deliver this guy he better be the next head coach Wright from a football standpoint it makes a awful lot of sense. Number one priority for the raiders asked me fixing Derek car we all know that Jon Gruden is fluent in the language of quarterback. I just don't see. If I'm an NFL owner I'm never letting it happen precedent alone. Means I would never let a team given ownership stake to a potential coach and hire. I wouldn't I wouldn't let it happen. Think about it 3% 2% 1% a half percent Gionta. Of NFL ownership. Is by definition. Like if this is literally mine in perpetuity and leave it to my children. And NFL ownership stake. Is worth more than every current agreed upon coaching contract in professional sports globally. Since the dawn of time. So what do you think every other country wanna do when their contract negotiations on Kyle Shanahan right now on telling that after you know after this five year run ends judge York I want 3% ownership of the niners is not I'm going to Miami Miami told me I can have four yet. Opens the floodgates it is pandora's box contractually. In a way that NFL owners of this indeed and does happen would have to vote on. And oh by the way let me just say this. If the same percent of ownership stake here now willing to hand Jon Gruden is the same percent of ownership stake you might just sold off here in the Bay Area to keep the team here in the bay here you can all just go screw yourself straight out. Yeah that's that's part of the deal. How about both these teams finish six in ten. They're gonna be flipping a coin that's for draft position. Have we ever carried a coin flip lives on the air before I think this might be the year we have to do that. We might have to cover this coin flip not since. A mother a coin a son of a Bruce have we had such an important coin flip to bring you could be determining whether or not. They draft ninth or tenth. Very very interest and very interest thing. We got so much stuff to talk about today Scott Bair at 3:30 Tony Bruno 4 o'clock PM in men a little bit later on today. Recapping. The 49ers season Tuesday trifecta you know feels like a Monday it's not already Tuesday this week. Plus we've got Gary saint Jean stopping on by a before the end of the show we got until 7 o'clock a full Monty program for today. With a new clock. Look at this new year new clock it's a big deal for our radio station. I can say this. The new clock has been designed to give you isn't much of the show is possible when you're listening the most. So I think you're gonna like the new clocks. I know ideal. Winning done yet and I think I like it makes sense to make your embarked on onboard. Every program director that you'll ever meet thinks is clocked his magic it. It is this to a the last one was the same way the one interim one was the same way the one before that and now no one goes in Los say bull's whatever is good luck everybody good luck to your new clock. Hopefully it is magic. Let it be magic. We got some amazing things to discuss. We've got a very strange world. Of NFL coaching to discuss. Nose breaking within the last fifteen minutes Marvin Lewis is so yeah. In Cincinnati. Marvin Lewis. He's pretty much Ben the coach of the Bengals throughout our entire lives if I remember correctly. Is yet won a playoff game he's back and a two year deal that doesn't make any sense of in the fact he can point to. His record and say hey. A moment the second worst senate Dodd coach in Ohio that is hue Jackson all day and all night it really is amazing. So the Rose Bowl was absolutely awesome yesterday an awful lot to talk about their college football playoffs are gonna give us and all SEC title game. You know I don't have a problem with the way the playoffs and had a problem with the way the day began we need more teams we need more slots. We need more teams qualifying for the championship round more than four anyways. Jack Del Rio yesterday raiders lose plumber yesterday day before yesterday raiders lose. Through the chargers which by the way that was a home game for the raiders good lord. Mean the fact that we got NFL musical chairs and their raiders chair ends up in Vegas not LA. Is proof positive that these owners are all about an instant money grab the and putting teams that in places that make sense based on fan bases. Has nothing to do that. Absolutely nothing to do that. Jack Del Rio we hit that podium and he said this. Welcome Mark Davis after the game. And mark let me know that he's not going to be bring me back. And so I'll. I told me love me appreciate it all that I do have to do to kind of get this program going in the right direction. Both of you felt the need to change. I've told him how much I appreciate the opportunity you gave me and coming out. I'm very grateful. My childhood team. But it's a result business solution. Del Rio gets an awful lot of credit for facing the music in real time. The fact that Mark Davis seemingly ran down to the locker room into the tunnel whatever to tell Del Rio he was fired immediately. Is something that usually doesn't lead to that type of press moment but did Del Rio credit you know he stepped up and he faced the music at that press conference. In ways that you know we couldn't help but notice that when we would talk to him he would Ghana. Sidestep. The facts of this season is they were being presented to us in real time in the fax word that this year. Which started with the incredible promise. Was a weekly step backwards if not multiple steps backwards and that is something that he would acknowledge. At the goodbye presser. I ought to unload the owners' decision. I assume. A great honor for me to Ito took me disorganization between get this opportunity and I understand some results with us you know. We had a a great first two years and this year was a big disappointment. I can't disagree without. And there you go. He admits it now and indeed it's something we all know the year has been huge disappointment look. Del Rio gets an awful lot of credit he got the raiders into the playoffs for the first time in fourteen years. Credit for that no doubt. His three year run in Oakland leaves him with a record that is so similar to everything that happened in Jacksonville. Where she was. A winning coach but only by a handful of games no division title. While he leaves Oakland a winning coach but only by a handful of games and no division title. What is past is prologue we see that over and over again. Del Rio's three year run in Oakland he finishes 25 and 23. Pretty good considering. Eleven and 37 described as three years before his arrival. Is firing though is is not an over reaction. Massive step in the wrong direction. Had to be addressed in and if all goes back to his decision to install tout downing is the offensive coordinator it was his downfall more than anything else it was the wrong move and ultimately cost him his job. Not only did the wrong move cost him his job but his ability to sold the team's current problems is something that I thought was a big part. Of the question. Do you want Del Rio back there and and and led to the path of you probably don't I honestly thought it was gonna happen. I thought he would be back just based on the money that has been spent money that I know Mark Davis really doesn't have which is why. The copy out of possible ownership. Is being bandied about any Jon Gruden rumor right now. Jon Gruden rumor is still just a rumor there's obviously a Rooney rule that needs to be appeased. There's obviously broadcasting. Gruden is agreed to do. Still taking place I guess he's got a playoff game against Kansas City on Saturday everyone's like what do you think Indy Reid's gonna do is probably a welcome Jon Gruden with a hug these two guys who coached together and they all know we each other out. There are no secrets among coaches really I wouldn't be surprised if that is not a real issue at all but the whole. The interview. He is there the the ownership aspect of this still being. A part of it means. I don't think it's assured to happen them let's be totally honest the gruden. Thing. Mike it's sounds like great idea. It really does on the surface sound like a great idea makes a lot of sense and the raiders do what they get credit for being aggressive and being the team stumbles upon the guy who is. The coaching. Opening hole league great. Jon Gruden is banned all these years in the Monday Night Football Booth there is no big rumor in college or pro that his name is not directly linked to. If the raiders got it unbelievable. And I don't think they got it in if it's up to other owners I don't think they're gonna let him have it. Dated 8957957. Always number we are thrilled to have you here. 957 big game. Cringing now. I think I'm Greg are tough tricky series Jon Gruden rumors he's acknowledged his candidacy for the raiders head coaching job telling the Bay Area news group that he see some hopes he's being considered raiders Latina who at least one other coaching candidate. To satisfy the Rooney rule niners house Shanahan and John Lynch addressing immediate today. Talking about Jamie go rob us future with the team here is lend. We want Jimmy Libya and iron for a long long time that process is is it is going new. Take place here you know we're we're eager to to get that done. Niners and raiders both finishing the season six in ten teens also the going to see he'll take ninety in the draft the coin flip will happen at the com bind this year's Glen as Mon award winner is why it was wide receiver mark he's good when. And Jamont cleaned green it tweaked his ankle during a scrimmage they listen that's special prize Steven downs against the mavericks tried to buy. Park central hotel located one block from it's where in the center of the ever plan arts district park central SS dot com I'm yet to break up. My. Mind going. I'm fairly classes at the craziness and I don't know. Belmont funny guys from our body and his summer factor ever again protect Elmer funds reporting to weigh my swinging. Yeah no goal of the starred Glenn. Someone someone says a dream on dream makes a little luck cameo appearance a Lisa's name does in the new Dave Chappelle Netflix specials are now I did I've watched some of it I haven't seen a hard but it's fun me. INS is so good dream my dream quote we got we gotta get that basically station they'll say like dream on green that's about his black in the name is human and if you look at slate drain money green looks black on paper he says a that's the that is a great game play among queen the way mumbling. Yeah it's funny you gotta check out I absolutely check it out. It is so good to be with you one other thing to check out you know we all got our huge list of things to go see he shows today and watch movies that are being recommended. There is one movie I saw over the break Gionta it was outstanding you have to get yourself to I eight Tonya. Tonya Harding started Tanya Harding story. Is equal parts one of the better sports movies I've seen in recent years I'll. It is. And a plus and so many different levels to script the performances the acting the music the soundtrack all of bit. This Margot Robbie is all a whole lot more than just a pretty face as she and abdominal gas. Fund nominal as Tonya Harding what's your name Allison Janney her cousin Jenny. Oscar. Powder as I ESP dysfunctional mother it was outstanding. Outstanding. And really great movie it's getting great reviews so I Tonya. And let me just say if you're looking to take their significant other like what's a movie that both I and my wife will enjoy this is bad movie. A guy and a credit is a great. I don't like that I don't see. Who wouldn't love this movie. It's phenomenal isn't shirt because of the subject matter. A little term I can you look around really really good interesting ethical element it's on my legs put it on the list get to it do it. We're gonna have Scott bear come up in about ten minutes from now to talk about everything that's going on. In raider country. Of course you know if I bring up realities around conversation that don't automatically lean towards standing up and applauding every rumor immediately people call me a hater. I've got some. Really really into doubt the dumbest thing on the tax on right now is Dana need is love putting anything raiders down your true meaning of hater now stop saying that stop having your automatic gut reaction. And listen you idiot you might learn something today. Jon Gruden. For cash straight up to coach the raiders is a choice the raiders should immediately make. Absolutely. I don't know if he's gonna be the pied piper of winning again. He left Tampa with a losing record after that Super Bowl he's been out of the game for what nine years. But the guy speaks fluent quarterback I'd like Jon Gruden I like the energy needs there's no doubt that he is use the media connection that he's add to the best of his abilities to. Guam and do information in trends I guarantee you did Jon Gruden is still stayed in the yard football trending I really believe that. If there is it caddie got a potential ownership no assessor that that is. It needs to be offered. Pro Mark Davis to get Jon Gruden to do this and it goes to when NFL ownership vote what NFL owner. In their right mind. Votes the new precedent when it comes to hiring coaches. Is a percentage of ownership. Why would any NFL owners. Negotiate against their own controlling interests. Think about it. Like just stop being a boy lying due to real information fan and think about this like an adult. Who might run a business. What I say about the raiders is nothing to do with. Hate them moving relocating nothing. I'm just telling you to an NFL owners. Would be nuts. To start including percentages of ownership into. Coach negotiations. That's forever money. That's in perpetuity money. What if you hire the wrong guy. And then he's still connected to your team we need opponent to be your head coach anymore. Right and he gets to leave that percentage of ownership that you agreed to give him to his children his grandchildren. His grandchildren's. Grandchildren. That's forever money who's gonna agreed to forever money. In a temporary coaching world. I mean just think about it. If numbers go to forever if we all know big numbers go to infinity. You'll be guaranteed more money in perpetuity taking a half percent. Cut. Other NFL ownership then you would be agreeing to a 40000002. Year coaching deal. You would be addicted to food in their right mind would agree that to let the raiders. Let Mark Davis who needs other people's money for a new way to invent money to get business done who's going to let Mark Davis of all people sent a brand new precedent to hire NFL coaches it'll by the way. Like isn't that the job of whoever owns Kansas City Chiefs to voted against the raiders best interest I mean. When it comes to making them profitable. You've just made them as profitable as humanly possible by. Agreeing to allow them to move to Las Vegas raider profitability through the roof. They're going to be worth a lot of money to all NFL owners as they exist right now whether they go always sixteen or sixteen or no next year. Why would I vote to give the raiders. And negotiating. Advantage in this one negotiation. Which could set a precedent to come back and bite me in the butt. This isn't hate eating this is called thinking try it first change. You be a better sports fan. Will be more interest and when you open your mouth. This is great stuff quiet try to think for a second instead of just having a gut reaction that says anything Jon Gruden means all some. If Damon doesn't like it he's a meter. Mean I guess that is the dumbest way to. Step into today's program but it's not the best way. I'd like to show open the best way possible. Have to get creative though to get Jon Gruden right financially because they're not really in a position considering they still owed Jack Del Rio a ton of money. The next few years. And I think that's what they need to do but I mean they're gonna have to get creative. Yeah some say your payment you're an idiot it would be a fraction of a fraction what fraction of a percentage. Not half percent that's tends not yet here fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction is still. Multi multi million dollars more than how about this a fraction of ownership. Guaranteed interpreting perpetuity today is worth more then all agreed to current contracts existing. If you added up what every head coach makes across all four major sports. Do you understand that. Why would I allow that to be a negotiating tool that other teams can use. Could use against me is an NFL owner. Now this is just. Me thinking. Now. Here's what should offend you a little bit. You do remember Mark Davis had to move his team to Las Vegas because your refused. Give ownership. Selloff a fraction of the team to anybody. What that same fraction he's now willing to concede did did did Jon Gruden had been the same fraction which someone could've. Taken in Sabin here I mean I just. I do not understand. How ownership can be part of this negotiation. I think they should add Jon Gruden for money cash pay him. I don't see how 24 other NFL owners would vote for this. Unprecedented. Precedent to be agreed to. Just thinking out loud folks. Shouldn't Steve Kerr asked for 20% ownership of the warriors right now based on success. Shouldn't Bruce bossi ask for percentage. Of the San Francisco Giants. Given the fact he's won three titles. Now we can take a guy who hasn't coached in nine years and guarantee him an ownership percentage got them back in the game when nothing guaranteed. Craziness. Meanwhile. It really happened with the 49ers man Jim eagle rock blow. He finished unblemished. Unblemished. People wanna say always. Playing that third string Los Angeles rams team and you know what he beat them like they were third stringers. Like but in nature of the way that game got set up by the rams benching every one meant the niners should look good today and they did. I mean what a turnaround it is the single least likely in season's same season turnaround we've ever seen and we look at what the niners now need to do forward. As we look at what's up with the future. And this is something that John Lynch was talking about. We have a good idea of where we wanna go on how we wanna do it. I do know that we're both encouraged we've got a lot of resources so both. In terms of cap money. But also in terms of attract capital in just a draft choices. That we have a great opportunity now again that that opportunity it's only when you make of it. And it's amazing. And as they go ahead. And start looking big picture free agents draft the fact that quarterback is not something that the niners don't need to dress that. Which gives them so much room to operate in every other position on the it's amazing. The difference a quarterback can make. And that is obviously something that the raiders around too because they think they got a coach can fix their quarterback that's the right guy to hire. My question is ten day. When this sort of ownership precedent. 888957957. Always in numbers Scott Bair. NBC Bay Area raider insider. I didn't think we would be talking about a coaching change but here we are. Del Rio out Scott gets credit for facing the music do you have any more detail. About the Mark Davis Jack Del Rio. Conversation that led to his dismissal. Yes it. They didn't last through market. Did they corridor each eat integrators is big locker room. And Jack story a press conference I got a quick. Basically you know every you got everything you would expect to fail with Jack about his own fiery and to get their car found out about big news from his body's own. Like I found out her up once you lock and it with a weird seatbelt. There are a lot of people are shell shocked that response that did look like they gave Iraq could do. And what you guys in the that'll they'll have found out yet there are challenges or things like that it was a very weird scene it didn't happen quick. Swift and decisive for the raiders owner. From someone who was down in Karstens. For this game. Hit it to mean that was as. Rove raider crowd is I've seen in any stadium including Oakland's own stadium like. The fact that the raiders are moving. But they're not moving to Los Angeles. Is all you need to know about NFL blind loyalty to money not right choices not doing right by again like the fact that the raiders are moving all crazy. The fact that they are moving. And not moving to Los Angeles is bonafide. All day long. Cuckoo insane like that was a road game for the chargers in their own stadium. Yeah I mean if you get rain came down LA's favorite football team it would be a greater a Trojan. Derailed the Steelers cowboys. Cardinal for the and the charger somewhere down the line yeah it's definitely. If that market that entire region is very loyal. To the raiders especially at the area here where Carson is currently under understand there. Yeah I definitely felt like that but didn't want the raiders' schedule preceding games. On down there and they're really kind of a weird I can't thank all of a leak again Matt I think you know I think they are open dot com. You know hatred of which team that they put down their they deftly skirted out. Putting a second team in the chargers don't have that nobody cares about. Scott Bair raiders insider NBC sports Bay Area. Let's talk gruden rumor how close is this to becoming a reality are Rooney rules being met right now by Reggie McKenzie and interviewing other candidates do you think this happens is a percentage of ownership on the table I understand I just ask you like four questions. Okay what he might have reported unless yeah I think it's gonna happen. Both likely next week. Felt like I think. Doctor is gonna call that. Actually sent tight playoff game PS how weird that was eighty greeted and welcomed. A future rival coach into his facility and then you know. Off the record be Celtic pride aspects. But yes so we'll try next week there is still a deal could be worked out whether it's ownership or. Is that that I complicate things because he got to be better at it that would have to be voted upon at the budget is that they. I would have to Wear at my god I I would think that would instantly be voted down. Why would NFL owners agreed. To percentages of ownership now being precedent and coach pursuit. I don't I mean that would be a pandora's box to be sure you know a bit like what it. Bill Belichick wants to get on Beckett. You know because you think about how much I'll be valuations are exploding that. Stay here right I don't think the back and barely felt like a proper way to do it by cash there's a report that. Keeping his aide you know a massive. You know stake here. And any trick here on visit yearly salary. I'll let them protect the state to get hit it there that's why I think I can't buy it that they going into that. Going into that final game I really not that Jack would let you back at all quickly I think that Jack would have been back if not work. It John -- possibility I think if they were kind of sat back and they were a bubble are asking you something at soccer camp vowed he would still. We would still be at this point. I'm openly and I think this is about jobs about god be available because our went after daughter 2012 let me get 2050. And now hold only eight yup yup that some sort of assurances. Are greater ownership don't expect that John Curtin. Let obviously our interest it before they went all the way down the road. And darker time in La. And Ali today then I held on a candidate would have liked the best possible response ever I think he is I think this week. Scott Bair NBC sports Bay Area what's next for Reggie McKenzie. Is he safe does he survive this whole thing. Yeah I think he got a black. Because our catapult her respect for him and then quote you know competent like those two. You know are definitely had been attached for awhile reported that patients are David and he was incredibly patient weighing so we sat with a wreck she just offered him a contract extension. But one thing that I think it's going to be it. Is there will be interesting to see how that plays out and it breaking it. It will it will be gold by there I don't think there's any way about it it's getting screwed it be that you're gonna have to. Give up a certain amount of person now control how much that it is in John you're gonna have complete control. I guess that the possibility I'm sure he's gonna wanna bring you saw it in public his own personnel people that could shake up that whole side of Spain. So yeah I've been. Is that ideal for Reggie does he want to stay in that particular set of circumstances long term. Those are all kind of question that we'll kind of worked themselves now but how would have to look that given how much control. Gruden had even without David here that is raiders coach and obviously how much control he had. When you wouldn't get a day out cherries in the locker things and it you know. Have you heard about the Rich Gannon rumor. As I know offensive coordinator quarterback coach whatever that might be are you attaching any validity to that. I mean when I keep my hearing about the Jon Gruden staff it's like an all star team it's almost too good believes. Yet and it is you know like this guy adamant technically hired yet but you know bigger Arctic. Tacos and Oceanic EPA and you're right. You know bill Callahan and they'll live a life coach I'll be at that they strike at key. He's reaching out to by two different people are correct in that the comment. I still up in the air on that one just because. You sure you make the pretty penny getting the word out of a broadcast Booth. Into it all position. Meeting world. First eighty hours per week without ideal could eat their babies what can't they get back it became. And that really a whole working bank and their act went at cornerback Eric Carr I think is going to be is going to. Beatrice sic because that they're cheap objective. Right indicating their car back to that and EP. Can at their level that he was playing out back at twenty to sixty is the most important thing that matters were hiring people to do that. Ultimately finding the right to expect on any accommodation that captain Derek Carr talked he could be crushed but he is a certain you don't eclipse. Eating the certain personality. That's part of it is not just. You that they that your defiant personality that are going to get the best out of the quarterback exciting. A good about good cot at a good about bad cop how all that great doc coached court at each position coach I think is going to be important as we move forward. Scott anyone get an exit interview would Marshawn Lynch does he wanna return next year. Yet no. That did not happen I will say about that. I think that that is up in the air and it's weird because. Yeah I mean everybody I can't shoot under contract could just walk off into the sunset that a good or. And will put them back shipped personalities. Between crude and lives is that going to fly direct times. Even dating back to let training camp what our shot could. And we eat eat practice every single practice he would always there he was attending a gig like that. He can't do whatever you want it to you right thank you go attack there on his back to the people. You know very individual drove in Alex up like that embarked on his own drop and that's. They cannot be acceptable this time and one thing that I think that we need to think about that I kind of have to agree that that everybody has opinions about. About. Was shot it can be back on our shot heard Crabtree writer all of these guys at Utah that after the present unhappy cover Reggie can't eat or five years at current rate. Jack Del Rio for three what like what will be tolerated and won't won't let out at John occurred they can't get any changes the entire equation and that you can have a much course without patrol at the I. I think you and I shoot but he well that ballot Arab. What would John do it'll ID. He's accurate picture of the look at it straight in critical but that's why you have to analyze martian on a different light now that he did 48 hours ago. It's got good stuff today it's been great stuff for you all season thank you very much and I would say goodbye and we'll talk to a little while but I do feel we're going to be talking view. Like this time next week this raider all this enough. It could be as headlines filled as the regular season was if not more so so don't leave your phone anywhere will be it's untrue soon thanks is always my friend great daddy and happy new year. Great stuff from Scott Bair raider insider NBC sports Bay Area. Look the whole thing is fascinating I think they got the right guy I think it's the right choice and like I applaud the raiders for. Convincing them. This guy did come out of the bulls if they ten. But they got I think dual with her own money that doesn't include a portion of ownership is that this is left other NFL owners what NFL owners can help readers get better and set a precedent that could come back. And burned themselves. Down. But its interest and our right very very interest thing. We got a little gruden talking to Derek Karr back in his gruden quarterback cam day. But the guy really has spoken with a every one. Plays the position who's got potential to play the position. He speaks flu went quarterback it's like a second language to want. And boy. Is Derek Carr neither coaching here. Who consume reckons he Deutsch of quarterback for sure and Jon Gruden can beat that guy let's go to what John in San Francisco John you're a 957 game. They happen you're Damon I don't have any thing about gruden but feel I have a little forecast for the 49ers 2018 people that I wanna share you guys didn't need one making it. I think lower complain about the heat but found gleaned out and thank speaker of the body had any bad. I fully expect we'll see milk Canadian population of the advice they didn't show up and it became cops could get Jamie you'd get. And got meat and demanded Joseph Montana with little problem. You know ego of the wire JGB. Begin gold. Holmes hauled out in ought to know where your call was going until you dropped below. HBO chronology and and die I look ate it could be a mean it looks like this could be their next big hit at quarterback it really might be. Believe me the sun will be back up as a topic that's still sucks over there. That's a topic does that's not gonna change based on the shade it Levis but yeah less shade is going to be thrown at Levi's. If actual good football. Carries the discussion not what are we doing down here to watch a bad football team amazing what a QB can do. The latest little more credit I don't think they're just going to be showing up in the bikini tops is a lot of girls out there that led the NFL because it's painful also talking to look at it this way I know my now. I know my wife thinks Jimmy rob blows a very handsome guy he could be his ugly is humanly possibly six amount should be understood. Ha. 888957957. Al desist Damon Burr shot. Didn't mean. By Al me. Says ESPN's. Adam show after it was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show. He was asked about an earlier reports that speculated gruden received an ownership stake in the team is part of his contract. You show after downplayed that possibility but did say that the deal. Would be the biggest for any coach quote when it comes then I would just say that the total value of the deal will be the richest deal than any coach has by a landslide Schechter told Dan Patrick. I don't know what that ownership stake thing is going to come through though that have been discussed two or three years ago my sense it's not going to happen that's my sense so. That's basically what I've been talking about for 48 minutes now like I just don't think that could possibly happen. Now I'm sure after says he doesn't think it could happen neither. But I do think it's gonna be a lengthy contract very looker lucrative and look I think. They'll just may get so we can't say no. Relief you're thinking. What's the one advantage at the raiders have. Well they can offer him what is essentially the tax shelter and then of Nevada is lack of state taxes if I were Jon Gruden. I would want a three year deal to come coach the Oakland Raiders to penny a dollar in year one. A dollar in year two. And fifteen million dollars in year three. I would want bold thing to be back floated back loaded new pay me the boatload of my someone I get there. Nevada and there's no state income tax no make the most out here if I were John Heard not one dollar for eighteen and dollar for nineteen and fifteen million dollars and twenty Tawny. That would be the deal I would agree to today. And you know what may be the raiders laugh a little bit more money to pay him once they made that move and start their new. Me we got a luxury box to sell you that isn't a concrete bunker where they fox TV and then. I. So. Very interesting to see what's going to happen. Gruden steps sounds amazing year the group is expected though. Named John Morton is offensive coordinator this is the guys just breathed life back in the New York Jets Rich Gannon possibly is QB coach. You know a broadcaster a former MVP in current bad ass tool may be. Toughen up Derek Karr when it comes to dealing when his own teammates and holding guys accountable. That sounds like a good idea. Rumor is he'd prefer Cincinnati's. Paul. Gunther. As. As that defense of vowed coordinator. And I apparently he wants to still leave even would Marvin Lewis coming back Gus Bradley also in the mix they say. Like if you don't get that done get that done. Get that done. Derek is desperate. For someone who understands the position of quarterback loosen this conversation and gruden had. When Derek Karr back in his gruden quarterback can't days this is before Derek Carr got drafted you tell me this is foreshadowing. I've played quarterback my brother played quarterback in Louisville and up I've played they. Are you better now. Eyeball on the board in a ball club or did they have taken me yeah. Until we're competitive citizen thank you second guess they have I'm taking myself because. Where are extremely confident in what we do you can't get through this politically correct no no not like him at all now. You're totally different off that's right totally different era they're position twice style is totally different had a snow. I want you rent reset button that I appreciate that you know let's go some championships now. He got. Jon Gruden and Derek Karr. Talking in his Grunin quarterback camp which takes place in a hotel like in the strip mall in Tampa. Very interesting man very interest and all I can tell you is that the 2018 NFL season. Here but we're not gonna get too many more we have two stories to tell football season's around here. The raiders moved to Las Vegas kind of models that up in the future. But in the meantime I want as many topics is humanly possible and all I can tell you is we get both. Jimmy Barack below the Disney prince of quarterbacking plus Jon Gruden the pied piper of coaching for return to the NFL. Outlawed this. There's a weekly interview I'm willing to do have some really. If it is Jon Gruden 330 on Monday sounds like a decent place to start that conversation the main. And again niners raiders at Levi's next year. That would be very interest thing. Very interesting indeed. No we're not gonna get many more double NFL seasons to cover. May 2018 great sure why not. Philip what this much star power and headline grabbing his humanly possible. But I did see this from ray rat out. And before you go out take your calls again and made it 89579570. I got this for you. Here's re rattle on coaches. It sounded like a great idea due to past success. Joseph Gibbs went twelve years in between jobs in Washington. And he went thirty and 34. That second time around did per meal he burned himself out and Philadelphia he goes to TV for fifteen years he comes back to Saint Louis. For two building years. And the Kurt Warner Super Bowl that came out of nowhere. And then. Another year of interest in competition Denny's out Denny's in Kansas City for four up and down seasons before that ended again Pete Carroll. He had to go back he stayed active in coaching obviously USC rebuilt his reputation. And downed an awful lot of say success up in Seattle. If you would like a resent. Just from greater example of successful retread doesn't automatically mean you're about to win again what about Art Shell. After twelve years in Los Angeles. They brought back Art Shell and it was a disaster. Ray rattle goes on to write and I do agree with them Jon Gruden whose biggest opponent. Will be chasing the idea of Jon Gruden. What that's going to be tough. He needs to take out. Those memories. And that's gonna be hard to do. Delivering more then your memories and Jon Gruden everyone's got nothing but positive memories always checking everyone loves them. Tonight's can I say this. My broadcasting standpoint. Jon Gruden off Monday Night Football sounds good to me I love Jon Gruden as an interview. I love Jon Gruden quarterbacking can't. If we get a weekly Le Jon Gruden Debbie great Jon Gruden the broadcaster drives me nuts he's got nothing but over the top complements for everything and everybody like he's trying to. Fill out a resonate work in every city. When Jon Gruden the broadcaster on Monday Night Football has been worthless. I will not miss him as a broadcaster. I would cool off. To see what it looks like could he do it again will it happen. Either way Jack Del Rio is out. Someone said we really look forward to your Jack Del Rio exit interview. I'm not sure we're gonna get one that's gonna happen and I'm not sure we're gonna get one. I give credit Jack faced all the music of a coach can face in his final press conference there's not a lot of coaches who announced their own termination. Just another example of the raiders. Don't have their own way it it to you. That had to be tough. I think now on ever in a position blood you could almost hear him cracking a little bit and his voice because remember. This del Rio's hometown team is he kidding grew up raider fan I'm sure he's disappointed in the way it ended. Welcome Mark Davis after the game. And mark let me know that he's not going to be bring me back. And so. He told me love me appreciate it all that I do have to do to kind of get this program going in the right direction. But he felt the need to change. I told him how much I appreciate the opportunity you gave me and I mean now. I'm very grateful. My childhood team. But it's a results business solution. Scenario. The results this year. Were disturbing I mean it's not just results that her concerning. The results for the raiders became disturbing. And when you asked the question. Is he the right guy to fix it the answer was at best may be and then ultimately led to del Rio's downfall. Is he even guide to fix this problem. When your most confident answer is. Maybe. You're not the right guy probably. 8889579570. Let's go to Omar in the city what's up Omar. But it DB yet Jerry. Early exit date that I hadn't been a while not intrigued I liked it I embrace it. I'd look up what what it because it back but even with that bad. So he could be the quarterback was birdied it helped lead an op Ed DJ guy Eric Carr back to where he should it be right because. God forbid if their car at RG three but then we're all screwed right at greater bat. But here's the problem. When he hit. Rick again and Jim Brown. You know Jerry writes Gerri ordered yet you know that line. And yet that even beat bad you know yet leader Don why didn't want it to really quit right. They get booted out of Oakland he goes that can't pay it big red dot and make him look you know court I letter I but he also had comments on defense. I played being get a bunt I don't later. Now I just don't see. In that spot and end up all right now with this raiders squad what a lot of leaders. And winner that the iPad you can look at about like Mike Singletary and you know when he try to get any bite out credit David you know I do what what are. Omar I understood Omar Omar you're ready to post your own segment hold on a minute here. I hear you your concerns are valid. Does he have the horses to be huge winner right now. The answer is probably not. We are saying the exact same thing if not worse things about the only nine 49ers. And look what happens when the quarterback and the coach. Got on the same page. And that's the hope that they're gonna sell sure Jon Gruden doesn't have. Great secondary a great safety a great linebacker. Anyone great along the defense of why another wrinkle Lille Mac. Who knows about a Mari Cooper Michael Crabtree is in doubt. There are question marks everywhere no bigger question mark and Derek Carr can you get him right now the answer is yes. I would rather have Derek Carr in his head coach. On the same page then an all pro safety and a question at quarterback. Or question it and head coach. Dated 89579570. This is Matt in San Ramone what's up Matt. It and I'm.