Damon Bruce Show Hour 1

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Friday, December 29th
Damon gives his top Bay Area moments of 2017...which of course tops with Donskoi's game winning goal in the Sharks shootout last night (Donskoi!), then Damon discusses Black Monday, and which coaches are safe and which are on the hot seat, and talks some Warriors hoops with Warriors reporter for The Athletic, Anthony Slater!

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Very interesting year comes to an end for us over the next three hours is our final show. Of 2017. A year and honestly probably kick on the one end fast enough minutes. 1016. Use Sox 2017. Not impressed how can be done as good I'm not wildly impressed with a login given as. But it's good to be would view we will sort out 2017. As much as we possibly can today Jian how real it is good to see you hi. Happy new year. Happy new year yeah I guess I can say that little officially seal on Sunday night. So happy many here plan and I think India over 4 o'clock tamales right there in the rose ball you know that's the capture this. Now absolutely I'll be there. I do want a tamale you're Somalia I'm hungry I'm in my. My week I know you're out sick I promised you now they your back Al be back next week on Tuesday. You'll have them for Maliki is ready to go. I like it got the specials I like everything what were going to be discussing at some points today air. Well get the warriors. They're back added tonight and what do you know staff curry gets back get a tomorrow night that is all good news he asked me that is. Good for business. Everyone in the bay loves a good bowl right I mean bowl game. Souter did there I didn't. Really good big bowl game starts tonight. We got USC. Ohio State tonight. And then we got a little Orange Bowl coming up we've got a little Fiesta Bowl tomorrow January 1 got to do big boys the rose and the sugar. And we'll decide who's playing for a national championship in fort all of this we got a lot of predictions out there. Awful awful lot of predictions out there what next years gonna look like people trying to. Cast the fortunes of teams look at it this way coming off the twelve and four raider football team. We try to cast which future predictions look like in. And we were wrong about a lot of things. And expectations quickly turned to disappointment. Throughout the entire year. We're gonna talk about the biggest sports stories of 2017. I really don't think. We have a single bigger sports story this year then what happened last night let's take it to. Not quite moving and against critics. Six months. And it shines with the shootout breaks your car. All I shoot out winner of more the biggest story of the year 2017. And nailed it. Love it. We will continue celebrating all don's going goals. Throughout next year lies have they were World Cup goals the long version that bad boy league you're drawn out make a dramatic make it snack. See now if you haven't done stories stepping up. He's got that low. Yes good points and a one. Provided no points in four games that this could be a big one of the shoot out. Not quite moving and gets critic makes them look. It moved the bank to the backhand. The shootout breaks there. When you tell me that is patented move. Is a fake to the forehand back to the strong yeah I got to hear that one more time I was happy to fund. I got to hear one more talk tell me about the bat the moment. And now if you haven't done stories stepping up. Yes good points and one. Tonight you know points in four games it's okay of the shoot out. Honestly moving in against critic makes the most. It proved that they did. The shootout breaks there. They took the backhand moved to the floor and signature move the same Deke every hockey players been making since high school. Right at that they need to rumors that like just. I'll move I don't know but it's don's going into game winner higher. Biggest story 2017. That Jonas don's going goal. Second biggest story warriors when a second championship third biggest story rock block fourth biggest story. Giants lose 98. Fifth biggest story. All wheels come off on raiders. Six biggest story we're back to don's going. More I don't go I don't my sixth and seventh biggest story I hate Don toys sleeping. And all day and don's saw I got my. A it's I got a contract. Definitely a highlight I love that you do I just I love it. I love it I should I should governs on the dons were jerseys from the policies what was I attended a drug like pop gun got a demeanor around like Jimmy Joseph Jonas don's going. That's it all I care about. If you were moving to Vegas I'd be crestfallen I couldn't take it. They can never become a golden Knight known who never ever become a golden night he needs to be a lifetime shark yeah. And possibly a future 957 and an employee. I don't get along great. I'm sure it ahead. Here's a person here on the text line maybe they're new to the show they just simply say. So I don't understand this. Yet you may Damon's obsession with anti. There's nothing to understand we're in the presence of greatness. Damon how is losing it came to Las Vegas not a top three story I was just joking around I just concerted Jonas don's ways goal last night as the top story the fifth best story to seventh best story in eighth best story of 2017. I don't think we're officially doing anything formally hear it's in terms of the rankings. Calm down. Relax we'll hostage the translation. I just a little bit. Yeah I know we're gonna get into predictions we've got Anthony Slater a little bit later on this hour we're gonna talk to bout with the warriors got to wrap up their homestand. And the fact it. The nuclear missile. According to Shaun Livingston returns tomorrow. Mike Summers gonna join us at 4 o'clock talking about the final weekend of the regular season in the NFL and then we're gonna get into the ol'. Black Monday and it's coming out. Well Jack Del Rio be imparted something to keep an eye on. We all want to bowl games talked about today Joseph shortened bought a fourteen ball Friday by popular demand. People love it people they get. We have fond memories come in and Joseph. Singing around this Friday's compiled by then let's roundup for chef were done when Mike silver Joseph Fortin balls and I know this for a little bit. I find that should be fun. I know there's so many people want to predict what the niners are going to be next year based time. Everything we've seen over the last handful of games. And is excited is people wanna get a feel it is my duty just a little bit. To pull back the reins to reality. But I find myself completely bought in. I find myself looking at a guy who I think. Is just quickly checking all those boxes that we look for. In new player like he's got to have this she's gotta have this he's got to have this before we can even think. About him being the real writing answer. Rock below needed blood for a split four or five dry ice to check off those boxes. And now it's like what else is he got a and he beat the number one defense yes he did. You put the best passer rating against Jacksonville yet he did is that the end all be all of everything look. This is a guy I think who good full lock. This Sunday. In Los Angeles trolling not gonna change my opinion very much some people. I know a lot of new embittered people who don't wanna hear this much more about him OP flops and some point I look. Forget about pullen and one season in the next. Forget about this. Five or six game winning streak if that's word goes translating into well and then they want the first seven games of third your upcoming schedule. I'm not going there. I'm not that this everyone needs to take a breath and relax football change as quickly too good to the bad all the time. Sony want some people want to predict what the 49ers season will look like next year. And we're too far away from that. But here's what you do have. You have what I believe is the most important. Most commonly. Duplicated. Reproduced. Formula. That equals hey you know what. You can be a team of circumstance. The 49ers. With all their pluses and the ball or minuses all their shortcomings. Whatever. They've got a head coach and the quarterback who really seemed to fit together. And that is these key ingredient for NFL success. Of the biggest content. I mean historically it's pretty obvious he got wall she got Montana Favre and home grant Troy Aikman Jimmie Johnson Dan Marino Don Shula. Like great quarterback great coach. Big things happen right. Look around this league right now that formula is easy to see you don't have to go back deep in the history to see this formula. New England obvious Brady in bella checked boom playoffs. Pittsburgh got Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin boom playoffs. The Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith and Andy Reid they're not can win a Super Bowl. But one has helped the other stayed very very much NFL relevant. Home and they're going to the playoffs. The Eagles Carson once and Doug Peterson. They appear to be on the same page and ACL ended that chapter early but what do you know for the Eagles it's boom playoffs. New Orleans. Drew Brees and Sean Payton. Oh playoffs. LA rams they feel a whole lot better Jerryd golf now. That he's with Sean McVeigh. And oh by the way home playoffs. And we go to Green Bay. You know they're very happy with the Aaron Rodgers you might imagine Mike McCarthy obviously isn't going anywhere when black come Monday comes around. They're not go to the playoffs. But we all agreed that if Rodgers had a broke his collarbone sorely in the year they might though. Seattle. Seattle right now is doing all agenda holds playoff window open and everyone wants to credit their defense for success. Hey here's the deal Russell Wilson plus Pete Carroll then really good for a long time and with a win tomorrow Lowell went on Sunday. In a loss by the falcons. Seahawks boom pumps. Pretty impressive. I mean it's it's a you know yes all these teams have one house or defense wind house or how their linebackers are the secondary we're not even talking about that when I talked about running backs wanna talk about wide receivers. Quarterback head coach. You got quarterback's head coach you've got more about this if you got quarterback's head coach. And that's all you've got you've still got more in the team that has really good defense. Not a very good quarterback or really good skill position players a pretty good quarterback. But the wrong head coach. Look around the NFL you could seriously right now. I won't go through the teams may do when Joseph gets in here. Just. Just open up standings. Go through the teams do you think they're going to be looking for new head coach do you think they're gonna look for new head coach this one just on this on this on this one. Black Monday could have. Ten. Openings. And that may be as conservative. 10111213. A lot. Well what we learned today. We learned that. Our cutter. Tampa Bay safe. Which. Is that what Jon Gruden and play for the raiders now it doesn't it doesn't come down stop I don't wanna hear I can happen. It might happen in the future. Not gonna happen now there is no way Mark Davis is going to. Shoot his Jon Gruden Canon. On the way out of Oakland that's a cannon who's trigger you poll pullen and the Vegas. To us I'm gonna happen. If you thought bulls was gonna go anywhere the New York Jets he got a vote of confidence today he's not going anywhere. There are a lot of jobs that might come open here. I don't know I even many sixteen candidates there are. We're gonna see some new torch is passed to some new names we're gonna learn a lot of new names on. On Monday. Coordinator who's up and coming. Do you think you Jackson wins this weekend are the are the browns going O and sixteen. We have a second owing sixteen team in my lifetime. I'll never forget you Detroit Lions who get every day you. You Jackson's got to be fired. Like they did what a hundred to nothing this weekend you have to fire and audio. I think you do. If accountability means anything in your locker room eventually. You gotta go ahead and hold your head coach accountable. Some of you might not believe this based on conversations we've had things we said. I don't dislike Jack Del Rio I don't think Jack is a bad guy. And Jack's probably a really good guy and someone that if you went to dinner with a need to have a lot in common you can talk about things and you feel like I. You know I like that I like Oreo. Is Del Rio state of the yard head coach. Is he mr. x.s and knows is that the guy who can solve your dirt car problem. If the answer to any of those questions are no you should be worried is a raider fan and I think the answer to most those questions are now. Look at what that Shana Han. Did it before even got to Rob Lowe he had guys running open he had open targets he had schematic lead beaten. The coach who was coaching against him in a lot of situations he just didn't have the player to throw the ball. Now he does things are happening. You look at what went wrong for the raiders it's pretty easy to see. Combat quickly they wore a disaster. A disaster offensively all year long they were so confused how what this for question. Aided 8957957. Out. If your Marshawn Lynch. Do you even wanna come back if you're asked to come back to real. Marshawn Lynch. Can be wrapping up a very odd football season this weekend. If I just sum up this season. I think I'd say at leaving the desk. It should've fit better than it did. It should fit better than it did it really should've. It's crazy Marshawn Lynch all year long was stuck somewhere in between. Didn't play well and maybe should cut him. And still runs like an absolute boss. Should have been used more. Not often your arguing you should cut the guy or you should use the more. Seems like two completely different opposite ends of an argument. But that is how weird and odd his season his then he isolated in between. Pretty darn good awful. Hey I can see and today. Hey he's totally invisible. You know we all know that Oakland didn't just sign him for football reasons they wanted to see. You know they wanted to offer people on the nickel dime a reason to spend more money come out and see the raiders. And they sold out season out. Bottom line is this why were Oakland. I don't even know if I'd want to resign and there's not a good defense the scheme oh what then how was that scheme who once did it. The other guys who were like the opposite of him didn't fit it either so I don't think you can hold it. Against him that he didn't fit the scheme when we all know the scheme hardly fit the NFL. Obviously if on the raiders. I think I find whatever dignity I have left and I just. Move on. If I Marshawn Lynch. And the raiders said we want you back. I find whatever dignity I had left in me and say you know I'm. See what you're doing an offensive coordinator before I come back and commit what is ever left of my career to you guys. 'cause you just squandered. An entire healthy year of Marshawn Lynch. Say what everyone about Marchand say he was healthy could he was this year. Marshawn Lynch was healthy all year and he didn't. Get used Wright may be in a single game. Or if she was used right in a single game it was one or two games Max he was used correctly. And that's coaching. That's dramatics. You know you can make the argument that no offense and coach got less out of its talent and talent downing. All football like college football pop Warner football NFL football Canadians see FL. By the way you see Johnny man's out. Is going now he's gonna be Johnny Canadian Vogel yeah. You got approved. Johnny Denzel. Done. Wow trying to turn it around good for him. I tell you what. Johnny Mann Zell went from oh world really interest in him to pay he's been overexposed. We're tired of him too controversial diplomatic here I miss. NFL controversies like you know that ends all guys kind of wraps Italian when no one's looking. That and a guy in my party a little too hard. Biggest scandal in the NFL. I just thought I'd I'd I'd I miss those days. We go back to the glory days where Johnny might have done cocaine was the single biggest scandalous thing the NFL was dealing with. Thank you very much title bought Canadian football but times have changed while I miss that. All I really really really miss that. You know these parties who live and don't tell. Iron to. Let's do an hour on sports senator about it. They used to happen. He was the biggest sore spot in the NFL. I long for those days. I miss those days. Below is installed it this time a year to hit if Tehran. I miss those good old days. Seriously. You know Nelson miss. Amiss here and Jonas don's voice scored all command no more time please yen and costs by moving against critics. Makes them look. And those that make good. Shoot out retailer. Love match. It makes me happier. And makes me happier than the average guy. Really does. 888957957. Dollars and number we look forward here and commuted a good chance to get in right now Anthony Slater joins me at 345 we're gonna preview Lou warriors tonight. We're gonna preview a little warriors tomorrow and tomorrow according to Steve Kirk. And reduce our shoppers you'll hear against Google. I actually expect him to play detonated if all goes swelled and shut a couple of days here really good day today he scrimmage to did his usual shooting work out afterwards and he told me a really good after all that we won't play him tomorrow and I would go back to back but it all goes well he get him some minutes against mountainous and then you look at the schedule we don't play and Owens is sort it does make a lot of sense to try to get him out there Saturday assuming he gets the go ahead mark back up. Talking about staff curry of course I tell you what tomorrow looks like element couch today a day were you can turn the word couch from renowned. Into a verb would you do I capture. I couch all day long. Bowl games everywhere. Curry will be back with the warriors all sounds good Anthony Slater at 345 might silver Ford Clark Joseph for bought a follow. Good to have you here on the day membership. Show on Monday he myself. Great to have you along today even. Escorted off Friday is our officially call in and out Joseph the morning show is gonna stop on by around 4 o'clock or he's gonna wanna hang out within and so is good did. Do couple segments. He like he casino he was obviously rejected plea today he was off that he had a vacation day. Yes he was not good buddies there to make but he's come and hang out a year old beat the ads. Well you know when I think he's got a lot to do that everybody needs a little break from their fans. It's you can't pick your family. And so I represent a little break in the middle of the day rhetoric nothing about he's like 3:4 o'clock he's been within since he got up in the morning. They get a couple hours away that reset your forty ball meter BI he got to sleep in today is okay if you want to demonstrate for five minute. And honestly like we do officially wanna give the people what they like and my goodness I mean that every single time Joseph comes on we it's it's a nice is the tax line gets all I think. I think all week long so we figures long as we do make the tax line happy. We should do it. Talk about the tax line really is I mean to senator of the entire program happy near Tesla. Dated 8957957. Though is number look at out to the phones this is Robert and considered what's going on Robert. Being groomed. I appreciate what we're about to happen to have Barack initial review of war which as. You know I got you as high as you know poppy is the harsh new ball movie quotes conditioned room. How much nicer sandbag you. And guiana well what I have to use one big leagues. So. I want to thank you for giving me and you hear the word which is untoward because like everywhere before it used to be from local and out of court. Well I'm I'm glad we did upgrade your word. To something a little finish to no money saying. And it's really it's a great word it's usable in so many giveaways like. In all a wake up in the morning and the wife will be like you want a little bread for Snyder put Aaron I. The end of the night she's feel lol lol lol sexy. Say honey wanna go on the room and I have will. Give up that's it to a alana. It's never trailed. I I guess so. Children run downstairs they see their presents on Christmas morning and scream. Exactly the falcons and I was going pay was dinner good tonight. I do feel about that final game. And charge game now David's round yeah. I. Go to Mike in San Bruno are in my thanks for the call. They get people able to technical all blow last day of the year and I and I think officially in the Webster dictionary. Eventually done going to go to the hump and I don't know down burger whatever but it. Expected a lesson did you picture from time. May even be a bad did he use it. Right way. Is true at at at eight I want to respond on the on the on the down towards college. Look back at that and we love to see it'll put it in reality you know he can't come back at. I mean he did he just felt like that you know whatever release of crack and you know he's solid at the Caribbean got that weapon yet that Egypt shouldered its rate ago and it just. You can never be couple got that weapon never released that crap and released at east it's. And then hoping that he always tell what you the boat approach you know according to enemy off the field and it's running on the fate of carbon which is basically. A personal decision not to decision. I do think you know the academy I love it'll look. He has hit just as as much is that they operators are a distraction it would add to it and that's about it. You know hot I would leave it at this. He was used improperly I don't know if he was the best example in the room and you could certainly go six in ten without him. This is kinda move on probably. But. If you wanna give marsh on the benefit of the doubt all you gotta do is look at that coaches room and ask who who they really use well this year. Which offensive player took a step forward under Todd downing can you find them. He can't find them in the backfield you can't find him. On the edges of your offense does every wide receiver forgot how to catch a football this year. Jared Cook did give a Jared Cook at a Goodyear. I'll give that they buried up I think we found the raider. And be paid based on what our expectations were and what he did Jared Clark Goodyear. About it. A lot went wrong so it's hard to put it all on Marchand it really is. Exxon says you know we felt gimmicky. For a team that should have been a super power. It did feel little gimmicky. And the whole thing about Marshawn Lynch and and markets Peters that was officially weird. People wanna hold it against him for escorting key to lead through the raiders' sideline on way back to the locker room. I actually thought the Dow was. A solid decision to defuse the situation that. May or may not gotten ugly chances of anyone weapon. When the player why standing next day and is Marshawn Lynch. And I was against it I think I thought that was fine he defused. A toxic situation. The whole thing when Marcus Peters is really weird and I don't wanna hear another word like all you know that's his cousin. I wasn't not related aren't they are not blood relation. They might have grown up together around each other playing his kids going in the same school having similar. Parental units his friends but I don't think they are. Of relation. I blood relatives I don't think so. I really don't thanks. Suing edits his reality show this year and I I don't know sometimes I feel like that was sort of part of the whole. Gimmicky stuff to you well and I get yeah I had I contents. You know who play. Here's the players. Go out of their way to make sure that they've got a reality show during a season where there really looking to do something. Marshawn Lynch. JaVale McGee. Even. Know who else. And and yet the ball Brothers the ball boys the ball family. But given a reality type thing right got a gecko like I feel like they they're dying to beat a card that totally basketball you know their intentions. Dying to be to Kardashian and basketball. You know JaVale McGee looks like he might be on his way out of town. Everybody liked them but it's it's just so what what are you prioritize. What are you prioritize about every single second instead of thinking. About what you're gonna do. In your it gets clicks and entertains people show. I prepare a three hour show every day I don't know how long their shows are I didn't watch a minimum Marshawn Lynch on FaceBook you couldn't pay me enough to watch that I really don't care that much. How how long was this show usually you know maybe it was I. I honestly I I did not see one episode I did take against the it was an hour Max I'm an idiot and an average running time there's no way that they're putting out an hour long marsh someone's episode no one's got attention span for that. Probably was yet every episode was like ten minutes around there is a that was at that short I don't. Now I know I don't know and I don't care I just know that every single time. You if you wanted to show right you've got to spend. About two minutes preparing for every minute of real live on air action you might do. If you don't do this professionally. Is it nears his chair really squeaky and apparently squeaky chair is so squeaky. To underscore it. It really I feel like this is not the normal level of squeaking as I get in this chair. Mean old WD-40. Years on them. But. It's a close storyline he had a year off he was coming back it was Oakland it was the raiders'. I don't could have been a candidate I pray it look at it it it it did the text I nailed it it it was gimmicky the whole way through. The raiders knowing that they were falling out of favor in Oakland wanted to have like a one all but don't you love us Oakland to signing. And I think people who are gullible enough to fall for that really liked it. The rest of us kind of saw right through it and unfortunately the coaching staff never got enough out of it for me to be convinced. You know was the right decision after all. They're saying fifteen to twenty minutes on the tax plan per episode so. I. All right that's fifteen to twenty minutes that he definitely should have been doing something. Try to get the readers into the win column related. Really real and we should I just I you know the salt. What are you would you do good you guys guys shouldn't have to beat all of one thing none of the other. Now they should I mean that's that's the difference between professional athlete whose great. Or guys just picking up a paycheck you should be opinion under the obsession of winning. And it should be that only thing that you care about. And that's what separates the guy who was great that it from the guy who was just maybe good at it. 8889579570. We're gonna be taken more your calls throughout the show today to coming up next Anthony Slater he joins us talking about a little team we like to call the Golden State Warriors. So all our warrior disappear courtesy of JPL headphones the official headphones and Golden State Warriors and Denise later good enough to join us he covers team. For the athletics it's been awhile since we said hello what's going on anti howry a man. Excellent it's always good to have you on because you had eyes. Until rant on a night by night basis long before any of us did. And since it's so much conversation about how he's improved defensively you're the perfect person to talk to about this Anthony. Defensively what do you see different from the Durant you've covered in Oklahoma City. Only the shop and little thing but we are not people are correct it. You know it was on the under one name terrible appropriately and he showed up and yeah suddenly got all equal income prior. He got a lot better from like 2012 the G thirteen fourteen you can start that they'll be the biggest frail guy that. In private bunched up at the only candidate who was content going out there scored it 27 point tonight but all of what he's dirty get better more commercial crude bigger army mother may think. They earnings coordinate skinny guy out there. He game probably from like 3040 pounds and his career. Lumps so would you got a lot better then and and I due primarily it's kitchen what file open and fair enough security in order. Toward a lot of bad I don't. You get the goal and they obviously dictate some of the opera to blow it yet in Oklahoma City off and he became last year but it could be what's good about one point. 612 point seven per game chop blocker first it'll all be friends of mid second team player like that. Added what I thought he looked this year and I mean it's stunning no we have a party if he typically thirty years and eat eat eat. Adding that many blocks of like Patrick Ewing did in his career and become. Pop you know number one penalty shot border at bats great equally but but I definitely thought he'd ride to what it was indeed last year. Yeah I didn't think he was gonna become a team allies want at any point in time but he sort of has from a shot blocking standpoint. How much credit. Needs to be thrown Ron Adams way. Some are being occupied more credit with all of them to play 23. And they needed. At age 2829. I think Cameron arrived at all and you know I think many current system. Well everything that would go to clay there's no buyout bid from Dedrick out if you got here. Iran but hey you don't keep his arch blocked agreed that game and that you know all about the Iraq. Eight. There's so many coaches and it light Tom and his people and bet that followed their credit but you know run out of you defense recruit this team but I think everything that this team was built. To bring out a Kevin Durant price deserve more credit and just watching that first. Anthony Slater from the athletics your 957 the game so the fastest way to buy yourself a technical foul in the NBA. Is whenever the official thinks you're showing them up when you're embarrassing them when your putting them on blast if you will. Doesn't the league's two minute report do that anyways. Isn't the league's two minute report more embarrassing. Than any player turn and around you screwed this up because this is your own boss turn around and say you guys screwed up. Yeah you all the pretty only in the late that ought to let including did you think you'd think he'll pump are polite and you come out yet good intentions and you're like hey let's do that but. Transparency. We try to be super critical but I really don't know beat you know really get that category that young people hate it should act. Until they go in and the politicians just are correct there wrap college loan. I don't think anyone really liked who I don't hate it yeah and Andre moment to recognize only the rain will come out that loud about it. You know this year after the presence in the eagle back recruitment game here or. Outlook he got tricked by Richard Jefferson who we came out a glut of our report that edit the coalition had Allen Bradford so blind to try to look at it. The rain came down and I'll be Latin report the F a backward when the would have benefited him. And you know doubt about that surprise development guy you'd think would be I actually confirm but thought the no wait no we get anything out of any and on the UN and with the regular fart app. So the weighted Steve Kerr was talking about JaVale McGee the other day it sounds like he's almost already been traded in the minds of the warriors he got some. I'll call on pay eighty minutes in garbage time. Last game but I don't think he's getting important minutes again this year with this team. Who would be a trading partner forum JaVale McGee what value would he returned. Other than opening up minutes for someone else. It is I mean not really that much I hear you well know won't quite put our track these could be gay Dudley. Exactly yet to come back they rebel group. Toward. What they are keen superintendent of the word sorry in eighty Russia to trade and beat you the truth is that. Good thirteenth man on the truck like you're not gonna play it there's not really the attic get in gradient that suddenly get big minutes. I beat all three time I think it would maybe be forced to. Really blew him a bit quick look days on the rocker which hit a maximum of 45 that too late talker. It back out what the thirty range right now love polled only sixteen in the latest maneuver around it over a bit not a quote the they call it would argue a third traditional car truck or more than just W at this quite a bit of 600 and you not a are you look damion Jones is what the contract appear so. He's not really usable like marriage and sort bella and go Long Will you copy of it on the depth chart. But author and long that he I don't not happy with I didn't include all of not probably all of the law permitted political reasonably he would. I've been. In what the team says hey will be your second round pick I'll beat the warriors really beatle had not forced to just blew then again maybe adding a belt. So. Everyone's probably and ask you some points on today if it were a playoff game good staff curry play and of course the answer is yes guys play would broken arms and legs and playoff games and playoff basketball. I think curry would play tonight if it weren't for the fact they had back to back games and the grizzlies coming up tomorrow night. Do you feel the same way data daily or in between games is he playing an idea. Yeah for sure I think both I think it will play out in seven days don't let you know I think you really get ready for a lot. On it and he obviously was put in the plant quit net and ilk. And it could be seen enough they're pretty much do whatever it can't I mean it they did. Where are really had a ten this year could go back there and look Rick Brandt injured ankle and Philadelphia. I doesn't play in Brooklyn that hey how long played at Oklahoma Diego and you know make a pig but it's fine. Then he went out there you can't keep it in the pregame. Bob Greene saint the heat he misses the game could that holder think. He's going to try to hometown of Detroit they let him play shoulder would become the bigger issue. After that and yet that's about the U loud out there that the court thing. So three times here nick kind of burn by letting you back to open too early so what steps that ankle would ever want notre street. I think they get OK let it go here ready and then you can sit out another. And and I'm not gonna bring him back in it into a battle back cook. That's our kind of decided to once again it goes better. What's a good summary Casspi has an ankle is he playing a night. While playing eight and home you know it is not a bad bet on it discrete. Pretty bad you know the video showed all of these little lighter weight than that but put Specter met her future I'd probably tomorrow Google health care all of injury. How it all started and you don't want Turkey back. Maybe until on the road to. Taylor got us a handful of games before this upcoming date with Houston. Which to me is a much bigger game and the cavaliers war on Christmas. I like affecting curry can get out there and play Saturday against Memphis then played Wednesday in Dallas and haven't sub little tuneup before they get to the rockets. Yeah procure a home but that rock picked up a little luck right there Scott but if you keep claiming benevolent. Twenty when nick played why not you can walk five game losing streak. Chris called endured all he's got to come back soon. How little bit of gain that they keep you know what I'll call you go to bed out he had that weird locked up let off the heart get a look at the bow bow. I doping at the weapon on Wall Street got in both people believe it is. Undefeated warriors analytically you can vote the second mad about the back and you can. Then they go back later in the month of January 20 at the state and kept it a little five game road trip so. They get to tie up cat in Houston. I feel ended road trips you know social boat will be on sat and watched but. At this point I'm a little bit like interest only is it usual scorching hot I think it would have all really a lot of interest. Yeah I still think there'd still won it if they're gonna be the one and two seeds in the west LO's site you know what it all shakes out regardless of their struggles right now. This is the one CC matchup. Yeah yes and the what found all the amino Oklahoma City right now I'd be. Bobby including people they look red cup matchup are you send an ideal period they album felt so. George is good man Paul George is really go. You're gay but did you write in different you don't write it. I think everyone that that undertake to immediately show you either kill you certainly can't hurt you are an idiot and I think it'll talk gonna take some time they relied publicly. Fact is that. They've shifted aloud whether or follow load back the wept for it Georgian. I'll I think if you're the warriors you're really hoping and they each get one beat where local law a person which you salute the game and you get cute in the 20 Oklahoma City jumped up to that three. I need to let those two fight it out very well on old. UniCredit spurred one for what you are you to say maybe don't want bird check out what I did but I think the warriors aren't they thought. And Denise Slater covers the warriors for the athletic we think he's always a stop on by mental low serum also. Well now I'm gonna make it tonight. Maybe tomorrow I might be there tomorrow I'm gonna go home inevitable cartels and the wife and get back on bread tonight. I did not put me out nobody better. That got a Seth Curry brings me out yeah I don't know why rolled by about cook and I wanted to. Thank you very much Japanese later here on 957. Again here's a really really weird article and I got Gionta has called Deke. Ten biggest sports. End pop culture disappointments of 2017. I think that's something we gotta go over with a fine toothed comb a little bit later on we will do that when our friend and Joseph Ford and bus stop some buying just a little bit are other friend Mike silver. He's got an awful big weekend ahead of him you wraps up the regular season may has probably what is his biggest busiest. Work day of the year. Black Monday. It's coming in the NFL it's coming fast. We'll Jack Del Rio be a part of it it's a legitimate question. It's an honest question. And we'll get an honest answer at a mr. Mike silver from the NFL network next.