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The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, December 28th

Damon discusses the oversaturation of the NFL, talks Warriors hoops with Tim Bontemps [National NBA writer for the Washington Post], and "Stranger Things" for the Raiders-49ers upside down. 


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Oh good to be long when you this afternoon. It's amazing how quickly this week is going by a I guess when you. Don't show up Monday or Tuesday. Things moved quickly Wednesday felt like a Monday today feels like Tuesday it's not it's Thursday tomorrow Friday is gonna be here. Another warrior game. A warrior. Game on Saturday two more years Molly locked you call last night. 126101. Wasn't even that close could mean a really wasn't they just got crew rushed. That was some good Golden State warrior basketball we saw. We saw a much better team go out there and get it done. As we usually do. Warriors shot nearly 60% from the floor nearly 50% from downtown 21 points three more blocks for Kevin Durant. Warriors outscored the jazz by twenties in the third quarter 4222. And never ever looked back we're going to be talking about that. From now Steve Kerr wore your head coach is gonna join us a little bit later on today Jason Cole coming up at the bottom of this hour ten bon Temps are good friends from the Washington Post we'll talk about a whole bunch NBA stuff with him. Without a doubt the warriors did a really nice job of avoiding what I would call B post Cleveland trap game. They stepped in the trap against Denver they got him good. Then they got their Christmas Day win over the cavaliers. This you talk game was a trap game. He really wasn't felt like it Charlotte ended Memphis coming up on Friday and Saturday and to see why your attention would be mayor stepped curry. Sorry planning and Charlotte know. The Jihad how are you an excellent. I love the one word answer then nothing much since turning nothing says this conversation is going to be scintillating like it. Hi good. Thank you. We just spent you know an hour and a half chat and we did. We did we're talking about important things like new Laura turns preference and men. Her yesterday and I band David Bloom drizzle yeah bone fizzle all in the Laura and I learned don't have. You can send good for him and get cooker for her. They where she was in the new Star Wars I was expecting your boom there she was slurred there and everybody I didn't know that. You don't. Good. Instant chemistry comes right through the images and rips the show drips with chemistry. We've got ourselves. A really good fund showed today we got to step back ask a couple of questions we gotta talk about the importance of being nasty which we got into just a little bit yesterday. There's a lot of talk about football ratings and what they all mean this weird all went wrong. I gotta be totally honest with you. Even with the drop a low excitement. The bona fide phenomenon this guy's become and by the way I went to what TTV you do take sports Sunday with the mark Banja as Joseph Ponzi last night well that was sounds fun. Yeah a good guys enjoyed hanging out of them that a couple segments would then you can watch it 8:30 Sunday morning if you plan on getting our panel cup of coffee early Sunday morning. When this NFL season comes to when and I always get I I always get a little misty halftime of the Super Bowl growing like well might you not love football and we have a half of football left when you're at halftime of the Super Bowl you got half a full poll have a game of football left and then you're as far away from the next football game as you can possibly date. The day after the Super Bowl is the furthest away you can get from the next season. And even know the NFL's found a way to work itself into our sports page 365. Days a week. Her idea a year thank you seven days a week. Man I you know this is the first year where when football comes and goes. Other go to win it but I don't think I'm gonna get that misty this is the year where football. The NFL specifically. I don't want to say it's lost. Lost its what's its luster. But. It's like an unwelcome house guests. All of sudden. The NFL feels like it's overstayed its welcome. Yeah you glad everyone over to a party and starts at eight goes to question mark question mark doesn't mean for 45 AM now that's 1112. Latest right hasn't social graces and know when you get out the stage. Neat. NFL. Used to be about football in fund. And it was exactly where we left it week after week and it didn't hang out too long never overstayed its welcome. And this is fear that it has. There's a lot of talk again it if you're really upset about the anthem and I I've gone back and forth in this one guy on Twitter. Who is a veteran. And he thinks he has the moral high ground on an anthem opinion because of that. And I do appreciate the sacrifice and thank you very much for your service but the only people who were still wrapped up in the anthem. Are like racist and dollar it's. The other guys that I just can't take these players disrespecting. The military. And I guess in Indiana now. They are going to try to pass a law that says the colts have to refund ticket purchasers of their upset by anthem protests wow. Let me just tell he was someone who lives there Indiana is full of racist in dollars if you really think that. What ever happened and started with Colin cabernet can anything to do we is disrespecting the military again touched that third rail don't wanna do that. Because it screws up your message. But when. It intellect college happening started his. Protest. Two years ago. A ten years ago now and if you are still. Obama. It's disrespectful towards the military I'd like to congratulate you on paying zero attention. Opening up your mind to zero talking points that have banned. Readily available in every direction you turn and for almost two years now. It's ridiculous. It's. Absolutely. Ridiculous. That some people's still haven't moved on from the miss interpretation. Of why we're not watching football today Lincoln Kennedy. Basically said he thinks Donald Trump ruin the raiders' season. He thinks. Donald Trump has ruined the NFL I'll tell you what. I do believe did everything goes sour when leadership is awful and folks this isn't a political show. Leadership is awful you could be a Republican all you want if you recognize anything the Donald Trump does is the Republican Party you grew up in caring about you are. Lying to yourself. We have different we have a con artist to treasonous con artist sort of in the way. And if you have to turn off to show now because it got a little political get out of here moron it's time for stupid people who lead this conversation. What is going on these NFL ratings. To me more than anything more than any anthem protests more than any group of stupid racist not liking something more than any group of dull urged not catching on to what we're really talking about more than anything else I really do think it's over saturation. Football used to be this little gem that you only got to pick up once or twice a week now we are surrounded by jams were Scrooge make docked diving into the pile of gold all the time. It is just too much. There was a very famous saying. I don't know if it's a famous saying but I did it Cindy Crawford was one of the most famous woman in the world yes she's Cindy Crawford I believe once said you know. I was the most popular model in the world. Until I was on the cover of every magazine in the world. And it's too much over exposure is a real thing it's certainly a real thing in the entertainment business. Who's number one rule has always been. Leave them wanting more. The NFL at no point in time has left you wanting more as a matter of fact the NFL quite often is a subject we like you know what I'm gonna I don't wanna talk about it anymore I just I'm tired of it I'm tired of every single person transferring. Their own beliefs their own anxieties. Into what is used to be a conversation. Exhausting now after a wire just play every penny of that friend he talked to. Not as often as you like to this every time they get on the phone it's just drama drama drama drama drama and outrageous exhausted. A field after every week of the NFL this is exhausting. Games are ultimately attended games tense drama attendant problems and it's always something. It is. I just ask you what time it was I don't wanna know how the watch was made. And it feels like that's what it is any football conversation you try to start with the anyone immediately turns into something else. And I really wanted to talk about third down not systemic racism. Can now it's crazy and there's a part of me that things that you should go ahead and embrace. Conversations that are more important in third down but football sports really is escapism for a lot of people we used to escape our normal lives the drudgery of our work a day week. And good folk always a little breath of fresh air waiting for us. Every Sunday now there's just too much and that there really is I truly truly honestly more than anything else. Believed that over saturation. Is. The number one reason why football in a special as he used to be. At least that's the way I think it is for any clear thinking well read normal educated adult if you were a toothless redneck who's just scream then. About Colin Capp earnings still like I don't I don't wanna talk to anymore I'm done with you I've moved on. We embrace a conversation for three years I think it's time. ESPN pays two billion dollars a year for Monday Night Football one wild card playoff game. We should also signed a cast on ABC. And the right to use NFL highlights throughout the year on ESPN. Austin Carr. Who writes for the sports business journal. Says that ESPN wrapped up its 2017. Television season averaging. Ten point eight million viewers. For Monday Night Football. It is the packages lowest figure on record. ESPN's previous low was eleven point two million back in 2007. In the past decade viewership peaked in 2010. When fourteen over over fourteen and a half million people were tuning in for Monday Night Football so you lost four and a half million viewers. Tell locked up. I really really belief. There are a lot of factors to go when the number one we've been watching football since what Wednesday. The week before. We have. Friday night football in college there's usually game. You're all going to your high school games on Friday night. Saturday morning you've got college games from 9 AM to midnight. You got an early slate on Sunday you got a late slate on Sunday one rolls right into the other you can be on your couch from 1 o'clock to 10 PM watching nothing but football. On a Sunday if you also include the Sunday night game which is now the pre near gain on Monday Night Football used to be money in a football now gets the leftovers to. Other NFL schedule. And it's a lackluster game. At the end of the week where you party spent what eighteen hours watching football this weekend if you're a die hard. The crazy thing is everyone. Like 29 yet you're clay Travis crowds here people who just wanted to say. They all look ESPN is failing and failing and failing and failing and failing and failing again ESPN. Might not be the juggernaut it used to be but it is still getting in massive audience for these things. Even though ESPN lost about 35% of its Monday Night Football audience since 2000 and Dan. The other still doing very very well Sunday Night Football Sunday Night Football is still easily. Number one in prime time. Got a 30% higher audience than the Big Bang theory 40% higher audience than any and CIS show that's going on. For prime time 2017. Sunday Night Football widest margin of victory yet for NBC so Sunday Night Football we are still there by Monday Night Football week it. Sunday Night Football had the same problems on perceived racism and Donald Trump and all that was an effect on the Sunday night. Really didn't affect the ratings but on Monday night it does. It's important over it. We're we've watched so much football whether it be good or so many instances bad that we're not ready for another lack luster Monday night marquee matchup when I was. Did Monday Night Football and we talked about this Michaels yeah we just found Michaels on a couple weeks ago and I think we when I was a kid when I got my driver's license. Sixteen years old the very first thing I wanted to do was go to my friends. Pick a mop. Go to the ground around for ten cent when night to watch Monday Night Football and drink cherry Coke schools were stole all underage due to how we thought we were so cool. The we're at a bar no we're not at a restaurant. Or bar want to money they think or don't see now. And the games were awesome. It's it's not like that anymore. It's not like that anymore. Five NBA games across ABC ESPN and TNT on Christmas Day got a 3.4 overnight rating that's up 21%. Despite a decline for warriors cavs just a little bit maybe that was around dinnertime for some people on the East Coast but ABC. ESPN had four games yesterday a 39%. From five games a year ago with no TNT game that that I mean. The way that we had a fractured. Don't consume media like we used to society those are really impressive numbers for the NBA. Here's the thing about the NB a the NBA's always been all around us but the NBA's everywhere the NBA's constantly around us. So we're used to being around us but this I found this fascinating. Comparing. 2015. To 2017. Just to show you. How much we as a society have been so wrapped up in the narcissistic maniac that calls himself president. Period Gao Jian here's the whole thing you really wanna know why NFL ratings are down it's not because trump said stop watching. It's because we can't stop watching the car wreck that is truck here you go. Last jet I'd box office vs force awakens. It's down 24%. Box office for the number one film of the year in 2017. To bear in 2015. Is down 23%. Total NFL viewing is down nine. Total date cable news viewing. Is up 70%. Seven B seven. 70%. We didn't stop watching TV. We just can't take our eyes off the whole show. And he passed seven beepers it's actually 69% I'm rounding up for drama at 69% 70%. 70%. And as long as that's going on. And these news networks realize that the more dumpster fire they have to offer. More people more people watch yup it's it's wide trump sail through the primaries. When zero questions asked of him talking about grading kitty cats. It nobody else just like bring him back we can't stop watching the train wreck. And it is. 2017. Phenomenon. It truly truly is. The NFL has two problems. Too much NFL I think he's still at the core of its problems up. You just it it the NFL was reserved for a special spot. And now it's everywhere it's nothing special about it. Western Union City west Iran 957 game how are you. I'm doing great amount worked and I never call the lacquer which you had to say and I have Caylee members or buried at military cemeteries. I'd continue a breath of fresh air. I want to applaud you on your boldness. And the fact that you are DF on college so my wife and I get up in the morning. I wanna see what the president has done today. That's my usual concern because he always just something that can be a presidential. That is why you are a pat on the back to keep up the good work. I appreciate our way yet I I don't wanna turn this into that but I mean like it we are being so distracted. You know there's there's an old saying call those foot you know you gotta dizzy up the girl we are also busy doc. And we're also dizzy it's hard for us to break away and just have a little fun. On the weekends now I think that's a part of it. You know we just didn't dismiss everywhere by the way to see this story about business and not the raiders' locker room and said I'm here where everyone starts pointing fingers at each other. You know and also was a big time of the year. Read around Halloween it's where everything started going in opposite directions for the raiders. And the niners and it's also. When Barack Lowe was at it and it's also when stranger things to premiered we have. Eight both these football teams are now in the upside down stranger things for you coming up at 345. I today. I think you're gonna like it an awful awful lot. Mike's in Oakland my calorie you. Hey how are going to and that he really quick. I don't have a comment on the poor an adult you're shipping and I just wanna know it really simple. RV companies are doing people like they can search help but wonder who delighted at the oak streaming. You all mine and but then that's what I don't like a lot of like that where let it get a lot of fans have viewership of global audio content all of these agreements that. Yeah no that ain't in these numbers they are not. There's there these are purer this is an analysis of television numbers TV will never be interest in streaming. When they're talking about their own rating so they don't they did they do not factor that in and I do think it's significant share. I'm sure that's that's a fair point I want people in such millennial take to consume. Everything online and web site to meet Amazon offers Thursday night football now. Yeah they you got a twelve year old your house once last time her twelve year old focused on anything for three hours about 212 year old can't focus on an ending for half an hour but you're twelve year old checks his or her phone nine times during a half an hour sitcom. Other favorites account. They even turn the TV on. Everything they do is on an iPhone or an iPad it's really rare unless it's like everyone sitting down for family movie on iTunes. Or cable maybe. But yeah I know it's it's everything is on demand to your schedule now I bet that if a lot to do with some of the ratings. 70% cable news. That's incredible that's insane and I think that just goes to show you that people are jazz had Cecil what's happening maybe it'll lead to people wanting more change in the future. As were seen this crazy train wreck but. It is crazy that's interesting by the way it was a train wreck for the Utah Jazz last night it probably came in thinking all right well we're not gonna get blown out they got blown out by the warriors they were phenomenal last night without anybody really standing out that was a good team effort they shot well they rebounded well they continue to play good defense. We're gonna talk to Steve Kerr about all of it for clock but coming up next Tim contents from the Washington Post joins us dog little. Warriors jazz 95 cent in the game. Trying to judge just wait none Tim bond tennis. Washington Post talked about a good win for the warriors last night they've got to back to back coming out step curry it's already been ruled out of Friday's game. Sullivan or anything about Saturday's game. But I would imagine that part of staff Curry's recovery is buying as much time as possible I don't think you wanna debut in before back to back not surprised but may be does playing on Saturday everything you hear about curry and we will have Steve Kerr coming up at 4 o'clock today. We'll ask him about this obviously. Bomb is that it would be like going really really well according to rehab he hasn't had a chance to get out and run three and 35 on five yet but. Any Walsh. Even better news that your nine and one without staff Currie. 110 at ten games without curry and they're nine. And one Tim by intense national NBA writer for the Washington Post. Joins us here on the Damon Bruce show. Not too bad you when 90% of your games without one your two MVPs I guess your your your your cooking in the right direction right. Article not. It's that side but not a bad way to go up really is it's. God not a one without a carry out stay out they are pretty good position. Oh last night ten you tweeted that it feels like Kevin Durant it's gonna be this season's. Defensive player of the year and we see drain money green last season's defense player of the year endorsing that or 35 games and what does Doran need to do over the next 47 games to make this a reality. Well our. I think it is part that's quite hear it naturally I would doubt it would do Mary Kate I think it I think if ever I think it's all George not all dark. I've got a ridiculous perhaps the only game I'd like offer the most can't jail also Pappas noted Mark Russell Westbrook or ironically back. And it and it ran an exhibition being bullied and ought shop net but you know. But under before about respectable leader board but the bat felt good when you're correct you keep it up. All they have about a penalty but I think burglary but I think they've been right at Nick's odd couple Eagles or after he got there I need to continue to be. Shot blocking or the ten. Our way we'll probably got a technical error are not popular that back I think that they are aware get. Are quite letter that the first to mark the people I think the deal to kind of clear for henin. A direct because of all the way he played in the situation there and I think it Ehrlich the ultimate driver's seat to a to win that war did not think extra air out. Eight Porsche to Utah Jazz last night 126101. And it really wasn't even that close. Warriors outscored the jazz by twenties in the third quarter came out and what them. 4222. Shooting nearly 60% on the floor 50% downtown and I tell you what I don't think Steve Kerr was very happy that this Tisdale McGhee trade rumor went public. But since it has. Packard McCaw Nick Young is that the trade was to add another shooter I think it woke them up a little bit mode caught and young were very good last night. They weren't good I mean look I think if you look at the warriors roster it won't be out from Japan are what make a lot of bets right it had. A billion got a complaint but I between. About David West Jordan bell bond Mooney audited by Durant there to play tram on the air you don't really need to pale bright and look at the way they're not a political setup in an act of CMP a position where. Tell me cut look at and say hey we need another wing but your point. All of the car and a guy that is as for the development that we hadn't been neglected. Look at the way played last sightings caught at a red got a production early early was trying to. To get to the Redding and make plays but wait eagerly I don't. Even though shot but what great Nick Young wants it or not and had shot which it. Arabic are gonna be a factor for the warriors he became an example a lot of shape outlook debate especially if you're all wet. Not a main receiver Nick Young is not ready what to make shot to be affected by air about it. You'd be able to do that hot bike so I think you're right I think over the next month the federal actually defeat. L due to warrant potentially move on from Jabil to help to promote our quick cut to four contract called it somebody else. And if they did they don't tell Kim can't got let go in the caught am ill and on the Caspian humane than a little but it I don't like to bet you sit here today. Can look at that often make bigger contribution to. Kind of Herbert Steve Bell what was supposed to be a really deep when irritation at this point is out of order or before the world. Kim who would be a good dance partner. And it JaVale McGee trade what kind of value do see death. But the problem name. I did you know back if you if you look around collegiate L was not happy little worried that he objects are dumber. Are you wanted to get paid this summer you what I'm trying to under deal and that would get back to go shake it a little early not a rock and so I think going to be able to our party are a lot of big Puerta del panel had a better reputation for being proud but a knuckle head. I'd not that bad guy to guide it to a query about probably a little bit. At this point you know had a very specific still fat but even the greatest defensive player. I you don't really see what the back he's going to be I mean I think. You know what I mean you called beta got to move my permit need to know it got a federal contract you are going to be airbrushed people dead aide Kirk probably have to without picked him. Are debate among configurable so essentially at apple and I think it would come down to. Do you attaching a second round pick in 8080. Now to a million dollars by payroll and luxury taxes or are ownership calculate carbon Peter Gruber company okay where it. Providing a little bullet bear debt paying a little bit extra money to get caught him if you have to do and and that kind of guy whether it Quinn caught or some other way. IQ you. Judy Kiger your rotation that way out of or trading I I can eat it cured if you're giving up an app that. The mood you failed to trade I just don't really think that's worked at a less ownership is that walk. We're willing to spend another dime in luxury tax this yourself. Bob Myers in our front office you got that they've got away get that to say that this money. Tim bon Temps in the Washington Post here on 957 the game. You were up in Sacramento last night with a cat still shook my head too many reported they've got caught off guard their by the kings. About Vince Carter by the way. Reborn. Well actually it's funny I was supposed to go to that game and when he rolled out of the topic I in all wet for the warriors got it bad but I was watching. I've been worried jet actually was not much came after the cap it. Diet you dollar quite tired after playing in Denver and at board at worst habit of all I'd you know kind of what it in and rubber have been destroyed in the third quarter bank. I don't that would cut ever heard but at the castle what they've worked in the disputed right what they work. Kind of stumbling bumbling around it was became like Alec and an adjective they serve well. Just didn't look good at all games like that and Carter. Are becoming you know I think he's the second oldest player all the other than Karine a heavy industries or portable or gains. Just pretty incredible to think double team problems guarding every is still telling him what would really impress the flat site but. Our outlook I think Cleveland. And ever bet it all practical after the warriors came out again clearly got up for the release entertaining game didn't quite get it done. You know that they're very kind of in the dark days and even now they did group to meet clearly established insult against the best in Eastern Conference. Arm and put that out of position where they haven't can't hear you now may be run away hide a little bit wet. Don't stop it start to slide a little bit Toronto about hitting a pop artist at a bit Moscow into the raw. Umps is you know I think we've got it right back where they're when they're old to be and I think about it ought to practice not by tomorrow. On to capture came out to accomplish or to go to Utah and you know hopefully from my standpoint if somebody's bad that we call by a bit back in the next couple bait because. And it would be fun to see him play in Boston actually and caps were back there but of course I'm Pete Pete carrier ring in subjects. Also probably after that it everybody listening knows the warriors way to cap back when he went. Margaret king day I would certainly like to see. A fully ready guarded I'm ready to go step curry. Did inject into that you know that game that we have the other day where all people I think you qualified or forget scorer averaging. By the way cavs in Napa for a couple days how hard do you think they got to sell. Like JR Smith ongoing all wine tasting doesn't seem like a wine tasting guy. I am pretty sure that whole team is they were they were pretty excited even our back it's Sunday about. About BM and now for probably hang out so I don't think there was going to be much they'll job. It art anybody went there to try to get that they're going out there perk up this article solitude. Wellesley may have a great time I appreciated as always Tim. Thank you very much all yearlong you're good to us we look forward to bug going in next year we view as well my friend thank you. Why aren't recorded at absolutely Tim bond since Washington Post always good to have him on. I got a couple callers here that we just wanted to take but I'm so sorry because we have a little something we like to call. They carry a football is in the upside down. Stranger. Things raiders niners do wanna flip flop next on 95 cent in the game. Where did all go wrong. Where does all start to go right for the 49ers the leader night. It was right around the same time of our stranger things season two debut and ever since then. We have. Been in the football upside down let's recap all the way to the beginning we're back on January 10 in the raiders fired offensive coordinator bill musgrave. Even though they had the sixth rated offense and at twelve and four record. They went on to retain defensive coordinator Ken Norton junior and promoted Todd downing to offensive coordinator. On March 27 2017. The big announcement was made the raiders were indeed abandoning the city of Oakland. For the riches of Las Vegas on August 17 the raiders we're getting an awful lot of action it wasn't just because they were there. Justine neither there was hope in the air and the raiders were the odds on public's favorite so much so the public move the lying. From 21 to six to one. To win the Super Bowl for the Oakland Raiders and Derek Karr would then. Even in bad to everyone's enthusiasm becoming for just a moment the highest paid quarterback in the NFL and signing a 125. Million dollar contract. But then things started to one rapid. Beginning with Donald pins pulled out of training camp they should have really been the first sign that some of these guys spent all offseason reading about how good they work. His holdout stunted early practices the offensive line never got on the same page all yearlong. And even though it remains the highest paid offensive line in football they certainly didn't play like him. First round pick Jerry in Connolly has held out of can't do this shin splints no wait he takes to Twitter to say it's not shin splints. So these entire season would be defined by mixed messages and not playing. September 18. 2017. Derek Karr is listed as plus one. Thousands winning MVP this third best and favorite behind only Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and that's how high hopes war. He was listed behind Kirk cousins for MVP and over plus 101000. As soon as November 8. Things did not start well. The 49ers meanwhile they opened with the worst odds to win the 2017. Super Bowl at 200 to one. Right next in the Cleveland Browns. Who would seem they would race all season long. For the number one overall pick we opened the year with the raiders beating the titans in the jets to open the season he scored 45 points first the jets. And then score 53 points. Over the next four games combined and all of which were losses have. Marshawn Lynch dancing on the sidelines in net New York game really was the highlight of the entire year and how he was miscues all season long. Kind of defines the raiders offensive incompetence when we go to October 8. After giving up three sacks vs Baltimore and 830 to seventeen loss Donald Penn. He seemed confronting a man and a parking lot getting out of his car at the video goes viral on Twitter. How all of his car to confront. Us stand. That's a level of undisciplined in that we haven't seen another NFL player on any other team getting to all season long. The raiders who beat Kansas City on Thursday night football with a last second touchdown and playoff hopes were alive even though they were three and four. But Marshawn Lynch is suspended for defending markets Peters. And at this point the raiders don't matter full attention. But here comes the 49ers. They started the season would Brian Porter at the Helm they scored three points opening week vs Carolina and then next week vs Seattle Moyer threw for only 99 yards no touchdowns and one pick and the 49ers went bowling 600 foyer and CJ better took over in DC which ironically. Is the exact location where the raiders' season really started to come apart. There are plans teen protest was shut down or scrapped and they spent the next week or two so looking over their lack of awoke this serves something like that. Washington DC is where things turned around for the 49ers a little bit because they saluted their own shortcomings. They admitted that lawyer wasn't working out the way to the raiders never admitted. Todd downing wasn't working out there. And they made it change the change was CJ bathroom. The 49ers would keep playing hard but the injuries prevented any immediate success and CJ better. It's been no fewer than three weeks being the sacrificial lamb for all of Trenton ball he sends you know yeah. It was October 30. Day before Halloween. And the week of this stranger things season to Netflix premier. That the patriots send Jimmy to rubble to San Francisco for a second round pick in the upcoming draft Brian Hoyer released. Welcome everyone I'm officially. Took the upside down businesses worth thing's gotten us. October 29 the week the stranger things premiere the raiders are set free. Two game East Coast road stretch facing the bills and dolphins. Before a bye week before heading to Mexico City to take on the patriots they lost the bills are falling to three and five. But then they beat the dolphins despite the fact that Jay Cutler carved them up on Sunday Night Football. So the raiders are technically still on the hunt going into the bye week and the raiders decide to go with Moby malice on wounds in needless to say Tom Brady who love the move he blew the raiders out of Mexico City 33 tonight. And he can't. We move up to November 20. That's the day I had Jack Del Rio one in it was up frosty and contentious interview in which the coach really said nothing was gonna change. Welcome I mean I'm not sure what kind of what kind of show what happened today but you know I'm doing better but candidate. It's been talking about you know our football team news. Love. Okay good sound like you want tribunals or they're on somebody you always operate my own bedroom you wanna do you know somebody does bush didn't. Good dinner on May. He said that I was looking at the wrong stats that I was misinterpreting the season right. The next day defensive coordinator Ken Norton junior yeah misfired. The raiders are getting blown out by New England the 49ers found their first win against the giants are they go to one in ten. Better started one more game it would be a loss to Seattle but that's when Jimmy drop below. Made his debut. With a final play touchdown. The raiders play their first home game in four weeks and it starts off with Michael Crabtree and keeps a lead. Brawley both of them get tossed and it was an absolutely absurd scene that sends a clear message to this team. That they had no respect for their coaches that they had no respect for the mission of the day they had no respect for their leaders in mobile is really important during a game. And Crabtree gets his change smashed after apparently taking into his chest out of feared it would happen in the first place a grown man simply doesn't Wear the change. That didn't happen on this day. The entire event was in saying it's an active on professionalism. And smacked of high school kid nonsense. The raiders actually no we don't want to win. Twice more against the Broncos and the giants they're both games that they might lose it Trevor Ximian there Eli Manning started. But the raiders were lucky. Even though they were never impressive they ran into two teams would this much dysfunction and poor coaching as they had. The data raiders beat the giants on December 3. It was the same day that Jimmy Rob Lowe got his first start in Chicago. He went 2637. For 293 yards and although we never got the 49ers into the end zone he moved and in the field goal range. Five times and Roddy gold went five for five against his former team. From that moment on. Everything would be different it was the greatest zero touchdowns one interception moment the 49ers fans seen in years. Next week December 10 graders should be off Darryl head still six and six it's still on the hunt with a must win game. And the raiders get smoked by Alex Smith. Even though she's had lost their previous six games they get right against the raiders car he threw for 31 yards and an interception in the first half. And the raiders were shut out the first three quarters it was a must have gained in it was a total no show by the Oakland Raiders they fell to six and seven. And basically it would be a laughingstock by the football world by the rest of us for the rest of the year. On December 17 in the raiders would lose the cowboys on Sunday Night Football and worry folded piece of paper was used to measure a first down. Derrick he dove for a touchdown but fumbled the ball. Scoring touch back at the end of the game he's fitting ending indeed. Meanwhile. Rob Lowe and he's taking off like a rocket ship. He wins in Chicago he won in Houston he beat the titans in his first home start. And then we have the best passing day of any NFL quarterbacks all season long against the number one defense in the NFL. He beat the playoff bound Jacksonville Jaguars. So the 49ers are now the first team in pro football history to start only nine. And yet win five games before the year was out with a possible sixth win waiting for them and LA this weekend. Meanwhile. The raiders were eliminated from the playoffs before they lost the Eagles on Christmas Day in and Derek Carr threw for a 140 yards but two interceptions. And it feels like she hasn't uncorked a deep throw in weeks he wouldn't even air it out in hail Mary time so what's official. The raiders turned at one of the highest paid quarterbacks in football history. Into a broken man who clearly doesn't trust. Any one key plays we have to do their jobs well. And here's where we are. Now all caught up to today. Instead of the raiders taking a shot of the Super Bowl for the 49ers competing with the grounds for the number one pick in the next draft. Both of these teams had a chance to finish with identical six and ten records. Welcome to the upside down. All the bright future talk the raiders once owned as vanished. The 49ers who couldn't dream of selling hope the beginning of 2017. Yeah. Are back in the whole business and we just stayed in the yard quarterback had been coaching combination. And meanwhile the raiders have a broken quarterback and head coach who coaches zero offense has no way answers to questions. Or seemingly the ability to fix things as they break down. There is a reason why Jack Del Rio was coached more games in football history without a division title. Then anyone. And to be honest and maybe this is the most stunning a little. Even Jed York's move to Santa Clara stains less now there's a little light in the box. And the raiders. They took all the pressure off. They became the poster child. First and betrayal. Thanks to Mark Davis. Crucial now be known as mark Vegas did the 49ers are back and the raiders are the NFL's biggest choke artists in other words yeah. Were either in the upside down. War everything is just back to normal core I guess that's up to you. But I hope could've sought. Any of this was gonna happen in 2017. Stranger things but indeed. I asked us. Did indeed. This crazy I've never seen a team go from I think they're gonna be something to nevermind they're nothing. And team go from absolutely nothing to hold on we might have something here. In the same year in the same town unbelievable. It's always good to talk with. Head coach Steve Kirk I hope you enjoyed stranger things will happen again a little bit later on for you may be around 530 but it's always a pleasure to talk with Steve Kirk. And it's always apply parent. To give away warriors take kids we're gonna do so after we talk with Steve Kerr coming up here on 957 game.