Damon Bruce Show half hour

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, January 12th

Damon Bruce half hour before Warriors-Bucks coverage. Damon talks with Brian Overfelt about the Mavericks surf contest which is ON this weekend in Half Moon Bay!


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Just goes skyline. You I love the day. Where we get ourselves the fastest thirty minutes in sports followed by Kerry Keating joining me at 330 today as we get you ready with a little warriors warmup. It's gonna be good. We got warriors and bucks we got one of the more interesting road trips certainly the longest road trip remaining of the year a very interesting road trip when you look at the competition. There is plenty of it. Waiting for Steve Kerr starting tonight in Milwaukee probably are. I applaud the year when you look at the equality of the competition you know you got multiple playoff teams you got. The championship contenders and you've got an up and coming. Old team that is that is completely different from what we saw a month ago in Oakland so yeah all five games are going to be really tough. And really looking at how the worries just slept walked through there last game certainly a game that didn't have stepped courier Klay Thompson on the court to how matter. Upsetting and get about anything those are. Circumstances I think we can all wrap our minds around the warriors lost without their backcourt. Like Kurt thinks that this road trip is good for the warriors he always wants to bring the team out on the road eliminates distractions of brings everyone. In a little closer in a little tighter and he says the timing is right. I think it's good for us given what we are kind of an. And flows but the schedule like this will definitely wake you up and that we need to be woken up our defense has been really bad the last 67 games. So we will see. Warriors box tonight. Very interest saying no staff curry. Steve Kerr mentioned yesterday the Currie was doing well at shoot around. Or you could have practiced the day that I went through everything they've looked a 100% but we really have to wait and see Howard fuels in the morning and it seems like it's minor but we obviously have to be very careful as we move forward. In all indications are that is still very much a minor injury but it's one that they're gonna take major precautions with and that's the right thing to do of course the warriors. Wanna have staff curry. On the court when it matters the most and guess what even though tonight against Milwaukee feels like a big game. Doesn't matter the most. Not even close so warriors. Going without curry tonight. They will likely see him tomorrow. When I'll be back in with coach Keating get you ready for a little warriors raptors. Are taking on the Toronto Raptors who just clocked LeBron James. And the Cleveland Cavaliers last night the raptors have the best home record. In the NBA and that's something that the warriors will be dealing with the next. Yeah honest tonight Toronto tomorrow. Tabs in Cleveland on Monday. A pretty healthy three game stretch of basketball. For the warriors great part of the year is upon us are really really is we are going to be joined in about ten minutes from now by guy named Brian over felt. You might not know that name but you certainly know the way. Mavericks. It's one of the biggest surfing competitions in the world that happens right off the shores of San Francisco well after one day little south here. It's almost amazing things I've ever seen would my own two wise and it looks like. The green flag is going up. Mavericks is gonna go off. Sunday Monday Tuesday conditions are right. I think they're about to throw the flag up which means surfers big wave surfers from around the war. Will be descending upon SFO to get here for. Conditions are right competition. It's one of the cool things have ever seen Brian's gonna tell you all about it coming up a little bit it's amazing how they come to the conclusion that. We're ready to go let's do this thing. Here's the deal they don't do it. In less conditions are ready. Mean go little elm menial coming our way the state tournament. Find out together I guess. We get to find out together who's playing on championship Sunday next weekend. This weekend it is really it's where it's one of my absolute favorite. Football weekends of the year you greet you really can't get better if you are a quantity. Not necessarily quality but quantity. Over quality. The divisional round of the NFL probably is the best football weekend of the year you get. Four monster games I think the best Sunday of the year is always. Title Sunday I titled Sunday's better than Super Bowl Sunday could get two games and so one. This weekend and EF four games and set it to. It starts on Saturday falcons at the Eagles titans at the patriots Sunday we got jacked the Steelers saints at the vikings this is. Money time. The NFC is wide African open I mean there's just no other way to say it right. I can sit here and make a very good argument for anyone of these remaining NFC teams. Dead there the team that reached the Super Bowl. Like I could totally see the falcons going and impeding the Eagles I could see the Eagles even with a backup quarterback holding serve at home. That game could go either way but I think I like it landed just the way Atlanta's defense showed up in Los Angeles and shut debt rams offense down. I like your chances to do it on the road again. Outdoors again much different colder environment. But nick foale's c'mon. I think I'd like Atlanta. I think I like Atlanta. In Philadelphia this weekend. I like the patriots to beat the titans if the titans win that is the story of the weekend. The patriots being knocked out of the playoffs would be an unbelievably huge upset and everyone would start talking about the ESPN's story. Rob Lowe is gone the future is not assured anymore. For the first time the team that dealt with spy gate the team that dealt with deflate gate the team that's dealt with PR nightmares but it hasn't affected them on the field. Maybe for the first time will seek bad PR affect the patriots on the field if this in fighting is more than a rumor softness they lose. This weekend. Yep people peeling skin off one another trying to figure out who's to blame. Very very interesting development to keep an eye on. On Sunday I like the Steelers to be the jaguars saints and vikings man that is a coin toss. Not only is it a coin tossed from a game standpoint. I could see Minnesota's defense carrying the day I could see Drew Brees is offense carrying the day. I think Drew Brees has got a better chance of beating Tom Brady in the Super Bowl than any other remaining NFC quarterback. So I would kind of like to see the saints win just because they think they can give us some really good Super Bowl. I'd also like to see Minnesota win because. You haven't I haven't none of us have ever seen it team play for Super Bowl. In its home stadium forty niners came close plan in Palo Alto. But this is that would be cool that's cool stadium two people in Minnesota. Like you've you've had nothing basically for a really long time it's been a rough go. 014 in the Super Bowl historically it would be bad for them to go 015 all time in the Super Bowl. I'd be brutal that was on their own home field but. Let's see it happened let's say that it could be very. Very interest and by the way speaking of the Super Bowl here's your chance for this hour's code word that could send you to the night before when Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis. Text the word live LI VE. To 72881. Right now for your chance to win messaging data rates may apply for rules. Were Enron line you can visit Entercom contest dot com one randomly selected nationwide entrant. Win a trip to Minneapolis. For. The night before. There you go. I don't think anyone's gotten tickets of the game there but you know he had to go see Dave Matthews. Until everyone you're at the Super Bowl. I'm so sad to Jian is here are not here today. Because. This story that Jian once written about her was written for a kid in Florida. If yes Jian a what she believes in before she tell you she believes in her marriage her god at her job her caused anything. Or kid Gionta believes that she's really getting hit the powerball one day. Alain he can confirm this right I mean there's. Without a doubt we've heard it Gionta is convinced she will hit the power ball well had a percent she really thinks that's why would ever she goes out to buy a ticket winnable. When when it gets to be a big jackpot. We always go in where there 'cause we figured like Jenna feels this way maybe she knows something that we don't so we always backer. We always put together like the group. Bought twenty dollars worth a Lotto tickets so if it happens were all a little wretch. Whenever you see anyone win the powerball winning huge lottery who is it. It's a lease. Ran an asphalt. In their seventies they enjoy shuffle board meeting in murder she wrote. It's always an older couple and you think well what may be gay don't get too. Live high high high on the hog. I was their age. Hopefully they'll be able to lead this money to kids. I hate it when like the nine year old women that wins the power ball and she's you know she's not married got no kids and she's got a cat she's like. They believe eighty million gallons. A list of pickles. Mr. Nichols should have a comfortable I gave him Monday at the absence. Yeah ninety million. Honest clothes. Let whatever that's the power bow. Just cool kid it powerball. Now it's got access to all the rich things were like we watched a movie on Tora try. We watch these movies about rags to riches. Rags to riches story about a guy wins powerball boom gets to go through the weekend party of his life. Let me introduce you to twenty year old Shane that miss a blur of Florida. Shame insular. Only twining. At the hour right. Armies at the dawn of his life. He won the 451. Million dollar mega million jackpot. He's decided to take the lump sum pay out of 281874999. Dollars. Pretty good day at the office. 281. Million. After taxes what are we looking at about. 190 million mean got to cut that almost in half. A 190 1000000 after tax I am getting a G six I'm going to Vegas there's gonna be read what had one there's going to be a blonde is going to be a Brunette. There's going to be drugs there's going to be a penthouse is gonna be a presidential suite and I'm gonna lock myself in there and just say look. In eighteen hours I'm gonna need to the fate tickets and and I'm getting out here. Don't don't bigot I'm go to hard for 24 hours like never before. And I told it to my wife and she's like you know what. Now that you're married what would you do and I said honey I just old. She's like no seriously. So I sort of think it a battle like an adult what would I do with the tax free 190. Million dollars. Geez. Well we do some good news and charities. Some real estate investments. Most the people I know wouldn't have to worry about sending their kids to college or their mortgage payments ever again. I basically hired Gionta. To be my full time tamale cook. They're roughly half million dollars a year to make sure we have all the tamales we need. Off that would just be incredible. Can you imagine. Winning the lottery at the age of twenty. Reader do really good things in your life you either do really bad things in your life or you die fast like there's only three. There's only three really good options there. That's something else. We're gonna talk with Brian over felt here in a little bit he is a proprietor down it'll Princeton landing there are about to run mavericks soon it's one of the great surfing competitions. In the world and it's right in our backyard we got the warriors taken on the box tonight here's a story that is kind of amazing. A man got a ticket Thursday evening for driving in the carpool lane of highway four in Concord. He thought that he can use the carpool lane because in the passenger CD and a buckled in Chucky doll. Eight Chucky doll. I mean we knew gruden was back in the Bay Area but this is ridiculous. Motorists. Need at least two passengers. To drive in the carpool lane. Tickets for violations can be as much as 500 dollars. The officer who pulled this guy over actually tweeted the picture from the chp Contra Costa quit Twitter account. With the caption saying we all know the Jon Gruden is back we love it too but this is definitely. Does not work is your carpool passenger but malaria is a for effort. Here's your ticket. That's it's bold move. That is a bold move. Buddy of mine. Was so funny he told me that it was about. Half a year into his daughter's life. Where he realized. That she in the car qualified is the second human in the car. But he's like I'll never forget the day I was driving home and I had my daughter and her car seat in it dawned on me. I can use the global lane now. There's a second human living breathing right here. Pretty funny. So no Chucky dolls. Not gonna get yet that purple ticket. Eight at 89579570. We're gonna be taken a call or two before we get to the bottom of the hour and that's what warriors warmup begins tonight Kerry Keating is in studio get ready to go we got an awful lot coming up Gloria. Like I said one of the coolest things that happens in the Bay Area from a sporting standpoint. Is the mavericks are upping the surfing contest. Brian over fell is the owner. Of the old Princeton landing down and Half Moon Bay he is a terrific guy in his part of the decision make yours. Who decide whether or not. Conditions are right for the surfing competition that happen he's good enough to join this year Brian good to talk to your body how Rio. I'm due out there and it you know tourism. Air how are you broke got. I'm doing great Brian. Few years ago gave me the opportunity to sit on the photography boat on the crest of the wave that is mavericks. And it was one of the moral illuminating things I've ever seen in my sports life it may need it GA changed the way I thought about risk reward. Athletes their attitude their demeanor is how they talk to people. Like just the coolest group of guys and it is one of the coolest things in the world it's one of the great surfing contest. In the entire world mavericks is about to run down and Half Moon Bay in Bryant since you're in charge of of deciding whether or not this happens what are the conditions. That make you in the contest organizers decide to say hey it's not. We gave a little bit too much credit on just one of about fifteen people. The real real expert partners like. Kevin law required marks on solar farms here. Appeared Corsica Jeff Clark. Mike pardon at some of these big wave charging people but I I do it shouldn't and helped about I can't. But what we're looking for is a big well we're with you whether you know we don't want. You don't want the marine layer in the in the south street as his maverick just doesn't hit it right to interest. Two floppy on heart to heart heart. Are contemptible and fog and the remainder are our. Go hand in Canada for the new thing about maverick would run and when you're in the way everybody wanted men and women. The picture which is wonderful elements in the women. What you want is nice clean can picture book geeks welcome network South Africa. Yeah this has been amends only event upn did this year where there's going to be a women seat for the first time ever that's pretty cool how many ladies do you expect to see in the water on this waits. Well we've got sick and got we've got sick when the line got on with a couple alternate in case that we public the main event. And so we've got sick hearts aren't women that are going to be ready for it accurately accurately if you're going to be in the Antarctic. How many male surfers from around the world are coming into this. On 24. Are in the main event where there are here or our ultimate spider. Would that a chill on report. How far away do some of these surfers come from two competed mavericks. We got you know you got your buddy Chris Byrd are set to slow there and Tweety will slide in South Africa and got your life in Hawaiian. We've got our Australian. The gut from south Americans who got them. Some and some Portuguese. On July as they come from all over the world really. Very cool man it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I mean it does did the day you let me come out with a view an experienced this thing you gave me a real gift Brian you really did it changed my perspective and you know and in in in life. What more can you do for someone then changed their perspective about something so it really was awesome it's one of the coolest things in the world. Where can people go to find out the best place to watch from the cliffs of Half Moon Bay. Where can people go to get a nice cold beer and Princeton landing can you recommend to bar sir. Oh you're currently having and I really appreciate. Regular keep that in mind as we look at will by extreme right and ripped a couple in the backyard as well got to happen papering company Rick on the street. Mavericks the mavericks are object canister shot down you can have a that are outside the shop in the parking lot. You can have. And that's typically got Nortel workshop winters have burned long border Margarita bar and apply it and Tina. He got on the south and up and David Cameron. In the restaurant camp victory in other greats and a it's accountability than the content that beautiful up pizzeria that kind restaurant down and they hit it out yet Alapont technologies. If help would help big time nation that can help everybody out with with technology. On its year we got the code either little. If you're sick you know. We got a place for the senior citizen perhaps some day shall I can't get. All the red carpet out for them. Two big boards are gonna have a single and ketchup or are the bar and you're in the. Eric go Maine got the entire I think that's the entire chamber of commerce of Half Moon Bay. Politically and I missed one until they get on a flat right now under all of that they'll all pilgrim adore that man. Well we'll go ahead and mention them on Monday so when. Is Brian this thing really about to happen is it gonna be Sunday Monday Tuesday do you know. What are you waiting for to put up the green light and where can the announcement beast being monitors their web site to be streaming. All of premiered here and certainly dot com that's where you can watch the event as well find out all the latest details. Tomorrow. At 10 AM I'll be on a conference call they're gonna we're for the satellite that happened the storm. The wind had been changing like we really wanted to run it on Monday but it really care that we woke up this morning in the winter Portugal worse so what that's now so we're looking at the marine layer that contribute belt where. Wiggle room in their boat looked like you're gonna hold back. Or anecdote for Tuesday. That tomorrow late morning usually via oral Serb police dot com web site whether we're gonna run on Tuesday or. World's surface league. Dot com is the website you can go to to see when mavericks is declared on legged Donkey Kong it is one of the coolest things I've ever seen Brian I'm glad your my friend I really am man I wish you. And all the organizers and all the surfers. A safe run a great contest man and if I can get down there in some way I will let you know. You pay erratic got to say one quick thing. When you said about singular perspective I thought happened to be round about point out morning your index mean the boat that you saw a little odd couple Whitewater. That it doesn't benefit is that an act that I live Q and that's not it is you get excited about just wait to what you're about to see and I'll never forget anti Catholic pulpit at that beautiful big blue forty footer and the look at your grade I I would painful but look I. Not data were really was who is it it was an experience. That did you just can't be had a mean you have to be a big wave photographer. Involved in the media and see what I saw that day and it was it was unbelievable man it was the coolest most beautiful scary is closest to death and life I've never bend all at the same time over the course of three hours it was amazing. Demonstrated that to me you know you're you're not a special place out there. You've got a buddy I'll talk to you real soon and I tell birdie Joseph Biden get down there for beer with a might well. Our. Dog did did a bit what Ocean City cross this time thank you very much Brian great to talk to you buddy David. There you go Bryant over self proprietor of the old Princeton landing down in Half Moon Bay. A great place. The start your mavericks adventure you can just walk around there they are all sorts of grandstands that they set up. It is a cool. Cool very Bay Area thing really is and I mean you go meet those surfers men entered the coolest group of athletes I've ever met in my life. Really they're about to goad based death. How wave can kill you straight up easily you can to round out there fast. These guys are walking around. Hey man hey bro hey cool like it's all good like and then we find out like who he is pitching today he's not talking to anyone it's. At a here you jackass. Seriously. I don't deal people who might die in five minutes and they couldn't be nicer you're about to go throw a baseball. You're breaking get over yourself. At no point in time is the baseball field gonna try to swallow you. Oh on the gimme a break. Just changed my perspective about everything the whole damn game changed that day. I do love NBA players would down under it guys they are. Our ears warm up coming up. Without our good friend Kerry Keating tons aghast you're gonna love it don't you go anywhere and remember sports and build characters they reveal. Black hat. He's gone.