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Wednesday, November 22nd
Find out what the show is thankful for on today's Damon Bruce Show half hour :) !

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Turkey is not even in the element. And we Marty had a ourselves. One hell of a week. Hi this thing is just moving along we got a lot that we got to talk about in the very short amount of time. It's time to be thankful. You win grapes. Whoever this yesterday. Gotta be thankful again today we don't have very long to be thankful. We got about 22 minutes to be thankful. And then now we're thankful for the faculty warriors warmup would Kerry Keating. Our pal mark spears is gonna happen a little Steve Kerr making an appearance today and warriors warmup it should be a good one G Yana hello how are you okay and I'm ready I'm ready for four to repeat it if you ready furlong we dads. Nice are you ready for Thanksgiving dinner are you hosting are you serving isn't a big ordeal. Now I am actually am flying out to Palm Springs to spend the weekend with my mother in law now he's testing now. But if a break that's very nice the best way to do Thanksgiving dinner isn't somebody else is dining room hit it. It really really is but for those you are gonna be out there are traveling this weekend. Just be careful now as and a red bracelet Mets met look let's make good decisions. I've always leaned on this minute do it one more time. No overruled cost you is much is fighting a DY will I don't care where you're going you can take it over to Los Angeles it's cheaper than the just driving across town. My immediate drink after that drive Buddy Guy your fine. Make good choices make important. Healthy choices not at the dinner table pig out I'm talking about everywhere. Tonight is one of the biggest bar nights of the entire year people are gonna be partying. And we had a lot to talk about right now I mean coming up just tonight on 957 game we got to rant in Oklahoma City that's just not another regular season game for the warriors. Like that's an actual game that's a big game. So yeah an awful lot to talk about and we had the perfect guys and Kerry Keating and Marc spears coming up today during warriors warm up we got the raiders firing Ken Norton eleven weeks to Lleyton bill musgrave about a year too early but you know. Ford sixty hosting Denver this week. We will preview these NFL games here digitally in just a minute. Your defense in the face and bill musgrave and all the unknowns of Paxson lynch on Sunday that is going to make things a little bit more interest staying then they probably needed to be for the raiders but here we are. Here we are. Giants instead rumors heating up. Johnson stand armor seating out might have been might it happen before back here on Monday. I have no idea. Kinda looks like the giants might be in the driver's seat as long as the Dodgers don't get involved. When you are off so it could happen exactly look for support for news to break on Friday we don't have a show on Friday. Circle that day. And we really like CJ better. CJ better joined us yesterday we asked if he would be starting. Not been given a majority of first came rats. But you obviously haven't made a decision this wake up out there alert but I'm going to terrible practice yesterday where we both got rats. But yeah automotive. They know what it's no fun next couple days and so far better record. Well and if so you know atrocity and. Well the decision was made this morning by head coach Kyle Shanahan class are CJ this week. As always we'll see how practice goes just like with any other position on the arrest wise and everything we see on the same as quick as the stuff. There you go so it'll be bad third when we see garrote below we don't know not yet he's not gonna start doesn't mean he's not gonna play it all. Could happen this week. We're just waiting to find out went. And you know it's Seattle week which just about four years ago really meant something around here. 49 Seahawks we are not far removed from that being pregame of the NFL week. Now it seems like a foreign distant memory it really really does. Kind of sad that it's. Turned into whatever it is now. It was such a great game 49 Ers Seahawks the nation would come to a standstill for that one token primary. Hey don's going had a great night we celebrated don's going all things that are in word don's going. I'm very excited that he had such a good game. Sharks lost whatever. If it's a great concert and not keep read Dan's the man. It was nice to celebrate all things that were don's going up. Indeed. My mom common in the town we got a new GM we got a new PD. Entercom just bought CBS is a station. We're going to be moving into a new building. Like. Nelson. Go look up at there's a lot going on it's been a busy week. Oh yeah there is one other thing this always makes us excited come Monday. Holiday seasons are here. Okay. It's time. OK it's time you you're. Losing a long tail it's okay. Do I. Ryan it's fantastic. Oh we even had a little background and join in their way to go buttons Erickson a soulful. But guess but guess what we've got. Holiday cheer coming up Guardsmen tree lot opens up this weekend that's going to be awfully nice come on down of the Cecil pavilion at fort Mason for all your holiday needs and cheer. It's always one of my favorite things to do during holiday season but you didn't come here for any good tidings. Or happiness you came here for straight up hardcore sports right. That's right I know you did. So let me do the hard core sports that you're seeking U one NFL previews here are your NFL previews. 49ers hey just look good. Competitive again especially you young guys and given the status Seattle who knows maybe you even like shocked the world and pick up win number two. That ladies and gentlemen is your 49ers game preview I hope you enjoyed it. So Tara are you ready for the for the raiders pre yes. Here is your Oakland the raiders preview. You know bill musgrave good set brand new NFL record for yardage in a single day against Cuba as long as you wind nothing else is gonna matter if you can't lose this game you were waiting for must win here it is have fun with it. Win the game or shut up. And so concludes your raider preview. That's all you maybe that's really all you need to know that's all you need to know about the matchups the inside football stuff that's that's dead it's all you need to know. The raiders could surrender statistical record vote totals to the Denver Broncos come Monday if they still win the game won't even matter. Win the football game you have no more room to do anything. Other than wonderful ball game forget about third down percentage is forget about Marchand date forget about Cordero Paterson forget about catching passes do it. Get it done win the game no excuses. If so why are more people off Monday. While winning the only way that's gonna change the narrative. That's it oh and by the way after this must win that's all you got the rest of the way. Six and I'll run the table. Anything less than six and on run the table means UN plane in the post season which we're pretty comfortable. Raping our minds around right about now. But here it is. If you were looking for event horizon congratulations. There are days go ahead touch the pot on the stove it's pretty hot if you learned your lesson. Here we are. Here we are. There's no more adjustments to make there's no more working hard there's no more going in and punch that clock motivational speeches to be told. This is hit. You know how we've sort of been noticing none of these forty niner games really matter one where the other 49ers. None of your football games really matter one where the other. At any point in time this year up to this point in time and from this point in time. Raider fans that's the rest deer season. Common real soon. We're just doesn't even matter when they move into Vegas. That'll be the only question. Somebody says on the Penske auto sales died context when they Damon do you think del Rio's gonna give you an interview next week. I didn't give us anything we pay for those. So yes he'll be here on Monday and hopefully we got a happier coached talked width. Jack Del Rio. Gave us this. One we asked if he had any regrets firing bill musgrave. No I do not. And I wish him the best this week I wish him the best you know relic. That's fantastic. Today he went on Sirius XM radio. Sounded a lot different. We did spark when it may shake things up we can't just continue operating the way we have a news. We're we're not playing the way we need to play in ducks still the biggest thing I'm looking forward to do the detailed preparation you know. You know understanding and in in really establishes the principle sort guys who played fast and we've we've got to play faster I don't see a defense playing with a terror on fire and embed and that's what that's what I know best that's what I know is that because some guy in my background you know I've been a part of some great defense is in every defense and I've been. A part of the playing great football. Plays. Its tail off the end who sold the actual look. That's always looking for. NIC we got some of that outcomes and so must have. Different more Witt did in irrespective Vance third then we got. Which is maybe why things got a little testy on Monday but very was sort of talking about the real. Shortcomings of this year and shortcomings that are now totally in focus. On Wednesday then on Monday a we were being accused of misinterpreting. A few things about raider football. And of course the firing of Ken Norton happens in a new days dawned over an Alameda has it let's find out. You have me. Rookie quarterback. Struggling bronco team. And by the way. I would not be surprised at all. If the Denver Broncos found all the data loss defensively against Oakland once again. And I wouldn't be surprised attacks and when she isn't a little bit of a spark plug for them. And Denver comes in here and winds not convincing link. But in a way that makes you feel like you're never really in at all afternoon long I wouldn't be that surprised. There are one of those you know always it was ten nothing early and then the raiders you know they have to feel Goldman that they're just tossed out a way to done an interception or fumble and now all of a sudden Von Miller is lying on top of dirt car over and over and over again. And people snatching Crabtree he's chains it's happened before a CNET. So. It's officially time. To put every excuse in the book away. Finger pointing lay the blame on my doorstep whatever all of that will happen on Monday you must win. Doesn't matter how doesn't matter if you win ugly doesn't matter if you went pretty win. And now hole. We're gonna have ourselves a little basketball game tonight and it's big game right as big as it's gonna get in the regular season before you needn't Thanksgiving dinner anyways it's hard to hype. In November NBA game because there's. Hardly any drama but simulated broadcaster drama going on but we all know that Kevin Durant. Sorting used to play for this thunder team. And they are always going to have sour grapes against him. In perpetuity. Never ending never stopping forever never never never never never never never never. So what does that do to today's game. How bad does Iran want this now and always talking about how he's got to stop talking about a much used to like to play there and he's got to stop being such a people pleaser. Whatever meanwhile got Klay Thompson evaluating scaffolding projects all over New York City. And I really think it's a big Klay Thompson nights like we have had a big clay Thompson nine now once this year images and feels like it's common. He's almost like three years removed away from that 37 point quarter of his that happened what Mike January 200114. Is that when that happened. Fourteen or fifteen. It was here yeah it was it was fifteen if it was January 23 2015. Almost three years ago 52 points knocked down eleven threes in a way no one over the kings. He also had the quarter simply known as a quarter. That night 37 points thirteen for thirteen from the field. Whenever clay walks in Oklahoma City is there anyone who's ever had a bigger game under circumstances and that building other than clay Thompson. Go back to 201415. Western Conference finals game six. Amman. He was lights out hopefully we get another scaffolding up lights out project for more Klay Thompson tonight. Building inspector somebody good nickname form and I looked at it it's good. Like Clay Johnson so understated he wouldn't have that much Iraq as we dazzling nicknamed the building inspector. I think would be a perfect name for quite. Perfect nickname for the guy because your permits. Probable scaffolding in the coming your men silence a crowd and a drop eight threes on you in the Middle East. Building inspected the turns out you've lost. What what did you find mr. inspector I've I find that you lose. Klay Thompson building inspector. Damon. You know you don't have the best bedside manner. Come across as condescending and combative. And you wonder why you get answers like that. My opening question. Was simply. What went wrong in Mexico. And I got I didn't score enough points that's been set the tone within answer not me no by the way. My bedside manner we aid and hospital this is a sports talk radio host. Not up to me to make sure they hear all constable and you've had your potty time. Big boy stuff to do here yeah. About this for a little bedside manner and a spirited be thankful yes good socialist is thankful as a program let's be thankful as a show can't who's ever bothering you and control room Thomas stopped were doing the show they can figured out there and a commercial break. God bless them seriously. Seriously. You do Mike checks during commercial I loved him to gimme a minute I'm gonna be off the air and ten minutes. It's OK to say no down the phone sometimes there really is. Are you registered some thank you is I am so already I'm calling it the final four thank news. It's time for the final four of bank use. And I wanna include the whole show here. Everyone who works on it. So just so you all know what the rules are the final four of thank use is simply this. Family loved ones your personal circle of people that you depend on to be happy healthy all of that is spoken for an assumed. Obviously thankful for my son and so forth so you guys all. They Wear out so I knew what I bet if you wanted to be thankful for wet puppy dog knows kisses. You can include that on your list did not include falcon and we won't assume that you love wet cold puppy dog knows it is more than your child totally get it. This is like wheel of fortune the final puzzle. Under is giving URS. TL and T I'm asking for three more consonants in a bow got you okay so everyone knows what we're doing. It is the final four of thank you lose. And I thought we would let everyone on the show do this today let's start with the control room this is why we need to control room silence outs if anyone can you grew from there we got a bit. Let's go ahead to LB he's got his final four a sank use what say you Al B what are you thankful for. All right here ago I am thankful for first woman to do this like and now on a person's place and a sing okay and bonus thank you object so I'm thankful and Damon's gonna hate that spreads per person it's multiple people I'm thankful for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Because they brought a lot of entertainment and my life so listen to them when I'm pissed off when I'm happy when I'm said on the show. Sir on this goes to the Red Hot Chili Peppers us. Got a huge it's your list does not like the Red Hot Chili Peppers OK fair enough. I music's not my aero plane but go ahead Matt why while place. Place I'm thankful for the Bay Area. I was born and raised here. A lot of family here I just love this town. Except for the whole we don't rent I can everything everything right that's terrible course. Traffic as well thank you went. As for the thing the sport of baseball has brought a lot of join them allies. Plated I've watched it the Johnson won three World Series in my lifetime there'd been before. Sorry about 2002 Boson talk about that so yes baseball giants. The sport of baseball in general and annual bonus thank you my bonus thank you the show South Park. Awesome don't go down that route a natural gas find in Vietnam I slender guy that's I am thankful for that program as well as. Isn't this the best satire there is on television there really is it's been on since 1997. So it's been on for a third of my life and I think it's about show every year while her facts. I mean I remember watching the whole Santa Claus vs Jesus thing on VHS tape mentally if I was the first viral video that was being passed around like in dorms and fraternities in college tool if you seen this. And no aliens from on the very first episode cartman gets an anal probe. Yet smoke doesn't absolutely bury our show well dontrelle we have -- lead Whitley is part of our staff here she works on many shows I know she does a lot of video at up when you digital Whitley is our let's just call her for the day our assistant. Associates. Executives. In charge of production show runner. Thanksgiving producer perfect that's your that's your title today Willie so you've been promoted congratulations EPO I. It's my pleasure for thank you use your final four thank use of the year please. OK first off China acclaimed and very thankful for China clay he had a lot like lead did not see that before claim it brought us a level of joy unknown to human kind dead really doesn't. And then HBO for creating the best show that's ever exist then became a drones are you got about a guy who doesn't want to pull it all goes Rollins. My hair stylists are getting my hair this one without a fallen out Dave yeah. Yeah it's not crispy it hasn't gone delay and I know it's like hey now it still looks really good and by and Elaine. I am thankful for why. I steered. Sears good that I mean. My wife is probably at home cheers a new with a glass down from the couch right now who doesn't love wine happy Thanksgiving Whitley great stuff Olelo bullets home. Hank please your final four thank you splits up guys want roads on a long list and I ended at narrowing it down before or since he told me too and I don't wanna get in trouble. I'm thankful for so many things but my fourth I'm gonna read T today. I'm thankful for days when that there's no light greens and I have to get anyone to execute. Since there. Although I'm thankful that they bring the station money it's. An annoying part of my job right you're thankful you don't have to gives Gionta these serial number on continental tires this week it. If I had to deceive no that's not today. So moving on I'm also thankful for spotted try and okay my app on my phone I was thinking about it this morning when I was at the gym how I can literally listens to any song I think of put in my phone and it plays and when I was growing up I had to deal of you know even I at least I'm young enough to have. Are old enough to have done it they Napster. His all those different illegal things like that abuse act to listen to pick one song. Now I can think of any song I want and it just plays on my own it makes playlist for me I should go thank you. I am also thankful for a tequila. Okay waits Willie semi and I guess I'm a little bit and let weirder and but in particular seat and let us up the side oh my yeah I sit down name brand dropped by hello guys I would get a commission but go ahead if you wanna sponsor mean. And then I'm also thankful for Gary's saying gene. You know yeah I'm he income people like him bring you joy just by being in the room with them and he's just such a pleasant fellow. And so they wouldn't let you need good but like today rob I mean I'm. And he just makes me really happy he makes everybody asks Ollie guy that is a great final four saying bing Ed Garry saint Jean says Spotify to tequila. To happiness we have it all now like and this means is just Hewitt maintenance is seeming Ken what do you got mama. RA first and foremost I am thankful for my morning coffee an egg bytes that's what I eat every single day I ordered on my app. It's ready for me with my friends is start examined EDS 201. Howard third C whenever actresses that they are the best so morning copying it by it's I am so thankful for speaking of apps I think for some iPhone. They've changed my world seriously like you have an app for shopping and an app for books you have an app form. Spell check you to all of it whether it's travel only what I do you need apps on my phone I am actually thankful for. I am thankful for. Our brand new bathroom because for ten years. Anywhere between like seven to ten people within our home and we shared one batter we have more than one bathroom and it is the biggest deal that I do not have to wait mine. Am not know why I peed in the backyard before I am incredibly thankful for another bathroom a Manson that's wow and I am incredibly thankful they and I am not a Turkey. There you go out and give my list but I just like to sort of leave it hanging the Jian a piece in our own backyard. And perfect way to end the show my list can't be more interesting than Jian peeing in her own backyard floods and now she isn't happy thanks to Dolan lumber doors and windows you're building in lumber indoors and not peeing in your own backyard experts. I need serious thing do you think. Eat well imagine I Turkey. Straight up without a lot of time here I'm thankful for this audience without you guys we don't come to work every day thank you so much for listening I'm thankful that I got to see Tom Petty won last time Murray died I'm still swear to god. This lines of what would Al do Hussein and I'm still so thankful to Chicago Cubs won a World Series and everybody was gonna happen in my life it's the only subject that I thought of every single day since it happened in the last year without a doubt. It is made me a happier human being I am more adjusted I'm more normal I got something I never thought I was gonna have like I am eternally sports grateful for that. And I'm thankful that I feel a lot better than I did in the month the Mac amen to that so there you go. Thank you very very much for listening we really appreciate I'm thankful that we get to do a little warriors warmup with Kerry Keating in the meantime remember sports don't build character. They reveal it. I'm on down mean.