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Friday, June 23rd
Damon Bruce Hour - powered by Derek Papa - Damon discusses Derek Carr's contract extention press conference & Jordan Ball's introductory press conference, is joined by Alex Pavlovic, & Derek puts Damon through the truth machine. 

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Damon Bruce show might be pushing it just a little bit today it's like to Damon Bruce. Power. Out the we're gonna be I thought about 415 and thank you very much. We're gonna be on about 415 today and then pays baseball will take you into your weekend it's gonna be a big beautiful busy weekend here in the Bay Area. Got the Mets in town. By the way if the giants get swept by the Mets. Can we then just cancel the rest of baseball season. At least from the national example and around here. The way that they coughed it up yesterday it was so up and help sort and have Alex Pavel that you are one and only guest at 330 this afternoon I didn't even tweet it out that's Allah. Tell alert I am this afternoon. It is good to be here it was great to beat the warriors practice facility yesterday you know it's funny we called the worst practice facility in certain quarters. More than just their practice facility the very first thing we couldn't help but notice as soon as we walked and. Not on vacation not in Aruba not still in Vegas. Not land by the pool. Not counting the ring not looking at the diamonds now and then nothing. Kevin Durant was in their work and out like breaking a sweat getting shot up. This guy was at a parade yesterday. Think that's I would look you can hate the warriors all you want if you do hate the warriors if you don't respect that like we can't talk about sports. This guy won a title. In his back to work grind hard. Andy. I don't know pretty much doesn't need to be some good dedicated though. Well yeah and so it takes big big big news Derek Carr. You officially gets paid and officially. Shows how good he is it this'll quarterback thing I do not want to make certainly in a place where there zero new wants on Twitter a comparison. Between the Derek Carr and Colin cabinet. But look. Derek Carr. Is so much better at being a quarterback on the field. And off the field and in the press conference in around his teammates. You know how many times Derek Karr. Has poached another man's girlfriend and started sleeping weather and bragging about it right in his own locker room I don't think that this happened at all. And it won't happen any time soon Derek Karr. That day. Had one of the most pitch perfect press conferences I've ever seen for a guy he just picked up 25 million a year normally. That press conferences is almost a little awkward it's you're you're just talking about money in the future and and this guy. Talked about his teammates on the I tweeted that he absolutely nailed this press conference in someone's like geez slur very much Damon. Now the only thing I slur is a little coffee. There there is no slurping on the Damon Bruce show there never has been there never will be remembered this is the one program that doesn't care whether you like it or not. We're just gonna be honest. Nice it was refreshing in such. Mean Mimi society deer car steps the podium it's about. Everybody else he's very he comes across as very humble very selfless. Is just good classy guy he talks about. The fans. The city of Oakland. Raiders. His personal responsibilities. In such nice ways that you can't help but love and one passenger car for a year in just a little second by the way. Jordan bill. Welcome to the Golden State Warriors. And that's not the only new duck on the pond. Public this since both these Bay Area baseball teams have so much trouble putting a duck on the pond. Leave it to the warriors they decide to go get to a ducks for the pond not only did they. Raft Jordan bell when they bought into the second round and talk about him in just a little bit. But Chris Boucher. Also. An organ doc is now also. A Golden State warrior asterisk. When we went over there and talk with Bob Myers yesterday he mentioned that. There is a new clause in the new CBA that allows a player to have what is called a two way contract John Dickinson asked Bob. A very deep tailed question and Bob even realize during the answer. That it might be a teeny tiny bit over that everyone's head. But it really wasn't. Because he was explaining exactly. The method they used to go ahead and bring about. Chris Boucher whose gonna spend time between the G league. And the warriors. And is a guy who has all kinds of basketball skill. But suffered a torn ACL. Late in the years he's still recovering. This is the perfect guy to take a flyer on absolutely it is Jordan bell meanwhile if you were on Twitter last night you saw the reaction. From his living room and he's from Long Beach. Delay the reaction is living room where he had tons of Stanley around me at one friend just start throwing up dollar bills as good as it gets drab like it was hysterical it was charming. It was great. Annie talked about today. You know what what how we found out about all of. So I was in the garage with my high school coach my college coach and Mike called me let me know exactly what was going on its on the I was going to the orders I didn't know lethargy figure the time and just on the interviewee Reitman and going to be called. Seoul everyone's talking about Jordan bell being dream on green two point now like slow year old little bit dream on green is at the beginning of what could be a hall of fame career you know so it's not. Exactly put Jordan bell. In that bucket but from a Tweeter standpoint from an undersized senator standpoint or a not sure if he's big enough to be your power forward standpoint. Here's what he hits. Jordan bell when he was it organ. Was an all pac twelve defensive team. Member for his three years in Oregon it's not like he didn't start out playing much defense in the grew into it. He was defense first second and third. His first three years a door again. And last jury was the pac twelve defensive player of the year it's amazing that a healthy guy like that with incredible wingspan. Is overlooked by every NBA team into the second round and by the way it's really nice that the Chicago Bulls I've traded. Halved at they have made a trade of. You know dubbed Jimmy Butler. Only to find out that now you know of their rebuilding rebuilding by trading Jimmy Butler but they're also selling off second round picks of the best team in the NBA. When Gar Heard had a bad night. On Twitter and in reality the only team that I can tell you definitively got worse yesterday. Was a Chicago Bulls now. Without a doubt. Well we had Dave Ben's on and probably talk a little bit too much about Minnesota as it was happening but it was all said and done what we really were Jian was on the biggest story of the day talking about how much better Minnesota got. And how the Chicago Bulls. Basically stuck their thumb up their rear ends and did not that. Got a little harsh. Again when you're an expert. Jordan battle. Dream on green 2.0 relax everybody drain money green light. I hope so. Yeah I hope so. He talked about dream on at the press. Presidential wanna sort of managed float his aggressiveness on offense and defense defense that we just an eternity in cigar and every position want to as far as what you are talking Ambien. Departed soul of the defensive effort to warriors and offensively understanding the kind of players the other around the room. Give them more size rebound and kicked in America as Kevin said a really good screens for step in the moment player that went so. Just think he's just a real good team player that's got the kind of person or tournament. More from Belle talking about learning from this team. And often and obviously. Associates is right now and the way he's playing around things by just keep watching because brand become a locker next and so that's good for me. I Austin there and try to do something not a. That person he's talking about obviously is drag him on Bob Meyers talked about dream on getting in touch with the new draft pick. Auriemma and will be fun challenge treated as. Great texted me after I was driving hero. And he said what and then expletive. Is your problem to me so I can fill in the blank. And then he says I have to hear about this expletive on the Internet you didn't expletive tell me about it. So I couldn't text and drive so I call them and I said okay all right calm down. Then he's that I need is number. I need to talk to them and so I didn't remind him I don't know what he says you can tell where else but liquor teen mom and away you know. He's doing it you have to carry it would have been you're gonna have played that because you know to be honest with dream on its about respect. And I'm sure without even just by watching that that's accurate with him but that's the type of team we have but we feel like that's who you're two's. I've always said dream on green's greatest asset. Is the ownership over the team that officially has bigger superstars in him and that chip on the shoulder. I love a guy with a chip on his shoulder who comes to work to prove himself each and every day. Not just in the world of sports but it all all all professional settings and venues. By the way knows got a huge chip on initialed this afternoon their pop. Chip on a shall really ready to go frosty at all times are tired at. He is in for LB this afternoon is taking a little three day weekend is going on a camping trip that left Derek Papa. Stops here it works for an hour and ten minutes longer than he normally has to. Now. You know this really is if you think about it it's your own personal happy hour. Since the other one is essentially. On digest the ball may be this one goes down a little bit easier. By the way. Youngest there when your dad comes home at night. How long's it take for him to start muttering about that program is what the hell's going. Who do you think. Walks are way more dissatisfied. On a daily basis Greg Papa are re rattle. I think the both of them together I know that like bonuses to some but we don't discuss this with the helplessness. By the way when dream on did go well before we. Get off a Derrick here there's one thing that I have to let all of you know because obviously the truth machine. Is a signature part of the program that he produces yes the afternoon delight. So right before I had the stroke I was supposed to come in and fill in since. Greg and bunt they were. Anchoring the NFL draft day coverage. They were going to be in my time slot today the draft and work I was going to be in Gregg and Bob days' time slot and do noon to three for the first time a long time. And I was really looking forward to what it's another reason why didn't necessarily there's a lot of reasons why didn't wanna have the stroke that was a chief among them are really was a wooden portico and Anand. And having a fun afternoon and just kind of taken it easy and working with Derek and Derek had a truth machine ready to go. Any even got a truth machine. Ready for me. That is been laying dormant. For the better part of two months now. So we will play today at 345 we will see what he's got cooked up I don't know if he. Amended the truth machine. To include stroke jokes which I absolutely would have done or I don't know maybe he's just resting on the laurels of the truth machine as that work. I hope we Rhode Island we will all find out and basically the roast of Damon Bruce at 345. Courtesy of whatever speak and spell machine uses to get that thing going. I'm looking forward to it it's about it's time someone cut me down to size it really is and you're the right guided Billy. I'm looking forward to that snapping a little bit later on today Jordan bell by the way after dream on coerced repeatedly at his general manager. To get. Jordan bells number he decided that he was gonna facetime on and here is drain on that or excuse me Jordan bell on face timing would drain mind which if you think about it is a lot better than other social media down some dream aunts passed so you. Based on me and I don't like Arizona is number 101000 among friends so grin and brought 6000 and I was like who loses and then being in the implies song called and Reynolds you loses he was like you know a based on paint over and around based on your back don't call me. Aria I had a Scalia you rates. Congo based on review and answer. And how's Larry picnic and Pennsylvania display a list of vehicles sickens and I would like I five cents a Columbus based on. To be answered and he was like you know and only it was a move on we started talking about it you'll you'll enjoy this and I. Celebrate only happens once but I could just violently at the events where were we trying to veterans on this be ready for it. Let me tell you about my fast friend I mean I think those two are gonna be so good for each other drain mind. Needs like a puppy dog to follow him around this guy needs to lead dog to pull him in the right direction. All I can tell Leah about both ducks. Jordan bell and Chris Boucher who was an undrafted sign me. After the draft was over. Hence undrafted used to it. You've got to. Envy the kids. Who get the start their careers in this situation. You know it this situation your in. As a young player probably dictates your career. As much. As you work ethic. Not as much as you were but but almost as much as your work ethic and talent level. Sports are all about being in the right situation. Or trying to stand out for yourself in the wrong situation. These guys have put themselves in a situation where all they need to do. Is played their rear ends off listen of their teammates and coaches. Don't even worry about scoring a point. Whether the whether there rookie class scores a single point or not next year for the Golden State Warriors is a relevant. All you gotta do is play. Absolutely phenomenally placed at this point in time in your career. All the opportunity in the world to grow. In the single best situation there is in the NBA by the way Jimmy Butler did get traded forcing us Paul George. LaMarcus Aldridge were not treated. You've got teams that are afraid to try to play catch up with the warriors to I think that they know even if they go out of their way to play catch up right now. Ain't nothing gonna happen right now. The warriors became a better team this draft day and my official. Look at the entire NBA including the sixers. Including Sacramento Kings who had their best draft in years. Had a great draft. Three players I like a lot. Kings all of a sudden could be my little. Good motto on the side to watch your local. I'm married to the warriors but I gotta go mind on the side. Again pop you know dental. Alina. You know and anything about that you're you're no one's side piece. No way no way you're the real deal near the real deal yeah you're the girl that gets boarded in all situations. Sentiment. Ebert show doesn't work with side pieces. Bottom takes only. You know items and. The ethnic. Non decided it seems here is mine is that yeah. And seriously if I did trust two women with my drugs and my guns it would be good to have you. Al I that we would be fine I would love to see Gionta. So sue me I I guarantee you I can do it I. I don't wanna do it there's no doubt in my mind that there is no one better suited to to hide drugs and money at the station and Gianfranco. I don't know how to do that right. But I can probably get away. Terrible. Acts. King's notes fantastic. Tracy respect. Alex Papp which by the way it's coming up just two minutes. Sacramento Kings had the year and fox might be the best player in this draft pick at number five overall they had picked number ten would say got from the New Orleans pelicans when they traded boogie. They end up trading back and everyone goes why are they trading back we'll end up with Justin Jackson who's a safe pick if not a lowering pick. Out of North Carolina then they gamble with Mary Giles the power forward from duke. A lot of people said could've been the number one pick in this draft of award for repair knee surgeries he's a little bit of a risk because of his injury past. But the talent is there and then frank Mason in the second round. Frank Mason might be. Might be. The sleeper guy in this whole draft frank Mason every single time return to Kansas game on there's two things you notice. He's a little little. His undersized it's it's a little little. What that guy is playing his crank off every single possession or play harder for Kansas and frank Mason. Nobody. I was very very good. Kerry Keating is familiar with Kansas very much need thinks that Mason's going to be fantastic. So this is very very interesting for the kings all decide you pair him with. It's out of elevenths again. Very interest thing you've got a lot of McDonald's all Americans kind of stack it up. But the theme of the entire NBA draft is not a single team really got closer to the warriors and they might even put a morbid distance between themselves and the rest of the league. Why. Anyone. Would trade the warriors a draft pick is beyond me why would you do business. With the team you're trying to catch. I did seriously. It's like back in the day when Billy Beane was making trades that was Billy bean on the other end to your phone you should not take the call he's gonna win that trade. And until. You know one to Toronto. Shot. Edge. Warriors got the entire league shocked there's no doubt about it I'll tell you right now. Derek Karr had the perfect press conference today I know that he was on with pop up in Bonn today. Wanna go back to the press conference though for a couple of sound bites. And immediately on a day that was kind of all about him and his contract he was talking about and thinking about and said that he did it deal with his teammates in mind of. Main thing that I can just remember was all along the way I was like well. How do we keep my teammates you know office. You know as weird I don't know if that sounds but that does is what I kept telling miles like. Okay that's cool yeah that's awesome wow cool you know. It's good for Dave is good for Cleo and is good for mark and he can tell you himself these are things that I served him. Numerous amounts of times I didn't wanna hurt and that's the last thing out of wanna do. Doesn't hurt his team talked about. Now he's just gonna take that. 25 million dollar a year pay day in do we to fast food launch chick fillet. You know until they become sponsors that any more plugs. You know there there was no doubt in my mind when when this whole thing was about to go down and I told him you know my agent that. I don't wanna play anywhere else felony signed. That's when you're doing student and just you know let's play a little bit on that you know that's Martin there was no there is there was no hesitation from. From there he's like twenty year deal let's not be true woods as you know. There'll yet Mark Davis doesn't need to be bounced on Santa clauses lap here this is just a contract you're getting a lot of money. Should be good for you and believe me Derek Carr he just set everything right. When he says you know he wants to be a raider for life obviously that doesn't mean Oakland raider for life when they had to Vegas kind of all dead to me it's a way it's gonna work I'm just telling you right now but until then. I'm grateful I'm honored to be the quarterback here the thing that I love is just felt right from the beginning. I just want to curator it's more than just as seemed to me is more than just that family. We'll have a moving truck pulling up soon enough but I digress when it all came down under way and this is something that you don't hear very often out of raiders camp. The the business side this became easier than he expected. The business went down it was easy. You know both sides I think Dan would say the same I think both sides just wanted to get out and do this to family members just figured out how to get along. And that we did we figured out a way to do it so there we have the opportunity to sign the other guys that I think are important in this organization and that was really important to me not to just take every single dime that we and I hope that's known that obviously with. The position that I play it has to be around a certain number of us it is what it is but at the same time I told him if we can structure in a way to help the raiders. You get the other guys give them opportunity come and that be really important to me to. You gotta like it. When a guy truly in his heart feels like the single biggest contract ever given out on the offensive side or defense aside the full ball. Is leading a little money on the table first team to beat him okay Dirk I appreciate it I really do look why wouldn't you signed your cart it was huge deal. Why wouldn't you 60% passer over 111000 yards in three seasons. 81 to 31 touchdown interception ratio. And that's actually not a ratio that's the actual total it's not the ratio pardon me stroke twelve games. He's led the winning drive one the lowest sack rates and all football Scott every single shot you could want on the back. Good for him good for the raiders they finally figured out the toughest position in all of football to figure out. Hopefully he stays healthy and productive for a very long time so. Welcome Oregon Ducks congratulations. Derek Carr we got a's baseball little bit later on this afternoon and a truth machine at 345 looking forward to all of that. Coming up next though Alex apple bitch talking about the giants. Almost out of obligation. Not to and I love doc and now looks polemic died this team stinks on ice and we'll figure out try to why next. I just tweeted out that Alex Pavel Mitch is gonna be joining us talking about the giants this segment and I also included. One in seven road trip one in nine in their last ten they've lost eighteen of their last 23 their 21 and a half back third worst run differential in all of baseball. And based on expectations. They're the worst team in baseball excellence at what about the Phillies I had no expectations for the Phillies. I had big expect it even big expectations but. I decent expectations for the giants I really didn't are not meeting it on any single level and I'm sure Alex we'll tell us why. Alex first of all haven't talked in real longtime buddy Dario. Don't get it's good to have you back there I was greeted her to talk to right now that interest. Thank you I'm so our image is trying to frame this the right way I mean I don't I look at it this way idle on the DL for about a month month and a half and look at what the hell happens is might be my fault as far as I'm concerned. That they would like four game that there are met there. Yet it unit development at a in the one thank you laughter remembered you know you can talk about. Facilities the archery. That's the 200 million dollar or not those are rebuilding it but it has. We haven't seen it automatically based on an out that people are like all the writers or doors broke a negative or at the one of the most expensive seems we've ever seen that she's spent so it is something we haven't people. It is kind of unprecedented for what they invested in what they're getting out of that investment I don't wanna say that you could see it coming. But when you got a lot of money sunk into question mark pitching. And you have absolutely know old Major League outfield really to talk about whatsoever. And you try to get away would do it again and again and again. But I like Bobby Evans an awful lot but since he has taken over. And I'm sure that salience fingerprints are still over an awful lot of the decisions but it seemed like a strength of the giants. Their managerial staff and their GM. Assays become a weakness but his leaving an awful lot to be desired. Well one thing you know like I feel ought to fire Bobby on Twitter and you ought to remember Ryan O. Very involved with organizations where a parent news that it is a group effort and all that and that's you cup look bigger deal that won the habit. Paid off of what they're paying for so I think they ought to collectively. Com outlook in the matter and it. The strategy that they adhere to the very clear on which is you get your guys. Have a ball well they're Cisco and retirement payment of money in it went on pitching and defense and that no longer away around the game. You have 4223. Year old burglary in what I wonder I think Ito ordered out there. Yet these young kids is that rumors and elected Greta I think it's kind of been passed by. But the game and in the country left behind in I think that's why they really haven't how. Actor because it's more. Over arching you know extreme left fielder. Or adding a couple of the ball and that through that they're playing it different in the baseball. On both for the rest of the league artwork. Kyle creek here's a bright spot makes his Major League debut and he gives up only one hit in two and a third. Probably should it come in for Brian Boris before we saw Brian Morris last night might have not had a different game in Atlanta if that it happened but look. I read your recap me and the guys throwing gas would you say Satan like 97 Tug it out there that. Would love to see him provide a silver lining to an otherwise cloudy pitching staff. Yeah having first law I think the tough thing about it was keep adding. Made his debut yet members vote the ought to prominently with a couple guys on that a real tough spot in the ultimately that you. There and he did a great job and it's a good story having a cute who we all it. What affect us. And they moved from the bullpen that step up act on the table data that it is that it is there anybody that comes through here in a long time I mean this kid throws 97 pinnacle Iron Man I think. A good breaking ball so it isn't what it's become in the flip side of a the first chapter at that there and have excitement the building and I think we're seeing a little bit about Twitter right now bako creek we will speakers royal yen. It has made adjustments you're a writer Jerome maybe you'll be out here and Monica are Beattie. Maybe later this year so there's that I think to look forward to in the second half and give the young guys in here. It's going to be something that energizes the little bit and they had to figure who can play and act here. Alex what's Arroyo doing back in the minors do looking good. It's certain that. It's you know everything has gone wrong for the but the big league verbal commitment that the I don't minor league level it or current pace in the judge ruled that it. About ten days ago at the plate sent that is on the yelled down there I don't think it's that there at that. Obviously supplement that's bothering him. The league has not made its adjustment back towards Austin Slater but in the meantime. Looking good right. Yeah no I think a fair amount of the that's sustainable it it's a good simple waiting you know he struggled more power. We expected I think it's been you know fight him but the other and frankly I'd like to feel a little bit of that are because there. In if you forum the last couple years defensively and really. A lot of what we talked about early on the back spot there have been Gorky Hernandez it has been much better or electrical leaks by. He was kind of the guy by default even when you're sitting on 7180 it they'll have another option though. That ability exhibited at that also were lining that and later at the premiere. Alex Pavel bitch NBC sports Bay Area joining us here on 957 game so does Quaid no opting out. Make trading him harder or easier for the giants. It meant to allow more complicated it you know I bet he or on the game but it really is that that help or you're gonna have that aren't perfect marriage. If you decide to trade him because there aren't speaking out there look at that in and you can hit it on the way to opt out of here trading because the editing happened this is though most are working if you had a eight ERA over the last remark that made it an op in the that he or bill so. It is very complicated deal that make I don't think it. He he is hey we have it in a type a young guy who who could be created at the end of the year. What straightened for a couple top prospects I don't think that can happen and ultimately actually. I think its record book right now as to whether they do traitor because I think they might get to a point where they look at what they might be able to give back and think we're better off keeping him. Trying to commit in the day so I wouldn't be surprised about the way ago. Almost the fourth of July and the giants RB I leader has 33 RBIs. Alex do you think a single giant this year reaches eighty RBIs. Not the medical problem probably got I think they have to play better I mean a look at some of these guys. Down the stretch side knew that we haven't really need to bring the bill hot streak yet we attempt to bring cropper. Hot streak yet I think Soviet. It's a little bit will you haven't thought of it you know at the rough game to run or did this missed or a lot but I think he will try again moron but yet if you're at 33 your normal July and the bug the guys are much slower that. It's going to be hard mathematically. What's it like to see the freeze in person. I would be an Atlanta boy Mitt. I'll write it. It's normal you its global. That the edited you'll be able cameras we have the truck fees that I would be watching during the break in I will say it. I need to keep that freeze rates like the guys who know how to run. I don't know. You're in the video again lately but apparently got lap. Merit I mean he doesn't know Iran though it it's like I need to he embraced the actual that you'd like they're. They're cherry picking wrote George a kid there and that and he chases them down. Amid the freeze were really that fast wouldn't the Braves signed to be a pinch runner. He would on the on the I've visited noted that merit that typical or epic artist. To so they don't overdo it at least in I think you need to bring the trees or it's not every. If if the giants get swept by the Mets at home it will be the low point of the season guzzle we have. Is a battle of eighteen that is the Mets are completely dysfunctional. And the giants are dysfunction -- so good deal like this weekend the dysfunction all or the despondent today. I'd you know I'd like that giant I think they have it was awful road trip but I think there were fired the light from some guys committed in a little bit better. And the problem at home has really been. Not scoring at all so I think they'll pitched much better now that there Coleman in hectic. Some of those guys hit it met its effort the parents were over the last late in the met about it and it. Was it worse so despite the it it seems weird to say that deterrent but in the better position. There you go giants well positioned for the next three days at least a lot great to talk the Alex thanks so much for joining us good to hear your voice again. Thank you very much Alex tablets here on the Damon grew show coming up next. The truth machine comes after someone it's yet to attack. Yours truly next. When someone builds a bomb. They want to explode. Derek Papa. Built a little trick machine bomb for me months ago when I was supposed to fill in and from noon to three for Greg and Vontae on the day the NFL draft unfortunately that's the dad went to the hospital. I don't know if this has been goose stop and been brought up to true to to do you know new rule standards is a matter fact someone here is saying. Damon tell the truth machine to take it easy on your Lulu lemons. You are that is spokesman for stroke awareness after all thank you very much. It's not really stroke awareness is much designed the new spokesman for stroke blaming. Screwed up a segment stroke got a name wrong stroke. Only work three or four hours struck by the way we're gonna try and do for our show on Monday yeah yeah I mean not you you've been doing this all time. But I have yet to do four straight hours since. You know what. And we're gonna do that on Monday. And then on Tuesday Wednesday next week there is more a's baseball it's cutting into our times who had short shows on. Tuesday and Wednesday that I believe Thursday is a full four hour show on and and then on Friday I think we're getting ribbon like a three hour Jimmer. So we'll figure that all out I have been waiting. To be put through the truth machine. There is no amount of like no I don't you dare do that to me I love. A good roast. The truth machine. Spares no one. Including. Patients. And I heard you might have made this just for will Scopes and a little something about your so sensitive. Derek has been waiting to drop this bomb on my head for over a month and without any further adieu. With. Full acknowledgment to this is new to threes bet this is Greg's bet this is bond days bit. We got one just remain. Without any further ado. The Damon Bruce show gets put through the truth machine. Have yet. You really think I suffered a stroke. No. I just didn't want to do noon to three the day of the draft and I got caught up in the really big line. I'd rather take a stroke and make things convenient for green Popeye. Although great and I have a few things in common. We both think we're God's gift to radio we both are in love with our hair but we both are not as cool as Marcus Thompson. Does he actually gets dream and on a show beside. Him three takes me back to bad memories when he was just me and my sandbox. Well I don't long for those days. Wanna thank Don Collins Phoenix rising or Becky Cain be it's cut back in 957 game. Isn't it ironic that I have a bunch of women telling me what to do now. Includes G and a button vixen my wife and my producer turned boss Danny fry singer. As Princeton revolutionize everything I look up so you look at out you find it a look at this if you the whitest person in the world right now. The single most caught you or the epicenter of Caucasian malady right now. Thank you. I don't understand why everyone gets angry with me. All of these sports owners it's so but hurt can't they take a little criticism wait hold on someone just made fun of me on the text line. You loser know the item up I 95 point seven the game sorry 957 dumps radio. Whatever you call it now. But I have found the ultimate way to get away with being a poll and people liking you. Just have a stroke. So stroke. Stroke. Our marketing Mary Jeanne any thoughts. God I can't stand this Seth Rogen looking mother her. Things were so much better when he was gone and Tony filled in I actually got to talk for one's. Now I'm back in mind volunteer role. Guess I'll just clean until he stops talking. I'll just fantasize about. He's like seven it's sports on. Did you yeah yeah I mean what's. So Phillips. I was thinking about that finance OP address seldom. That. Is absolute. Artistry. Phenomenal. Derek. Not easy for me to class but yeah it's just gonna put a left hand up and the right and a slap yea. That was that was great then that lies. Masterful I didn't even know the truth machine. Patty womanly seven to set up that was phenomenal. On the tele right now all that. I'd eager to sell it if you hydrants at the tide is eat it is. I fantasize about that got a little bit serious a handsome. Handsome cat. It upon that Earl. It's hysterical by the way by taste yeah laughing at all of this. That was a that was Phnom. That was phenomenal and I and I am I am humbled. Again I'm honored. It may do that at the top of the hour to Freddie woods is needed zones like do that truth machine was so meta. Operated very very good. Derek is mastered the art of context. Please get him on game zones production team. Well done. Well done an extra fifty cents this week for you Derek seriously. That was fun nominal. What isn't Derrick talk on the salary yourself main game Allen you didn't. And he dared give anything to say you can jerk now anyway. You're more than welcome. Well game and shut up Derek I don't wanna hear how hard to turn that might not young man that's. A. Oh seriously gut does that Dell. Yet you have full permission the Mike is yours. There you know Darius so don't you write the caboose this'll mean that two machine and is being put to you the truth machine. Never happens comes out so that was just the Cosmo is the Cosmo because most speaking through the truth machine is. It's kind of like our own stations burning bush. It really hits. Talked about bank. Thank you very much. She can cook. Just about Terrell Mary yeah. It's Gionta playing the role of massage and is this afternoon I'm athletic. What a turn of events. That was fantastic I tell you what so we are at the end to bar our were gonna take you up to a's baseball coming up in just a little bit we are going to recap some of the greatest hits from Derek Karr. Bob Myers. Jordan bell getting face time from dream on green who is now going to be his Obi wan can LB if you think about it that is exactly. What you want you want. You want young bell as young skywalker taking the lead from Obi wan to know being played by drain Ahman Green this upcoming season. But that was absolutely phenomenal to the point where I think we need to play it again we are getting requests on the tech line which you know thanks of that I despise and can't ignore all of the same time and odd we are going to play that again for you how can we not that was fantastic. It is someone's that Greg is going to be so jealous because that was the best truth machine ever. Lets fantastic. There really was brought ball Bravo to the truth machine Derek pop fill up that what we can't we have to do it again. We have people coming in from all over the station saying yet play that again that was great. Even Danny can Danny made an appearance of course he wants to hear it again I doubt this dose. And I called you out for being so white about prints. You know what you've yet aren't you really at that moment you did. That was phenomenal. Hey Sam let's play it again let's do that we're gonna do that on the other side of the break don't you go anywhere we still got a lot coming up and buy a lot coming up I mean about eleven Mormon it's coming up. Here on the day membership. From me Penske auto sales dot com tax line that was one of the best troop machines ever. Behind the Jim Harbaugh ones which. All truth machines have to answer to you according to the tax on those tar ball ones were phenomenal they really work. But Derek has put together in a masterpiece us sunny and we will have it for you again by popular demand. Twitter is asking for at the text lines asking for and callers are asking for it so. You can't be wrong all three can't be wrong right. We're gonna have that four in just a second before we head you out to ease baseball. Cristo mountains got the dugout show coming up in just a little bit as it. Put town isn't tradition. Follow shortly right I mean not I would imagine that would be as entertaining as the days long as well. Easy is applicable to get ahead get a good. Don't you ever open your Mike again without permission to. I think we ship that Derek pop with you the truth machine one day I think as a fantastic that would require someone other than Derrick doing work so there's almost zero chains all alone is just volunteered. Alain is pretty and that have an audit them here's the thing what everyone who listened to the show really doesn't know. Is that Alain is without a doubt the funniest and honestly most brutal person him working suitor it got its. Like if you do it if she doesn't like what you said that day she's got a man bun of shame would you our name on to. Just got all jurors are back there she really does. She sent the best recovery guard as I said many times by had to make love to a major leaguer it would have been Mark Grace she sent me. Eight card to get better than where it had like a really sexy Bob Bob Vaughn Newman in our body with Mark Grace has had on it so fantastic I had that up in the edited it every single person who walked into my hospital room was like it that one. Yeah. Yeah that was phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal all right real quick headlines and then we have a little bit more truth machine for you. Headlines Derek Karr is a hell of a guy he really really is he dead. Everything at his press conference the right way today everything you said everything you spoke about let me mute my phone condemned no so into it set me that was me back to our. This is what Derek Karr had to say about the riches he is now fallen into it's not just for him. Can spread it around and took away the a minimum Klain less personable he's going he's he's been needing. Very well we had getting out in shape but. When you get. When he five mil per year I think you can chalk that up to a cheap day so we don't chip polite to collect. A minimum claim plant where we got latter's been having me playing a very good subject. Forward home. First thing there's a payment like I should tell us college student 700 dollars on scholarship check. You know that that won't change I'll do that. Upright in my life some nice. You know even though she begged me not to she's still gets coupons ever since we've had ever since and others to find coupons. She gets online trying to find discounts and all those things and and another that's been changed with the exciting thing for me. Money wise honestly is that this money is gonna help a lot of people. You know I'm very thankful to have if that's in our hands because it's gonna help people not only in this country but in a lot of countries around the world and that's what. That's what's exciting to me. I mean what more do you want from the guy. What a great great. Great press conference he had today and a great interview with pop on by taking him but I mean it this guy he just he says the right things he does the right things his heart's in the right place. Someone here says they. We obvious candidate her car are the risks and a Derek Carr and we will cover the season as it's unfolding that didn't seem to be very excited about we will convey that in the moment. But attaching no personal emotion or long term feelings anymore. That's the way I'm gonna go about it you can go about it which ever way you like. There is no right or wrong answer to how you're supposed to go to reduce eventual breakup. Now it's really weird it's like. Clinton bad ninety's Julia Roberts movie where she falls in love with the dying guy I did see that like patty it. Patty and not fall in love. With the dying guy but at the same time do you really wanna fall mom with a dying you know my daughter's future and attitudes as a little rough. But if you're already deeply in love of course he will be there are holding. Your loved ones hand. She's also on the sky really emotional operators to admit. So Derek Kerr has his cash. He has the right head on his shoulders he's got a good team around them. Let's see what happens is set up to be very good for very long Tom I was looking at odds in now Vegas. He is sitting third right now. As a front runner betting wise for the NFL's MVP. He's behind Brady and I guide remember the other way and Aaron Rodgers. Great he's behind the radiant Aaron Rodgers Derek Karr is sitting there is the third in Las Vegas favorite to win the MVP. We've got a young man. Who is now a Golden State warrior who's been positioned so well. Jordan bell out of or again but he's not the only guy out of war again another named Chris Boucher has been signed to a two way deal and will oscillation between the G league. And the new. A DN BA is well he is and that new two way player contract deal. And both of these guys have arrived in the single greatest situation. You can arrive in your professional career to me it's just a phenomenal. Embarrassment of riches for the warriors the bulls who embarrassed themselves yesterday with the way they went about treating Jimmy Butler. What they got in return for him. The fact they got that back in didn't get more. I guess that you had. The Celtics really cool and all off you had a cab school and all of no one wanted to do business I really think the warriors got this league so shook. That every one is really looking at the sick of circumstances and sank. What good is it. Trying get better. In the next three or four years as the sun. You shine in Golden State and it's not going down anytime soon. These young men from or again have been placed in the best situations of their entire lives they really have Dan Jordan belt talked about. Face timing his new Obi wan can LB dream on Graeme truly. Based on me and out of like I was done I was number and how Muslim friends celebrating an arm brought 600 and I was like who loses and then do you mean implies song called and Reynolds Yahoo! loses he was like you know our. Based on paint over and around based on your garden called me. I I had a Sully you rates. What Congo. Enough based on you and answer. And how's Larry picnic at. This event and it's like a list political slogans and I was like great sponsors or Conan by facetime. To be answered and he was like you know and only do so move on stars talking about it you'll you'll enjoy this and I. Celebrate only happens once but I could just violently at the events where we're returning veterans on this be ready for them. Good news happy news great audio but maybe not as great as this back by popular demand. Derek Karr urging Derrick Derrick popped off. Sar and the other dare the other there isn't your car the other Derek think about it it's really Greg it's it's it's Greg Derek world were all just living and it. Especially me when I get put through the truth machine. You really think I suffered a stroke. No. I just didn't want to do noon to three the day of the draft and I got caught up in the really big line. I'd rather fake a stroke and make things convenient for Greg Papa. Although great and I have a few things in common. We both think we're God's gift to radio we both are in love with our hair but we both are not as cool as Marcus Thompson because he actually gets dream and on a show besides noon to three takes me back to bad memories when it was just me and my sandbox. Not that I don't long for those days wanna think Don Collins Phoenix rising or Beckett came be six back in 957 the game. Isn't it ironic that I have a bunch of women telling me what to do now which includes G and a button vixen. My wife and my producer turned boss Danny fry singer says Princeton revolution that's everything I look up so you look at out you find it a bullet this idea you know why this person in the world right now. The single most caught you or the epicenter of Caucasian malady right now. Thank you. I don't understand why everyone gets angry with me. All of these sports owners get so what hurt. Can't they take a little criticism wait hold on someone just made fun of me on the text line. You loser. Do you know who I am. I know any five point seven the game summary. 957 dumps radio. Whatever you call it now. But I have found the ultimate way to get away with being a poll and people liking you. Just have a stroke stroke stroke. Stroke. Marketing. Jeanne any thoughts. God I can't stand this Seth Rogen looking mother her. Things were so much better when he was gone and Tony filled in I actually got to talk for one's. Now I'm back in mind volunteer role. Guess I'll just wait until he stops talking. I'll just fantasize about. He's like 750. Sports on. Did you connect yeah me what's. So foods. I was thinking about that finance movie dress seldom. There is common genius and the nearest pure genius that was absolutely. Phenomenal. Another round of applause to you Derek. Whenever the control room gets packed with people listen for a segment you know it's a good segment this is all the segment we have though Chris Townshend is coming up next with the a's dugout shall we wanna thanks Alex album bitch as always Jian doubled home -- all thank you and Derrick thank you very much for hanging out in extra Al. Our today really do appreciate it. We wish you the very best of weekends. Will be back for a big for our show on Monday. And will remind you one last time that sports don't build character. Revealer. I like that. School. I know now where. My god this just in every everybody Cyril it's Gionta playing the role of massage and is this afternoon and what a turn of events thank you.