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The Damon Bruce Show with Ratto & Kolsky
Thursday, September 13th
Another short Damon Bruce Show before A's baseball in Baltimore - Damon quickly touches on the A's dominance, Sharks adding Karlsson, Giants losing 11-straight, and is joined by NFL Network analyst, David Carr. 

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For a quick team. Hey now I hope so I hope you're ready to just. This isn't gonna take very long I honestly thought we were gonna have massive. Thunder showers of rain storms hurricane like conditions pounding the East Coast which was going to give us a full showed today it turns out. This hurricane. Was much ado about nothing concerning this is Baltimore series which will. Continued today as scheduled in about twenty minutes from right now on. Gonna get you out to way yeah. Little baseball. He's dropped a ten spot in the third inning yesterday on Baltimore wind and the nothing there come in for the division you better look out Astros. I got good news for the jays tonight defacing Dylan Bundy. Dylan Bundy is currently tied. Right now with the all time Orioles franchise record for the most home runs allowed by a pitcher. Meanwhile. I think this guy he's hit safely in what 1213 straight we've got to the a's have now won six in a row. The giants doing. It's sort of the opposite I hear. Sort out the longest. Consecutive. Losing streak in San Francisco Giants history eleven in a row. It's time to put a new lie and a new set eyes on that situation someone who doesn't have emotional ties to decisions that need to be made because. Tough tough decisions. Need to be made and that is pretty darn obvious. Jana how you don't go how are you I am doing fantastic I feel that since it's a radio show we need to let everyone know about this new Erica. So it's an important haircut the whole show got a haircut would G honest haircut seven inches. If not a little more yeah I topped it off you still a very long hair right that's how long it was that you know these little changed looks not something different looking good you're having a spic. Tiller hair day if you don't mind me saying thank all the latest hair day is on point out he's wearing a hat so we just do not know how it's going. India. Always great thank you very much. Good news for our good friend. Youngest onto the didn't think you're gonna hear that today right. We've got to sharks news for you to sharks. Have given a little help. They've traded for two Ty Norris award winner Erik Karlsson. Expectations officially now big in San Jose Vegas odds would that trade alone. For Denham win the Stanley Cup it moved. From 21 to twelve to one based on. Erik since then Gunner Carlson which by the way is about as Swedish is a name could possibly be. Erik since then Gunner Carlson. He joins Brent burns and mark Edwards classic giving the sharks like. Three of the best blue liners in the entire NHL. Two time Norris trophy winner back in 2012 and 2015. Before he called washed. It was a runner up for the Norris in the past two seasons as well this guy is very much. In the prime of his career this is good news for. And the San Jose Sharks Ian. When reached for comment Eric spend Gunner Carlson had this to say. Host of current members took their first 20800. Super cool he's pretty excited. What do you think about the sharks' chances in the west from nuclear north Newport. Includes things about the new teammates immigrant group and food. Record 200 issue due to wounded from. Eric spend Gunner Carlson. Is he shirt. We got a great. Slice of show for you today is a matter of fact we're about to introduce you to a weekly gas that word and a half each and every week during football season. From NFL network. And from. The car failing household. David Carr. Is going to be a weekly gas did brother of course of Derek Karr. David is about to join us we're gonna talk to him. About everything his brother faced what's coming up in week two. And really weak too I know we did this yesterday but it's appoint a feel good about a lot of people agreed. Week two is now sort of the new week one. In the NFL and we are going to get the performances. We get this week. Will probably. Tell more about a team's fortunes or misfortunes. In the week one performances we've already seen because a lot of people are put it on the same page for the first time. As a first team offense now. In week one. Not throughout the pre season so this week will be a very very interesting week there are five things about the 49ers roster. I'm officially excited for on Sunday. The first is Dante had a spark to. On the first ball made a couple of plays in his debut that was really good and all askew. What is the last time a 49ers rookie receiver did that. Seriously. Was the last time a rookie receiver for the 49ers did any thing. In his first game in the NFL. Crab tree after a holdout did did maybe do something there I don't I don't know that that hold out made everyone feel so. EC Doocy. About Crabtree to begin with the that I can't really remember what the feelings were when he finally hit the field. And I'm just gonna tell you right now that additional forty niner. Wide receiver that they've drafted or added basically since Crabtree has been one failed Bruce Ellington level experiment after another. The niners have signed. Dressed. Played and gotten zero production. I am about twelve different Bruce Ellington. Over the last handful years just nameless faceless totally irreplaceable. Doesn't really help you wide receivers. One after another after another after another. How long you have to wait for aging Macon agent AJ Jenkins to make his first play. I think approached the waiting for. I'm excited to see if the Shanahan whether or not he dresses employees Richey James why not. It's a more used out there this is a lions' game which is a dots to have that game. Obviously John gruden is debut I will not say that he was out coach put his team got outplayed in obviously. Things did not go exactly. The way they wanted him to the rams came out and we're just a better football team. We know that Derek Karr had a bad game. We know that he is sighing showing signs of of backpedaling. Here in his career and I hope that he turns that around. We said this yesterday and before you bring his brother David in from the NFL network what I like most about. Derek Karr is that he absolutely wore the mistakes he made on Monday night. But saw the dirt underneath us such a report back with my hands obviously that's why looks terrible just floated and landed in the guy's lap so this is one of those they teach you something like that is when the dumbest place you could never half but. It is what it is I knew I should have done since that I was over but if this accident. David Carr here for the NFL network we're gonna be thrilled to bring you David Carr each and every week he's going to be joining us from the set an NFL network's total access which is at 4 o'clock. Out here in the Bay Area were thrilled to have Mon as a guest David thank you very much our use there. Are you doing very well I tell it was a a tough home loss for the raiders on Monday night your brother. He started out hot they marched right down the field Marshawn Lynch carried about. Fifteen football players into the end zone for a very dramatic opening drive to the gruden era. And then reality just sort of sunk in the rams are good. And it seemed like your brother wasn't looking downfield he might have been more concern would what was right in front of them when you look at that rams' front. I don't know if I blame them. Abby knew that it got hot pepper I'll let you get them all out and again. Probably led duke goes pretty much got to look at you but you go back a lot to go to build our diet doctor Eric beat. Lot of guys don't doubt they're there I Beckett about art speak your job. You obviously. Most are locked up. That might have been one shot remarked on the field but they're looking getaway ought to get a great game don't. Get what they want to do but. That they bet that war you know. Gotten a big vote period that you don't cut or engaging. Donald. Dale brown. He's a special players that you got to that they didn't get what they can tell what you did in big old long but. Little bit Doug but I'm not here but I got it they are there you know there were indicating that burst. And no reason I think he did yeah our problem or did. And it but to decrypt it develop the first cut you vote but trailing a big drive but actually our program. Don't all backed up. David one of the things I like most about your brother is he reclaimed his career here in the NFL and hopefully he's in the right position now with a right coach to get the best ball ball out of him. What I like is your brother does not. Run away from adversity like he stood at the podium and he wore. Every single one of his mistakes in the shortcomings of that night like a man. You know it big bet. You know you don't go out and order and if you are even more so you go and that meeting at the net net debt to your your your guys. You know got speed up by way you do it. Little bit Ers beat you can't make you do that you're at that point yourself burst you'd up look at. Everything that you did. Up paying you are not expecting it in ninety and it didn't give bud. And I have you better yet they. Did the region where adults and the unity. You need to hear it or I don't know we need not be better. If you were back in. Don't. Yeah and it dirt eater. Though big big name. And because it didn't actually play and they let what happened. And we don't. Get better a bit. Bigger I think that I'll. Do it. David what are your brother tell you about the sting of veeco Leo Mac trade in that locker room. It's gotta be tough to sell win right now when the best player was shipped out of town and it's sort of resets the reality I think for a lot of guys. It was a difficult thing bigger Derek because you know and we'll get bigger and they're pretty. Bill that most crooked grin that a lot during the walk up and it. Oakmont that day and Donald beat you on them. Expect that and I think it's important portrait artist to do it. You know but it really don't know. Why that. Happened but. You know it didn't catch you know a lot of great dad and I thought Derek. And are surprised what he does it. Ought to get a guy. And that's what he's been doing all year. Edited them or that you get a deal done. There aren't because they can you do that they've played I think all of them going to be. Going to be good and they're gonna be better deeper they were last year even without bill but I I think it you can about it. Mac he dealt with all that. Occurred and don't vote and I think it's gotten better linebackers and secondary. Go to midnight and but does it. Well I mean there's there's no doubt. We're talking would David Carr you can see David throughout the week and NFL. Total access 4 o'clock Pacific time on NFL network across the bay well not really cross the bay but in Minnesota that other quarterback. Jimmy drop below he had three interceptions of his own net against a very good defense just like your brother was facing on Monday night you know when you see. Early struggles is there ever cause for concern right out of the rip when your convinced that the quarterback the general manager. And the coach are all on the same page like sure it was a rough day in Minnesota but I see a lot of positives in net and again they should lost by double digits. Certainty at places like buffalo. RJ you. Know re enter their temper concern in Detroit we. You commit. New coach and it dealt. Get stuck it in that ball you know. They want and all but you know when you're stuck to go or. And Oakland I think it that I coached there I didn't particularly with their back out there I think I'll ask. You did not breed coordinator in the in the league are. What do they do on the gate there and beat up and not hurt. A guy that went back. It and it got most but eat but you don't. Any any copy out there blender. Now they're Jimmy it would be QD bet you bet you'd be bad cramps. You better than what we thought that night no doubt. Go to get better he started to go to. Lotta issues at peak it employed they can you get a little. They don't want that on hitters that can put you on the Internet. No without her big big. He may I did a buy to let her come from hey. Everybody look into it but. We all. And that operate at that everybody based. They're a great job you can you got eight notebook it didn't they have been good date. You don't ever know which ones come on Robyn. You can you can help pick you know there's no doubt guy got beat guy. These guys who you know there's a person outlook thinking you can give you a lot of bad luck you can look bad but. You know due to be good quarterback. I don't example oh last year but every game how dare you to be your goal attempt. Bet that you had that great mindset. A really like it in athletic ability he might be a lot of Erik rock beat him in the pocket. It Billy's old boot up and took it all started back up in our going to be just spotted there's no time. But it never go out there and put it all here. 49ers hosting Detroit on on Sunday and look it's way too early to drop the must win but it's a dot stab at because. There's not a lot of winnable games early in the season schedules for the 49ers. And especially when you look at the lions coming in here with Matt Patricia after four quarters of football there's already stories about how we might be losing some vets in his locker room. And I guess if you overwork. And then under deliver on game day yeah you're asking Ford is a coach is that what Patricia might be facing. Your -- drive you can get better you go out there that you have so much got gotten any gap a different era right now I mean. I played. That good luck and out. They expect by the correct and banking on and did you guys they're collecting nobody give credit where it all you want. Occurred horse though urgent to demand that during. Well at that we're that it the other night. Even try the dog Ella that look pretty big L that you thought you meant that every night in mapped out real brown gave. In college eat at but ballot look at these guys. Out he's at the top Ed what are back now why has been done. Are you don't put up numbers are due to people pretty you know much like Abbott and he could be really special. But they didn't do daddy don't vote. Though they got they're backed up your wallet dot. Gilbert goats that. They're gonna be good logic I expect that put it all up back recover. You can do without him but yet target and attack that deep at. Yeah it definitely be you know I don't know probably no doubt that it Detroit yet. So they're made to be what people would be good but I think you're located at. NFL network's David Carr here on the Damon Bruce show so on that note on the edited the note big guys don't even want pre season anymore. Isn't it weird David in a weird way weak one. Of the NFL regular season is almost now like it's like. It's kind of like a week zero if you will it's it's like it's like week five of the pre season and not what I think in week two is now the new week one. And a lot of these teams especially the rams you know I made the I think the reason why they started slow like all due respect to the raiders. Was because they took the entire pre season and uses them all again first on these guys reclaim my snaps together was first quarter in Oakland. Doubt got a great idea and how are you now you know really you look back at life that your pedigree. Our attitude and repeat we are probably a few more to the big name guy Billups and you don't go to a little bit concerned that all the mob. And we haven't had we have had to return Albert and we want that you don't get it can't control it does trump all of all of that went Oakland. You know and there bode addicted people at traders definitely. Got to port act the other bit that. And that they're not as perhaps the reason he's in the dirt got Laker all it all ended repeat itself. Did you get the ball to keep it gonna build. There's a point but at the games but I think. There are one thing that could get more than sloppy at the Indian internal. You don't admit I mean not big thing. It's important that we have got a good group go weaker view of some bad but we lose our plan but. That the normal that would restrict you don't wanna get their main guys are slippery people and helping out so authority. David Carr awesome stuff we are thrilled to have you on the team all football season long man you're going to be joining us here. On the way into it was today today's Thursday tickets can you be joining us on Thursday is talk in full ball each and every week we're very excited that you in the mix David thank you so much for agreeing to be part of it. And we look forward already the next week talking with the. I got a happy to be here to give but it. Awesome stuff from David Carr again NFL network who were going to be bringing it to you with him. Each and every week you're on 957 game great stuff interesting stuff on week one and how Geist is that you don't they don't want to. Anything to do the pre season anymore. And if you got nothing to do the pre season you better have a good week one debut especially if you're new coach. Looking to get people to buy in is an amazing every single new coach took an L after one week. Big big bounce week week to feels like it matters even more now before. 'cause we're gonna get a real look at what you got how coordinated U Lar wood concept your team wants to show was all season long. Week two is the new week one already for another week one then hopefully you are too how about this tomorrow we're gonna get you ready. For that 49ers lions game when we have our weekly paid how warrior with a forty niner player this week. The rook is gonna join us Mike Glenn G to tackle out of Notre Dame slash guard if you need him to be a guard slash. Hey ask him to kick return if you need that like he's probably want to do to spend anything ask might be a little out of position. But we're gonna have Mike Glenn she join us tomorrow in a no other short show we've been. Holding our breath over these weather situations and hurricanes which were supposed to come. But where did it just didn't come so okay. We got baseball Korea we'll see if Pete he's got another ten spot in them. We'll see what they got against your heels really get jab too little eighties memorials next in the meantime thank you so much to David Carr for joining us from NFL network Schiavo thank you always always thank you Al B thank you may not want told exalt men sit look wants to see more as always money speak. Thank you for tuning in will be back for another short one tomorrow what unhappy about this this is our last short ones. For the foreseeable future let's just say. We're not gonna have to worry about East Coast AE's starts. In about another week that sound good to meet. Hopefully a whole bunch more Damon Bruce show sounds good do you 'cause that is what we're going to bring you next week will be back tomorrow in the meantime Mike Michael and she's gonna join me thank you so much for tournament and remember. Sports don't build character. They reveal it. Like back.