Damon Bruce Show 12-6-17

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, December 6th

On the Damon Bruce Show, Damon talked about the Warriors in Charlotte for tonight's game and also the Athletics Stadium deal. 


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Good to be with you good to be Whitfield hello hello and welcome welcome we got ourselves a warriors Wednesday driven by Porsche Walnut Creek a 2017 premier Porsche dealer. And a little Friedman's appliance trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. We had about 22 minutes left. Before warriors warmup begins at 330 this afternoon Kerry Keating will be in for the hour along with Marc spears were looking forward to that it's going to be a very good warriors warmup we are an awful lot talk about then. Among us is having a better David Quinn cook. This is your day Quinn cook this guy's about to be the greatest commercial the G league has ever had. Welcome it's good to have you Gionta. Let's spend all the quality time that we possibly can together in the next 25 minutes because that's all the time we have accident and relished every moment I hope he can I hope you do we got a great show tomorrow we're gonna have a full showed tomorrow is the warriors move on from Charlotte. To Detroit for the final game of the six game road trip season long Mike silver is gonna join us tomorrow warriors head coach Steve Kerr is gonna join us tomorrow. We're gonna circle back. With forty niner tackle Joseph Staley tomorrow we're gonna talk with him. We're gonna have Scott Bair all over the raiders and chiefs my friend Bob Tesco from Kansas City. Where did things go wrong for the Kansas City Chiefs how did they go from five and one. To a three way tie. For the division that they thought that they were gonna win I wonder Bob still thinks they are going to win the division. Huge huge game. Coming up this weekend. For the raiders big game tonight for Quinn cook. This is a guy was just turn it up in the G league for. The Golden State Warriors will relieve the Santa Cruz warriors. That's their name he's a Golden State warrior he's a starter tonight. You were Santa Cruz warrior and now your teammates are Kevin Durant. Dream on green clay Thompson. Andre Iguodala. Unbelievable. He called it's called up the start for step curry who's obviously going to be out with the ankle his last six games. Have come against these Sioux Falls sky force the Oklahoma City blue. The Reno big mourns the real grundy vipers the Texas legends in the Iowa wolves tonight it's the Charlotte hornets a. He'll law. He starts for the defending champs tonight. And I'm serious this is like when you play a game on your phone and all of a sudden you level up. Quinn cook is just leveled up. And a big time way hey he's been ready he's 35 minutes in nine the 25 points eight assists five rebounds soldiers average is he shooting 50% from the floor 42% from three. 92%. From the free throw line. These are good numbers this guy won a national championship at duke. He was the rookie of the year last year. And by bringing him up Steve curtain keep they cautious eye on Shaun Livingston's minutes. The need to gas him out just to get to this road trip no McCaw tonight is still. What dealing with a nose injury after he got clobbered in the last game so. Little bit of an issue for players that Steve Kerr is to move around tonight should make this game interest thing really should look forward to it. We're gonna have a great warriors warmup starting. In about 25 minutes Kerry Keating and Marc spears. Degree get paid in bit points. We're just talking about big points before the show started. Rarely I should have invested in big points. Only Dick once you have. Am I think I mean don't even know I can afford just a wine but I'm looking into it out a bit coins would it take for the Oakland a's get a new stadium built. Or need a few good job. The Oakland days are not me stop if you heard this one before everybody I don't forget sticker waitresses and tried to deal stop me if you heard this before. The Oakland a's are not going to be moving to the site that they were talking about moving to. They're not going to Peralta Laney college site. I mean this is why folks this is why we can't have nice things. I'm not down on Dave gavel but a little disappointed. I really am I'm disappointed because. How do you go. Through everything you went through in public only to be turned around in denied. The land that you're talking about building on like where did you come out publicly. That this is gonna be the direction you're going and we haven't even agreed with the direction. You're actually going in. It had some strong support from the chance Serb but I it's shocking that it just everything stops abruptly quickly. Sent feigned something went wrong there. Something went deeply wrong there. Somebody shouldn't have been poking around there may be to be debt wit. Like it just seems. I wanna say amateurish. It's so aids it's so unbecoming what this team is owned by John Fisher who was. Nothing short of the third or fourth richest owner in Major League Baseball the skies were two and a half billion dollars. And you're you're you're just jerking around with this nonsense I mean stop making it's so hard stop making it harder than it really aids. Take this site the you already have. It's about to be all of you worse. I don't care here's what DA's are starting with the they decide. Let's try to make this situation right where we are better here's what you got. You got the biggest parking lot in northern California. You've got to Bart station all your own you've got easy access to a highway. Stop making this harder than it is to a spot to the left or right of oracle. And build that they are. Make it nice make it friendly we'll make it spring training. At the Major League level. Tech on a few unique bells and whistles. The picnic area for the families. I didn't go ahead and a lot of African break into electric Bogle to build Dan children Saturn start raising money by having break dancing competitions. His duel it. Can do it. What what is ORACLE Arena gonna be there are they gonna tear that down or Zach can mistake the coliseum is a footprint. It allows you. A chance to build and that got a terror all down that you got to footprint to build and their or if you play in the coliseum while you're building something new to the writer left you build an open the new things the right or left of the existing ballpark. Then you tear down the existing ballpark. Turn that into shopping plaza batting cage northern California baseball youth explosion academy. What ever. Like I could throw a rock. It hits for people with a better idea than the days after their own future. I seriously. Two hours. Could put together a better plan than the eighties it had twelve years to put together. Pretty much have this nailed down by 5 PM. One of the things were not gonna do is pick the site of an existing college and say it could you do us a favor Jamal your college Soros. A lot to ask. Can't this. Might if we take up the entirety of your campus by building on it do you think they're gonna go for this. There wasn't enough. By a narrow margin the a's were voted down because one noisy neighbor wouldn't stop complaining. Now is like the entire big campus voted. Oh thank you. Time it's just crazy and it's easy to turn around and say hey Oakland you make a really hard to do business. And I'm amino BA's at any business picking a site and identifying it as their future home to begin with sounds like they didn't. Sounds like they were may be getting close to a deal that they should have vetted a lot more carefully before they went so public would this announcement. I gotta tell you I'll be produces the show does a hell of a job Al these other job is producing the ace Twitter handle. Which still today as the news broke that this wasn't happening their pin tweak. On their social media page was the plans to build that Laney college channel. An hour after its public. That they're not going to be building this stadium. They're pinned to tweet was that they're going to be building the stadium. Like I seriously can't help you. If you can't help yourself. You know what what is the biggest problem. What is the single biggest hindrance to anything getting done. Is you. How do you deal would that. Like what are the biggest enemies the Oakland a's have the Oakland days that's a problem isn't it. I under I don't understand how John Fisher. Has any pride in his family name family business that he inherited. Like his parents started the gap. He was handed. Everything in life. John Fisher could have been nothing but. Johnny bad decisions he's a billionaire. Just by waking up in the morning of the sun rises he's a billionaire. Is there any pride and ownership. This guy loves his art galleries this guy loves series. Fancy things in life he is baseball's. Preeminent slum lord. Have some pride in that town at the U occupy that you live in. That you own end. Do something this is like buying. A beautiful San Francisco Victorian. And then just letting it go to crap on the outside you never mow the law on the play that changes all flicking off the molding is just milk it I mean. How do you have something so valuable. But do nothing to take care of it. Delphi plant that Rose Garden I'd water I'd prune it. I gingerly. Make sure everything's coming up and and I'd take care of it and I would smell the roses because that's what you're doing this for the whole labor is you win joy it. John Fisher enjoy single moment of his eighties ownership. Get together with friends and go to the game as he apologized. To his friends. For the state of his team as he showing off his team who his friends. He liked my wife points on what just happened to show up at the house and all of sudden she's like oh well I'm so sorry that the -- look you know but I haven't painted the living room that I haven't bought a new doubt that we haven't ruled out the red carpet that there isn't a you know lots are in the oven for you right now I mean you know Mike honey we've we want have been expecting this company its okay that they just showed up it's okay that. In a dead dog toys on the middle of the living room floor they're not judging us she takes pride in her home where she does actually if for dogs. She does and there's no way my wife would be cool with anybody coming over to see Mel Davis in the when general. She got a much got what it cleaned that up. A judge should be patient taking pride and his team the feature of the team their location where it's supposed to be. Just amazing that this and that you make this announcement without just. Making sure that all roads lead to Laney college because it's I mean they clearly. Hitting huge roadblock right today they've basically they had three options stay where you war. Howard terminal or Laney college and the option they picked was apparently one of the three option they completely wasn't available to them. Like serious like. I'd I'd I just I I don't even understand how you can look at yourself in the mirror and take yourself seriously at the next group meeting. I recommend this highly to be Oakland based bring in Damon Bruce. Your next meeting you desperately all need me because I've watched you for twelve years would earlier thumbs to a collective nothing. You're at square one square one was identified twelve years ago. You're at square 112 years into your search your act square one you haven't taken a step. You almost took a step. In the step of pulled right out from underneath the how is this even possible. You know and John Fisher gets to what. Never faced the music. Never once go to a press conference. Never once face the wrath of and what it interview with me Tim Telecom meek. Anyone in this market who might actually ask a question. He's just. The nameless. Faceless billionaire. Who does nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing. I just I I I don't understand. I don't understand how you can be handed something in the life. Maybe that's the problem that was handed to you say you don't appreciated everything you have to stand T. Your boo and Gotti was handed to you your six car garage was hand to you year. Are working your home was handed to you New York. Your parents left you everything an absolute pile of money in a fortune in a mansion in Pacific heights. So nothing is ever mattered. I mean that's out I I you know like please prove that you're not some rich mock was useless. We're waiting. We are waiting we are waiting you warrant incompetent owner. Period end of story have some pride in what you owned. It is called pride and ownership. I don't care they got to go to Fremont. If I'm if I'm the this is by the way this is how the a's get to Portland everybody. This is how the Las Vegas a's come about. If you really think to your squatting on the idea that eventually you're gonna get to San Antonio wake up and smell the Larry Baer he smarter than you that would be a stupid move to the giants you'll never get it. If I were Larry Baer would look at my territorial rights and I would have a teacher did said over my dead body. There's no way the giants are coming off a shredded the peninsula. DA's can't figure it out surrounded by what how many people live in the east bay five million people what is it. You're surrounded by five million people you can't put 32000 a ballpark and the night. You can't give hot dogs away. A product fell. Amir did they ask you these families says paid money to do something to be the stadium that day it eat too. Watch a team that doesn't go anywhere to be as stating that kind of sucks right now you gotta give some something. Back he can't just keep doing this over and over again. It just it's it's how many times can you cry wolf in this case it's not blue wolf. It's stadium wolf. It's just crazy. Dave travel still has to be pinned tweet on his account saying. A great day for Oakland and athletics. The date at Laney college was announced as as the site yet it's not a great. It's just not agree. I it's just I I you know. We'd love to what about this base help us pretend your interest and publish even pretend you're trying would you please. Is your flagship station is the afternoon hosted your flagship station would you help us pretend. You guys got your act together. I've seen Little League tournaments more organized. I've had birthday parties around the batting cage come off without. Did you is it it it's just it's crazy to me. Crazy to me you've got one of thirty things in the entire world. You've led a layer of rust to build on it that. I'm sorry you're rooted in Oakland hash tag in your food trucks doesn't disguise anymore. And I really liked the food trucks. You and I and I love the vibe of aids fans when he go to games but it's just had enough is enough. A's fans are great fans they deserve to be so much they deserve so much better than this. They have been reduced to being a second class citizen not by the giants but by their own ownership. The eighties enemy is not the San Francisco Giants the eight enemy is aids ownership aids. I just IIIIIII. Can't deal with another step what are we gonna do the next time DA's announced they've got a stake for the for the stadium. Blowing and don't get a report that. You stop or talking about. I remember when we stop talking about whatever the hell it is we were talking about when we were doing the what whatever show we were in the middle ought to talk about our riled up. Laney college everybody. Oh isn't that exciting. They've got an idea that won't even be in in fruition verse it's more years but let's start talking about it today although. Never mind. I. Did we say we found a site what we met was were to have another neighborhood association. Brit slap us. The swap meet site that we occupied. This is literally the first twenty minutes of the movie where some kid. Wins the power ball on bonds baseball team this the first thirty minutes of that bad plot terrible movie set up. Some kid was in an accident with farming equipment and he somehow now owns a Major League game. Got run over by a stretcher came out of that would John pitchers money somehow. Any thing. Just once in your life. Like American. A's fans shafted shafted shafted lied to shafted. Oh by the way had to get your deposits in for next she during the season tickets. How many people were already sold season tickets under the premise that Laney college is gone. This is how. Stroke to electorate mogul Lou happens. And what better. Better chance. He's get a stadium all right stroke out again. 8889 by 79570. Damon back in the hospital you actually got a new. New place to watch a baseball game what happens first right now I would bet. Slowly. On my second stroke. At them would there. But Canada. This is nuts. It's LA's and so the days. It's not it's. But Matt Williams is in new third base coach everyone that's pretty exciting thank Alan and third base coach Stan. Start with an interview yesterday start the wind. Start to win. The big and a so. This sum up this week in Bay Area baseball if I may. The giants might have Stanton. They might have a Tommy. The days. Still have a Bart stop. That's this week in baseball. You're in the Bay Area. Crazy by the way we actually have some well I mean nobody knew who would get a sound bite. Derek Jeter on a Florida radio show talking about Stanton is arguably. The best player in the game just won the MVP award as one of the greatest seasons and I've seen a player have in the last twenty plus years around. There's nothing to update you know while I I think the best way to answer this. Listen we will explore every option out there to make our organization better. There have been no decisions we we have not made. Many decisions whatsoever on the baseball side so we're still gathering information. And dies and is there something to share I'll be more than happy to share it but. And heating up until this point has been speculation and and one thing I've always tried to do is is a far away from speculation and rumors because there's a lot of them out there and if I addressed every single rumor that was out there we we constantly talk. Mary goes to Derek Jeter talking a little bit about Stanton from 9:40 AM in Miami it's their hot stove show. Like Jeff hasn't told us nothing's gonna happen at the winner meetings and concerning the case in their stadium nothing's gonna happen in perpetuity. We are gonna see something happen to the warriors starting lineup. A kid named Quinn cook joins us tonight and we are gonna talk all about that coming up next a little warriors warmup and no time better than the present considering. I don't think I could talk about John Fisher anymore today thank you very much for quick cap our we've got Marc spears we've got. My buddy Kerry Keating coming in Gionta and I release you to your own recognizance. Have a nice day thinking enjoy yourself Al beef thank you appreciated. In the meantime remember sports don't build character they reveal. I like that.