Damon Bruce is joined by Steve Kerr

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, April 17th
Damon is joined by Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, as the Warriors head to San Antonio up 2-0 on the Spurs. 

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What's also cool as when Steve Kerr stop somebody to talk with a us playoffs. He still donut that's awesome. Steve Kerr brought to you by Mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy mattress. And brought you by the bay club get more debate club more boxing will pick up games more laps in the pool visit big club more. For a three day pass to get started Steve thank you very much for joining us and congratulations. To nothing looks pretty good over San Antonio doesn't. We've done really good job but long way to go obviously. A great way and especially given that. Personally can not played well played hard and gotten to a I. I like our responsiveness and now. Didn't think the spurs were good enough to win game one but like you said I did think that they played well enough to win game two LaMarcus Aldridge obviously had a fantastic. Game. What did you think woke up the spurs was he your effort that Gregg Popovich tried to match emotionally in game two. I think this is pretty predictable. In the playoffs you should watch him out of game one they're gonna come out much better games you everybody's play going to be really good. You know that. And you're part of team that has so much tradition and history it's only guy who. A bit nervous or what Parker and Ginobili especially the alterations in the playoff for years sort. It's just to be expected their effort was much better their defense flows were sent out in the first and it's this is what playoffs are about. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr here on the Damon Bruce show what though good atmosphere Steve are you expecting in game three because you know spurs fans. There have been other on borrowed time they've been watching playoffs for 21 years and around now and I'm sure that they're going to be. You know into game three but not necessarily up for game three have you talked about your team may be creating its own energy per game for. Florida have two little spurs have been on fire all that's really bizarre and you know losing every road game I think it offered eleven straight road games Arabia may be wrong but it's close. They want like eight or nine straight home games sold its wholly different cheese there. And you don't well so where one didn't. And the momentum changes so let's look going to be her focus students you know we're still a lot give one game and and and have a home game. On Sunday to tie the series are so simple as that on our mind set out to be the exact topic but god gives this first one it. And really you know. What are. Most head coaches wouldn't announce that they were surprised by any aspect of their team in fear that someone would be like well why is any aspect of your team's surprising New Year's Day head coach. But you're not like any other head coach and I think you might answer this honestly Steve says anything about your team surprised you. Or have you really been expecting this effort to just pop up with the playoffs all. Well I did expect these plans to get dramatically better than it has sold that's been. Really positive obviously an executable thing no matter who your point where you got a mixed up. That every team brilliant stiffer challenges all so yeah we knew what dispersal review committee and decide they've. Prepared well for us. World's biggest thing is I'm just pleased to have our effort. I thought we are much better in game one. Would we missed a lot of box out last night we had more mistakes so. We're gonna have to be tighter and and better in game three. Straight month grain he really is the barometer of this team's emotions and if he's feeling frisky the whole team feels frisky. And if he's not bolting doesn't necessarily feel frisky good news coach he's frisky right about now. Yeah you're part well. You know EU and under paper. Burgess is so good he's sensible thing and the way to acquire up. And and we need this situation. All there's a lot of switch in what quarter and a pair a lot of readings circumstances. When you got a whole group of players out there were so personal letters and KB. Drain on law today made it an edge that makes it gained so much easier and was scheduled to an old joke. So you told me all year long we ask you about this all year long are you worried about Andrei not once did you say you worried about Andrei and it turns out you're right. Caught. Would cut guy looks like he's running around 126 year old kids legs right now. The well it's I'll bring out the best in guys who are. You know maybe nearing the end of their careers. Then all struggled that you did in the same period from Ginobili over the world or five years in a joke Jamal who's forty about it. Still coming into playoff games in making an impact. And Andre is obviously about what type pictures behind him. But just all the way that you get to a certain age you can't bring it traded chew straight. On terms of the energy and they let them bite. Between games. The hope that you there. Go inside out what you almost but don't we lost their for just the second. Sorry Lee Ki Yemen I gotcha yeah I thought I'd just like. The bastion and I'd like like Andre who grew Jews they know what to do what they know they've conserved some energy over the course a year ago. Did you lean over to you throughout the regular season in just the kind of whispered you're like don't worry I'll be April. Norton. Steve Kerr here on 957 game so curry seems to be in great spirits there on the bench he's going to be traveling with the team to San Antonio how the ball. Is staff. During. The walk up to these games either as a halftime voice. On pre your post game voice in that locker room how involved is he with the team's business. Beyond being a spectator as he waits to get ready to play. Well as much as you can be you know but when you're not playing. Means you're just not. If not harder they're doing rehab all the trees on the floor and so there's always an operation which. Is difficult to deal with as a player you are used to being you know part of the action. Well what's just doing behind the scenes you know each. He's talking and aquarium and he's offering to bite and so huh. Polling blame on aside the Tutsis something. You know he's in the soul sessions are old rocker subject or shelved that job. It just different you know when they're not planning leaders in the original course and as a corporation there. By the way and master stroke great idea to give Quinn cook all the room he needed to come off the bench and not put him in the starting line up which just you know like hey Gregg Popovich you're looked you're looking for a guided test Syria is in the first minute of the game like a really good move to go and Andre I think. Well you know that we do is basically made. To put RD our best defensive line up on the floor. Under is obviously one of our best to try near regime. They'll quit using it looks very good defender but he's six feet tall and so he's you know he's vulnerable are very so it just made sense to. Our record of a big range he. Whine about where they switch shouldn't communicate and and caused an applicant and so are the you know lineups don't really look. Steve JaVale McGee was close to to not returning last offseason and now is one of the biggest reasons why you're too now in this series he's been fantastic and I think his. Played his best basketball. Certainly in game one of this series is opening 910 minutes on the floor were amazing. I mean. Agree job Aldridge altered your virtual mode in this guys are good and difficult and so. Good to have you they'll look like that isn't home to me she tried. Toward some of what LaMarcus to and other great negligent or he can just kind of you know he used his speed and leaping ability it. You give us or five groups. And you know without stamped we need that extra scoring punch so he got it all those first few games JaVale in. That a big factor towards. Marcus has been really good by the way I think he's gonna try to do a spin move over his right shoulder you might sound pass and on the coach isn't quite to get ready to play McCain three. But you know I I have to ask you and I know you're always reluctant to talk about another team's player but isn't this situation that the spurs are going through with why Leonard a little odd. It has spread again it's not my business so. You know I'm not gonna comment on it's. So your we gotta we gotta battle our team vodka. His team. Who is better putting up a quiet thirty point performance Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan. Walter came category in the in that regard you know they just do it so usually. Some argue there and just look outlets like trip last liar or an error which. The origin seen Gregor and I look up to the scoreboard and Kevin got thirty. That's. And the ultimate compliment when you can score that easily amount smoothly. Just shows an archer. Do you think there's any chance the NBA takes a second look at the flagrant the drain money had called on him last night may be resents it. Well we are we probably. Inquired and Obama should. Checked in with the lead on and I don't know what can result of but you know it's a standard protocol there's a flagrant or technical. Purely you communicate with the league the trigger out and find out what they're thinking well it I don't expect anything changing from. Do you anticipate David West availability. And playing in game three. I don't so he told me last night that the spring wasn't too bad. And I have not seeing him today nor. Spoken with our Chinese style so we'll what we have today Optimus and I applied its editorial tomorrow morning in brackets yet there so a lot of better idea that you moral. And thanks to another injury for you guys write so you still might. Steve again I thought we're gonna talk to a little bit later this week thank you so much for joining us today I didn't think we'd get you in between. Games in the series here's so really appreciate your time thank you wish you very good luck. Thursday night in San Antonio and and we would love you to get this sucker done in four or five to go six games. Can interfere with the NFL draft and I got a big NFL draft on Marty prepping so we need this over by five coach if you could. Thank you very very much I appreciate it to act. Steve thank you. Good stuff Steve Kerr always a pleasure to talk to your 957.