Damon Bruce is joined by Quinn Cook

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Friday, April 20th
Warriors guard, Quinn Cook, joins the Damon Bruce Show to discuss the Warriors 3-0 lead over the Spurs and his journey to the NBA. 

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We have now seem Quinn cook test the playoffs. We've seen Quinn cook stepped into the NBA and pass a whole bunch of tests this year. Really one of the remarkable stories one of our favorite stories and he has given this team what it's needed. When they've needed it the most and now he joins us here on 957 the game. Warriors guard Quinn cook couldn't ask to join us on the Damon brew show thank you for your time Quinn how you don't one man. On the good match actually have a. Good to have you first things first. Like way to become the guy who stuck with the in worked hard. For everything that he like let guys get handed careers some guys work hard for careers. You worked really hard for your career man I respect the hell do you right now you don't need to do another thing the fact that you made stuck to it. I love I love that story man congratulations. Now appreciate them when the world's. There's just something. About my server always instilled in these origin without polished. You know believing in something upon returning in the that's something not all the hoopla. Quinn at what point in time this year did you really think if I keep shell when my value it's gonna be really hard to leave me off this playoff roster given the circumstances these teams around did you start thinking about it. Before it happened very kind of the guy. Who just lets it all come to you day by day. Yeah I used to be their dad you know restore so. They'll start to anticipate being or don't Sparky Dolan mr. skeptical this all black couple songs are just trying to can't change it. You know I have a good game was about star couple weeks ago and it aren't well so. I can beat this sort of due date but this year it was just more about the understandable. Just in the taken you know every day. All we're trying to win every day at the practice trauma or as part of our current every game try to. Stay consistent anyway and it is murder. Or that's what I've dated now what early in Ottawa the federal cliche you. Note that you just. So I don't like what to think about it I don't know what I really know what that they can probably play or so are you shall be known as Charlotte own. Do whatever was possible for us to quit the east game. Let's don't. Don't put a little twelve last. Warriors guard Quinn cook here on the Damon per showing Natalia how you blended in with your new teammates really says an awful lot of value to. The unique relationship that you've had since childhood with Kevin Durant like oh let's be honest that can't that can't hurt you're right could a. But I can't phone bill kept her focus that a Big Brother should be. All I ever since I was you know and even this. If not in place that's what can still work will be critical Sloan does so far to go back and so close where. And to have a guy like that so you don't waste and so you know all has been buying virtual must session. He's like. You know the perfect role model and the guy that. So he's he's got a group that will probably do a better person. Special by little mogul that you. So getting your first taste of the playoffs. I have to ask is it much different in the NBA's regular season. A little different how have you felt the difference between the end of the regular season and the beginning of the playoffs. Followed the intensity is. One another level Almonte they late in the season the regular season. We were playing against teams will find that trial Blount. And you know are so every game that we played against those and like you saw you know slight Indian and that's why Milwaukee. All okay see replace legacy came to a fight for the twelve and it was a playoff at their playoff feel. Let alone is still ahead of next to what youngster summer games just every possession of this corruption of god where. You know just play actual power play actually garden. And the crowd's always into every possession it's. Some condition or injury on what you care really don't share that it'll quickly get disability plan again. He might be a little bit older than you had Tony Parker guy knows what he's doing doesn't make. Mayor it's crazy. They'll be guarding them as. Trying to get channel could are cool watching him now. Quite standard dvd call ankle breakers and he had like a stitch in British segment on our glue you know. Watching him. To be guarding him ever get a ballot. Do we we we that's a back and forced. He knows that talk insured people who talks with each other week graduated or car church it. Don't talk a little bit very gently led by an army is sort of just look. No Beagle and a book are get a guy like that he still you know is sort of has got they learn the G. Either really really good player. You have to balance being excited to meet an opponent with a competitive and still you're supposed to have and I mean I. Oh yeah well you know what most of our global. Especially in my in my first year or work year. All adopt more tram rather than just. You know being a player but now we have got over treaty is all my title and stuff like they're so balanced just just one of the game. Not obviously have a relationship been. And it has tobacco or without were not directly you know what one outplay that guy in do whatever it takes to win. Warriors guard Quinn cook. In your ankle breaking dvd was the best ankle breaker. Almost like Jason Williams out there are they grant to White Sox lose daylight chart with they way they did a segment. A little bit we have mentioned before when he sent struck Alberto. And out out of out of those concentrator. Grace and Allen wasn't on the highlight tape. Warrior or a fair enough yeah. But by the way I just on such a college basketball junkie I got to ask you Cameron indoor or oracle in the playoffs what's latter. Oh cool new. Well yeah. They both have over. So the authentic home. They're both basketball experience. We want what you can do detail where are an arena or stadium more fan bases just. You don't share or report what their team because they're Google. So occurs they're the best player of the leader where cover stories about like Stephen Jackson. All bought tickets first dinner here. It in Oakland they told their. The best part of it is time no clue what the wars will be afraid that this they were pretty good days there were eight get. But if that's because it. And their two time champions they're recently. Or there or almost been like this you know pharmaceutical event of the Santa does all the regular target teacher. A home. You know they don't little would have barriers of where the most I ever know. Love love love to bask Wausau Arcadia are you decide that there are these. How much Quinn did you talk to step curry. About being staff Curry's still ahead. Like I mean you have so much responsibility elect and what we'd like you to do Quinn is common in duplicate the production of basically one of the greatest shooters of all time. And by the way you know I mean your 5049. In the G league you're nearly 5049 DA in the NBA it's amazing what you have done given the show him how big they are that you have to fill. You know world that were culpable what coach curt never talked a while. The only company in the incident is being stepped turn out of nowhere near there so all. The steps you just wanna be to beat me all you know can't like last night terms that are passed a shot seek legal fees. He was just more help because a lot of equity practice. Come and it or anything like that soak. Or home. No doubt that they feel comfortable it actually be able as you know he's gaining at least he still searching each option weren't so what stepped. You know he picked to lead it you don't expect me to do we is just. Or hip just he always want to play my game PS at present there are and those are your career. You know to have a guy like dead and everybody working person coach Kirk. Well distributed to be much so all. No it's tremendous base from our confidence are aggressive are are you on the credit. A martini bar coaches and front office. Well can they gave her confidence this year. Quinn cook warriors guard here on 957 the game it's a pleasure to have mind. We have a text line and is open here. Somebody's like mental Quinn he's got an amazing handled but he doesn't need to dribble so much because traveling is legal in the NBA doesn't know that who. Are younger. And probably the right way to go about it. Obviously news out of the G league that everybody is gonna be getting a raise of about seven yeah everyone's going to be an inkling a minimum 35000 dollars in the G league obviously I hope. You know that that's that's behind you now you certainly are an NBA player. Thinking back on your G league days. What was that legal like where you were you excited to be there to frustrate you being there. How hard is it to live that lifestyle. I would never excited to be either home or are they until saarc also ordered to stand not to use as motivation. Also any parallels there and I want to be the best got to leave and not so hooks a small rookie year. On two years ago every time but I was paragraphs the best player out there and you know sometimes call a lot of pro situations where a certainty he would actually be you know. You know my agent or always or you OK are you good yup yup I'll always our comes. Announced plans backed the war professional wrestler even though he probably didn't. 2400 dollars and more that would democracy where I was concerned about getting better every day. And it's trying because it's a monitoring and a stake there. You know what house staff argues it doesn't as a tool that uses that they are kind of the compare what soak it in BA in I think it maybe more Hungary. They'll come so. You know being a McDonald American. Beat Oliver and at duke. And where national championship when they're there. All of as the underdog and there are still have that mentality here of the underdog and other political backing and the artist though there are alone they're good for long term. It's national lookalike day anyone ever tell you look like Jay call. Barbara. For some some anti Klein says did you ever get mistaken for. I'll boo boo. The a seal the matter I I get told it looked like Seth Rogen an awful lot and I got to admit I do a little bit I really don't know I don't know that's a good thing for yourself but it's true. Give me one good coach K story. Oral. Gimme gimme gimme coach K losing it in practice who Danielle at the most. Cuomo. Who did you yell at the most. More than you know just what Serb clarity you. Yeah out all vote as attain collectively. Don't there'll be terms. On where you know we'd be ordeal thirty. And then we got you know not give backward because it would not be that sharp. We should be used up like that that you can order and Marco were third you are swarming with. Now he's prepared us for no return to live in their own tree could have spiraled. It also. He he he he was very fiery very competitive barely saw all of forty our biggest barriers and the only Thomas Moore while you know like the bat well also there's already stories. Aren't scared but he they are just more particularly want. You got a memo loan then maybe next time you'll have won four square and I do hope we get to talk to again real soon. Because this was a pleasure man it really is an and I mean it's great. Two CU realizing your dreams I think it's. In a warrior fans are just excited that you've become a good player for them. I think warrior fans are very excited that you realize your dream and were written watch you do it and that's been. Part of the fun of this season so we're very very happy for you continued success. With your team and so more or an absolutely Quinn cook Golden State Warriors.