Damon Bruce is joined by Kevin Harlan

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, April 19th

Play-by-play broadcaster for TNT who has the call tonight for Warriors-Spurs Game 3, Kevin Harlan, joins the Damon Bruce Show. 


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Welcome back to 95 set in the game and welcome back to Kevin Harlan simply the best play by play man. To be seen in the NBA to be heard and you'll be hearing him seeing him tonight he's got the call in San Antonio on TNT Kevin Harlan. Offline down hearted great to have you again. Or anybody. Good to be David always a pleasure to join you we just spent trampled they've done in the Bay Area which was. Terrific rob I'll wipe out there for the first couple games sort of enjoyed that. Now I got a sunny day here in San Antonio is that this jury should cheer and spurs are against the wall because no team has come back trio deficit to win and so. You have the warriors get them tonight. San Antonio for all intents and purposes is done. Now there's no doubt about it day you sort of found themselves in a tough situation in the warriors found themselves in this series and it looks like it's playing out like many prognosticate did. Eight twist tonight though really does put so much basketball on the back burner the sad story of Greg Popovich his wife passing away. You know we don't hear much about. Players' lives coaches lies behind the scenes and rightfully so it's this private family matter I had no idea that. Gregg Popovich his wife was suffering any ailment it's certainly surprised mean. You know the relationship that the NBA has with the itself and and what their relationship between Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich is a prolific friendship. It's is going to be a tough game for all involved tonight I think it's going to be one you're tougher assignment soon in terms of calling game tonight and interesting tone to be said in San Antonio. Well I don't think Reagan as an enemy in the league he is loved by his team and certainly the fans here in San Antonio. The media recover from here I think they appreciate. All the things he's done and you know he can be a little sarcastic at times but. I think there's a lot of show or not a lot of real. You know trying to get below the belt I think you really dislikes to have fun with them. And so that's been kind of a drop back to what we're going to right now usually. We come across great use. Is incredibly. Honest. Without. Very. Sincere. And show decided that I never see publicly when we agree with. As a network before the games here is. Is forthcoming and it's kind it is fox full. Air as any coach I come across in any sport. But it's interesting game and I had never. Wants asked him a question about his wife I'd never really asked him about his family. In over twenty years dealing with pop. Before game two in Oakland a couple nights ago. Before we shut the door and said his office were rated talk basketball we usually a couple perhaps we get into. The business of the game. He says I got to show you guys some before we even start talking about and pulled others like camera is. Is iPhone and he shows a video of this five year old granddaughter Bridget. As saying in on tape good luck tonight poppy. Love you and I I thought I got that. I've known this guy for over twenty years we've never talked about his two children his two grandchildren his wife. Anything. And that's the first thing he brings out these says this is just put so all in perspective. So whether and we know his his late wife Erin who died at. 67 yesterday had it had been battling a long time respiratory illness that's really bottle you know since the mid ninety's. Greg obviously had a note that were helped where his words not good weather has been. Declining in the recent days or weeks you know no one knows but I just thought in light of what happened. Yesterday the passing of his wife of 41 years. In game showing at this video for the first time he'd ever try to pull back the curtain on his personal life. It really stuck with us so. Anyway. Your we all and we know you mentioned Steve Kerr and Greg is a great personal friend he's a mentor for Steve. ST there's very few went towards but with two of Amara Gregg Popovich and soldier action. She trusts both his coaching book would be. You know would be probably filled with their schemes and plays and dictates and everything else that it goes in the coaching. So we know artists will be around studies and Greg ruled out coached art percent Antonio. We don't know if he'll watch we're assuming each. Probably keep track of the store because is his team it is is is or isn't huge part of his wife and his wife. Would put that for all these years. So yeah I mean it just it Greg is requested to not be a moment of silence before the game. It will not be any thing to recognize her passing. To honor her passing. I think tonight on TNT you'll open up with David Aldridge has been covering this series practice. In every game but it's so far. So great for you know decades like all of us. And he's gonna open up or broadcast tonight get on with the business of basketball will pay tribute to grade and family and and and his wife his late wife and but there is a game to be played and that's that's kind of thing about. Losing a loved one is that is life continues to move on who retire. Life moves on who lose a loved one there's sympathy and there's public favor is. Concern and thoughts and prayers but. Wife moved thought that I think are great wanted for his team want to forward the failed to disperse them and I think that. That that will be somewhat the tone as you go into this game three tonight. Kevin Harlan he'll have the call tonight it couldn't be in any better hands I know you'll strike the perfect call cordon. Absolutely honored Gregg Popovich whose wishes to lead basketball come through indeed the story tonight. I'm sure you and your your entire crew at TNT will handle everything with the utmost professionalism. Hey I know that you had a conversation Kevin with Steve Kerr about stepped Curry's status and for a moment there we heard three weeks. And everyone who roots for the warriors. Got a little nervous and and Steve said that there was a miscommunication between you two. Tell us about the conversation end and where you are now wins us after. Well I can go you verbatim what was said. Rewritten their agreement Ridder who is perhaps the best beater relations director in the NBA great tennis there are per. You have a good producer director. Our producer JR Randolph. David Aldridge all of same recorder Reggie Miller. And myself and we were asking you questions and you must know now that this is Steve and I work years on the two KN BA. Game you'd been a part of that. Steve and I and board games together for years to Ian tree. Like I affect have been texting with the mall or. And dom we did a little. Video frame for. Which I can't really get into full gear up there for one of their coaches anyway. Yeah. Are now the now gets out of the bag and you care about what is it about Perry loves video you wanted to do here can go anywhere I don't know what. The latest dance step and this is doubles for freedom what he would serve and I checked it out that I heard him correctly with David. This morning and our production meeting and I and Steve says well he's been out three weeks. Normally an MCL spring. Take six weeks to heal fully. We're in weeks three so you can do the map. And that would net and you did the men and and I did the math that I fought men out there obviously because it's a lot of people. Earlier writers of particular right no facing. I know the writers out there are facing a lot of pressure from the trans. Same thing you know we need it when they're going to be bad elected no one's saying any right so I guess when Glenn we're not. Bicameral limited down to get that little bit better than operation which. That is how I took it it was three weeks. But but the doctors are I think are probably telling. The team it's gonna be less than Ment that steam as we know always operates on the side of caution. That's what he was telling me. And and maybe even serve early on to the media out there and they've just kind of you know forgotten Bentley watts they'll work and now they felt like hey wait a minute dispute short than. There's six weeks of rehab usury Barack. You know it's Peters said from the very beginning. He's not gonna play in the first round Welker one on what is it going on for weeks here in the next. Copilot days like pass the weekend I think will be at the premium for a week marks so. It won't be too far away from from six weeks but that's exactly what which Steve says and and but he did not come out and saying you know we think it'll be less you do not say that. I think the hope is it'll be less. But but he's asserted it's just six weeks feel and we were or more little more than three weeks into it and and Nancy you can get them out there were his exact words so. That theory I I I apologize to him today in attacks I as a welcome what you. They're positioned to America really says that I wouldn't even even thinking how biggest storm you know I know what to big story. But. You know an injury or. Related thing you know you're right there any news in the moments. Yeah I expect that I need to be more careful what I say about stuff like epic but that's really the gist of it and down. And and then I think Steve is this done after answered questions or think he's put it out there when the doctors say great. I will tell you it's subsequently learned that the doctors are optimistic. That it will be less than six weeks. I can't I don't know that has been real laid out there but. But I can't tell you it is that there at the doctors. The people that know the intricacies of the left knee. He is working with right now watching his movement feeling is here this thing is dealing. You know I I think they're they're they feel encouraged. That it will be less than six weeks but Steve as conservative as the years. Told me what I told you before three weeks. To six weeks Seale and Newton didn't do the math and Matt that's what I meant that sailor probably shouldn't have exactly like their as a as opposed to another. Through which. How dare you do math. Kevin Ollie or I know I show show America or a sister Mary Francis Gregg don't even try to go into their business. Kevin Arlen on TNT he'll have the call tonight for warriors spurs game three in San Antonio. Interesting games going around last night we got a couple series didn't even up between the pacers in the cavaliers jazz in the thunder you had to call for the rockets in term rules. Look like Houston was connecting in clicking a lot more in game two especially on the defensive side of the court. The they wore in game one that was the Houston Rockets team I expected the city. Exactly you know game one it was pardon and it was cappella and being true. It was Chris Paul and a band of Brothers and that that's what's gonna make Houston. So incredibly deadly and on par with the warriors is that. Where in one of those superstars is off. The other guys are still right in I mean it's it's that's kind of the way it's been all season long it's gonna make it incredibly difficult I didn't shank. When they get in a real. Want to get out theories. And it would you know all signs point to warriors and rockets. Com bowl loss of Luc mbah a route today who has made it different defensive significant. Different defensively. Will be felt now he could be back to he was up for fifteen. Games earlier in the season with this same dislocated. Well right shoulder but this dislocation in the Telus is not as serious. He is healing rapidly. And majors missed the first series. Against the timberwolves which could be over here by the weekend. Com Monday I should say is yeah and they could maybe there's some per game number two in the second round perhaps even more. But I would say all signs are pointing that he would be ready for a conference final match up if it indeed is against. The warriors and they will need much like the warriors well. They will need all hands on deck. Because that would be equivalent tomato and NBA final the two investing literally. Far. In terms of what they've accomplished where they've been rooted god. The presumptive MV PN and hardened I mean we it would AJ just has all the markings. For the incredible. Western Conference final not the the second round will be any easier. But these are clearly we get we've got both years ago at the Golden State series we've got the Houston series we've got the benefit when a few crews are all that are working. Seeing these teams back to back. In this case back to back nights and I can tell you that it it is going to be as good as advertised if it gets that far and everything would tell you. It is going to let the two teams neither two starts back there's no doubt the warriors will meet. Step in the there's no doubt that. Velika Obama Jerry who is a defensive minded. Can shoot the three and is made a difference when he plays when he plays there at 35 and five he makes a difference for the rockets and they will need. And without apology we've been talking about it all year that is the Western Conference finals we want it's the one now I think we've. What were allowed to dream about the concert that we wanna see we were and we can talk about B. Beat the encore that we want and I think that that is absolutely the Western Conference final everyone wants. You know Kevin we always wanna talk basketball would you we always love talking football view is well on what you know we got a schedule coming out to the NFL the night there are leaks. Everywhere. And Jimmy and the writers are. Jimmy G and the niners are going to be visiting Aaron Rodgers in the packers' week six Monday Night Football. I'm guessing Westwood One and your relationship with Lambeau Field might have you at that game yourself. Oh my gosh I've not heard that have been so immersed in basketball directors get back to back games you mentioned him last night. It's all basketball right now but I'm very very aware of the the schedule coming out tonight first thing a look at the Monday night games. And now I hope you're right I hope you're right that would be a true Richard game. I think Jerry has always a little bit of extreme it is strange running through with adrenaline and emotion. And his feelings about being from that area picked up the country's northern Californian. Going to deny there's a one time had a chance to draft him number one overall that past as a lot of teams do it until Green Bay selected a way to run. In the first round so I think every time there and faces the niners it means a lot and and I've got to believe. Rip all the news surrounding gruden going to oak which is a huge story. And and you'll make the most of that night I think Kilby. Area a smashing success. The drop below story in San Francisco. Is almost as intriguing for one of the flagship franchises. In pro football. And if it if he goes on to play again. Like you finished last year with all those wins and good performances. In wonderful momentum heading to the off season. The second draft well and do some good things you're in this remaining couple months before camp opens. The niners are going to be one of the more interesting stories of pro football coupled with the rams beefing up their line up. In rebuilding Seattle team I mean an end and who knows what's gonna happen in Arizona. NFC west is going to be dynamite to watch. Their Monday night game agreeing bear I think we'll be one of those you know appointment to games to watch or listen to that's going to be that would be a terrific terrific bogeyed the call. One of the best in the business who one of the busiest men in the business. How many frequent flier miles do you put underneath your belt every year who keeps track of that you get the special. Here here's the thing playing time. We were we were less. With four beautiful children. Who love to travel. I've ever seen the models. Very happy go back and put myself that I. Saw all those are intimate look at ridiculous as the miles ago. And that it now it is better at it it's about Fossett never turned off payment it is all we've done. But that I fly your flagship airline out there united a lot gets pretty much film where wanna go so we're we're appreciative to them. And now we flail at a united miles an air but they quickly disappear. There's secured through use of a winner going to school or doing whatever they're doing but it's got it coming into believe. Let's get this man an upgrade to first class heard the very least a clean out. Thank you so much Kevin for joining us it's been a very busy day at orient we always appreciate your time and a good yard us thank you so much. Talked about what you HIV know that Colombia is most of his friend and and I denied and they use the other night usually come fight. Shouldered Prioleau I don't trust a studio can I could maybe an exec Roger gonna have combines sale would have done deal guaranteed to write it down. All right great well look forward your David thank you again always a pleasure joint always enjoy it.