Damon Bruce is joined by Joonas Donskoi

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Tuesday, April 17th
Sharks forward, Joonas Donskoi, joins the Damon Bruce Show for his DB Show debut! Donskoi!

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Welcome back to 957 a game I'm Damon Bruce V president of the Jonas don's Kuwait fan club he has been an obsession of the show. He's been a bite on their show a sound drop on the show. He has been celebrated by the show but the one thing he has never been on. Is on this show. Until right now. Great night last night for the sharks eight goals one of those lamps with led by Jonas Don school he had two helpers in a fantastic win. 81 the final over the docs to go up three nothing in this series and we are thrilled. The sharks right Winger Jonas don's boy is joining us here on the Damon Bruce show Jonas thank you for your time today hi either one. Are getting bigger bigger. It's not like it kept on getting up are all other good. It's great to add beyond finally we've been a big fan of yours for a long time and what a great win for the sharks last night I'm guessing the atmosphere in the tank was off the hook. Or at Alice felt unreal tournament should respond to. Do I get back in shadows then get the first player home game in the the play out well so that was so great that the start of the left and senator. Eight different goal scorers last night it could gain that had eight goals in it had ever been a part of a scoring outbreak like that a playoff game before. All I know at all and I don't even remember last underscored it colts and resources in its arsenal so balanced almost like an old and I didn't. I think that's the people are you know a lot of that summed it up a lot of console that corporal. What do you think playoff hockey. Feels so much different than regular season hockey because it's almost like it's two different sports. Eighties it is it's it's like if spotting him there there's Susan and some form to your first hole in the buy out some arm bar. You know they missed doing good then. And god that's the hard part it's omitting the play out spartans are Solano from about its sister from creating. It's. Is they've spent spent sparkle at the bar. Jonas don's going here on 957 the game so obviously the ducks have to be very frustrated. You've done a lot to frustrate them. I thought there were taken some cheap shots towards the end of that game do you feel like they were start to play dirty. Walter Wally I think I think the there were taking some some salt is meant that maybe you shouldn't take up. That's flooded out street fighter or to stay out of about them as vocal some wearing air and our. But you know it's it's we stupid mumbling I'm not I'm sure they've got to come park tomorrow against. Jonas let's talk about your line mates of Evander Kane and Joseph put Belsky. I thought it was great to see canes come out and scored the first two goals of game one it helped to release settle into the playoffs don't you think. I palace palace first first left intricate or. I don't know how many games regardless there's an F five under or something so all those who fund them get through calls a lot of Wear and and it's it's really credit Larry Craig kind of locker room so we are covered it up about it. Yeah I mean you guys have been rolling since picking up Evander Kane what has he done to the locker room. It seems like a team that just came alive as soon as he joined it. I doubt if he's such an outcry in the locker room and it's it's he let it bother young. And that's an amazing player it's well on the way in the same line with it and here's. He brings so much in the that in itself blog. Is an economic policy of Oracle's. So it's sort of record that is and that they've. So how much different is this sharks team compared to the one that made the Stanley Cup finals in 2016. Do you think your better prepared. To go skate for a cup now the new word that year. All it's all it's hard to compare but there have been Ursula oaks. What a similar things in this thing. The for a group Lawrence of them look at all score goals or not. I think we have you know what accent guarded well we've not experienced sudden I'm back I liked me. Arm felt my earlier and then it's also are a couple of years. My backpack and a lot of experience all sort things that I've ever felt on the way pusher. Hopefully it does help you out Jonas don's going here on 957 the game. You just turned 26 years old you had your birthday would you do. In fact beaver. I thought I and so we've put them. Went for dinner with the guys then and that ordeal I mean it. Nice night it and make it to Disneyland. No I did not know what they do more more relaxing well it are they and their fiscal. They how many dancing Don school is do you have in your home right now. October and it probably like that it someplace or our current during the war but a. So we've got one here in the studio the sharks were nice enough to send us a whole bunch we love our dancing don's boys does charge seven lost the game by the way. Since we got our dancing don's voice. Oil out I don't know about all you are undefeated. Yeah I'd really love a file or credit. They decided I don't think the real about about herbal. Oh well our our we agony if we get another Don school league goal can we get a little Don school dance on the ice. I don't think I got bit up but now about. How much different is inland in San Jose. Off like. Completely opposite the so called and every parent in debt. Is that my son and the recovery got black fibers that follows on the news about all the times so. Well it's British certainly not you know we have good weather all year long so I'm really aren't. Yeah honesty you do you go back in the offseason do you spend much time in homer is northern California are home now. I I feel like it's getting more and more almost a part of what occurred here on what some of the Arctic summer not elect. I'm all political part of my upload utterly toward Europe a well of course it's a list of what my typical practice Islam William Franklin. And not hang out a little bit but. You know I feel like are reluctant to risk if so are becoming more local corporate. That's good well obviously they love you in San Jose we love you too man thank you so much for joining us continued success. To you when you were teammates it's always tough to close out a team especially when you're looking to sweep. Big game for the sharks and hopefully step on their next tomorrow Jonas thank you for joining us and good luck to you keep dancing for a subject. All right thank you Portland.