Dallas Braden

Mychael Urban
Sunday, August 13th
Former Oakland A, host of the Starting 9 Podcast on Barstool, and A's Analyst for NBCSCA joins Urbs and Guru to talk about the A's and Giants.

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Our favorite non regular guest because this cat could fund I can just say go in the sky could fill the next 45 minutes. We argument interject every once in awhile with a question to prod them along but he's one of the best baseball talkers. Not just out there now but of all time his name is Dallas Braden what's up Dallas argument. Bigger is always upheld an intro by an epic. Yeah well I'd I'd I'd tend to be. Or both sometimes but I you know that I mean it right here and I go a long way back you're always one of my go to guys when house of the reporter. For the Oakland days and I knew that you're gonna have a future behind the Mike after you're done. With your playing days. Tell me tell me a little bit about the podcasts that you're involved would now because I see it on my rundown and shame on me I have not heard at any time we have a guest. We ask him if they've got some promote the floor George Dallas. I have been fortunate enough to be well into the family over or two sports. And obviously you're pretty chew their style their light dial pop culture everything intertwined twenty. It day that you interpret what you at a particular a lot of things that are going on all these sports that are typically the podcast Kolb starting aren't we like choke dropping some FaceBook as well. That'll be for a two week. But yeah idea it would have been real peaceful conversation just like we're going to have to date. But it filtered it's on cut edit the first in the comes to hear much until organs say look about it. At the biggest thing that involvement of the standard that was our army came to our show so it direct messages that talk into the starting nine. What are plural while. All of these things are brought up and we ash all the stuff over the course of an hour or so you Mercury. But you are you teacher spoke to feel like you're on a good time. On abort the app support in the backyard republic happened on capitol bureau. We're gonna chop up they don't have the dark don't. Yeah it's a bomb around for 6:10 in the morning on inside the bigs this is why we have degree Dallas Braden when this is frequently. As possible diversity Heidi Dallas Dallas I was a part was there always is always meant. Amare right wherever the spirited debate about it's counts and pitchers. What are you come out on. Why so many pitchers haven't Tommy John surgery in why people are losing their mind when a manager. Lee's a pitcher ray and you know around a hundred pitches or more when we used to see that back in the day Dallas all the time this is a serious burn my saddle Dallas did people think guys armed you're gonna fall off that a 101 pitches back in the old days. When I get when there were four man rotation. Guys were there on a 13840. Pitches and never went on the DL I'm disgusted with the way we baby young arms I'm curious to find out what your thought is on. First and foremost want to look physically we're bigger. Longer than ever been as human being. So the old were using or bigger threat capable war. Our our. Orthopedic where you'd necessarily. Able and work well that we now can apply to these spot 200. I don't know that outage struck. Potentially like I at the indicate bigger stronger than we've ever been a unit of out there and I'll vote to. Work while. Art Portland beat and he talked about it. If you're going to. Restricted or are happening in. Italy wants to be out beast. And I electorate going to be able to where it could be beast but. I. Would. End to. War opening Tuesday at that point by. And and it recorded a particular. Year we're gonna happen well it. I'd Wear it they're not distract the body work out and others. Because the pitched a couple of pitches we are all. Out the are. We doing an in between. Level. And at our I've worked very quote. Which Stewart and out what you and ought at you in recent work at pocket. About what to. It. And meet. Stricter. Student. 04. Yeah and and you got guys what's what's the most innings you've ever thrown into spring training in Dallas seven. Are probably yeah. That's enough to stretch a bitchy guys don't even go that deep anymore I don't remember last time I was in spring training game where someone went seven. And the idea is Sri traded for pitcher nowadays what we're doing the opt out meeting that. Rest period in between that we need to do or ready to handle or don't. You don't take a look at age seem to be. Well we're actually Obama now. Started to build a strong. Burst critic are quick to fight will lead to and be able to repeat things like that sort about the ups and downs that were worried about getting on the car. Resting getting arm resting stimulating nick. Seven and the work it's likely that all the App Store. Dallas what do you make a sunny grace couple of starts in pinstripes and a lot of Yankee fans. What do you know wanted no hitters but I'm like mind EU new orchard hidden in sunny was OK to me. I would I would agree I mean. I think you can see why. All of the dog and action of why allow it to a guy like but he rate at work. Which pushed mark in out rotation just about it goes out. So obviously that it was a well. To try to do the positioning and now it looks like just. Keep order and Celtic sport bigger now. IQ. I your expectation what Bjork and at that. Step ever write that it. There starter Barry Barry could not tell yet I don't know if you are there. But that are. Open a few quick like New York Yankees it could move spores. Do you like we talked about that what we got in return or oh what has to search. Or like chance that we understand. That you have now. A year. A world leader but he fight a war or a pitch deeper into the. The bush years out of Dallas Braden former days starting pitcher is legend really the perfect game on Mother's Day problem for me the most. I don't know emotional meaningful turf for game that I did that my lifetime is just to cool and damp cool story and now that Dallas is not pitching anymore. He's basically ripping all the pitchers out their race somebody said they're Dallas. About Sonny gray not being an elite guy I got into an argument you know at a good natured argument was somebody who said so any gray is not an ace. I civil war what role was in with the Oakland days he was various and he says that doesn't mean he's an ace it just means the a's didn't have anybody better so. Do you Rico wait case with a leaked or are they shoot different things depending on what you're station is with a particular club your arm. Yeah I mean look beyond it right. The analytical get beat or. Play. We'd be. Depending on what lobster. It players. So that indicate right there no matter which round it looked like it don't matter what it's when he portrait yet. And frankly. In Oakland at times you could be in the shallow meeting there depths to which are dealing with and kick a guy like myself. Actually need an opening and he store at a time by line by an eight I don't we pitcher. What did. I'll tell you about it as well but yet it is. It to sell where to understand quote you are. If it didn't do your job and look through your old but the differences. He's not captures. Rate he's even he's not even John Webster. He's he's not Beijing area. And I didn't seem like he was going to be that guy. Oh absolutely. Kitty I mean I'm out there and eighty. Pepper pitches in a postseason start he just give article slider the Q armed would you pick about stuff like that and there's articles out there talking about a degree hasn't really necessarily. Taken that. It because he is a robber and a lot of people given the benefit of the doubt to the keeper at this point I can't I have to say he. Searching because you haven't figured out major culpable it at that point sports page or insert your constantly Italy. Between trying to get better and try to get comfortable and I think he's trying to pump. Dallas last night in the nation's capital we saw freak accident where Bryce Harper. And I'm wondering do you think this week we're gonna see baseball it I know this sounds ludicrous did criticize may be beef for per to not have been somebody to have the base is dry when I've been watching baseball forty years. And these guys have played in monsoons. What was your take. On that that incident any kid baseball I did anything different to prevent it. I don't know anything that we contemplate right now on GDP right aside from. Asking 88 bat boy or altitude. Did you out there and how law back in between innings David at the well they. But their plan when it's raining which is why that's not and that's not even feasible right I mean they play right through these greens. Wonder like what is it is it is it after Al corporate it like that backed off I mean there's these discussions about protocol movie or get. If we're good people but to let prosecuted like all we're gonna change. Right sharper wit. On the back in inclement weather. Something's going to happen we're talking about it I'd actually. 30400. Billion dollars in the next contract year we're going to be OK will be on the plastic back out there. No don't know I don't know what been crunching numbers and torching deeper material since about 11 o'clock at. They're trying to figure that. Out. And so if it's some guy who just got called up from AAA and nobody knows his name. It came from he gets hurt then there's not the outcries Richardson. Absolutely not know why period Tripoli to be quick back story you. I don't know that that odd production out the top might epidemic here. If you absolutely not but this I mean. We got to Tom Brady all of it at all right he can't hit ticket that you were a quarter are kidnappers released choke. Didn't change the wind speed changes wouldn't patent of the game big sports start up. So I have a question for you it's very case specific we have really touched on the a's or the giants so far and we're an hour and ten minutes into the show. Pretty obvious why we haven't gone they're just ahead you're. It's not the greatest story line and we try to keep things positive on this and there's always a ton of positive things going on in Major League Baseball which is. What the show's about some people think it should be and a show or an a's and giants show it's not it's a baseball shall to big league show. But I am gonna ask you and a specific question that now lost seven of eleven. And if you would have asked me two weeks ago what I thought of the a's season in general. I would say it's been a success in my mind now that's not reflected in the standings the reason I say it's a success is because. They have committed publicly for the first time in my lifetime has certainly the first time since Billy being. Was there has been the head guy there they've publicly said were rebuilding now it's to some people you would several days been rebuilding every year for ten years. That's a flippant and too easy way to say why they're publicly. Copping to rebuilding and where that is the backdrop. I see young players being given a shot and being identified as part of the solution or not part of the solution so. There's a direction and wins losses don't matter so much to me. More what more matters to me is seeing OK this guy he's a keeper this guy's a keeper this guy might not be that guy is. How do you feel about it because now a seven out of eleven losses as are piling up on thank him. OK maybe I'm not feeling as positive about days does that is that weird. You know work on yourself there are killed need to let the spiel is beans spell it. Right from I don't know. We. Are right we understand that. Big league level if you are for the opportunity to lower. Level. We got along with that comes growing pains on these pieces now that bill and not going to be. Street which are they don't. So it's not like how Procter which may be too young guys they're tried it yet and yet they got what would be to help rock construction dot org. Regatta starting out that we are right about we got guys. That were trying to buy wait what trying to over. And reestablish himself as a back in the bullpen option. You'd quarter mile an hour in the game. Few days closer of the future doused. I I I don't see how is that he is intrinsic himself daily and for meat. We you can start to work Barack work. From double him that's or shaping the upper insert your pretty good spot because now you've got the stopper it's about are building rich to get to. But he'll wait the public come double like being two of revamped he's he's come out and we put in extra via remand to the blue collar and am out here. That it it. Tired by manager he had not been able where next year tire at take my kids to a game and then you know elected player. Because they're all would be that it you know what at a I'm tired attitude and things need to change and that's the ball. Important thing that span need to take it all out this year that's a victory tonight in. Every fan had been looking for insult former Russian acute shall robot arm up as to shake it to commit publicly. To the change that they had been clamoring for years but the talent but in the pipeline right now. The talent they. Forward to putting into this new ballpark and not what what about display it's one thing all the biggest. Beautiful most sharp angle on the block it's another thing to not a single piece of departure reported. And that's exactly what you'll need to try to do. The try to figure out where to put this beautiful old and try to figure out the best way to put the best in merger in it so we can be. Sit out a cuter and are excited about. The bush years out of Dallas Braden you can follow him on Twitter and please do too great follow Dallas Braden 209 of course is 209 is an homage to his hometown. Of Stockton California Dallas summer put out word to the audience. I hit us on the Penske auto sales doc Comtex line 95795. Dallas is going to be Wear this for another ten minutes or so if you've got a question specifically for him. Shoot it to us we'll forwarded on to Dallas in May be no answer right here on air for you and Al Gore's got a question of his own now Dallas you know Oakland has love for you and I'm sure you have enough for the town. In regard to that new home that a's fans are waiting for the announcement to come do you have a preference where you would like in new ballpark to be since you've experienced army and Oakland. Our. The community. It. Problem they all pork bill which type atmosphere and I house server role as special about the organization. I had the opportunity to allow a couple days ago and sort of attitude with the pan top and and invite you to feel the date. And I think that's what's most important is. Is that at least eight other comprehensive. Oh record that was an at all. At Oakland ballpark dot com and it can take about 3540 minute potentially finish it but what I tell ban on action news. You're not just being out via a newspaper or cool or you don't hate to think about what you like they want. Or import and I'll talk to everything from the material that see it again. To the direction between two big items they really want to. The communities. Fingerprints all over it and I I I don't know that. I mean for me the ball park village is await ago I talked about you but they've done with it market rout paper it's secret they've done. Replete with Wrigley deal and an art scene and witnessing experience all those first hand. And just the patent and the like on on the bands. We walked those areas it open with being it to Heidi it's energetic and what oak would have to offer now. At a city I'd been a lot of people talk about. Opposing fans coming in and only getting a feel for why we are here and I got what the fans want they want. People coming here to know this is openly. Openly baseball that the community that surrounds them or them and it's unlike you depletion. Dallas and we've been told about multiple sites that the a's are considering. The one and it's is it Laney college that's one that yet. OK so that's kind of the the leader in the clubhouse so to speak that's what I'm hearing anyway. Edgar a lot of people would like a ballpark at the waterfront almost like doing yard to AT&T and whatever you know name the a.'s new yard. Bruce Jenkins who's my sports driving idol I probably learned how to to write from reading him when I was a young man. Now he's kind of a colleague of mine but he wrote a column for the Simpson's co chronicle this morning. There as usual I'm I'm right there with him. And the headline is coliseum site right choice for a's park I think that site right now gets a bad rap because sitting on that site. Is the Oakland coliseum which we all agree is untenable. Going into the future but. In a couple of years we're gonna have generators gone we're gonna have the lawyers over and severance Cisco. In the days hash tag rooted in Oakland the only team left you've got this massive parcel of land why not raise everything just Terrell down. And then you can build that ballpark village that you mentioned you can get. The most intimate ballpark I think DA is really need to go small what is ballpark. Like I have a Max capacity of I don't know 30000 the most strike. So make you really intimate setting in and around that. You can have shot you can have restaurants you can have residences. Apartments. May I just think it's a perfect solution but people are letting. The current coliseum. In its reputation effect that site's reputation. I I totally understand and I and I agree to. The first you know right is. They're whatever broker. Would. He's not a bit that she did that make way right and a lot. And acting and active people shaped. It into something. I totally agree more that negative connotation attached to a park too cute urged people to this point with that site. So we'll be easily you know double issues parking issues on but now your site. If they aren't the only child. In the old there and the work. On it don't sell to becoming a sort that that really. I would afford the opportunity to do. I chuck and that is or. Well would mean the community itself. I mean locally. I talk to a small business as well when I walk around the city and weren't even party to the idea. That it could be realistic opportunity and I try to wait out for them. On Saturday here that day. We gotta walk a block after all gave it your shops open at 8 AM. I'll be special order chalkboard. You don't why don't work because folks walking from their hotel and books or you don't ballpark because. Then they'd. And the business that you don't have right now what you're about to hear talk. We won't have this opportunity because you're gonna be scrambling. Eating poppy response and getting donuts for everybody comes to replace. Egypt's key you know. Start to see dollars. You don't and you can even get excited about it and I'd bought back that it goes copy sharper probably 2030 minutes. Answering questions that I really didn't cut many cancer or chart to just. Tried to really do these people these. These business owners rallied around the idea of being the heartbeat. Of this do. Village if you will and I think that's what we pay attention to is the surrounding community all the site at the call Ian. Winds itself to a lot of extravagant things a lot of all options I think part of the city is is where can be your work should be to help immunity. But I was well say Dallas. I've been beaten his drumming you've played the game so I got asked you. Let's see league was inducted into Cooperstown and I just want askew was that a shock because the shock to me. Yep I think the shock but. Realistically. What we don't expect you. And I think if you know. I did you look at but track record east east on an equal thing. But they're little Lotta things that people have questions about there's been you know an entire era that is. Being attempted to be eradicated from our history books he oversaw. And I don't understand how the man who oversaw the era finds himself on one between streets and yet the man who helped. Basically put it on that plateau will not be acknowledged or haven't been up to this. I love. I love that Dallas is exactly what I thought and I if you know before I put my thoughts out on the air I if I try to put myself in the shoes of somebody who thinks the exact opposite of me and how and I have this conversation when that person and try to convince them. But is is that oversimplifying. To say all right he's beat you want the guy who oversaw that Eric and I can agree with you more look Cooperstown is the museum of baseball history. History is the key word here. It's everything in includes everything. You can't just pretend an air didn't happen. Now Cooperstown is not doing that before they work by not allowing very bonds or Roger Clemens. Or any of the so called stars of the security Eric. Into the hall of fame well now you've let the biggest star so to speak to guys who oversight and now you've got to let bonds and you've got that Clemens and because you've given your tacit approval to that era and now you've chosen not to ignore that certain part of baseball history in my oversimplifying things. Not at all this is exactly I mean there were a lot of people. A lot of people fall and I mean. Got a whole payment you don't have it to. Girl I don't know it it's normal. It opened to door to petition order a whole Bieber is well you hear people talk about the character of some individuals. That are in and but the popularity contest or humanitarian. Museum. How people would be anti. Won't you don't want to pretend that it's not a dot double talk about talking about a man devoted performer dominated over a decade. Or in a sport that we lower so he disappeared and that's what we're valuing just the steelers' number or not. Whether you could keep it light indicating why the ball out of the ballpark that being out here and and it could it happen guy who oversaw that and let the punishment and in that nature and we're gonna hit it. Guys yeah needle on unity everybody need a note. It Dallas we run out of time and you've given us the time that we're so appreciative of it it's the dog days of August we've got another couple weeks of August. At their risk of having you come in and stealing both of our jobs might you be open to doing some time in studio where this one of these weekend coming up if you're in town. Pay apartment count you'd never you know. Never one thing I'd do it bigger albeit daddy should we. Yet there thought got out got our baby girl on the way and done as much like the plant feature. I believe it's gonna be in her hands more than any. So way you're gonna put your child headed inside the bigs. I mean. Shorter all right I respect and they Dallas thank you so much for your time and you are the absolute best have a great rest your Sunday. All right our. Lot take these.