Curry Ready To Roll For Warriors in Game 2; Jazz Not Much of a Challenge Without Hill; Cavs Rolling

Matt Steinmetz
Thursday, May 4th

JD and Steiny break down where the Warriors can get better following their Game 1 win, discuss why the future of the Utah Jazz may not be as bright as people think, and weigh in on key storylines from each Conference Semifinals series. 


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All right beyond the numbers podcast on tickets and Matt Stein Mets for 95 point seven game more cavity from ORACLE Arena before game two of the warriors and the Utah Jazz Golden State. The try to take the 20 series advantage and the jazz are gonna be shorthanded George Hill out. Last big dose soreness it much it must be pretty severe. If it's gonna keep him out of a playoff game and it jazz Nat they're a much different team went on at Georgia. The other a lot better with them and it's another blow to the Utah Jazz. I just you know you we keep going back and forth that we talk about various aspects of this series talk about go there. We talk about how they were gonna score. Now other mission George Hill I just. Looking for something compelling in this series right now and I'm just fine and anything. And maybe act changes that to change who warn you talk victory the problem is tough to see you talk coming in oracle tonight. When and game and send that series back 11. They're gonna have to play a heck of a game tonight without their starter. George Hill and it to me he was a big factor coming into this series because he was a player who. Need to play well for the jazz tune to compete and I don't know if they're gonna start Dante Jackson tonight or or Shelvin Mack there's a big drop off there. There's a major drop off there and you may see dad go get some time as a backup point guard and you just don't know what you're gonna get. It's tough for those guys to score really I think that most significant. Improvement. From the jazz from last year to this year was the fact that torch shall brought stability. To that position and brought the scoring ability that it lacked in now was that the difference between them Vienna. Under 500 non playoff team a year ago in Vienna fifty win team this season. Yeah I just go up and down Utah's lineup and talk about Gordon Hayward will he was four for fifteen in the first game. We've talked about how it's going to be tough for him to be efficient in this series because of all the bodies they're gonna throw. And sure enough that was the case in game wore on even Joseph Johnson. It was four of ten from the force they kept him errors posted just wasn't a big presence out there are many got thirteen points and some rebounds but. He didn't impact the game defensively at all and wasn't. It wasn't big enough factor offensively. For the warriors to do anything different to have to match up with them so I just saw real comparable wind from the Golden State Warriors. And I think their whole series of problem yeah they. It's up to them if they play well play article with a series analysts they're bored by the lack of nightlife once they get it to Salt Lake City and that may just enjoy now keep in mind even that I think. Is the warriors almost trying to draw on something now. To get themselves motivated because you know that's gonna what was I arts it was Barnes and it would dollar to answer now. McCurry would never say that clay wouldn't rate wouldn't. You know it's Mac board whose 37. And be you know was part of that we believe team and then. It would dollar his answer was actually somewhat understandable. That. In other cities you can go walk around during the day I mean the chicken fat so you can see. Add Salt Lake City you can you can go down. Note entirely on the on the circuit so. I Ed again I think anything I actually the warriors benefit if the crowd in Salt Lake City for game three it's. Let's say they take it up but not right the worst benefit from that because I think it's gonna force them to engage. Earlier in the game you know. It's like sleeping dogs lie you know that's always sure I think be the adage when it comes to the warriors. And I think maybe that worries are trying to tweak it up a little bit for themselves to help for game three game four we mention George you'll be an out. And are active role why he had did the note. As far as the offensive rating with Gil on the floor in the playoffs vs with the him not on the floor 111 point eight. With him on the floor 103 with him now on the forum under pars on points for how to present its its its a significant drop off. If you look at the course of the game and the warriors have another shot here. To really dig in. On the defense if John tickets and next time it's. Beyond the numbers podcast what's its staff carry a little bit because he had ankle. Toward the end game winding and he was getting at work done on the sideline and he didn't practice. Wednesday the day before game two and he's got to play in everything spine was even on the injury report is is that something though that that you think we should. Keep an eye on as the series goes up. I really mean I don't I think he's over all of it is the ankle and foot injuries. That doesn't mean will ever buy. This guy's proven over the last 45 years porcelain doll. He can sit out game here and there but for the most part he's been higher and the last 45 years I think most of the panic when perjury. Tweak some things from the fairness they were hurt her outward about self he hasn't he doesn't play. Be worried about getting injured and just a quick get back to George Hill I just think. He's a free agent at the end of the season along with Gordon Hayward and there's talk about hill may be gone back to San Antonio. If they lose a hill. Even if Gordon Hayward resides. There works next time. And so I'm wondering if if you look at this team went 203040. And fifty everybody thinks are on the horizon. They look like they are they are assuming you keep everybody it to exactly and there's no guarantee that's gonna happen we have no idea if Gordon Hayward can stay there. No idea if George there so. This epic offseason for the jazz there you're gonna try to continue the upward trend and start over and away and begin to build around Rudy opened her. The Aggies that you look at them in their best papers to this even if your guys at this point that think they're. How much better he's going to write yes and any keys are nice player. And it rotation player probably and any team in the NBA certainly I just not sure if he's building block the player you're looking. Mean hey words the franchise guy with open air adding George feels the next most important player on their roster. Then they've got some veterans at Joseph Johnson for ST out guys contribute. You look at them I mean ex im hasn't. Come on like 88 dot Iraqi hoods and interest in player still seems up and down. In his career and he he's dealt with injuries so there's a few pieces there but I don't think there's actually a whole heck of a lot there if you're talking about it it would be gone. And then the other thing about favors. You can't play favors and go paired together. So with cobra gonna play 32 minutes. How much is favors realistically gonna play they don't play together alive you have to trade favors to get a another point garner another player you might it replacing it or you might because those. I mean you can't pay them both go bears make in 25 plus next year. So you can't pay favors a big amount of money if he shall we can we get twenty minutes a night which is probably what he would do it if Kobe are healthy. You know we saw that the jazz when they lost go bear in the first round. They insert favors and favor actually becomes an offensive player when he gets some minutes. So tricky toss in a very interesting situation. And I'm not convinced that there ready to take the next step by assuming that they're gonna have everybody back this year. That's something else that happened John tickets and that's time that's it beyond the numbers podcast that we'll get to where the warriors may be an improved as the series goes on I'd update played. An excellent game. Aside from not shooting the three ball that well which at times it can be something that. That you know gives them problems. When you looked around the league Tony Parker injury and another jail. I'm not sure that that makes that series it guarantees loss for the spurs. But it's just tough to watch Parker go down a player that's been so good for so long. I'm not convinced I saw a lot of what what you see an injury like that all the series is over. The rockets are gonna win this series easily win it in five it. I'm not sure I agree with that I still think the rockets may be better team topped the bottom about a thought that he with Tony Parker. But registered your thoughts on on Parker's injury in and just where it leads his career and and whispers. Monica's career maybe over unfortunately. I I don't know how much where with all these gonna have to wanna come back he's got multiple rings he's got a great career that he's headed to the hall of fame. So how much work does he wanted to do try to come back from that injury and might not be able to come back by the start of next year. Parker's lost a step at least ply. Every once in awhile this year and in the postseason he can turn back the clock he can't do it. Consecutive games or 45 games in the series but he can really help you win two or three games when he's playing well. I look at him now is almost a roll type player for the spur some nights he's gonna come. Obviously starts a lot of time but some nights he's gonna come in and really give you some other nights he's not what he's you try to go to Patty Mills and see what he can do. So I don't I I agree with you I don't know that it makes San Antonio. Significantly. Worse because it's not the Tony Parker play 37 minutes it's. Averaged twenty game basis. It's a different Tony Parker by the same token I can't help him and anyway. Because when he plays well disbursed tend to be a better team. I think Houston who's gonna win that series before Parker and it still gonna win it but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes six or seven stale it. I'm with yen on that another team. When you to start bouncing around here and there's been some impressive. Individual performances for sure what we've got a hit on Isiah Thomas money go for fifty plus in a playoff game make it play after play down the stretch. To help the Celtics get a do nothing advantage in their series over the over the wizards. It just really get stuff I mean Tamara what you think of Isiah Thomas the players. Or his history in the NBA for him to be going through what he's going through with the death of his sister. And that funeral services in going back and forth to Washington. And it did Seattle area in Washington State for him. The northeast I mean and I have it take it all he speak it at the service these come back he scored fifty points. I mean. It's just tremendous what he's been analyst. Yeah it really is about taking anything away from what Isiah thomas' he's absolutely incredible. Never wanna. Sooner or go through something like these go through now I'll look at it. Also though from the other and from the Washington Wizards and they've they've yet to wait two games on the road now. That they had a legitimate shot of waiting and if you look at these two teams. There's no reason that the Boston Celtics should be Morse V or better execute down the stretch of games. They're not any. More experience than Washington Wizards neither has deep playoff experience. So I I think that series is over and the reason crisis yours is over because the Boston Celtics the favorite. And Washington as people wait few games on the road and you just. Have to wait for the next five I just don't seem to be. Police one of them have to be. Not to have to be on the road no one of one of yeah that you want stuff to be on the road but. What you're talking about either winning four straight or you're talking about winning games at that out one idea you use your exactly right and Boston. That means is better than washing because they have a player it it's fitting to score. When I am the defense has played well the breakdown. But I also think a sense of who bailed on him better identity and know how they have to win and like Washington's not quite there yet. I'm really surprised actually did that John Wall has played better defensively in this series in the wizards overall it did. Pretty awful defensively picky when they played well they score the ball. They they've left the Celtics in games that let him get on huge runs at let them use it down the stretch. Isiah thomas' pads away. With the wizard Stan Strachan in those games site that surprised me a little bit that there hasn't been just more about. I don't toughness factor in jail willingness to try and compete on the defensive and it just Washington. News. An unimpressive by guests in now way I thought they had. Profits and other year or just a little more heart I don't know what it is expected to see more I'd still think this series is gonna go six. Actually beat Washington Linda went in the two games at home. I still think they're probably not gonna win the series because they missed that opportunity you're talking about they should at least one. Of those two in Boston which would obviously changed the course of things I still think it's going along ways that. But Washington just is there they're missing something that maybe I should have been fooled and they can add to begin way. Yeah what what it's what do you make Cleveland rate likely it's coming around. It yet we mentioned this a couple of days ago and even on the NBA this week on Saturday. You know it's so funny just the way it go back to their first series against Indiana. It play. Well at all the first two games aren't as far as that defensively at first three games if you look at the fact they were updated game three in the road and Indiana. But it was sort of the same ball caps in the first two games but you know what. They found a way to survive game one and I think what you've seen this as this playoff has gone on. A little bit better each game to the point where you're the first two games against Toronto. And in overall really did against a better opponent and they're startled lock in and I give it another year. I think that I bought the still going to be key for them I think they needed me accurately in series quickly. So they don't have to over stated they get the proper manner rats that there almost treat the playoffs like it's their. Training camp for the finals right. Yes and I look at Toronto and they obviously had. They got a great game from Alex Eunice. But yet they still got beat big. And shooting no I don't and I don't three point shooting neither is the Rosen doesn't shoot threes to mark Harrell. Larry obviously pretty good three point shooter. Debacle take them but ID idol. I don't know that I like you've taken a lot to enemies always just been missing something I don't know what exactly it is. I believe or not I think it's actually another impact player I think people look at their backcourt say Lowry and DeRozan. How good are they well and ask his players staff for the a's whose wall appeal may be wall appeal may be. Although I mean they're good but they don't have enough to go with them. To take the next step model. Well they have this backcourt but. Again what do you need from a back court we need to build a mix of shock. And I just don't feel like you've Derosa gets to the line and he's kind of an old school player. It get the three point play that the traditional three point play eighties slasher he can hit some. But even even his when he's making shots he's making mid range twos and in today's NBA. You gotta hit the reits and ink Kyle Lowry is inconsistent from three. I like those who has players but the Jerod they needed they needed. They need a couple of shooters really mean they need whether it's. A stretch for a guard that can play you know next at. Lowry you move DeRozan mortar boarded the three I mean I think they're they're missing something in the caps have been able to expose it. We don't think about the cavs. Everybody was critical of the defense after the all star break which it was very very bad. But it got to his get better and you look at a game like. Last night and people want to Cleveland Cavaliers to to shut teams down to be 11080. That's not gonna happen but I'll tell you what they did last night was they made the root DeRozan go to for eleven. You make DeMar DeRozan go to for eleven Euro in the game. Because they don't have anybody else. To step up and and it score that many points or if you get DeRozan news. If you if you only get seven of the 27 you need at the rose and Harry can beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even if Belichick this helps you he's just helping you with. With whose. And meanwhile the cavaliers are knocking threes down left and right LeBron looks like he's. Locked in. Start making it a little more excited that we. May have a competitive finals at its Cleveland Golden State and I would start to think that even if the clack the cavs got there at the warriors might. B and really good shape but I do think that that Cleveland is start showed signs that they're not be walked over by golden state of those two teams and for the finals. I don't think you should discount Boston and that either I mean I I think Boston. It's plain and an David up and about a minute hats of comebacks in some games and at some games in a lot of threes rising at Thomas has gone off. You know Boston is gonna have home court advantage of that series if those two guys play which I think automatically will extend it. A team if not too longer than it would. You know under other circumstances I still think that's gonna be at least sixteen series in the caps are gonna have to work for but the cavs are going to be in position. To hang with a warriors in a finals. They're gonna have to make sure they take care Toronto let's say in five. Get a little extra rest because they're gonna have to expand and some energy. I think ten knocked out the Celtics I think they are the favorite. Still even without home court advantage but they're gonna need to have a little in the tank for two series I think as opposed to just the one series at the end. For the warriors. And the caps I mean I think what the cavaliers are banking on is that game at the end of the regular season when they went in Boston absolutely hammered them. And I think that's the one thing that we have to. Factor into the equation about Cleveland and it's. It's that way with the warriors to. Cleveland you know we we get hung up on well. If Cleveland. Cleveland's struggles the waiting game in Boston what happens if they come back. Cleveland doesn't think like that Cleveland. They know they went to Boston new way just like the warriors know they can go to you've taught way to Houston and waited they going to Cleveland went to. So I think I think when it comes to home and away. We talk about Cleveland in Golden State I take those guys out of the equation because I don't feel they're big enough disadvantage on the road. It. Took her to make them lose a game I think there's going to be an all those gains because they have more talent than noses than those other teams and they know how to win on the. Wrote our Jack tickets and pastime it's warriors beyond the numbers podcast as we look at the warriors and jazz in the go around. All the different series. Going on in the conference semi final so. The truncated edition today met and you gotta get out and do. Warriors warm up again via warriors wrap up here for the time being. So low bullet to be able tucked again now on the NBA this week on Saturday yes sir have a good with JD all right John tickets and that's not that's beyond the numbers podcast Friday fives of the game.