Craig Sager Jr.

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Sunday, July 2nd

Anna got a chance to sit down with Craig Sager Jr. 


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Welcome to the film buff I'm manic again rankings where sports meets entertainment. Now recently the and being held its first ever and being award show. And a big part of the NBA sadly was not there physically. But was still represented at the show legendary sideline reporter Craig Sager. Welcome back a manic again Aggies now many of vessel always remember TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager as a talented reporter with the most. Incredible. Bright colored suit but also. Lately and forcing with the fight with leukemia as a keen to and last year now he'll always be remembered for the amazing story that he told and the interviews that he told. And bringing something special the fans for every game and joining us right now is Craig Sager juniors these sent. But the themes Craig Sager thank you for joining me great. You're very welcome and today is actually there are my guess 66. Wow I just the idea of you know what he had gone through and what he has meant to the end being in the sports world what does it mean to you as a son. War. When you're in a library growing up. And the son I would try to figure out. Or and to learn their records program where out in music humans different you can never met in the one dollar and if you want that had the same. It's craving her excitement and appreciation for everything he did. And it's yeah how that impacted not only just people around them but I connect Hal turner operated as a whole. I think my dad. Really incident is reached within their company to hampering Indian. Chara of the board and telling you smear that stick with its relationship respect the fact that. The NBA is always changing reader committed to airing it for great players but I. There's one constant there was one guy goes over the same that you could get big games and it was damp and it's the M Carter. Leave a legacy. Makes a moment the mascot. That Carter just what you. Certainly acted the way he shared the spotlight that was made the spotlight bigger than that is blatant you. You know act on something that. I'm going to be able to appreciate their art into. Something that people can learn from them every. And you can see that his legacy was really son just. How great of a person he was and how much she was beloved by people within the industry. I DN BA awards that were just held recently and this year they held the first ever singer strong award which is given the spurs executive money Williams. For his strength that he showed what his wife was tragically killed in a car accident I honestly I thought that was truly. The highlight of the evening of the awards show what did you eating the presentation. Doesn't that mean and I mean it's obviously Monty Williams. Kurds. Spent part of our midst. Some do market what did that have to do it or three year battle. Out there. Britannia award is that they are strong wore it should be clear its. People back. In body and hyperactivity. This understanding. You put them through for life and basically they do in situations better. I think in their cards you're dealt and on some weight should bring life to a moment. I think there are. People like Eric in do you bring gestures and our brand our ability to. Make a moment more than it could be yet. During like the current situation that the Martin William. He's a guy that sort of wonder exactly what that awarded the and my dad and it greatly if you Burton might political partners there it's about someone has been truly. Positive outlook on life. Able to accomplish amazing things and my dad in your words. They've been able to. Continue working and basically make medical history for a little while. Was somebody else that had a great speech that night was Ernie Johnson and you can tell. Honestly by how much he loved your dad and how much he respected him in just in the kind words and attaching wars that he. They mentioned with your father. There were earned third weren't a 100% sure you. Go visit my and you respect you and your colleagues that you. You're better yourself and I think the same thing can be. Marty Williams or rather the situation and everyone that watched them. Talked with the funeral happened to Bert. Watching talk about it definitely cares and so you can't help guard you know what it by now and serve. I had an important example. Great. Britain David awards on. But I also love was the jacket that they gave about the colorful jacket even Reggie Miller was wearing this acres strong shoes early saw those on the kick cam that was going around. On CN seized so that was really me I love. Just that whole colorful aspect where I'm hoping come from Richard. It is always the ball and that's what we're excited about it cute quarterback and see what you're that war I its weight and he reviewers next because I knew it next on there and indeed. Louder and brighter in his own China. That game up and it represent just. Who was a person. That STC. Which is what. The jacket that monument give them more based alpha. Still one in there. And it probably England iconic you'd ever illusion. Crazy with the jaguars that was their. Route to his mom used to Wear certain corporate solid arms in the flowers the colors of their proceeds toward. They can be playing. Bright yellow dress shirt actually. Pull out at the other end resistant to be considered. When people try to. They chartered. Advocate and certainly since your style there was a 100%. And a producer. Important bird what do parents. I mean there's nobody else who could really mimic that some may be the only one could probably do it is you'd you actually trying to emulate. Your dad's style idea kind of have your own fashion takes on things. I have. For right rarity here so there can't limit where. Everywhere like. Kareem who was born here during is that their own poll so I don't share. My tablet will act or turned out there so I'm a little more. Classic. And I'd. We depth we have charted in the where a lot of stuff in the past two of them were from me and this is not where he taught me. Well you're definitely your on person talking to Craig Sager junior and you also been involved in the media right now you work for score Atlanta the Atlanta journal constitution you write for the south in patted you. I mean Odyssey had your dad did you looked up seal but what he or inspiration to get involved in the media. Yeah and that I felt that my entire life problems you. That when I was supposed to do is. Our follow my own past I have nicknamed the most out of hand one day would be that you switched. Obviously the knock it happened at the same time that I edit you know add. Gabler. I bonded better with their paddock are being chart. Following that so they can sustain and advance. Worked that are small company here first six years now and it's growing Atlantans were my attacker targeted. Them. Really exciting things that are happening with the universities in stadiums will be made. First in the national championship this year suitable next year vinyl or on torn out in their. Looking really good so anxious. It's nice to know that we vote. Nonsense CEO and co workers. Everywhere I go. Obviously. Memories of all the time to secure the sick and so it's not it. And I feel connected that. Well you are an amazing ready had a great. Article that you wrote for SI about your father. I'm sure it must have been incredibly difficult for stuff to put together. Yep they certainly parroting typical amount right after. I and I wrote a book. His stature that was the bird from. Back in April that you'd now winds are written in the third transplant and really everything was coming together. It's still we're relieved that flight and so. We obviously didn't get to promote the book which it got released on Election Day which it was or polite your church on. Bad that are obvious. Shudder at. Boone told him. Fortunately yeah Cornell Erick. If anyone better appreciated. Their minds in due. The ability to stay we can all kick or so. Have been achieved worker searching but we keep me. Erica my dad with someone that didn't matter. You're always. And so. I'm not yeah I'd I'd like Buick that were pictured here I'm not I'll. Article could be different goals than you did what you should goal was to continue beat themselves. Mine would try to find the time. Knowing how bad the situation laws and so there's that book you wrote. Kind let me in Sports Illustrated article bird. Olympic now allowed not many people have gotten a chance look at their income truly special Brooke Shields wouldn't mind that relentless. Now where it where to look at living out loud ISIS' unveiled on the Amazon Barnes & Noble. And I'm contractually. Obligated he sacred staggered dot com. And giggle at one spot yet in that were under there. Barnes & Noble. Target it. Our check out there and you read it Alter its forward. It suits you you really the connected to the sports world that my cat just all of the excitement. Appreciated relief yet and first Howell who ordered that. By being able to be your partner some pretty incredible sports. Well speaking of sports moments some of the most legendary. Interviews had to come between him and coach Gregg Popovich do you have any certain memories are. And eastern in your view cystic out CA within. Think the most amazing. Interview ever were as being six that Arnold and 2016. First of all of the vote me your sport ever. No worries. You know our little that would have been only possible in order. Covered a note that series pride and turned out the way here. I didn't look right now that you. Have to let out there August. Unruly daughter in Melbourne. Down the reward. There never not been used Arnold. And yet everything term like yeah. Being able to watch. It was that was. Another special moment was when you actually. Working honorary sideline with coach Popovich and what was that like for you working with Popovich. I know you weren't. That was another strange situation because I don't go there. I would sit obsessively. And you know about van receivers on the market didn't like some sort that your young and acts dealer which. It would happen and ensure that are going to that in the first. That's in a far better the next morning and so. I was so excited. Nervous so bear that. At the same time. I know it would featured him it meant a lot to him. Irving most votes it's something that made a lot of human and I'll. I think people could. Most definitely great moments in. But the question also now is it do you have any aspirations of working Sinai and our deal honestly with writing. This industry scared a little bit. It's one of things actually kind of regret that our first year and just. A member of the traveling alone and that there. My dad back home I would gone. Or game to game answered it is no. No life for me so I think that. Settled in and I'm content in Atlanta. Just. Right in the way it. Lee did a great job there we thank you so much for joining today again if you like to read any of Craig sabres work. I even go to score Atlanta Atlanta journal constitution and check out what can you read your information from the falcons is that on. Atlanta journal. No mostly to color print publications. If you go to any and picture in the brand new Mercedes and you know birds take it out of him our. And again you can get living out loud through Craig Sager book dot com correct. Her arts and that's where ever want to go though their first rate on you're house everybody. Well thank you so much for joining me today and really again your father was such an inspiration to many of us metres and also in the media. Natalie thank you for all that you do and thank you from that he has done. And you have Rick. Well it gives me chills to think it was actually Craig Sager is Earth Day when we did this interview. So a big thank you again to Craig Sager and thank you for listening to the film must.