Craig Ackerman & Dan Szymborski

The Chris Townsend Podcast
Thursday, June 29th

Post Chris Paul to the Rockets - Houston PXP man Craig Ackerman joins Chris Townsend and ESPN's Dan Szymborski talks A's & Astros. 


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Should introducing me. The most interesting man on the radio how big Boller shock collar come player he's romantic. Sticker then a snicker everybody likes a happy ending and I lose romance. He's eloquent. Orator and orders are now sometimes a little doubt he's got to be a little wrong candidate and and he knows his sports I source says there's smoking weed right now let it play out it's the twelfth man. Your. They are you kidding me crests. Podcast. I was really young on that now yeah. And he does play by play Houston Rockets break Ackerman joins us here. On 957 game massacres towns and show great all the shows I just rolled off. Of course you know though shells. Yes how he got out well one of the one of the greatest. Scene in television history of baseball related. What signs now are handed. Recreating when John Kennedy was vaccinated. That we're really. Fortunate that you are out. There. It. In the thing about all these shows and I can bring up Craig as they were all done well before we were born. And we knew what these shows were signs that old wasn't done until after he was born and has been running in syndication his entire life. I don't get it it almost certain I want them I want to Malta wrecking ball school all of yeah article I don't know. I get to the new generation with and everything so comedians. That I. My youngest on the news. Fourteen it. All rarely watch television and watch upbeat and raucous. Is not accurate or something like so. Idol producers decided at times will be ready we really are O. Now I hope he's watching dad though in the Houston Rockets. Yep yep absolutely he had that he is doing but they're not. I Italian you know. And were not only the Golden State Warriors flagship station and were also the Oakland a.'s flagship and as you know. The days right now are taking on the Houston Astros. What time for Houston sports. To where you had the Texans in the post season you and the rockets in the post season. And then right now. That that that that team that was so bad that we use a common hash tag last rose. They've turned into a juggernaut may look like the best team in baseball. Yet Egypt and other general manager here with decree that all sports in the country an enemy job building that team. Well of course and as well one of the best business to Europe rockets are more. And then of course the rockets pulled it off today did you think. That would actually happen because when I sought I went. Harden. He's got it always example the ball in his hands Chris Paul always like to have the ball in his hands. Both are phenomenal players actually die hard should have been the NDP. Were you shocked by this move. Well outbreak there I had heard rumblings that illusion that. Paul interest in the rocket with flat out widgets. It wasn't just a rumor it would legit I will however. Finding out that he was great today. I wasn't expecting that was sort of assuming that you know they would go to the regular process of our free agency here a couple of days. And perhaps that's the manner in which you would end up you know playing with a rocket Roberts court when I found out that he was traded here. I think it was. Creighton to 800 C advocate against them. You know some additional outlet stability also. Beyond Chris Paul's part you know he gave up some money. But opt in as opposed to opting to go to free agency here in a couple of day eat you some money in an end in you know it in and and trade exception of one that he could've been owed. Upon being dealt. Obsolete let the money on the table obviously. I'm really excited about playing your this never happened or not. You know per game partly restore on the rockets and their ball. Good brands which I was not aware of until recently Otto obviously they were acquaintances like with one another with USA basketball and what I wasn't. Aware that it wears tight that they are. Apparently their bitter people given their blessing and its parent and now it's up to them whatever that's what it looks like come October article except to make it all work. Now we saw James Harden said behind the dish yesterday at the Astros game maybe he was help working out that deal in an NO one thing for us Californians that. We understand. Is that our state tax. For the first time I'd probably say in the last five years has really been brought up with people about players whether they wanna play here or not. And you know when you look at it I don't know exactly what the money is but let. It was like one to let the lakers an analyst eagle let money it would be at least all immediately substantial on the get the huge differences. In terms of an estate sector Texas vs all the various taxes yet outdoor California. Yeah I hear they're paying thirteen point 3% taxes they're playing zero. Yep. We don't get access call but he. The counties cities and states. That the teams playing in the directory that are not like he's got her. Are not being not having to pay state income tax on pool C that greatly their paycheck but no it. The money that the guy Garnett and perhaps be spiritual. So what about the rumors that maybe now you got George could end up in Houston with these guys. Well I can. I can't speak on you know guys are in that regard like him and the rumors Carmelo looked the next so and so portal under contracts when other teams but I do know that the rocket. I don't think they're on I mean I really don't mean again in the street happening now all free agency gives them. Earlier this scene there that operate over the cap. So they will still have the ability used in the mid level on our players they still have Al. Asset on the ball that they feel that they can. Great. Either clear some additional salary cap space. And the war used to facilitate in trade all of our markets what they're like now than they were yesterday it is not debating. Not political state of course all makes. And better all the bulk of respect all the attention to the clippers like a pretty good all audible specially McCain had ever written on Chris Paul. Superior player future all work rocket aren't yet in the league. Would the warriors grew in my opinion on one of the five he'd ever so humble and so in order to get another step closer to them they're gonna. To upgrade their talent again significantly and that means giving guy a buyout. To the trade are gonna work light and to try to get on like an odd bit they'll continue to add guys the number of free agency. And trying to collect it again next somebody at her story that you are really think that will be away. But it could be legal state who might he has scored fifteen best players in the leak rocket now at two. And that the NBA all star player at what you can repeat one championship. I think rocket still lead another player all that he'll. Honestly. What themselves premiere Saturday and they have a chance that the eagle straight playoff series. Yes or we are gonna go next great Ackerman played I blame man for these rockets noises here on the Chris downs or 957 game the home of the Golden State Warriors. You know something that you know we during the parade. When you have a parade and it's a five hour show we have a lot to get into before guys get off the floats right. And one of the things we really got into this is your GM. Of one of the better teams in the NBA. What are you thinking about going into the offseason knowing that this Golden State warrior team. They just they went through the grind they went through the process of learning how to play this next year. They're not learning how to play with each other anymore it's going to be like second nature how do you know build a team that's gonna have to learn to play together and beat the warriors at the same time. Your typical. Accurately give the helping apple met key it's just amazing act and now a lot of people get. You know operate at all when he was the start it was an all star so I mean you aren't it. All of that call I think fourth member definitely headed. All the same when their careers are also had a double curried Durant. Like chocolate and honestly it's market. Remotely rubbed everybody the wrong way bet is not a stand horror. A member of the organization here in the Bay Area I would each month recount much an art I think I can. And all of you big game changer especially. What the way to the NBA is is played out you you you looked so also than their peers Yemen you've got to make a decision or not. You want to compete and if you make that decision then you've got to deal to go out to get it done. And the rockets are seen that they're not running away at war in Iraq War and I'd. James argues in his climate. They're going to compete now you know ballot to talk to direct our. We just trying to knock it on. And you know here's another step in that direction they were all ready to eat artwork. Team last year they're better now we will have more opportunities to get better this summer and I think ultimately come out it land. Third guy who would be concerned about 820 but what are the league is great and some Colbert action that we're talking. And Chris Paul want to. Maine on rumors was San Antonio now you guys got on your neighbor. To the east lettuce San Antonio Spurs do. And and they were like 61. Team now. Obviously they did not fare well let's final in the war is bigger than injuries not critical state sister on the plane. What the spurred the scorers on the spurs of the smirk that in two decades. Obviously the rumors are marked result they're not there I ideal situation. Are bought. RC Buford Gregg Popovich. They're able it will make moves they typically don't seem to add issues and acting. Quality. Veteran players who wannabes. Our index hit an opportunity. To play championship I don't think they're going anywhere they should make some of their old players. Bigger they're going workers are going to be more of four that seen in the league aren't actually into the typical for anybody probably comes in the playoffs so what latency what they decide to do but. You know obviously feel good get what are their target list. Got one of the rocket target a couple of years ago those rockets were all the LaMarcus Aldridge when he was a free agent. And I just Alter all these TV shows his rule and of course remember like flipper right. Bothered numbers that mean I'll be from the Mission Impossible. And I. A lot operator that would note shoot chosen running agreement and we were younger there was there was like 200 channels. Donated at nothing to do it felt. We had TBS. So that it well. That would have many options that are now let's put it but it has something to do with its our inability to knows site. A thank you so much for staying up late tonight we appreciate it and enjoy everything going Holly Hughes and sports does right now you guys are the rage we go watch in the Astros I mean. I. Right now you can see like an Astros Dodgers World Series again be epic love all the power in the great players and you know a lot of people ears still love Josh Redick so enjoy what's going on in Houston right now looks like a very fun time. Yeah certainly end hopefully I'll be seeing a turnaround on a lot symmetric rocket and orders can be. A bomber. Argued it that much effort and I appreciate it. Craig Ackerman play by play man for the Houston Rockets Dan how we do on this evening. It well last I was a lot better I can tell you in a lot more fun and today's victory when of foreign robot. I just look at. Your Twitter account and diesel board's key people and volume. You tend to tweak that he did I believe is back in the nineteen said sure you get on the Astros bandwagon. It's very interesting because they're playing so good. But you wonder about the starting pitching and you wonder how much they get it taxes bullpen before the start of the post season. Obviously the fact that. I'll go to the projected starting rotation on the DL ultimately it is of course very concerning the actors. But the thing would happen twelve game we need. Aptly in this season you'll hear a pretty good start in the the same bull by the fact that there ever. But they're all agreed that you can have what you can beat him. Oslo after them. I'm obviously you want tiger to go back in Beijing especially as close to play out. But they don't have to worry that much yet simply because. There's no super team in the L western really give them run. And they are absolutely. Loaded. And the whole lineup is deep. I am do you look what they got on the bench I mean you look at their versatility what AJ hands can play with and really. At their ages alta Bates when he seven I think Korea's 22. In making keep these guys together we always talked about like Lou winner current Alan Trammell. These two guys by and in end their career couldn't you say can be the best up the middle combo we've ever seen. They they would certainly have an argument. It's part. Unbelievable. Korea I mean he's just taking it directly to. That hit an age where is an established all the veterans start you like at that point. And that is where other players are coming up from double A triple play which is just. I mean right there are a lot of great shortstop we're we're a good time for that. And you know the thing about Korea because I got to be around Iran at a young age. A-Rod was a prima Donna at a young age Correia obviously could be that kind of guy being the first pick in the draft. But he doesn't come off that the times I've been around a mere Oakland he doesn't come off like like here. They say he's a mini A-Rod but the way he handles himself does not like era. Well also if he ever percent are pinning like the alleged money. At. She can handle on Rory who like he had a third on the audience now. In the mean journals nature and as eighteen teammate rose in war. Yeah out here you're gonna get like that out. I think any type. A picture out on the cheesecake Soto you're you're gonna get your airport. I note that that Prince Fielder got a lot of he's saying Purdue is nude pictorial in our body issue. Uh oh. But while. The only talk so much now about the three true outcomes home runs strikeouts and walks. In tonight's game it happened 31. Times and ice on the MLB network. They crunch the numbers and last semi side is happening like Alice it was like 33 point 5% in every single game. It's it's higher than it's ever been and. Good for the game bad for the game how do you weigh in on. Well it's it's it's mixed really. Because even that we we talk with 32 outcomes for a long time. Where every team is kind of on the same board with that kind of thing. Arctic is. Doing that did all these out there. I know that Craig is your ideas like we've been written out is probably won't happen but you start whether it will do much. What every team that kind of the same in every game confident that the saints to wait for the government but walked them. Strikeout by two guys so long term partner. See how all these that is. Let it I guess if your cabinet saying that it's pretty right now I would run rate again looking the all time record. He had Danza more ski from ESPN joins this year on a soccer and Chris downs and 95 point seven in the home of the Oakland a.'s. You know the last time we saw a home runs going out like this. We are talking about steroids. And let's be honest accurate as I covered the game do the steroid era we're talking about record home runs we talked about Jews players were not doing that. Our are we in the belief that. This is on the up and up. The tricky thing is is that the turnaround in home run total happened so quickly. It was like it. Gradually increased back to where it was we literally went from a very level home run error relatives history. He's suddenly a huge run air and that while acting. Has been you know pretty established at this point. And what everybody's suddenly had at least two project that undetectable at the start to look elsewhere there's a lot. Here is about the baseball Oakland whether there either Jews slightly. Up but. Really don't why is it's really tricky at this point. It's what they say meaning the ball is cute the little but we still don't have concrete evidence of that but. As we talked at the preacher outcomes that many around but not sure that healthy for baseball. Happy hour back it was these players are working now more than ever before look how big they are they're lifting weights and and we realize. It's more than just lifting weights and now now the excuses oh it's about launch angle. Yeah what we don't have a lot more bad and now but. It can be very confusing for analysts because first Ford to run this when you go back ten years. Kind of stopped imported equipment was impressive again. And now again what if that kind of born again but it is a roller coaster like well okay over the overrated again. And so it's it's not that big in. It'll be interesting to see what would people vote long term might erupt and it hasn't happened and anything you ask him there they're looking into it. But. I'm I'm I'm not sure. If that the eight but that problem happened. Let let Eric. Now we're looking into that that's writing the same channel does that he. Take your pick how automatic things like hey should we make extra innings like. Game of gauntlet from American Gladiators and look at. And it. But see league lie art commissioner have you had a chance to look at these young players at the Oakland out blitzes and they as they slowly but surely have been coming up for Bob Melvin. I know out there are some of the guys you look at the team they have. Just really excellent power hitters coming for you look at it right Healy. Forty Norman guy is of course Chris Davis we are about an hour. There are a lot of interest in young players and is legible but the scene overall. Is there yet the picture and still with a thousand. The bullpen that deep enough. About what you want recordings nightly to aid this year. Yeah I've been add it up so Ryan Healey right now today. Has only played recount last year to this year he's played and a 149. Games. And what our home run tonight. As it 32 in those 149. That that you know you you talk about you come up. You go there's some struggles as the league's adjusting do you you needed just in the league. Yet you've played a 162 games yet and you Marty hit 32 home runs. I doubt he's. Part of uses up at the recruitment I mean there are only thirteen in the league in runs scored. Out of play in the pitcher's park. I think the question for long term it can be well positioned candy like apart acute but young players DH for that long. Because one and you might be that they have indicted on the yield at G would you have a young player the H can't rotate some of the older players. DH spot to keep them fresh. I would like to. In XP or mat is out of the race that would like to see him back at third base more off the net for more up the to see where he hit it long term. You know let's can pass that ball go around the league here's the nationals to down the cubbies today. And I saw the highlight of Chris Bryant rolled his ankle it's as the defending champs. They just haven't gotten it go all one this year what's wrong with the cubbies. The pitching has just really give them net. You'll look up in the player Crist right. About normal crisp right is that. Sort of any possible injury issues and they were having usual season. The guys accountable but. The pitching which is a major part of what they said that last year just hadn't been there almost. Three legitimate Cy Young candidate last year this year they have done. Last year is the only of their full time starting pitchers in the are below war right now. And that's. That's not what they expected coming into the season I don't think that they're the best in an adult actor all pretty usually when you talk about you know looking forward. But if it's a let down for the team but. You know they say flag fly wherever they always have that 2016. Threw me but it. They think blocked field are there on this year than they are right now. Our viewer and I learned Vegas and a sports but and we your side is an up the AL east which is also close to each other. Allah the blue JG you know you get the best odds of the blue jays does right now they're just 37 and forty but god they have the firepower turner around. But it's so close I mean the blue jays are still just five and a half games back. Yankees Red Sox rays Orioles blue jays. If you had to ban on one team nag at different odds would teach steam regained it the worst odds with the Yankees and the Red Sox. Best odds with the blue jays. Who would you bet on to take the AL east. Well the odd and everything I think ever actually attempt the day. They have the. Pretty impressive pitching depth at every enforcement's player like Honeywell you look at a ticket there for Rhea coming up. He has to you know almost been like them. Amid isn't out of a big picture in the way having neglected in that area around you but they have that kind of value in the minors. And the thing about all these pictures in the minors gives them options. Could trade Chris archer and still they stay competitive constraint prospects for a bigger picture and bill and and actually be able to do that. And I think that that there's kind of overlook the are the. The pick the Red Sox but they reported division but it rains have better odds that some people think. And switching over to the NL last as the Iraqis just got swept by the San Francisco Giants and you just always wondering. In other data room for buddy black and that crew of all those young kids and they've been died doing so well that. Here come the Dodgers they have been hot what's interesting about the Dodgers though. Is you look at all the guy easy on the disabled list you look at their starting rotation. Kershaw and then you know our all and and you look at Janssen as a closer than palatable than all. But they hit so many home runs and score many runs. Do you think there are about to basically boat race the rest of the NL west at this point. I take that there are strong favorite media at the public Iraqis about the back of them he's been. But the doctors think you have been oppressed them out of that thirteen. To call up thirty Ballinger and an app as. I made it public. It's almost too greedy in the way that they had particular object in. Billion dollar a year payroll and they can still develop a core eager to put it if it. If it. It's up another elected right now I think to look at them and say. Yeah they have more money that they have more prospects that but. They aren't favour of business that getting around that they you have. A very good baggage they can place. A lot of injured starter. I mean you look at last year. They still were injured teen even missing Clayton Kershaw for a couple months. It's a tough team and it's understating their teams stick with about despite vigorous start to pull away. Even Nobel injured has no idea who Jerry Steinfeld is used or are you start looking at his numbers are I mean those wanting when he had a guy like Kevin mosque Emma. Years ago for the Yankees got hot seat now lot. Skits got 24 home runs and 159 gains mean. It's like it's historic and you look at how aggressive you look at the power it's it's it's. Obviously this will not continue to. What might not it was like a fourth round at least. Yeah I mean you can according one. He's doing so I mean it's hard to be. Up fluid hitting the way he is now at a I felt that makes me feel incredibly old because they are high that the note by itself and music. He went to a year ago when the final episode aired is that mold. Yeah I know I thought about but it's been running in syndication for how long. That yet. Everything teammate they'd bought them about that that that that advocates say because the heartland not in any idea to. So maybe they thought they don't watch the episode began. Epithet demand is he admitted that a lot of pop culture her. Yeah I can just imagine what they're gonna like that like at the box set of season one through whatever can show up in his locker Agha just imagine they get always appreciate the time thank you so much for coming on the a's post game show. And will not do as soon. Stands aboard Steve from ESPN.