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Friday, April 28th

Our favoirte pop culture expert, Christine Samra joins Franco and Kags to talk abou the latest sports/celebrity relationship news! 


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Welcome to frank on tags and 957. Game I'm Gionta frank and I manic like Becky State Street giant as you've got a fun guess today she's been on the show before Christine C joint task she is our pop culture aficionado. Think. Dean got to have you back on the show we get ready for all of our and we got to look at the pop culture so happens involving sports like relationships. Aaron Hernandez thing is you know in part headlines people teen pregnancies so when there's a tennis have we have to bring you into sort of break it all down. A lot yes I don't know yet exactly Levitt in the air at let's talk relationship who's hanging out of yellow light think that. Biggest news is the baby news and the years I've it obviously beyond being pregnant. And act in their pregnancy to point out eggs. I cannot close like ET I played it down. Fashion we stage that's right I'll make it out at Edmonton. We might look at the Clarence ray and you that doing. I should it. Can't like a narrow abs of Lena. They're bringing so many and I'm sure that's right. Now the biggest thing is and town Serena Williams ax me. It snapped chat at a high profile show up and sincere with a tiny bound. It looks like app every car after every night for saying she's twenty weeks. An accident. Is the chance they're right that she's now it's not it's this is really. And number eight times after adding it. Most aggressive and I and the idea of green right Allen says she quickly ticket and that everyone sign. Then she had confirmed she is saying that she was released the news later on anyway. It is keen that was acts acts cell she her and her hat and fiance. Who should not engaged he's the CEO Friday. He adding adding the east un February like this out there there have been slightly similar. Play regardless they got to gauge that beat us at local Roman here numbered day. I went to make some Chinese freshness and mean and some guys stellar for loan and she ran bats Friday on here in the Bay Area. Was that of that before after the pregnancy that I think it was a foyer is reading now knowing you should eat. And town that's announced their engagement and tuning in me a year which in. Everett is excellent so fast ordinance. An accidental snapshots of her and and was different messages on in two and explain how excited they and sent to lean and he should be due September right now it's funny how Blake beyond the end to end it went in the street in super baby and long. It didn't happen package is pregnant. Doing. During the last Grand Slam in a strike at that passes I am anyway LaMont and like early pregnant like sickness pregnant I mean that's impressive. Really cool and a she did she is she really is the goat cheese and means she says she's at I agree that she's definitely. Who can't say that at a rate applicants and I you know I wanted to blow up pregnant I blank you know. They don't you mean like telling Mary not only the Carolina. So murder matter like. At the U where in Mexico this weekend until loom had a love baby moon and she looks adorable character totally love. On some things are doing. Out because of a wild. Boards Serena Williams. And it's a big new thing is like yes I have not done it we need you working did you baby and with your first not and Allen now we debating that we didn't weaken in San Diego idea he's and a little something idea of damn little family trip here and their mean we've done some a little damage that's it. But nothing like I'm going to be in its specific what I understand abatement is is that it's you and your septic at your significant other going to on the trip just to you to kind of enjoy life before baby your eyes now I think it makes more sense for people. When is their first ranked visitor at futures second your lives are pretty crazy and security act and chase in the kid and I'm going to act on a trip exactly so. School that's exciting and happy for her so that's happy relationship news either have a relationship news is Colin cabernet can nests and people from the be area Mano a net Stan. By the local dairy DJ. And she is Keating Holland and at one right. And then he got. And eliminated travel here in just a little bit. It's good to add how many times ever since federal break out at like at least three writer for time I think guy and at my day job I got three different looking items for accountants railing and have cried out like booking photo album. Wire like back into any fifteen Alice that income cabinet got into a fight was over and NASA pray she's now in new York and they were recently in New York together both cap and nests high lows near the regardless anywhere. Celebrating cabinet being one of times 100 most influential people. He tagged quite this season. You know. Can make you happy I am I. So they would it has got together so their going Easter on which I think a lot of it's kind of a lot of peep. Pulled to some of the rumblings are that NASA sort. Pushed him pushed and encouraged his social awareness and to take to another level of media uses. Notoriety to express his opinions a little more. And because a lot of that he did that if you look at one thing that's kind of been of the common denominator. In the changes we've seen Capra lies and NASA came into his life. I think it's a bad thing no more parity or that's great if that's the you know she supports an influence as a man and that's great. But at saint a lot of people see that she's. The causes. Which annoys me in a way because it's like he's a grown men make decisions right whether or not she me have has an influence on that's fine. He may be like you know what I agree with you that's great the glee this way I think a minister to stand to. Or equity I. I don't I don't see why people are so upset over the fact that saint Al atop her fault no it's his what ever you feel about Katherine ache. It's his own decision to make Isaac brown man I think a lot of it used to people being disgruntled with the whole alt instead cap critic you know altercation because of NASA and then report Parse. And then everything kind of felt our Smith and east niners is greater Plame because he'd gotten in trouble again so we saw on our cap for next play. I next year and I create. I mean didn't think he's an in new York at webcam pointed current like well at the and he actually prop one day out. For volatile and honestly I like Janet I satisfy and I hope that's it. I think that there's still together and means it's been a while for them it's been about two year summer 2018 is in the rumors starred in Armenia were most. Getting closer to start having teens and a almost two years. More relationships relationships jailed in Iran are still going strong. Allan earns merry gentlemen on the island snow's day and I. Her in Iraq basically it's very high school she notes heat sign him out of course she's not as he sees. It sees Iran out of your seat on Iran McDonald's that's for sure if she he rocked by elitist and on the shoulder he tax and later instead let's go to dinner and and and it's an iron from bears they've been together percent steamed when it. Cutest couples and and the best nicknames Jalen Iraq Ryan. I like if you look at like A-Rod eyes and jailed most states in general patient habitat to my goodness that would be stunning child yes modeling contract in the world. Scenes in those babies with Marc Anthony yes they're QQ I've IC assembly they'll look at it like him to. Be you know what they say sometimes when he gets you really beautiful people together renown and the games. I've heard that too complex video and then sometimes people that aren't deadly traditionally good looking they make beautiful children right we have the best of the best parent exact you know that's interesting okay. And then them era and say that you know. He liked it because she likes simple fate railing I've never heard simple and violent and mean neither ever she likes simple things. Yeah I wake pattern on the green rooms surveys out rotten. Is different now I don't now he is Jenny from the block she likes to remind us how from the age I from the block for awhile that's why she is she's been on for sometime like her life is and since she was on. Yeah I am already Heller. Exactly she is making it for it at about eight at an early days and I should she end. In the business for one means that Selena movie just elevated twenty years snow. And Nina Demi issues between the east 526 when she did that she's 4045. Now she's like almost fifty I want she is I'm definitely Saturday last she's an outlet like for its I mean that she's she's testicles. That now. Crazy ass out. Good cat she's very very handsome. I mean getting credit I talent can crash so I'm glad I am forty cents. Mean he's. Helped that with the 3 in the morning I think she's at and expect as this breaking down she has the money to have Schatz that the proper meals for that probably taste delicious within the caloric. Ill appropriate caloric intake that she should have a DB base is she's got trainers and nature she works us is that people. You know she's able to TD are scheduled to do everything for. Everything for me I would like to exactly it's time. I greats I couldn't agree Grambling admired retail Puget up there you're happy for him. Utterly jam and we're happy for you. Am so not good celebrity news and not pure and town Carmelo Anthony and are now broken. Now entering its for goodness ended at their. Rocky patches here and hair and let's clarify they are not divorcing that that is what everyone keeps saying island Carmelo divorce is that not rating their separate it right just divorced underway you know ray I heard I. A big. Read the paper says violence that I haven't seen. And its complications pre nup and everything to house and I think that's an that your child thing as a pre nup they shared child I mean. Yeah I mean human eyes is making me. It was huge and TGE engines and power at fifty cents down on HBO says she. Has a lot going for herself from them actually you know now I mean he's worth money but this the end of the season mark councilor for him the next rate and there isn't mean that. LeBron was tree and kick him and it can it. That you lost the green again. Bowl. Ouch but that urge I mean it OK so when we return rivers that Carmela and faithful to Mala and there was a rumor that. The reason when I guess she always known he was cheating. The last Charlotte he got like a stripper pregnant but then these people said no it's not a stripper so it everywhere wondered did you get anyone pregnant right he's denying that. There is no alleged baby mama. And the latest info is that he's still trying to get all of that. Which OK everyone says I mean it okay so is there it was there infidelity. I think at this question there's been released early for years and a couple of years ago they had an issue where I want they're gonna break up three years ago. And they did and and and the TT from a really long time to finally get married leading heat do you gauge for -- and the irony putting that married and then. Agents seem like there was always rumors and T. And adding that analysts Robert Blake. This alleged baby which I don't know mature and learn it. I'd guess he's liking her mean positive policies and good photos on instant she looks sketchy low rate rain and mean. Average dropped post break out and a good out of cars cars and Carmela liking and I don't know at this little. It's convened at Levys trying to tell her that her now look. These are care that you. Exactly the details of when seeing you know allow lessons flag at the card act she and her and Mexico also celebrating his birthday. And usually that's acknowledged clinic she's always out without. As she not with thanks out had been announced whenever I was wondering why. In Indian of course they satisfy her wonder neither community. And she's a bad. Crash adding I'd rather not card is personally. I I I. Yeah making right now. All you have 10 lead and state who is dating Courtney lasts. With the and I'll just an. As it announced its eating club slowly got that they're still going to isn't out there together but they show up. There are no LeBron was like totally against it it's. He was like don't like it right. Or he was banned from yes any sort of be on team. The game's at its activities he ran and whispered you know we are asked are firm and I had it shows her only hair. I. And he was interest it was on the shell. Cumulative actions and the reveals. So Syrians yeah. Just because they. She EQ. And meet 33. When he. Says that of an age difference and me when Harry. He years. As she looks really did race matter. Or she did when it's arc and act. And she's happy and they're just finally divorced from my cell yeah that's just to be so trying to be with them. Like to hang out with them I'd feel like you have to step up your game like. Twenty notches yeah it could be you know on your toes all the time in the past and everything I agree wouldn't be relaxing day like I think on the show he's going to sleep last. Cared to ask if it's not realistic ask what are. A prize in their attack its products finish now it is not I like we need issued at times. That's the shades. Andrea I would love that talent like of course that's. Again millions to. Help but feel I can access on that paid a little bit more. An and our relationship francs. I really happened. So the other team in making at that's been making headlines is this whole Aaron Hernandez. Situations and obviously a few weeks ago or last week yet I'm not that was fairly recent and it has committed suicide island prison. And so there's a lot of Rahm liens and came gift teen a lot to the potential lover which was really weird and it that the Lucas you would never hear that it's weird that he has. And if he's gay gay that's fine but we are hearing this now obviously. And that there were suicide notes left behind and I'll based on this Massachusetts. Law that if he out if his name is cleared and any financial. Anybody that hat would go to his. Stories on my mind. Considering actually from the start when he committed suicide because he suggests it acquitted. From ligament of art app and from higher number of people we're seeing what it means that. His lawyers and the first charge that. Odom going at exactly. Ago it was so weird. And even it means to act like a whole other topic. But what everyone was talking about lies that the reading notes. That he left behind in his presence out today and in heat and turned himself. And in no way is one to his fiancee went in his daughter. And they are seeing this other one was to some other in me a letter like you're making it seem it was a love latter day LAPD is Iowa action some money. And everyone with communities like me. But now has lawyers telling nineteen indeed look. Yet there. Latter was to me as lawyer there is now. Lover in jail long. There's not that so I don't night feeling this is Gannett for gonna find out more as time goes on and in a forty pound. Lake synthetic marijuana in use in any system and a so there is that weird did this come from and taking a red diet. I was gonna start some kind of investigation within in that could yeah with a in the prison that wears me how to get gas and he did you ever watch on to the new. Alleyway how they ache I mean they have grad and kick him out at. Exactly the presence. County that's exactly right that's like saying maybe summer I I don't know. But I feel like. More is gonna come out and I don't know for any more about this either and meet at this point I mean I. Just like this idea for someone and you never made. The smartest choice is that he pry me this and imprisoned him like OK here's some money free reign at eking. Out I don't. I don't know what's going to summons have been they're committing suicide but I imagine him in this letter these letters and an alone and feeling generous as and the geek on and. Maybe this person was true it was a true friend him great confidant was someone there for him and I think I'd DO he was he's been imprisoned for quite some time half so he may be this guy it was too so maybe there's is just a friendship that kind of blossomed and whatever it was it to Amy it's their business it's just so sad that. You know whatever. And this is a little girl who is left without a dad not that he was that the dad being alive and Nash as a visit him in prison but. Her future in what happens with her life is obviously important because it's not her fault it and then the family Odom and then the potentially other two people who were murdered. That he was acquitted on him because there was enough evidence. So ammunition is all these families that are just really in harper and from what happened. So it's just a sad story it is actually they need to take that money whatever money he adds I think it's like 45 million dollars and just. Divvied up between families including his daughter. She deserves a portion of that it's not her fault and if I completely agree I Larry wasted some seminal stuff you know yeah I'm gonna fight over money that's been asked a big thing it's by at over money and it's all about the legal system and doing it. You know the lawful manner not (%expletive) you know the whole like about this massachusetts' largest. Totally throw a wrench in this whole system. And that's news to me is I didn't well that and it's like Morris has come to this story it's like. There's something new every yeah brightly as house is up for sale and at one point three million but anyway so. What I I don't know if it's if he had loans on that liquid and it's really worth. If it's sold he might oh a million on it right here in the end you know 3000 dollars. Which is still something that would go to the little girl his daughters she's the air you know it's a lot of questions it's it's messy. The incredibly messy and yet you know he'd. Eat a lot of bad things yeah. Now a lot and things firebird though regardless of the bad things he did he announced at my friends on social media that still. Where like lefty apt to really real will tell rice sent home hi and thank. Thank you know he he did. We don't know for sure am I off for shark at K. Apparently if you ever global org or even search on Twitter Aaron Hernandez's. A lake in your Hernandez. There would be. An enormous amount of not for safe work videos photos from women who were interested in dating him. While he was in prison if there's a weird group of people do that that are really interested in contacting people in prison and just like I don't know but. The ultimate bad boys they I don't know if it's just the attention and I don't know what it is I don't know what drives somebody to one Cameron was in prison. Oscars came off that tour doesn't that guy a met his she she met him while he was imprisoned. And they dated him when he got out they come here that's why are on the hunt we need just got out of jail they got married to Ellie for the mining. Is crazy at the Oscars evolved beings it was meant to be. Out to do with it and being Anthony high in prison. Yes I was in prison laugh at that data files don't Wear. Yes right imprisoned his way out but I catch a pass that is patient I that's crazy conjugal visits and I it's. It's not my thing and mean game. Ideas and a lot a lot of money being conference on base. When it's trial for start when he first it trouble. Just as interest in air and start. His knee yeah now. Against the intent upon and yeah. Cheese while somebody else that and other celebrity that people are really interested in for good reasons. His streak. He gets I'm sure he gets a lot of female is my gain a lot of female love out there that I he at a recent insert more right. Yeah everything's if you dream and Drake has played relationship with the warriors yeah I like Drake Q now. Whoever's calling them that he's. I don't mean to the Iraq and fresher look at these aren't up yet he's an actor and I gives likes the lawyers like it different. They sat in an outright with Stecker. During the time I wake up to come into where he got Allenby and Alex has so jealous of him Hungary had it. It's it will learn Drake started by posting a violent. You're on and to. Be really cheesy and catching it when she asks how much funnier without there. Dreamed of and it led Drake. Get away and it should dream on bed now as high Internet maybe it's not chat each answer straight academic dean I sent ads. You have a look at that effort that's out. So it just came Annie like club that went in with it was safe for one. And then I would trailer and shot back with their unflattering part of injury. Figured that he needed. And and it says it. It says and just basically poking fun to grass roots and its partners. Paula Drake Gainey and grassy. Actor actor and that leaders and capture read and we will get that taxiing out to be next to grassy. I hash tag lack. And just as that little lacking cry in the genes that definitely. That relates upon as a kind of fun. Get any. Guy and me the espy's Atlantic it would freeze on people to enjoy and now. In India it right here in not a year and a girl and they're going to be presenting RP MVP awards rookie the rookie wards it would it's it DN six in the all those awards and the band. Voted awards as well so it's it's a good choice honestly yes I I agree. And he's he's funny and he has relationships with a lot about the so he'll be able to poke fun. At a lot of these NBA players and best part about it is eakins counties here and played a lot of rappers. I mean he's cheesy as I mean I mean Courtney. And apartments now too when it's like a class class. In their roomful of job after. A big deal it's just like sister. Act differently I'd be some history eats at him he would be. Too. So the NBA awards are going to be in New York in June. Now they're gonna have red carpet event there and every saying hey they say it's only gonna be athletes and the that are attending an event I'm gonna get the Kardashians I of 100%. Say right. You know it out there. Close the gap and be back. I mean I assume maybe alert and since she has this lake. Has that are strained their act together and that's where she is being played. Steve. Went. Out and rappers to abide by yet even she was he. I definitely including cart action will be fair. And other. Of the deathly follow up on that's after the war at least as little recap awards recap in at least summit mean they'll be like who. Also we can. Rappers use him at your reality stars. And I. And exciting it's fun it's. I'm I'm kinda sad that you don't get like the MVP awards present. Senior home recently was fun indices staff curry at work all right under the band getting the award that's it'd be kind of missed. But I get what they're trying to do at the end vinik trying to make it a special night but it. Does kind of immediate ports it's important but it does sort. They eat the whole experience it for every player and everything and experience for every team you know yes you experience for our. Your team basically. Pay attention. And it's yeah ethnic states. Happening. Everywhere now. Pay attention her man. Price on my own turf at least get a bigger deal. In ourselves winning ticket. At that again. It. And on time. It happening absolutely am I acting Chia and this is fun. Me not having you on because we left after we had and I have the following week kind of gravitate towards sports stories obviously. It's thanks absent from an. Idea that. That's a block flag for instance each. Day job. Had to get an added some Larry L I hear that at a finds you on the social you in on instant and Christine court dash scene TU RE PHI. Am and I'm not bashing. Each discipline apple name. That parent is you know. The post and to Graham and repose and on you're at your ears and the fun little Kia it's like I can Christine and I got a team. I'm not your pictures and my treatment McCain went to activist keynesian like some action. That. And it richer at Christine ash and I think that same AM I am on apps play. It's just be careful what you podcast she is not as shiny pictures like to. My pitches a night. Serena in his swimsuit after and I tip. Now when you wake up and White House top you note down their affected by the that it that it. Now he's and it's happening at summit. In Europe. It's awesome it's it's right every T I'm Christine blog and we have more frequent than I've sent the game.