Chris Townsend sits down with Bob Melvin and Eric Kubota

The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, June 21st

The inaugural Chris Townsend Podcast opens with A's head coach Bob Melvin and Athletics director of scouting Eric Kubota. 


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Should introducing me. The most interesting man on the radio how big Boller shock collar come player he's romantic. Sticker and a snicker everybody likes happy endings I lose romance. He's eloquent. Orator and portrait sometimes on the Downey's got to be a little wrong candidate and and he knows his sports I source says there's smoking weed right now let it play out it's the twelfth man. Your. They are you kidding me crest. Podcast I was really you know on Monday and now it's. What's happening. Chris Townsend welcome to my brand new podcast here. I 957. Game isn't trying to get me to do this for awhile and my running joke was always. I work six days a week that's not good enough for you flex I came around city you know what why not to a podcast. Because sometimes drained you know certain times of the year I'm just doing pre and post game shows I don't get a lot of time just. Talk about other subjects nicer to realize you know what I run into a lot of interest in people. Whether it's here at the ball Parker at the warrior gamer raider games or whatever game Imad so. I decide yell it's still podcasts and wanna do is just have a lot of funnel a lot of different people and kind of go operate dealer topics that. People. In this industry get asked when you're a player manager coach and general manager you know whoever I mean I've liked. Steve Kucinich I Gary told him I'm I have to get him on Steve Kucinich has been years since day one. You know we're gonna talk to Steve who Kucinich about Joseph DiMaggio. Steve has some of the greatest stories of all times and that's fun trying deal and it's always going to be sports has. I got friends or do other things that have interesting stories so. We're gonna venture away from Schwartzel stand sports rant trying to have a lot of bonanno a lot of good contents for you here. On the Chris Townsend podcasts and we'll get a little crazy to at times so. Who knows where a minute take this microphone and who I'm gonna record but I can guarantee you we're trying to give you the best possible contents. To make you laugh to make you think to make you have a good time so. Leading off actually did a couple interviews last week and we just want to get this thing started. So he did a couple interviews last week there on the podcast but my first real one for the podcast. I sat down on Bob Melvin earlier today. In the a's dugout and talked about about the warriors in me Yeltsin loves basketball loves the Golden State Warriors and Bob known as the Bay Area kid grew up the Menlo Park. Obviously played ball like cow all but he still lives in the Bay Area so many people. In this industry takeoff when the season ends doesn't matter what sport majority everybody bolts. Bob Melvin stays year round because this has solved so we're talked to Bob Melvin first shall be the true first interview for the podcast. And then we're gonna have so much more is. In all the different people from Iran into for the rest of baseball season. There we're gonna get into raiders as you know why do the raiders I interviewed Jack Del Rio every single week sorted Del Rio on hair. We'll hear raider players and then before you know what warriors will start back up almost target warriors on New Year's south. We're gonna run into a lot of interest in people who were gonna have a good time and I just hope you all enjoyed the new. Chris Townsend podcast right here on 957 again thanks for listeners. Brand new IMAX. On leave and not my thing about things rock star right now. I had to go to the skipper of the Oakland Athletics tonight. Any doubt a lot of great things in your career that being my first real guests in the podcasts and have plans to go right up there and auditor highlights. Oh my god I'm speechless right now I had to have goosebumps knowing that you. Yeah you deal with like sixty courier and and Kevin Durant stepped Korean aged enough evidence pretty good season two would lead me off. Means a lot to me. You're still Bob Melvin for God's sakes speaking at a warriors. You've been a warrior fan since you were a little kid and I had a family connection. And the organization just for you grown up watching this course you saw the team win. And 75 agree there in the guys but to watch the greatness. And you love basketball. And just how much has been for years. It's an incredible I mean this this truly is one of the great teams in sports history Natchez basketball history. And you watch how the organization. Problem mr. lake of on them mr. Myers Steve to the players how. Everybody is on the same page and everybody supports everybody there. That is what true championship organizations. Should be light and they are that models so it's great view of the insert such close proximity and there was some of those guys. Get to watch it first class it would force firsthand but to everybody strives to do so. Where there's no better time via a warriors and right now I mean it really is it because you've been apart. A great teams of course here with the Arizona Diamondbacks on the greatest World Series of all time. When you guys came back and beat the New York Yankees that this team is just. They are shall dominance crazy it is I mean they'd. Animal and I wanted him see him go eighteen and or ever was in the post season. Morning I want intimated to finish it off here so losing one game I think probably in the grand scheme of things is good that everybody is celebrated here in Oakland. And and win a championship here because there hasn't been done here at home I think since there. What that maybe seven need three or four days at the notorious. Now you were a basketball players acute not only baseball wins the last time Bob Melvin can still dunk. Well it doesn't can happen now let gay get avenue are now I got some back issues that would conclude that it. Member junking him. My freshman year for the first time and in doing in my sophomore year and gain. And see it acquaintances. I'm guessing boy I probably could still do when I was playing my last year was 94. I don't think 2000 Sony dunks on me. Rehearsed and the other two together ever I could I care that is you know wasn't that off my feet so. You know actually during. I school that's close my service board. Really any sport during that season with my favorite sport they went in high school class. Act jam and we it's really good teams and so. That's. You know all the cool things I like to talk about with you is. Is you worried Bay Area guy you live here in the Bay Area you appreciate being back home where so many guys. You know it goes on him how much they love the Bay Area that the man the season's over peeler on Arizona Florida Texas or whatever it is. An eighty and you name sport it's like that everywhere we use this is home to you. It is and I support all the local teams here and and really enjoy it I mean. When I got the opportunity come back here and manage I had to move back here we were in new York and in their zone for awhile it. I was he's revealed move accurately here in these damn hard and you know go to count games you know support all our local varied team so when you live here you grow up here. And get the opportunity Natalie demand that your hometown team and be part of the other team's support during offseason there's nothing like Abby gives you grew up you grew up and aids thing. I did I erupt every everybody you know I knew I was warriors fan I was amazed stance forehand and as a raider and policy giants and right now. But there probably was a time certain and I played for the giants believe matter and a. Well look at that you know what's interesting about this this this ballclub. And now ever since you've shown up it's been might want it to things you've been there pin in the playoffs. Or it's been tough I mean that is an ultimate roller coaster ride. Alyssa just like for you professional. It is it's these last years been awful and I and I really thought that you know after 2012. I didn't think there was any chance we weren't gonna win a world championship here. And it didn't happen. And then we've gone through some very difficult times right now and you have to keep your head up and you have to keep looking forward forward. I do love the younger group of guys that we have here right now it come up to our system that are really pride folded the Oakland is right now and I think. This is really the start of something this year that it is in his. Take is this organization or needs to be. Fairly soon so. You always have stayed positive and I'm positive right now you know things are going very well right now those things are gonna turn. You know one thing I've always respected about what you do around here is no matter who the talent is. You're letting everybody know that we're gonna grind every single out every single game no matter what the names on the back of the Jersey right and it hasn't been treated times trust me and I feel it. More than anybody because some manager your accountable for whatever goes on out there and certainly can't go out there and in pitch and hit for guys that. You're job is to prepare and things don't go well you feel accountable or so. These last couple years and awful as far as that goes feel bad for our fans because they come out here and support us and they wanna see a better product. But again the product gonna get better. You know we've got some young guys I love it there first time you told me about. Chapman being and nicknamed Captain America because he can do everything the team these young players. Talk about Chad and also about Ryan helix is Brian Healey I like the passion and I like to hire. And I of course I I'll lows approach to the plate no doubt about it in the Indian you don't wanna take that away from Ryan nearly their times he can drive you crazy would that in the dugout. But it comes from a good place because he wants to succeed he wants his team to win. And it doesn't go away wants to do anything via a handful. But that's that's you don't wanna take it personally that channel that same way these little bit quieter and how he does it. He's going to be and axles tires in the one of those guys that makes everybody better. He sought when he first got here I am not saying he's the reason we won four games only yankees series. Certainly we felt better about ourselves as a team he's out there are based going to make all the plays and no in the that he's all about winning and all of these are very talented guy. You know one thing we've talked and on the passes is about you love to teach in your staff loves to teach and we have the young guys. As out here today you guys are working so hard with these young guys. You know there's there's a lot to teach and to not baseball but how do you teach them yet judgment of the pros also off the field. No doubt about it in years is more so that is the big legal now with with the younger guys come into the big leagues it is quicker pace when I played. You had to be developed when you've got there there wasn't a whole lot of developing it is too big league level and you've got better obviously. But as skill set which would suggest that fundamentally you were ready for the big league level or now. You know whether it's you know salary wise or whatever loans cheaper to have younger guys there in the game in the big leagues sooner. And you have to embrace that and certainly my coaching staff led by yelling chip hale who loves to teach. Well organized our staff knows that's part of the job nowadays lives that it ever since you showed up the world changed around here were all very thankful that you showed up then. You know no matter what the teams like YouTube you make it easy to do our jobs and I've always appreciate that thank you for being the first guest on the Chris Townsend podcast thank you for having me on and the like you said you're the good things happened. For awhile when I first got here in and it's got to turn around and happen again so that's working hard or appreciate you have man show. Well I only give him one time a year and it's always after the draft is this guy is one of the busiest. And all of baseball Erica boat is the director of scouting. For the Oakland a's choices here on 957 game acted rap is finally over right. Not bad start to get Quebec. Brett script yet to get my get back above water. Because it's one of those deals having in this job a new ballot the gays for so long event such a great job at the eighth and Sony guys you draft and got the big leagues. But for people this is George Super Bowl this is that I'm a year for you when it all happens. Yeah aperture her I mean we work all year. Were trapped in forget those guys side effect you know drafted and it you'd better number one pick in Oakland yesterday and I'm leaving on Monday to get ready projects here. In it was interesting talking to you yesterday. Behind the batting cage has asked union you know for the fans who can you cannot compare him to and you brought up the name Andrew McCutcheon. And then what we talked hostage back he actually said. His favorite player growing up Andrew the catch it's I thought that was interesting how you view on and who he viewed himself. As a big league player. They're pretty cool I didn't even know that they're not. So tell us about him because what we got to see yesterday obvious batting practice but very high school kid. Would bat. The power we saw yesterday very very impressive what do you love about this kid. Yeah I think what he's got by yesterday's he get right into it in beat you with a big league team. And that that's only like about an hour an excuse generate bat speed. With with ease and and his ability to do that we felt was unique in Munich got up to meet the very often. Great pick one swing and dedicate what you go to see him there as well. So that that first and foremost is what jumped out yeah I mean it's the ability with the bat the outside the power. But often not what about African runner in depth about that hurts borrowers their chance later he elected there's a lot more. People and then get that back. Yeah but as you said so impressive I mean to watching high school it. I mean this kid just got done with prompt for God's sakes and graduating. Any steps into the cage at a big league stadium with everybody watched them. And he's able watched the balls out of the ballpark with the wood bat. Would you say that that's not normal most high school kids normally especially when they switched to would have to really growing into their power pitcher and this kid looks like your RD pass. Yeah I would I would say that the ease with with which he was hitting balls orders it and as he's unique. I mean kids nowadays are using wood bat Mort more than you do a summer so there are cut than you do with that but. It's rare that you he would he would without much strengthened now that much ease of generating power. I mean. You know we can a lot of it's come to work out. Believe steinem and that there have been many of them look like opposite it yesterday. Yeah gossip Beck very very impressive than. You know there's the comparisons to Mike Trout I said yesterday. Eric day out cannot fare like all those years are they want to compare the next good players to Jack Nicklaus or they like apparently like Michael Jordan. Which are really not fair comparisons. Same way it will with Austin and looking at Mike Trout. Let obviously there's mourning him the power that you love. What did you see from him from a defense of stamp went especially in the work out here that say you know we do you have to take this guy with a six. It's funny you know we want to really get it worked out with the with the he threw very well. The we have a lot of guys data mean North Carolina in the spring you know a lot of us felt very strongly about it and think it's better deal. Missy it'd get really react to the war. The ball off the bat well he is great jobs. And and we really believe that it can't be very good center fuel. When you start looking at the rest of the draft throw some names Addis I got one name for you. But throw some names that I I know everybody excite ship. But give us some names of some guys I got everyone your picks right here in front meet some guys it's your really excited about that they were there when you go to an opportunity to select. Right well we haven't quite by nick gallon yet. But we are confident that that we're gonna make that happen and I mean we are extremely happy that he was there in the third round. And we you to nick it's kind of an end of the first round comp round type talent and you know he he's not big inside that this heat wave he plays the game with a chip by actual birds on the bat he that the shortstop you know that I will be that the shortstop that ever seen. If they're just think he'd he'd done it that. Every time you go to eat meat at a wow and that he's he just have fun got a lot to prepare these fans have a lot watch them as it progresses that it is the system. I'm glad you brought his name up because it's funny. I went to school with his mom from Mike elementary school through high school. Our families went to the same church and actually his father. Is one of our contractors for our family restaurants mediate also would you drafted nick my brother texted me the basic make out so it's funny drafted this kid and I've noticed parents since I was a little kids so it's going to be. It's interesting to see him progress and always that got a scholarship to USC that. Obviously very very talented. Actually a lot of short stops lately in the draft is that is has. Best players on the board or it's at the ivy are are they guys you feel that to play at a position widely gods are shortstop having. I while I I don't think it's intentional but I you'd think. Generally shortstop for the best player on the field you know we built from from Little League Alia that the best player on the team goes to short stuff so. That's kind of how it worked out of it and fight tiger your connection that nick. Dick it may be reached at you negotiate the contract. A. It's crazy I. He I was just in San Diego and his father was out our family restaurant and he was any day the day's events out met him like all going to be great and noodles and the fact that you guys drafted Manning got I've I've now on the I've no on the families and since I was a little kids it's it's. A lot of fun to watch you don't look at the baseball draft. Eric I gotta tie it we watch the football draft. And they've got every. Play attic guy has ever done in college football on the tape they've got the. Com buying they've got the work out there seems to be so much information. Just how different. You know for that you can explain advance how different the different. The information. At your fingertips it's you have in the NFL vs what you truly have for the base. All draft well I think we're just dealing with such a bigger pool I mean you know we trapped for forty round. And those guys. When they're being out there are a lot closer suit the senate product you know major college football is is basically one step. From the NFL weren't our guys. I will Paula they're they're there's a lot of development that after app before they get. Yet the big leagues but. That the enemy we have more and more information I mean at video out go during the draft show. We've probably seen nick alum played. Twenty or thirty game cute because now that summer showcases. We have all this. All of these other event that happened debt debt at you know it is it a bit lack moderated one a five year or is it. Really start decaying but he cannot vote it's opportunity it's BM and album and you also have all the different. Analytical data and video yet stated that come up with council we have a lot more but it's available to us now. But we are all but even that much bigger forward and it felt that our. Erica voted director. Scouting has been what the days since 1985. He joins us here. On night five point seven game when he talked about solemn like Austin are anyone of your high school picks in it's crazy to think let you know. These kids still live at all right I mean they're still live with mom and dad. And now they're it's a little different from college is now your gonna be a professional. You're getting paid. What is it do you guys have like a blueprint on how to help these young kids richer since. They're coming from such a structure like high school to the minor leagues it's like two different ends of the spectrum when it comes to life. Right yeah we have a very structured data. At the level that fit our principal players don't do I mean. Most of their meals a provider for the standard and apartment it's almost like it's the war situation. I'm so it's not call it yeah okay it's not. A 100%. You know whether to write a 100% but he might be and call it that we it is a very structured system net but certainly on the we have that we consider you know are these kids. We look confident that there are able to go out and live on their own now you know I mean that the that the date. Consideration warmer we're talking about drafted and I'm quite okay and I had a draft. Let's end on this give me a name later in the draft and you took a lot of college guys. Give me a name later in the draft that you said you know what I could see this guy get into the big leagues pretty equally. I'd like that they had a battle but their yeah there are certainly a complicated Mateen always pictured in quiet marks we look at it thirteen ground at about that we Camelot yet. I'm that are really really strong yours reliever the kind of guy because it's not that there could move quickly through a system. You know we've we've had good luck with with guys that he beat fourteen to twenty earlier meet Bryant though. The ticket Rudman and I think that I think why more that it can't be that at a guy. Also. Someone will communicate and present it for statement first baseman name Arab Ruda. Had a huge year for the ballclub this year and that's in work. Stadium perpich work out really put on a show when we have we have high hopes for error as well. Eric I always appreciate the time I know how busy you are thank you so much congratulations on another solid draft. Annaly and hopefully watch a lot of these players that you took. Get to the big league level to help the green and gold. Yeah well children. It's. Mean.