The Chris Townsend Show Third Hour 9-13-18

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Thursday, September 13th
Joe Fann of joins Towny and Butcher Boy to talk about the upcomming showdown beetween the 49ers and the Lions. Who will walk away 0-2? Does this loss help or hurt Jimmy G moving forward?

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And we got them. That Joseph underscore Fannie read them on 49ers dot com Joseph how we do all of this evening. Welcome model I played McCrory that I can own it no big deal in. Our mouth don't worry noses and do as podcasting's. This is interesting when you start getting ready for this game. And it's only after one week. But talking about what this game means to both these franchises does somebody's walking out of Levi stadium Owen too and when you're all until. The numbers in the playoffs in the percentages. Are not in your corner. 100%. You're absolutely right now I think that's what makes Detroit that it dangerous team. You know it so you look at what happened in week one and against the New York Jets are mine and I spoke on bank well you know that the team that we're actually scandal but. You know statistics that show occasionally to the team and Lola. You know traditionally in that we despite only play in week one they rebound. In Wii to play much better you know especially like that you know you can't go into it not an option. Right naturally he'd approach you even since so. You know I think before and I certainly take it lightly they look at that game. The tree can't reject that would let 1717. To 46 proper turn in another touchdown so. You know got out of hand really quickly but. It's going to be a great game on Sunday Assurant and Le Petit and a lot bulking. You know Joseph without all the fluff of their play in Minnesota they're on the road the guards are injured. Jimmy just have to play better wouldn't you agree even meet gave my 130 million dollars and those. Throws specially the one candle in the red zone not the one on the topic kill drop that he's just got to make those rose wouldn't you agree Jimmy needs to played better this weekend. He totally played better and you look at there are plenty utility and I think. You know that three pick that think you look at one what is all the other two pro to horror. You know the one that you communicate your wrote god docket as it beat him on that and we just overshot a little bit and then yet that we don't want declaring that particular in the edit on the rent to own. I would really immediately touched down at that point it a one score game but you needed a touchdown there. And so we yeah I think it was but the do you remember the guy only started a game out there is gonna be grueling though. I think what you like about an acre at ticket silver lining is that the guy who's not a great to make that big stake because. You want to make that big play they'll open team winning game right Greta are that they got whose gun shot it and I think it's Acker but a lot down. Rather than trying to make a row that the economy can pick pick. Make interception Cutler broke but again it doesn't make you gush I later in the game you don't become so risk averse. That it paralyzes you your team trying to win a game you rely on everybody else duke or used so yes I completely agree he's got to play better but. I think your belief that you made up the right up in order to you know take those next now. The number one beat writer for the San Francisco 49ers Joseph fan in the power rankings noises here. On the Chris downs and show all right so Jimmy G. I like how you just put that because. Everybody crowned him I mean. It's like this guy is the next greatest quarterback of all time. And we forget that OK now everybody's truly preparing for him. Now these games mean something he's still young he's still agree media hasn't starred a lot of games. We'll look at crown people so I and I'm going Danny Green your we'd like to crowned people's so early. What it's like you know this is it's hard when this leak. It's hard it would and it league and it got me other than the football if paid quite a bit more out of money as well use that. Cliche that are on the NFL. Right there didn't pay you are so yeah I mean they're gonna be growing pains. I think that's why caution and it juggling work. You know they were on the EU telecoms that break approaching the issue hyped until you'll be able to get them art under here and really develop their quarterback because. Up until really this week. He hadn't gone reversed he hasn't failed yet you were undefeated. I'd everyone in the world now right now he almost. You know get out of the way guy airlock at the way your kind of play and how money a little bit no one not eat too much Kirk. You know I'll pick against the tuchman eternity spent on the road as they okay how do you respond to go back your initial question of you know beyond the Oregon or you know we didn't Google Owen Q4 straight road game to get became the chief of Los Angeles charters but. This Jimi look the part of it looked like you learn from it they and take a step forward. You know I look at it yes Sunday's game against Minnesota and I say wow moment when she. Got to start at right tackle Lester number one pick Donte' pettis catches a touchdown can't remember the last time a forty niner wide receiver. Played in this first game and then caught a touchdown and Jerry Rice fifth game aimed crap being sued up and then Fred Warner how important was it to this draft class to go out hit the ground running NB impact wolf from day one. It's huge here and I think Jong lynching college and am quite an elegant in a cult favorite crave got a couple of them. But it that the moment not too big for them this statement to pick for them that Warner is about it mature. And they come Mike McClatchy come from a very similar clock. Docket that the Packers game translate so well the NFL you can turn that. Into the tactician mammy got great athleticism but he thought higher skill athlete but he just couldn't knock athlete and so technical. And Coca circuit route they can be accessed on any level until. They'll address are invaluable. You get it out of the way you go through your lumps none of those guys that perfect game. Pathetic spirit will be invaluable and I didn't go on your own standard. All three of those guys on the keep it warm like the logical starting and will probably be starters for their entire careers along with the organizers. Other people are injured we look at don't give credit the guy mark beat that it can't go out their credit and all its target on Sunday. Against the Detroit Lions could have had a big game until. Yeah thrown right that a fire but there's no re what they can't be the case why shouldn't be. Kyle Shanahan has been groomed to do this job from a long long time ever since his dad sent him to Texas to be. To learn there are so. What seemed like now he's been around for awhile but you'd be decent him there to be under Mack Brown. What's like on an everyday basis what do you learn what we know about Kyle Shanahan as a head count. What I can appreciate with Kyle Shanahan. Is that he doesn't really give you coach speak and granted he's got a little widows because he talks so much stocks in the news so much that. This used to all of that some of the BO at all he hit that ball that you are. I think there's such a paranoia around the NFL Berkeley and all sports but yet are well aware. You get up the question in your first responses. Or first. You know. He first gut reaction and the light of always the question I don't like answer the question without entering the question you asked contrary question its first. You know reaction and I'm gonna answer the question. And then your ability great artwork kinda where. You know competitive and why he Tibetan book who can expect questions we'll tell you are currently. They you know I'm not trying to be jerk LA and I know you that are that go at a press conference last year yeah the result is different where you were incredible elect. You know I want to Cuba I shouldn't be confident he would make it rather that like okay cool I respect like. You don't necessarily all the reporters everything. But when you get out the big question you will be computed pick and I will work or not there's been a couple times where. If you look at the Richard Sherman I think during I think it would marquis in what he could easily fire that reporters being. You posted up on social media to pollute our could come back on. Why that shouldn't do that noted though that it be you know. I'm in Munich teach you why it is important ally to view what Rick you shouldn't give it a positive and wipe out declared. Out of period mark eight and twenty Arctic Ocean and I wouldn't of ended up on Twitter trying to deal but I credit that guy. We're going after it burst wraps so I think option in the Soviet orbit I don't think you can watch me coaches. In the press conferences and stay meant that I'd get delivers more give important cautionary if you. By John shame less I know it's a Bobble head give away this weekend I need one Jimmy drop allow center butcher boy over here and a seven game. And is this the biggest Levi stadium game today honestly I mean this place has taken a lot of criticism from the fans from the media. Is the place going to be rock in this weekend if they play Detroit huge game biggest. Home opener I can remember since the Harbaugh era are you excited indeed think this is going to be the biggest Levi's game today. I. Think outside in the the inaugural game I think that in excess you'll playoff game more or gain a late in the Vietnam how well the application right we know it or come down. Lleyton a year their playoff implications. I stayed in the developed later gonna be rocket that would be a bigger game and we took empathy tree lined but certainly I think expectation and hope. Are a different level may have been in quite some time. And I think there's still an option I'll admit now that it was jumping on board and diving in to speak and immediately and nor should they write in. Pearl look at them go to or done anything I could even be an even. What is he didn't already know work. Only means so much but I do expect Levi B a rocket and oh lead by an aviation beat a really exciting game I think. Just look at what happened and we ordered out good or not clear if people into our. And it looked like one or two or a team how to problem but the expectation and so you know in years past decade have been a boat race. Thirty point game the second Albert Moore fumbled that ball on the line. The UK and resiliency there I think that should be ready again if it is torture there are no moral victories put. You know I think the team that still the two way too soon hit the panic button. Our night. I'm gonna put everybody in her home ugly gels banned. I'm I've put Matthew barrows I'm gonna put Matt Mayo though can't NN Chris Biederman Kevin lynch. I'm puts you guys all of won Rome there's only one job outside that nordic over the 49ers. Who makes it out of that room. Any as I got that they don't go. And as usual or as well ball like I've been around longer have not been alive and yes that is a joke about it Asia I'm happily making that joke. But I mean honestly can't go wrong a lot of great it's not O. I'm I'm told that it took Spain now they are cleared whoever equipment either had right now. At a Yoko and institutional core fiscal all I think it's certainly not a neat coming up one point five years. Covering this team which is just incredible commitment him. I will challenge that they'll go any guy any day you feel like this up I mean versed in forty niner trivia. Set it up right now meet first met me Ogilvy inside I wanna allow wanted to easy and I am I want a Jimmy G Bobble head I've put my money on Mayo go. Well thank you very much flat on luggage so now I love mad at you wrote it yet there all. I mean years ago oh. Member George Chong. Come on Ira Miller Glenn Dick. Now George Chandler is the it was was one is on the staff the eat it martial arts. And need a lot of affording our media staff ice into a TV showed me -- on Kevin lynch. Years lynch she's still around you and let's solar. That I hadn't I haven't heard from in the sham and ms. grant a act came in and saw some argument you girls is grade out of frank Chris Biederman now has the joblessness the Sacramento bee I think David McCarty. The guys that we had and the body's gonna do everything now I love them Barnum a big fan hands so he's the Stanford guy you know highlight that. So I look across the day I had the beat writers that we have promote the niners and raiders are real solid stack and real song. Yup grant town does a good job till I do I look I'm a big grand Coen fan straight out I'm telling you counting that's my guy. That's your guy yeah yup yup he actually says something he's got he's got guts I like him. All right. Earlier today I recorded an interview Bob nightingale from the USA today till we get into some baseball police yeah it's still baseball season. Next on money ties them again. It. Chris Townsend jump on 957. G. One of my favorite nobody better driver in the game of baseball and Bob nightingale for the USA today Bob I got its idea. Were all giddy right now 32. Games over 500 for the days go for the sweep today of the Baltimore Orioles. Yes it may have been what they're talking about. You know before it probably won't apply cost. Now it's like and they're gonna get there at Yankee they're gonna play that wild card game here in Oakland at the worst. There's I don't know what that you don't. There's no reason why they can't get in your keep almost were legitimate voter is don't have a shot you want to win the NL west title and and I did like billion won arguably it is started it didn't win the west of Houston Astros. Yeah it's crazy to magical date is June 16 on June 16 the a's beat the angels and eleven. They were 35. And 36. Since that time they've had the best record in baseball. I don't well what we know people are saying here what are people nationally saying about the case. You can discretionary ahead beyond the gym work and when did you hear that it was as an annual. Are they making this comment militias now women imminent arrival seems that toll is all spring. I can be a better team you know maybe. Maybe 8180 fab went game but that's not why the F are. You not just you know damning reaction particulate all they are. Starting pitcher injuries and had initially winning with a bullpen and upload. Well the without sustainable. Warmer you know over your retirement general Jerry for one big business and then there's not a. Yeah and and now they've joined the party would the opener obviously the rays started it was Sergio Romo. And they've dominated with that what do you think about this whole opener deal. Well Republicans are viable plan Norman you don't do it when you have a good rotation. I mean like you give up. All the rotation you know we don't mess thrown openers and you're not you do when your when your short. I mean like use and ask or imagine having all what are what it would guy Baghdad Bob you read that provision. You don't really have all the injuries did you do that you know. Just can't you know out of survival. Let the damage of course that it is in the long run damages that. Later on it catches up with yet you don't like. Those guys may now be the same a year from now or or trigger should now this is the only hit that put them somebody stretch and have all been. Mine currency is and he is can't do it over a long period time. The jays yesterday hit their 200 home run. They lead all of baseball and it road home runs. Road runs scored and they now as a pitching staff had the best ERA. In the second half. I think it if I mean anybody. I don't wanna see this team in the post season would you agree. Yeah particularly. Wild card game and short series I think give it elbow longer series. And it got to catches up with the eight elected doctor plaster there there there are kind of by doing much of bullpen. In the World Series that would have led three straight days it caught up local. So it it's my usual you know and a wild card game. There's no way I can reduce the Astros and red back you know you don't wanna amnesty law. Is it in one game I didn't yankees are in deep trouble again PH that it DA's review that Everett's. Don't like that I. I didn't gain we've played them it's in Oakland. Short you know a short period you know they were negative about the five. I would give me huge underdog. You never know the ball putting the static or working short series. But I think that at that and duck Obama goes on this is very captaincy and. How crazy is that the thing that the aids can be posting the Yankees and beat the favorite two months ago you would have ever sets up like that. No it won't be getting right I mean now. Yeah it used to work show that although he hears a major is so great about the game the first round. You know they were just you know they are better king you don't like it jumped at an opportunity whether they don't. Jeremy Jeremy not sliding more than that Jeter play digital. I know upload true then you know in New York in coming back on minimum. Total SP. Apropos for the primary Japanese opponent get revenge of the Yankees and optical heartbreaking losses. No doubt this is the finest job of Bob Melvin career just talk about all the juggling he's had to do and where he has this team. Yeah mediation to win that a manager of the year award vision and blown away and I'll have orange 100 games so far. Well like you know page 110 or so. But it took over you termed division champion. The amnesty with a massive. Everybody in baseball world I'll get Bob Melvin ends you know obviously the agent general we will let you know the Yankee dinner you hit the pilot had that job. But it got put the best regular game. As well liked and they're getting engine you know among his peers it's pretty cool to see. That now people recognizing. You know. How great wall of an injury yet there's been accepted that'll. Let's switch over to the other side of the bay the giants with their loss yesterday. If you go back to 2016. All star break so that's not a small sample size that's basically two and a half years. This giants team is now 56. Games under 500. They've got older players. They got almost a half a billion dollars guaranteed debt certain players for that the next few years what are the giants going to do. Well yeah the you didn't have to keep going work I mean it ever had to achieve where he could just say okay we're gonna you know this game or not. Being a giveaway. Player from prospects you know they don't have those top players. If they hung in there for awhile but you know even this spring training and instead they have injuries but no they're done that you're due bed. And they are in a minute that I draft pick again not. You know that next summer I think what they do is just go get that big bat literature at Bryce Harper. Did they get harper you know a couple of bats used to take it restaurant. I don't gain be being traded except you know Brandon bell I think he could be removed there's probably not but I'm Margaret and helped that they forget that these. Look what happened next year. At least make another run toward personal Internet or other race by next July. It didn't Obama untrue extension or all move. You know we're looking at salaries and speaking of bomb garner. We looked at the top six salaries this year in baseball for our starting pitchers. And it just seems like and if you take all their. If you take it's Kerr shot Greinke area at and David Price if you take all their records in the post season their under 500. I start look at paying guys in their thirties. Which would you move medicine Bom Gartner for prospects while he's still owes a hot name. Or would you sign a long term and that's taken him well into his thirties. I would say I would just that they get the option you know and many have. Not trade him at all in future in the race next July. If you're the race they go in trade and they'll get you know you got the track record were out in October and everything else. Now when you Obama better not that they guy he's not the guy that just you know. Lowell doing the opposition still very good pitcher Kerry manager of Lou that Greinke like you a lot that's a little bit but knows how to pitch. Bottom normally note do not know that he had tonne per bottle Warner are. You look at Chris you know Chris Hill. Obviously the best pitcher in baseball you know only one that. Occupation and baseball ended in mid major at Boston will look at those promptly got a very big. The only careful what these prostitution or got. Yeah we got some good races going on right now the the brewers are making a really interesting in the central with the cubs gone today. I guess that the nationals who do you like in that division. McCulloch Dick because I have a small town America are but it is undisputed ruler don't. You know I television and more to trade deadline and getting them let's start a starting pitchers that you like and you don't get more guys like. They just keep getting condition polish. But they had to get that bullpen. Bidders all read all of the back yet they may have the best you know. Back gamble can a ball of anybody in baseball. So all I had hoped that it can't win that division. What Iraqis are not allowed in the rock and Lamar got the Dodgers. Of course killed the great so they're building up a more western stripped nearly total. In general just go there and nationally is so wide open it's built grenades. Were international aid I think DA's would've been a World Series. You can't tax act I I and well and it's. It's amazing how strong the American League is so you you think Iraqis are gonna win the west. I don't know where to sit at computer or days ago I don't. There were that you're the first time I wrote it they know what you're gonna do it. I've got to have a test scheduled here director Babel babble and united Iraqi ability to put prequel story and they never won. Even applied more times but it never won a bemoan the division. And that means you be looking at the Dodgers being and that one game wild card but they're still very you know. They're still very dangerous and probably since you think the cubs are gonna win out probably be. Died while cardinals are their two bit activity like maybe a brewers Dodgers one game for all. Well one game begin our guests and. They're variously could be Karl doesn't really tell casual. Via video. And then it trickery possible. MLB executives and Arnold buck peavy executives. Are jump at all building. If we if you do dodger yankees and the cubs. All out by the first. Don't portrait in October that they'll lose a while producer or are somehow don't make it. The brewers are dangerous remain. Yeah we could easily have a a brewery rocky is and LT and. Well there's only sixteen games left and they're all going to be big Bob we always appreciate the time we'll practice there and once we get into the post season. Our report. Bob nightingale from the USA today. Well I tail up butcher then. It's almost. Rule. This wild card game. Do you think it when they start. Pitchers and catchers report. Spring training. Season starts. Months of travel. All over the country. 162. Games. And it all comes down to one game huh. Right now so like Baumgartner got you out of it but. Back in the day against the cubs. Ninety at a loss in 1998 Sammy Sosa hit a Jack early in that game that was nova. Mark Gardner was your start out very good knowledge number 26 yeah so and then I did. I can tell you the way. Twining and the way 2014. Ended. That night because I was in the morning show then you mean like I could sleep. And I had and I think gagged maybe got a couple hours at a sleeping pill got a couple of hours or younger Oppenheim. Driving in San Francisco and it's 4:30 in the morning and MIL was delirious but I would go to the wall around a little payroll. Route you gotta go they expect it but it. I was so upset I couldn't sleep. It was it was it was awful. You know accounting and I have a theory that they should do with the playoffs especially the wild card this is what I've. I feel like a look at Susan GF two slots right in our I don't wanna get too crazy on this this and I thought about for a long time. You play a 162. Games. All right and let's say there is a couple of game discrepancy between. The it doesn't matter even if there isn't between you know the number one seed in the number two seed. Don't shoot think that the regular season should be waited a little more just a little more and how I would do it is if you're the number two seed you have to win who games. On the road. Act the number one seeds place and then hop on a plane and instantly go play three straight games. In somebody else's ballpark like I feel like. Just winning that one game it's a roll of the dice and then boom you're in Andy. These other teams that won the division there really isn't that big of an incentive difference MI my over radio that. I I I would do. This is let EU US of that bothers you know this bothers me. September. And then now the post season. The whole let's call everybody up forty guys on the roster dries and not it's not baseball and a pinch run every mean. And then I actually have I have the schedule for the days of the a's were to go all the way the World Series I can tell each day when they AL B. s.'s AL ALCS. Following the World Series and Italian. So they've sent that schedule out to us how they already have that I Ariana I had the wild card games at third I wish. OK baseball's about series. I wish the wild card was a three game series if someone wins a first it was done I agree. But it is a three game series someone's got to win I agree with that we have gotten away they're. We played a sport where there's no days off and all of sudden when we decide our title all the sudden now. We had days off if they think they're great point it's a sport didn't have days off they don't have days off such a great point. You this general I'll bring up the bears get right now days are. Will it and every game that you play is within the series even there's even two game sets like there's nothing below a two game set. In Major League Baseball during the regular season right Iraq is gonna go to Toronto for one game like this sometimes you have. No regional two games that's like sometimes is he the a's and giants played two game set and then later on the play another one or media giants and Colorado so yeah. At least a two or three games sat. Amongst the wild card winners like I don't understand why. They haven't propose that you act in who just didn't money don't you think the Asia Scott toppling Tony games that are so why now. Guys you know what would happen if you do that. Then you you would really find the real World Series champion dep. Because it tests your death. There is no Randy Johnson who think that if the Madison bum Gardner coming out of the bullpen in game seven. Have you played it. You should have the play every day I don't care about the TV. You should have to however the format you want a bill that you get on the applying an you don't get a day op because normally you don't get it that you played three are in it. You shouldn't if you audited 20. 20111. They should all be on that they should be should be seven days scheduled out you fly back of us sketch our charters don't care about the media what's the justification for. The days off. The television and media getting from one city to another who carriers yet we don't care now and there. Paid DAX but they displayed in Baltimore tonight and their client right out of Tampa. You know I don't care now tell did you know early in my client's fly in zero Cisco for the day. It happens all the time I have people hopping off the plane at 830 Aysu them up around 9 o'clock at the domestic arrivals terminal and then. Then eight league we go out we do a sales day and I dropped them back off at 4:35 o'clock any fly out to wherever their goal only coming from I all the current county. Well I've Giannone people flying into San Jose Behar. And yes Silicon Valley every day they fly in and out and and now every day just for meaning. It's every day bro no you know there. Every day go. Yeah I did every day go. It's 1036 I can do it every day round. The evidence that. You had seen the real champion this guy who's got the death who's got the best roster who has the best overall players. And know very high school if he's an artist coming out you know I mean let's is there is there are Mary Eddie Johnson and as a monger that's not real baseball did the giants recorded six combined outs in step in game six and seven from their starters. Six combines out and they won the that's not real I agree. I totally congress is you you've changed that you've worked this gadget. Paste this and this is my love right I love baseball but the problem is it's like you've totally tricked. Out here post season and and it. What other sports. Did they not play. Why they do the regular season. NBA you play one game set against every one theirs back to backs things like that and Nelson bloom seven game series and he had the NBA you're right yet though that. The days off is ready for purity Ambien play apps are crazy that out of control data like baseball is bad it's like the NFL note the N affiliate in you know you may get by the if you earned it by your playing next week and the week after that we get the baton. You get two weeks for us over all that's like a biweekly shall play this. But away for the Super Bowl are you glad to add like fifteen yeah rosters are set five roster it. I'd all the holes that December thing drives me nuts and the post season the way. The way we did the post season with all the days off ridiculous gas so that you're not getting the true really is the best team yeah I agree and that's I think the days. Are set up port because. You can you can use the hell out of your bullpen and win the World Series I mean Kansas City Royals showed us that. Yeah well that's I think one of the beauties and that's why I suggested a two game set. So basically lowest figure the number one seed you only have to win once and you knock out the number two seed if you're the number two she you have to win two road games. A you know incidental to be like a double elimination so it gives you a little extra incentive to go after not just a home game but you know finish the season out and then. That team are either one of those who's hot dry I don't know play in the very next day they got to play in Boston or were ever you know. Let's just do this if you're the number one wild card you post a three game set. All three games altering game I love you know what you're the second wildcard eat dinner exactly on their beaten two out of Perry exactly totally agree I love that. I love that how does everybody have to get a trophy. We know a status that's that's all you millennial means its the parents still. There everybody's got to get a trophy. So we're like are you all preemptively. Brought a fit over and I'm not saying you're on offense but I'm saying are you you're already working out scenarios how you can feel that this Yankee days one game scenario one of these fan bases in bits yankees. Okay like we saw all of the lakers. There are big enough fan base and pull within the lead to change. The playoff setting remember years back when the lakers were up five game set with I think it was Sacramento. They're like wait a minute wait a minute we're gonna we're gonna change the first round to seven game series. You remember that. Yeah I hate the Yankees. Carry a lot away so they go down do you really honestly do you really live our. Don Cameron they lost that one game that Houston Dallas cycle that's so they've they've they've lost it I don't think it's. Where are starting the season earlier. Has a you know they're a little more break split now that probably doesn't whether it's about you know it's one thing to do in the NBA that. And in baseball you sore start in March now and then also you have an all these weather problems and but. Just get me to just give me a three game set are right so if let's say BA's overtake the Yankees yankees have to come here. Three game set whoever wins two games moves on the other guy does a police you do it somewhat like you do in the regular season baseball. At the one game is a hit people liked it gets ratings but it's not. It's not an indicator of who really is the best team. Agreed. Well do we still have our open for Janet Burlingame. It doesn't work. On men are more slip Lucas your slip it. You know why you know why he slept on Paul you millennial. The reality is that he's from a ringing in and he's so cute in his air and then. By god you came. Janet Burlingame. Butcher is our resident hockey expert she knows more hockey than anybody. And she is here to talk about the big move. For the San Jose Sharks today it has been awhile since you've been on the program how ardea. Well apparently I broke kid. We we are broke it I didn't broke you. Oh yeah exactly what you know right were slim that I mean it didn't. That's the reality we are slip and I want you to break down the big traded day for the San Jose Sharks Peter bower is talking about. The aspirations for the San Jose Sharks this year is lifting lord Stanley's cup. Definitely and for those who will participate and that in town people booking shot. But I haven't done prior to let you know when I did parent Hawaiian president sorry can still win this yearly cap. Think this straight. This town is blitzers are butcher job discount shop that the the betting shop does it pay out. I'm just curious. He's out in. And that it would. Happen. Kelly payout Downey hooky yeah inside out guy you're you're what do we get one of the pieces. If you can't tell me now tell me now. This trade. Now changes everything for the San Jose Sharks. Trade is done you. When you think about it you know out her. Brent Burns. Well my country buffet. And Eric Carr think at any point in the game film won't likely be one of those players on I. Any given time at any EP. Hey you know Jen I I eight don't know anything about hockey. And so I'm gonna have a whole come on because he wants to ask you a very specific question coale give her the question that you won out. I know nothing and I'm ignorant to hockey. Hey there are no non hockey and there it is. And who are leading to great pop. So they got Logan court sure they got. Brent burns and now they got this guy is he Chris Paul her. I mean easy or is he Mormon offers carries a great defensive plan what to explain to me how he's gonna help. The sharks. Correspondent Mara let's head down and they're ready. Power kind of guy and Carl's saying he's sorry he is the definitely going to help out on clay even offensive defenseman. Okay though he is mourned the bulk of like a bright burns. He's actually. Finished fourth in scoring in the NHL didn't play 152016. Season which tied for Gerald Thornton picked. And he's wondering why why you. What can 2012 and blanket when he fifteen. He's also been up by analysts to other times between sixteen and 2017. It'll bite here or that he a lot different lyric. So you're an incredibly. Gifted player isn't generational type player in his. One keep the second believed to have won the Norris trophy which is giving to the top defenseman in the week. And the only other prisoners. There was it blank because money is Nicklas Lidstrom has an all time great Egypt you'll have keep amazing. And you don't know like very young he's 28 and when he won his first. Norris trophy he would only 23. And Hewitt first heard a player who was under. I'm sorry I forgot how do it that you. Wouldn't. You want eight Hewitt. The third prayer 123 to win it or Bobby or in any popping. So how do you think these rotations are gonna work themselves out jam you clearly. No way more than Brody Brazil so I need I'll. All he is. You really are in the latter use Blake. I kind of a lot of and blood. I'm not these rotations and Minnesota. Outside guy Brody yellow Brody column then got a Denny's got a butcher boy fan club dot com or go and right now. I. Well I mean making that you unifying and me and Brent burns and Erica I think. Both of our arts two of their last five Norris trophy violence prior winners. Phil you're gonna be great Albert that I beautiful only me. Marc-Andre is black thick batter. I think that the convene a meeting defense at 2 o'clock and then when his backstop with down. Nine got you know came with a great energy that was infected and killed. That offense. Iron you can see a lot of different things going on but I think that in high energy in the order scoring. Any you have bettered the Fed. Then this is why they ought to change so much for the chart and you know what something is going to leave. He ever the ear I sheriff won't do you think about what he died he gotten. Through his ten year and looking at the current roster he is has a little joke authority and let parents as they entered hole. And by the way you only like pretty much essentially gave up a first round pick between meaning to ask me. To line. I'm Joe's unit star clay and red in LA and then on the drafting site he he's gotten. Genachowski. Will be future to wash her at all. Plastic and just do not. So these kind of play and I know what he has put together. In his ten year and if you want me if you count the number of creating slot that we will be. Also players' true. Couldn't but bad deal. Like looking into its roster right now it's hard to see that he's done a bad job. And he is also nailed down very classic joke that your kid her all through 20/20 one when. Do you know you're looking at a move that has a window that it opens for the Garrett passed and the tide is the right now. You just blew my mind hey I'm Johnny right now. Jim Burlingame is on it she's our hockey expert right here on the Chris Townsend shelves. Violated Norris trophy butcher boy is for the top defensive player pilot you didn't know that. Now I did I didn't remember I don't share Cisco I've seen snow one time in my life in Tahoe. Grew up in California. Is it Michael. Did the sharks played in San Francisco with the help how these so did the shamrock in the spotters I went out to go see the spiders once all right so let's not mess. You know Jan. There's been other season's. Where the sharks where the darling I'd add Barry Melrose on many times. And he is predicted the sharks to win the cup. This is not the first time that they word the darling of the NHL. Is this though a year they're not getting gagged and they can bring it out. You goofy hair and put them. Pete Carroll is. There yet. Being out such an amazing combination of people going eyes. You guys. Some of them at their pride right now. Which he had confidence looking at Kucera looking happy about the use are these guys and we can't count don't forget I love love love love Janet and went you've got an illegal goaltender. You're gonna take out. You are the best I can't wait hockey I think the first game the first pre season game is October 3. And will be avenue on throughout our hockey season and love via will not do as soon. Jim Burlingame phenomenal. Oh my god I better in Burlingame. We are doing like a football watch party. And she came out. And just started spit knowledge on hockey. And I was like wow I got a heavy on the air. So and I had better off for years. I mean literally knows the entirely like literate light like. Like a fantasy football player this it Villa fancy football's that you only really know the offense guys. She's like as I mean she's a hockey for eight. Yeah yeah I mean there's no doubt no doubt about it it's just like I sit there and got any hockey dollars attacking a lenient on you you know in your San Jose routes all your connections. I'm hoping you gotta come down on top you come down get meals jerky butcher boy on the backing no I mean you go rock Santana row. Mean you'll simply you'll square right. San Pedro is where's my joint is it dial out it's you give me an idiot. And you walked out of the arena from there so why is driving it literally literally I can I mean. I'm not that far and we're live willow Glen I'm not far from the area. So woody got the private car may keep you right damn there boomer baby. Boom prayer. Now we corporately sponsored would do were you expensing that. Now houses that important and I and there are my guy who gripe I. I was in Bellevue. Unlike what is how we see and it tells you how Larry even though malware likes I think ally in me in troubles of the number. So what are you stated in Miami or state of Lauderdale on my head might well I'm gonna go to Miami GAAP. Yeah what's the greater partner you guys marry are the high does it change like how does it changes every tee it changes every every cities different interest and interest and yes so it's like. The minute we got dumbed gruden knew and Seattle I went right at the Hiram put the bags down to the suit off. Called Hoover and I'm mom my way to see how did you guys get stuck in the airport because I got stuck in Washington when I flew up their few weeks ago because of the air quality because all they know fires and everything it's a charter. Excuse me now now excuse me can do money we okay that's not my yeah up up up up. You arrive at the plane. I mean the plane arrives and there's like. 67 buses. We get on the bus. Everywhere we go we have a police escort Wu. A police escort through LA was amazing. See you need to post on your Twitter like your little bow wow you know yeah they they they you know and they're going. So like that like there really cool thing is I went when you lock on the plane they've got your name where you're seeded is no greater staff that's cool and I asked my boss Mike and I tweaked his Saudi us and trying to. And and and they would let you. Just out of her idea silent aka I. The new guy I'm just saying I'm happy to be there right like me so well gruden like. Breakdown the group stuff man likely even easier to look easy put your arm around him yet. He's he's a really cool guy. You gotta Sally. And that now night yet but at a very personable we talked before. So we didn't silver black. Today we taped written you know raises these super cool guy. I love. That all four I mean it really is I mean that and and everybody around there. It there's something about a man he's got this energy he's got this and that's why you wanna be like you know you got to realize. If I told you let's say Grunow out of it in the state the raiders out let's just take this generic football team right. And you're gonna basically remake the entire roster. And here I have only ten guys. From ray from the GM's draft lap earlier tent. That's it right new guise of all any air trying to win for you now all gone you remade it ya all these new guys. And I didn't say we'll the team wise would you think Derek like gonna come out hell on wheels not a whole not at all. Zero saying yeah. But because it's gruden. Any yet the big contract there's these expectations that the reality is. Every first year head coach this year starts Owen SATA. And you're on a sudden there right it's stuffed away and like even public. I believe I like Kyle Shanahan I think cats that look out comes out. 09019. County cipher he's right. They lose on Sunday is going to be panic well no doubt right now the sky will be fought you lose to Detroit. Hope just wait till you and I do a show together. Well we'll be doing a show or I know when I'm Tom I'll just if they lose like I'm gonna come on here I might this this might might catch far. It's every day bro all dude who lent steamy. Every day around all day. I'll see you tomorrow yup sounds good rather the best epic game is next I'll get you ready for a's baseball tomorrow it's the days it's the rays at 330 have a great night everybody.