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Thursday, August 9th
What to make of the SF Giants is there any hope at the postseason? Julian McWilliams of the Athletic joins the Chris Townsend Show to preview the A's newest acquisition for the Green and Gold. Where has Daniel Mengden gone? Can the Oakland A's keep up their torrid pace of Runs Batted In.

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Following day and and recanted that statement so at least were back on the same page and after listening to my week's Los argument well I'd rather visited no need to insult yourself diet I deserve it. I was harsh talk I wouldn't of put it in those terms when you walked out of the studio. After every show fit you know and your her whether or not you did a good show. Right yes but I don't wanna pick on you brought this up only to bring up that you've then the following day said you know what that was a crazy thing to say and you describe. To. Why it was crazy and most of that description. Was about the gates. Most of it was use saying. I sold the a's rotation short. I sold there a team approach to driving in runs short. And there are better than I ever thought and I should have given them more credit cornucopia of color combinations. Of one of wondering. It's did you also change your opinion on the giants. Because. Which opinion would that be then they have any shot of making the playoffs that they have even a reasonable opportunity to make the post season. They all stink that that was Matt's nine Mets to declare different matter entirely. Michael Irvin what do you give the giants post season chances right now. On a scale what are we don't scale of one to ten I don't know seeing your picture scale do whatever you want. I would say. On the scale of one to 1010 being the best chance. For. OK so worst and after London. If they don't make the playoffs this year. And worse yet. If they finish the year sub 500 for a second consecutive season. Figuring out what's next has become a really interesting question. Now. Via. I guess commonly accepted line on the giants has become. Well they should do these things they should buy it. We know they're not going to they should rebuild they should look at trading. But we know they're not going to. So let's put aside what we think we know about what they're going to do for a moment. Because I don't really think there's much question anymore. Bad though the best move. To have the giants be as good as they can be as soon as possible. Is the move on from. The recently successful or. In other words rebuild yes. Now are you gonna rebuild on the snake or you gonna actually what are your fans your rebuilding there's no there's no sneak. How do you. How did that you're losing what are you you're a bad baseball so I did it here here's the deal V aids. For the first time under Billy being two years ago said this is a full blown rebuild that never come out and publicly said that all though. We know we've been following team. Over the years that they've kind of been in rebuild mode for a long time I don't think the giants are ever going to tell their fans. Well I don't care what they set because. And and again I don't. There's only so many times we can say the giants will never the giants never and that might be true fine. But I'm just saying forget what we think we know about the giants motives modus operandi of the way they usually do business. It seems pretty clear to me on its face based on the facts. That the best avenue forward for this team. Is to get as much as they can for the limited Major League assets that they have. And start as from scratch as possible. That means dealing are looking to deal mad bomber imposing that's right. I'm think that happened. I agree. But let's just say. It could there let's say everyone is on the table. What is the move for you. That's gonna get the best value like what would you look to do. I need a specific actual. Trade Eminem that an Asian tell me what prospect they're getting from the Mets. But. For the guys you definitely move who do you think has value. What do you think the path forward for this team is consulting this. If they think the path forward is. Retain mad bomb Posey and Longoria. And try to add an outfielder. If that outfielders not Bryce Harper this teaming competitive. So. Well if you don't think you're game you have a realistic chance to get harper than you do have to rebuild looked well on the link that harper strike out. Well if you if you're going for harper that means you're going through the rest of this season. Where is no thought at rebuilding which means you won't be giving what you'll be doing what you should be doing which is give your youngsters as much playing time as possible from this point on forward. Right but if you're looking to add Bryce Harper. That's not what you're gonna do because you're gonna end up with a even worse record than you would get you'll be that much less attractive to Bryce Harper. So you gotta go you gotta keep playing the way you've been playing the rest of this season. Look I I would deal mad bomb I think I'd. I wouldn't deal and it's. Clearly there all of these ought to be offseason deal yes and I really can't do these things now are likely over the waivers but. You would trade mad dumb not pose right. I think you get a lot more for mad from the sport I think that's probably true and that's probably true but why not also trade Posey would you not. Dead the second most value on the roster for him. I urge you would but I don't think. Given what Posey look when you're rebuilding her bit rebuilding with youth and you're gonna have a lot of young pitchers in and Posey is value to this team. It's not at the plate it's behind the plate and that's why I would keep him because I think. He'd be very important for all these young guys that you're gonna kind of you know. Shepherd into the big leagues I think Posey has great value for that and I don't think you would get. The value that you thinker that we think in the Bay Area we think oh my god what we get a ton proposing. I don't necessarily think that's true. I think. What does must oppose into the personally right now he's a catcher who not silicon breast 300. Maybe Tony doubles and 1015 homers and and to call a great game and help your staff whoever you'll so you're the opposing GM talking to Sabine and Evans. He had given up all that much for what you just described right. I think it depends it's a soft 300. But he's getting hit soft compared to the yeah compared to. Troop power hitter who compared to most of the catchers in baseball it's great. That's double the key is that you don't get what you think. You should get for Buster Posey I think that his value here is perceived much higher than I think personally need. I'm talking I am asking you what is his real value here right now. To a team that's not going anywhere to a team who frankly at this point other than potentially bomb garner has. One. Future long term future starter in the rotation right now and they're artery is not these other guys are likely to be here in the long term god bless and he swore as. He he's decent you don't care if he's part of your future. Chris Stratton entire block. I don't care about any of these guys I think. Swore as I think yeah I would hang on Durham and I've come close and got four or five spot further along time I'm not saying unload him I'm just saying. There's one. Legitimate. Future. Potential high level starter in irritated rotary its aircraft recasts. And did. You know yeah I'm sure Posey had a positive effect but Jolie martz coming. And if he's really gonna be a catcher. If you wanna try to retain his power by moving in the first. Then why not trade those what what is his real value to this team now it's mostly this Baltic. Post he's real value is much greater to a competitor. Then to a 500 baseball team with a broad cheating cast a mediocre starting pitchers. I agree with that but again I think his value to the team is the way he handles young pitchers and if you're gonna rebuild your gonna have a lot of young pitchers. That's true but as posing going to be there for them when they're actually. Do and it. You just Posey in your first couple years help them much I don't know maybe it does maybe it does spell out to me that's what pitching coaches for. For developing your young starters. If you need Buster Posey to develop young starting pitching it that that's a whole other set of problems in my feet while pitching coach gene is obviously is not out there with them on the field and I think there is valuing the catcher that can. Sees something going squirrelly just to run out to them I'm real quick and yes a relationship it's different it's a team that relationship it's not a coach player but isn't national chip isn't that specific skill more valuable. To a competitive team. Then to a 500 or sub 500 team. Now no ability to handle big situations that ability to go com pitcher down. Who really cares if your five games under 500. You have the right pitchers anyway. Read the comic over the all the guys who with all the established guys Brandon belt too and it to say it Brandon Crawford as well. Yes. They all may have more value in the eyes of the giants organization and fans and they do for others. But they're real on field value. All these guys are valuable to contenders. They've all got championship experience. They've all had hits in big situations. They they all have. Veteran savvy. And they're all pretty darn good. None of our great hitters but they're all pretty darn good at Madison book burner. Potentially a great pitcher. I think of all the names that we've thrown out here including Crawford and bell I think. You would be able to go I think their value out there. In air quotes out there is what we think it is here with all of those players except for Posey again I just don't think. You're getting getting your work close to what you think you should get back for Posey wears a few. If you're talking about trading Crawford or belt I think you'd get about what you expect to get in return for those so maybe opposes the guy you hold on to but. It's time yeah I agree with that for sure it's time and morrow whether or not we see the giants. Actually move on it is going to be one of the fascinating things of the off his spurs coach you wanna be a part of that I doubt. I very much doubt in Franklin MA play a part and extending this ugliness and another season because I'll tell you why in his goes the way it looks like it's gone it's got to be elderly. And if they try to run back in the same way next year and and Bryce Harper is not a part of it. MB even uglier it only gets uglier and uglier as old teams get older boat she's out is testy bickering and who are often does he wants that now on think he needs Basilan about Omar Vizquel are. He said he wants the job he was on our air with me that dale hall of fame I don't think that's a bad choice actually. I don't think that would be a bad choice for your rebuilding team and that's the winner yeah yeah maybe. Or the other team is not rebuilding. They're building and building and building they did more building when they added Fernando Rodney day off from baseball but not a day off for Billy team. Picking up former all star closer Fernando Rodney. Have a heck of easy year for the twins we talk all things aid is coming up next Julian Rick Williams a's beat writer for the athletic joins us. And maybe even the Sony's phone calls down the stretch Michael skew Michael Irvin on and if a seven game. Now back. In 95758. We are back Mac calls you and Michael urban unsatisfied seventy game joined now. By Oakland Athletics beat writer for the athletic. Always a mouthful Julie mcwilliams is joining us and let's start with the new news of the day Julianne we've got a new picture. In Oakland Fernando Rodney acquired today and I guess my question is what does this guy's role 'cause he's like the fifth. Closer they've acquired and did. They just gonna keep adding and adding until the season though is over what's gone on here. Yeah I think it is that perhaps they got Butler appreciate. Practically kind of PA is playing out rook today Arctic patent claim the long arm. You know he's a guy that forty or so our opener sort of went goat. You know we let them let the parent but you know I think. You know we've all though is that acting at all how comfortable and a greater role with the team this year and they don't know a lot of game left so. On that opens in Texas cute I think the boot between recognizes that. And it's hard to create a guy that they come in with and when the looting or a select better. You know when the news may be you know there are they winning you know well a lot of respect and you're either way they'll. I think it by the debt situation is he's probably find all of the ballgame correct decade they do pet the sharks certainly think the starters as well look at the card and but it go to eat. And then you know the ticket out Fernando rotten so what the other go. So if if your pencil and let's assume that the a's are gonna make the postseason is fires immediately you're number two guy. I think so they are active who when he picked last night me. Reckon number two right let me picture that the I handled it got that ABBA. Eat it to some more contact you elect a strikeout he spoke. In the first twelve after grabbing the public had a note he's he's he's a veteran on the yet the portable Corey. And I mean you know admitted. That the pitching that there are the newspaper pat weaker so. Fired has been pretty good is he did not think eight or jerk spurs it knows that. I'll do that that they had to go in and they try to acquire before the deadline. They couldn't get him though and go through now they got out there that are out showed it can be ordered. What they're really needed my bet they got chipped and poster number two. So booed given that as we're talking to Julian mcwilliams a's beat writer for the athletic group. If if you and if I make you name your five let's just say everyone's healthy and available. And India natural cotton but everyone who might be healthy and available is healthy and available. Obviously and I think midnight and as you said fires are probably one to Jackson and KL seemed to Serbia pitched their way in who's at number five for you. I mean that that the top cardinal EU. Do you run Brett Anderson out there I don't know I mean and you go into this thing here is that is that the movie that kind of let gong caught on there thank you what I'd go there I don't I mean if you that yet a couple of bad haven't been in the and he. In an audit our industry be it doesn't put enough I think there waiting for him to have a couple of good about it because I think he could reduce the number two guy. Yet and he was pretty good for a lot of the year and I thought this was just a rehab assignment but it seems like he's just in the minors now. He did he could not have been down there note it. If you can't it can't alarming because you look at the mileage credit sure he's a veteran picked the corner flat out by. I mean yeah I think it was pretty pretty good for them while still. No problem BP personnel but I know what the couple out there like oak. He's still a database that there on the radar currently has that happened in fact all. Well I mean you're kind of wonder now what are the ultimate you know wanna be back up there so. I mean that they got out consumer number five or either corrupt evil or open rotation and we struggled a bit of earlier earlier eager but he also did have a have a great may be stroked in June. I'll and so you know it it's it's it's huge thing that I had to come comment about good and out big doubts that cut but upper upper not to be ready and without picket that they're popular but it's more about that all about and that is why they're cloud can help these dogs because they recognize that like you know. Whatever whatever got a pencil in their heated up ordered by their help and got out like lets you spoke with her stroke which in the bullpen. And just can't make the strong weekend they can be. Now if Brett Anderson is your five van and the good news is you don't need a five guide to complete. In the post season series not going to be right in the bump on those big meaningful games you mentioned look at it it's clear. VA's understand exactly who they are they're bullpen is their strength they've been strengthening their strength. As the deadline has come and gone admitted moves afterwards. So is this just a matter of look we know this works for us but it's not get them it's not sustainable we can't have these trot these three guys out further. The seventh eighth ninth inning no every time there's a close game it seems like now they can go with. Any combination. Of like three of any five or six guys down that penmen. Yet they keep it right on the head I mean those that he intervene though. Trying to nurturing it true you know familiar trying to go eagle. They all they can all be closed and there. I think that would put the it at that and between primary so like. Work statement that it because you never know which are to get going they start them some of them might go. No hit innings and then the next sounding like my night at lap two and two thirds went really well all had to cover an additional second to third. That time at you know within that twenty straight game starting next week in starting it since. So that's going to be the real her and being be what they're broken and it started pitching stroke. Think a bit longer they're like hey let's sort they can be no and I think out. The other recent quote probably in the order losing. Would because so we're going to put it took so much folk group going into. Starting pitching start and could you start picking right in our market getting it done. Well I think Bob and everybody kind of achieve it now okay now we know are are there not getting done now recognize you now outdoor activities in our bullpen. But wouldn't let that lack the route that would go and so far been working electorate that that yet we have that what you can stretch coming up. Who let you have that are also. You're gonna need that many under you can because you know. The rotation is seeing week. So one of the fascinating things to me about this team Julian and our guest is Julian mcwilliams a's beat writer for the athletic it is. When he thought about sustainability. Just the fact that up and down this roster you have guys doing. Essentially what they did you historically throughout their career and not. Significantly better really in any case with the possible exception of the RBI column. Where 12345678. Different athletics had 38 RBI is. Or more which just seems absurd it. Days. It is that I mean I guess that's how this team was built but aid do you feel like that makes this a more sustainable thing in that. A number of different guys can do this can't drive in runs or doesn't make it less sustainable in that. There it seems impossible that they could all continue to drive and runs at this rate. Well I think that's one thing that they always act would even dating back and it was there. Look at that particular. Right there you're looking back on the road I think Meyer might creepy and people I remembered that it can can really release. And I think that the kind of get lost everything because. People thought the sudden rebuilding being you know we get from the young guys. Well if you look at the amount of power that comes up looking concrete David agenda Lowrie can now eat the idea except the metal and both are guys that producers and they kept it really get a bit if you own jets on pay sick and driving. And so I. I think Andy has always been under Boca and and there are there wouldn't be able to. Hours at the ball all right competing on the a couple of ego. It looked down the list they're they're not incur much average it's separate but. Deal with so they're related to be it would it doubles triples. You know homered while at all and yeah yeah. I think that their strength and they've always been they've all been able you bet there's sort that now they're what more getting LA now because they're pointing and because. You know all of our political one that there are on. I think I didn't hear all the and that they'd been able to link that now it is being so they're more higher level because people thought that they know. Julian you mentioned this you run that there on is this a run or at this point is this who they are. That that's a good question that the that the request like that I think. You know dom is is it you're gonna come down to you know this. Alford is the cause bigger bummer in terms of the twenty stretched I think. That would determine W the final piece determine who is really it you know they went through. The New York. All since dropped so period clearly okay you know that China doesn't figure out they are in those so they were but we are and they were accused there. Could to go target what the Cleveland first. Let readers they were reputed to bring up or don't like their identity and kind of now the bit when he being wrecked I think that'll beat them last at where we're seeing. Okay who who are you ready are they ready we think they are. Or who are they really cool Bateman like the packed up and a half two months or so ordered you know you're you're you're you're gonna try to control and no. The open and get packed then you know everybody's fate. You know we'll come back it come back governor elect a better word but. I think that generally define them. As if he hadn't even built well and I think they'll on opera knows that it still long ago. Spot open note that the long way to go declared a that it still to go and I think that they're gonna get the real good coming up and that's yeah and you look at what happened. Quickly before I let you go Julian if I made you choose a team MVP for the gays to this point in the season Hoosier guy. I mean I could sit at that point where in Europe grew up what we all operate how they get out. We're now in its group net that I mean you don't play an incredible they thought. It is a part now that is just the that there are they in the game I think that that later that day. And now he's earned it on the TV a lot of it immediately take advantage of all the critters and they. And in that you can you can. Did get loud and some credit on that he always talked about it Laporte indicate that are up about you know how that Larry Keegan and get strike. And that you know a lot of a lot of what would she let the late. You can swing at strikes are all new tactic that. So I think a lot of debt there aren't being met mechanical result you'd better you play at the outlet that they ate so he can play and always. Well the isn't Tokyo I'd sooner. Well then we expect it. He clearly did that clear of the field and he he he gave way to meet they expect. You know he he can hit Ballmer eat he beat you get any ball on the left side of the field. Maybe I interpret KO put it put it that he's got like. But it'll run around that with the pedal fire row. I mean that it did and got it crude into the picture predicting you know because sacred David pretty equivalent about the all vote. You know I would in my in my mind it could match. Julian mcwilliams covers the a's for the athletic and does a fantastic job we always appreciate take the time to join us man thanks a bunch thanks you're. I. Really do check out Julian working in the athletic he is agreed beat writer and I am now going to ask you Michael Irvin and you the people. The same question I asked Julian at the end there 888957957. The text size not 5795. Who's your team MVP for the Oakland days can I give you who I believed to be the candidates yes please okay. I have a six candidates. One probably shouldn't count but I have six candidates to offer you Bob Melvin Manama and yes he's the one the probably shouldn't Carriker. Triggered our I have five players. Offer you. As potential. Team MVP. Are you ready Michael Irvin and the people are you ready to people yes we are. Okay. 57957. If you wanna join us. Not 5795 and attacks on team MVP here of the five players I would choose from. Matt Chapman mentioned by Julian Mick Williams as team MVP. Duke and a heck of a job on offense currently the batting average leader for regular is players also. Slugging for nine B with fifteen homers and 22 doubles. He. Hit it's not a fair amount but look so does everybody else in baseball especially on the is so. He's been in the one of their better if not their best all around hitters. And one of the best defenders in baseball certainly top two. Third base defenders in baseball and look if Nolan are not I was going to tell me that he thinks Matt Chapman is better than I guess salt signal and is the best defensive player in all of baseball and I can tell you his defensive war is out of this world. Yeah it's you know they're set top when they play the Iraqis. Aaron Otto in the National League Chapman in the American League. Chapman's. Advanced metrics are considerably better defensively than air and auto and Aaron autos went over. Mean he's the best third base and that I've seen in the past five years until Matt Chapman came around and on the air and Otto gets enough credit for how good he is defensively. Well I don't know he gets a lot of credit you think. Yeah he's gold Glover. Are not all that oh OK now Matt Chapman leads the team always always hold on let me finish my candidate. Matt Chapman number one number two of jet Larry. The veteran. Haven't arguably his best year certainly. An incredible start to the year that basically kept the gays Ater around 500. Through the first month and a half of the season so that they could make this awesome run that they've made. Candidate three from the players' side and trash. Them. That was Conseco's head butt. Boy is also the sound the ball makes coming up Chris Davis is at his home rent here in the second half has been a huge part of these incredible record in the second half. And just. I don't know what more you want it then a guy that you can just write down. In the forty homers plus hundred RBIs plus. Every year I'm not sure what more you can ask for. Candidate number four. Or a's team MVP. Shaun and I am. Speed in the case of a staff had a rough month of may I believe it was but generally speaking has kept them in games all year long. And Israeli put it altogether as a starter. Definitely a viable candidate equally viable pitcher Blake trying to. When your closer has an ERA under one and new or. Record when leading after six or seven innings is good as the AZ is. That guy deserves consideration so to recap the five players I would consider for team MVP. Matt championship Larry Chris Davis Sean and I out and Blake try and but. As we got from a AA will 1510 text earned 1415 text there Bob Melvin team MVP laden. Had a 51 OC Chris Davis is my MVP but as a DH and not the left fielder. If. Another Chris Davis we got a Stephen Scott evolved all go and all of the board to the field chosen by the 95 text here. Stephen to Scotty and look at Steve Scotty. In limited time has over fifty RBIs 52 RBIs. How does chat and only a 38. When he missed some games in and he struggled to hit over a long stretch of the season. But it looked 38 RBIs would be what's second on the giants. I'm not kidding it's eight dummy is. Right but that's because they just got a lot of guys driving in runs check. This the best defensive player on the team he leads the team batting average and on base percentage I'm still going to go. Directed to give my picked up yes please read our. Really just because of the intangibles. Okay leadership and your factoring leadership into the equation I am. In leadership isn't isn't big umbrella right a lot falls under that and one of the things this falls under that that may be some people don't. Give a lot of that don't think it's all that I able but just. In the dugout in game. Youngster gets fooled the front foot swings through strikes three comes back doesn't even quite understand what just happened. Judge Larry can tell them what just happened. And make him a better hitter than very next time he goes the plate a little things like that add up that's why would give the nod to judge Larry. Perfectly reasonable choice. Except it's not because obvious answer is Chris Davis Chris Davis is obviously the team MVP. And all of you people saying other things I don't know what you've been watching. This guy. And seriously this guy. All he does is forty homers and a hundred RBIs. Like clockwork move and I'm not sure there is a more valuable thing to be able to pencil in in all of baseball especially when I mean. The way you go about offensive baseball. He is perfect for what you do. He's got 88 RBIs and a 105 games. Greats I would say. He's hitting 256 but is it radio PS leads the team. Nobody cares about batting average and and 99 no defense is half the game I know that I know that. But this team is built on driving in runs. Chris Davis drives in the most any also happens to do it in the most explosive and exciting fashion. And for as low I'm not sure I've ever seen a marriage of it's of such a low key dude it was such a high impact hitter. Nobody is more children Chris Davis right and he hits it about as hard as anybody in all of based. And that to me is that's what these days talk. Walk softly carry a big step. Now are you threw out. China and as voter candidate Trey I did from the we had a 51 though. Nine waiting fiery lose your Rios probably in my unspoken MVP of the team needs is glued that back end of the bullpen and together and I you're seeing why you'd say it because. I think trying to knew you knew he could be this good this Neutrogena you'd literally had never came out and so. And look at you Evans go to closures you want if you don't have anybody pitch the seventh or eighth. Back closes not gonna deal lot of good so yeah two vetoes on that list of 510 text or mentioning who cry for handling all the pitchers. He's had a lot of labour guys they handle. You put down the list of pitchers who made at least one appearance for this team but starters and that is why team. Fourteen different starters at twelve. I believe it is twelve or thirteen. Well maybe it is fourteen with fires now didn't Kelsey just use their sixth starter the year for the first time the Astra AstraZeneca yeah. So I how many players thirteen players have now made at least one start. For the Oakland Athletics this year if you include Josh Lucas. And Mike fires of course that last night. That is. A ridiculous number but I also ridiculous. Third. Now Jake Smolinski and Sean Kelly of each only made one and Jeremy black and only made two. By that. That is in seine net thirty different pitchers have appeared for the eighties. And that the team you are raised 33 point 83 which is not bad that's a lot for little critter remember. All these thirty different guys and oh yeah. By the way if we appreciate you chime in via the text line 95795. And in giving us your vote but. Just know that your vote is invalidated. If you miss spell. The name of the guy eroding for LeCroy and Larry. Well there are a lot of misspelling and attacks on when freak out too much about it and that for 510 taxer asks. More chill Chris Davis our Klay Thompson early teens who are moving at a community by storm I'd rather beat clay. But Chris Davis has more chip. Just sickly as sorts or not. That's incorrect. 510 text there's no such thing as opinions on this show. It senior writer your room now that's incorrect as well. Used Merrill petite is the MVP for a 510 text and bad call. Again there's so many guys who. And this is why to me team MVP is an interest in consideration for the days. They're just so many guys who have filled a crucial role. Like. I wouldn't call petite the team MVP if if it was up to me obviously known as told viewers Chris Davis but comes from but. A guy who's appeared in 54 teams thrown 71 and two thirds innings ER a barely above three has. See you when starters have gone short has seen you when you've gone to X or isn't and haven't had guys to fill those innings. Has basically been the bandit again and again and done it well. It's it's it's a critical role and I'm not sure there's another guy in the league you'd rather have filling it. Yet talk about swing man and he that you erect every single role on a pitching staff. The team could fill that role I don't know how effective he would be as a closer long term but. Every role we've seen him asked to fill he's filled well ditto with the giants don't know with the case. This is that this is what he does and and he's pretty much the best that. That that's what's so interesting you can name all these guys now listen is. Is Edwin Jackson the team MVP certainly not. But for a guy. To come off the scrap heap they give you eight starts of an up under three ERA in the American League. That's remarkable absolutely it's it's. It's ET MVP no. Is it an incredible achievement that the a's could not have reached this point without yeah there it is and you could say that about K bill. And you could say that about as the text points out use Merrill petite or stumper now. We do have a text vote for stopper and all votes count so stoppers on the board for team MB not all votes count he has thank goodness trailing behind Bob Melvin. On that board let's go to trail trail. Is that isn't. I'm I'm guessing there's been a mistake trail in Oakland. OK the fell short for dontrelle. Not so much a connector that makes more sense all right I think he missed a free misspelled something on such realm but it is in fact shrill and Oakland. Floor is yours sir. That's literally thing match. And BP Craig Barrett returned to shut. Seat trail and I are very much on the same page on this match seven might be the best player certainly as the brightest future. But Chris Davis MVP means something more. Impact impact impact. Lit up in a crucial moment. And I Wear them better and you can't. Let you got butter in should. We you know I'm not a whole squat. I really didn't see your local. We speak they're out there right now and local from the warriors and out today to speak at a greater common. He spoke with something in the air in here might be championships they. I like it trail I like that why not why not Oakland why can't Oakland beat title town. Hold on I have sound for this the warriors did a great job. Finest organization in professional sports cornucopia of color combinations. Let's get titles all over you just love that minster. How could you not you wanna hear it again cornucopia of color combinations. Realized he'd write that down ahead of time. You realize. The the skill the Islam it takes. Two off the cuff in the broadcast Booth while discussing that. Horrifying uniforms of the Arizona Diamondbacks. To just. Quietly drop the quadruple. Liberation of cornucopia of color combinations some on if if it's quintupled iteration if you count the second seem cornucopia you can't teach what Vince does by the way the 510. Colts Q some supper got to vote. How about the drummers in the outfield bleachers. Wes mills less mills gets my vote team MVP worldwide less the transaction getting rid of Santiago. Fake Cairo Ers. Is it high Rome hire her arm is just hanging out to to get canceled reflected glow awful cold right now that's what's happening west is still plan that you Carty the album. Hell was that that was cold. Saving audio where we complimented him one time I took that once. You and he's been waiting literally months. To get that one off on the air. You're welcome for saying that in the first place by the way by doing Millen or not oil and gold gloves. He's the first guy to win gold glove in his first full. Or yours I guess like a set I think he is getting his credit in fact we had date dynamic tax line call us stupid for suggesting the match have been might be better than him although. I will again repeated this moment and Nolan are not in fact said. That match happened is veteran and I'm not sure I agree but it's certainly a debate. 95 Chris Davis the offensive MVP trying to in the pitching MVP Chatman emerging as the next study and team captain. That is. Left. Thanks lefty. I think what's exciting about this team is how many different guys. Fall into that category of potential team MVP. Potential. Legit future talent and some of the guys yet she is Jeb Larry on the down slide. DC chapter four of the vast majority of the time say yeah league MVP Chapman why not. Couple years down Europe let's just talk a mean cash well okay. Here's you wanna know what the biggest problem. If word load looking at and Annie Oakland athletic. Being a potential future MVP. And there I have one problem dimension can you guess what that problem is named. Yes can now. The baseball writers association of America now I mean I I see where your going would that but now it's nothing like that. Okay I'm stumped and give it to him. The name of that problem. Is. Michael Nelson Trout. Of the Euro weakened. He's 26. That he is 26 he's already a two time MVP he'll make it three by the end of this year. Right now. He's hitting three on nine. His OPS is 1083. He has walked two more times than you shark out. Thirty homers sixty RBIs which he only him it's only sixty because this team is terrible. He's got 21 stolen Peterson's. Also 21 doubles and three triples. My chart is so good to me assist as you have. I don't have that in front of me. But I mean he is so good and now this will be if he he it's 99 walks to 97 strikeouts at the moment. If he finishes would more walks than strikeouts it will be the second straight year is Donna. He's so much better than everybody. That I'm not sure AL MVP is up for grabs anytime soon. That's a good point it's just going to be tough is it is it in my going overboard Revis. Is Mike Trout. Underrated. Yes. I took two in house crazy and that he so much better than everybody needs generated and yet and it's rob Manfred fall. But Manfred said it's my trucks fall that's right I mean the players participation and you don't. It. We in Lou we got to go and three men as we do a whole other show. Han. The idiocy of rock I had high hopes for rob. Ninety five's as Judy Martinez MVP did that then that's so wrong because first of all we are asking for a's team MVP and second of all Mike Trout is so clearly. The MVP edit JD Martinez. I don't I don't know how to F 510 texture ass an interesting question. Chat or Donaldson. All around who would you rather half I mean right now you read Matt Chapman because he works what five years younger probably if not more. But if we're talking. We're talking dollars and at his peak peak Chapman vs. He's six or seven years younger Chapman is than than Donaldson room but let me give you did that it MVP year Josh Donaldson. 41 homers 123. RBIs. OPS 939. Scored a 122 runs as well. Better hitter probably I don't know they Chapman never quite gets to that but certainly Chapman is that significantly better defender right. I mean even at his best. Donaldson was not as good. As. Chapman has that. And that's why I'll take Chapman. I'll take the guy who is a standout at ball and he is I mean Donaldson's good defensive player but. No like you said nowhere near on Chapman's leveling Chapman. Chairman wings you games within his glove wins you games. With his bat I'm I'm definitely going Chapman's peak Chatman over Pete downs. I tend to agree I tend to agree. Niners are gonna lose by the way. Free seasonal loss. In eleven point game seven and a half minutes ago other still listening urged world. Mark Bryant and had another gridiron Joseph Williams is on the field so monitored better check that out scored a touchdown. Coal ski that's the point. He's had a great game he scored a touchdown care about the yards perk here. The point is scoring. Scored a touchdown today. People are angry mayor Judy Martinez is gonna win LM VP I guess. I guess. Only because the angels so bad and that's not trots fault. Trust that I have significantly better year throwing that okay yes again. OPS is 1082. Inch and child to superstar defender and Judy Martinez a complete defense but there but. Artists and he plays defense. Doesn't add anything defensively he hurts you defensively. Our nerves. Always supported my for an hour together this weekend two of the things we just Jason COLT for joining us rob louder live from Levi stadium. And Julian Mick Williams a's beat writer always excellence. And polo match also always excellent bond today. And butcher who overtime is next break it down miner's son and five cent in the game.