The Chris Townsend Show Second Hour 9-13-18

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Thursday, September 13th
We play a little Buying or Selling on the Chris Townsend Show. Plus Nick Ferguson former 10 year NFL vet and current assistant DB coach for the 49ers joins the show to talk about the showdown at Levi's next week. Nick compares Kyle and his father Mike and some of the similarities and differences beetween the father son combo. Did Nick expect the week 1 performances from Fred Warner and Richard Sherman?

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Chris Townsend. I'm John Downey. And sixty Wal-Mart. I love James Bond. Martini east shaken not stirred. He's just international panel does what he is Burt reynolds' turn down the James Bond girl did you know that. Now he would have an awful James Bond era now he said he European had a yeah yeah you got to 88 year here in English spy forgot it's it's it's epithet. He can't have Burt Reynolds look the mustache smokey and the bandit being jeans pocket at the I lumber Els love December Els a human blood he narrates. That's still one of my favorite movies one of my favorite movies is Hooper oh yes that's a Dylan. Ain't nothing like that. I've of Hollywood star man's got man hours straight each hit me cannonball run. That's the great ones Burt was the man and order it was a mess smoking in the and knows she is now the longest yard I mean he was in some classics. Yet below is the one. Down by the river c'mon. I'll lob. The about Arkansas yeah. The deliverance deliverance thank you. Thank you that's a classic and it did told classic and I'm the other top ten. I can't have I can't ask Sally Field. Reynolds and Mike James Bond movie okay now and then not get a war Dolly Parton. Not gonna work Sally was the love of his life that got away he said. The good old days rest in peace yup. Love me some Burt Reynolds are let's get to some buying or selling. Selling. You might point seven. It gets me every time I love it hit me every. Adding a lot. Rams head coach Sean McVeigh has people talking about his impeccable memory take a listen in the McVeigh with bleach her towards him as and left Ku. Week twelve saints at rams. 429 in the second quarter second and seven on the saints seven. What happens. Josh Reynolds touched down our schedule players at three man rush. You're obsolete or are you kidding me here I believe what they now we're gonna go to. This isn't shown McVeigh's time in Washington hallucinatory get back to explain fifteen weeks seven. Bucks at skimmed 72. And seventh on the Tampa Bay 24. 58 seconds left in the fourth quarter accusing her daughter we were out there on the right side and Jamison Crowder reroute Telerate sidelined sub the first out of an how to drive and Stewart agreed to a shot of what I want individual iso slam. And what I mean there was that game. You like that pat pat pat. I don't know if you check it out in the brain unsure of. We have seen it with other grades in sports including LeBron James by yourself that a sharp power ever recall is necessary for greatness. Come by and come by and that guy. He is smarts. And leave your forty niner fan remember his granddaddy help Bill Walsh build a dynasty. It's a football family. Jon Gruden as a grace did you hear the story about how he hired Ali our yards on the bank a Monday Night Football didn't entire montage and you're on the sidelines so he probably didn't. Didn't catch in pregame that yet they did an entire piece on the has really cool yes he was a secretary. Who sought McCouch yet they date this secretariat left. Just take another job in the the way they can get a mine at. They didn't give them on the payroll. And not have me an official coach was to make you secretary. This this guy's really really bright and you look at his offense. Is offense is outstanding the rams are. You know that's thing. And I know raider nation has bombed because there is I you know I guess high expectations but the rams are he's very very good football team and they're well coached and you've got him butcher. Eight young hotshot played collar with one of the great defense of coordinators in all time Wade Phillips. Niner fans get ready here and four for two games. Yeah I will I will buy that this is a special treat. For certain individuals look at whether it's athletes quarterbacks in this case it's a head coach definitely remarkable incredible. I mean but. The playoffs. Like I'm dead serious counting on do this let's crown McVeigh like he's won some mean he hasn't won anything they had a home game last year and coop the bad. In winner in the playoffs we'll see when they face of adversity was soon to leave in Peters Howell a 31 year old can manage that walker I'm still pay. I think for the long haul he's gonna do a great job. I'm still skeptical I'm still skeptical that's all. Before the IR armor remember when people thought golf was a bust. Not saying anymore I don't know I'm not telling you right now ger golf is one of the weak links on the team he slowed process has terrible anticipation. I think he draws an inaccurate ball he was 29 in accuracy last year I think there mig base play calling is brilliant. Cost the one that's gonna slow them down and they have actually no linebackers not tell the right and Lucy I'm proud. Where I'm any I don't hold you to that whole C a look at what detect look at what market area mark tape Alessio the 49ers wanted to check rams yeah much as any other guys they don't forget how the guy six weeks ago that told you. Colonel Mac played his last snap for the raiders so I'm hot streak right now you like do ruin you only remember the one peel island criminal aliens I don't remember that loss when I lost that case series and I out of stellar edit it down and never that you gave her caddie. Adrian Peterson said today that he believes he can be the greatest running back in NFL history AP's said that passing Emmitt Smith on the all time leading rusher list is really stack. Peterson is 33 years old and needs more than 6000 yards its net buyers out there Adrian Peterson's goal is achievable. A you got a better chance seed Jesus. There's no way he's the greatest running back of all time that your. I'm the dad yeah I'm gonna sell the seat county first off Barry Sanders regardless of numbers is in that argument as well would you agree like. The numbers out the window Barry Sanders when the greatest running backs ever Walter Payton not develop in there you know Jim Brown's gonna get what tons of people there yet brilliant and there. And then you've got to bring in the guys. That did you at all like Marcus Allen and LaDainian Tomlinson and these guys that were great receivers not only did the of the great running out. This guy is not great catch in the ball out of the backfield there have been some running backs who were not. All little kids in the ball out of all the backfield for God's sakes I mean so are you taking him in his prime in his prime he's one of the backs and we don't get me wrong. But are you taking him a LaDainian Tomlinson. In their prime Ali dame was incredible dude I watched him score five touchdowns against my niners and wrap up two yards in the first half. Dina how bad used to beat the raiders off. Duty to keep doing touchdown a couple times again did you guys couple touchdowns and does can't hit left. And Marty just can't run an hour and pulling guards and let's get Bradley is Annie was juiced up. And don't forget. How great Marcus Allen once I did Marcus Allen was great yet but the only problem I got and I love market she's great. But when boat decided to play markets halted this are great but was. Our market should go to the bench. But Bo wants the unknowing what we'll fullback I didn't come on that's ridiculous why you play or every play full back when he first got to USC and didn't he also when he moved on to that she's they had Kimble Anders and him. When he put it Montana. Was he the lead back like 35 years old Montana as a quarterback in it I mean. I I. He's what he's a he's awesome he's my favorite player of all time I all of our watching Marcus Allen I saw Marcus Allen neck great game. Lincoln high school Lincoln was actually our rival OK I was there when he won that Janet. There was nothing this guy couldn't do on a football field the market sounds great so I mean he targeted at meekly to blame and he was. I he he's he's my guy. I need for a mass Z I Y Wynette to games the calcium I watch ended SE. I'm I I'm bullish I I'm not say he's the best and just the way I feel all around he's the best Rabach small time must go to number three. Jalen Ramsey is never afraid to speak candidly this is what he had to say earlier today about playing with a chip on the shoulder every week. I don't believe in heaven for you gonna do let me and my brother my dad. Tomorrow demo that this is long. After the game we can be cool it don't matter that's how Philly guy I respect against Obama for what my game means that you played in ninety. And our medical. Whom I didn't listen. I don't know that I would he was in other. Theoretically laying out your grandma is going too far in the name of competition. By yourself. I like it a mind. As I don't get out you know you think about whenever whenever like the raider legends are around on the field. You know when I get you know my buddy George Atkinson will all join me on Monday nights will only get into raider nation alive wants baseball's over. You'd think he's got out the old raiders play. Now and recently you know getting you know Matt Millen to zoo's doing the TV and talking a mad about what it was like. You know back in the day though those those race Matt Millen once punched the general manager of the New England Patriots typically thought I think. Yes he had it in his it was at the callous CNN. These guys are getting into it how we in this guy came mopping and I guess I took a swing and Matt Lil late amount and then. They get in the locker room they're like you're gonna need to get a lawyer and he's like that idea he was the patriots GM I mean. Football's not a nice game. Tonight not a game made up and I want my guys to have confidence I mean right you want him think first grade and you want him to meet. I mean nasty guys on my team. I am going to buy this I definitely love Jalen Ramsey and let me come on Jamont greens one of my favorite players in sports. In this this same exact attitude that he has you're either with me or against me so. I absolutely love this and in the playoffs that I want more of Jay Lynn Ramsey leading up to big games against big receivers. Yeah pat lucas' reminded me. My brother hunts texted me and sad. Hope all the great game. It's just run by and played by a lot of bad people. Well I think. We talk about great running backs you know the name we we didn't forget that we didn't mention and Marshall Faulk will -- and yet no doubt Marshall fox one of the baddest dudes ever are watching their miners up but OJ Simpson. I mean ROJ Simpson in the seventies is one of the baddest dudes in like what twelve and fourteen game seasons the student had 2000 yards. For the Buffalo Bills Kerry Dem now by the time he got traded in niners he was finished but. We always disregard him and talking about the greatest running backs being talked to anyone but my dad and my grant but people from that era they'll tell you. OJ it was one of the baddest dudes who ever walked the earth CD college healed every record USC he broke records and then obviously in the NFL in the NFL to. I act OJ Simpson and I ads because the murderer. But OJ central allegedly. Allegedly. The it was amazing like everybody loved the Jews and guests everybody I mean he was prime time television everybody else commercials. Any US. He could ever still on the talk shows me he was seemed to. America loves them some OJ Simpson they just didn't realize what was going on. Outside of the camera now how bad of a person he was right number notably on number four. The bad weather is wearing on everybody in baseball including cubs' first baseman Anthony Rizzo. Hewitt is entirely uniform cleats and all on the flight to and from a makeup game in Washington DC earlier today by a seller list so content and make it game a joke and treating it as such. I'd much oh I love both I'd love ya like Little League. You'd your mom's car your dad's car in your new uniform and go to the game and become army's senior uniform all day long. Does that this is like I dolls class and they got under the quick hits his uniform. And and get over. You've got to get these gains in and you got the Milwaukee Brewers try to chase you down. And the last thing you wanna do is wherever I don't know or the cubs and their season whether it's at homer of the road. But the last day like let's say you've got to still play that game that game what got rained out. Luckily that her for the American wanted to help those two door of the Carolinas and it's not going north. Like right now the days are having to wire you know BA's embers fly around it to get to Tampa noon. So. Essentially. These games have to be polite so suck it up right get paid big bucks. I am selling anything that has to do with the Chicago Cubs I'm so sick of them I'm sick of their manager I'm sick all their players I'm sick of the content sic their fan base. I don't wanna needing from the cubs we get her little a little. I really like that again I'm so sick of him result we're having a down year look at the numbers stop crying Rizzo what did you hit a couple of line drives actually produced for your team and tell Chris Bryant to get off the disabled list to help you guys because it looks like the brewers are gonna chase you guys down crying about playing the game. I hear selling anything to do when Joseph Maddon the fake glasses. So alert and Rizzo I don't want nothing to do with the cubs and selling. Well it's say they nabbed at the Red Sox. Curse of the bambino. And the minute they started Lannan. How arrogant their fan base and came back and all you out of sight almighty god and that's the exact. Same thing that's happened in the cubs. It's the exact same thing that happened with your San Francisco Giants. Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. About my lunatic fringe like that. No you don't build your fan base change what you want a battle to not. Do you not take your fan base today but you do not scapegoat us by the eighty general Pryor do narrow. Iron you know I am not a I'm not. I'm telling you. The bandwagon help fill that place it's okay act but 87% do what they want the 13% or whatever it is that an actual die hards were real France. And we're not like the cubs we. Stuff like art and dress up like part of all we weren't trying to track and I had. A juror wrap. Apps you might be specific jobs in the red sock on and I disagree because the Red Sox you can not at Red Sox Nation. No offense raider nation Red Sox Nation. Is huge and those people I hate them too. I always like to say this she found out they can't play the. Game. But those people do know the game. And that's my best moment spam in my family has seasons because of the Red Sox are. It snows it cold it's cold don't play baseball you're out they're not good at it but they know their those people. They're diehards from a Red Sox. I mean this that they. That boy's not there then that way the red side there's not a lot that's not lost deal and that's the rich might might might my and a my greed and it just turned a hundred usually every game turned a hot wow really watches every game she loves somber mean. Those people there hardcore sports I never thought. Jaguars head coach Doug and around and said today he hasn't washed receivables since he was twelve years old. Buyers sell it it being too painful is a good reason not to watch the super whom I. Let's. A football coach any NFL. Has not watched the Super Bowl since as that that's that can't be possible. How do you not watch the Super Bowl. More than half the country watches the Super Bowl Eddie Kidd may. You're a football coach you've never watched the Super Bowls of juror twelfth. At that that I find ridiculous. He's selling this reminds. I can't remember I just didn't. I yeah. That's not an odd and selling. Mattel does this say idiot who left the bill's job. As of yet money on the table and walked away and was like no. Yeah I guess a good job job now on these. And they gave might well see Tom Coughlin together gave Blake portals and expansion. What would we got goal Lucas the desire to go that it being too painful is a good reason not to watch the super pass it too painful he's in the eighty. Marat you ever get to the Super Bowl. You can't get past anyone any extra attention game because I don't ball with seconds left because that's what else. Himself. That the best defense on the planet hat went on the the ropes I am so sick of the jaguars. Valued at each event you've got a lot of hate on because public for their Lombardi. Before it really be gee twelve I don't. Horse you can you wake them three auto white horse. Like element for any you know what that'll are coming in on garner. Don't bum Gardner so settled down to the Internet and a very. Questioners tax now I will admit this. There is a hack. And a lot of pop up. Eight. Iron on Sunday okay good. The alliance indeed get beat the lions. The panic button next week is gonna be rocket on the show on. How about this time. There is any time in my life. Where you know you start watching the suit the first Super Bowl I remember. Was the one the Steelers in the rams okay my first Super Bowl party ever was raiders eagles'. Next year will rule. Were you bring in people who were you rooting for the raiders so. What am I not Matthew blob that car on now on you think you might ever audit that rock Ron Jaworski the polish right. It's the Bali a case and then. Vice gamma. Then the eighties you know you watch every Super Bowl that they would cut to the ninety's. And I was in college. And we used that the role huge Super Bowl parties. Because Super Bowl was basically it was a Super Bowl and then we are. We were. We're he would rate per season is College Baseball we played so. I played the air where you had a big zillion games they have cut it down there like we were we could add in less games. So the Super Bowls like your last big deal. And we used to do it up and now you can just say there's discuss some games I don't remember Ottawa. What was it because you're. You know a week or what's they're thirsty thirsty Thursday was Dallara. Was so I'm so what's now what's your favorite Super Bowl the all time Downey. Just as a fan watches and general yeah what's what's your favorite who will all time. You know that one out one between the Steelers in the cardinals was pretty good that was a great one that was a good Alice clinging on hearsay and taken it to the house back in the all of I. I gotta say my well I mean I don't care about big blue I don't pay it but watching the patriots lose. That that Liz. Those are great Super Bowls you won Super Bowl that we just remember the last drive but it wasn't very did was niners tingles the second one yeah the first one and a great. But that line I mean there was a whole lot of scoring and then there was that lap that last drive you up and probably say at the top of my head. That that's Super Bowl and you know I had money on it and new agers on edge. That that that cardinals Steelers was incredible. That was an incredible 11 of the ones you know I hated the rams that titan rams one was pretty well that was pretty fun and out. Now let's get the ball there that's another fantastic 1000 big McNair Eddie George and I just I really liked team you know and I wanted to see them beat the rams are hated the ramps up. How about the one we're. Norwood misses the kick wide right. Yeah will you giants 1990 we're in the Barack war baby. Yeah I remember I remember that it was miserables act that you'll have been three in a row for the niners Downey right got to bring up bad memories some I thought you can't a lot of football Roger Craig out and I love them pepper Johnson letter really great guy. And all so when my Super Bowls are getting Fuzzy. That was when there is all the blowouts at. When the bills start getting blown out. And then after the bills got blown out three than the chargers got blown out by your niners and those are at Stan Humphries and made Tron means. And who was coach. Come on Bobby Ross lobbied ross' wow that's phenomenal lost young Rodney Harrison on that team. Junior say out. One day he was one of the baddest dudes ever I love the fly and I was over before it started. Ritchie waters Ricky waters took one over the middle Dion was playing wide receiver. And Drake forgot into the mix as a DB and again incredible game Dion. I love me some prime time. I'll do primetime was awesome but here's my big issue go primetime on primetime was with the Mariners and then the giants. Acquired him from the reds and then that offseason he signs with Pepsi Nike. I read recently Nike and besides the Dallas Cowboys. And as a result yeah I got rid of fresh Shiite as I can't play for the giant anymore and just literally quit on us because the fan base was ready to riot that he signed with the Dallas Cowboys. In strawberry bonds that was 94 I'm telling you man brutal brutal. To young butcher boy. Nick Ferguson played ten years in the NF felony play alongside John Lynch. And now he's an analyst for two and radio will break down raiders will break down niners. Next right here on 957 again public for their Lombardi. Before meal AVG tore my horse. Now check the Chris Townsend shell won 957. Nick Ferguson is trying to share. Chris Townsend show you can call modular and Nick Ferguson underscored 45 now the assistant defensive back coach. With these San Francisco 49ers how we do own a night neck. I'm underworld are. But so. Were aware ordeal just great so. What isn't penalized because I know you can do on this stuff onto it and how much fun as they get back on the field coaching in the back in the game. No it's it's great get an opportunity to help because with explode on the field. Well but also get an opportunity to talk to them about what I consider to beat x.s and though. All the fear that is prepared for a life after the games so it's been there are great for me. Always loved the game of football and just being back. Brought it into the actions. I have been completely. You know Nikki took an unconventional route to the NFL you're undrafted went to the CFL. In the 49ers have a guy and a secondary that took a kind of unconventional route to the NFL in aging Colbert. Explain to me how difficult the transition it is for someone like him who's not a highly touted. A first or second round draft picked how hard is it for him to make an impact on our roster and to maintain his starter status. Well here's what people don't understand even though in your life are so they're not comment should do the highly tolerant. But it is those staying there really push a player can become the clear that there we all hope that they will be come one day speeches. Are you looking at a lot of adversity when you're a guy who have you know you play multiple positions and still a lot of people deny you credit. War what you saw that your ability to close so leave your comment you were angry you'll you'll loops that you know. You know you're behind eight ball a little bit pitchers want to do you know how he hours. But it is it is very creative is going through they're person. They're really kind of hardens you a lot of coaches like to say that it YouTube that challenged. So you don't have you know don't beauty trailers once so what they're something apology. You get really upset are like in the mean he's that guy they go go out there every day. And he gives it his all you can see where. Whether it's playing on special teams or I would square corner flashier than blue you work safety or truck. So it just a lot of those staying there. Are in the water in the game there are a lot of it is you really don't know where she received these guys working dated dated men and that's the whole thing. What their guys. Puerto and so basically he's going to be here great safety in this week because he's called food goes challenges. The better it's gonna bring him through to the wire saw looked for him this great thing. Like you put deck as the raiders have a guy like that to Eric Harris who came out. He played offense and defense in the Canadian League anything to get a job then and now he's in the NFL and stories like yours and and these stories about these guys are not number one picks its optics and that the struggle to finally get here in the appreciation that they have. For having a job in the NFL is great. When you watch the film had to dig Richard Sherman did his first game. Upping the great you have to understand it's very biblical. I actually didn't Wear when you are coming off injury I mean I have protection knee surgeries myself. And sometime this. Are the physical part of the mental part being able to get over the fact it did in fact I have an injury so to see him you know get out there. I have fond get back choose to football. It was great to see their foreign and I was really happy. About his serve his full. You know there was a play early in this game this last week with the Minnesota where. Kirk cousins threw an absolute dying over the top to Stephon digs and I thought I'll kill Witherspoon had really good coverage when he jogs over to the sideline. They what do you guys talk about after a play like that. Well you know you think you know what you know try to be a better position I mean he would give it coverage is tight or. Rural actually born discharging. Going to try to rid that out but you know being like there have been in in the first you have to understand that there. It their credibility creme of our players an athlete that. I've been saying you know what what I've waited in never change. If you had a good run by Iran over have played well about this game feature is going to happen. Well Warner board belt who's wanted to play it like that occurred. King you have the mid to order you to bounce back from that so us old dude did a great job bouncing back. Up from that and he's definitely. Cheney should mentality. From the pollution into the second you can basically see there. When you see about that problem look at that the difficult job here. Or when you walk. You know people credit where is right lasts but it just like you know. Just open their pollution in fort day four week I think you're cancer is different too. Ten years NFL vet and now the assistant defensive back coach for the 49ers Nick Ferguson joins us here on the Chris Townsend show. 957 game and what I think of Fred. Warner I mean this guy ate their love and not everybody is watching the week one film they're just love and am at what point did you know. We got something special here linebacker. Well you have to do reports again I mean I have liberty is talking to players. On an everyday basis so I think you have a quote person most defeat them. On Sunday's start training camp you disability young guy you know he was shown flashes of you know. Running around he was eager to learn what you have to be in this game whether your Rickie or you attribute bet there's always more. That that you grew aren't clear it was just the sort everything around here like response are not really shocked. What we saw on Sunday but that's the Soviet glimpse at forest how well he can't be as a player he's still have a lot of oh want to do not being able went out and have a great. I've shortened and open week gives little sore but they're they're still award to a distant war effort here artillery he understands that it. Everyone's going to build him up and talk about how great he's at the where and how well he played what she did it. Well you know you know you'd still have to do I keep your nose to declined additional features. Told this before. Mean we were great as players as players people like to build itself could be. We wouldn't have coaches so you know this war to learn departed gave it great. Coaches in jarring parliament in the Toronto. They've got to make sure that's very he has of their career that he can't. You know nick you played with John Lynch as a Denver bronco and John fascinates so many of them of the fans and the people that are covering the team. You know explain to us how much interaction or communication he has with the staff. In the players on a day to day basis are you guys interacting not. Well with him being in jail in Europe there understand them being here in the lot on his way to try to make sure. That we fill the roster guys that the cable corner do award. You know Kosher Kyle Shanahan want them to do but. Did own interaction you know he makes himself available powerful players can go under par and he's always in the dining area so I'm not living beings where. And I seen it before what across the national state or is it will be in direct. Would it players and coaches. Well but it is a different type liberal philosophy. Are here with forty matters and John as always run. Record. How can you not as a player you know challenge played in the league at a high level. One person will bowl. That a candidate for the hall of fame aren't the announcement to a for the nineteen a class along with another team leader Marvin Champ Bailey you. Want to walk her through him and asking questions in just kind of pick your playing in the that's how you learn and grow. As a player has played well together because a lot of organizations you don't you don't see that happen. You could get a couple players on your defense of front. What does Armstead. Solomon Thomas what are these guys need to do to take their game to the next level and help the 49ers get better. At Deaton after the quarterback. I thought what the dogs of improving you know you just can't. I'll rest on their laurels and say OK you know him for first round draft pick. I didn't show up and just put persuasion and things happen all the you know it'll work in progress every player is working what are their order is issued reward. Are your children you have to try to be better than you or that you before it. And the whole you know lot lot of former. Head coach from the New York Jets mounted commissioners don't stay. You know. The idea is. That either you're getting. There are you getting worse the next coach would be permanent and complete with these guys they have to have that thing pullout. You have to really look at the film. You know practice and games to really be critical of just themselves are really hard at Sarah Palin is is that. A Super Bowl caliber form initiated is what you want them to do whatever it is it is. Now how can I do that. All the time popular be more consistent so it is a challenge every where. Are you go are going to be perfect every Sunday because every every every game you're not gonna bring about a 10000%. But that is I year. So don't don't judge guys they know they have a lot to do and I have no doubt with the coaching staff that have. There's going to be a little bit of Rupert. Nick you know you you just retired or in the last you know 78 years I know DeMeco Ryans just retired. And Kyle himself is an extremely young and he's under forty years old. And I'm sure you had interactions with him when Mike was your head coach in Denver can you talk me through. What it's like to be younger coach connecting with these young guys and how do Mike and Kyle differ. And how they communicate with with these young guys on the team. Well as all of you humiliated at all about. Connection we've seen and so fortunately triggered. In the NFL and there's been so little disconnect a little live. The coaches and the players because what what I play. There was a certain you know over the departure written ruled an unwritten rules. And how we view as a coach you don't want your players now the players a little different now. That there's stay in this in this state and so word what what I what I play you have to know as an advocate coach. You know how to motivate those players speeches. They're nickel goes for the injured you know being that guy. Where'd they hit the table you'd you have to be able to manage egos which you have to be able to more than three. You know some guys like a bill are still on the board there and look. Every god different they're motivated by different things that you have to figure out what that is. You have to turn it like the squirrel you know both Caroline and father. You know great guys are in doing just that and you have to be will learn to lead Indian leader yet to be want to listen to other people. Import and bold you know Mike and how they do excellent job. Well listen to the guys to understand listen until they're warriors. Oh going out there every Sunday and competing there go to the things that you had to do. To be successful. As coaches and can't hazard we can lecture. You know what the Gaza on our roster and there's a veteran guys and do what you guys have known better that respect. Is what makes guys go out there and play you know on Sunday even you know you can read how much of the fourteen or at. But that type of motivation that tribal police. You know in your coach and not won a little down. That's how god Delonte and cool and even though you know with a game last week by the guy fought back a lot of things that could happen. You know force so want to get let go back to the shifting of the mentality. Of what how would do little for the 49ers and. It. Nick great stuff we always appreciate the time and good luck on Sunday against the lions. Our that you preserve our thanks nick yeah he's good he's really really good and he just said something. I think we can address and you're not gonna believe. We have a power ranking for quarterbacks. Not there is an ally get a nice high seven game. Yeah Christiane. My seven yeah. Weekends or. Thank irons where this silver and black. I don't want to lose weight to go low until then you start talking about the percentages and it says it's depressing it's really really depressing. Crist now this show get the butcher boy in tonight and I really like this probable link you can tell that this guy. There's something special about him. And yell when nick starts talking about eight. I'm also here to help these guys. Transition away from football. Syria this guy's got a good sold to home I've always liked to have an Amman. And he's so right. About. Things have changed. Football has changed dramatically. The amount of time you get spilled the players how hard you go to work the players. You know I mean I mean look at look at the Patricia dale to set that was coming out we worked too hard. At it can you imagine say that the Vince Lombardi. And know what makes these guys tick. Is far different Dan like let's say for Jon Gruden brought in Jon Gruden first got a business and as the 49ers and in the packers'. In L Powell. Those players. How do you needled them and how you got there and you inspired them far different than what you're dealing with today the players are just different. And you've got to be able to relate. And you don't relate. Good luck and I have a good season you're not to have a good team you're not going to be around that long. Now you see it more so any player empowered league like the NBA where if you're not you know kind of chummy chummy with them. You're not gonna succeed I mean there's a reason Tom Thibodeau runs guys out of every place and he's been that yet Steve Kerr. He's kind of they're equal you know I mean like he's not the dictator that. That handled well Jackie isn't in the works for Bill Belichick because he's got the ten year in the stacks the status in in the Super Bowl championships and all those things and his greatest player buys in Tom Brady so. If it's no coincidence that. These millennial athletes but let's be honest like that bet there's some reality there there's some truth to this in these guys wanna get along with them they want someone they can relate to. I just I think if he had a lot of nails on the Hebron there. Yeah it's interesting about the bella Jack. Is. I don't think we truly know. Because it seems like after win. You know pick a guy who played forum. And they love yeah right there's a lot of those guys that have now gotten into the media and they they talk about them. I think this relationship is better with his players. Especially his defense of guys. Dan I think we really now. He you know I'm I've read a lot of apple Walsh right and one of the things that Bill Walsh Tony and I think. Bella Jack who is it disciple of Walsh's principles because he bought into that book and and he went all of these different meanings in things he was saying that basically while he was the head coach. He was a jerk all these guys put away from the field away from the stadium away from the training facility. And once they left his team he would have daily conversations with some of these other guys and for example Charles Haley and Charles Haley spoke about it in quiet during his hall of fame speech about how bill would reach out to him just to see how he's doing mentally. You know and you hear people like Ronnie Lott. Who you know bill was one of the people saying hey at some woman I have to wash your Ronny and he said it's a Randy cross and he said to Roger Craig and and so many different players and I think the same can be said for buffer Bill Belichick back and you look at someone like Richard Seymour or. Ty Law or lawyer Malloy or you know Jamie Collins all these different guys that. Have been traded away and got paid. You know even Randy Moss I mean it ended very literally for Randy Moss and I don't know if you listened or saw his hall of fame induction bit. He spoke about Bill Walsh I mean bill dollar check Randy Moss did like he was. A father figure to him. It's. Clearly bill dollar check connected with Randy marsh Tony. Yeah I. I I you know if you watch a folk but Bill Walsh is the great San Jose State's Barton bill like every game every year the loss console the Bill Walsh EE you know the football life you watch it and one of the things that. His that was an area where football coaches were jerks. And also as a jerk and he said it's you know one of the things about his life that he did like he didn't. He didn't really have a great relationship with the any of his players see the Walston a good relationship with the players. Until after he was done coaching and he was done with the niners of course. Went to Stanford and then later would come back for the niners and impersonal stuff form. But that was one of his regrets. But that was the hero right now was that that in that you know. Nowadays. I. Here's the thing about loss that as as part of his is tree. And all the guys that do it Mike Holmgren talked about it. Is that Walsh wouldn't get on the players. He'd get on the coaches yes so you failed he didn't reappear asked era Mike Holmgren was asked exactly and then all of a sudden. The players felt bad because the position coaches they like he's the good guy lost the bad guy he's a good guy here now get your coach trip. And and Holmgren said you know let. Now those top and then I would agree veils or head coach next you know what does he do what he's written Steve Mariucci now when Brett favre's he was doing the same thing. And that was a way to not totally rip your players richt the coach and that may and that strengthen the relationship is so Smart is it strengthens. The relationship. Between a player in his position coach. And I think the same thing in baseball. You know there's that special connection. That pitching coach is different from. You have the manager or like in college head coach. The pitching coach is your job right he is your guy he he yeah he fights for you and is the head coach that rips camp when you're out there and I'm given up a bunch of home runs. They're written him and so that duty and having that special connection with them. The things are different were all played for right now with the I and I Kyle Shanahan. And I air that they think for me oh gruden. Is that fact he's been around all these guys all these years with the drafts ago. Not only with his draft show audience BM that quarterback. Can't be in a ball so he's seen these guys. And county though I mean being with somebody for a couple days that's like a first date. Moving in Stanley them every single day and where I mean that's that's something a little different that well I'll I'll I'll tell you this. So lonely here now lag and they Brian Connor cut in EJ Manuel. So Rich Gannon was used to the old school gruden where he was hard on people and those so he assassinate John can be really tough on quarterbacks young quarterbacks in the air both look and Adam go on. Nice and great eases and unbelievable teacher he's been teaching as we've been learning more football in a rich can't go on he's not on you guys plus so I. He has changed is that this is really. That different is different is that Bible. Those guys aren't on the roster and I'm thinking you know unending. Yeah that's not that that was because of their play and I don't know that means you don't you know how is that Connor could play himself off the roster. No doubt no doubt I'm Ambien Ambien hyper critical I'm just. I'd I know you're just that you just used you know you're the millennial the night what I don't believe in girl didn't I just don't do. Like I. But I do. You hit you hate on the jag wire right now irrigated on the cop Japanese idea here like pins in the little 91 and nine Nat the public for their Lombardi. Four really really come out course. Bride now horse. Bottom line is we don't know sure Ann's gonna work and I. I say you are rarely all that I raised sees that he's a genius he's. You don't well. Woolsey and the meaningful games those last five games more meaningful game as you know what Tony amen amen to go out on my horse now I am and I'm gonna. And come and ride in our eye and I'm telling you now I think we need to. Doubled down on that Oakland eighties giant to bat and I wanna double down as I'm Rodney and would Jimmy G and on the horse. Readers niner game I wanna ban on you and me and he's definitely back on my horse that's a separate back a step there. That's says you all me a full day of golf a good old days. Jury it's the entire thing I got the Capital One card ready for the actors always giant fans not it's. Good good at all our that's the it's the little. Little bays can't play you guys and every year advantage every year when it. Now look I thought for sure it'll do a raider nighter that the vessel BS we're not. Doubled or not then I want it's like eight. In my eye your eye on the Cincinnati. When Alan I have my ticket and I've won that game and I'm in the sports book I take it up in cash it now a little bit more amazing elude. A but I always collect my back. You know let me put our leg now you're not parlor and he's good evening that. That and yet here you are a body in my friend. But did you see. Museum are our buddy Matt Mayo go did AM article on ranking the quarterbacks yeah. And I'm gonna do a power rankings of well while a left on the TRTs. And amount power rankings yeah you earache all 32 of yes of of the beat writers. Yeah well on the dual forty niner beat writer power ranking. When he unity that amended tonight. Well really dance who said that it I mean I am uncomfortable dot com I had maybe you can do that after 11 o'clock. The equipment. I don't Debbie great pride Michelle yeah you never show. Yeah you're listening tonight at seven the game KG and the F emanates you one KGD San Francisco a radio. Dot com station and t.'s. Now back to be pretty funny it would be funny. And they never come on again now Allah yeah this could just cows and has nothing to do at this list. This is all butcher boy you knows my number one now. On the real. My number one is channel fan from 49ers to act forty got a at an end and.