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Thursday, August 9th
Kolsky and Urbs examine the QB Tiers, where exactly do Carr and Jimmy G rank? The Oakland A's made another move to bolster there already lights out bullpen! Can their starting pitching rotation continue to play well as the postseason looms. Plus in the bottom half of the hour the boys are joined by Rob Lowder of the Ninners Wire live from Levi Stadium. Rob gives his thoughts on the injury filled first half of the first preseason game. Is Joe Williams fighting for a roster spot?

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That's about your target. If we're gonna talk statistical targets and by the way you listen in 957 game KG MC FM an HD one occasion he San Francisco. A radio dot com station. And by the way we did already talked just a little bit about Fernando Rodney being in his property now we'll get to that a little bit later settled down. I was actually gonna get to him like a minute and a half. Such a minute and a half Jimmy Jay-Z you'd have a better year than there karma. If you had to guess right now I've really Jason Cole won my last Smith and generators are gonna have a better year. So long. Thoughtful silence. Is Jim bigger problem gonna have a better year than dirt car I must say I think so because. I do thinks so I mean you think she's a better quarterback than their car. I'd do it but I say that knowing that I am projected. Because. I. I know what Derek Carr can do because he's done that. And five teams does not a track record make you feel like you've seen Pique their car. I think in a perfect world that you will see piqued our current issue I think that's certainly possible right. But we haven't seen the best so far are we here don't know he's 2627. Years old pray that so why would he not. Get better I think he certainly could get better I think I think the raiders certainly expect him to get better under Jon Gruden. Or he wouldn't pager and a hundred million and and car of 200 million or whatever it is. That's certainly the expectation. So yeah I think the Philip Rivers and frankly that Roethlisberger was on that. Top. The fear or less the first year when. But he's not playing at that level anymore. Ross what's awaiting Nazis and okay credit he was taught him a retirement listen to him. You know I understand why summiteers want to Super Bowls did you dismissive so wells okay. Ben Roethlisberger. Has been just okay the last few years. I mean lucky still. Better than a lot of quarterbacks. But. If I give you a list of quarterbacks. Here's a list of quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Drew Brees Ben Roethlisberger which one doesn't belong. Your point okay. So I and I sailed had to say that's the range Roethlisberger rivers. I want both Bay Area quarterbacks in Matt range yet. Now are greater textures says ha ha ha what a joke so many more weapons on the raiders agreed. The raiders have better skill position weapons certainly better receiving corps at least on paper. And I think you can argue a better running back group as well. And as much as Mabry and did some nice things last year we don't know a ton about him. Jarrett MacKinnon has never been in a lead guy although he definitely has skills that fit the system he's never been only guy. Whereas Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin have both been highly effectively running backs and I love what I've seen from a third and fourth string guys in jail on Rashard and India under Washington. Raiders wide outs significantly better than the managed to tick. I got to sleep and I'll let Mullah Omar Cooper. Frustrated everybody last year by dropping the ball on greed but. If I give you the option let's do a wide receiver draft from the two wide receiver pools. Who's your first pick if I give you all of the raiders in niners who's the first guy you pick. Dirty Nelson. Originally. He's the one guy feel like I can count on him he's not gonna drop a bunch of balls he's not gonna hurt you. He came in apparently hasn't lost a step he's still running really well now this is side and seen them Jordy Nelson this year. But sight unseen. Of Jordy Nelson. Last year most of the year two yeah. I needed play and most of the games but he was hurt and I'm if you can if you can guarantee me that Cooper's not gonna drop a ton of balls of course is the obvious number one. Well that's. That's sort Odom sank right covers the obvious number one and I think you're right Jordy Nelson is at least in the debate for number two team. And before going down to number three. If marte does Bryant is healthy and available on playing his best he might be the best of all these guys. So. Yes I think if it's healthy and playing how it can and the raiders wide receiver group is much better because I have a lot of respect for Peter. But Cooper certainly is the potentially the better receiver he's he's got a much higher ceiling. Much it is Brian has a higher ceiling and here are some. So. Course on good when I like that it's it's solid it's not east. But it. The man they're gonna need Jimmy G to be special for them tests are right there on par with the raiders right now the niners wide receiver depth chart. Counts Unger rob below elevating them yet. When you looked at. The Oakland. Wide receiver depth chart those are guys who have. Elevated himself. So clearly better weapons. I I agree with that but. If you make me choose I just think a drop below has that team changer upside. And so I would take him but I recognize it's close. I'm not dissing Derek car I think they both have the potential to be top seven or so quarterbacks in the league. It's just a question of who puts it together I also have. More faith in the coaching but the niners in terms of play calling an offensive. Stuff because I just don't know would Jon Gruden. And again. I'm not to tell you gruden is gonna be bad you know. The greatness of Arabia I I expect everything to hopefully I hope everything goes well just lending. The way your explaining your thoughts on this is this the way everybody. Is probably thinking out there it's not that you think John burden. Isn't going to be good again it's not that you think the game has passed him by its just you don't know it's been ten years. We literally don't know. We literally do not now. But this is all coming from whether or not. You should play the quarterbacks in pre season. You have to court. I guess and and a high gas. But why ask why not just in that third game since supposedly that's the MLB all of pre season that's the dress rehearsal I'm not just play them in that game yeah. Iowa I would imam money you invested did beat. Importance of this season for both of these organizations. I really I would bubble wrap the crap out of these quarterbacks or they would pick I really would Ed. How much better is their timing from from pre season game action then just from practice. Is it that much to gain that much. Probably not. Experimental you just said though how important this season is. For both teams do it I did quite well that's for the raiders but with a secure contracts for all. The leadership guys with the niners I don't know I mean it. They committed to rebuild we would date because of polonium probably because Jimmy drop outs in the and the grand scheme of things. If it's a six and ten year. In the long term it doesn't really matter who if you get the right levels of development in certain places and it looks things can always go wrong in the NFL and it can be a six and ten year 'cause the wrong guy got hurt. Drop below Shanahan and lynch are basically undefeated from a PR perspective. And I don't know why you'd wanna sacrifice. So. To keep this train running with the juice it has been. To keep the the flow on the niners in the mode GO around this team positive. She had Europe was the worst owner in the history of sports the team would never be any good as long as it played in Santa Clara. They'd bid trend bulky did that they were married to try and bulky and awaited major think he had to pictures of Jed York snorting cocaine off a hookers. Like though the whole business was a mess and the fans were. Anger. Not just disappointed. Angry. And you'll hear it from our own butcher boy Jewish ASCII coming up in the overtime starting at 10 o'clock where he and Vontae. Breakdown what happened with the niners today. You'll hear the anger it's there's still residues up with. And to hat sit sit and that's why it's a big year for the niners is because. Right now. Think of how little doubt there is about Shanahan mentioned Iraq. Even people who were trying to take a measured approach like well they all expert again. Now let's calm down let's not their party no one's won anything yet but the to a pretty good but that's the worst you can say about those guys right now on they would like to keep it that way. And I don't think they have to play in the super ball to keep it that way. I think nine and seven but a good looking nine and seven I think ten and six and it and it. At least one good week of playoff football even if you lost. If the niners had eight. You know a couple of tough losses nine and seven year mated and as a wild card and lost on a last second kick off or her field goal rather. Think fans would be super disappointed. I think they had given what she's coming from. Given you just finished it Chip Kelly Jim dumb so good debacle. I think you feel pretty good about that but 1610 and office and you're going comment while we're locked into Shanahan and lynch and we overpay drop below and you know what's going on with urban Foster in Solomon Thomas never committed any thing. A bad year could turn a niners' situation that is so hopeful and positive sour quicker with the raiders. We got two years left in Oakland. You've got. A head coach who we have no idea if he knows what he's done anymore. With a ten year hundred million dollar contract. And people are suggesting maybe you're not paying colonial Mac as you literally cannot afford it. You can't lose you can't win yet but there are up against the wall. Would you I see the niners right now a little bit a little bit of this season's days they're both ahead of schedule in terms of rebuild. I think it is make the playoffs great I don't even if they lose. Fine fine fine that's where the niners are now ahead of schedule make the playoffs and lose ground there a problem for him. Maybe that's the real spot of the franchise is the problem for the niners is they're coming in with high. The a's came in would no right whatsoever and that that I think allowed them to start a little slowly. And find their rhythm and now they're playing as well as anybody in baseball and speaking of the eighties. And now. They did acquire Fernando Rodney. Talk about that next but. If you're wondering why it's been put off so long it's because a only it's a big deal. Every guy on that staff has been a closer at some point I think that's what you Fernando Rodney is the only one of them who is you know your parentage I think it is a big deal is got Fernando Rodney deal like it or not sounds like urban does not really care Mac calls you Michael Irvin on and if a seven game. 5%. Mack told Michael Irvin. We ain't going nowhere until 10 o'clock when we hand things over to overtime and nice. Would Vontae hill and Joseph the butcher boy Shas yeah finally they are. Preparing like you wouldn't believe. In the lobby of the building right now or what we call that it's the is that the hub now out of the bag it was. The Dan the damn dumb names for their living their old Jay Leno I'm pretty sure cold just made that up. We don't call that the den. The primary and Nash is still in college so he thinks it's called the comment because. It Q quick comment area is where in college we would wake up on Saturday. At 645. Take bong hits watch. Right so extreme I'm 49 and happy if you Lee's play house in college he said wake and bake they now. Parents are trying to be cool. There are vivid the kids the kids see right through your weight conviction and if you're trying to be cool you're not cool you either are cool deal days. Is. There. That's bullpen ever I mean. Here's the thing. Fernando Rodney. Has at least 25 saves the last three seasons including this season 161718. 25. Plus saves despite being done now his fifth team in those three seasons. He. He's been productive. So what I said I don't really care at B is added Fernando Rodney I don't mean to be dismissive of what Fernando Rodney has accomplished. Which is significant. All so. Always like a guy with the weird tech game in Major League Baseball. Yeah he's just got to the left side give me the cock with a hat gambit and moving back to unite cut that sound bite. Give me the give me the the flat. Graham the Flash Gordon you know that he's gotten weird stuff with your hat. I'm on board he's got flat brim slightly tilted back and definitely tilted to the left. Manny looks old I thought you're joking some fortitude he's 41 I had that wrong. Here's the thing. Again what I say I don't care it's not diminishing. For an end around his accomplishments and I and I am not diminishing. My thoughts about the Oakland Athletics who won what seven of eight. Twelve of term. That's not a thing. They won seven of the last day they continue to roll continue to players as well as any team in baseball. Images shortly game even further crop still on Fernando Rodney. Haven't a pretty good season. He's been. The twins closer 46 appearances. 25 saves. Scat fifty strikeouts in 43 and two thirds innings that's hot. The which. Are not great almost one point four. Let me Hillary's three. So thumbs up here's Spain. Here's the thing. If I'm in the playoffs. I can't see use of early you'll. Who are my guys. Talked to me about my bullpen upon the Oakland Athletics well let's talk archer rotation for when I don't forget irritation for a second let's say. My a's starter. Gets knocked around. And four innings I'd have four innings out of my starter. You wanted to tell you ought to do it kind of lawyer looking for OK here's what I got. I'm going to use Merrill petite. First inning or two. Then I'm gonna go juries from DeLia Lou Trevino Blake China. If you're I don't need Fernando Rodney. I get it he's he's he throws hard he's been effective. Do I really need another 95 to 97. Right handed reliever. I don't think I do. I think she's the guy that you like you just sit Theres your starter gets bombed out and lose the fifth innings he's gone for the third. Fernando Rodney you pick him up to get those two outs to get you through that in or if it's the fifth you get that outer choose to get through the sixth and then. You turn it over to the guys that have been here for a little bit and take care the other nine outs before I answer that cut just give props to the 559 text there for the Fernando Rodney gets no respect for the Fernando Rodney Dangerfield demeanor he still pop in 97 only garnered 41 years old being good for him again and not here to diminish the accomplishments of the great cricket I added one. 51 protestor. Give me a goofy wind up L and some weird hat game any time and give me a pitcher who can throwing that just a little bit eleven me Anwar led those calmed. Let's not have pitcher swinging bats dontrelle could swing a little viable auto Texan that your. Yeah it's time home run he's gonna allow melt and give some of these guys rest on the stress now that may be that may be where I'm wrong. That may be the spot where Fernando I comes in handy where he he will matter. Is if you're trying to give Blake shrine in and future veto some nights off heading down the stretch. Because those guys have put it worked this season maybe their picker Iran needs of the community news marrow that's partner. Ron he's not long reliever and if 43 innings in fifty nurses or something that you delegate closers down there you don't really need a long reliever anymore yeah. And it's starting to look like and I'm not saying these guys are all stars today but. The back of a's bullpen has started to look like the battle bullpen and all star game where you just keep bringing in closer type guys are starting in like the sixth like the royals have the year there was. Emir they lost to MacBook you know wrong. In Tehran. So I look I don't think he matters a ton Fernando Rodney right but I like the point. That he can spell your core bowl paying guys down the stretch of the regular season. And if nothing else. Isn't it just did a beautiful. Confirmation. As all these moves have been and might if Mike fires already in good returns from. But whether it's Familia or fires. Or this Rodney deal. The a's are not messing around. They're all end. Billy said I believe in these guys and your job is GM. When you believe in the guys is to it's it's it's actions now or to go out and you know he was he was real clear I'm not gonna give up a lot. To improve this team but I am trying to improve it really hasn't given up what what she picked up. There are are we missing the pitcher that they've picked up it was while in the area and then. There was a yes Sean Kelly but nobody's daughter Kelly was. I'm not sure they actually did give up anything because he'd been DF and I think it was like cash considerations there. For Sean Kelly but another guy were closing experience and and Jews. Pitched well this season. The the quality now. Of guys who have pitched well this season on the roster. And even if in the still look in the starting rotation I can understand. People who say they still. Don't have. A high level playoffs starting rotation. The thing is who does. Well I'm thirteen very few. Five the cubs the Astros that that those teams are out. Buy it. She on the nine and a has been really good. All year long with the exception of that rough stretch in what was it Manny. But Mike fires. Who was. Pretty excellent. Last night. A guy you feel pretty good about Edwin Jackson. Trevor Cahill have both been really good one they've been in uniform for the a's this year rewards yes I said it. It day and we can talk about all we look at it on paper and Edwin Jackson and Trevor Cahill undergone of the playoffs event but. They've been good. And I don't know why I'm not supposed to act like they've been good if we're talking about how this team looks heading down the stretch and into the playoffs. Short is it possible that Edwin Jackson and Trevor Cahill turn into pumpkins. Yes but it's possible it wouldn't shock anybody. But there's no reason to assume that's gonna happen they've been good and fires has been good. For several years but pretty much all year long and my nine and has been good all year long. And that's four guys right there at this protests that's a playoff rotation right. There this church mission is built to do exactly what the a's need them to do which is again I know I've mentioned this to you before but maybe some in the audience haven't heard this last year. A record was set Major League Baseball for the shortest average starter so it was five and two thirds innings. Was the average Major League start last year which means you're asking your bullpen on average ticket handouts. So like the five and dive it used to be common negative thing though that's a five and I've got the a's want to. I mean you would like them a little further did and dive but surges gimme five. And won't let the bullpen take care of the rest of its so a win win that's the expectation. VA staff has more than lived up to the expectations. They've given them what they need based on what they have in the bullpen. Well maybe even more to the point. When you look at all the injuries. And that of true failure to perform from guys they were counting on Mike of Kendall great man. You know and I think it's like Andrew tricks. That that really throws. Into relief. She just how impressive a job. The people who have been on the mound starting for the a's have done overall. My god Brett Anderson and Trevor Trevor care there are giving them. Football that he starts and look Anderson has been great but the fact that he's made nine starts and generally. Kept them in games and you'll said the last time I somebody was really good as seven and exists about baseball I remember correctly. What kills. It looked as thirteen starts seven quality starts eerie three point 12. Is striking out a hitter per inning. He's been a really good which is why it's a good whip serve he's been really. Good and seemly that when Jackson and that counts. Even if those are not guys you expected to do anything in the year started it counts and there's no reason to assume. Time's up today or tomorrow instead of a year from now we just don't now let's go to Howard in Oakland when he got Howard took power eight. Thank you. Well I think Seattle including Fernando Rodney Biden on that you will look them up the ball again. That's an interesting point him. And and maybe. It's not the worst move it if it's to keep Seattle from adding to the bullpen arm that probably would mean more to them minute does TVA's. Still there Howard. Appreciate the call. That and that's certainly a viable strategy and especially when it comes to. Waver. Pick ups and block yet the thing is actually not a thing about it that doesn't make sense because. Seattle would have had waiver priority. So I'm actually revise my answer and say no that's not what happened. If Seattle had wanted to trade for Fernando Rodney they would have had waiver priority over the a's because they have the worst record in the moment. Did you know Mike fires went to nova southeastern first college ball never heard of that. I did not know that you know where that is I did not know that it. My charge is one of those guys that. He's always. Pretty good but he's never gonna be a household name he reminds you that it. Did the giants pick up in their thought he was scared they picked him up Mike Leake yeah exactly he's the Michael leaked a tactic act I. You think Mike fires I think and for the years. Purposes drastically desperately hope that Mike fires is better than Michael the Michael because we'll certainly has been this year. I always expected Mike Lee to be better like the next time how to swim leaks gonna figure it all out and be really good I always thought he was gonna end up being really good. I. Yet you were still bad he's in Seattle I believe. Fires obviously the five and a third strong innings against the Dodgers but in Detroit this year to anyone starts 119 innings. ERA three and a half. Pretty darn good there. For a terrible baseball team. I it's better than that I think that's really consider all the circumstances. That's and I stood products on sand. I I think Mike fires is a better start than most of the names we heard thrown out around the trade deadline is not there this. I mean think about the guy is DA's were talking about Bartolo Cologne. Jimmie Mike fires please. I had it pains me to say that but you're right I just. Some about Bartolo I just like seeing him and his uniform we are gonna shift gears in a little bit and talks and niners because it's about to be halftime. In his pre season game and we are going to be joined Liam from leave office by rob Lauder who. Covers the niners for niners wire. Trailing 147. Heading into halftime and I believe it was Joseph Williams who scored the touchdown the at for mentioned seek Joseph Williams is. Six rush is thirteen yards they are. Not a very good average per can inspect knowing. How's that going for you to be favored niner let's go to our favorite night a reporter. Rob louder covering the niners lied at Levi's stadium right now we have just gone to that half. Nine is down 147 which of course does not matter but that rob let's let's start with the bad news. We noticed Solomon Thomas George kettle Matt Breda and Garry Gilliam go down anybody we missed. Williams and Matt certainly that you starting linebacker right there in the beginning who went down with any leaving the shoulder injury not nearly doubling him from. Almost all of them started what are you should just point ranked so it it was a bit and kind of distort light a burst out purely but. The whole game I mean of the year cardinal worst article or birchard you can look at the amount hot. Let's talk about Joseph Williams. You obviously red shirt did so to speak last year. He was. I enormously controversial pick but certainly opened. Some eyes I know that he's gonna have to prove that he can put some special teams to get a spot on this team that is she in fact. Fighting for a roster spotters she's somebody that you think the coaching staff like so much that. Yeah they'd like to see him do certain things in the post season but he's already got a spot locked up. No I think he's absolutely fighting for a counselor Dan Burton and bird training camp already went on a limb and bet that. You know even that you eat them and question the pick and China Kyle Clark stuck his neck out there like William who. Didn't even have complete all you know final and he would eat my team came back and enemies. And people all kind of commitment regarding questions so compliment and are you could tell he's heard that yet that. So in and like you mentioned earlier you'll Williams doesn't bring a lot of specialty Brian. On the other hand that a guy he's competing with green monster autonomous special teams value. So he's got a group who took the team that is ability on the field not remember or know what Rickie must bring. QB in the special thing so and that it that you're competing together that the team up keep pouring back. I think no matter which way to go wanted to William Bentley and a black opened it spotted in no way political life. So speaking of solidifying spot setting one of the guys that. A lot of people including. People within the niners organization hoped to solidify a linebacker spot was Fred Warner who. Was practicing with an injury this week but did not play tonight is that just precautionary issuers and did something else happened and it do you think Warner. Has the inside track on grabbing that other starting job with Ruben Foster. I think kidnapping trumpeted team strictly on merit because it's it. It didn't seem all that yet to begin what one of the last spring practices resilient where do not contact her. But he still would. Speaking of putting a contact during between eleven on eleven so. It didn't seem that that it in what I think the team with just letting him and that one out and think they wanted to be a little bit more out Malcolm met which obviously been to you very much of that. And an eclectic that let you wrap I think you very much in that lineup or. You know pushing for the regular perhaps when they get there because when we join the team even contemplate more like it I am outside linebacker spot it you're you know. It went straight into the mind what Mike linebacker spot next to Rubin blocker you know that they see him going. I think it has won the little Malcolm Smith who did moderate and Internet and our. Well our debt. Rob I was about to ask you about the line line backing core so I'm glad you brought it up as a unit now we know that rob I'm sorry. Rubin is is the guy that everybody's gonna have to use the star he's got the glow about him. But the rating image Malcolm Smith but how about as a whole what's their debt like at linebacker what if what if one of those two top guys goes down for a significant. Is they're gonna be huge drop off of that happens. You know I wouldn't I would later fill in a significant drop off and went and I think there's one position or a couple well a debt at. It linebacker could they have brought oil who is currently injured right now but it doesn't look to be too serious and should become a back. On the he went through become a start up. Last season but after he went on. He gonna pick it up and and look what herbal we'll order something but it wasn't going to be spoke out there and so I think that he's got to get them somebody that they can play either spot. Human wanted to go on call the play defense we know that you want. I get court humor who isn't bad by any means. And then you have Malcolm Smith urban barker and what better earlier Brett war a lot of our. Now how many of them are and stay healthy and could make it out on that you'll. That's that it seemed there are missing two of them and they haven't got per game yet. We're joined by rob louder of niners wire he is down at Levi's stadium right now covering the niners and if there is depth at linebacker I he questioned the depth on the line and especially with the Eric Armstead already. Injured again and Solomon Thomas. Going down with I guess a head injury today. How much pressure is and is starting to fall. And maybe probably was falling anyway on DeForest Buckner and how worried are you about the niners defensive line. Well I think you got to be worried about it because they're already. Trying to you know they've been hired cricket in India are the kind of bring a new stress labor productivity and now are trying to make sure it pressure. With a real lack of kind of a true as threat though they're already relying on a deep and applying. More than you would like to when it comes to pressuring the quarterback. And an injury like hit and you know are are really gonna impact that especially on the comic book or get coming out of the gate today. He's a really good training camp well and the Kirk Kirk and so. It is it's a situation current upper east and the line that won the Fort Rucker outstanding obviously got to you know he looked pretty contract you don't know what. Yeah the same time it's it's really easy or not and the bureau went on a guy like that. And make you isolate them when they don't have any other Brit I'm not anymore though. It looked a little bit and get really question there and it it was already in question especially her cart according to order from a quarterback. Rob god forbid Jimmy G gets hurt we know that CJ is the backup are the niners going to carry three quarterbacks or is it just can be too and if they're carrying three whose three. I picked up by stick with you can't beat Detroit and rolled it back on the Alan I'll beat you do about it I want. In that moment it would be a third one he's gonna and that their string quarterback brought all the yet bro training camp you know and usually. We do you get the ball the rest in heated rhetoric wrote it and and then it won't usually get your Q a regarding their third guy. But if I had to predict it man roster right now I wouldn't expect them to Q and they have a lot of the vision. I'm at other part of routes that are kind of program and I'm having electorate like keeping their quarterback. Speaking of not having luxuries says we are joined by rob louder niners wire. He has lied to leave I stadium right now covering the pre season game and and as I said speaking of not having luxuries the bright side of the 49ers offensive line. Look you certainly hope. Your rookie right tackle Mike Berger NG it is good in the long term. But throwing him out there right now next to. Ideally I guess Joshua Garnett second ideally. Jonathan Cooper but to date might person. Boy are you making it tough on your right tackle and and and it looked to me. Watching sort about a quarter of mine I like that side of the line took some heat in that first series. Aid how worried are the nightmares about that side of the line because even if Garnett and Cooper healthy I'm not so sure it's great. Right. Undoubtedly concerned at this point I mean my person was not the guys being vision at that spot from our idea. The pitching. You know Luke and you'll villain well they're caught like that these people aren't we got. The first app wasn't the greatest now that it is pretty much gone. As bad as it could go for the 49ers up until this point they were hoping for help return dot net now. Battling knee injuries through you he's already had to recover our. To market recovering from a knee injury in that you know he has at least respect. But it definitely taken them awhile to get the point where to being there have been any sort of starting lineup for game action. And get on the audit right now. And that kind of one of those areas that a lot of people thought they were gonna strap address the trap and wallet off the line with Michael. On the attack on the income really make any thought investment in Gartner kind it is starting to look like a little bit of a mat that at this point. It's a matter they can get it together that. Like that it is not about sperm and development can have chuckling next to him at right guard who will beat it. You know like you said it could not get my immigrant he would certainly not recur recur well. Rob we're discussing this a little bit earlier with the McClatchy commuting rip threats threats oftentimes. Head coach will not allow anybody on the first team to play with a second team wants to first team leaves. I don't know what Shanahan general philosophy. On that is but can you see him going she's getting some reps for the second team just to be out there. So I think that there but it is not clearly positioned where you. I mean. Expect it being dreams and I'm not a real art knock on what wrecked their. But like that it it was. Surprising I think it is you mean is probably not immediate because you reps that mark and it. I'm not sure how long it won't let him go but I'm like you kick it up. The swing tackle Garry Gilliam. What it with a head injury so. I'm not exactly sure they'd be willing to trot out there right tackle. But maybe it language here you more rep they're only real solution at this point you can injury. Rob louder of niners were quickly before we let you go men anything in that first have jumped out to you is stranger interesting that you want to tell us about. All of that and the only injuries you can beat that drum and started. I think maybe a little bit and Jimmy early on third down you know he's all right all in pretty rep. But he's already shall not that connection he dot com I'm mark diplomatic circuit and hit Emporia. Per eighteen are being built. I expect that what little boy he kind of or quoting what you gonna be a lot of them I know here are well and got it brought into a better receiver that. A lot of money you. I think it might be it would make our come on the season and being kind of that can you line I wouldn't say. In comparison regret being an appellate number receiver but he's probably going to be on the way the 49ers top target. You. Thank you so much for spending your halftime with us you better hustle back out there and Eric has sort of third quarter rob louder niners wire live in the US stadium we appreciate the time I drop. Court. That is rob ladder he is Michael Irvin ironing and Matt col Steve you are audience and we want to know. What do you need to see from your football team in pre season. To head into week one of the regular season confidently 8889579570. Medical skin Michael Irvin. On the game. In 9576. Gay. We are back goalie got a promise may have heard stars rapping along to this song on here you'll turn as myself. All's fair in love it. Shots fired. By the way so good. Fourth and goal down in a pre season game that you gotta go for that. Well you know they got to give robbing gold and practice round kind of toll does this practice. Two hours every day go off on another field and Texas. Practice gonna go for that not a game. Not the game. Donte' pettis 53 yard reception for his first catch. In. Red and gold can we talk about his hair not red or gold or whatever is natural hair color is who I mean just it's like. Model of its awkward marine much like I AM in two Fernando hadn't Fernando hackney Fernando Rodney his career hat. I'm into Dante if that is is weird hair. Deal all the weird stuff with your had an air peaks and thank you. Bruins were minor scare today that's than the non leadership of course they're wearing niners here I mean every one. Studies have visual media literally the three guys four guys getting ready to do with the niners show are dressed in niners gear it's it's on brand. On John Curley and the producer of the niners show that you're gonna hear when I was done and called the board opposite ends on today and shell but John is normally mine my nickname for him is young well dressed John them he's he's not and it could have been disposed now while dressed today he's just he looks so dip you're just like. Your opinion man. Until John Allen dressed he has. Well just enough for me. When we get to talk to Julia mcwilliams that's coming up at 920. Julian of course covers the Oakland Athletics for the athletic. We'll talk in a 920 with Arnold giants in 9 o'clock hours well before yet there. We talked about what we'd like to see. Let's talk about how much of it we've seen her. The top of my list was the running back competition moved. Matt Rita hurt after one carry. Ramos stirred five carries 26 yards Joseph Williams six carries thirteen yards and a touchdown. Frankly not the explosive results you might have hoped to see from Joseph Williams a remark that and no I have not seen what I wanted to see. McCain and got three carries for negative four yards. McEnroe at home about that either. As for the right side of the offensive line. Rough. Didn't play for that long didn't block that well not great. Now Donte' pettis he was on my list. Caught a 53 yard pass altered Robinson on my list got a 33 yard pass. That's what we're looking for from those guys so let's put a check there even though it's still just two catches. Those are the guys on this team that I think although mark he's Goodwin is a sprinter and has the speed the guys I look at and think deep threat. Our pettis and Robinson. And they showed that ability. They showed what they can do in that department thumbs up one or Goodwin. The department. He can do that I just think he's gonna be a lot more involved and I think you're gonna see Goodwin come across the fielder saw a demonstration last year. He and grapple with seem to have. Really good rhythm and and for shorter timing routes that can be good no good and again is the sprinter speed but it. When I think this is the sort of other guy who gives you did. Cured deep threat I'm looking at Robinson and pat S yeah I want good went to catch a lot of ball. Good morning threat before. BGG. Before Jimmy grotto where was that of just like you said just a sprinter and deep threat and we have Jamie. He showed us. Pretty much everything but that deep threat I mean he'd win a couple. He went over the middle had a the top tier I mean removed tumor on the field the guy just I knew he became. Everything before our very eyes a complete receiver and I don't know if that was the Jimmy you brought it out earned that it just was coincidental that that's about the time that everything kind of clicked for him. Probably a little bit of both. You two entities are in place for that relationship been for him as a receiver without. But I it's I saw some what I wanted from Paterson Robinson and nets get Joseph Willie's TV didn't Fred Warner didn't play. It's great six carries thirteen were thirteen your answer bummed about Fred now torn. I'm very blunt about Fred not play. And I'm very moaned about the injury situation. Has really well let's be honest. What's your opinion of the niners right now. They get a record giving your record version of your opinion of the 49ers in. Okay. What could happen in the pre is there anything they can have in the pre season for you to change that I more than one game in either direction. Sheer Jimmy you get hurt other than injury. Now exactly so that's what it comes down to where do you people get hurt. Solomon Thomas George kettle Matt Brady Garry Gilliam all going down today that Malcolm Smith as well greats. Now hopefully none of them are serious we don't have any real details on these injuries. But. The number one thing everyone wants to see in pre season it would tossed around this question we're asking it on a philosophical level for good reason. But really. The number one thing is don't get injured. Don't get injured. 559 has report analyses the secondary Lugar. Good second there were. Yeah I hear that I'm not short today's the day for that now because you never had Richard Sherman although we did see we did she that we did see big brick on a knee coach him up on the sideline. Getting in there with a DV group. May get his voice heard they Rick. I think you'll see. A lot of that this year. Richard it. On one mean in street clothes hopefully not in street clothes most of the time but he was in here in resplendent in a 49ers T shirt. On the sidelines today. But C Everett Richard chairman and kill Witherspoon. To glossy tart king Juan Williams all big parts. Of whether that secondary is good and a lot of question marks about that secondary unfortunately. William Sherman both Alex. Witherspoon and tarred didn't play all it from a lot. So that might be more of a third pre season game. Hope. Goal if you will where do you stand on TARP I I get the sense that the fan bases divided. I think he certainly. Can lay the wood business. And I like look in a strong safety that that can be enough but then Adrian Colbert gonna have to cover. And maybe more importantly those big corners are gonna have to cover Sherman and Witherspoon are gonna have to be really good. But if you wanna safety you can. Smacked a running back when he breaks through that the first level archer guy departure guy. He won a safety of covers ground and delivers blows and and you won't want safety like that. I like him boxing he's federal bowler but I'm okay would that. It's just he's not a safety that's gonna elevate the guys around them. So those other guys got a copper. Gillis and 957 game KG and CFM 61 KG MZ. San Francisco or radio dot com station. And as we said will be talking to Julian Mick Williams about eighty is coming up in twenty minutes. Before we get to that. IA didn't want to pick your brain sir on the San Francisco John. Folks neighbor calls. I guess it was a probably about a week ago now. You saying you believe the giants had the easier path to the post season now you came back.